Review by Paulos

Reviewed: 03/01/07

An amazing upgrade actually, surprised? Don't be!

Well well, Episode 5 of the Sims II expansion packs... enjoyable perhaps? Maybe it doesn't sound so due to Pets Expansion not adding to much to the objects/career department? Not at all...

The Sims II Seasons may sound like they're overinflating the seasons seasons seasons and of course SEASONS functions on the game but that is FAR FROM TRUE. The new objects may not be much to actually glander at, but the game shines in other ways... I have noticed a few minor bugs seem to be fixed, but that's not the point, the point is this.

I have noticed with Seasons, the Sims II delivers more of a gameplay experience in living with your Sims on a day to day basis with more things to do instead of just quickly rushing to complete their needs, and going to work then sleeping like the original PC game the Sims.

Sure the Sims II had promised this quality compared to the Sims, and it delivered, but the Seasons II expands on this quality.

I'm a sucker when it comes to careers and wardrobe upgrades, and that's definitely what THE SIMS II SEASONS adds on. The winter wardrobe is incredibly riviting, and the careers of GAMING, JOURNALISM, LAW, MUSIC and two more, why spoil it for ya?

LEFTOVERS, ever hear of them? Something the Sims and Sims II never pushed on, until now. AT LAST we don't have to have our food ROT while we know it could have been put to good use later, when after we're done with it we can just THROW IT BACK IN THE FRIDGE wence it came!

Finally of course, THE SEASONS, spring, autumn are very calm and serene, you can fish/garden, while the best seasons to my opinion are Winter but don't keep them outside too long or they could freeze, literally, and of course SUMMER... watch out or you'll get a sunburn if you stay out there too long, what happened to the sun tan lotion?!

Overall I give this game a supreme 9, sure they didn't make men more muscular and women thinner or larger or fix height/weight, but they've practically worked on every misdeanor this game had. Supreme.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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