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Reviewed: 07/30/07

The worst of all the expansions? Yep.

Introduction: This is a review for the expansion, not the main game. I will address the new features of the game, and won't explain the core mechanics of the original Sims 2. If you are buying this you should own Sims 2.

Graphics: The Sims 2 has never been a power house in graphical technology, and this game keeps up on the trend. There is virtually /nothing/ new with the game visually except for the weather effects, which are the worst excuse /ever/ for $20 dollars. The effects are so lousy too, it'll snow inside your house with the roof on, its limited to your property only and its overall very poor. Snow is a solid white mass that moves around when your Sim walks in it, rain uses the old gray lines falling in the front of the screen trick, etc. It looks O.K I guess, but nothing better. But like I said, the glitches and bugs with the weather overpower the below average visuals. And instead of casting shadows, lightning erases them all. Weird.

Character models might have gotten a bit more gloss and an overall up in texture quality but it might just be my eyes or my high hopes for the expansion. The models still look fantastic, don't get me wrong, but they are still the only eye candy in the entire game. Everything else--From environments to weather--looks horrible. 4/10

Sound: Some may think the language the Sim's have is cute, but I disagree. Its annoying and it simply has to go. All they do is ramble and make grunts and noises and its seriously annoying. Equally annoying is the music, which has been given seasonal additions. It'll be poppy and jumpy in spring, and slow and melodic in winter. Good right? Wrong. Its simply the same song edited for every season and it is disturbingly out of place every time. Terrible, all of it. 4/10

Story: There is none. Make your own (Thats literally what the game encourages.). You make your Sim, then control them. Thats it. 6/10

Game play: You first go through a robust creation system, editing your Sim any way you like. You could even make yourself, but that would take a while. Then you buy a lot, build a house--Since you have the expansion you know the drill. The game is addicting, fun, and you'll easily grow fat and forget your own life. But in terms of what this expansion adds, its almost a joke. You can get Seasons (Duh.), which effect game play almost by none. You think and learn quicker in fall, and you can have snowball fights in winter. Whoopee.

The seasons are supposed to effect a robust new gardening system -Exit sarcasm-. What on earth were they thinking? I don't want to grow plants! But thats what the expansion is all about. Growing and caring for trees, fruits, veggies and flowers even more in depth. You can buy seeds, fertilizer, etc. I hardly even touched gardening but when I did (I grew a small garden and tended some trees) I was less then impressed. Are you telling me I spent $20 to grow a virtual tree? Thanks!

You also get a temperature gauge, which if too hot you die and too cold you die. Only problem? You can't die. You literally cannot take off your winter clothes outside in the snow (There goes the idea of freezing.), and you can't put anything hot on at Summer. So whats the point? There is none. Your Sims also die 100x faster. Lightning strikes, storms, blizzards, etc. Don't go outside in a thunder storm, the lighting will nail and kill your Sim almost instantly every time. I lost two good Sim's because of it.

Then you got some useless furniture and... thats about it. The Expansion delivered almost nothing to the game, and it was a massive disappointment. Luckily the game itself is fun to play. 4/10

Rent or buy: Don't buy it, you're better off keeping that $20 for something more useful... like real veggies and fruits.

Final: Game is fun, expansion is useless. You get buggy weather effects and sounds, gardening and an empty wallet. Don't waste time with this expansion pack.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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