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FAQ/Walkthrough by Smoke Rulz

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 09/08/09

FAQ Created by: Smoke_Rulz
Game Created by: PopCap Games ( http://www.popcap.com )


Latest Update: 09/08/09
Current Version: 1.40
See Section 9 for the Update List


Note: To instantly jump to any section of the FAQ, highlight the term you see
inside the parentheses ( ) to the right, copy it (Ctrl+C), do a page find
(Ctrl+F), paste the term (Ctrl+V) in the box, and click to search for it.

1. Copyright & Site Listing                                          (sec1copy)
2. Introduction                                                     (sec2intro)
3. Game Information                                                  (sec3game)
   - a. About The Game                                              (sec3about)
   - b. Gameplay                                                     (sec3play)
   - c. Tile Types                                                   (sec3tile)
   - d. Potions & Treasures                                        (sec3potion)
   - e. Status Ailments & Enemy Lore                               (sec3status)
   - f. Lex's Levels                                               (sec3levels)
4. Adventure                                                       (sec4advent)
   - a. Book 1: Oedipus Lex                                         (sec4book1)
   - b. Book 2: Arabian Knight                                      (sec4book2)
   - c. Book 3: Lexonomicon                                         (sec4book3)
5. Mini-Games                                                        (sec5mini)
   - a. Word Master                                                 (sec5game1)
   - b. Letter Rip                                                  (sec5game2)
   - c. Link n' Spell                                               (sec5game3)
6. Arena                                                            (sec6arena)
   - a. Fight Order                                                (sec6fights)
   - b. Boss Monsters                                              (sec6bosses)
7. Treasure List                                                    (sec7treas)
   - a. Book 1: Oedipus Lex                                         (sec7book1)
   - b. Book 2: Arabian Knight                                      (sec7book2)
   - c. Book 3: Lexonomicon                                         (sec7book3)
8. Tips, Secrets, & Easter Eggs    *feel free to submit things!*     (sec8tips)
   - a. General Tips                                                  (sec8gen)
   - b. Arena Tips                                                  (sec8arena)
   - c. Shortcuts                                                   (sec8short)
   - d. Secrets                                                       (sec8sec)
   - e. Easter Eggs                                                  (sec8eggs)
9. Update List                                                     (sec9update)
10. Contact Info                                                 (sec10contact)
11. Thanks & Credits                                              (sec11thanks)

SECTION 1. COPYRIGHT & SITE LISTING                                  (sec1copy)

Copied straight from the GameFAQs.com Help area for the sake of ease:

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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violation of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

In addition, this FAQ currently can *** ONLY BE SEEN *** on these sites:


If you see it on any other site, including ones that people generally despise
(such as CheatCC.com), then please notify me, and/or request to the site owners
that the FAQ be removed.

If you would like to host this FAQ publically, then I please request that you
ASK ME PERMISSION first. If I allow you to host it, I ask that you DO NOT EDIT
IT AT ALL and make sure that all due credit IS GIVEN TO ME. If I agree to let
you host it, I will place your site in this section, and keep you up to date by
sending any updates I make to the FAQ.

See the Contact Info section near the end of the FAQ if you'd like to get in
touch with me.

SECTION 2. INTRODUCTION                                             (sec2intro)

Hey there. I go by the alias of Smoke_Rulz, and I've been on GameFAQs for a
very long time now, just never got around to writing any FAQs. But after
playing this dandy little gem of a game, and noticing that it's lacking any
sort of FAQ on its page, I decided it's time to add something to the plate.

I haven't been playing this game much after beating it, but it's still possible
to find all sorts of little tidbits the designers have put into the game. I
would constantly learn new things, and if you play the game and find out some
little secrets and easter eggs, feel free to contact me and submit them for
addition to this FAQ!

Everything that is submitted to me from people WILL be added to the Credits
section. Everything in this FAQ is written by me, or submitted to me from
people in the Credits section. I'll be sure to mark my progress in the Updates
List section toward the end of the FAQ as well. More information will be added
to the guide as I find it while I play through the game, and as it's submitted
to me.

Alright, now that all that is out of the way, let's get to the game!

SECTION 3. GAME INFORMATION                                          (sec3game)

This section will describe all you need to know about this great game from the
start. Most of this stuff you will learn gradually throughout Book 1 as sort of
an on-going tutorial mode. But since this is a FAQ, it's best not to be too
vague about how it all works, ay?

A. ABOUT THE GAME                                                   (sec3about)

Bookworm Adventures is a quaint little PC game that mixes its fun word-based
puzzle game with a minor role-playing game level-up mechanic and monster
battles! You'll take the bookworm himself Lex across the lands of a couple
different books, all to rescue a kidnapped oracle. It'll test your brain, your
spelling skills, and occasionally your speed and survival skills - at least
when it comes to surviving against fairy tale monsters. ;)

The game was the WINNER of the Interactive Achievement Award for "Downloadable
Game of the Year" for 2006! :D You can check out the Academy's website and see
all the other awards at: http://www.interactive.org

This game is obtainable from the PopCap games website at the following URL:


It's not available in any free format that I have seen. The downloadable trial
for the Deluxe version is playable for a little while. Purchasing the game
costs $19.95 and is done via the website.

These are the System Requirements for the game: (also found via the link)

OPERATING SYSTEM:  Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
MEMORY:            128 MB RAM
PROCESSOR:         700MHz or faster
DIRECTX VERSION:   7.0 or higher

The game also now has a sequel! Released July 30th, 2009, Bookworm Adventures:
Volume 2 features the same gameplay you know and love, with a new storyline to
guide Lex through, and some new surprises along the way. The game can also be
purchased through PopCap's site, and you can even get a bundle containing both
games at once, if you have neither. Check it out, and be sure to check out my
FAQ for the game, also found right here on GameFAQs!


B. GAMEPLAY                                                          (sec3play)

Bookworm Adventures is based off of PopCap's previous game, called Bookworm.
It's a Puzzle game with a nice big grid of letters. You click the letters to
spell out words, and submit them, gaining points to add to score & level up to
higher levels, and gaining some Gem Tiles for more points. More letters then
fall into the grid to fill the empty spots. Bookworm also featured Fire Tiles
that could end the game if they weren't removed.

Bookworm Adventures, however, takes the game to a new level. It takes the same
basic Puzzle game (minus the Fire Tiles) and incorporates it into an Adventure
game, with the same Level Up system, only this time the Leveling Up is done to
your character: Lex, the green worm. In this way, it's sort of like an RPG.

Making words has a much different effect in this game. There's a 4-by-4 grid of
letter tiles for you to use to make words, and they will fill up as you use
them. If you ever have trouble creating words, you'll eventually have use of
the "Scramble" button, which refreshes your tile grid at the cost of ending
your turn. Instead of giving you a Score or whatnot, words hurt the enemies you
encounter, removing Hearts from their Life Meter. How much damage you do is
dependant on several factors:

   1. Word Length (minimum 3 letters allowed)
   2. Letter Value (dots in the corner; check out the tile section for more)
   3. Lex's Attack Power (read on for more info)
   4. Gem Tiles & Items Used (again, read on for more info)
   5. Enemy's Defense & Resistances (see individual monsters)

Here is a specific baseline for how much damage you should do, depending on
how long your word is. Note that this does NOT factor in attack power, items,
or Gems; just base amounts.

   3 letters - 0.5 hearts damage
   4 letters - 0.75 hearts of damage
   5 letters - 1 heart of damage
   6 letters - 1.5 hearts of damage
   7 letters - 2 hearts of damage
   8 letters - 2.75 hearts of damage
   9 letters - 3.5 hearts of damage
   10 letters - 4.5 hearts of damage
   11 letters - 5.5 hearts of damage
   12 letters - 6.75 hearts of damage
   13 letters - 8 hearts of damage
   14 letters - 9.5 hearts of damage
   15 letters - 11 hearts of damage
   16 letters - 13 hearts of damage

When you successfully defeat a monster, you are instantly cured of all missing
health and of any ailments that are affecting you. You'll also gain Experience
that fills your Level Up bar. When your Level Up bar fills all the way, Lex
will level up and receive an increase to one of his three attributes:

   1. Health  - Lex's Heart meter. Each level up increases it by one Heart.
   2. Attack  - Lex's damage power. Also increases a little with every fight.
   3. Defense - Lex's damage resistance. Appears to only increase by level-up.

There are many items and treasures available for Lex to use to help win, but
it's a given that you won't always do so. If Lex is ever defeated in battle,
you'll be forced to start that level all over again. However! Not all is lost!
You will keep any potions you might have had remaining, you will not lose any
Experience Points you gained for your Level Up meter, and you will immediately
have the chance to replay any of Moxie's Mini-Game huts you've found on the map
to earn some Potions and Gem Tiles.

Each map/world in the game (called Books) features 10 levels (called Chapters),
as well as three of Moxie's Mini-Game huts that appear after 2 or 3 levels are
cleared. Each level features up to 7 monsters, the last of which being a Boss
Battle (note that there are a few exceptions, such as the Hydra fight). Each
Boss is guarding a special Treasure that Lex will take with him on his journey.
Conquer all the Books and defeat all the enemies to win the game! There are a
few unlockables you'll get throughout your journey:

   1. TOME OF KNOWLEDGE - Complete Book 1 in Adventure.
   2. MINI-GAMES        - Complete Book 2 in Adventure.
   3. ARENA             - Complete Book 3 in Adventure.
   4. CLIPS AND GIGGLES - Complete Arena Mode.

C. TILE TYPES                                                        (sec3tile)

Your tile grid is the main meat of this game, and the entire point to defeating
the monsters you face. The best thing you could have is a lot of Gem Tiles, as
they give helpful Damage Boosts to your words, as well as having secondary
effects. However, monsters can also mess with your tiles, and all of their
effects are detrimental.

Normal Tiles are just that: Normal. All brown tiles with black letters on them,
and little dots in their corners to indicate their values. Think of the normal
Bookworm or Scrabble, only their values were numbered. A letter's value is
dependant on how hard it is to use that letter in a word; the harder it is, the
more valuable the letter.

   1. GOLD   - The highest scoring letters.
   2. SILVER - The middle scoring letters.
   3. BRONZE - The lowest scoring letters.

Here is a reference for which letter falls into which category:

   1. GOLD   - J, K, Qu, X, Z
   2. SILVER - B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y
   3. BRONZE - A, D, E, G, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U

In addition, PopCap themselves revealed mathmatical specifics on just how much
value each letter has individually! Check this out here:

   1. 1 Letter     - All Bronze dots
   2. 1.25 Letters - Silver dots: B, C, F, H, M, P
   3. 1.5 Letters  - Silver dots: V, W, Y
   4. 1.75 Letters - Gold dots: J, K
   5. 2 Letters    - Gold dots: X, Z
   6. 2.75 Letters - Gold dots: Qu

So if you were to spell the word "WAXY," it'd count as 6 letters instead of 4!

Gem Tiles are one of the the must-have things in this game. You won't see them
at the very beginning of the game, but they eventually will become available
for use and abuse. They are received automatically by spelling very good words
(6-letter words and above, or less if using certain treasures), but they can
also be won in Moxie's Mini-Games, or by overkilling enemies (the more damage
you do past what they have left in health, the better gem you get). Note these
are listed by rarity.

   1. AMETHYST - Purple. 15% damage boost & inflicts 2-turn Poison.
   2. EMERALD  - Green. 20% damage boost & heals Lex 2 hearts.
   3. GARNET   - Orange. 30% damage boost & inflicts 2-turn Power Down.
   4. RUBY     - Red. 35% damage boost & inflicts 3-turn Burn.
   5. SAPPHIRE - Blue. 25% damage boost & inflicts 1-turn Freeze.
   6. DIAMOND  - White. 100% damage boost, fully heals Lex, & gives 1 of each
                 type of potion.
   7. CRYSTAL  - Pink. 50% damage boost, purifies Lex & the grid, & makes Lex
                 invincible for 1 turn.

Damaged Tiles are what certain enemy attacks can inflict on you. They are all
very detrimental and can especially hurt if you lack any Blue Potions, or are
inflicted with Power Down. Some enemies you encounter will have nothing BUT
tile-hurting attacks! Watch out. All Damaged Tiles will revert back to normal
after a certain amount of turns, which usually varies by enemy.

   1. SMASHED - Smashed Tiles can be used, but will do no damage.
   2. LOCKED  - Locked Tiles cannot be used until the turn count runs out.
   3. PLAGUED - Plagued Tiles do no damage if used, and can infect other tiles.

D. POTIONS & TREASURES                                             (sec3potion)

Luckily for you, you don't just have to rely completely on spelled words, gem
tiles, and Lex's stats. You'll also get a variety of useful items throughout
the game that will prove absolutely essential to your victory over the forces
of evil.

Potions are something that can be in short supply, so it's very important you
don't over-use them. There are three types of Potions, and they can all be won
in Moxie's Mini-Games, or sometimes found & automatically picked up after
defeating monsters. The Diamond Gem tile also will confer to you 1 of every
potion when used. Using a Potion does not end your turn, and can be used during
Stunned or Petrified states.

   1. HEALTH POTION   - Red Potion. Heals Lex for a two Hearts of health.
   2. POWER UP POTION - Green Potion. Gives Lex a Power Up for 1 turn.
   3. PURIFY POTION   - Blue Potion. Heals bad effects on Lex and the Grid.

Treasures are supremely useful items that you will find after each Boss fight
within the various levels of the game. They are not "used" like Potions are;
they are either always in effect, or automatically trigger when certain things
are done. They can do a variety of things to help Lex out, such as:

   1. ATTRIBUTES   - Boost Lex's Health, Attack, or Defense.
   2. PROTECTION   - Protect Lex from negative effects such as Stun.
   3. BONUS DAMAGE - Add more damage with certain words, letters, or ailments.
   4. GEM BONUSES  - Play around with gems, such as giving you more.
   5. ITEM BONUSES - Messes with Potions, like boosting them or giving more.
   6. UPGRADE      - Upgrade existing treasures into something better.

You can only bring three treasures with you into any given Level. Lex will
generally give you a good idea of what to bring along (or you could just check
out the walkthrough), but ultimately, it's all up to you! I will cover each
and every treasure you receive in the Treasures section of the FAQ.

E. STATUS AILMENTS & ENEMY LORE                                    (sec3status)

Ah, biological warfare, ay? Yes, there are many different things enemies can
do to you on top of just normal damage. You can do a few of them to enemies as
well using Gem Tiles, but in the end, the enemies have way more on the table to
throw at you. Always be wary of these things, and try to make sure you have
countermeasures! Blue Potions can heal you of ailments, and some Treasures give
you the ability to attempt to resist the ailments from affecting you at all.
Green Potions can also negate the Power Down status. I will list the ailments
in the order you encounter them in the game:

   1. BURN       - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   2. STUN       - Forces you to lose one turn.
   3. POISON     - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   4. FREEZE     - Forces you to lose one turn.
   5. BLEED      - Does a small amount of damage each turn it lasts.
   6. PETRIFY    - Forces you to lose two turns.
   7. POWER DOWN - Lowers Attack Power for as long as it lasts; aka: Curse.

Enemies usually damage Lex with attacks that inflict status ailments, though
the damage is usually minimal compared to what the ailments can do over time,
unless the ailments are paired up with a Normal Attack. Some ailments can be
combined, or paired up with Tile Attacks! That being said, there are some other
ways besides ailments that the enemies can mess with Lex, or the Tile Grid, or
even boost themselves! Again, these are listed in the order you encounter them
in the game:

   1. NORMAL ATTACK - Just a normal attack. Damage varies.
   2. TILE SMASH    - Smashes one or more tiles for a set number of turns.
   3. REGENERATE    - Enemies heal themselves for various amounts of health.
   4. POWER UP      - Enemies power up to do more damage on their next attack.
   5. TILE LOCK     - Locks one or more tiles for a set number of turns.
   6. IMMUNITY      - Immune to 3-letter words or some status ailments.
   7. LIFE LEECH    - Damages Lex AND heals the enemy for various amounts.
   8. PLAGUE TILE   - Plagues one or more tiles on the Tile Grid.
   9. GEM STEAL     - Steals one of your Gem Tiles and turns it normal.
   10. ARMORED      - Varied damage resistance, and possibly immunities.
   11. ALTER TILE   - Alters tiles around, changing what letters are on them.

Lots of stuff, right? And remember, it can all be combined! For example,
Regenerate is often paired up with Power Up in several enemies, which can be a
sick cocktail if you're not prepared. But even with all this stuff, is there
more you can do besides unleash poisons and burns? Well yes! There's one thing
some enemies will possess at various stages in the game:

   1. BONUS CATEGORY - Spell words of a certain category for more damage.

Examples from early on in the game are spelling "metal" words, or "bone" words
to do extra damage to enemies. Pay close attention to Enemy Lore at the bottom
right of the screen to see if they have a weakness, and to see what all their
attacks will do to you! Always be prepared!

F. LEX'S LEVELS                                                    (sec3levels)

Here is Lex's Level Up table in the game. I beat the game at Level 29, and you
can't go through Adventure Mode again after you've beaten it, so anything
Level 30+ has been submitted to me. If you've got more to add, feel free to
contact me! :)

LVL    TITLE                       INCREASE
¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
1      -none-                      -none-
2      Encyclopedia Salesman       Health
3      Trainee                     Attack
4      Scribbler                   Defense
5      Pencil Pusher               Health
6      Ink Slinger                 Attack
7      Clerk                       Defense
8      Scribe                      Health
9      Bookkeeper                  Attack
10     Bookbinder                  Defense
11     Proofreader                 Health
12     Stenographer                Attack
13     Assistant Librarian         Defense
14     Librarian                   Health
15     Senior Librarian            Attack
16     Archivist                   Defense
17     Grand Archivist             Health
18     Poet                        Attack
19     Poet Laureate               Defense
20     Novelist                    Health
21     Best Seller                 Attack
22     Literary Craftsman          Defense
23     Literary Savant             Health
24     Litterateur                 Attack
25     Editor                      Defense
26     Editor in Chief             Health
27     Publisher                   Attack
28     Publisher Emeritus          Defense
29     Glossographer               Health
30     Wordsmith                   Attack
31     Wordstalker                 Defense

SECTION 4. ADVENTURE                                               (sec4advent)

This is the meat of the game, the Adventure Mode! Take control of the worm Lex
and battle across various storybooks to rescue the damsel in distress!

There's not a whole lot of strategy to this game, other than to try and spell
big words, and what three treasures to bring along with you into each level. So
this won't be a fully-detailed move-by-move walkthrough like a lot of games may
have. Instead, this will detail each of the levels in the game, what monsters
you will fight, and what treasures would be good to bring along. I'll also tell
you what happens along the way, such as plotlines, when Mini-Games pop-up, what
treasures you get, and all that sort of stuff. In essence, this is a glorified
monster listing, cause that's practically all I can do for a walkthrough as far
as this game goes!

Here is the key to reading the Chapter entries:

   CHAPTER # - Name of Chapter
   LEVEL NOTES : What the game tells you about the storyline and/or level.
   LEX'S IDEAS : What Lex thinks he should be prepared for on treasure select.
   MY PICKS    : What I say you should consider taking along.
   TREASURE    : What treasure you gain at the end of the chapter.
   MISCELLANY  : Various noteworthy things about the chapter, including story.

Then comes the monster listing:

   #-#-#: MONSTER NAME
      Health - #

The only thing I have chosen not to note about the enemies is their "flavor
text," if they have any. It's too much hassle for some essentially useless
information. The Tome of Knowledge, unlocked after beating Book 1, will show
off every monster you've encountered, and provide the flavor text.

Then comes any closing notes about the chapter, such as storyline happenings.
There won't always be closing comments.

Note that if one is found alongside Armored, such as Poison or Burn, it means
they have an immunity to that type of damage.

   [Alt] - Alter Tile
   [Arm] - Armored (Heavy Armor in Chapter 3-3 on)
   [Bld] - Bleed
   [BoC] - Bonus Category (aka Weakness)
   [Brn] - Burn
   [Frz] - Freeze
   [Gem] - Gem Steal
   [Imm] - Immunity
   [Lee] - Life Leech
   [Atk] - Normal Attack
   [Pet] - Petrify
   [Plg] - Plague Tile
   [Psn] - Poison
   [PoD] - Power Down
   [PoU] - Power Up
   [Rgn] - Regenerate
   [Stn] - Stun
   [Lok] - Tile Lock
   [Smh] - Tile Smash

A. BOOK 1: OEDIPUS LEX                                              (sec4book1)

Our story begins in the Great Library, with Lex the bookworm jarred away from
his book by his higher-up, Professor Codex, calling him urgently. Codex shows
him a book of Greek tales, the table of contents, which suddenly vanishes, only
to be replaced by a message: "Please help me!" Cassandra the Oracle is in
trouble, and Codex decides to send Lex into the storybook to help her out. How?
With his Magic Pen, of course! Lex doesn't get much time to discuss it before
he's sent inside to become a hero.

CHAPTER 1 - Ancient Greece
TREASURE    : Bow of Zyx - Boosts words using X, Y, and Z.
MISCELLANY  : The very first battle is a tutorial, where you simply spell
              "PLAY" and he dies. You don't have access to the Level Up meter,
              Item Stage, or Lore Stage just yet. Cassandra will contact you
              with instructions on how to play at the beginning, and before &
              after the boss battle.

1-1-1: Trojan Spearman    1-1-2: Trojan Warrior     1-1-3: War Hound
   Health - 1                Health - 2                Health - 3
[Atk] Spear               [Atk] Slash               [Atk] Pounce

1-1-4: Trojan Captain     1-1-5: Alexander          1-1-6: Polydamas (Boss)
   Health - 3                Health - 2                Health - 3
[Atk] Sword Attack        [Atk] Bow Attack          [Brn/Atk] Flaming Arrow
                                                    [Atk] Slash
CHAPTER 2 - Island of the Cyclopes
LEVEL INTRO : Fleeing from the tumultuous lands of the north, Lex finds himself
              washed ashore upon an unforgiving rocky isle. Before Lex lies the
              land of one-eyed giants and adventure!
TREASURE    : Golden Fleece - Temporarily grants Lex a full extra heart of
MISCELLANY  : The Item Stage is now available, showing your new Bow of Zyx in
              the treasure row. The Level Up bar will appear in this Chapter
              as well, and you will level up directly before the boss.

1-2-1: Angry Mount. Goat  1-2-2: Angry Ewe          1-2-3: Cyclops Herder
   Health - 3                Health - 2                Health - 4
[Atk] Head Butt           [Atk] Lamb Chop           [Atk] Staff Strike

1-2-4: Angry Ram          1-2-5: Cyclops Warrior    1-2-6: Polyphemus (Boss)
   Health - 3                Health - 5                Health - 7
[Atk] Head Butt           [Atk] Club Clobber        [Atk] Overhead Smash
                                                    [Smh] Tile Smash

CHAPTER 3 - The Wandering Rocks
LEVEL INTRO : Having defeated the Cyclopes, Lex sets sail in search of
              Cassandra and is beset by storms, sirens and spirits of the sea.
              Will you survive Poseidon's wrath?
TREASURE    : Poseidon's Shield - Negates half of a heart of damage each time
              Lex's enemies attack.
MISCELLANY  : The Lore Stage is now available. Another Level Up will occur
              before the boss. You should also get your first Red Potion just
              before him.

1-3-1: Sea Serpent        1-3-2: Siren              1-3-3: Sea Witch
   Health - 6                Health - 5                Health - 5
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Claws               [Atk] Claws
[Stn] Stunning Strike     [Stn] Stunning Song       [Rgn] Regenerate

1-3-4: Sea Elemental      1-3-5: Kraken             1-3-6: Scylla
   Health - 6                Health - 6                Health - 7
[Atk] Water Spout         [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Rake
[Stn] Lightning Bolt      [Stn/Smh] Pulverize Tile  [Stn] Stunning Stomp
[Rgn] Regenerate          [Rgn] Regenerate          [Rgn] Regenerate

                          1-3-7: Charybdis (Boss)
                             Health - 8
                          [Atk] Swirling Fury
                          [Stn] Stun Storm
                          [Smh] Cyclone Smash


CHAPTER 4 - Isle of Circe
LEVEL INTRO : Narrowly surviving the trials of the angry sea god, Lex finds
              himself shipwrecked on an enchanted isle  lush with life. It is
              said that Circe's enchanted beasts strike with unusual force!
TREASURE    : Icarus Sandals - Lex sometimes resists stun attacks.
MISCELLANY  : The Scramble button is now available, and you're forced to use
              it. :( You should get your first Green Potion in this chapter.
              Another Level Up should occur right after the boss. Power Up is
              very prevalent here, which Cassandra and Lex will notice.

1-4-1: Enchanted Hound    1-4-2: Enchanted Eagle    1-4-3: Enchanted Lion
   Health - 4                Health - 4                Health - 6
[Atk] Claw                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Maul
                          [Stn] Stunning Cry        [PoU] Power Up

1-4-4: Enchanted Ram      1-4-5: Enchanted Scorpion 1-4-6: Enchanted Serpent
   Health - 6                Health - 7                Health - 7
[Atk] Gouge               [Atk] Claw                [Atk] Bite
[Pou] Power Up            [Psn] Poison Stinger      [Psn] Poison Spit
[Stn] Disorienting Stun                             [PoU] Power Up

                          1-4-7: Circe (Boss)
                             Health - 10
                          [Atk] Lightning Bolt
                          [PoU] Power Up
                          [Stn] Confuse
                          [Rgn] Regenerate

Circe, now with a broken staff, begs for mercy and reveals to Lex the secret
portal to the underworld. Codex chimes in afterward to compliment Lex's
progress, and to warn him of the underworld's peril.

CHAPTER 5 - The Underworld
LEVEL INTRO : Circe tells of a blacksmith deep in the underworld named
              Hephaestus who can forge gems into powerful new letter tiles!
              Circe warns that your tiles will come under attack!
LEX'S IDEAS : Power Up, Stun, Tile Smash
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Poseidon's Shield, Icarus Sandals
TREASURE    : Hephaestus' Hammer - Each of Lex's attacks causes an extra half
              of a heart of damage.
MISCELLANY  : As you guessed, the Treasure Select screen is now in effect,
              since you now have more than 3 treasures. You should get your
              first Blue Potion in this level.

1-5-1: Shade              1-5-2: Specter            1-5-3: Banshee
   Health - 7                Health - 7                Health - 8
[Atk] Shriek              [Atk] Scream              [Atk] Claw
[Rgn] Regeneration        [PoU] Power Up            [Smh] Wailing Smash
[Smh] Wailing Smash       [Smh] Wailing Smash

1-5-4: Phantom            1-5-5: Manes              1-5-6: Orthrus
   Health - 7                Health - 8                Health - 10
[Atk] Scream              [Atk] Impale              [Atk] Claw
[Stn/Smh] Smashing Visage [Smh] Shatter Tile        [Stn/Smh] Tile Smash
                                                    [Stn] Stunning Bark

                          1-5-7: Cerberus (Boss)
                             Health - 12
                          [Atk] Clobber
                          [Stn] Stunning Howl
                          [PoU] Power Up
                          [Smh] Tile Smash

Once the Boss is defeated, Lex meets Hephaestus, who grants him the use of Gem
Tiles! Take a moment to gander at them (and learn their effects).

CHAPTER 6 - Labyrinth of Crete
LEVEL INTRO : Emerging safely and with new powers, Lex feels stronger than
              ever. Before Lex lies the Minotaur  Labyrinth. Within the maze
              await especially poisonous and stunning foes.
LEX'S IDEAS : Poison, Stun, Tile Lock
MY PICKS    : Poseidon's Shield, Icarus Sandals, Hephaestus' Hammer
TREASURE    : Boots of Theseus (Upgrades Icarus Sandals) - Lex always resists
              stun attacks.
MISCELLANY  : Yep! Your first Treasure upgrade. In addition, Hephaestus grants
              you a free Amethyst Tile to start the chapter off.

1-6-1: Griffon            1-6-2: Harpy              1-6-3: Manticore
   Health - 7                Health - 6                Health - 8
[Atk] Maul                [Atk] Claw                [Atk] Claws
                          [Psn] Poison Talon        [Psn] Poisonous Spikes

1-6-4: Chimera            1-6-5: Harpy Witch        1-6-6: Minotaur (Boss)
   Health - 9                Health - 8                Health - 16
[Atk] Pounce              [Atk] Claws               [Atk] Axe Swipe
[Stn/Smh] Charge          [Stn/Psn] Stunning Poison [Stn] Bull Charge
[Psn] Poison Fang         [Rgn] Regenerate          [Lok] Axe Chop

Moxie appears and speaks to Lex after the boss is defeated to warn of the
upcoming level, and reveals her second mini-game, to allow Lex to earn some
potions for the upcoming battles.


CHAPTER 7 - Lernean Swamp
LEVEL INTRO : Lex's next challenge is the legendary 7-headed Hydra of Lernea,
              each head more fearsome than the one before! There will be no
              rest between each head, so be wary!
LEX'S IDEAS : Anything and everything! (wow, real helpful, Lex)
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Poseidon's Shield, Hephaestus' Hammer
TREASURE    : Arch of Xyzzy (Upgrades Bow of Zyx) - Greatly boosts words using
              X, Y, or Z.
MISCELLANY  : This level is special in that it's ONLY a boss fight: You just
              have to fight all of its heads separately. But since it is only
              one fight, you cannot heal in-between heads, and if you down a
              head on your attack, the next head gets an attack when it pops
              up. Thankfully they're not very hard.

1-7-1: Hydra (Head 1)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 2)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 3)
   Health - 4                Health - 4                Health - 4
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite
[Rgn] Regeneration        [Psn] Poison Breath       [Stn] Stunning Screech

1-7-1: Hydra (Head 4)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 5)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 6)
   Health - 4                Health - 5                Health - 5
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite
[Frz] Freezing Breath     [Brn] Fire Breath         [Stn] Lightning Breath

                          1-7-1: Hydra (Main Head)
                             Health - 7
                          [Atk] Bite
                          [Lok] Locking Strike
                          [PoU] Power Up

Cassandra compliments Lex for defeating a creature that no mortal has ever
survived. Codex appears again, and worried for Lex's safety tries to pull him
from the book. But Lex refuses, and wants to fight on to the very end.

CHAPTER 8 - Nemean Forest
LEVEL INTRO : Just beyond lies the forbidden forest of Nemea, home to many a
              beast even the mighty Hercules fears.  However, these beasts are
              weak to special categories of words.
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Power Up, Stun
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Poseidon's Shield, Boots of Theseus
TREASURE    : Hand of Hercules (Upgrades Heph's Hammer) - Lex's attacks cause
              an extra full heart of damage. Spell 'metal' words for even more!
MISCELLANY  : Welcome to the debuts of Weakness and Immunity. Cassandra will
              also mention the special "active power" of the Hand of Hercules.

1-8-1: Cernian Hind       1-8-2: Eurymanthian Boar  1-8-3: Calydonian Boar
   Health - 10               Health - 12               Health - 14
[Atk] Hoof                [Atk] Tusk                [Atk] Tusk
[Stn] Stunning Smash      [Smh] Tile Smash          [Stn] Stun Trample
                                                    [PoU] Power Up

1-8-4: Bronze Stymphalian 1-8-5: Steel Stymphalian  1-8-6: Nemean Lion (Boss)
   Health - 15               Health - 16               Health - 20
[Atk] Rake                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Claws
[Bld] Bleeding Cut        [Bld] Bleeding Cut        [Lok/Stn] Concussive Roar
[BoC] Bonus cat: 'metals' [BoC] Bonus cat: 'metals' [PoU] Power Up
                                                    [BoC] Bonus cat: 'felines'
                                                    [Imm] 3-letter immunity

CHAPTER 9 - River Evenus
LEVEL INTRO : Only the Evenus River area and its centaur guardian Nessus stand
              between Lex and Cassandra. He and  his minions employ the powers
              of poison, plague, and nature!
LEX'S IDEAS : Life Leech, Plague Tile, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Poseidon's Shield, Hand of Hercules
TREASURE    : Aegis of Athena (Upgrades Poseidon's Shield) - Negates a full
              heart of damage.
MISCELLANY  : Ugh, Plague Tile. It debuts here, and Cassandra warns you. She
              doesn't tell you about Life Leech also debuting too, but Lex
              already saw it himself.

1-9-1: Centaur Grappler   1-9-2: Centaur Hunter     1-9-3: Satyr
   Health - 17               Health - 18               Health - 18
[Atk] Punch               [Atk/Lok] Flying Chains   [Smh/Atk] Hoof
[Stn] Stunning Fist       [Brn] Searing Arrow       [Stn] Stunning Club
                          [Rgn] Bandage

1-9-4: Limniad            1-9-5: Dryad              1-9-6: Naiad
   Health - 18               Health - 19               Health - 20
[Atk] Mud Blast           [Atk] Wall of Thorns      [Smh/Atk] Wave Blast
[Lee] Life Leech          [Stn] Crushing Brambles   [Frz] Freezing Spray
                          [Lee] Life Leech          [Lee] Life Leech

                          1-9-7: Nessus (Boss)
                             Health - 25
                          [Atk] Dual Blades
                          [Psn] Poison Tip
                          [Lee] Greater Life Leech
                          [Plg] Infect Tile
                          [BoC] Bonus cat: 'colors'

After the boss is defeated, Cassandra tells Lex to hurry, because the faces of
the statues around her look so real, and it's creeping her out. Codex speaks,
and remarks on the find of Aegis of Athena. He also warns Lex about the final
level, which contains statues of many great heroes. Lex (correctly) surmises
that they didn't begin as statues...


CHAPTER 10 - Delphi
LEVEL INTRO : All around you stand grand statues of warriors and beasts.
              Cassandra is imprisoned deep in the temple.  One would be wise
              to prepare for the denizens' many petrifying attacks.
LEX'S IDEAS : Curse, Petrify, Poison
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules
TREASURE    : Medusa Bust - Adds chance to resist petrify and power down.
MISCELLANY  : Cassandra speaks to you halfway through the level to say her
              power is almost out, and she can hear the hissing of one hundred

1-10-1: Lesser Basilisk   1-10-2: Pemphredo         1-10-3: Enyo
   Health - 25               Health - 24               Health - 25
[Atk] Wicked Bite         [Atk] Nasty Cackle        [Atk] Nasty Screech
[Pet] Petrifying Gaze     [Psn] Toxic Tongue        [Brn] Burning Breath
                          [Rgn] Regenerate          [Rgn] Regenerate

1-10-4: Deino             1-10-5: Greater Basilisk  1-10-6: Medusa (Boss)
   Health - 24               Health - 28               Health - 30
[Atk] Scratch             [Atk] Wicked Bite         [Psn] Poison Volley
[PoD] Weakening Curse     [Psn] Poison Fang         [PoD/Plg] Curse o.t. Medusa
[Plg] Infect Tile         [Pet] Petrifying Gaze     [Pet] Petrifying Gaze
                                                    [Lee] Greater Life Leech
                                                    [Imm] 3-letter immunity

After defeating the mighty Medusa, Cassandra thanks you. But even though the
gorgon is gone, she senses a darker presence, that drains essence. She warns
Lex to go no further, but before she can reveal who the enemy is, the enemy
appears in the form of a giant floating red cloak, and snatches her away.



B. BOOK 2: ARABIAN KNIGHT                                           (sec4book2)

Lex reappears in the Great Library and tells Professor Codex what happened. The
Professor believes the enemy who "drains essence" must be Dracula. Dracula is
very powerful, but he knows of a weapon of awesome power that Lex can use to
stop him. Without any hesitation, Codex uses his pen and sends Lex into the
next book, Arabian Knight.

CHAPTER 1 - Port of Alexandria
LEVEL INTRO : Lex begins his search for the magical weapon of awesome power in
              this populated and dangerous city port.
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Burning, Poison
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules
TREASURE    : Cloak of Shades - Chance to resist poison attacks.
MISCELLANY  : Once inside the book, a strange narrator begins detailing Lex's
              adventures. He is, of course, puzzled.

2-1-1: Cuttthroat         2-1-2: Snake Charmer      2-1-3: Bandit
   Health - 15               Health - 16               Health - 14
[Bld] Stab                [Psn] Snake Shot          [Stn] Blackjack
[Psn] Poison Dagger       [Stn] Serenade            [Smh] Kick

2-1-4: Sword Swallower    2-1-5: Fire Breather      2-1-6: Mys. Assassin (Boss)
   Health - 15               Health - 17               Health - 25
[Atk] Sword Shot          [Atk] Torch Bonk          [Psn] Dagger Flurry
[Bld] Sword Spit          [Brn/Smh] Fire Breath     [Bld] Sword Flip
[Rgn] Swallow Sword       [PoU] Power Up            [Stn] Smoke Bomb

A man named Maladin appears after the boss and asks Lex if he seeks Cassandra.
He reveals that a band of thieves has taken her prisoner in their hideout, and
only he knows the password to get in! Lex follows him on.

CHAPTER 2 - Lex Baba and the 14 Thieves
LEVEL INTRO : Promised knowledge of the weapon's location, Lex fights Maladin's
              enemies deep in a cave vault.
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Stun, Tile Smash
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Hand of Hercules
TREASURE    : Jeweled Key - Increased gem frequency.
MISCELLANY  : Maladin tells Lex to fight the thieves while he secures the
              treasure. Lex mistakingly believes he's talking about Cassandra.

2-2-1: Thief 1            2-2-2: Thieves 2&3        2-2-3: Thieves 4&5
   Health - 20               Health - 22               Health - 22
[Atk] Stab                [Atk] Cheap Shot          [Bld] Dagger Toss
[Bld] Lingering Pain      [Smh] Face Smash          [Atk] Sword Whomp
                          [Stn/Smh] Double Team     [PoU] Power Up

2-2-4: Thieves 6,7&8      2-2-5: Thieves 9,10&11  2-2-6: Thieves 12,13&14(Boss)
   Health - 22               Health - 22               Health - 24
[Atk] Dogged Release      [Atk] Bow Shot          [Atk] Kubwa angry!
[Smh] Booming Bark        [Brn/Atk] Fire Bomb     [Smh] Kubwa smash!
[Rgn] Soothing Touch      [Stn/Psn] Assassin's B. [PoD/Psn] Hex
                                                  [PoU/Rgn] Bloodlust

After the boss is defeated, Maladin is surprised Lex is still alive, and when
queried on Cassandra, leads Lex to an ancient tomb not too far away.

CHAPTER 3 - Tomb of the Ancients
LEVEL INTRO : Abandoned by Maladin, Lex stumbles into a cursed Eygptian tomb.
LEX'S IDEAS : Petrify, Plague Tile, Regenerate
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Medusa Bust
TREASURE    : Tome of Ancients - Bonus damage for 'color' words.
MISCELLANY  : Lex finds out via the narrator of the story that Maladin sealed
              the door, and Lex is trapped inside!

2-3-1: Monstrous Scorpion 2-3-2: Mummified Hound    2-3-3: Mummified Servant
   Health - 20               Health - 20               Health - 20
[Atk] Pincer              [Atk] Claw                [Atk] Rake
[Psn] Poisonous Sting     [Pet/Plg] Crippling Bark  [Psn] Vile Breath
[BoC] Bonus cat: 'bone'   [Rgn] Regenerate          [Rgn] Regenerate
                          [BoC] Bonus cat: 'bone'   [BoC] Bonus cat: 'bone'

             2-3-4: Embalmed Guardian  2-3-5: Pharaoh of Old (Boss)
                Health - 24               Health - 30
             [Atk] Rake                [Atk] Lightning Strike
             [Pet/Plg] Crip. Whisper   [Pet/Plg] Pharaoh's Word
             [Stn/Psn] Throat Snake    [Psn/Smh] Staff Strike
                                       [PoU/Rgn] Ancient Strength
                                       [BoC] Bonus cat: 'bone'

After Lex escapes from the Tomb, the narrator mentions a strange wind blowing
him to the hot dunes of the desert nearby.


CHAPTER 4 - Riddle of the Sphinx
LEVEL INTRO : Making good with the Pharaoh's ghost, Lex faces yet another
              barrier, the riddles of the Sphinx.
LEX'S IDEAS : Riddles, Riddles, Riddles (that sure helps!)
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Jeweled Key
TREASURE    : Sphinx Lantern - Boosts effect of healing (Red) potions.
MISCELLANY  : This fight, like the Hydra, is just a Boss fight. And a very easy
              boss, to boot. The boss will regenerate its health 4 times, so it
              has to be defeated 5 times to win the Chapter. Solving each of
              its riddles instantly downs all its health, so you only really
              need to spell 5 words total! The tiles that provide you with the
              answers should always drop. If you don't want to solve them, then
              you can just fight it normally. I've put the answers to the
              riddles in Section 8D of the FAQ, so look there in case you're
              totally stumped.

                          2-4-1: Sphinx
                             Health - 9
                          [Atk] Sphinx's Gaze
                          [PoU] Sphinx's Judgement

RIDDLE 1:                               RIDDLE 2:
Sometimes blue, sometimes weeping.      I face my brother, he faces me.
Sometimes twinkle, sometimes beaming.   At our sides two more I see.
Never indoors, but yet the ceiling.     Together we make room for thee.
What am I?                              What am I?

RIDDLE 3:                               RIDDLE 4:
Made of ten but two are we.             Despised I am by knave and liar.
Five apart and we are weak.             After me the wise inquire.
Five together havoc wreak.              I rise above all death and fire.
What am I?                              What am I?

                    RIDDLE 5:
                    Shapeless, I take shape.
                    Unguarded, I escape.
                    Death in excess, death without slake.
                    What am I?

After the win, Lex meets Sinbad, who asks Lex to join his crew. Lex doesn't
quite say yes, but Sinbad takes him along anyway.

CHAPTER 5 - Thar be Pirates!
LEVEL INTRO : Lex sets sail aboard Sinbad's ship, only to be boarded by a crew
              of angry pirates!
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Gem Steal, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Jeweled Key
TREASURE    : Wooden Parrot - All 'R' tiles cause double damage. (lol)
MISCELLANY  : The narrator will bring you into this chapter by telling you what
              happened. Damn pirates! Sinbad almost doesn't seem to know they
              are pirates, which is kinda funny. Note the debut of Gem Steal.

2-5-1: Bilge Dog          2-5-2: Deckswabber        2-5-3: Cannoneer
   Health - 20               Health - 24               Health - 22
[Atk] Claw                [Atk] Face Wash           [Brn] Torch Toss
[Stn/Smh] Booming Bark    [Stn/Atk] Mop Chop        [Atk] Volley
[Bld] Bite                [Gem] Gem Heist           [Rgn] Renewed Spirit

             2-5-4: Swashbuckler       2-5-5: D.P. Al-Robarts (Boss)
                Health - 24               Health - 30
             [Atk] Left Handed         [Gem] Gem Heist
             [Psn/Atk] Right Handed    [Smh] Broadside
             [PoU/Rgn] Potent Grog     [Bld] Sword Flurry
                                       [PoU/Rgn] Potent Grog

Sinbad is glad the pirates are defeated, but the ship is sinking! Apparently
this always happens, which makes Lex wonder why he sailed with him. The
narrator states they wash ashore onto an island where the ground trembles.

CHAPTER 6 - Island of Immensity
LEVEL INTRO : Washed ashore after the pirates destroy the ship, Lex must battle
              animals of unusual size in an attempt to find a way back to
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Power Up, Tile Smash
MY PICKS    : Golden Fleece, Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules/Jeweled Key
TREASURE    : Endless Gem Pouch (Upgrades Jeweled Key) - Greatly increased gem
MISCELLANY  : I really like the boss of this level. XD

2-6-1: Elephant           2-6-2: Enormous Serpent   2-6-3: Roc Hatchling
   Health - 20               Health - 20               Health - 22
[Smh] Stomp               [Smh] Smashing Strike     [Atk] Peck
[Stn/Smh] Water Spout     [PoD/Psn] Fatal Poison    [Smh] Piercing Screech
[Lok] Stampede!                                     [Psn/Bld] Scything Talons

             2-6-4: Bull Elephant      2-6-5: Mama Roc (Boss)
                Health - 25               Health - 30
             [Smh] Stomp               [Lok/Atk] Peck
             [Stn/Smh] Water Jet       [Stn/Smh] Piercing Screech
             [Bld/Lok] Stampede!       [Bld] Scything Talons
             [PoU/Rgn] Trium. Trumpet  [Imm] 3-letter immunity
                                       [Psn] Poison immunity

Once the Mama Roc goes down, Sinbad spots the Papa Roc coming to get them.
The narrator reveals that Lex stayed latched in the Roc's talons for forty
nights before being dropped in the deepest desert, where he is beset by


CHAPTER 7 - Mirage Mania
LEVEL INTRO : Discarded deep in the Arabian Desert, Lex goes mad, battling
              apparitions and mirages.
LEX'S IDEAS : A dose of mirage madness! (ugh)
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Endless Gem Pouch
TREASURE    : Robe of the Unseen (Upgrades Cloak of Shades) - Chance to resist
              poison and fire.
MISCELLANY  : I much enjoy the boss of this very easy chapter.

2-7-1: Mirage Trojan      2-7-2: Mirage Skeleton    2-7-3: Mirage Nymph
   Health - 22               Health - 20               Health - 24
[Atk] Mirage Blade        [Frz] Mirage Breath       [Smh/Atk] Mirage Wave
[Stn/Smh] Mirage Pummel   [Stn] Mirage Laughter     [Frz] Mirage Spray
[BoC] 'fruits and veges'  [Atk] Mirage Bludgeon     [Lee] Life Leech
                          [BoC] 'fruits and veges'  [BoC] 'fruits and veges'

             2-7-4: Mirage Goat        2-7-5: Mirage Xel (Boss)
                Health - 25               Health - 30
             [Bld/Smh] Mirage Ram      [Lok] Skull Shatter
             [BoC] 'fruits and veges'  [PoU/Rgn] Crazed Laughter
                                       [Smh/Brn] Burning Tile
                                       [BoC/Imm] Warped Words:
                                       'fruits and veges'/3-letter

Lex sees a tent in the distance and gets out of the desert. Codex contacts him,
querying on his progress. Despite his weirded path, he's headed in the right

CHAPTER 8 - Crazy Murray's Bizarre Bazaar
LEVEL INTRO : Making his way across the desert, Lex comes upon a luxurious tent
              and a familiar face.
LEX'S IDEAS : Bleed, Power Up, Stun
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Hand of Hercules/Gem Pouch
TREASURE    : Genie Lamp (Upgrades Sphinx Lantern) - Boosts effects of healing
              (Red) and power up (Green) potions.
MISCELLANY  : Looks like Crazy Murray is Maladin! Murray recognizes Lex, and
              sends his flying denizens at him. 

2-8-1: Flying Snake       2-8-2: Flying Wolf        2-8-3: Flying Pig
   Health - 24               Health - 24               Health - 26
[Atk] Flying Tail         [Atk] Flying Claws        [Atk] Flying Tusk
[Psn] Flying Spit         [Stn] Flying Bark         [Stn] Flying Pig
[Stn/Psn] Flying Bite     [Bld] Flying Bite         [PoU] Flying Squeal
                          [PoU] Flying Howl

             2-8-4: Flying Armor       2-8-5: Maladin (Boss)
                Health - 26               Health - 30
             [Atk] Flying Gouge        [Atk] Flurry of Fists
             [Bld] Flying Crush        [PoD] Flying Skull
             [Stn] Flying Pummel       [Bld] Barrel of Arrows
                                       [Brn] Dragon in a Basket
                                       [Stn/Smh] Bottled Lightning

Murray begs for mercy afterward, and lets Lex take any flying merchandise he
wants. Lex takes the lamp, despite Murray saying he shouldn't take it. Turns
out, he shouldn't have: Lex tries to rub the lamp and wish for the weapon, but
finds nothing but trouble!


CHAPTER 9 - Genies, Genies, Genies
LEVEL INTRO : Lex takes hold of the Genie Lamp and unwittingly lets loose an
              army of genies who do not bow to his will easily.
LEX'S IDEAS : Armor, Curse, Tile Lock
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Endless Gem Pouch
TREASURE    : Tablet of the Ages (Upgrades Tome of Ancients) - Bonus damage for
              'color' words and heals Lex.
MISCELLANY  : Welcome to the debut of Armored. Be prepared to see it for the
              REST OF THE GAME. Ugh. Also, Fortune Reversal is a sick, sick
              move. This chapter is tough.

2-9-1: Afreet             2-9-2: Fire Spirit        2-9-3: Djinn
   Health - 16               Health - 14               Health - 20
[Atk] Magic Bolt          [Atk] Spirit Fist         [Atk] Magic Bolt
[Lok] Genie Bind          [Brn] Burning Breath      [Stn/Lok] Genie Bind
[PoD/Lee] Genie Drain     [PoU/PoD/Rgn] Fortune Rv. [PoU/Rgn] Genie Blessing
[Arm] Armored             [Arm] Armored             [Arm] Armored

             2-9-4: Air Spirit         2-9-5: Shaitan (Boss)
                Health - 18               Health - 20
             [Atk] Cyclone Punch       [Bld] Dual Blade
             [Brn] Searing Bolt        [Stn/Bld] Whirlwind
             [Smh/Frz] Gale Breath     [PoU/PoD/Rgn] Fortune Rv.
             [Arm] Armored             [Smh/Brn] Immolating Eye
                                       [Arm/Brn] Fireward Armor

As expressed by Lex AND the narrator, even though he conquered the genies of
the lamp, he apparantly didn't get any wishes. However, when he wishes he knew
what that narrator voice is, he's teleported to a great palace!

CHAPTER 10 - The Palace
LEVEL INTRO : Finally besting the genines of the lamp, Lex is teleported to
              Scheherazade's Palace where its denizens suffer him one final
              round of grief before his questions are answered.
LEX'S IDEAS : Confusion, Petrify, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Medusa Bust/Gem Pouch, Hand Hercules/Gem Pouch
TREASURE    : Scimitar of Justice - All gems cause more damage.
MISCELLANY  : Final chapter, baby! And compared to a few other chapters before
              it (excluding 9), this one is actually a nice tough one.

2-10-1: Hypnotist         2-10-2: Toxophilite       2-10-3: Elementalist
   Health - 24               Health - 22               Health - 22
[Smh] Sundering Staff     [Bld] Arrow Barrage       [Brn] Fire
[Pet] Crippling Fear      [Brn] Explosive Arrowhead [Frz] Ice
[Alt] Mind Assault        [Psn] Poisoned Tip        [Psn] Poison
[Arm] Armored             [PoU/Rgn] Myst. Elixer    [Stn/Smh] Lightning
                          [Arm] Armored             [Arm/Psn/Brn] Element Armor

             2-10-4: Necromancer       2-10-5: Twisted Vizier (Boss)
                Health - 20               Health - 30
             [Psn] Stab                [Bld] Staff Strike
             [Lee] Life Leech          [Stn/Lok] Will of the Vizier
             [Pet] Call From the Grave [PoD/Plg] Serpent's Kiss
             [PoD/Psn] Pestilence      [PoU/Rgn] Inner Fire
             [Arm/Psn] Necrom. Armor   [Brn/Psn/Arm] Vizier Armor

The Vizier, very angry, is about to let his wrath loose, but Queen Scheherazade
herself stops him. She recognizes Lex's quest as honorable. Cassandra is not
there, but the Queen gives him advice on his journey ahead. He has seen much
trickery and lies, and his dark & sinister enemy is shrouded in a cloak of
those lies. She grants him the Scimitar of Justice, the weapon he came for.



C. BOOK 3: LEXONOMICON                                              (sec4book3)

Lex returns to the library from the second book, to see Professor Codex getting
sucked into a book himself, yelling for Lex's help, saying Dracula is
transporting him directly to his castle. Lex can't reach him in time, but gets
there quick enough to jump into the energy himself and also get sucked into the
book. It's the Lexonomicon, a tome of classic monsters. Looks like it's time to
rescue both Cassandra and the Professor!

CHAPTER 1 - Ravaged Countryside
LEVEL INTRO : Misunderstood as an evil monster by the local townsfolk and town
              militia, Lex must escape before being  burned at the stake!
LEX'S IDEAS : Burning, Stun, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Robe of the Unseen
TREASURE    : Magistrate's Map - Increased potion drop.
MISCELLANY  : Welcome to Book 3. Get ready for the ride of your life.

3-1-1: Malic. Magistrate  3-1-2: Haggard Heckler    3-1-3: Fearful Farmer
   Health - 18               Health - 20               Health - 26
[Atk] Cane Concussion     [Atk] Sucker Punch        [Atk] Pitchforked!
[Brn] Torched!            [Stn/Ath] Charg. Forehead [Bld/Atk] Scythed!
[PoU/Rgn] Rabble Rouser   [Pou/Rgn] Invigor. Swig   [Brn/Stn] Pumpkin Bomb
[Arm] Armored             [Arm] Armored             [Arm] Armored

             3-1-4: Hateful Housemaid  3-1-5: Angry Mob! (Boss)
                Health - 24               Health - 30
             [Atk] Mop Bash            [Atk] Bonk!
             [Smh/Atk] Mop Smash       [PoU/Rgn] Incite!
             [Brn/Stn] Boiling Water   [Brn/Stn] Riot!
             [Arm] Armored             [Smh/Stn] Mobbed!
                                       [Imm] 3-letter immunity

Lex reconciles with the villagers, and the Magistrate points him toward
Dracula's Castle, on the other side of the hills.

CHAPTER 2 - Highway to Heck
LEVEL INTRO : In the distance Lex sees a castle's tower. The path that leads
              there, however, is not easy...
LEX'S IDEAS : Gem Steal, Stun, Petrify
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Medusa Bust/Endless Gem Pouch
TREASURE    : Wanderer's Hourglass - Lengthens poison and burn damage.
MISCELLANY  : Nothing to note here. Treasure selection may vary.

3-2-1: Highwayman         3-2-2: Wandering Hag      3-2-3: Limping Leper
   Health - 22               Health - 24               Health - 24
[Bld] Lung Piercer        [Atk] Cane Wallop         [Atk] Long Punch
[Rgn/Gem] Gem Eater       [Plg] Nail Rake           [Smh] Long Kick
[Stn] Throat Kick         [Stn/PoD/Gem] Shatter Gem [Plg/Pet] Long Bite
[Arm/Psn] Shadow Armor    [Arm] Weathered Skin      [Arm/Psn] Plagued Flesh

             3-2-4: Plagued Pork       3-2-5: Eternal Wanderer (Boss)
                Health - 26               Health - 30
             [Atk] Tusks               [Atk] Cane
             [Smh/Stn] Violent Charge  [Smh/Gem] Tile Drain
             [Psn/Plg] Sickly Squeal   [Stn/Lee] Life Drain
             [Arm/Psn] Plagued Flesh   [PoU/PoD] Age Drain
                                       [Frz/Arm] Frozen in Time

CHAPTER 3 - Light in Frankenstein's House
LEVEL INTRO : Having battled through the sickness of the Highway to Heck, Lex
              enters the mysterious castle...
LEX'S IDEAS : Heavy Armor, Curse, Power Up
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules, Genie Lamp/Magistrate's Map
TREASURE    : Gargantuan Girdle - Resists tile smash and lock.
MISCELLANY  : Yeah, the armor is Heavy Armor now. Just wonderful. Also, you
              knew the Magistrate was wrong the whole time, huh? :P

3-3-1: Connystein         3-3-2: Warrenstein        3-3-3: Parkerstein
   Health - 22               Health - 24               Health - 24
[Atk] Flurry of Fists     [Atk] Belly Blast         [Atk] Slash
[Bld] Gnashing Teeth      [Plg] Double Headbutt     [Stn] Web Sling
[PoU/PoD] Mad Cackle      [Rgn/PoU] Belch Booster   [Psn/Bld] Shred
[Arm] Heavily Armored     [Arm] Heavily Armored     [Arm/Psn] Spider Armor

             3-3-4: Arnoldstein        3-3-5: Frankenstein (Boss)
                Health - 26               Health - 30
             [Atk] Shoulder Rush       [Lok] Giant Fist
             [Smh/Atk] Brain Pounder   [Smh] Head Crusher
             [Rgn/PoU] Gargling Roar   [PoU/Rgn] Power Up
             [Arm] Heavily Armored     [Brn] Fire Weakness

Lex runs into Dr. Frankenstein, who points him to the Forest of Haunt, thinking
Lex is talking about a fanged beast, and not Dracula. The Magistrate was wrong
about this place, but so is the doctor!


CHAPTER 4 - The Haunt
LEVEL INTRO : Following the good doctor's advice, Lex steels his courage and
              wiggles under the darkened boughs of the fell forest known only
              as The Haunt.
LEX'S IDEAS : Curse, Power Up, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules/Endless Gem Pouch, Medusa Bust
TREASURE    : Wolfbane Necklace - Spell 'mammal' words for extra damage.
MISCELLANY  : The Lycanthropy weakness is to 'metal' words. So combined with
              the Hand of Hercules, you can rip into them with some pretty good
              damage. And you'll need to, because this level is ridiculous.
              Every single enemy has a move that inflicts Power Down, while
              healing and powering them up at the same time. The Boss even has
              an _extra_ Power Down move! I hope you conserved your Green
              Potions. Go for Garnet tiles!

3-4-1: Were-Pig           3-4-2: Were-Ram           3-4-3: Wolf Pack
   Health - 17               Health - 18               Health - 22
[Atk] Batter              [Atk] Batter              [Atk] Ravage
[Stn] Tusk Charge         [Bld] Rupture             [PoD/PoU] Howl
[PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lyc. Squeal [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Bleat [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy
[BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy     [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy

             3-4-4: Were-Hawk          3-4-5: The Wolf Man (Boss)
                Health - 22               Health - 25
             [Atk] Were-Beak           [Atk] Were-Swipe
             [Stn/Bld] Were-Talon      [Bld] Were-Pierce
             [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Cry   [PoD/Psn] Were-Bite
             [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy     [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Howl
                                       [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy

The Werewolf reverts to just a Wolfman, and thanks Lex for beating the curse
out of him. But he doesn't know who Dracula is! He just points Lex to the swamp
in the east, unable to help with much else.

CHAPTER 5 - The Quagmire
LEVEL INTRO : Lex travels into even darker and more hostile lands. Losing hope
              and feeling desperately lost, Lex's morale is shaken.
LEX'S IDEAS : Curse, Plague Tile, Poison
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Robe of the Unseen
TREASURE    : Silver Compass (Upgrades Magistrate's Map) - Greatly increased
              potion drop.
MISCELLANY  : The Bonus Category for these monsters is 'fruits and vegetables.'

3-5-1: Bog Serpent        3-5-2: Quag Hag           3-5-3: Bayou Beast
   Health - 18               Health - 19               Health - 20
[Psn] Searing Poison      [Atk] Eye Scratch         [Atk] Big Bite
[PoD/Psn] Cripp. Poison   [Plg/Bld] Jagged Talons   [Stn] Water Spout
[Plg] Infectious Poison   [Smh/Stn] Piercing Cry    [Plg/Brn] Burning Breath
[BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood [BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood [BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood

             3-5-4: Mr. Blobs          3-5-5: The Creature (Boss)
                Health - 20               Health - 24
             [Atk] Mucker Punch        [Atk] Face Masher
             [Psn] Goo Shoot           [Plg/Psn/Bld] Swarm Spit
             [Plg/PoD] Baneful Breath  [Psn/Lee] Poison Leech
             [BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood [Smh/Stn] Living Swamp
                                       [BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood

That creature wasn't Dracula either. And when Lex mentions the names
"Cassandra" and "Codex," the creature tells him he saw those names on

CHAPTER 6 - Graveyard of Lost Hopes
LEVEL INTRO : Haunted by the swamp creature's foretelling of doom, Lex battles
              forward to see for himself.
LEX'S IDEAS : Petrify, Plague Tile, Poison
MY PICKS    : Aegis/Hand Hercules/Gem Pouch, Medusa Bust, Robe of the Unseen
TREASURE    : Grim's Timepiece (Upgrades Wanderer's Hourglass) - Greatly
              lengthens poison and fire.
MISCELLANY  : Lex actually isn't grinning constantly in this Chapter! :O You
              can also spot the afformentioned tombstones in the background of
              the level.

3-6-1: Grave Robber       3-6-2: Carrion Dog        3-6-3: Tombstone Gargoyle
   Health - 16               Health - 18               Health - 15
[Atk] Shovel Smash        [Atk] Carrion Claw        [Atk] Face Rake
[Stn] Dirt Chuck          [Stn] Bilious Bark        [Bld] Stone Talons
[Psn/Bld] Boney Project.  [Plg/Bld] Foaming Fang    [Pet] Gargoyle Gaze
[Arm] Dug In              [Arm/Psn] Poison Blood    [Arm/Psn/Brn] Stone Skin

             3-6-4: Disturbed Skeleton 3-6-5: Grim (Boss)
                Health - 14               Health - 24
             [Frz] Chill Breath        [Psn] Quill Needle
             [Stn] Disturbed Laughter  [Smh/Bld] Piercing Scream
             [Smh] Arm Club            [PoU/Pet] Death's Visage
             [Arm/Psn/Brn] Living Dead [Frz/Lee] Soul Swallower
                                       [Arm/Psn/Brn] Death Itself

Grim tells him before the fight that his cause is lost. After winning, Lex
believes all hope truly is lost and decides to crawl into a tomb and die. Four
heroes speak to each other then, sensing his strong spirit faultering, and
decide to put him through four tests to prove his might. To prove that he is
"The One."


CHAPTER 7 - Tomb of Heroes
LEVEL INTRO : Driven to despair by Grim's omen, Lex loses faith and wanders
              aimlessly into a dark tomb.
LEX'S IDEAS : Stun, Burning, and Tile attacks!
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Boots of Theseus, Hand/Gem Pouch/Girdle
TREASURE    : Quadrumvir Signet - Spell words with "QUA" for bonus damage and
MISCELLANY  : He isn't grinning here either, heheh. Time for Lex to be tested
              by the Fallen Heroes. Their descriptions of the tests are kinda
              funny when you consider that Lex is just spelling words at them.
              All of them have 3-letter immunity via Heroism Aura. Also, is it
              just me, or is the Huntress harder than the Wizard? I think he's
              just got 5 hearts and a Regen over her. Her attacks are a pain.

3-7-1: Fall. Warrior Hero 3-7-2: Fallen Swash. Hero 3-7-3: Fallen Huntress Hero
   Health - 25               Health - 25               Health - 20
[Atk] Sword Slash         [PoU/PoD] Impending Doom  [Plg] Toxic Blade
[Stn/PoD] Battle Cry      [Lee/Bld] Bloodthirst     [Stn/Alt] Concussion Bomb
[Rgn/Gem] Sunder Tile     [Stn/Smh/Bld]Cannon Blast [Gem/Smh/Lok] Grid Barrage
[Rgn] Inner Strength      [Imm/Frz/Arm]Heroism Aura [PoD/Pet] Gargoyle Gaze
[Imm/Frz/Arm]Heroism Aura                           [Imm/Frz/Arm]Heroism Aura

                          3-7-4: Fallen Wizard Hero (Boss)
                             Health - 25
                          [Stn] Lightning Strike
                          [Smh/Brn] Pillar of Fire
                          [Bld/Frz] Frost Shards
                          [Lee/Psn] Leeching Cloud
                          [Imm/Frz/Arm]Heroism Aura

The Fallen Wizard Hero reveals to Lex that his friends still live! Grim likes
to feed on despair, so he lied the entire time. Because Lex is worthy, he will
be transported directly there, but he is warned, because Dracula knows of the
coming assault, and is prepared for a fight.

CHAPTER 8 - Army of Darkitude
LEVEL INTRO : Pointed at last in the right direction by the Fallen Heroes, Lex
              makes one last push onward to dread Dracula's domain!
LEX'S IDEAS : Stun, Burning, Power down
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena/Boots of Theseus, Medusa Bust, Robe of the Unseen
TREASURE    : Immortal Wrapping (Upgrades Gargantuan Girdle) - Greatly resists
              tile smash and lock.
MISCELLANY  : Got nothing much storyline-wise for ya. Plow through his army!
              It's freaking tough, isn't it? Don't worry, you'll get the third
              mini-game soon. As for these beasts, the Unliving attribute
              grants poison immunity, but a weakness to 'bone' words. The Frost
              Attunement is immunity to freeze but weakness to burn. The Fire
              Attunement is immunity to fire and extra burn damage. Undead
              is the same as Unliving, but grants 3-letter immunity.

3-8-1: Unliving Archer    3-8-2: Unliv. Frostmancer 3-8-3: Unliving Brute
   Health - 20               Health - 20               Health - 24
[Atk] Pinpoint Shot       [Atk] Chilling Bolt       [Smh] Face Fracture
[Psn] Poison Shot         [Frz] Frost Cloud         [PoD/Bld] Bone Bludgeon
[Bld] Rain of Arrows      [Bld/PoD] Frost Shards    [Stn/Bld] Skull Cruncher
[BoC/Psn] Unliving        [BoC/Psn] Unliving        [BoC/Psn] Unliving
                          [Frz/Brn] Frost Attunement

             3-8-4: Unliv. Pyromancer  3-8-5: The Mummy (Boss)
                Health - 24               Health - 26
             [Rgn] Boiling Blood       [Psn] Fetid Fists
             [Brn] Flame Tongue        [Smh] Head Bash
             [Smh/Stn/Brn]Tower of Fl. [Lee/Pet] Embalm
             [BoC/Psn] Unliving        [Plg/Alt/PoD] Mummy Curse
             [Brn/Brn] Fire Attunement [Imm/Psn/BoC] Undead


CHAPTER 9 - Dracula's Castle
LEVEL INTRO : Finally in the correct tower, Lex pulls out all the stops for a
              definitive beat-down of evil!
LEX'S IDEAS : Life Leech, Petrify, Regeneration
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand Hercules/Gem Pouch/other, Medusa Bust
TREASURE    : Slayer Talisman (Upgrades Wolfbane Necklace) - Spell 'mammal'
              words for extra damage and bleed.
MISCELLANY  : God, BOTH Life Leech and Regeneration. There's also plenty of
              Power Down and Power Up. It's absolutely sickening. But you gotta
              do it! You're just one level away!

3-9-1: Ghoul Minion       3-9-2: Gargoyle           3-9-3: Vampire Mistress
   Health - 23               Health - 24               Health - 25
[Atk] Rend Flesh          [Atk] Pierce Heart        [Atk] Claw
[Psn/Pet] Putrefy         [Alt/Pet] Evil Gaze       [Stn/Bld] Deadly Kiss
[Lee/PoD/Bld]Devour Blood [Smh/Bld] Open Wound      [PoD/Lee] Vampire Bite
[Arm/Frz/Psn] Curse Eter. [Arm/Frz/Psn] Curse Eter. [Arm/Frz/Psn] Curse Eter.

             3-9-4: Vampire Cultist    3-9-5: Dracula (Boss)
                Health - 26               Health - 30
             [Atk] Claw                [Bld/Psn] Spectral Blade
             [PoU/Bld] Blood Ritual    [PoD/Lee] Vampire Bite
             [PoD/Lee] Vampire Bite    [Stn/Alt] Mind Whisper
             [Arm/Frz/Psn] Curse Eter. [Smh/Gem] Disintigrate Tiles
                                       [PoU/PoD/Lee] Twist of Fate

Dracula states he is not Lex's enemy, and Lex must join him and abandon Codex.
Lex will have none of it, however, and the fight is on. Afterward, Lex
discovers Codex, and thinks the robe on his back is familiar. They go to
escape, but Lex realizes they left Cassandra. Codex instead reveals that HE has
her... and she's in his pen?! Off he disappears out the portal, with Lex on his

CHAPTER 10 - The Great Library
LEVEL INTRO : Lex learns the truth and it's more horrible than he ever
              imagined. Can anyone survive?
LEX'S IDEAS : Everything. Yes, everything. (he's not kidding)
MY PICKS    : Aegis of Athena, Hand of Hercules/Gem Pouch, Robe of the Unseen
TREASURE    : The Magic Pen - Chance to stun enemy.
MISCELLANY  : It looks like this entire time, Codex was the bad guy. He sent
              Lex through every Book and every Chapter, having him break every
              chain of fiction that kept the monsters inside. Now Codex can
              control them all. This Chapter is only a boss fight, against
              Codex's summoned creatures, then Codex himself. And he is HARD!
              Conserve your Diamond and Crystal tiles if you got'em, and stock
              up on Blue Potions! This is the ultimate battle!

3-10-1: Summoned Cerberus  3-10-1: Summoned Medusa   3-10-1: Summoned Shaitan
   Health - 10               Health - 10               Health - 10
[Atk] Clobber             [Psn] Poison Volley        [Bld] Dual Blade
[Stn] Stunning Howl       [PoD/Plg]Curse o.t. Medusa [Stn/Bld] Whirlwind
[PoU] Power Up            [Pet] Petrifying Gaze      [PoU/PoD/Lee] Fortune Rev.
                          [Lee] Greater Life Leech   [Smh/Brn] Immolating Eye
                          [Imm] 3-letter immunity    [Arm/Brn] Fireward Armor

             3-10-1: Summoned Wolf-Man 3-10-1: Codex (Final Boss)
                Health - 10               Health - 30
             [Atk] Were-Swipe          [Bld] Book Barrage
             [Bld] Were-Pierce         [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Power Surge
             [PoD/Psn] Were-Bite       [Brn/Psn/Frz] Pen Blast
             [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Howl  [Gem/Plg/Smh] Book Slap
             [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy     [Imm] 3+4 letter immunity

After defeating all of his summoned beats and Codex himself, the bird will not
go down, readying a final attack and asking for Lex's last words. What Lex does
to him is something I cannot spoil, as it is so awesome that you MUST see it
for yourself. :) So play the game and kick his beak in!

Suffice it to say that Codex is defeated, and all the monsters are sent back
into the books. Cassandra is free to go back the books as well, and thanks Lex
profusely, telling him that he is now the Guardian of the Great Library! Lex
just can't wait to get to reading some more after the three books.




SECTION 5. MINI-GAMES                                                (sec5mini)

Every good Puzzle game has gotta have some mini-games, right? Welcome to
Moxie's Mini-Game Hut. These are some very fun word-based puzzle games for you
to play throughout the course of the game, and also via the main menu by
completing Book 2 to unlock the hut. There's a total of three mini-games that
Moxie challenges you at. When played in Adventure Mode, you're given prizes in
the form of Gem Tiles and Potions to aid you in your quest. When played off the
Main Menu, you play for high scores that get recorded in the Hall of Fame.

A. WORD MASTER                                                      (sec5game1)

If you've ever seen the game show Lingo, you'll know how this game works. You
need to guess a 5-letter word, and you have 5 tries in order to do it. You're
given just the first letter of the word, and you use the letter tiles at the
bottom to fill in the rest, and submit. If you get any letters correct, their
tiles will turn gold. Correct letters that are in the wrong spot will turn
silver. Incorrect letters will be shaded out on the game board, and will turn
red on the tile board below. You can still select red tiles if it helps you
think, but I wouldn't go re-submitting them.

In Adventure Mode, you guess a single word whenever you enter the hut. The
quicker you guess the word, the more prizes you will get for victory. You're
guaranteed a Red Potion for playing the game, and each row on the game board
features another prize. If you guess the word on any row, you'll win that row's
prize, as well as every prize below it.

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In Mini-Game Mode via the main menu, the game is the same, except you no longer
have a one-word limit. You can continue playing the game as long as you can.
The game is score-based now, as well. Guessing a word correctly at any given
row gives you that row's points, and a new word is started. You play until you
fail to get a word in 5 tries, and your total score as well as total correct
words are calculated.

   1. TOP ROW:    10,000 points
   2. ROW 2:      5,000 points
   3. ROW 3:      2,500 points
   4. ROW 4:      1,000 points
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 500 points

B. LETTER RIP                                                       (sec5game2)

This is the first game you'll encounter in Adventure Mode, in Book 1. In this
game, you're given one long word (usually 7+ letters). Your job is to extract
as many smaller words as you can from it, and submit. You can't repeat words,
but you can certainly pluralize them, so hope for an S tile. The more words you
make, the higher you'll climb up the game board; getting 6 words will fill up
a row. The higher you get, the better your prize will be. You have 60 seconds
to play the game, and extracting big words (usually 5+ letters) can add a few
more seconds.

In Adventure Mode, you play this game for items like the other games. You're
guaranteed a Red Potion for playing. In Book 1, the game is only played for
more Red Potions (so you can leave with a maximum of 6). In Books 2 and 3,
however, the lineup changes to incorporate the Gem Tiles and other potions:

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In Mini-Game Mode via the main menu, the game is the exact same, except you're
now playing for a high score. Making words will score you points. Each letter
in your word is worth 100 points, and depending on what row you're in, your
word's value will recieve a multiplier. For this reason, spelling longer words
late in the game will give you more points. Your total score is compiled at the
end of the game, and if you fill the board before time runs out, you'll recieve
a bonus of 1000 points x the number of seconds you had left.

   1. TOP ROW:    x5
   2. ROW 2:      x4
   3. ROW 3:      x3
   4. ROW 4:      x2
   5. BOTTOM ROW: x1

C. LINK N' SPELL                                                    (sec5game3)

The third and final game is arguably the toughest Moxie has to throw at you. In
this game, you're given a 5x5 grid full of letters. The object is to click the
letters to form words, and submit. You cannot repeat a word twice, but you can
use any of the letters on the grid any number of times. The first time you use
a letter, it turns silver. The second time you use it, it turns permanently
gold. The object of the game is to turn as many rows as you can completely gold
to win the prize offered for that row. The letters on the higher rows are
tougher to use (for example, the top row tends to have Qu, X, and Z) and
feature better prizes. You have 90 seconds total to play, and submitting words
will add more time.

In Adventure Mode, this game is of course played for more prizes to help you
battle against the forces of worm-killing. You're guaranteed a Red Potion for
playing, and you have the same line-up of prizes as the previous games for
filling up different rows with golden tiles:

   1. TOP ROW:    Diamond Tile
   2. ROW 2:      Ruby Tile
   3. ROW 3:      Amethyst Tile
   4. ROW 4:      Purify (Blue) Potion
   5. BOTTOM ROW: Power Up (Green) Potion

In Mini-Game Mode via the main menu, the game is score-based. You earn points
for spelling words, depending on how many letters, and what color the letters
are. A normal letter turning silver is 100 points, a silver turning gold is 50,
and a gold letter used again is 10 points. In addition, you'll gain bonus
points for filling out each of the different rows with gold tiles. If you can
fill out all 5 before time runs out, you'll recieve a bonus equal to 1000 x the
number of seconds you had left.

   1. TOP ROW:    2500
   2. ROW 2:      2000
   3. ROW 3:      1500
   4. ROW 4:      1000
   5. BOTTOM ROW: 500

SECTION 6. ARENA                                                    (sec6arena)

Arena mode is the final unlockable in the game, unlocked when you beat the 3rd
and final book in Adventure Mode. So what is it all about? Well, to put it
simply: The Bosses want a rematch! That's right, most all the bosses from the
various Chapters of the three Books of Adventure Mode are back to fight you
again. The big difference this time is: You don't have all the time in the
world like before!

The gameplay is pretty much the same. You pick three treasures, and you spell
words to lay on the pain. You'll find potions as you go, you'll get Gem Tiles,
etc. However, you're essentially starting off with a clean slate: You begin as
Level 1, with 5 hearts, and no potions. In addition, like I said, you don't
have all the time in the world: A timer bar lies above your tile grid. When it
fills up, your enemy attacks immediately. The mode forces you to be on your
toes, and find & spell words as fast as you can. You'll find Potions pretty
much after every single fight, sometimes two at a time. Also because of this
timebar, detrimental effects work a little different. Stun, Freeze, and Petrify
will just force you to sit there for part of the timer, or will stop the enemy
for the same amount of time. Others like Poison and Burn have their own little
timers and will go off once inbetween enemy attacks. Power Up and Power Down
will remain until that person attacks and ticks off one of its numbers.

In addition, there's one gameplay element Cassandra introduces you to when you
finish off the first boss: By defeating enemies in special ways, and doing
special things during the fights, you earn Level Up Bonus Tokens. The tokens
are your only way of Leveling Up after each fight. Bosses drop their own tokens
so you'll always get experience, but the bonuses add more to the table. Her
examples of what to do include: Attacking first, spelling a lot of small words
quickly, or taking out enemies in very few hits. You'll level up faster, and
make sure you'll always ready for the next boss monster, who all obviously get
tougher and tougher. There are many ways aside from her examples to get Level
Up tokens, so experiment and try to find good ones. You CAN gain more than one
level each Level Up by getting a lot of tokens.

And now for the final gameplay element: Checkpoints! After every 5 bosses you
defeat, you'll find Moxie. Moxie will grant you one of each Potion, and give
you a chance to change your three treasures. Since you've beaten Adventure Mode
and likely know what to expect, you can adopt your strategy on the fly to take
on each set of 5 bosses, because it's not always smart to go balls-to-the-wall
with the Hand of Hercules, Endless Gem Pouch, and Scimitar of Justice.

The game also runs on a timer at the top of the screen. You can get your name
added to the game's Hall of Fame area depending on how far you get, and how
fast you get to that point! So play your best, prepare your treasures right,
and try to get all the way to the end!

If you can beat Arena mode, you'll unlock a new game feature called Clips and
Giggles. This little module allows you to re-watch all the storyboards from the
beginning of all the books, as well as listen to any of the music clips from
anywhere in the game. It also adds a little bit of commentary to the pieces of
the storyboard. A nice little treat, I suppose. :)

A. FIGHT ORDER                                                     (sec6fights)

Here is the different groups of bosses you will fight in Arena Mode. One of
Moxie's Checkpoints follows each of the different groups. Check below for the
boss listing, and set your treasures to prepare for each group! I don't think
I need to give Treasure recommendations here, do I? ;) I'll leave it up to you.

Note that the following Bosses are not fought in Arena mode:
Hydra (all 7 heads), Sphinx (all 5 parts), Codex (and all summoned beasts)
_______                   _______                   _______
GROUP 1                   GROUP 2                   GROUP 3
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
1-1-6: Polydamas          1-6-6: Minotaur           2-2-6: Thieves 12,13&14
1-2-6: Polyphemus         1-8-6: Nemean Lion        2-3-5: Pharaoh of Old
1-3-7: Charybdis          1-9-7: Nessus             2-5-5: D.P. Al-Robarts
1-4-7: Circe              1-10-6: Medusa            2-6-5: Mama Roc
1-5-7: Cerberus           2-1-6: Mysteri. Assassin  2-7-5: Mirage Xel

_______                   _______                   _______
GROUP 4                   GROUP 5                   GROUP 6
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
2-8-5: Maladin            3-3-5: Frankenstein       3-8-5: The Mummy
2-9-5: Shaitan            3-4-5: The Wolf Man       3-9-5: Dracula
2-10-5: Twisted Vizier    3-5-5: The Creature       
3-1-5: Angry Mob!         3-6-5: Grim               
3-2-5: Eternal Wanderer   3-7-4: Fallen Wizard Hero 

B. BOSS MONSTERS                                                   (sec6bosses)

Here is an index of all the monsters in the game. This is useful for the Arena,
but certainly is good for other purposes. Beats scrolling through all of the
Adventure section to see them, ay? Of course be sure to check the opening of
that section if you need help understanding the entries. Also: Remember that
fights 1-7-1, 2-4-1, and 3-10-1 are the same boss fight, just with multiple
1-1-6: Polydamas          1-2-6: Polyphemus         1-3-7: Charybdis
   Health - 3                Health - 7                Health - 8
[Brn/Atk] Flaming Arrow   [Atk] Overhead Smash      [Atk] Swirling Fury
[Atk] Slash               [Smh] Tile Smash          [Stn] Stun Storm
                                                    [Smh] Cyclone Smash

1-4-7: Circe              1-5-7: Cerberus           1-6-6: Minotaur
   Health - 10               Health - 12               Health - 16
[Atk] Lightning Bolt      [Atk] Clobber             [Atk] Axe Swipe
[PoU] Power Up            [Stn] Stunning Howl       [Stn] Bull Charge
[Stn] Confuse             [PoU] Power Up            [Lok] Axe Chop
[Rgn] Regenerate          [Smh] Tile Smash

1-7-1: Hydra (Head 1)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 2)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 3)
   Health - 4                Health - 4                Health - 4
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite
[Rgn] Regeneration        [Psn] Poison Breath       [Stn] Stunning Screech

1-7-1: Hydra (Head 4)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 5)     1-7-1: Hydra (Head 6)
   Health - 4                Health - 5                Health - 5
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite                [Atk] Bite
[Frz] Freezing Breath     [Brn] Fire Breath         [Stn] Lightning Breath

1-7-1: Hydra (Main Head)  1-8-6: Nemean Lion        1-9-7: Nessus
   Health - 7                Health - 20               Health - 25
[Atk] Bite                [Atk] Claws               [Atk] Dual Blades
[Lok] Locking Strike      [Lok/Stn] Concuss. Roar   [Psn] Poison Tip
[PoU] Power Up            [PoU] Power Up            [Lee] Greater Life Leech
                          [BoC] Bonus: 'felines'    [Plg] Infect Tile
                          [Imm] 3-letter immunity   [BoC] Bonus cat: 'colors'

                          1-10-6: Medusa
                             Health - 30
                          [Psn] Poison Volley
                          [PoD/Plg] Curse o.t. Medusa
                          [Pet] Petrifying Gaze
                          [Lee] Greater Life Leech
                          [Imm] 3-letter immunity

2-1-6: Mysteri. Assassin  2-2-6: Thieves 12,13&14   2-3-5: Pharaoh of Old
   Health - 25               Health - 24               Health - 30
[Psn] Dagger Flurry       [Atk] Kubwa angry!        [Atk] Lightning Strike
[Bld] Sword Flip          [Smh] Kubwa smash!        [Pet/Plg] Pharaoh's Word
[Stn] Smoke Bomb          [PoD/Psn] Hex             [Psn/Smh] Staff Strike
                          [PoU/Rgn] Bloodlust       [PoU/Rgn] Ancient Strength
                                                    [BoC] Bonus cat: 'bone'

2-4-1: Sphinx (x5)        2-5-5: D.P. Al-Robarts    2-6-5: Mama Roc
   Health - 9                Health - 30               Health - 30
[Atk] Sphinx's Gaze       [Gem] Gem Heist           [Lok/Atk] Peck
[PoU] Sphinx's Judgement  [Smh] Broadside           [Stn/Smh] Piercing Screech
                          [Bld] Sword Flurry        [Bld] Scything Talons
                          [PoU/Rgn] Potent Grog     [Imm] 3-letter immunity
                                                    [Psn] Poison immunity

2-7-5: Mirage Xel         2-8-5: Maladin            2-9-5: Shaitan
   Health - 30               Health - 30               Health - 20
[Lok] Skull Shatter       [Atk] Flurry of Fists     [Bld] Dual Blade
[PoU/Rgn] Crazed Laughter [PoD] Flying Skull        [Stn/Bld] Whirlwind
[Smh/Brn] Burning Tile    [Bld] Barrel of Arrows    [PoU/PoD/Rgn] Fortune Rv.
[BoC/Imm] Warped Words    [Brn] Dragon in a Basket  [Smh/Brn] Immolating Eye
                          [Stn/Smh] Bott. Lightning [Arm/Brn] Fireward Armor

                          2-10-5: Twisted Vizier
                             Health - 30
                          [Bld] Staff Strike
                          [Stn/Lok] Will of the Vizier
                          [PoD/Plg] Serpent's Kiss
                          [PoU/Rgn] Inner Fire
                          [Brn/Psn/Arm] Vizier Armor

3-1-5: Angry Mob!         3-2-5: Eternal Wanderer   3-3-5: Frankenstein
   Health - 30               Health - 30               Health - 30
[Atk] Bonk!               [Atk] Cane                [Lok] Giant Fist
[PoU/Rgn] Incite!         [Smh/Gem] Tile Drain      [Smh] Head Crusher
[Brn/Stn] Riot!           [Stn/Lee] Life Drain      [PoU/Rgn] Power Up
[Smh/Stn] Mobbed!         [PoU/PoD] Age Drain       [Brn] Fire Weakness
[Imm] 3-letter immunity   [Frz/Arm] Frozen in Time

3-4-5: The Wolf Man       3-5-5: The Creature       3-6-5: Grim
   Health - 25               Health - 24               Health - 24
[Atk] Were-Swipe          [Atk] Face Masher         [Psn] Quill Needle
[Bld] Were-Pierce         [Plg/Psn/Bld] Swarm Spit  [Smh/Bld] Piercing Scream
[PoD/Psn] Were-Bite       [Psn/Lee] Poison Leech    [PoU/Pet] Death's Visage
[PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Howl  [Smh/Stn] Living Swamp    [Frz/Lee] Soul Swallower
[BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy     [BoC/Psn] Poisonous Blood [Arm/Psn/Brn] Death Itself

3-7-4: Fallen Wizard Hero 3-8-5: The Mummy          3-9-5: Dracula
   Health - 25               Health - 26               Health - 30
[Stn] Lightning Strike    [Psn] Fetid Fists         [Bld/Psn] Spectral Blade
[Smh/Brn] Pillar of Fire  [Smh] Head Bash           [PoD/Lee] Vampire Bite
[Bld/Frz] Frost Shards    [Lee/Pet] Embalm          [Stn/Alt] Mind Whisper
[Lee/Psn] Leeching Cloud  [Plg/Alt/PoD] Mummy Curse [Smh/Gem] Disintigr. Tiles
[Imm/Frz/Arm]Heroism Aura [Imm/Psn/BoC] Undead      [PoU/PoD/Lee] Twist of Fate

3-10-1: Summoned Cerberus  3-10-1: Summoned Medusa   3-10-1: Summoned Shaitan
   Health - 10               Health - 10               Health - 10
[Atk] Clobber             [Psn] Poison Volley        [Bld] Dual Blade
[Stn] Stunning Howl       [PoD/Plg]Curse o.t. Medusa [Stn/Bld] Whirlwind
[PoU] Power Up            [Pet] Petrifying Gaze      [PoU/PoD/Lee] Fortune Rev.
                          [Lee] Greater Life Leech   [Smh/Brn] Immolating Eye
                          [Imm] 3-letter immunity    [Arm/Brn] Fireward Armor

             3-10-1: Summoned Wolf-Man 3-10-1: Codex
                Health - 10               Health - 30
             [Atk] Were-Swipe          [Bld] Book Barrage
             [Bld] Were-Pierce         [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Power Surge
             [PoD/Psn] Were-Bite       [Brn/Psn/Frz] Pen Blast
             [PoD/PoU/Rgn] Lycan Howl  [Gem/Plg/Smh] Book Slap
             [BoC/Arm] Lycanthropy     [Imm] 3+4 letter immunity

SECTION 7. TREASURE LIST                                            (sec7treas)

These things here are probably the most useful things in the game! You'll find
one after each boss fight you win, and you can take three of them with you into
every level. I reveal which treasures you win in the Adventure Walkthrough, but
this section here is for quick & easy reference to every last one of them, and
what they do, without having to wade through the monster listings. All of them
are listed in order, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 10. Additional info from PopCap
has been included to make their effects more specific, as well. :)

A. BOOK 1: OEDIPUS LEX                                              (sec7book1)

TREASURE             EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Bow of Zyx           Makes X, Y, & Z tiles worth 2.5 letters
Golden Fleece        Grants an extra 1 heart of health
Poseidon's Shield    Negates a 1/2-heart of enemy damage
Icarus Sandals       50% chance to resist Stun attacks
Hephaestus' Hammer   Inflicts an extra 1/2-heart of damage
Boots of Theseus     100% chance to resist Stun attacks        Icarus Sandals
Arch of Xyzzy        Makes X, Y, & Z tiles worth 3 letters     Bow of Zyx
Hand of Hercules     Inflict extra 1 heart; 'metal' 50% bonus  Heph's Hammer
Aegis of Athena      Negates 1 heart of enemy damage           Posei's Shield
Medusa Bust          50% chance to resist Petrify & Power Down

B. BOOK 2: ARABIAN KNIGHT                                           (sec7book2)

TREASURE             EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Cloak of Shades      50% chance to resist poison attacks
Jeweled Key          Gem chance with 3/4/5 letter words
Tome of Ancients     100% bonus damage for 'color' words
Sphinx Lantern       50% boost to Red Potions
Wooden Parrot        Makes R tiles worth 2 letters
Endless Gem Pouch    Better Gem chance with 3/4/5 letter words Jeweled Key
Robe of the Unseen   50% chance to resist poison & burn        Cloak of Shades
Genie Lamp           50% boost to Red Potions; 100% to Green   Sphinx Lantern
Tablet of the Ages   150% bonus & 3 hrt Heal to 'color' words  Tome of Ancients
Scimitar of Justice  10% damage bonus to all Gems

3 letter words - 5% chance for Amethyst 
4 letter words - 25% chance for Amethyst 
5 letter words - 75% chance for Amethyst, 25% for Emerald 

3 letter words - 10% chance for Amethyst 
4 letter words - 25% chance for Amethyst, 10% for Emerald 
5 letter words - 65% chance for Amethyst, 35% for Emerald

C. BOOK 3: LEXONOMICON                                              (sec7book3)

TREASURE             EFFECT                                    UPGRADES
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯                                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Magistrate's Map     25% higher chance to find Potions
Wanderer's Hourglass Poison & burn attacks last 1 more turn
Gargantuan Girdle    25% chance to resist tile smash and lock
Wolfbane Necklace    50% bonus damage for 'mammal' words
Silver Compass       50% higher chance to find Potions         Magistrate's Map
Grim's Timepiece     Poison & burn attacks last 2 more turns   Wand's Hourglass
Quadrumvir Signet    50% bonus & free purify for 'QUA' words
Immortal Wrapping    50% chance to resist tile smash and lock  Gargan. Girdle
Slayer Talisman      75% bonus & bleed for 'mammal' words      Wolfb. Necklace
The Magic Pen        Small chance to stun enemy

SECTION 8. TIPS, SECRETS, & EASTER EGGS                              (sec8tips)

You know it had to be here. A listing of fun little tricks, secrets, easter
eggs, and whatever the heck else, spread throughout the game. This section is
vastly unfinished, and even when it is "finished," I'm sure there will be more
to add anyway! Feel free to submit anything you find worthy of appearing in
this section.

A. GENERAL TIPS                                                       (sec8gen)

1. When stuck, there are a few things you can do before resorting to a string
   of 3-letter words or the Scramble key. First off, try clicking on all the
   vowels to separate them from the consonants, then look for words. If you see
   a big word you can almost spell, spell as much of it as you can, then look
   at the remaining tiles for other words you can spell until you can finish
   your big word. When in the midst of spelling a word, look at the remaining
   tiles for other possible words you can spell right after.

2. Bonus words are always nice, even if they are short. Try spelling words that
   will activate your treasures, or pick at enemy weaknesses. Some even say
   there are Secret Bonus Words in the game; try spelling the enemy's names, or
   their attacks.

B. ARENA TIPS                                                       (sec8arena)

1. Use the keyboard shortcuts that are given below. They can save time in the
   midst of battle than moving your mouse around and away from the Tile Grid.

2. Use the word-spelling tricks given in General Tips, especially the third
   one: Looking at the grid for other words while in the midst of spelling one.
   However, don't be afraid to use the Scramble button if you're truly stuck.
   It only wastes a few seconds and is better than staring blankly at the Tile
   Grid and letting the time meter tick away.

3. You don't need to wait for Lex's attack animation to stop before spelling
   another word. Spell as many words as you can, as fast as you can, so the
   enemy doesn't have as much room to work with.

4. The best treasures to take with you are defensive ones, mainly ones that
   resist very harmful effects like Power Down and Petrify. It doesn't hurt to
   experiment, however.

C. SHORTCUTS                                                        (sec8short)

1. The game features some keyboard shortcuts. Press "1" for a Health Potion,
   "2" for a Power Up Potion, and "3" for a Purify Potion. Press "4" or "Enter"
   to submit a word that you've spelled. These are useful when in the Arena.

2. There's a few mouse shortcuts as well. Left-clicking a letter will remove it
   from the word, as well as any letters after it if you click a letter in the
   middle of the word. Right-clicking anywhere will remove the entire word back
   into your tile grid. These work in all modes.

D. SECRETS                                                            (sec8sec)

1. In the Tomb of Knowledge area, there's a "Secrets Found" space. In order to
   fill it up to "ALL," you gotta do all of these little secrets/easter eggs
   in the game: (e-mail me if this list is errored)

   a. Click Lex in Adventure/Arena mode to make him giggle.
   b. Keep clicking until he sneezes.
   c. Keep clicking until he burps.
   d. Click an enemy in the Tome of Knowledge to view their "hit" animation.
   e. Keep clicking until you see their "die" animation.
   f. Click the enemy's attacks and they will perform them.
   g. Click monsters at the end of the Arena like you did in the Tome.
   h. Spell "Astropop" in Adventure or Arena for the final secret!

2. Overkilling enemies can get you bonus gem tiles! All you have to do is spell
   a big enough word to do way more damage than an enemy has health left.
   Depending on how much of an overkill you do, you'll gain gem tiles of one
   type of gem.

   Whomped!       Amethyst        2 hearts
   Crushed!       Emerald         4 hearts
   Vanquished!    Garnet          6 hearts
   Decimated!     Ruby            8 hearts
   Destroyed!     Sapphire        10 hearts
   Annihilated!   Diamond         12 hearts
   Obliterated!   Crystal         14 hearts

3. In Chapter 4 of Book 2, you can defeat the Sphinx by solving his riddles.
   I didn't want to spoil the answers to the riddles in the walkthrough for
   those who actually wanted to look at the riddles and answer them alone, so I
   decided to put them here. The answers are: Sky, Wall, Fist, Truth and Water.

E. EASTER EGGS                                                       (sec8eggs)

1. There are some Special Codes you can use at the main menu to play special
   animations on Lex. Just type them into your keyboard:

   a. celebrate - Lex dons a party hat and star-shaped fireworks go off.
   b. gobble    - Lex dons turkey feathers and leaves drift around him.
   c. lovely    - Lex holds a heart-shaped box and a ring of hearts appears.
   d. seattle   - Lex holds a coffee cup and a raining cloud appears above him.
   e. winter    - Lex holds a coffee cup and a snowing cloud appears above him.

2. Spelling "JULIE" or "JASON" in Adventure or Arena mode will cause Lex to say
"I love you." They are not valid words otherwise.

3. Similarly, spelling "JEFF" or "STEVE" makes Lex say "Cash money!" Why? Don't
ask me. :P

4. And just for comedy reasons, "PWNED" is a valid word! Now if only it did
something special.

SECTION 9. UPDATE LIST                                             (sec9update)

09/08/08 - VERSION 1.40
Well that didn't take long! Turns out, there's actually a bit of a FAQ for this
game on PopCap's website, where they listed some very specific info concerning
word-spelling and Treasures! That's awesome! I decided to migrate some of the
info to this FAQ, and to my FAQ for the sequel. You'll find the new information
in the following sections:

   1. Section 3 -> B. Gameplay -> New Base damage listing
   2. Section 3 -> C. Tile Types -> Normal Tiles -> Individual letter value
   3. Section 3 -> C. Tile Types -> Gem Tiles -> Slight edit
   4. Section 7 -> Just about every Treasure has been updated with specifics


09/05/08 - VERSION 1.30
Now I KNOW it's been a long time. ;) Yeah, never have a reason to update this
FAQ, aside from minor edits, but now I felt this update was at least slightly
notable. Put up in this version:

   1. The game now has a sequel! Talked about it a little in "About The Game."
   2. Updated heart amounts for overkills. Thanks, Poyopoyomon!


08/29/08 - VERSION 1.25
Once again, it's been a while. I just feel this FAQ is very complete, and I
don't really get anything submitted to me. But, I've been meaning to give the
guide a little cleaning, so I figured I'd do that now. What I did:

   1. Added Lex's Level 31.
   2. Fixed the "About The Game" section with a new link and new price.
   3. Various edits, mainly grammar-based, format-based, and adding new text.


04/07/07 - VERSION 1.20
Hey, it's been a while, but I finally found some time to update. It's pretty
minor, but I've put it off scarily long, cause I kept forgetting.

   1. Changed Section 3-A a bit, and added the award tidbit to it! :D
   2. Updated Section 8-E a bit. ;)
   3. Removed the "FORGET" egg from Section 11, since it is unconfirmed.
   4. Added Level 30 to Lex's Level list.
   5. Added 3rd site to Section 1.
   6. Minor other unnotable updates, as usual.


12/25/06 - VERSION 1.10
And now for a Christmas update! :O Aren't you special?

   1. Added the Fight Order in Arena Mode, since I've now cleared it.
   2. Reworked and refueled Section 8 a bit, mainly in Secrets and Eggs.
   3. Added a new unlockable: Clips and Giggles!
   4. Minor updates. ;)


12/19/06 - VERSION 1.00
All done! :D It's finished! And it ate up several hours of my life, so I hope
you are happy. Really, I do. :) Here's what's done:

   1. Completed the Adventure mode walkthrough/monster list.
   2. Completed the Treasure List.
   3. Added the Boss listing to the Arena section, for reference.
   4. Various minor updates, as always. I'm a perfectionist.

All that's left now is to fill up the Secrets section. So submit what you got!


12/18/06 - VERSION 0.75
Here's another update to the FAQ! Here's what I got for you this time:

   1. Added Arena Mode. I will be putting the Bosses there soon.
   2. Added Lex's Level Up Table.
   3. Added the missing overkill message: "Decimated."
   4. Updated Section 1 for NeoSeeker.com.
   5. Various minor updates.

Only three sections left now, besides the Secrets section! They all pretty much
go together, so you will see all three of them completed in the next update.


12/15/06 - VERSION 0.60
Just a minor update. A few things added/changed to this version of the FAQ:

   1. Big change to how the mini-games work in score-based mode.
   2. Added the Crystal Tile! I spelled a 10-letter word and it appeared.
   3. Added "Secrets" to Section 8, with an incomplete entry in it.
   4. Corrected the spelling of "Oedipus."
   5. Various other minor updates throughout the FAQ. 4-by-4, not 5-by-5!

I'm working on playing through Adventure and marking down all the necessary
details for the walkthrough/monster listing.


12/14/06 - VERSION 0.50
This is the very first incarnation of the FAQ. I've done most everything, and
with the exception of the Secrets section, everything looks to be in order. The
following need to be done, and are next on the agenda:

   1. Adventure mode walkthrough/monster list
   2. Arena mode information
   3. Treasure listing, which will go in hand with Adventure mode
   4. Lex's level-up table

SECTION 10. CONTACT INFO                                         (sec10contact)

If you'd like to get in touch with me, to ask a question or to submit/correct
something to/in the FAQ, that'd be great. My e-mail is the following, with the
normal signs (@ and .) removed to keep away spam bots:

SmokeRulz ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Please provide a clear subject header, such as "Bookworm Adventures FAQ," so I
know what you're e-mailing me about. E-mails with weird or no subject will
likely not be read.

I have instant messenger names as well, but I will not give them out here. If
you *really* feel like you need to speak to me over one, simply ask for it over
e-mail. I use AIM, YIM, and MSN via the Trillian multi-messenger program.

SECTION 11. THANKS & CREDITS                                      (sec11thanks)

Thanks to PopCap Games, for creating such a neat, fun, and addicting game.

Thanks to CJayC and the GameFAQs.com crew for hosting this FAQ, and for just
having such a neat and helpful site.

Thanks to a blog entry at Gamezebo.com that helped fuel Section 8 of the FAQ.

Thanks to the users at the game's message board at GameFAQs.com for listing
some tips for me to test out and help fuel more of Section 8! I won't bother
listing all their names here, just check out the board.

Thanks to Mark Booker for submitting the "Clips and Giggles" unlockable!

Thanks to "northburns" for re-submitting the "JULIE" egg. I knew about it, but
I didn't add it to the FAQ because it didn't work for me. But eventually, it
did work for me, and in Arena mode! :) (submitter said it didn't work in Arena)

Thanks to "QuiGonJ" and later "KookyKoopa" for submitting Lex's 30th level. I
had forgotten about the e-mails, heheh.

Thanks to Julie Adams May and later Bryan Conley for submitting Lex's 31st
level. Once again, big time gap between the e-mails.

Thanks to this game's Wikipedia article for a few tidbits of information.

Thanks to Poyopoyomon for working out the gem overkill amounts.

Thanks to a text FAQ on PopCap.com's website which gave me some mathmatical
updates to put in the FAQ! There's even some more info there concerning scoring
that I decided to leave out, check it out yourself:

And thank YOU, for reading. :)


-=*=- END OF FAQ -=*=-
Copyright ©2006-2009 Joshua Cobb, aka Smoke_Rulz

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