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Guardian/Apprenticeship Guide by drake_hunter

Version: 1.35 | Updated: 06/09/08

Last Chaos Guardian/Apprenticeship Guide
E-Mail me at tarryjung@yahoo.com
I have regained access to my older account, the one with MarisaFE on it. 
Also, you can email me or message me freely if you want me to be your 
guardian, but I won't mandate that and finish it right there. 

B-Why I made this guide
C-Guardians and you (The Apprentice)
D-Apprenticeship Application
E-Leveling up to 20
---1: Titan
---2: Knight
---3: Healer
---4: Mage
---5: Rogue
---6: Sorceror 
F-Huzzah! The benefits of hard work
H-Version list

B-Why I made this guide
Why did I make it? No one forced me, let's just say I had some time to kill,
and since there aren't that many guides that are too helpful on the net, 
why not?

I also love to help people, be it real life, or in-game. I've just been 
promoted to a Squad Leader in my high school JROTC unit, as well, so that 
only reinforces my overall belief, "Help those who need it." 

You'll see me in-game quite often, unless I get grounded and such. 

C-Guardians and you (The Apprentice)
Guardians, some people need them and others don't, but if you're new to the 
game, definitely get one. Most Guardians will help tremendously.

To get a Guardian, either press F7 on your hot key or press "A" and register.

D-Apprenticeship Application
There are rules to sign-up/being an apprentice. 

1, You can only apply between the levels of 1 and 10.
2, You cannot change your guardian once you signed up with him/her. 
(You can but it lowers your reliability *.*)
3, You should sign up only if you're sure about going to level 20 and beyond.

If you think you can do all 3 of the above, then you've got yourself a 

E-Leveling up to 20
This is the main challenge of the apprentice; working upto level 20. I'll put
a little guide for each class.

1: Titan

Level 1 - Level 5: Titans are powerhouses whether they have on their great axe
or great swords. Right from the beginning, you should run over to the wolf
pack and chop those up to bits instead of monsters like Fox or Deer.

Level 6 - Level 9: The wonderful patch of farmland a little bit past the 
wolves puts Jaguars on your hunting list. Buy some potions from Merchant Geres
you should use them now, Jaguars are pretty vicious and like to attack you on

Level 10 - Level 14: Sasquatch? Weren't they extinct? No, this game has them,
and they are a great source of experience and skill point experience. 
They're not too far off from the Jaguars, either. Expect to reach level 14 
in hours of gameplay.

Level 15 - Level 17: Horn Beasts, or Elder Werewolves. I actually like where
the Horn Beasts spawn so I hunt those instead. But you have a choice of what
to hunt. Elder Werewolves have a slightly better drop, but I won't get into
much on that subject. (Optional: Velfist Temple)

Level 18 - Level 20: Velfist Temple would be a good choice right now. 
Make sure you take the hall to the left of you when you enter, and keep 
going along the halls and up the stairs to get to where the Corpse Sergeants
are at. 

2: Knight

Level 1 - Level 7: Knights are more efficient in defense, so you might have
to stick with hunting Fox during level 1 to level 2 or 3. Beyond that period
is hunting wolves.

Level 8 - Level 10: Jaguars remain a good source of experience. Potions are a
must and you should have armors up-to-date

Level 11 - Level 14: Sasquatches, like Titans. If you use dual swords, which
is recommended, you shouldn't have problems here. 

Level 15 - Level 17: Horn Beasts, horn beasts, and more horn beasts. 
Drakes are ok as long as you have a party with a healer. Divine Shield is
a must here, since Horn Beasts have a pretty high defense, so you'll want to
match that. 

Level 18 - Level 20: You have a choice, you can either go train at Dratan, 
Dark Goddesses or Prokion Temple; or, you can stay at Randol and go hunt some 
Drakes. It's up to you to make that decision. 

3: Healer

Level 1 - Level 5: With your trusty bow in hand, go out there and put the hurt
on the foxes and wolves that roam the grasslands of Randol.

Level 6 - Level 10: You really don't need healing potions at this point since
you have the Self Heal skill... so go hunt Berserk Wolves or Jaguars, take
time to heal yourself now and then.

Level 11 - Level 14: Sasquatches, if you're planning to solo those. If you're 
gonna hunt in a party with your friends, you can go up to Horn Beasts as long
as you're careful and heal frequently.

Level 15: - Level 18: Alot of people will be asking you to party at this point,
it's only natural since that's the logic in almost all mmorpgs; love thy 
healer. Right? Yeah, I'm right. Drakes or Velpist Dungeon Party galore.

Level 19 - Level 20: Velpist or Prokeon is a smart choice. No further 
explanations will be needed for that part.....

4: Mage

Level 1 - Level 7: Any wolves will be fine? The reason? You have magic. 
Everyone knows magic owns :D 

Level 8 - Level 9: Jaguars, why only two level's worth? You'll see why in a
second. But for now, put the hurt on them with Energy Volt

Level 10 - Level 13: Well, since magic owns so much, you actually have two 
options. Train at sasquatches, for more skill point exp, or go to Horn Beasts.
By now you should've learned to take advantage of their slow speed.

Level 14 - Level 16: Elder Werewolves shouldn't impose much of a problem 
to you now... You have Energy Volt and Energy Cutter... right? 

Level 17 - Level 20: Go to Velpist to see if there's any Skeleton Lancers and
Corpse Sergeants you can blast to bits... oh wait, the spawn rate is perfect..

5. Rogue

Level 1 - Level 6: In the lower levels, I prefer attacking with crossbows. 
Despite the power loss, it gives you range, and that's not a bad thing. 
Try poking the wolves' eye's out with the crossbow at this period. 

Level 7 - Level 9: Jaguar hunting... as long as you don't run into a mob of 
three or four of these, you should be fine. 

Level 10 - Level 15: Sasquatches when they appear yellow or white to you. 
Once again, they have the best source of experience and skill point experience,
so go for it. When Sasquatches turn green, and I think they do so at level 15, 
go try Horn Beasts.

Level 16 - Level 20: Velpist Temple can yield alot of results. Good ones, 
mostly. Good drops, good variety of monsters. Who can complain? 

6. Sorceror

Level 1 - Level 4: Sorcerors may as well be called Elemental Necromancers, 
because, in all things essential, thats what they are. They summon elemental
spirits to help them out in battle. Most common being the Earth or Fire, you 
rarely see Wind elementals being summoned. Wolves are good in this period.

Level 5 - Level 10: Jaguars from level 5? With an Earth Elemental at your 
side, they should impose little or no problem at all. Just have potions at the
ready, just in case.

Level 11 - Level 13: Sasquatches yield the ultimate results with little effort.
Why? You should have two spirits now, Earth and Fire, fighting for you at the
same time. 

Level 14 - Level 17: Horn Beasts. For this you should switch out your Fire for
the Water Elemental. Let the Earth make the heavy pounding and the Water shoot
from afar. 

Level 18 - Level 20: Velpist Temple or Dark Goddesses at Dratan Desert. I 
recommend Velpist because of the heavy mobs of Skeletons and Corpses. 

F. Huzzah! The benefits of hard work

So you've reached level 20. Congratulations. For your hard efforts, you 
receive a variety of rewards. 

-You get a specialized weapon of your class. 
Titan: Spirit Murderer
Knight: Light of Odin
Healer: Athena's Indignation
Mage: Rhine Order
Rogue: Legends of Lost Devices
Sorceror: Blushion Fallarm

One thing that I keep getting asked is why they never get a event weapon
when they reach level 20. There's only one answer for this problem. You didn't
assign a guardian when you were level 1 through 10. 

When you do become a Guardian, you'll probably start the process of trying to 
find your own apprentices. When your first apprentice gets to level 20, you
get a small bonus. Reputation Points. These can be used to exchange Extreme 
Stones.(You need 200) Reputation Points are also required to be able to 
purchase the the Class Repuation Armors. 
You can get both from Trader Coen next to Scroll Trader Gerel.

G. Tips

- Keep your potions at a good amount all the time. Potions can be bought from
Merchant Geres. 

- While training, sitting is a good alternative to potions if you don't want 
to waste them yet. 

- Update your gears as frequently as you can.

- You can wear armors higher than your level, as long as they stay
within a limit. For example, if you're a level 14, and right now you're wearing
level 14 armor, then you can wear level 17 armor with no penalties. The limit 
is 5 levels within your level. (Ex: 14 + 5 = 19 > 17) 

-You can equip weapons higher than your level as long as the weapon is 4 
levels within your level.

- Quests from Level 1-7 aren't really worth doing, especially the absorption

- The scroll trader next to Merchant Geres sells two very useful items, 
the return scroll and the scroll of memorization. The Scroll of Memorization 
can save a point and move to the saved point anytime, and the Scroll of Return
always moves you back to a town in case of emergency. Of course, they don't 
activate by themselves. 

- There's the matter of items you get for hunting, the only ones worth 
holding onto are the following; Tool Aids, Moon Stones, Pan Flutes, Drake Eggs,
and Heaven Stones. Equips are ok, but you should really sell them to the NPCs 
most of the time.

- Turn on Merchant Mode (Selling things to other players in the game) by 
pressing "A" and double clicking the Merchant Mode Tab. 

- The appropriate prices for selling valuables from hunts are listed below.
Heaven Stone: 300k to 600k gold (Any higher is overpriced.)
Moon Stone: 15k gold (Recommended use over sell)
Tool Aids: 18k to 25k gold (I sell these for 10k)
Pan Flute: Free to 10k gold
Drake Egg: Free to 10k gold

-I only play on Katar Server 5. This server is non-PVP. 


V 0.25 - Created 6/13/07; Added all main information.

V 0.50 - Edited 6/15/07; fixed some errors with the guide and added more tips.
Also added info on reputation points.

V 0.75 - Edited 6/18/07; added the Sorceror Event Weapon, the Blushion
Fallarm. Fixed errors. 

V 1.00 - Edited 7/17/07; added a warning to the rewards section

V 1.25 - Edited 12/17/07; added a reopening statement and edited to the 
current issue at hand. 

V 1.30 - Edited 12/23/07; fixed introduction, price guide, and tips in 

V 1.35 - Edited 6/9/07; after a long period of inactivity and school
I'm back for the summer. Edited parts of guide.


One thing is certain; I made this guide, and you can't, won't, and shouldn't
take this guide from me and take it as your own. Only thing you can do with 
this guide is read through it. If you want to use it, contact me through the 
locations at the top of this guide. 

I made this guide with information, most from friends I play with. The tips 
in this guide among some of the other stuff are based on my thoughts. 

I'm not perfect, so if you read this and catch misspelled words and other 
things like that, e-mail me or msg me in-game or on myspace. 

Credits to Aeria Games & Entertainment and T-Entertainment for the game. 


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