How do i get the real princess ending?

  1. For the game cute knight. i can having trouble getting an ending i want. there are 50 possible different endings and i want the one where your the real princess. Not the bloodly false on

    User Info: Mistress_Blood

    Mistress_Blood - 9 years ago


  1. 1) Take a job reading to children at the library and continue doing this so that you meet the old woman. 2) After you've met her a few times, ask her about Princess Alexandra, and you will find out about the birthmark.
    3) Visit the slums and fight in the dungeon to raise your Sin over 50 so that you are unable to leave the slums and meet the gang of thieves.
    4) Pick through the trash until you meet a girl with pink hair.
    5) Now alternate between picking through the trash and volunteering at the doctor's until you find out who that girl is and convince her to go home.
    6) Go back to town and train to raise your Mind, Luck, and Charm, until you are able to win the Flower Queen contest at the spring festival.
    7) Show your birthmark to the Queen.

    User Info: riyoko420

    riyoko420 - 9 years ago 0   0

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