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Reviewed: 09/08/09

Good Graphics but the Exp Rate is So Low You'll Rethink Playing It


Keep in mind that this was my first MMORPG I’ve ever played. Last Chaos is pretty old. It’s about four years old and still running. In fact I think it came out before World of Warcraft but, I wouldn’t be too sure. Anyways, I’m sure you’re ready for the review so on with the show.

Story 3/10

For this game, the story really doesn’t matter. So I’ll base it off the tutorial and quests. When you start, you start in like a tutorial zone dungeon. It’s pretty cool to start this way and to make things better, you’ve got plenty of skeletons heading your way. The best part is, that no matter what your class is, you will have no problems taking these guys on. However, after the tutorial dungeon is done, the game starts to head downhill from there.

This leads me to my next point: The quest system. The first quests tell you who to talk to, to do this, and where to go to buy this. The problem is right after these quests are done, the nightmare ones begin. You will be repeating quests more times than you have to and the worst part is, that what they have to say means little to what you’re doing. Then, once you complete the quests, you’ll find that you have just wasted your time, because your exp only went up a few percent.

Graphics 7/10

It’s a shame that this is the best score but, for a free to play game these graphics are fantastic. It may not compare up to Perfect World but, it is a good attempt and they are well done. Take a look at some screenshots if you want a glimpse of the graphics. A big problem I found is that, your characters have no eyes. They just have the shadowed over effect like in anime’s signifying that character is not important. The world is pretty big and will take a long time to traverse. I found one major flaw however. In the first town there is an infamous moat. If you were to accidentally, and let me tell ya that it is pretty easy to do, click your way down there, there is no escape. You are forced to re-log since you don't wanna waste teleport scrolls and there is virtually no way out of it. It is my hope that Aeriagames fixes this problem.

Another flaw I found was that npc’s are redundantly copied. My prime example, the skill masters. Every single one looks the same. Wouldn’t it be cool to show the skill master as a clone of what you will be when you are high leveled? I’m pretty sure it would be motivating seeing how cool your armor will be when you get near their level.

Gameplay 2/10

The beginning dungeon sets off a nice welcome to the game. If you are new to MMO’s the enemies are very easy and the interface is easy to grasp. Once you are teleported to the first town get ready for one of the biggest lags you’ve ever had. My client actually crashed twice because there are so many people just sitting there. There was so many store titles and text lines I couldn’t even locate my character. After switching servers I was finally able to enjoy the game.

Dungeon’s are another aspect to the game. Talking to a certain npc allows you to perform a repeatable dungeon quest, unique to your level. The cool thing is that you can start doing these quests pretty early, so if you get tired of grinding in the fields or need a faster way to get exp, you can level this way. Sometimes, you’ll see other players riding on dragon’s and horse’s so naturally, you’ll ask how to do so. Well a good thing is that this is an easy process but, what comes after the process is the bad part.

The pet system isn’t bad as your pet can learn skills to help you in battle and later you can ride them. My problem is how your pets level up. It could have been just that your pet levels after each enemy you kill but, of course not, that would be far too easy. Your pet levels during the duration of the fight. This means that after about 5 seconds of fighting your pet gets one single point of exp. It takes so long to level these pets that by level 2, you’ll agree that its just not worth it. It makes you wonder how people held their sanity to get their pet to mountable levels! (Level 16 if I recall correctly).

This ultimately, brings me to the worst part of the game. This game has the worst grind possible. The exp is literally so low, that it puts MapleStory to shame. This is what drags the whole game down to worthless. The first ten levels are not bad, but after that, get ready for one heck of a grind. The repeatable quests give little exp but, you might as well since there are not many monsters to fight. To help ease the leveling you can do dungeons. You can literally do these dungeons ten times and you will not level. I’ll stop there, since I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

Sound 6/10

Most tracks didn’t really blow me away but, I can’t give this game a bad score because of this. You can tell that some music tries to be good but, nothing out of the ordinary. Again with the sound effects, nothing really jumped out at me.

Community 4/10

Well the community is pretty bad but, not that bad. I can’t give this a good score because most people are afk in town or just spamming. Outside of town, few people actually training and not botting. Who could blame them? The rest of the community are either farming pet supplies, or lost in the later parts of the game where no one resides. I found few that actually wanted to party and grind together. Once we got back to town however, I never saw those people again. They were lost to the servere lag in town and I pray to the clients that have fallen prey to the almighty blue screen of death.

Final Word

I actually couldn’t believe how bad the grinding is in this game. If you play this game make sure you don’t go on the first server because, like I said, there are so many people in the first town. Your framerate will go so far down that you might as well have ran this on Commodore 64. The pet system makes obtaining a mountable pet more trouble than its worth. I can only imagine how long it took to make your pets mountable. Don’t believe this game is this bad? Try it out after all it is free. I DO know one thing. I will never play this game again.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Last Chaos (US, 11/20/06)

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