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Account help? General
When I press the "Play" button on the website, nothing happens. Why? Tech Support
Why does the game keep telling me error 4026? Tech Support

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How do I get a creature? Side Quest 2 5 years ago
How do I get the Divine Revelation in Shadowthunder land for the crusader quest? Side Quest 2 8 years ago
Blade Masters? Build 6 8 years ago
HOW to fix the laging on DFO??? Side Quest 1 9 years ago
I cant buy Avatar Items even though im lvl 30? General 1 9 years ago
Game won't start? Tech Support 1 10 years ago
What skill lets Slayers use two swords at once? Build 1 10 years ago
can i run DFO in a Windowed Mode? Tech Support 3 10 years ago
What are all the titles and how can i get them? Side Quest 1 10 years ago
Beserker or Soul Bender? General 1 10 years ago

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