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FAQ/Walkthrough by CounterShock

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/07

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Platform: Xbox 360

Table of contents

[1.V] Version History
[1.C] Controls

[2.W] Walkthrough

[3.P] Portrait passwords
[3.S] Side Quests

[4.A] Achievements

[5.L] Legal stuff



I'm writing this walkthrough for the Xbox 360, but it can be used for
other versions of the game. This game can be very confusing and it's
easy to get lost in it, so that’s why I'm writing this. It will included 
just about everything in this game, to the side quest, to how to unlock
Achievement points, to the main story. I'm going to try and avoid 
Spoiler’s which might make the walkthrough seem short, but it has 
almost, if not everything you need to finish each quest. 

**NOTE: This guide will not cover how to complete the game 100%.
I'm not going to be able to tell you were you can find every broken
statue, or every creature. That would be to much. I'm just covering
the Tasks in the game.

[1.VH] Version History

Version 0.45, June 29th 2007. File Size: 16.3 KB
Started guide. And began on working on the walkthrough. Also started 
on Side quest section, the Achievement section, and began on the
password portrait section.

Version 0.55, July 2nd 2007. File Size: 20.0 KB
Finished Control's section, and Password Portrait section. Updated the
walkthrough as well. Also fixed a few grammar errors.

Version 1.00, July 3rd 2007. File Size: 35.4 KB
Completed the Side Quest Section, completed the story missions, and 
completed the Achievements section. Updated the Password/Portrait 
section and also fixed spelling and grammar errors in the guide. 

**This guide is now 100% complete. I most likely wont be updating 
anymore, unless I see something that needs to be added or changed.**

[1.C] Controls

These controls are from the Game Manual.

Move/Sidle/Climb: Left Analog Stick (Press the "A" button to move 
faster while sidling or climbing)

Run: Hold the "A" button while moving

Take out wand/put away wand: "Y" button

Change Target: Right Trigger and Left Trigger

Talk to character/Action button: "X" button

Center Camera behind Harry: "B" button

Discovery View: Press and hold the "B" button

Target person (With wand out): RB (Press and hold)

--Marauder's Map--

View Marauder's Map: BACK button

View Map Destinations: Push left on the D-Pad

View Tasks: Push right on the D-pad

Scroll Through Destinations or people: Up or down on the D-pad or 
analog stick

Select a location or person on the map: "A" button



Wingardium Leviosa: Use to pick up objects.
Controls: Push up on the right analog stick, then slide right, left, and 
right again.

Accio: Used to bring objects to you.
Controls: Push down twice on the analog stick.

Depulso: Used to push objects away from you.
Controls: Push up twice on the analog stick.

Reparo: Repair broken objects.
Controls: Rotate analog stick in a clockwise direction.

Reducto: Used to smash an object.
Controls: Rotate the analog stick in a counter clockwise direction.

Incendio: Set objects on fire.
Controls: Push Down, up, down, up on the analog stick.


Stupefy: Stun opponents.
Controls: Rotate the analog stick in a counter-clockwise direction.

Rictumsempra: Tickling charm, to be used against animate objects.
Controls: Push up, down, up, down on the analog stick.

Expelliarmus: Disarm opponents.
Controls: Press down on the right analog stick twice.

Protego: Deflect Spells.
Controls: Push up on the right analog stick twice.

Levicorpus: Levitate an opponent briefly.
Controls: Push up on the analog stick, then slide it to the left, right, 
and left again.

Petrificus Totalus: Paralyze opponent
Controls: Rotate the analog stick in a clockwise direction.

[2.W] Walkthrough

You start the game fighting off two dementors. Just rotate the right
analog stick in a clockwise direction to repel them. After doing that
a few times, a cut scene will start.

--Grimmauld Place--

This is the tutorial. You will learn the controls and basics for the 
game here. The first spell you learn is Accio. Push down on the right
analog stick twice to cast. Second is depulso. Push up twice on
the right analog stick to cast. After doing that, use depulso to push
all the furniture to the other side of the room. After another scene,
you will be taken to the kitchen.

Here you will have to use reparo. Rotate the analog stick to the
right until the item is repaired. After you repair the plates, you can
move around the kitchen repairing everything. Once everything is 
repaired, another cut scene will start.

This time you will be learning Wingardium leviosa. Hardest to cast.
Push the analog stick up, then slide it to the right, and then left,
then right again, to cast. Once you have picked up the clothes,
move it over the suitcase and press the "A" button to drop. Now
repeat this with all the clothes in the room until a cut scene starts.

[Achievements-Arrived at Hogwarts]


Once you gain control of Harry, run forward and talk to fred and 
George. Enter the castle and turn right, and go up the staircase. At
the top, The Fat Lady will ask you for the password. To get the 
password, simply find a Gryfindor student walking around and ask 
him for it. Enter into the Gryfindor common room. Hermione will ask 
you to check the message board.

Use Depulso to flip the message board. Examine it and talk to 
Hermione. You now have to find neville.

**NOTE: To find people if your lost, push the BACK button, and on the
D-pad, push right to see a list of people, and left to see a list of 
places. Seclect one and follow the foot prints to them. 

Follow the foot prints to the suspended bridge where neville is. Take 
out your wand and scare off the people bullying him. Talk to him and 
head up the tower into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. 
After the cut scene, follow the footprints to find Fred and George. 
They're in the Transfiguration Courtyard. Here you will learn a few 
more spells. Follow the directions on screen. They're offensive spells 
that come in handy during duels. *These spells can be found in the 
controls section.*

Afterwards you will have your first duel against a slytherin. This is 
very easy. Just use the spells Fred and George taught you to easily
defeat him.

--Library Book--

After several cut scenes, you will have to go to the Library. Open the
map and and mark the library. Follow the footprints to the Library.
You can find the library on the second floor. You can pass through a 
portrait to get there. Its easy to get his password, check the 
password/portrait section, and look for, "The old professor portrait".

There is an alternative way to the Library, which the foot prints will
lead you to. Once in the Library, the book you want it on top of the
bookcase. To get to it, you will have to levitate the table to the base
of the book case to climb up. But each time you do this, the book will
move. Jump down and continue to try and reach the book. Eventually, 
it will land on the table.

Grab the book and follow the foot prints to Myrtles bathroom. Once
there, you will learn the Incendeo Spell. Cast it on all the torches in 
the room. After a  few cut scenes, you will have to find neville. Once
again, just follow the footprints right to him. He’s at the Herbology 
Greenhouses. Once there, have everyone take out there want by
pressing the Right Bumper, and cast Incendeo to clear away the vines.
Once inside, turn right and clear through more vines.

--Room of Requirements--

To get to the room of requirements, go to the seventh floor. Just 
down the stairs to the left of the Fat Lady. (just follow Neville)

[Achievements-Discovered the Room of Requirements]

Now comes the main part of the game. Finding DA members. These
will be in no particular order.

--Finding DA members--

Dean Thomas
Location: Transfiguration Courtyard
Task: Find 5 Talking Gargoyles
Locations of the Gargoyles:

1. Going up the stairs to Defenses Against the Dark Arts classroom.
2. One in the Transfiguration courtyard right were Dean is standing
3. In the Paved Courtyard, up the stairs
4. On the stone pathway to the Viaduct
5. On the fourth floor. Go up the stairs to the left of the portrait. You 
will find it through the door on the left. Run all the way to the end
of the balcony to find it.

Hermione will tell you when you when you are near a statue. Return
to Dean when you have found all five, and he will go to the Room of

Hannah Abott
Location: Bottom of the staircase
Task: Find a shortcut to the seventh floor.
Walkthrough: Hannah is at the of the grand staircase. She says she 
will go to the room of requirements, once you find the secret passage
to the room of requirements. The portrait is easy to find. Go up the
stairs to the right of Hannah Abott. The portrait is at the first landing.
Ask it for the password, and it will tell you.

Once you have the password, return to Hannah Abott, and she will go
to the Room of Requirements.

Ginny Weasly
Location: Gryfindor common room
Task: Steal Fred and Georges Doxy Venin
Walkthrough: Go into the boys dormintory and take the invisiblity 
cloak from harrys trunk. Now go to the Defense Against the Dark
Art classroom. There are two people inside guarding the way into 
Umbridges office. Brake one of the pots to distract them and sneak 
into Umbridges office and steal back the "Doxy Venin". 

Head back to the Gryfindor Common room, and Ginny will then head
to the room of Requirements.

Angelina Johnson
Location: Room of Rewards
Task: Clean the room
Walkthrough: The Room of Rewards is in the great hall. Through the 
door to the left of Dumbledores chair. This task is easy. Just put the 
gold trophy’s in the gold cases and the silver ones in the silver cases. 
Once the trophy’s are inside, simply repair the cases.

Afterwards, watch the cut scene, and Angelina will go to the Room of

Cho Chang
Location: Owlery
Task: Catch her bird
Walkthrough: Another fairly simple quest. The Owlery is just north up
the path from Hagrids hut. Once inside, Cho will ask you to get her 
owl. The Owl will fly all over the room, but he’s not hard to catch. He
will sometimes fly to a spot where you cant reach him from the stairs.
To get to him, go up the stairs till you reach a ledge you can slide 

towards the end of chasing him, he will fly up to the top of the 
owlery, and you will have to repair the rope so you can climb up and
catch him. Afterwards, Cho will head to the Room of Requirements.

Colin Creevey
Location: Paved Courtyard
Task: Get his Camera
Walkthrough: This is a little tricky. Levitate one of the benches and
put in right behind where Colin was standing, where there is a ledge
covered in vines. Climb up and start climbing up the pipes. At the top, 
you will have to slide across the ledge, and repair the broken pieces to 
continue across. Up and across several more pipes and ledges, you will
reach his camera. Levitate the camera down to Colin. Now climb back 
down and Colin will go to the room of requirements.

Fred, George, and Lee Jordan
Location: Boat House
Task: Hide the fireworks
Walkthrough: The boat house is just south of the Paved Courtyard, down 
the stairs. Climb the ladder in the boat house, and levitate the cloth
hovering the boats. George will pass you the fireworks up, so just
grab them using Wingardium Leviosa, and place them in the three
sections of each boat. Once you have placed on six boxes of fireworks
in the boat, recover the boat.

Climb down, and Fred, George, and Lee Jordan will go to the room of 

Ernie Macmillan
Location: Hagrids Hut
Task: Get him 5 plants and 1 Mandrake root
Walkthrough: Hagrids hut is down the bridge from the Clock tower court-
yard, south of the Stone Circle. Ernie will be standing next to the 
pumpkin patch. He wants you to find 5 Molly (?) plants, and 1 
mandrake root. The plants are fairly simple to find. The first is right 
next to him beside the pumpkin. The next few are along the path up
to the stone circle. Another is next to the bridge leading to the Clock
tower courtyard.

The final one is at the base of the path leading to the Owlery. Once you
have them, start heading through the Castle to the Greenhouse. The 
Greenhouses are right through the door in the Transfiguration Courtyard.
Once inside, turn right down the path and grab the earmuffs on the right.
Now pick up the mandrake on the table. Return to Ernie and He will go 
to the Room of Requirements.

Padma and Parvati Patil
Location: Second Floor
Task: No task
Walkthrough: Talk to them on the 2nd floor, through the door past the 
Stone bridge. They will ask you to meet them outside the Divination 
classroom. The divination class room is on the 7th floor, up the spiral
staircase. Just talk to them and they will go to the Room of 

Luna Lovegood
Location: Hogwarts Grounds
Task: Feed Threstals
Walkthrough: Go to Hagrids hut and start going down the hill behind 
his house. You will eventually run into Luna along the path. She 
wants you to help feed the Threstals. Levitate the Food bag and set 
it behind the first set of rocks right in front of Luna. There are
three sets of rocks going up to the top of the hill, and you have to
get the food bag to the top. Use the rocks as check points so you 
wont have to start over if you drop the bag. Once it's at the top,
Luna will go to the Room of Requirements.

Michael Corner, Anthony Goldstein, and Terry Boot
Locations: Terry Boot: Clocktower Courtyard; Anthony Goldstein: 4th
floor corridor; Michael Corner: Stone Bridge.
Task: None
Talk to Michael, Terry, and Anthony, and they will go to the room of 
requirements. Just go talk to them all. No task involved.

Zacharias Smith
Location: Library
Task: Find Monster Book of Monsters, Wigenweld Potion, and find out
when Nearly-headless Nick died.
Walkthrough: Talk to Zacharias in the Library, and he will ask you to
find the Monster Book of Monsters. Just go into the north part of the
library, just before entering the restricted section, and the book will
be on the self on the far right corner. Return to Zacharias, and he
will then ask you to go to the Hospital and get him the wigenweld 
potion. The hospital is on the fourth floor, up the spiral staircase. 
Now return to Zacharias and he will then ask you to find out when
nearly headless nick died. Conveniently, Nearly Headless Nick shows 
up right beside Zacharias. He will tell you when he died. Now talk to
Zacharias, and he will finally go to the room of requirements.

[Achievements- Recruited 10 DA members]

[Achievements- Recruited 20 DA members]

[Achievements- Recruited Dumbledores Army]

Now that you've found all 28 members, return to the room, and talk to 
each of the members. They will want to learn new spells, so just follow 
the directions on screen until you've learned all the spells.

**These spells can be found in the controls section*


After you've taught the last student their spell, watch the series of cut
scenes. Afterwards, run out of the common room and talk to 
McGonagall. She tells you to head to dumbledores office. Well, you're
not actually going to dumbledores office. Just to the Entrance hall at
the bottom of the staircase. 

Watch more cut scenes, and you will have your first of several 
occumency lessons with Snape. This is very simple. Just move the
analog stick in the opposite direction that snape is pointing his wand. 
Do this several times until snape is defeated.

Afterwards, you will be takin back to the Grimmauld Place.

--Christmas at the Grimmauld Place--

You can leave Grimmauld place anytime you want to by just talking to
Arthur Weasly. But you can explore the house. There’s not much to
see. Go up the stairs to the room on the left and talk to Ginny. She
wants you to help her find things she may have missed while she was
cleaning the room. Start by casting Accio on the portrait on the other 
end of the room to uncover the first item. Next examine the book on
the table to the right of the portrait. After that, move the box in 
front of the table to uncover a music box. Finally, examine the 
bookcase on the south side of the table. 

And that’s about all I could find in Grimmauld place. You can explore,
but there’s not much to see. When you're ready, talk to Arthur Weasly 
who tells you to talk to Serious. Talk to Serious, to start the cut scene.  

**NOTE: For some reason, Arthur may not appear in the kitchen
while your trying to leave. If this happens, go and talk to everyone 
in the house, and follow Serious on his hunt for Kreacher.**

--Back at Hogwarts--

You will arrive back at Hagrid Hut. Ron tells you to go to Snapes office 
for your next Occulmency lesson. Snapes office is located to the left
of the stairs in the Viaduct Entrance, down the spiral stair case. This is 
just like the last Occulmency lesson. You shouldn't have any trouble 
with it.

Head up to the Room of Requirements afterwards, and watch the cut
scene. Now you will be in a duel against five slytherins. I don’t think
it's possible to win this duel. I've tried several things, and have always
ended up losing. If it is possible to win, Protego is the spell you will
want to use to knock all the spells back at the slytherins. Whether you
win or lose doesn't matter, as the story continues. Watch the cut scene
to start the last main part of the main story.

--Unhinge Umbridge--

You begin after the cut scenes in the Entrance Courtyard. Make your 
way through the castle to Hagrids Hut. At Hagrids hut, you will have
a duel with the 5 slytherins again. Only this time, you have Ron and
Hermione. Constantly keep casting Protego inbetween the spells you 
cast. Use Levicorpus, and while their down, cast Expelliarmus to
knock them out. Use this strategy to pick off the slytherins one by
one. You should use Protego the most in the early stages of the battle
while you try to thin their numbers. It becomes increasingly easier in
the later stages of the battle.

Once the slytherins are defeated, you will have to track down all the 
DA members... again. Start with Luna up the hill from Hagrids Hut
into the Clock tower Courtyard.


Talk to Luna, and she will tell you Fred in George has set up portable
swamps in the Clock tower Courtyard, The Paved Courtyard, and the
Transfiguration Courtyard. And they want you to set them off.

Clock tower Courtyard:

There are several "X's" in the courtyard. Levitate one of the benches in
the area and set it at the south end of the Fountain right where the
little "X" is. Climb up on the vine covered ledge onto the roof. Repair
the broken section of the roof and cast reducto on the tower where
the "X" is. Levitate the Swamp Box down and Luna will set it on the
giant "X". Climb down and cast either reducto or incedio to set off the 
Swamp box.

Paved Courtyard:

The next swamp is located in the Paved Courtyard. The Swamp Box is
on the topmost ledge. Climb up the stairs onto the balcony up ahead.
Run across the balcony untill you reach a broken pipe. Repair it and
climb up. Sidle across the ledge until you reach the pipe. Climb up
and follow the narrow platform to the swamp box. Levitate the box 
down to Ron and Hermione, then climb back down. The box should
have landed on the "X". Cast Incendeo or Reducto, and head to the 
Transfiguration Courtyard. 

Transfiguration Courtyard:

The Swamp Box is in a tree. When you start casting Wingardium 
Leviosa, three slytherins will attack. Use the same tactics as before,
Casting Levicorpus, plus Expelliarmus to finish them off quickly. After
you defeat the slytherins, levitate the Swamp Box down from the tree
onto the "X". Cast incendeo or Reducto to set the swamp box off.


Next follow the footprints to Parvati and Padma Patill. For this next 
part, you will be messing up the speakers all over Hogwarts. This is
very simple. Stack two benches up under the speaker and climb up 
and press the action button to mess up the speakers. Now go onto 
your map and select Padma and Parvati and follow the foot prints to 
them. Just repeat this, messing up the speakers. Here are the 
locations of the Speakers.

Speaker locations:

1. Fifth Floor
2. Third Floor
3. The Library
4. First Floor
5. Viaduct Entrance
6. Entrance Courtyard

Once you've finished, open up the map and select Dean Thomas Who
is at the Clock Tower.


Dean wants you to mix around the cogs to mess up the clock. Take the
three normal sized cogs on the right, and move them to the empty 
spaces on the left. Afterwards, go up to the top of the Clock tower and
levitate the 3 cogs down to Dean. Now return to Dean and place the
three cogs on the empty spaces on the bottom right. Afterwards, 
select Colin Creevey on your map, and head to the Owlery.


Fred and George are trying to send Howlers to the Inquisitorial Squad
but cant get them into the owlery sense it's closed. So you'll have
to find a way inside. Cast Incendio on the vines behind Colin, then
climb up the pipe to the right on the side of the stairs. Slide across
the ledges until you reach the open window. Climb in by pressing
up on the left analog stick. Once inside, Colin will start sending in the 
boxes. Notice the empty slots with "X's" in them? You need to put
the boxes in there. He will send several boxes inside, and you'll will 
need to place the howlers in the several empty slots going up the 
tower. Once you've finished, Open the door at the top of the Owlery 
and climb out the window. Make your way down back to Colin.

Now make your way to the dungeon to your final Occlumency lesson.


After Occlumency, go to the fifth floor to see Fred and George. Talk
to them, then set off the Swamp Box. You will now have control of
Fred and George on brooms as they fly through the Grand Staircase
and the Great Hall setting off fireworks. To set off the fire works boxes
just cast either incendio or Reducto. This is really simple, and you
shouldn't have trouble with this. Once you have set off the last box of
fire works in the Great Hall, watch the very long cut scene.

Once you are given control of Harry again, run up the hill towards 
the Stone Circle to see a large duel between the Inquisitorial Squad
and DA. This fight is actually pretty simple. Constantly cast Protego
in the beginning, while occassionally casting Levicorpus and
Expelliarmus. Keep moving and don’t stay in one place to long. Try
and pick off the Inquisitorial Squad members on the outside of the 
fight. Once all the Inquisitorial Squad members are defeated, watch
yet another cut scene.

[Achievements- Unhinged Umbridge]

When you are next given control, you will be playing as Serious 
against two Death eaters. The Death Eaters attacks are strong and they
hit fast. This is a pretty tough duel, but it's not impossible to win. I 
managed to win, but it took about 10 minutes. The key is just casting
Protego over and over until harry gets knocked out, then throw in 
an offensive spell here and there, while casting Protego until you
win. You don’t have to win this duel. You could, actually, just set your
controller down and wait till they win. After the cut scene, you gain
control of Dumbledore in a fight against Voldemort.


This is actually, much easier then the last duel. For the first part, in 
between while he attacks, keep hitting him with Stupify, and
Expelliarmus. Once they are casted, quickly start casting Protego to
deflect his attacks. Then keep blasting him with Levicorpus and
Expelliarmus until the second phase begins.

In the second part, he just absorbs spells. So just cast Expelliarmus
until he casts the spells at you. Then just hit protego and deflect the
spell back at him. Repeat this a few times until the final part begins.

The final stage has him firing chairs at you. Cast protego to deflect
them, then quickly hitting him with Expelliarmus. This part is pretty 
long so just keep deflecting his spells and casting Expelliarmus when 
you get the chance. Eventually, he will lose.

Now its harrys turn to fight him. This is just like an occulmency lesson.
Push the right analog stick in the opposite direction he pionts his
wand and he will easily be defeated.

Watch the final cut scene, and congratulations, you've completed Harry
Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

[Achievements- Finished the Story]

[3.P] Portrait passwords

There are twelve portraits in the game, all of which are shortcuts 
through the castle. All of them will eather make you figure out the 
password, or complete a task for them and they will tell you the 

Portrait on 4th floor on the Grand stair case: The guy who is always 
talking in riddles on the forth floor on the stair case. He tells you to 
go talk to "The guy with 3 faces". To find him, go to the 7th floor 
corridor. He's near the Room of Requirements. He tells you to go to 
the old professor portrait on the second floor. He will then tell you 
to talk to the  Portrait of the Shepherdess. She is in the second 
floor. Enter through the old professors portrait, and turn right. Go 
halfway down the stairs and talk to the portrait of the girl with sheep’s. 
She asks you to talk to the portrait in the Viaduct entrance. His 
portrait is to the right of the stairs. He will then send you to the 
guy with the dog near of the bottom of the Grand Stair case. Talk to 
him, and he will give you the password.

Slytherin Dungeon Portrait: Put on the invisibility cloak and enter 
dungeon. Follow the slytherin students and listen to the password.
Now go take off the invisibility cloak and go back to the dungeon,
and you will now be able to enter the Dungeon Portrait.

Guy with 3 faces: He's on the 7th floor near the room of 
requirements. He will ask you to "Find his other self". Go to the 
fourth floor. You can't miss him. He is the one with spider webs 
covering his face. Clear the webs and talk to him to get his password.

50 year old password: To find this portrait, go to the 3rd floor
corridor. Talk to him, and he will say he hasn't heard the password 
in 50. To get the password, talk to Myrtle. Push the BACK button
and select Myrtle's Bathroom. Follow the foot print there, and 
Myrtle will tell you the password.

Old Professor's Portrait. You can find him on the second floor. He will 
ask you to locate a Ravenclaw student and ask them where the 
founder of Ravenclaw came from. Ravenclaw students are every where. 
Just pick one and ask them. They will tell you, so just return to the 
portrait to get the password.

Hufflepuffs portrait: He is the guy with the dog near the bottom of the
staircase. Talk to him, and he will say only someone from hufflepuff,
or someone who knows the password can pass through. Find a 
Hufflepuff student and get them to tell you the password. Hufflepuff
student, are everywhere as well. You shouldn't have trouble finding

Portrait of the Astronomer: This is the portrait to the shortcut to the
seventh floor which Hanah Abott wants you to find. Its located Up the 
first set of steps to the right from the Dungeon, just ask him for it, 
and he will tell you.

Portrait in the Viaduct Entrance: This is the same guy the shepherdess
told you to speak to in the fourth floor portrait. He will tell you his 
password only if you clear out the area of students around his portrait. 
Turn around and point your wand at the two students standing there. 
They will leave and he will tell you his password.

Portrait outside of the Herbology classroom: He asks you to cover up 
the eye in front of his portrait. To do this, cast reparo on the two
knights opposite his portrait. Talk to him afterwards and he will give
you his password.

Grand stair case, Third floor: She says she will tell you her password, 
if you get Giffard to send her some food. He's the guy with the dog. 
He says he will send her food eventually. Go back to the Portrait and 
she will tell you her password.

Portrait in the Library: In the Library, the portrait will ask you to read
him the front cover of the Daily Prophet. To find the Daily Prophet,
go to the Great hall. First cast Depulso on the podium in front of the 
large table where the teachers sit. Then cast Wingardium Leviosa on 
the podium. A bird will fly down and drop a copy of the Daily Prophet. 
Examine the Daily Prophet, then return to the Library, and he will tell 
you his password.

Portrait of the Fat Lady on the 7th floor of the Grand Staircase: Harry
seems to have forgotten the password, but you can get it by asking
any Gryfindor student around the castle. Just talk to them, and they
will give it to you.

[3.S] Side Quests

--Finding the Snitch in the Gryfindor common room--

While in the Gryfindor common room, you may have noticed someone
asking you for help. Its the portrait of the Quitich player on the right 
side of the fireplace. Talk to him, and he will ask you to search the 
portraits for his missing snitch. The portrait your looking for is right 
behind you to the left of the door to the Dormitories. Its the picture
of the old wizard. Talk to him, and watch the scene. Afterwards, there
will be a snitch flying around the room. Which you can try catching.

--Snape's Task--

Find Snape in the dungeon just to the left of the stairs in the Viaduct 
Entrance. Snape will make you write an essay, and the book you need 
is in the Library. Head there, and go to the very back and pass through 
the gates into the restricted section. Go up to the second from last row 
on the far left to get the book.

After a cut scene, return to the Dungeon. You will now have access to
Snape’s office.

--Luna’s Belongings--

Talk to Luna in the Entrance hall to get this quest. Her lost items are

1. Great Hall: On a table
2. Entrance Courtyard: Take the broom and sweep the leaves to the right 
to uncover her next missing item
3. Clock Courtyard: In front of the fountain
4. Library: on the table
5. Viaduct Entrance

Talk to luna again when you've found them all.

--Flitwick's Task--

You can find Flitwick on the second floor outside the Charms classroom
halfway to the Library. Flitwick's task, like Snape’s, will only appear 
after you've completed a certain part of the Main Story. Once he does
show up, he will ask Harry about the essay Harry is supposed to be 
working on. But to complete the essay, Harry needs a book. Hermione 
said someone probably checked it out from the Library. So where do
you find it? In the Great Hall. 

Go down the Grand Staircase, and enter through the doors on the right.
Go to the far right end of the great hall, and ask the person on the far 
right on the last table for it. (A cut scene will start when you get near 
her) Ask her for the book, and she will give it to you. Now just return 
to Flitwick with the essay.

--McGonagall's Task--

McGonagall can be found in the Transfiguration Courtyard, right outside
her classroom. She tells you to look for 3 missing classmates. To find 
them, go to the base on the Divination tower on the 7th Floor. Talk 
to them, then return to McGonagall to finish the task.

--Pomona Sprout's Task--

You will find Pomona Sprout in the Greenhouse. Talk to her, and she 
will want you to finish the essay on Self Fertilizing Shrubs. Hermione 
suggests you go talk to Neville to find the book you need to write the 
Essay. Neville will be in the Room of Requirements. Talk to him, and 
he will tell you the book is on the desk by his bed in the boys 
dormitory. Once you have the book, return to Pomona Sprout to 
complete the task.

[4.A] Achievements

There are a total of 1,000 Gamer Points to get in Order of the Phoenix.

Go to Hogwarts- 20 GP
 -Arrive at Hogwarts

Get to room of requirements- 30 GP
 -Discover Room of Requirements

DA ten- 10 GP
 -Recruit 10 DA members

DA Twenty- 10 GP
 -Recruit 20 DA members

Recruit Dumbledores Army- 100 GP
 -Recruit all DA members

Unhinge Umbridge- 100 GP
 -Unhinge Umbridge

Finish the Story- 100 GP
 -Finish the story

Complete discovery level 1- 10 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 1

Complete discovery level 2- 10 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 2

Complete discovery level 3- 10 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 3

Complete discovery level 4- 10 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 4

Complete discovery level 5- 20 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 5

Complete discovery level 6- 20 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 6

Complete discovery level 7- 20 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 7

Complete discovery level 8- 20 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 8

Complete discovery level 9- 20 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 9

Complete discovery level 10- 10 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 10

Complete discovery level 11- 30 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 11

Complete discovery level 12- 30 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 12

Complete discovery level 13- 50 GP
 -Discover enough to complete discovery level 13

Win the Portrait Password Cup- 10 GP
 -Discover the shortcut to every portrait in Hogwarts

Win the friend of the year Cup- 20 GP
 -Find Luna’s lost belongings

Win the Homework Cup- 10 GP
 -Complete all teacher Mini-games

Win the Characters Cup- 10 GP
 -Meet all character in Hogwarts

Finish of Hardest difficulty- 100 GP
 -Finish the story on the hardest difficulty

Magic 500- 10 GP
 -Cast 500 Successful Spells

Walk the Platform- 10 GP 
 -Cover 9 3/4 Miles

Win the Architecture Cup- 10 GP 
 -Uncover all the hidden Hogwarts symbols

Win the defense Cup- 20 GP
 -Cast all defensive spells in a duel

Win the Exploding Snap Cup- 20GP
 -Beat all Exploding snap champions

Win the Grandmasters Cup- 20GP
 -Beat all Chess Champions

Win Golden Gobstone Cup- 20 GP
 -Beat all Gobstone Champions

Win House Ghost cups- 10 GP
 -Find all house ghosts

Win the Nature Trail- 10 GP
 -Find all creator foot prints

Win the Ornithology Cup- 10 GP
 -Find all flying creators

When the Witches and Wizards cup- 10 GP
 -Find all hidden Wizard plaques around hogwarts

When the Studius success cup- 20 GP
 -Get an "O" in all classes

Win the Secret Statue cup- 10 GP
 -Find all hidden Chess statues in Hogwarts

Win the smugglers Cup- 10 GP
 -Find all of fred and Georges hidden Parcels

Win the school pride Cup- 10 GP
 -Tidy up Hogwarts

[5.L] Legal stuff

This walkthrough can only be used at GameFAQ.com, I won't be putting 
up my E-mail address in the Guide, so GameFAQs is the only site that
can use this guide.

...Copyright 2007 CounterShock

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