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Hours of adventure and heroism in the medieval world of Might and Magic.
Rescue fair maidens, slay foul beasts, and save the realms from destruction.
Choose from over 12 character classes, a dozen character races, and hundreds of magical items and spells.
Compelling stories and hundreds of quests and missions immerse you in the game.
Simple interface, and detailed on-line instructions ensure fun for game players of all ages.
Designed to be played at your own pace, no prior experience with Might and Magic is needed. The perfect compilation for novices and experts alike.
Includes 2 bonus games!
Swords of Xeen
A new land awaits across the mysterious transport pyramid. Venture to an unknown and dangerous land, as you try to thwart the plans of a mad god.
World of Xeen
Install both Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen to create the World of Xeen adventure. Travel between the 2 games and solve the crossover quests for a new third endgame.

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