Etherlords Cheats


  • Cheat mode

    To enable Cheat Mode, bring up the console window by pressing ''~'' and type in the following. The first is the master code. The next eight are mission mode codes (world map). The rest are combat codes.

    Gives list of spells and codes for the add commandview spells
    Your hero's healthhealth
    Add given creature to combatadd creature (creature code)
    Change hero's current attributes, as follows:change what #
    give # of all resources save ethergive all #
    give 15 of all resources save ethergive all
    hide enemy's handhide_hand
    hide fog of warhide_fog
    load missionload
    lose combatlose
    lose missionlose
    master codeEtherRevelation
    More info about combatantview players
    Put chosen spell into your handadd spell (spell code)
    remove fog of waropen_fog
    save missionsave
    Set enemy hero's health in combatchange enemy #
    Set hero's health in combatchange health #
    Set hero's mana in combatchange mana #
    Set hero's mana links in combatchange link #
    Swap enemy and yourselfswap
    view enemy's handview_hand
    win combatwin
    win missionwin
    Your hero's current manamana
    Your hero's mana linkslinks

    Contributed By: ZiZ and Starky27.

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  • More codes

    Enter the master code as described above and then type:

    army informationview army
    view player informationplayer
    view resourcesview resources

    Contributed By: Eastpolar.

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Etherlords II Cheats


  • Codes

    Press ~ to open the console then enter etherrevelation to enable cheat mode. Then enter any of the following codes:

    15 of all resources except ethergive all
    Add creatureadd creature [creature code]
    Add spelladd spell [spell code]
    Hide enemy handhide_hand
    Info about combatantsview players
    Info about your armyview army
    Info about your handview hand
    List spell and creature codesview spells
    Lose mission/battlelose
    Player informationplayer
    Quick loadload
    Quick savesave
    Remove fog of waropen_fog
    Restore fog of warhide_fog
    Set enemy hero's healthchange enemy health #
    Set enemy hero's manachange enemy mana #
    Set enemy hero's mana linkschange enemy links #
    Set hero's healthchange health #
    Set hero's manachange mana #
    Set hero's mana linkschange links #
    Swap enemy with yourselfswap
    View resource infoview resources
    View enemy handview_hand
    View info about creatureview creature
    Win mission/battlewin

    Contributed By: Starky27.

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  • Extra In-Battle codes

    In battle, press the ~ key and type EtherRevelation--if you haven't already--hit enter and type in one of the following codes:

    {XXXX is a four letter ALL CAPS code for a spell or creature, as far as I know there should be one for every spell. It's pretty much a guessing game for some of them.}

    Example: "FOGG" would give you the Kinet spell "Fog"

    Adds the creature to the playing fieldadd creature XXXX
    Adds the spell to your handadd spell XXXX

    Contributed By: alektrophobic.

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Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul Cheats


  • Cheat menu

    Open the console with the key.

    All mission map objectslootall
    Get # expgive 0 exp #
    Get # moneygive 0 money #
    Opens cheat menuthingamabob
    Quit gamequit
    Show all Codeshelp
    Toggle frame rate displayfps

    Contributed By: smallfry645 and Starky27.

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  • Level names

    Use one of the following values with the @leavetozone(0,"<level name>",0) codes to advance to the corresponding location.

    Abandoned minesbz11k
    Abandoned minesgz12k
    Cave; meeting placebz18h
    City and surrounding areasgz11k
    City of Ingosbz8k
    City of Suslanger and surrounding areagz18h
    Dead citygz9g
    Death canyongz15h
    Dragon's lairbz3g
    Forbidden catacombsgz14k
    Great Mage's Catacombbz7g
    Green clan's residencebz9k
    Karansul's domaingz13k
    Khadaganian expedition campbz4g
    Last Shelterbz14h
    Lizard hermit's homebz5g
    Middle mountainsgz6g
    Necromancers' desertgz17h
    New Green clan's residencebz10k
    Old Necromancer's towerbz15h
    Remote mountainsgz4g
    Secret trading placebz16h
    Sheivar settlementbz6g
    The river and the islandsgz7g
    The road to the witchgz2g
    Witch's cavebz2g
    Wormheads' cavegz16h

    Contributed By: Sirush.

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