Review by darksand3

Reviewed: 04/17/07


One day I was sick and home alone so I had nothing to do. I started looking at random on-line games and found this. And I'm glad I did.

There really isn't a story to this game at all. There are a few quests that link to each other in some way or another and there are long quests that take you across all the continents in this game and there is even a story that sets the theme for this game. But when you get into the game itself, there really isn't any story at all.
Story 5/10

The game play is a lot better than the story. This game has you going through immense towns, huge dungeons, forests, deserts, and plains. There is also a huge variety of creatures to fight, both for experience and treasure. There are nearly endless combination possibilities when it comes to your outfit and weapons. There is also a mode that lets you open up a shop anywhere you want and a personal dungeon so that you can fight creatures and gain experience without worrying about dying in the PvP environment of the game. Yoo can also get an asortment of pets including dragons and horses which you can ride.
Game Play 10/10

The graphics in this game aren't so great, but it's a free game so I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded it. However, the graphics are good when you consider that they couldn't fit that much into this game and preserve the MMO aspect of it without making the file riduculously large. Overall the graphics are fine and there is some good detail. The game isn't bad just because the graphics aren't 360 quality.
Graphics 8/10

The sounds in this game are great. Things like the footsteps and wolf growls are realistic. Sounds like a sasquatch roaring and a dragon screeching are things that I can't tell if they are relistic or not since I've never heard them before. The music is good too. The game has its own original soundtrack so that's nice, to hear something new every now and again.
Sound 10/10

This game's controls are great. There aren't any tricky button combos and the keys aren't scattered all over the keyboard. To make things even easier you can create your own hotkeys and personalize your controls.
Controls 10/10

When you play this game you have to understand that it's free, so everything isn't going to be top notch X-Box 360 quality, but it's great for free. If you've never played this game, when you're downloading it think high-end Runescape meets low-end Star Wars: Galaxies. Even though this game takes forever to download, it's definitely worth the wait.
Overall 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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