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Reviewed: 07/30/12

A decent concept ruined by some big flaws and run by a horrible company

This genre of game isn't for everyone. It's an arcade beat em up mmorg with cartoonish style 2D graphics. Fans of true MMOs might be turned off by this since it is instanced dungeons where you can have a max party of 4. The only "massive" part is the people (and tons of hacking bots) swarming the town hubs. You can't explore the town, it just serves as a hub for quests and shops, and all the npcs stand outside the buildings.

It starts off kind of slow, it gets even slower after that, it picks up a little, then you are in for the long grind. While it's easier to level now than it was, you still grind the same dungeons OVER and over again. The basic rundown for 95% of the dungeons is you get a quest to do the dungeon, you do the dungeon, more quests unlock, most of which want you to beat the dungeon on higher difficulties or farm rare quest drops on the higher difficulties. While early on, you can get by doing dungeons just a few times, later you find yourself running the same dungeon hundreds of times, and it gets boring quickly.

It's a free to play game, but it's drifted more towards pay to win since it started. Originally, the big cash items were for appearances changes, and these items added very minor stats. Now they are pretty much a necessity, adding huge amounts of stats, bonus stats, extra experience, set bonuses, etc. First you just had normal avatars to wear. Then they released "advanced" avatars which had twice the stats and added a set bonus. Then you had holiday avatars which were like the advanced but had a few different special properties to boost them. Then you had Rare Avatars which had twice the stats of the advanced avatars and gave you super fast movement speed in town if you had the full set. Then they released clone avatars which could turn your normal and advanced avatars into the same stats as rare. There was one catch, you had to purchase bind cubes from the cash shop for them, and then you would bind two normal or advanced avatars(single pieces of the same type that people spend 5 to 9 dollars on per piece in the cash shop) into one random avatar and it's completely random. 99% of the time, your two advanced avatars would get you, an advanced avatar. Also, they are literally selling pieces of virtual clothing for more money than real life clothing would cost.

Then they released "emblem" avatars, making everything you just had obsolete since now you could get avatars with upgrade slots and add up to three bonus stats to each piece. It seems to be a common trend. Once you get the best stuff, they will go and release better stuff that makes your stuff obsolete hoping you will buy.

There are hackers EVERYWHERE in this game, and the economy of the game is a complete mess. And Nexon, doesn't seem to care. In fact, Nexon seems to only care about making money. Their customer service is non existent and often times a joke. They are notorious for leaking people's passwords through their insecure website that you have to launch the game from, and then when tens of thousands of people get their account cleared out, Nexon goes and blames all those players. They also had a thing where they "forced" people to change their password and locked you out of the game until they did, except they changed the way you could change the password, and you need to use your email you made the account with (which many people who had been playing since beta had made their accounts YEARS AGO and those emails might have been no longer active) so they ended up locking out a large number of their legit player base for over TWO months until they realized what they did probably wasn't a good idea. To sum things up, they were blocking legit and dedicated players who had been playing since beta, while hackers were still free to run rampant.

Nexon constantly leaks peoples account information, and it's been this way for years. You log a ticket to state your problem, and you will either be insulted by Nexon (either by them giving you some automated message that has nothing to do with your problem) or they will outright claim it was your own fault even if it wasn't. Most of the time, they will just ignore the ticket forever, and if you send another after waiting two years, they will tell you to stop spamming them and close both of them without doing anything.

So back to the actual game. One of the biggest flaws in PVP and partying in dungeons is the game uses P2P for the connection. This works in Korea and Japan where the countries have faster internets and less distances between each player, but it's a complete mess in the US. Most parties have people lagging the entire group, there are glitches that might force everyone to quit the dungeon because of one person crashing, there is huge PVP lag, and it's a complete mess.

As for the game's difficulty, it ranges from simply stupidly easy to gimmicky. There's no moderate challenge. You either hitstun enemies that wander around aimlessly and attack with very easy to dodge attacks, or you are fighting guys who can barrel through your attacks without flinching and can kill you in one hit if you don't learn their gimmick. Nexon sells "life tokens", in which you get 3 revive tokens total normally, but are free to purchase more from their cash shops. Some of the more gimmicky enemies will instantly kill you if a) you attack them in the wrong order b) if you use a ranged or melee attack at the wrong time(though with lag you can do it at the right time and still die) c) if you use magic or melee at the wrong time (again can be effected by lag and some classes that use both magic and melee at the same time, well too ****ing bad for you and some just have outright full screen unavoidable attacks.

The graphics are primitive, the sound and music are good though, there is virtually no immersion or story or anything like that. An example, you go to Storm's Pass where there is a barbarian village and everyone is kind of a dick to you. How do you gain their trust? You go onto the mountain and murder thousands of their people, of course. And then after that, you go and save them from a dragon and can even fight with the tribe leader, who could pretty much have soloed all those bad guys and the dragon at the same time without fail. Earlier in the game, you explore a tower, and an old swordsman who sells you crappy weapons goes with you. He basically just kills everything in one hit. It makes you wonder, why does the world even need saving if all the NPCs are ridiculously strong and can kill everything effortlessly?

As for enemies, it starts off with your typical stuff. Goblins, minotaurs, undeads, dragons, golems etc. Once you get strong enough fighting off giant golems, ancient guardians, demons, huge dragons, etc, you will be able to fight the high leveled true baddies, like....soldiers who take 4 seconds to line up a single shot and if they get hit once they have to recharge and will literally sometimes just run away from you, circus clowns and midgets, guys on motorcycles who try to hit you with chains, cyborgs who don't use the guns, but instead try to walk up and stab you for pathetic damage, turtle and alligator pirates, and a mermaid. Yeah, forget all the undead lords and huge death dragons, those guys are nothing, it's the goofy mermaid that will mess you up. The game just goes from sort of uninspired to totally wacky nonsense.

Are you a fan of old school beat em ups? Great, go play those and you will have much more fun, or you could probably attempt to try one of the other mmorpg arcade style beat em ups, since they all pretty much look better, and the companies that run them probably couldn't be any worse than Nexon is.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Dungeon Fighter Online (US, 09/22/09)

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