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I play MMORPG's to waste my life on them.

Yes, you read that title correctly. That's right folks. I play MMORPG's to waste my life on them. Pay close attention to the title and it's meaning. Since, you'll begin to notice it's the main theme this review revolves around. Now then, about Dungeon Fighter Online... It's a MMORPG by Nexon. Best known for creating Maple Story. An incredibly popular MMORPG. Since I consider Maple Story to be one of the closest games to ever getting gameplay done correctly in a MMORPG, I had to give Dungeon Fighter Online a try. To see if maybe Nexon could get it right with this game. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Why? Read on to find out!

Graphics:8/10:For the most part, the graphics are pretty good in Dungeon Fighter Online. The character designs, weapon designs and attack animations are actually really quite good. Unfortunately though, the area designs are rather lacking in the game. They are incredibly bland and uninspired. You'll go through many typical areas you're used to seeing in games. Such as ruins, towers, forests, etc. This can be acceptable if the area designs are unique or beautiful, but they aren't in this game. Which is a shame. Since, it really brings the graphics down. Ultimately though, I don't have much more to say about the graphics. So, a 8/10. Next, is the gameplay.

Gameplay:6/10:Despite the fairly low score, Dungeon Fighter Online actually has great gameplay. At least on paper it does. When put into execution though, not so much. For starters, it is an action MMORPG similar to Maple Story. Battles are extremely hectic and fast paced. There's a lot of moving around, attacking and all kinds of different mayhem going on. As with most MMORPG's, you start off by making a character. Then afterward, you choose what class you want your character to be. In Dungeon Fighter Online, there's a rather small amount of classes, but the variety is still good. Since, the job system is somewhat intricate. While there's only a handful of classes you can start off selecting for a new character, each class has three classes it can become later on. Which adds a lot of variety to the game. So, you can make a Gunner and then later choose to be a Mechanic or a Gunslinger etc. Once you've made your character though, the game pretty much begins.

Upon the game starting, you pretty much will discover that the game revolves around a Quest system. You pretty much accept Quests from NPC's throughout the game and then accomplish them. The quests generally consist of mostly generic typical tasks though. Such as kill a certain enemy a specific amount of times. However, that's fine. Since, other aspects make up for it. From there, you pretty much have to leave the town you're in and go to the world map. At the world map, you select a dungeon to go to. Once in a dungeon, that's where all the combat and fun stuff begins to take place. The objective for completing a dungeon is simple. You pretty much travel through the dungeon to the boss room. There, defeat the boss and you're done. However, you can also make detours to fight additional enemies and possibly get more items etc. Now, I'll go into more details about the battle system.

The combat in Dungeon Fighter Online is terrific. It's a lot of fun, it's strategic and there's variety to it. Each of the classes play differently and the combat system itself is intricate. You can string attacks together to create combos and handle enemies in a variety of ways. Simply put, the combat in this game is a blast. You'll definitely have a good time fighting enemies. As with most MMORPG's, once you defeat a enemy, you gain some experience and the enemy will drop items. Items such as gold used to buy things and equipment if you're lucky. So far, so good right? So, some people may be wondering...Well why the 6/10 rating then? The reason why is because once you delve into some of the massive flaws of Dungeon Fighter Online you'll realize why. Pretty much the first flaw of the game is how you must sell items.

As with Maple Story, there's no in-game auction house system or anything like that. So, selling items is a massive pain. Since, you pretty much gotta wait in town where people are and repeatedly type that you're selling something. Then, you gotta negotiate with the person and all that good stuff. This is just a gigantic pain though. Since, you either gotta use money to pay for some of the Cash Shop items which cost actual real life money in order to sell things without having to go through such trouble, or you gotta sit there and go through all that trouble. So, that's the first huge flaw of the game. Then, there's the second. Which is the most crippling flaw.

There's a time limit to how much you can play each day. Yes, that's right! Every single person has what's called a stamina bar. It refills once every day. Every time you enter a new room in a dungeon, you lose some stamina. Eventually, if you run out of stamina...Then you are pretty much done. You get no EXP for the rest of the day. Meaning, playing is pretty much pointless. Since you can't really progress any further towards leveling up. Which is just ridiculously lame. There's no good reason for it either. Other then the company does it to keep you playing longer. That's literally the whole reason why Nexon does it. Furthermore, there is no way to get around it. Not even using real life money gets you around the stamina problem. None of the cash shop items do anything about stamina and there's no feature you can buy either to extend the amount of stamina you have. So, you pretty much get to play about 3 hours a day max before you reach the stamina limit. Are you kidding me? 3 hours a day at most for a MMORPG? That's a joke.

Typically, MMORPG's require thousands of hours to be invested into them to get anywhere. So, you're not really going to get anywhere in a MMORPG if you're limited to around 3 hours a day of playing. Personally, I like to waste my life on games. I really do. It's a harmless hobby that I enjoy. I love video games. Once I'm home from work, my butt goes in my chair and I begin playing games for almost the entire day once my priorities are taken care of. I don't just play for 1 or 2 hours then get off to go do constructive things such as jerk off or contemplate suicide. If you do that, great! You'll probably love this game. Since, the time limit won't really affect you. However, for people such as myself, THIS IS TERRIBLE. You'll pretty much get to play only a few hours a day and that's it. Then, you have to spend the rest of your day finding other things to occupy yourself with. Which sucks. Since, you may be really into the game and want to play it more. However, you can't. Gotta wait all the way until tomorrow since your stamina just ran out. Hurray!!! Notice the three exclamation points? I had to put that there to really express and emphasize my excitement over such a TERRIBLE feature. Ultimately though, it's a absolute shame. Since, Nexon was really onto something for the most part with Dungeon Fighter Online. I could have overlooked the way you have to sell items. However, the stamina limit? That's just absurd. It's not an enjoyable feature and it serves no purpose. So, overall Dungeon Fighter Online's gameplay gets a 6/10. The combat is fantastic in the game, but the stamina system is such a gigantic flaw that it brings everything down. With gameplay out of the way, it's onto the music. Which I consider the second most important aspect of a game.

Music:8/10:Dungeon Fighter Online has a mixed soundtrack. For the most part though, it's pretty decent. You have everything ranging from ambient music to metal and all types of genres. Some songs really good, and some really poor. Also, a healthy amount of painfully average songs. Unfortunately, a lot of the average songs tend to be the more atmospheric ambient songs. So, that's disappointing. As far as the sound effects go, they are pretty good. They suit their purpose well and contribute to the game's atmosphere. Music ultimately gets a 8/10. A few really great songs. However, a lot of really average songs and some painfully boring ones. So, how is Dungeon Fighter Online overall?

Overall:6/10:It's above average. Not worth your time really either. On paper, this seems like a fantastic game, but some of the major flaws of the game really kill it. The stamina system has gotta be one of the absolute lamest features I've ever seen in a MMORPG and there's no way around it. Furthermore, selling items can be rather annoying. It's really a shame. Since, the combat is fantastic and made the game really enjoyable. Aside from the gameplay though, the music is decent and so are the graphics. Ultimately though, Dungeon Fighter Online is not worth your time. In conclusion, I give the game a 6/10.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Dungeon Fighter Online (US, 09/22/09)

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