Review by kal_el_87

Reviewed: 03/02/07

Lightning and Snow: Righto...

You know, I've never really given the Sims II much thought. I've always liked the game, couldn't ever say why, but was never really pumped about any expansion pack in particular. Sure, I've wiggled my way into getting a few of them, but this one was something entirely different: from the getgo, I wanted to get this expansion.

The good:
~Well, the game is called "Seasons," so it stands to reason that SEASONS are really cool.
~What? GARDENING? Yeah, it may not sound like much, but it is awesome fun.
~The "MONSTER SIM" for this expansion is really quite interesting, in my humble opinion.
~SIX NEW CAREERS. Count them. Six.

The bad:
~Seasons are relatively short, usually only lasting about five days. You can, however, change this... sort of.
~Not much in the way of new character customization, except for the OUTERWEAR, which is pretty cool.
~Hazards are everywhere. I've had too many sims die because I was goofing off too much. Then again, this could be a good thing.

This expansion goes beyond what others have done in the past... it not only adds a new interface, but adds a completely new feel to the game. My sims learn faster in the fall, they get excited about the new snowfall in the winter, spring and summer storms cause great concern, and even death. All in all, the seasons part of this expansion is incredible.

But seasons aren't the only amazing little details. The new careers are phenomenal, and add a really fun depth to gameplay. For those who are all for career choices, this expansion easily takes the cake in my mind. Not only are the careers fun, but there's also my personal favorite part of this EP:

The gardening. I kid you not, this is possibly one of the most addictive things I've found in the Sims since I first started playing the original way back when. For some reason or another, I'm composting everything, juicing my fruits and vegetables, growing eggplants, stocking tomatoes, building greenhouses and pulling weeds. I've NEVER been into any sort of "agriculture" business in any game, and this sort of thing simply blows my socks off. It rocks.

So whether you're looking for some variety in your weather, some plants in your backyard, some jobs in your paper, or just plain want to get the fifth expansion for completion, this is your game. Even if you aren't looking for that in an expansion, this is your game. Easily the best expansion I've ever come across.

Just don't stand near a tall tree in a lightning storm, sim or not. That can suck.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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