Review by JesterAyumu

Reviewed: 04/25/07

Last Chaos, Free mmorpg well worth the Download

This is my first review, not my first mmo-rpg.

There isn't a lot of variation in monsters really, These only 3 worlds, but thats really most of the draw backs, But they just released it a little bit ago I do believe, so There most likely are going to be more things implemented.

There are A fair bit of Quests, for people who like Quests. There is usually almost 1 a level, some 2 a level. you can get anything from An Item to experience from a Quest.

They have skill system implemented in the game, you get 1 sp to use for every 10, 000 skill experience, which isnt really that hard to get. Its normally every 10 kills if you fight the right monster. You do need an awful lot tho when your training your skills.

The game Clearly Defines the Pkers, and the non-pkers. There are pk servers n non-pk servers for those who don't like that, all tho if you wanna participate in any of the main Event, its normally happens on a pk server.

The monsters are Clearly Defined on there Difficulty level, White is normal, Red is too strong, Yellow is stronger but not a whole lot, green is weaker, n blue isnt worth anything. Even tho the game lacks in creatures They still Look great. The monster sprites are Top notch.

They have a pet system implemented, which is Great! I mean who dont want a horse, or dragon to mount, but it takes a while to train them. They grow up 2 times, they start out as a baby, and grow into like a teenage form, then an adult form, which is when you can mount them.

The main site is Its well worth the download.

This is my review, I'm only lvl 21, so I haven't seen alot or done alot tho.

Graphics - 9
Sounds - 10
Game play - 10
Pets - 8
Difficulty to learn - 8

Overall - 9/10

I know they are not the normaly things you would rate, well the last 2, but I think I needed to put them in there.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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