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FAQ/Walkthrough by Storygamer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/06/07



This is just a bare-bones walkthru, and doesn't cover any of the neat little
jokes and side things you can do in the game.  You don't want to use this
unless you're really stuck, as otherwise it will ruin your gaming experience.

Feel free to distribute this walkthru wherever and however you want, so long as
(1) You don't make any changes to it and (2) You don't try to sell it.

Let me know what you think: carlpalmner@gmail.com


-Watch the intro movie.
-Pick up the Ace of Spades next to Jimmy's rathole, and note that Jimmy is now
fencing stolen goods.

-Talk to the greeter and receive the token.
-Talk to the guard outside the door on the far right. It seems you need to
learn a password to enter.
-Use the Token on the Whack-a-rat game. Shoot as many singing rats as you can
without hitting the silent rats.  If you get a high enough score, you'll win
the magnet.  I'm not sure what the minimum score is, but I think the highest
you can reach is 22.  My score was 21.
-Talk to the mustached guy (Leonard Steakcharmer) and play cards with him. Note
that when he plays, he squints up at something behind you. If he wants to bet,
just fold.
-Note how shiny the clown nose is above the entrance. Leonard is looking at the
reflection to see what card he has. Use the Ace of Spades on the nose, and go
back and play Leonard again. If he has a high card, fold repeatedly until he
ends up with a low one, and then bet. When I played, he had a 4 of hearts
immediately and I won.

-Talk to Bosco to learn about B-Tads Part Deux, and ask to buy something to
learn about his new invention, a listening device. That would come in handy
when trying to learn the casino password!
-If you have beat Leonard in the Casino (see the above section), you can ask to
buy the listening device and Sam will trade in his casino winnings for the
device--a talking cockroach. It's a bug--get it? Ha ha ha...oy vey...

-Use the bug on the guard by the far-right door.
-Use the one-armed bandit (front-right of the screen). Doing so will cause
another mafia member to walk out of the door and walk back in, whispering the
password to the guard.
-Pick up the bug and he will tell you the password.
-Talk to the guard and give him the password.

-Listen to everything Chuckles says, and agree to do everything he asks. You
have to (1) Sneak the toy into Bosco's, (2) Kill Sybil, and (3) Recover the
sandwich.  You can do these in any order.

-Just outside Bosco's, talk to the mafia guy until he finally says something,
then go inside.
-Talk to Bosco and tell him about the mafia guy outside.
-B-Tads Part Deux will remove any item--ANY item--that it detects which does
not belong in the store. Use the magnet (which you get for getting a high score
at Whack-the-Rats at the Casino) on the camera, and watch the fun.
-Now use the toy on the small table near the door, and the task is completed.

-Sybil refuses to fake her own death when you ask her, so you'll have to do it
for her.
-Take her coffee cup.
-Leave her place, go to Bosco's, and use the cup on the condiments (located on
the counter near the bathroom).
-Return to Sybil's place and use the cup on her to give it back.
-Use the gun on the cup, and Sam will shoot it, causing ketchup to splatter all
over Sybil and Sybil to faint out of fear. This task is now completed.

-In your office, Leonard is trying to sell the sandwich to Jimmy! Watch the fun
cutscene, and then the dialogue begins.
-Pick setups from Sam's list, and then pick punchlines from Max's. You'll use
all but one of Sam's setups, and most of Max's punchlines. Here's a list of the
ones I used, and their respective punchlines (this is not the exact wording but
you get the picture):

Yo' Mama's so fat ... She has more folds than an origami project.
Yo' Mama's so punctual ... She showed up early to her own funeral.
Yo' Mama's so vulgar ... She makes a longshoreman's cussing sound pretty.
Yo' Mama's so perky ... She's only low when she's doing the limbo.

-Pick up the Bandit Arm behind the desk and return to the casino.
-I believe yo ucan also take Leonard's cap gun, but you actually don't have to,
as the game will automatically give it to you later if you forgot to pick it up.
-Use the bandit arm on the slot machine.
-Use the token on the slot machine. This task is now complete.

-Watch the cutscene for an interesting new plot twist.
-Now you're racing on the streets, trying to keep from getting shot by the
mafia. Don't worry, they never succeed in hitting you...but you'll be doing
this forever if you don't get rid of them.
-You have to shoot one of the signs that hangs over the middle of the street at
just the right moment--so that it falls behind you. If you shoot it while it's
too far, it lands in front of you and does no good. If you shoot it too close,
you won't succeed in shooting it at all.
-If you shoot the sign at just the right time, it will fall and take out the
mafia guys.

-You don't need to do anything in the back room except go through the door that
says not to go through it.
-Once back there, when the Mole tells you to shoot Max, do so--with the cap
gun, not the real gun (if you never picked up the cap gun, it will magically
appear in your inventory here anyway).
-Watch Max's melodramatic death scene, and the Mole go off to read his paper.
-Pick up the screwdriver next to the bandit machine.
-Click the bandit machine (front left of screen) and note what it says: "You're
on fire!"
-Use the screwdriver on the bandit machine to get the voice box.
-Go over to the hopper, located behind the big conveyor belt (it's a little
hard to notice at first), and use the voice box on it. This causes the
mechanical arm to put it into the machine, which creates a bear that says
"You're on fire!" instead of "Give all your money to me".
-Pick up the altered bear that falls out of the chute onto the floor.
-Incidentally, the game also allows you to pick up one of the normal bears on
the conveyor belt, but as far as I can tell this accomplishes nothing.
-Use the altered bear on the Mole.
Once he's over by the fire extinguisher, pull the lever near him.
-Watch the ending cutscene.

That's it for Episode 3! Stay tuned for number 4!


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