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    FAQ by Farmwolf

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    Mystery Case Files
    This is a walkthrough to all the puzzle door locks in the game.  It took me a
     little while to understand what to do in almost all of the puzzles.  So I
     hope this helps you in parts that you are having trouble with.  I will
     list each door as it appears in the game.
    This one is the easiest of all doors.  You are looking at two switches at
     the top and pictures of objects at the bottom of the screen.  You need to
     put the pictures in the places where they go.  The Left half has to do with
     daytime, while the right half deal with nighttime.  Ex.  The picture of
     Saturn is a planet which is nighttime.  The picture of the sun dial deals
     with daytime.  Once you get all pictures to where they go click on both of 
    the switches.  This unlocks the door.
    Servant’s quarters
    Click on the card to the left of the wooden dummy in the top right corner of 
    the screen to get the time you need to set the clock to.  Once you set the 
    clock to the correct time turn the gas valve to the left of the clock.  This 
    starts the gas for the burner.  Now click on the metal car so it backs up and 
    lights the flame.  Now click on the red wheel so the bottle turns upside down.
      Now click and hold on to the bottle opener and use on the cap of the bottle.
      This will release the pop and it will start to go down the tube into the tub.
      Once you see the end of the liquid start to come click on the bike pump 
    three times to inflate the balloon.  Once the balloon rises up to the scissors,
     it pops scaring the wooden dummy and he drops revealing another valve.
      Click on it to turn on the blow torch that cuts through the lock.
    Guest Bath Room
    This one took me a while to figure out.  You will need sound on this to
     understand it.  First click on the blue button to make the fisherman cast his
     line.  You will need good timing on this because you will also have to 
    click on the green button to make the fish jump.  If you do it right the fish 
    will be caught and the fisherman will make the fish fly to the grinder.
      Now click on the button under the grinder to turn the fish into bones.  
    Here’s where the sound comes in because you need to play invisible
     tic-tac-toe to get the slot machine handle to appear.  Once you hear a 
    scream the chalkboard blows up and you can click on the handle.  Repeat this
     until three fish appear in the slot machine.  Now click on the card at the 
    left of the screen to make a z button appear.  Now push the z button and grab
     the coin and place it into the slot.  Once you do this a paper key will 
    appear.  Grab it and place it over the cut out of the key.
      This will unlock the door.
    Music Room
    Click on the red power button to start.  Now use the trumpet valves at to
     top left of the screen to make the bars light up to match the dice under each
     valve.  You need to do all valves three times.  With each completed set,
     the lips will move up.  Once you completed this, click on the bellows to
     make notes come out.  Now click on each white key on the piano 
    to unlock the door.
    Surveillance Room
    First click on the broken wire to the left of the Venus fly trap.
      Now click the lever next to the yellow light to turn on electricity.
      Now click on the power button to the TV.  Now move the vice grips and 
    the antenna until you see a station logo.  Use the typewriter keys to type 
    in the logo.  This will release the fly.  Once the fly has stopped click on 
    it to make it fall into the Venus fly trap and then click on the lever to the
     right of the fly trap to unlock the door.
    Using the clock in the middle of the rest, duplicate each of the remaining 
    clocks, you need to click the red button after each time is inputted.  This 
    will open up the doors at the bottom of the screen.  Once this is done, use 
    the objects around the room to put the exact opposite in each door.  (Ex.  
    The negative picture with the regular picture,  the icicle with the fire…)  
    Once you do this, pictures should appear in their place.  Now use the pictures
     to put in the code, using the code pad.  (Ex.  The hand = 5)  Once you put in
     the code from left to right, the door will unlock.  You should have this 
    sequence- 5,2,6,4,3,53
    Click on each of the dials that match with the pictures on the bottom of the
     screen.  You will need to click on each one until it matching picture drops.
      Once all four pictures drop click on the wooden blocks so they match the new
     pictures.  Now click on the on button.  You will hear a toilet flush.  Click 
    on the toilet lid and now the handle.  Keep clicking the handle until the 
    mountain climber gets to the top.  Once he does this, click it again and he 
    will start yelling.  The hammer should drop on the head of the doll and a key
     will come out of the dolls mouth.  
    Storage Room
    Click and watch the picture with the 1 on it.  You should see the man 
    lay an egg.  Now click on the gold 1 until the picture of an egg appears 
    under it.  Now do the same for 2 and 3.  Once you do this, a mouse should 
    appear.  Now click on the box in the upper left of the screen.  Click on the 
    knife, and then on the can until the can is upside down.  Now move the magnet 
    so it is pointed at the can.  This should make the food appear.  Now click on 
    the food to make it drop.  Now click on the feed me sign and then on the mouse 
    so it goes through the hole.  Now once the mouse has stopped, click on it again 
    so it runs in the wheel.  This should make the gears move and the door unlock.
    You will first find all three flies.  The first one is in the bottle next to 
    the combination.  Click on this bottle to make the cork come off.  Grab the fly 
    and put it in one of the three fuses.  Now click on the can next to that bottle 
    for the second fly.  Do the same with it.  Now click on the can next to the 
    bottles and do the same to the remaining fly.  Now turn the combination to 35 
    click on the red button.  This will make a piggy bank drop down.  Click on the 
    bank and grab the coin that comes out.  Put it in the slot and choose a color.  
    on the red lever to make the horses race.  Do this until your color wins.
    You will need to turn all of the lights on the board in the top left side 
    of the screen five times.  After you turn all the lights on, click on the 
    lever under the light bulb.  This will make a battery pop up.  Place each 
    battery in it location.  After you do this, you will need to play three games.  
    Once you complete all games click on the door handle.  This should unlock 
    the door.
    Use this key to turn all lights on.
    X  X  X  X  X 
    1  2  3  4  5
    X  X  X  X   X 
    6  7  8  9   10
    X   X  X  X  X 
    11  12 13 14 15
    X    X   X   X   X 
    16  17  18  19  20
    X    X   X   X   X
    21  22  23  24  25
    In the first set,  click in this order.  13,7,5,19, and 21
    In the second set,  13,1,5,21, and 25
    In the third set, 13,3,11,15, and 23
    In the fourth set, 13, 8, and 18
    In the last set- 7, 9, 17, 19, 1, 5, 21, and 25
    Click on a green button to play each game.
    Use the lever to move in each game.  One game move the square to ketch
     the circles.  In another game keep the square in between the lines.  
    The final game is pong keep the square moving.
    The first thing you need to do is put the frog pictures in order from 
    youngest to oldest.  This will make a roll of tape fall down.  Click 
    and drag the tape to the broken hose in the bottom left corner of the 
    screen.  Now turn on the water.  Now at the bottom of the screen you 
    should see numbers with a flower over each one.  Make the color of the 
    flowers match the picture.  It should go pink yellow then blue.  Now 
    click on the valve to the right of the screen and the one under the plant
     food bottle.  Now click on the lever above the facet.  This should drop 
    water and food into the pot.  Now do this until all three flowers are up.
      Now click on each petal of the flowers until they match the picture.
      Once this happens they will go back down and a key will appear.
    If you mess up, just click on the poison and move the facet over
     the flower you messed up on and click the lever.  This will kill 
    the flower.  Now all you need to do is click the valve under plant 
    food and then the one over the facet.  Your flower is restored.
    On this one, you will need a scratch piece of paper.  
    On the bottom right side of the screen, you will see a snowy 
    arrow.  At the bottom of the screen you will see a set of boxes.
      Click on the red button and watch the symbols in the screen.  
    You will need to put the exact objects in order in the boxes.  
    Once you do this correctly,  another set of boxes will appear.  
    Do the same thing.  Finally the last set of boxes will appear.  
    Once again do the same thing.  When you complete this task, a row 
    of pictures will appear.  Now click on the door bell, now click on 
    the symbols knob that corresponds to the pictures going left to right.
      This should make a key appear.
    Guest Quarters
    Use the gun to shoot the apple.  Now using the typewriter keys 
    punch in the code that just appeared by the apple.  Click on the 
    green button to lower a boot.  Now click on the toaster to find out 
    were to measure to.  Once the toast has popped up you can move the 
    indicator to that measurement.  Now  click on the red button to make 
    the vials drop down.  Now using the two recipes one at a time, pour 
    the ingredients in to the mixer.  Now click on the lever to the mixer
     to make them fall into the bowl.  Now click on the lever above the 
    dead chicken.  Do this for both recipes.  Now click and drag the battery
     into it’s place.  Now using the color the eggs have just created, 
    match the windows above each red lever using the levers.  The order 
    is left to right.  Once you do this the door will open.
    First you need to use the click and slide.  Here is how.
    X= Vertical blocks
    0= circuit board
    A= Horizontal Blocks
    X    0     X
    X          X
    Move the Bottom X as far left as you can.  
    Now the top X moves down.  Now move the A over to 
    the right as far as you can.  Now move the 0 as far right 
    as you can.  Now move the Middle X all the way up.  Now 
    move the Bottom Right X over to the left.  Now move the 
    A down followed by the 0.  Now Move the two top X’s all 
    the way over to the right.  Now move the bottom X’s all 
    the way up.  Move the A all the way to the left and finally
     now you can put the 0 into bay 1.  Now click on the light 
    switch to turn on the fan.  Click on the fan to move it all
     the way down.  Now click on the 03 to revel a red button.
      Click it to make a ball hit the fan and bounce up near 
    the monkey.  The monkey revels a battery.  Put it in it’s 
    slot and now use the amp knobs to make it +8 and -3. 
     Now grab the guitar pick and strum the cords.  This makes
     the monkey fall down and revel the swipe card.  Swipe it 
    and it unlocks the door.
    Now all you have to do is find some keys to open the door
     in the cellar.
    Here are the key locations.
    Pantry:  the top of the neck of the cello
    Cellar:  Last puzzle area
    Surveillance room:  Left side of the chair
    Workshop:  Right side of chair
    Shed:  Next to can of pea soup
    Tree House:  Next to blue ribbon on branch
    Back yard:  Left side of bumper on car
    Garden:  Left side of axe in stump
    Garage:  Lest side of tricycle
    Greenhouse:  Under the binoculars
    1st floor
    Parlor:  On Statue
    Dining Room:  Left side of hanging light
    Kitchen:  On corner of table
    Living Room:  On bottom corner of coffin
    Entry:  On statue
    Servant’s Quarters:  Under dollar bill
    Front Porch:  On column under chili pepper
    2nd floor
    Music Room:  Next to bike pump
    Game Room:  Next to harp on right side
    Theatre:  Left side of lamp
    Storage room:  On the suit of armor (Bill)
    Taxidermy room:  Left side of table by the drum
    Guest Quarters:  Right side of canopy
    Guest Bathroom:  By the piggy bank
    3rd floor
    Master Bedroom:  Next to the chest
    Master Bathroom:  Left side of the window
    Wardrobe:  In mirror on the left side
    Nursery:  Left side of hanging dolls
    Study:  Under the toy car in the window
    Library:  Left side of the fireplace
    Widow’s walk:  Left side of the door next to the wire clippers
    Attic:  On the rafter under the window
    Now when you find all of the keys,  you will need 
    to go to the cellar and click on the yellow door.  
    Now you should be looking at all seven keys.  Place
     one key into the window and it should tell you what
     letter that key represents.  Now find the corresponding
     location for the top of the keys 
    (Ex.  Heart, Eye,  Crescent Moon….)  
    Once you do all seven letters the door will open.  
    Now all you need to do is click on the coffin
    until a skeleton pops out.  Congratulations you won.
    I hope I helped anyone who got stuck in this game.

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