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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Matt P

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    Geneforge 4 FAQ/Walkthrough
    By Matt P
    Email: Elementalizard@aol.com
    Geneforge 4 and all names are copyright Spiderweb software, 2006, 2007.  
    Table of Contents
    0. Quick Hints
    1. Character Creation and Development
      -Statistics discussion
      -Spell discussion
    2. Construction Places
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Teachers and trainers
    5. Notable item list
    6. End Note
    0. Quick Hints.
    What items should I hold on to?
        Fortunately, there are fewer collection quests in Geneforge 4 than in 
    pretty much any other recent spiderweb game.  There are infinite collection 
    quests for: Melted Glass, Research Notes, and Swamp Herbs.  With one or two 
    exceptions that are easily answered, there is nothing else that people will 
    ask for from you.  
      Other items to hold on to are the recipe items:
         Mandrake Tincture
         Demon Bile
         1-2 Shaped items of each type of armor
         Perfect fyora/drayk/drakon Scales (and some rings)
         Vlish tentacles, roamer fangs, artila eyes, eyebeast eyes
         Some Gemstones and herbs
         Glaahk Eyes and Roamer Fangs (other bits can be used elsewhere, but 
    these are great for some high-level artifacts).
      Artifact ingredients:
         Blood Poison
         Crystalline Fibers
         Deep Focus Orb
         Essence-infused Skin
         Essence-infused Iron
         Pure Crystal Shard
         Purified Essence
         Solidified Flame
         Ur-Drakon Skin
         Unmelting Ice
    Should I hold off using a canister until I find a trainer?
        No.  Unlike Geneforge 2, using canisters does not affect the extent you 
    can train a skill.
    How many canisters can I use before getting bad effects?
        It changes with where you're at in the game.  In general, you can only 
    use about 1/6 of the canisters you encounter to get little effect.  Above 
    that point you'll start having problems controlling your temper, and will get 
    you into some fights you could have talked your way out of.  You will also 
    have less good endings if you've used 15 or more canisters.
    Is it OK to steal?
        Stealing- it's not a crime if you don't get caught.  Take anything that 
    isn't bolted down if no one can see you and provided it's worth money (at 
    least initially).  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the "creation stealing" of 
    Geneforge 3 no longer works.  Try not to get caught very much or you might 
    suffer from an instant-death, especially in plot-critical areas.
    Shaper or Rebel?
      Do them both.  The game is entertaining enough to merit at least two play-
    throughs.  In terms of powergaming, if you try to maximize your return from 
    quests, you'll find that helping the shapers generally gets you better stuff 
    and more $$.  You really don't need to make the decision until the second-to-
    last area, so it doesn't hurt to play them both to get the good stuff.  In 
    fact, playing as a purist is NOT recommended as there are several penalties 
    for purists, including a loss of several skill point opportunities and 
    quests.  The walkthrough below is moderately designed with a power-gamer in 
    mind (as that's what I am to some extent), though I do try to present your 
    Where are the five infiltrators?
      Agent Yngrid is in Western Burwood, Guardian Kantor is at Valeya Ruins, 
    Shaper Krogstad is at Valeya Road, Shaper Horis is at West Poryphra Gate, and 
    Guardian Dameron is at the Cultist Safehouse.
    Where is the puresteel?
      Sandros Mine, Thornton Ruins, Rivergate Keep, Valeya Ruins, Quessa-Uss.
    I'm a powergamer.  What's the best route to ALL POWER?
      Play as a slightly pro-shaper PC.  Shapers give better rewards and have 
    cheaper training, in general.  The easiest way to keep all of your options 
    open is to repair Moseh but to kill Shaftoe/Eliza.  That route alone will 
    make the world of difference.
    1. Character Creation and Development
    Classes: Coming Soon!
    Statistics: Statistics are the bulk of what makes up your character.  
    Statistics affect the strength of your spells, your creations, and melee 
    damage, determine how much damage your character can take and give out, and 
    your success in dealing with traps and people.  I divide statistics into five 
    main sets- Major statistics, combat arts, spell casting, shaping, and 
    Major Statistics:
      Strength: Affects the amount of armor your character can carry, the damage 
    your character does, and your character's stun resistance.  This skill is not 
    as critical as previous Geneforges, as your inventory is no longer counted 
    against your encumbrance.  Thus, you should only invest in it when you need 
    to wield a bigger weapon or nicer armor.  Each point of strength increases 
    your to hit with melee weapons by 5%, and gives one more damage die.  A total 
    of about 12 points is all you will ever need to use the heaviest, big items.
      Dexterity: Affects your ability to dodge (5% increase per point), your 
    attack position, your to hit % with missile weapons, and your acid 
      Intelligence: Affects the mental resistance, energy and essence of your 
    character.  For any and all magic-users or creation-makers, this skill is 
    essential and greatly affects your strength and longevity.  It's no good to 
    run out of spell points in that critical battle, or to not have enough 
    essence to make the help necessary to survive.  Nearly every character will 
    want to invest in this skill so as to be able to act beyond melee weapons.
      Endurance: Affects HP and poison resistance.  Unlike some of the earlier 
    Geneforges, you get a large bonus to HP per point.  It's worth adding a point 
    to endurance here and there to increase your HP substantially.  Otherwise, 
    you'll be reloading a lot.
    Combat Arts
      Melee Weapons: Determines the damage and to hit % for hand-to-hand weapons 
    like daggers and swords.  Each point provides one more hit die and a 5% 
    increase in your to hit %.  Hit dies for weapons can be calculated by taking 
    the higher number from a weapon and dividing it by the lower number.  So a 
    weapon that does 5-25 damage has a hit die of 25/5 = 5.  Each point of melee 
    weapons increases its damage range by this amount.  So a weapon with 5-25 
    would increase in damage by 1-5 per point of melee weapons.  Weapons tend to 
    be weaker than spells in this game, but you never need to worry about running 
    out of energy with melee weapons.  If you're not playing a melee-focused 
    character, you may want to wait off till you can buy some points in this 
    skill from Captain Archibald.
      Missile Weapons: Determines the damage and to hit % for missile weapons.  
    Most characters will find spells to be superior to missile weapons, but for 
    characters with poor spellcasting abilities, you may want to use missile 
    weapons to take out dangerous things like turrets and enemies that like to 
    run away from you.  Batons are very powerful in the late game, so consider 
    buying some points in this skill from Captain Archibald for all characters, 
    or investing earlier if you like this skill.
      Quick Action: Gives a chance to do two attacks in melee, and also makes you 
    act faster in combat.  
      Parry: Reduces physical damage, and gives a chance of completely avoiding 
    all damage from a single attack (approximately 3% per point, depending on the 
    strength of the enemy).
    Spell Casting
      Battle Magic:  The main damaging spell class, battle magic is a potent 
    school of magic whose spells include the lowly firebolt to powerful kill 
    spells.  As such, in general this spell class is mainly useful for those 
    characters who intend to do damage with spells- those who don't want to 
    depend on creations/missile weapons/other people to do their dirty work from 
    far away.  This school of magic tends not to be very essence-intensive, 
    though several of the spells are energy-intensive (like ice spray).  Increase 
    this skill to access more spells and increase the damage die of those spells.
      Blessing Magic: The buffing spell class, this group includes shielding and 
    blessing spells, as well as haste, spine shield, and a few multi-casting 
    spells.  For characters that use creations this spell group is among the most 
    useful, and they will want to invest at least up to accessing Mass Energize.  
    Increase this skill to access more spells and to increase their duration (and 
    strength of effect for some).
      Mental Magic: The "other" spell class, this group includes a buffing spell, 
    some debuffing spells, charm/stun spells, and the unlock spell.  Solo 
    characters will love the spells offered by this group, especially the "daze" 
    family of spells.  Getting enough points to use essence shackles is 
    preferable for many characters, although it's not necessary.
      Spellcraft:  Makes every spell you have more effective- a longer duration, 
    greater damage, and stronger blessing.  Very nice.  Expensive for most 
    characters, it is easiest to improve this by training with Burkes, and 
    snatching the free points as they come.  Essence charms augment this skill as 
    well, and they can be very plentiful if you're vigilant.  If you're playing 
    as a shocktrooper or warrior, this skill is probably too expensive to invest 
    skill points in outside of purchasing from Burkes.  Otherwise, invest in this 
    once you've maxed out the spells you want.
      Fire Shaping:  Allows you to craft fyoras, cryoas, roamers, pyroroamers, 
    drayks, cryodrayks, kyshakks, burning kyshakks, drakons, and ur-drakons.  
    These creations are a versatile group with potent attacks, and 7 points will 
    allow you to make everything.  Don't buy more than 10 points, as the return 
    diminishes substantially thereafter.  You can also get several points from 
      Battle Shaping: Allows you to craft thahds, unstable thahds, clawbugs, 
    plated clawbugs, battle alphas, battle betas, rotghroths, corrupted 
    rotghroth, war tralls, and shock tralls.  These are your meatshields, able to 
    take a lot of damage and give it out in kind.  They are a melee-focused class 
    (other than the tralls), which some players do not like.  However, they can 
    serve to take the heat off of you which is very useful.  7 points will allow 
    you to make everything, and don't buy more than 10 points.  You can also get 
    several points from items.
      Magic Shaping:  Allows you to craft artilas, plated artilas, vlish, charged 
    vlish, glaahks, ur-glaahks, wingbolts, unstable wingbolts, gazers, and 
    eyebeasts.  These creations are generally fragile but very powerful.  Many of 
    their attacks have ancillary effects.  As before, 7 points will allow you to 
    make everything, and don't buy more than 10 points.  You can also get several 
    points from items.
      Healing Craft: Allows you to cast healing spells of all sorts.  Generally a 
    necessary group, this spell set is made very interesting by the inclusion of 
    regenerative spells.  You won't need to invest too many points in this skill 
    as generally you'll find that spells much beyond banish affliction don't pack 
    as big a bang for their buck.
      Leadership: Leadership addresses your skill at talking to people, getting 
    them to do what you want, and controlling creations.  You will want 5-6 early 
    in chapter 1, and 8-9 by mid-chapter 2 in order to do most everything.  
    Beyond that, fewer points are required, and you should have enough equipment 
    to augment your leadership (+2 in chapter 2) as required.  
      Mechanics:  Mechanics addresses how skilled you are at unlocking, 
    disarming, and breaking things.  Living tools aren't excessively rare in the 
    game, but still you will want about 8 points by early-mid chapter 1, and up 
    to 12 by early-mid chapter 2.
      Luck: Increases your resistances by a healthy portion (about 3% per point), 
    increases your dodging ability by 2%, and your to hit by 2%.  May influence 
    the drop rates of enemies, though this effect is much more difficult to 
    measure.  I recommend investing two points in the beginning of the game, but 
    holding off on further investment till you have enough skill points to cash 
    them in elsewhere.
    Creations:  Coming Soon!
    Fire shaping:
    Fyora [8, 11]
    Resistances: These determine the amount of damage you receive from a specific 
    attack.  In general, higher numbers are better.  However, it's usually better 
    having a single item with a massive bonus rather than several items with 
    moderate bonuses given the way the game calculates damage.
    Resistances are affected by stats and armor/equipment.  Below is a table of 
    resistance bonuses given per point of a stat or of armor:
    Resistance Str    Dex    Int    End    Luck    Armor (Bonus per point)
    FR                                             +1/2
    CR                                             +1/2
    ER                                             +1/2
    SR         +5                          +3
    MR                       +5            +3
    PR                              +5     +3
    AR                +5                   +3
    Note that Stun, Mental, Acid and Poison resistances give a chance to 
    avoid damage completely, and are not damage-decreasing resistances.
       Firebolt: The staple of all mages, firebolt does fire damage and costs no 
    essence.  It's the ultimate spell to fall back on if you don't have a missile 
    attack.  It will serve you well for the full first chapter, and is good in 
    later chapters when you run out of energy.
       Burning Spray
       Ice Spray: The staple of mages in chapters 3-5, ice spray does cold damage 
    and costs no essence.  It's much more expensive than firebolt, but kills 
    things quickly enough so as to not have to worry about that, usually.
       Lightning Aura: An odd new spell.  This spell does energy damage to an 
    opponent, and continues to damage them for the next few rounds.  It's kind of 
    similar to poison/acid in that respect, but does more damage.  
       Essence Orbs
       Acid Shower
       Kill: Damages a single enemy with a very potent magic attack.  This spell 
    is very expensive to cast 
       Aura of Flames
       War Blessing: You gain a bonus of 20% to your to hit, and probably add 
    four levels of damage with this spell.  Its duration is determined by your 
    spellcasting strength.
       Protection: With this spell, enemies are 10% less likely to hit you and 
    the spell recipients.  
       Essence Shield: Acts as a permanent (for a single map) bonus to armor and 
    to HP.  Very useful for solo characters, who don't have anything better to 
    spend their essence on anyway.  Those characters should cast this spell (or 
    its higher level equivalent) on themselves every time they enter a hostile 
    area.  With this spell, the recipient gets a bonus of ~30-50 HP, and enemies 
    are 30% less likely to hit you.  If you're in a hostile area with an essence 
    pool, cast this on everyone.
       Speed: A necessary spell, this one increases you AP by 50%, allowing you 
    to attack twice, or to be stealth.  This one is needed for every character.
       Spine Shield:  Spine shield is THE spell that makes meatshields 
    worthwhile.  Cast this spell and all of your party now does damage when it 
    gets hit.  At a strong enough level, the damage is substantial and may even 
    be higher than the damage taken.  I have killed rotghroths with a few thahds 
    and this spell.  Even on your PC this spell is worthwhile for 1 on 1 fights.  
    Definitely try to get and use this spell.
       Mass Energize: Casts a low level regenerate, haste, and war blessing on 
    the recipients.  Though not as effective as some other spells, these bonuses 
    are still excellent.  This is a very potent spell in the hands of 
       Steel Shield: If you're in a hostile area with an essence pool, cast this 
    on everyone.
       Essence Armor: Casts a stronger version of essence shield on your 
    character.  Again, best for solo characters.  If you're in a hostile area 
    with an essence pool, cast this on everyone.
       Elemental Cloak
       Battle Roar
       Daze: Stuns low level enemies, preventing them from acting until they are 
    attacked or until you 2-3 turns have passed.  The staple of solo 
       Mental Barrier: Helps protect your characters from daze, terror, and charm 
    spells and abilities.  Useful for some circumstances.
       Wrack: Increases the damage done to an opponent.
       Unlock: Unlike previous games, the unlock spell is less critical than 
    before.  It still has its uses, but you can get by with lots of mechanics and 
    living tools instead.  In fact, that's somewhat preferred, as otherwise 
    you'll lose out on a bit of exp.  I've made it through the whole game with a 
    shocktrooper, never once casting this spell.
       Terror: Does some damage and scares enemies.  Scared enemies will either 
    freeze in one spot or will run away.  For mentally weak enemies, this spell 
    is quite nice.  It occasionally works on golems.
       Dominate: Takes over an enemy's mind, forcing it to fight on your side.  
    Can't be used on shapers.  Use it on strong foes to get a potent ally.
       Essence Shackles: A slowing spell.  Highly useful on tough, one-on-one 
    fights.  Cast this a few times on an enemy, and they'll lose half of their 
    turns, enabling you an effective doubling of your attacks.  Coupled with 
    speed, it's great.
       Strong Daze
       Mass Madness: The cream of the crop for mental magic spells, this spell 
    will charm weak enemies, daze stronger enemies, and slow even the strongest 
    enemies.  As such, it's great to cast when you're being swarmed (like in a 
    few key shaper forts). It's quite expensive to cast, so you'll only get a few 
    uses out of it before you have to flee.  
       Minor Heal:
       Cure Affliction: Removes some level of acid/poison on a character.
       Augmentation: Adds a healthy amount of HP to the target for as long as you 
    stay on the map where the spell is cast.  Adds ~60-80 HP.  Only costs essence
       Regeneration: An impressive spell that's good to cast when you need to 
    heal in between combat.  This spell will heal you a few HP every round, which 
    may be enough to keep you alive during combat.  The essence cost for this 
    spell is great for casting outside of combat when things are calm.
       Group Heal:  Casts a heal spell on everyone in your party.  Good for 
    emergencies, but lower level heal spells are less expensive in general.
       Banish Affliction:
       Major Heal
       Aura of Cleansing:
       Mass Restore
    2. Construction places: Enchanted anvils are potent artifacts that allow you 
    to modify your weapons and equipement significantly.  You can also make some 
    extremely powerful items on them.  There are two anvil locations- Sandros 
    Mine and Valeya Ruins (chapters 2 and 4, respectively).
    Beautiful Crystal + Gemstone     = Icy Crystal  
    Wiry Moss + Gemstone             = Spray Crystal
    Vlish Tentacle + Gemstone        = Ensnaring Fibers 
    Gemstone + Mandrake Tincture     = Swarm Crystal 
    Gemstone + Eyebeast Eye + Beautiful Crystal
                                     = Madness Gem
         Wands (all require a Gemstone and a Stick)
    + Perfect Fyora Scale            = Fiery Wand (firebolt) 
    + Artila Eye + Saltweed          = Discipline Wand (disruption?) 
    + Vlish Tentacle + Madness Gem   = Terror Wand (terror)
    Gold Ring + Perfect Fyora Scale  = Shielding Band 
    Platinum Ring + Perfect Drayk Scale
                                     = Armor Band
    Platinum Ring + Perfect Drakon Scale
                                     = Impervious Band
         Artifacts (these items are among the most powerful available, though 
                    they are quite difficults to make.  You can only make one of 
                    those denoted by *).
    Perfected Gauntlets + Blood Poison + Essence-Infused Skin
                                     = Gauntlets of Savagery
    Perfected Greaves + Crystalline Fibers + Solidified Flame
                                     = Flameweaver Greaves
    Perfected Greaves + Blood Poison + Essence-Infused Iron
                                     = Greaves of the Tyrant
    Perfected Belt + Deep Focus Orb + Unmelting Ice
                                     = Sunstone Belt*
    Perfected Belt + Unmelting Ice + Ur-Drakon Skin
                                     = Girdle of Succor*
    Perfected Boots + Ur-Drakon Skin + Deep Focus Orb
                                     = Shapemaster Boots*
    Perfected Cloak + Purified Essence + Essence-Infused Skin
                                     = Impervious Cape
    Perfected Cloak + Purified Essence + Pure Crystal Shard
                                     = Cloak of the Shadows
    Mandrake Tincture + Demon Bile   = Purifying Elixir
    Shaped Armor + Purifying Elixir  = Perfected Armor
    *** A perfected cloak is made from a shaped fiber cloak
    Gold Necklace + Purifying Elixir + Roghroth Fang
                                     = Talisman of Might
    Madness Gem + Demon's Bile + Rotghroth Fang + Glaahk Eye
                                     = Essence Charm
    Item                  On Armor             On Weapons
    Blessing Crystal      ?
    Runed Amethyst        +5 AR                Acid Damage
    Charging Stone        +5 CR                
    Runed Ruby            +5 FR                
    Ivory Skull           +10 TH (for all)     Curses Opponent
    Tiny Orb of Mist      +10 to dodge
    Runed Onyx            +5 ER                Slows Opponent
    Steel Spine           damage attacker      Bonus Physical Damage
    Ethereal Bindings     +5 SR                Vampiric Touch
    Golden Crystal        +5 HER
    3. Walkthrough
    Name of Area
    Q: Quests available 
    I: Items of Note
    S: Skills and spells available (If a character's name is provided, then he/
    she is a trainer and will train a skill for gold)
    O: Opinions available (talking to these characters will influence your rebel/
    shaper standing), or quests which change the opinion of rebels/shapers 
    towards you.
    $: Merchants who will buy from you, notable items on sale
      Text description of level.
    -------------------------CHAPTER 1. FORSAKEN LANDS---------------------------
      You are a rebel, who will change the course of the war between rebels and 
    shapers.  You have full control over your path, able to choose aiding either 
    the shapers or the rebels.  For the most part, you can play as a middle-of-
    the-road character and won't have to finally choose till the last quarter of 
    the game.  This is recommended; a middle-of-the-road character in general 
    will find better access to trainers, items, and rewards than pure 
    shapers/rebels, with a few notable exceptions.  
      The game is roughly divided into 5 chapters, each with major goals.  Try 
    not to initiate/complete a chapter without doing everything you want to do 
    first.  In the case of Chapter 1, don't escort the caravan until you've 
    finished all the quests in the area.
      Southforge Docks
    Q: Tutorial Quests.
    I: Polar Fur Cloak
      The game starts with a fairly exciting introduction/tutorial.  You are part 
    of a group of characters who are trying to make it to the Geneforge.  Greta, 
    a powerful NPC from the first game is directing you and two other 
    prospectives, Tyrol, a pompous lifecrafter, and Magda, a servile healer, to 
    the geneforge.  You are first told by Greta to go equip some items nearby (a 
    dagger and a suit of chitin armor), and then to prepare yourself to get to 
    the Geneforge.  When ready, you then must run to the Geneforge.  You are 
    attacked early by a new creation, a kyshakk.  Run along, and rob the nearby 
    body for a few minor items and coins.  Tyrol will probably die near here.
      For the first portion of the game, pick up anything you need to increase 
    your total armor class, and anything that can be sold for money.  Most items 
    are worthless in this game (0 coins), so you won't be carrying everything.  
    You'll want about 5000 coins before the end of the chapter (this is not 
    required, but doesn't hurt).
      Follow Greta past the mines, talk to her, and then go grab the key from the 
    chest.  Get ready to run some more and tell Greta about it.  Then head south.  
    You get attacked by a War Trall this time.  Magda will probably die.  
    Continue south through the mines, and use the key on the box to the west to 
    turn off the energy fields.  You're done, and get 1000 experience for your 
    trouble!  There's a lovely crystal west of the door out of here, so grab it 
    then follow Greta to Southforge for now.
      Come back after using the Geneforge, and explore the area.  The most 
    notable item you'll find is a polar fur cloak, an excellent cloak that 
    increases your resistances.
      Southforge Citadel and Under Southforge Citadel
    Q: Tutorial Quest, Return to Greta, Burkle's Lock, Deathcap Mushrooms, Stop 
    Master Thell, Calm the Fyora, Stolen Supplies, Dassa's Mines, Question Enemy, 
    Deal w/Shaila, Escort Caravan, Find Northforge
    I: Girdle of Genius, Spidersilk Robe, Glaahk Eye, Grounded Robe
    S: Geneforge (+1 to Create Fyora, Firebolt, War Blessing, Minor Healing), 
    Master Jared, Daze (can), Create Thahd (can)
    O: Master Jared
    $: Joakim, Masha (5 living tools)
      You're still in a tutorial as you successfully enter Southforge.  Greta 
    directs you to go west and use the Geneforge.  You don't really have much of 
    a choice, so go ahead and follow Pol.  Use the stairs and grab the boots.  
    Barstow will direct you to the Geneforge.  Go and use it for a boost to four 
    skills.  Then head to the east, make a fyora, cast war blessing, and get 
    ready for some easy fights with some worms.  You can repair the pylon on the 
    way for a bunch of experience and an immobile ally, but it requires some 
    skill in mechanics.  I'd recommend having 6 points, boosted to 8 by the end 
    of the first chapter.  Also, a leadership of 6 points will open up lots of 
    nice things in the first chapter, so aim for that as well.  The tutorial area 
    is fairly straightforward, so proceed as you will.  You'll find some ice 
    crystals, regular crystals, and living tools if you do everything.  Once you 
    make it through the end doors, the tutorial is done and you get a new quest 
    to go see Greta.  Other quests are now available, as well.
      Master Jared is your immediate source of training.  Jared trains magic and 
    shaping abilities and has a decent price for his services.  If you talk to 
    him fully, he'll allow you to make your opinion known on the rebel vs. shaper 
    debate.  He gives you a quest as well, to unlock his southern door.  Do so 
    for a canister of Create Thahd and some experience.  There are also two 
    chests here that can be opened, though they require a mechanics score of 
    about 12 to avoid their traps.  Come back here after you've cleared a chapter 
    or two and have a higher mechanics score (or enough HP to survive the traps).  
    Inside is a girdle of genius (+2 int), an excellent item for any character.  
    Dewan is a servile nearby who will sell you potions and give a quest to 
    recover some deathcap mushrooms (curing, speed, and major healing spores as a 
    reward).  Do so before finishing the chapter or else you will lose this 
    reward for this quest.  Head down the stairs and continue to talk to 
    everyone.  Delma sells food but is otherwise unimportant (though you could 
    grab all the stuff in the rooms and sell it).  Joakim is a servile smith who 
    will buy and sell with you, and who gives you a quest to stop Master Thell 
    (steel sword, shield reward).  Masha isn't too helpful but does have some 
    living tools for sale, which are always a great thing to blow extra cash on 
    (in times far in the future- though 1 or 2 if you really need them don't 
    hurt).  You can explore the rooms nearby Masha and grab some chain armor and 
    a spidersilk robe.  The robe is great for any character limited by 
    encumbrance.  Swarns watches over the creations and wants you to fix the 
    fyora torchlight.  Do so if you have a high leadership and calm it for some 
    healing spores.  Alternatively you can kill it for a weaker award.  You can 
    talk with the artila Greenfang and recruit it if you have a leadership of ~6.  
    He's quite useful, but won't stay with you forever.  However, he's a free 
    creation that doesn't use up your essence.  Captain Zakary has a small quest 
    for you- to find out who is stealing the supplies.  Go to Masha's store, and 
    follow Egelend till he heads west, staying a healthy distance behind him.  Do 
    this BEFORE you try to take on Shaila or else Egelend dies before you can 
    find out where he's hiding the supplies.  Tell Captain Zakary for 150 coins.  
    Head east to speak with Dassa, who has a quest for you- to disarm a mine 
    trigger.  You can either disarm each mine, staying as far away from the pink 
    trigger as possible, or you can head to the north and hit the spore box.  Do 
    both for the maximum reward.  Tell Dassa for some living tools.  North are 
    two doors, though the tougher door to unlock will be unlocked for you before 
    this chapter is over, so don't waste living tools trying to open it.
      Finally, head to Greta.  She gives you the next quest, to Question the 
    Enemy.  Follow Pol to the SE, and go up the stairs.  Head to cell 2 and talk 
    with Miranda.  Miranda tries to recruit you, and also tells you where the 
    shaper camp is if you have enough leadership and follow the correct dialogue 
    path.  Go back to Greta after figuring this out, and tell her its location 
    for 50c.  She gives you another quest, to deal with Shaila.  You can now 
    leave the Citadel.
      Once you've removed Shaila by whatever means, return to Southforge.  The 
    citadel has taken another attack by the shapers and several characters are 
    now dead (like Egeland and the jail guard).  Tell Greta you've removed Shaila 
    to receive the key to Southforge.  Then head and grab the few items in the 
    locked room to the east.  If you want you can go up to the jail cell area 
    where Miranda was and kill the glaahk there.  It will drop a very useful 
    glaahk eye for you.  The nearby servile is a bit easier to kill, and drops a 
    grounded robe for you.  Greta now wants you to escort the caravan through the 
    cairn gates, so as to preserve the Geneforge.  Accept her quest and most 
    everyone in the town will disappear (with the exception of Masha, Joakim, and 
    Delma).  Greta also gives you papers to enter Illya Province.  The caravan 
    starts at Sinkhole Bridge.
      Citadel Gates
    Q: Splinterfang, Nola's Gold, Keeper Tycho, Help Dinitia, Find Shaper Camp
    I: Shielding Band
      When you leave the Citadel you're greeted by Captain Trianus, who gives you 
    a series of quests and some advice.  First he wants you to kill Splinterfang, 
    a nasty artila.  Do so for a healing pod and some speed spores.  Splinterfang 
    is to the west, behind a slew of worms and fyoras.  Also to the NE is Nola, 
    who wants you to retrieve a gold bar of hers.  Do so for nothing (the gold 
    bar is worth 75c, but the exp is probably better).  Captain Trianus will also 
    send out his thahds for you, but you probably shouldn't have him do so until 
    after you kill all the creations on the map.  Otherwise they'll steal your 
    experience.  Trianus continues to give you quests, including to kill Keeper 
    Tycho (or drive him off and don't tell him) with a reward of a terror wand, 
    to help Dinitia for a shielding band, and to find the shaper camp (shaped 
    belt reward).
      I'd recommend investing two points in luck in this level so that you might 
    find some nice stuff when creatures drop something.  
      Crenshaw's Dell
    S: Burning Spray (can)
      Rogues abound here, but aren't horribly difficult.  Just proceed slowly, 
    hugging the corners of the map.  Keeper Tycho will find you eventually, and 
    will attack you.  He directs nearby creations after you, kill them, and then 
    start hitting him. Get his HP down a bit and he'll run, follow him and 
    continue to beat him up till he pleads for mercy.  At this point you can 
    either kill him or let him go.  You'll get a reward from the Shapers if you 
    let him go, and nothing if you kill him (he doesn't drop anything), so from a 
    munchkin perspective, let him live.  Other than that, loot everything from 
    things that move.  There's a canister of burning spray available, if you want 
    to use it.  If you have a bit of luck you might find a fyoraskin cloak (the 
    best cloak for a full chapter) from a random drop from a fyora, or the 
    excellent thahdskin tunic from a thahd.
    I: Perfect fyora scale, blessed bauble, lucky charm
    S: Cure affliction (can)
      Here you help Dinitia.  She's immediate to the west/southwest.  First I'd 
    recommend clearing out the enemies in the area so that Dinitia doesn't steal 
    any of your kills.  Head to the southeast and kill the "burning fyora" for a 
    perfect fyora scale, a recipe item.  When ready, recruit Dinitia, and follow 
    her around the area.  She wigs out at the SE, where a path to a new area is 
    found.  Then she gives you a key to her chest which holds a blessed bauble.  
    Head back to the central ruins and explore it.  You'll find a canister of 
    cure affliction, some recipes for crystals, and a lucky charm.  Charms can be 
    carried in your backpack and augment your statistics and resistances.  There 
    are several to be found or made throughout the game.
      Shaper Camp
    Q: Help Shaila, Forsaken Spy, Turn in Caravan
    I: Stability Bauble 
    O: Crowley's quests.
      Throughout the game there are several locations that you will want to just 
    barely investigate as the enemies there are too powerful for you.  This is 
    one of those locations.  Head down to the area with the crates and you'll 
    fulfill Trianus's quest.  If you head down much further you'll find a glaahk 
    and battle alpha waiting for you, these are too tough for you at the moment.  
    As you head back, you encounter a shaper- General Crowley.  Crowley corners 
    you and requests a bit of your time.  Go ahead and play nice, it won't hurt 
    anything.  If you have a decent leadership score you can even get a stability 
    bauble out of him (which is better than a shielding bauble).  He has a quest 
    for you- to help Shaila.  This quest is not inconsistent with Greta's quest 
    as you can do them both, and you get a decent reward for it (a projection 
    band), so you may want to do it if you're not playing as a hard-line rebel.  
    He also wants you to rat out any lifecrafter spies in the area (Burkes 
    specifically for 400c), but I'd save that for near the end of the chapter as 
    Burkes can train you.  After helping Shaila, Crowley gives you a final quest- 
    to betray the Geneforge-carrying caravan.  He won't give you a reward for 
    this, but you will get a nice reward from Alwan in chapter 2 if you do it.
      Chickweed Bridge
    I: Vat Shoes, Student's Belt, 
    S: Burkes, Protection (can), Mental Barrier (can) 
    $: Coated Cloak, Perfect Fyora Scale
      This area is guarded by several tough battle alphas.  You probably won't be 
    able to kill them yet, but if you really want to do it, sneak to the center 
    island, and use the control panel there.  Set the mines to explode in a few 
    seconds, then run off and wait for the mines to explode.  Hopefully they'll 
    take down the battle alphas.  Also of major interest to you is the crazed 
    drayk to the NE.  Right now he's probably quite difficult for you, but if you 
    have a bit of luck, blessings, and maybe even speed, you'll be able to take 
    it down.  It's guarding a student's belt (very nice), some vat shoes, and a 
    canister of protection.
      The key individual here is lifecrafter Burkes, who can be convinced with a 
    bit of effort to teach you a few useful things.  Most important is the fact 
    that he will teach you Spellcraft, which is a very valuable, expensive skill.  
    Try to save up the necessary 2380 coins to buy this skill so as to become 
    much more powerful.  The other things he teaches you are also useful, but 
    less necessary to learn (though augmentation is an excellent spell). You can 
    easily reach Burkes by coming from Sinkhole Bridge.  Burkes will also sell 
    you some items if you have adequate leadership, including a coated cloak and 
    a perfect fyora scale.  His prices are utterly ridiculous though, so I'd skip 
    it.  Burkes's room holds a canister of mental barrier.
      Sinkhole Bridge
    Q: Rebel Rescue
    I: Stunning Blade, Carnelian Gloves
    O: Kill Rebels (pro-shaper)
      This is the northern bridge and where you will go to reach the caravan when 
    it's time to leave this chapter.  The important individual here is Foyle, who 
    gives you a quest to go help some rebels.  When ready, head to the NW.  
    You'll find a weak battle alpha and it has a stunning blade on its body, so 
    claim that.  Also nearby behind some locked doors are the carnelian gloves 
    which are excellent for magic casters.  You'll find Serif, the rebel, hiding 
    near the far NW.  Talk with him and tell him to head on out (or kill him and 
    his crew if you're so inclined).  He'll give you a key to the nearby chest, 
    then the rebels will all run out.  Accompany them to the exit, killing the 
    worms who get in your way.  You'll get a healthy bit of experience for each 
    rebel you save.  Some nice minor items are inside the chest, so grab them.  
      The caravan is to the SE.  Talk with them and escort them.  If you've 
    already been here, you've probably cleared everything already and will just 
    want to follow them and collect your experience when they leave.
      Therile Colony
    Q: Dumping Pits
    I: Venom Baton
    S: Mercedia, War Blessing (can)
    O: Master Thell
    $: Yves, Perfect Fyora Scale, Artila Eye
      Therile Colony holds some very nice items for you and some good quests.  
    Immediately to the north of the central colony you will find Master Thell, 
    who is bossing some serviles around.  Command him to stop to complete 
    Joakim's quest.  This route may require some leadership.  In his house you'll 
    find some nice items, including a venom baton, which helps if you're playing 
    a missile weapon character.  A bit east is Yves, an alchemist who is fairly 
    unfriendly.  He will buy and sell with you, and has a few OK items at way-to-
    expensive prices.  Skip it.  He knows where some deathcap mushrooms are, so 
    ask him about them to make him nervous.  Then follow him, remaining a healthy 
    distance away (like you did with Egeland), and you'll find his stash.  If he 
    sees you when he's uncovered his stash he'll attack, so watch out.  Grab the 
    herbs and items and use the bushes for some thorns.  The final person of note 
    (and arguably the most important person here) is Mercedia, a mage.  She has a 
    quest for you- to explore the dumping pits.  She's also willing to teach you 
    the spell Speed for very high prices if you have a bit of leadership.  She'll 
    sell you more after you do her quest (still at pretty high prices, though).  
    Also, she'll unlock her room for you so that you can pillage her stuff (for a 
    war blessing canister).  Amongst her stuff are some recipes for wands, if you 
    like them.
      Boiling Mudpits
    I: Reflecting Shield, Coated Cloak
    S: Minor Heal (can)
      Come here if you are mechanically inclined and are pursuing Shaila.  This 
    level is a moderately straight-forward area which leads you where you need to 
    go.  Disarm the mines as you go for continuous experience, and kill the few 
    rogues present.  Important items of note include a minor heal canister behind 
    a set of double mines (mines both east and west), a coated cloak, and a 
    reflecting shield.  Walk carefully between the energy field emitters to use 
    the control spore emitter and turn them all off, allowing you to grab the 
    useful goods nearby.  Once you make it to the NW, the area is cleared.
      Forsaken Docks
    I: Vat Chitin
      You should try this route if you're going after Shaila and are more 
    inclined to fight your way through.  This area has a specific set of rogues 
    that guard the docks- a servile leader, some artilas, some fyoras, and some 
    thahds.  If you take out the servile first the others are a bit easier to 
    kill as they act a bit stunned.  There are minor valuables spread around the 
    area, including a vat chitin.
      If you're escorting Shaila through here, help her make it to the docks.  
    She'll be attacked by some roamers and other beasts, but they're not horribly 
    difficult.  If you have Greenfang he'll leave at this time.
      Boiling Caverns
    I: Swamp Pants, Shielding Knife 
    S: Create Fyora (can)
    O: How you deal with Shaila
      Shaila is hiding here.  If you're coming from the Forsaken Docks and are 
    interested in continuing to fight, head to the NE.  Shaila will challenge you 
    to creation battle.  Head north and kill her creations as she makes them and 
    eventually she'll tire out.  Then go through her nearby door.
      If you're coming from the Boiling Mudpits and are interested in continuing 
    the Mechanics/Leadership route, open one of the nearby doors.
      At this point, you face Shaila.  You have two options if you have the 
    mission from General Crowley- to save her or to kill her.  Saving her is a 
    pro-shaper act, whereas killing her helps your standing with the rebels.
      If you choose to kill her, you may find that sabotaging her machinery helps 
    significantly.  It's near the south, and requires some mechanics skill to be 
    successful.  If you wait for her to sit on the platform, you may even be able 
    to kill her without raising a blade.  Otherwise, challenge her, and then beat 
    her until she runs.  Then, chase after her and kill her.  She drops a 
    shielding knife on death.  Note that if you pursue this path, Greenfang 
    leaves you immediately and attacks you.
      Otherwise, calm her down, and let her leave.
      Either way, once she's gone you can explore as much as you wish, and grab 
    the swamp pants and create fyora canister.  When done here, either escort her 
    to the docks at the Forsaken Docks if she's alive, or head back for your 
    reward from Greta if not.  Note that near her NW room you'll find a spore box 
    hidden behind a pillar.  This happens fairly frequently in GF4, so be sure to 
    check behind things if you see a door that doesn't seem to want to open for 
    I: Fyora Fang Charm, Girdle of Nimbleness
      You are either here with the caravan or solo.  I'd recommend coming here 
    first solo so as to avoid having to rush through the area.  As a solo 
    character, the most dangerous things here are the shapers near the east-
    center of the map.  Watch out for them if you're not here with the caravan.  
    There are two humans, two venom turrets, and a plated artila in the camp.  
    Also, carefully check out the SW for a girdle of nimbleness, which you can 
    take by invoking the wrath of a restless shade.  Kill it as best you are 
    able.  There are several fyoras to the SE, and one of them drops a fyora fang 
    charm on death (slight bonus to fire resistance).  There are a few other 
    rogues, but the most important thing is to the NE, the entrance to the 
    dumping pits.
      If you're here with the caravan, accompany it through the shaper camp (it 
    might be more fun for you to kill the shaper troops first, as they shouldn't 
    present too much of a challenge, and take all the exp and loot for yourself 
    (mostly minor goods).  Escort them to the west, and kill the exploding 
    roamers as they enter the map.  Try not to let any of them kill the caravan 
    members to maximize your exp.  After about 10-20 of them, you'll be free to 
      Dumping Pits
    I: Blood Poison, Chilling Band
    S: Essence Shield (can)
      This area is best done with your character constantly in fight mode, as the 
    atmosphere poisons you.  If you have a hard time with the roamers here, skip 
    this area as it will be too hard for you.  Some pools are to the SE, use them 
    to charge up.  Then head west and go through the doors.  Your first group of 
    enemies are runed thahds, who will cast spells on your characters if hit in 
    melee (cursing, slowing, and damage-returned).  Next you'll fight some 
    corrupted artila, who are a bit easier.  There is a chest to the NW, but to 
    get it you must be able to survive some nasty energy damage.  Inside you'll 
    find a discipline want and a blessing crystal.  Continue east, and take out 
    the spinecores.  Destroy their buds first to prevent them from healing 
    completely.  Some healing crystals are provided for you to help you continue 
    at the half-way point.  You'll find a storage area behind a locked door, 
    enter it and grab the blood poison, research notes, and other goods.  
    Continue on, and you'll find a chilling band and some cryos worms.  You'll 
    find a canister of essence shield and some more worms, and a recipe for some 
    powerful greaves (an artifact).  The area you find the artifact recipe also 
    has what Mercedia was looking for, and the exit.  Head back to Mercedia 
    afterwards to claim your reward.
      Cairn Gates
    Q: Find Safehouse
    I: Girdle of Insight, Shaped Boots, Coated Cloak
    S: Searer (can), Create Roamer (can)
    O: Caravan results
      You're most likely here with the caravan, and you probably shouldn't 
    attempt this area prior to coming here with the storyline.  The caravan waits 
    for your word, but head north a bit first.  You'll encounter a drakon 
    (Warmaster Karikiss) who tells you that he destroyed most of the defense here 
    for your caravan.  If you have enough leadership, you can convince him to 
    turn off the fields immediately north as well (the line "I have 
    serviles...").  You can also head a bit east and go north, fighting a few 
    rogues, and turn off the field yourself if you don't have the leadership.  
    Next recruit your caravan and head to the center of the map.  At this point 
    you have a choice.
      If you are playing pro-rebel, continue to the center of the map, and you'll 
    find the shaper-in-training Lethos.  Kill him and take his girdle of insight.  
    You can either escort the caravan or do this yourself, from what I gather.  
    Then the caravan waits outside the western doors.  Go south and pull the 
    lever to let them through (receiving a healthy bit of experience).
      If you want to help the shapers, set the caravan to move, then when they 
    are near the center of the map, light the signal fire to the N/NE.  Some 
    vlish come out of the water and slaughter the caravan.  You can now get by 
    Lethos without a fight if you want.
      Either way, you should now explore the area.  To the NE are several mines 
    that you can disarm and find a body with some shaped boots and a coated cloak 
    on it.  Head to the SW, and you'll find the remnants of the shaper army.  
    Kill them (a few scouts and warriors) and take their stuff.  You'll find an 
    ironwood shield amongst their items, as well as two canisters- Searer and 
    Create Roamer.  Leave this area to get another quest, to find the safehouse.
    -------------------------CHAPTER 2. ILLYA PROVINCE---------------------------
      Eastern Checkpoint
    Q: Find Sandia, Find Reiner, Uchitelle's Package
    I: Cryoa Claw Charm
    S: Wrack (can)
    O: Rutenberg's Quests
    $: Urbina
      You now have the test of truth- whether the shapers will believe your 
    papers and allow you entry.  Fortunately, the shaper looking at your papers 
    is drunk and kind of stupid.  Shaper Rutenberg lets you pass with no 
    problems, and will give you two quests to find his serviles.  With adequate 
    leadership you can also get a blue spore baton out of Rutenberg.  Urbina will 
    trade with you as well, and you can convince her to lower her prices with a 
    bit of leadership.  She also gives you a quest to deliver a package to 
    Utichelle.  As you head north, you encounter Agent Miranda, who was locked up 
    in Southforge.  She burns your permission papers but is otherwise friendly. 
    She wants you to travel to Dillame and speak with General Alwan.
      To the NW are some mines that are guarding a canister of wrack.  Use the 
    blue spore baton to destroy them and get your canister if you'd like.  To the 
    SW is a strange cubby that is occasionally occupied by a cryoa (leave this 
    map and come back again if it's not there).  Kill it for a Cryoa claw charm.  
    The final thing of note is that there's a clawbug tunnel near the south exit, 
    explore it for some nice goods (they belong to Urbina).
    Q: Stranded Rebels, Melted Glass, Pikkary Bandits, Turabi Gate, Meet Shorass, 
    Fackler's Papers
    I: Infiltrator's Tunic, Tinker's Bauble, Gauntlets of Succor.
    S: Luck (Mayor Kirk), Create Clawbug (can)
    O: Barbaro, Fackler's Papers
    $: Gregory
      Dillame is the main hub of the area and should be your base of operations 
    for the chapter. Drop off all your stuff here.  There is a lot to do here, 
    and you'll find a healthy serving of activities.  To the NW is Gregory who 
    will trade with you, so sell off any extra junk to him.  Gretchen is an 
    alchemist who wants you to collect melted sand for her, and will give you 
    nice things (mostly money- 75c each) for them.  10 will net you nearly all 
    her rewards, including a blessing crystal and an artila eye.  If you have a 
    bit of leadership you can also talk a tinker's bauble out of her.  Talk with 
    Mayor Kirk and be friendly (and have a good leadership score) to get a free 
    point of luck.  Master Drex is south near Lilly, and wants you to alleviate 
    his bandit problems at Pikkary Bridge.  Do so for 400c, then he gives you 
    another quest- to assure his safe passage at Turabi Gate.  Success nets you 
    400c and a runed ruby.  At the inn you'll find Fackler who will buy your 
    research notes from you (80c), though this is a slightly rebellious act.  
    When you give him about 10, he'll give you some gauntlets of succor.
      Lilly is your main rebel contact.  Talk with her and she'll tell you about 
    the Rebel safehouse.  It's far to the SW.  You can also get a quest from her 
    to help the stranded rebels.  Lilly will also remove a trap on the storage 
    bins, so grab some minor goodies from it.  The nearby bin is more heavily 
    trapped, but yields an infiltrator's tunic if you're talented in mechanics 
      To enter Rivergate Keep, talk to Mind Stol and tell him your real name.  
    You'll be allowed in with no problems.
      If you're interested in the 3rd sect of the game talk with the innkeeper 
    Barbaro.  Tell her that you don't think anyone should be able to shape to get 
    directed to Drewry.  Go north and talk with Drewry.  Drewry wants you to 
    smash a canister of Create Clawbug before he talks with you.  Do so if you're 
    interested in the much-maligned Trakovite pathway.  Otherwise just consider 
    it a free canister.  Drewry tells you about the Trakovites, and tells you to 
    see Shorass next.  You won't find Shorass for several more hours, so don't 
    worry about it for now.
      Uchitelle's Grove
    Q: Finding the Anvil, Uchitelle's Pest
    I: Jade Band, Coated Cloak, Girdle of Endurance, Madness Gem, Blessed 
    S: Uchitelle
      Uchitelle is an exiled shaper.  When you enter this area, immediately go 
    and talk with the servant mind.  He will help you be safe in this area by 
    making the patrolling vlish friendly.  Explore a bit and you'll find some 
    mines that need disarming for some minor rewards to the east.  Make it to the 
    Uchitelle and give him Urbina's package for 20c.  He sells some minor goods, 
    and trains some spells.  He also gives two quests- to secure the anvil in the 
    Sandros Mine, and to destroy his spawner.  Complete the anvil quest and 
    you'll receive a blessing crystal and a key to fight the nasty boss of the 
    mines, and destroy his spawner for a charging stone and 300c.  He will also 
    teach you how to use the anvil, which is a potent artifact.  Loot his stuff 
    for a coated cloak and a jade band, among other things.  One of his chests 
    requires ~12 mechanics to open, so come back for it later for some reaper 
    ammo, a madness gem, and a blessed necklace.  Uchitelle's spawner is found to 
    the SW, and is guarded by 3 roamers.  It summons another roamer every 2-3 
    turns.  Kill it for some gems, a runed amethyst, and the girdle of endurance.
      Sandros Mines
    I: Living Knife, Ethereal Seal, Mandrake Tincture, Demon's Bile, Golden 
    Crystal, Gloves of the Hammer, Shaper Trueweave
      This level is very tough for characters with few to no creations, as it is 
    full of undead.  Undead cast slow on you if they hit you, resulting in you 
    missing half of your turns.  Be careful if you don't have any help.  If you 
    have ~7 leadership, this level is much easier, though.  A shade sentinel will 
    accost you, but you can make the shades neutral if you have at least 7 
    leadership.  Then you can kill all the shades in the main chamber at your 
    leisure, as they won't attack you unless you don't kill them fast enough.  
    The side chambers are another story, and you will have to kill the shades 
    there (to the north and the SE) as they are all hostile.  Kill everything 
    here, then check out the rooms to the NE.  You'll find some gold bars and a 
    ring of puresteel (a special item).  When ready, head to the SE, making your 
    way to a chamber with a unopenable room.  Be careful and stay away from the 
    east.  Disarm the power spiral to the west, then enter combat mode.  Hug the 
    north corner of the room, and end your turn.  Head NE and you'll see the 
    enemy of this area- a parasitic shade.  The best way to fight the shade is to 
    turn off all of the power spirals, then engage it in combat.  If the power 
    spirals aren't turned off, it will heal itself during combat, making for a 
    very frustrating fight.  It will summon a few weak shades to help it, but 
    eventually you'll take it down.  It drops a living knife on death, and opens 
    up the area leading to the anvil.  This gives you access to a powerful way of 
    improving your items and making new things.  
      When you're a much higher level (20+, and probably close to 30), come back 
    here and go to the NW.  Use Uchitelle's key to open the door.  You'll find a 
    shade first.  It's dangerous, but you should be able to handle it if you're 
    level is appropriate.  Charged thahd meatshields are great.  Kill it and it 
    drops a runed onyx and a tiny orb of mist.   Head south, and you'll find two 
    ghosts (a brother and a sister).  You must do approximately the same damage 
    to each or they'll heal each other.  They have nasty charm and terror spells, 
    so the mental barrier spell helps.  One of them drops an ethereal seal on 
    death.  Next you fight a golem.  It has several stages- resistances vs. fire, 
    physical, and magical damage, and a final stage where it becomes hasted and 
    extremely difficult to damage.  Wingbolts do consistent damage, as do 
    kyshakks.  Drayks do decent damage against it, and a solo infiltrator may be 
    able to take it on with a few meatshield thahds to divert its attention.  
    Lower level creations will probably die in this fight, but may serve to 
    distract it.  Wrack and essence shackles are both quite helpful, and will 
    help you survive.  When it dies, it drops several crystals, including a 
    golden crystal, and a pair of gloves of the hammer.  Next you can fight the 
    forgotten one, a potent shade.  It seems a bit easier than some of the 
    previous two fights.  However, it has very strong armor and you will hit 
    infrequently.  Wingbolts seem to do damage consistently, though other 
    creations with do lots of damage when they actually hit.  The shade summons 
    awful worms when it fights you, though they're not difficult if you have 
    enough AP to kill them in one turn, or a creation that can do the same.  The 
    forgotten one drops a shaper trueweave armor on death.
      Rivergate Keep
    Q: Betray the Safehouse, Hunting Traitors, Heart of the Kiln, Repair Moseh
    I: Guardian Stone Necklace, Skein of Wisdom, Lodestone Greaves, Mandrake 
    Tincture, Shaped Breastplate, Ring of Eye's Purity
    S: Shaper Duncan, Steelskin (can), Firebolt (can)
    O: Shaper Mars, General Alwan, Agent Mouawad, many quests done here
      Here is the stronghold of the shapers in the region.  You would do well to 
    be on your best behavior here.  The most boring section of this area is the 
    SW.  Still, you can steal a green spore baton, which is very useful and 
    definitely worth picking up.  Talk with Captain Kane to be informed of a 
    quest he wants you to do- he wants you to find traitors in Dillame and report 
    them to him.  Specifically he's looking for Lilly and Drewry, and will give 
    you a guardian stone necklace if you help.  You can also talk some minor 
    supplies out of him.  Also nearby is Agent Mouawad, who will reward you for 
    loyalty to the shaper's cause.  Agent Mouawad will also give you a quest to 
    retrieve the "heart of the kiln."  Do so for a skein of wisdom (+1 int)  
    There are three tiers of her rewards- 200c and a sparkling wand for minor 
    loyalty, a thirsting knife and 500c for moderate loyalty, and a ring of Eye's 
    Purity for near total loyalty.
      Other unique items here can be found immediately east of General Alwan.  
    Most intriguing of all are the Lodestone Greaves, which carry a dexterity 
    penalty but an immense damage bonus.  Characters who use physical or magical 
    attacks will find them very tempting.  Also nearby is a canister of Steelskin 
    and a recipe for the mental focus charm.  Nearby Shaper Duncan is secretive 
    area with a canister of firebolt, mandrake tincture, and a puresteel ring.  
    You must be stealthy to claim it without incurring the wrath of the whole 
    area, though.
      Shaper Duncan will train you here as well.  He is very expensive at first, 
    but lowers his prices as you do more to help the shapers (i.e., betraying the 
    safehouse, fixing Moseh).  With both acts, he becomes the cheapest source of 
    spells in the game.  Also talk with Shaper Duncan after Alwan gives you the 
    "repair Moseh" quest to get a passage bracelet, which allows you to explore 
    some of the more dangerous areas.  This item and quest alone makes it 
    worthwhile to not play as a strict rebel.
      When ready, head up to speak with Alwan to the NW.  Alwan will converse 
    willingly with you and will talk with you about the war.  Be somewhat 
    friendly so as to gain decent influence and not be killed on sight.  Even 
    rebels will find being friendly well worth their while, as it helps 
    ameliorate one particularly nasty battle (and save several skill points), and 
    gives you the ability to pass some nasty areas with ease.  Alwan's first task 
    for you is to Betray the Safehouse- to find it and report its location to 
    him.  You don't have to do this to get the next quest, though skipping it 
    requires some leadership.  You still have to find the safehouse to be able to 
    tell him about it.  Afterwards, he requests that you fix Shaper Moseh for 
    him.  He directs you to speak you with Shaper Duncan to get some help.  You 
    can also show him the papers you may have recovered from the safehouse to 
    improve your standing with the shapers.  Completion of the Moseh quest gets 
    you 1000c, and a shaped breast plate.  Duncan also becomes the cheapest 
    trainer in spells and creations, so buy all you'd like.
      Secured Crossroads
    I: Nimble Sandals
    O: Sandia
      This area mainly has groups of five roamers clustered who attack en masse.  
    They're not too hard, but be careful not to get swarmed- in other words, take 
    one batch on at a time.  One batch of roamers to the SW has a stronger roamer 
    who drops a pair of nimble sandals for you.  Items of interest include a blue 
    spore baton to the NW, and a group of mines to the SE.  Use the baton to 
    destroy the mines.  You'll find some decent goods hidden.  The servile Sandia 
    is to the NW; she is the object of one of Shaper Rutenberg's quests.  She's 
    not willing to return so you'd have to kill her if you want a full reward.  
    Otherwise let her go and lie to Rutenberg.  Near the center of the map is a 
    servile who runs to fetch some servile cultists.  Let it do so and kill the 
    serviles who run out.  
      Swarmed Woods
    I: Girdle of Strength
      A rebel named Blackrabbit can be found immediately to the south/south east 
    (he's easy to find if you're coming from the east).  He gives you some hints 
    for the area, and you can recruit him if you want.  The general gist of this 
    area is trigger crystals, fight vlish/roamer pack.  Rinse and repeat.  Of 
    interest here is a concealed pathway to the north which gives some loot, and 
    a girdle of strength to the west.  Head far to the west and you'll reach the 
    Illya Safehouse.
      Turabi Gates
    I: Clawbug Charm, Captain's Boots, Essence-Infused Skin
      This is a stealth level. Five to six patrol guards, um, patrol this area.  
    If one talks to you, you have 1-2 turns till they sound the alarm, maybe a 
    bit more if you have high leadership or Alwan's papers.  If you can kill them 
    in that time, they'll be gone for good.  If not, they summon a huge, endless 
    force of enemies which will kill you very quickly.  If you kill all of them 
    before they get help, you can wander this area freely.  Things of note here 
    include Trint, a servile to whom you can give Drex's letter to fulfill his 
    quest.  The NW has a bunch of Clawbugs, and the terror clawbug drops a 
    clawbug charm on death.
      Turabi gate is in the center west, and you need to approach it from the 
    north, south, and east to fulfill Darnor's quest.  If you want some ultra 
    powerful items, you have to know how to do stealth properly.  Then approach 
    from the gate from the south, and enter combat mode.  End your turn out of 
    view of all the enemies in order to not incur the Shaper's wrath.  The things 
    you're looking for are to the south, and include a pair of captain's boots, a 
    tiny orb of the mist, and, most-importantly, the essence-infused skin.  When 
    you are near the end of the game, you may actually be able to take this force 
    on and survive. 
      Illya Safehouse
    Q: Kill Moseh, Shatter the Hearth, Spying on Turabi, Gibbon's Canisters, Kill 
    Drayk, Kill Shaftoe, Kill Eliza, Aziraph Rebels
    I: Shaped Gauntlets, Mindwarp Seal, Runed Jade Necklace, Firecaster 
    Gauntlets, Girdle of Life
    S: Ozyss, Create Vlish (can), Essence Orbs (can), Group Heal (can), Create 
    Clawbug (can), Create Roamer (can)
    O: Ozyss
    $: Motz
      Enter this area, the head of operations for the rebels in Illya province.  
    Darnor tells you to go see Pirik.  Pirik asks you what happened to the 
    caravan.  If you turned it in, you don't get anything.  However, if you 
    escorted it safely, you get 750c and a pair of shaped gauntlets.  Pirik then 
    gives you your next mission- to kill Shaper Moseh.  If you have good 
    leadership you can get her to give you a key giving you access to lots of 
    storage rooms.  Once Moseh is either restored or destroyed, come here for a 
    bracelet of passage that allows you to pass the eastern rise.  Pirik will 
    also ask you to kill Shaftoe (for a runed jade necklace), and to kill Eliza 
    (for a mindwarp seal).  Also, Pirik will give you your directions to go see 
    the Aziraph rebels.
      Darnor will give you two quests- to shatter the heart of the kiln, and to 
    spy on Turabi Gates.  Darnor will also reward you if you've done some pro-
    rebel actions.  He gives you a jeweled wand at first for some loyalty, some 
    firecaster gauntlets for moderate loyalty, and a girdle of life for strong 
    loyalty.  Motz will trade with you, and Gibbons will trade cash (750c) for 
    canisters (of create clawbug and create roamer- you need to be pro-rebel for 
    this though).  Gibbons also gives you a quest to recover puresteel rings in 
    exchange for canisters.  There are several rings available, one in the 
    Sandros Mine, one in Rivergate Keep, and one in Thorton ruins.  For a first 
    ring you receive a canister of create vlish.  A second nets you a canister of 
    essence orbs, and the third, a group heal spell canister.  Ozyss the drayk 
    will train you in spells and has a quest for you- to slay the mad drayk in 
    the circle of the drayk.  He'll lower his prices significantly when you do so 
    (from utterly ridiculous to slightly expensive).
      Other items of note include the smith Veidt, who has mildly decent items.  
    Khur the servile will join you if you're moderately pro-rebel, but he won't 
    tolerate many anti-rebel sentiments.  You can also sneak to the chambers 
    north of Pirik and grab a batch of notes to betray the camp with, if you 
      Circle of the Drayk
    I: Shielding Band, Shaped Shield, Physician's Charm, Perfect Drayk Scale, 
    Purified Essence
    S: Create Vlish (can), Terror (can)
      You are greeted by a cultist named Purge Submit.  Purge Submit will sell to 
    you and has decent prices.  If you look around any further you'll be attacked 
    by everyone here, so buy anything you desire early on.  Run around the 
    perimeter of this entire area, avoiding the center and killing all the 
    serviles.  You'll find a few nice items, including a shielding band.  Watch 
    out for servile clangers, as they will summon the drayk to attack you.  
    Otherwise, most of the serviles are pretty easy, except for those with names, 
    who you should watch out for as they usually have a special attack or two, 
    and often decent items.  To the east is a servile spiritdrainer who has a 
    shielding band.  Other items of note include a shaped shield (dropped by 
    Unending Purgin), and a Physician's Charm (+1 healing craft) in Liberated 
    Unleashed's quarters, along with a canister of create Vlish.  Most of these 
    items are to the south.  The servile Reiner is to the SE, and can be freed 
    and then escorted to the exit zone.  Reiner is one of Shaper Rutenberg's 
      When ready (i.e., beefed up with some helpful creations) go to the center 
    of the map.  You'll find the major enemy of the area, a drayk.  Kill it as 
    best you are able.  For shaping-heavy characters unstable thahds are 
    excellent meat shields to take the hits off of you.  For non-shaping heavy 
    characters, use some meat shield temporary creations to help divert the 
    drayk's attention while you whale on it from a distance.  When it goes down 
    it drops a perfect drayk scale.  You can also access its canister of terror 
    and a very important purified essence vial.  Report to Ozyss for your reward.
      Dillame Fields
    I: Shaped Greaves, Fyoraskin Cloak, Shaped Boots
    S: Create Fyora (can), Unlock (can), Spellcraft (can)
    O: Killing 31st regiment
      This area has a few things to do.  You'll immediate get attacked by some 
    rogues who are trying to kill some farmers, so save the farmers if you want.  
    To the SW you'll find Commander Zakary (if you saved the Geneforge, anyways, 
    otherwise it's Captain Herat).  Be a bit abusive towards him and you'll get 
    access to his canisters (shaped greaves and canisters of create fyora, 
    unlock). To the NE you'll find the entrance to the Purity Workshop B, guarded 
    by several clawbugs and mines, and a fyora which drops a fyoraskin cloak on 
      If you want, you can take on the 31st regiment of the Shaper Army.  Doing 
    so is a rebellious act.  Watch out, they're pretty well entrenched, with lots 
    of mines, a few turrets, roamers, baton users, and warriors.  Let them come 
    to you, if at all possible.  The mines aren't that painful, but you may need 
    to approach carefully.  They have lots of mediocre loot, but the good stuff 
    includes some shaped boots and a jeweled wand.  Also, there's a canister of 
    spellcraft to the south behind the disarmable mines.  It's a bit hidden, and 
    there's a lot of much nicer loot here.  Even non-canister using players will 
    be tempted by this one.  Remember, use less than 8 to get the non-canister-
    addict ending.
      Swamp Crossroads
    I: Clover Boots
    S: Spine Shield (can)
      This area is home to the bandits that are giving Master Drex such a hard 
    time.  If you've used lots of canisters, you'll attack their small group near 
    the entrance to the area instantly.  Otherwise, head a bit to the west, and 
    follow the servile to reveal the secret bandit camp entrance.  Jadetree, the 
    bandit leader, tries to shoo you away.  You can bribe her to stop attacking 
    Master Drex if you want, though it's much more satisfying to kill them all.  
    It's a bit of a difficult fight if you're caught off-guard, but try to hang 
    around behind the trees and let them come to you.  Jadetree drops a pair of 
    clover boots specifically, which you may appreciate for their bonus to luck.  
    Otherwise, grab their loot (including a blue baton- you'll need one here).
      To the north you'll find an old lab with a recipe for a special wand and a 
    canister of spine shield (which is a spell that extremely useful for nearly 
    all characters).  To the SE are several vlish who are helping guard some of 
    the bandits loot.  Use a blue spore baton to detonate the nearby mines and 
    grab the mostly-cash loot.
      Illya West Road
    I: Captain's Shiv
      Not much to do here except explore, loot, and destroy.  Try to kill all of 
    the central thahds, as when you make it a bit west some serviles flee from 
    some shapers, and you get experience for each one left living who escapes.  
    There are some mines and minor loot to the SE, and some clawbugs south and 
    NW.  You may win a clawbug carapace shield from one of them, if you're lucky.  
    The NW clawbugs are guarding a mined area at the end of which you'll find the 
    Captain's Shiv.  It's an excellent item for those characters who rely on 
    their creations extensively.
      Purity Workshop B
    I: Mandrake Tincture, Demon's Bile, Torrent Gem, Tinker Gloves, Grounded Robe
      This area can be reached in the NE of Dillame Fields.  There are two routes 
    to take- the mechanics route and the fighting route.  The fighting one may be 
    a bit easier depending on what you've done, but you should try parts of them 
    both to get all the items.
      Head north and you'll find several vlish, clawbugs, and roamers.  Stay back 
    and let them come to you, and you'll find them fairly easily defeated.  
    There's a lever here that you can use to advance to a new area, but it's not 
    necessary just yet.  Continue north a bit more till you see the hellhounds.  
    Again, stay back and let them come to you.  Try to get the first hit in on 
    them, as it's much easier that way.  After you kill them all (there's about 
    5), head in for your loot.  You'll claim some shaped lances, mandrake 
    tincture, demon's bile, and a torrent gem.  Head a bit west and you'll find 
    the heart of the kiln (a ruby).  Retrieve it if you're helping the shapers, 
    or destroy it if not.  Helping the shapers gets you a superior reward, and 
    even strong rebels may consider giving it to her.  
      If you're going the mechanics route, head to the west and disarm the fields 
    by using the southern spore box.  Continue west and you'll find a control 
    box.  Several less than clear options are available for you.  The "Depower" 
    ones turn off some of the nearby lava fields (though one is broken).  The 
    "field" ones disarm nearby energy fields, though one control is broken.  I'm 
    not sure exactly what the "kiln" option does, but I'd avoid touching it.  
    Head north through the lava fields, and then take the doors out.  You'll be 
    around the fields that can't be turned off.  The nearby rooms are home to a 
    grounded robe and a pair of tinker's gloves (+2 mech!).  There's another 
    nearby control panel with ambiguous options.  Again, the "depower" turns off 
    nearby lava fields.  The "D" field is found to the far SW and yields some 
    minor items and an ivory skull.  You can also turn off some nasty vats for 4 
    living tools, but you won't get a lot (it's just another route to the heart 
    of the kiln).
      If you want to maximize your exploring output, turn off pads "E" and fields 
    "C", kill the vlish/clawbug/roamer packs, open the door and turn off "D", 
    then go grab the ivory skull and gloves.  Skip everything else to save your 
    living tools, and get the heart of the kiln by killing the hellhounds.
      The final thing of interest is the door to the NE, which leads to the next 
    underground area.
      North Illya Woods
    I: Static Band
    S: Heal (can)
      Vlish abound here, so kill them slowly.  They'll probably call for help, 
    unless you kill them quickly.  Important items of note include a heal 
    canister to the NE, and a static band to the SE behind some green mines 
    (you'll need your green spore baton to destroy them).  That's about it here.
      Rocky Point
    I: Acid Baton, Shaped Blade, Projection Band
    O: Dealing with rebels
    $: Alexandros, Venom Chain Mail, Jade Band, Mandrake Tincture
      This area is home to a number of nasty roamers.  The oozing roamers split 
    into 4 spawned crawlers on death, though they're pretty easy.  The vicious 
    roamers are a bit nastier with more HP and acid breath.  Kill them as you 
    can.  Head to the NW and explode some mines, and you may kill an icebreath 
    roamer.  Its nest holds an acid baton.  To the NE you'll find an entrance to 
    the Warded Sea Caves if you want to go and explore down there (this entrance 
    may be the best available.  Alexandros is to the NE as well and will buy and 
    sell if the rebels to the SE are gone.  The rebels to the SE are nearly 
    completely out of it.  You can attack them if you want to improve standing 
    with the shapers; otherwise you'll soon earn favor with the rebels.  As you 
    are talking with Captain Zorin, the rebels are attacked by a bunch of 
    shapers.  The shapers include several creations and two humans.  One drops a 
    shaped blade when dead, the other (Andover) drops a projection band.  Try to 
    keep the rebels alive, then help them make it to the exit for a hefty EXP 
    bonus for each rebel left alive.  You may now trade with Alexandros.
      Electrified Field
    I: Shielding Trinket, Madness Gem, Torrent Gem, Mandrake Tincture
    S: Create Artila (can)
      This area is full of deadly fields.  If you turn them off fully you'll get 
    a hefty batch of experience, so it's worth attempting to do so.  The first 
    major sporebox is to the SW, and turning it off allows you to go to the SE 
    and claim a canister of create artila.  Head north and grab the stuff off the 
    body (including a shielding trinket).  There's another sporebox nearby.  Head 
    to the east and you'll find some people who don't know where they want to go.  
    No matter what you say, they'll decide to head to the east.  Head a bit 
    north, kill the turrets, grab the loot, then turn off the last sporebox.  
    Finally, head to the west, avoiding the fields and kill 4 turrets and use the 
    sporeboxes to disarm a few more fields.  Then grab the stuff to the NW, and 
    grab the madness gem, torrent gem, and mandrake tincture.
      Thornton Ruins
    I: Piercing Gauntlets, Infiltrator Cloak, Grounded Robe, Volcanic Fetish
    S: Speed (can), Create Battle Alpha (can)
      This area is not meant to be tried without Shaper Duncan's pacifying 
    bracelet.  You might be able to do it if you're stealthy, but not easily.  
    You'll find some great things here, but will probably get killed without the 
    bracelet.  To the NW is an abandoned rebel cache, with a canister of speed 
    and create battle alpha, and a ring of puresteel.  While you're here you 
    might as well kill two rogues here.  Krazos is a battle beta to the SE.  He 
    casts a spell that removes your buffs and curses you instead, but is 
    otherwise easy.  When you kill Krazos, he drops some piercing gauntlets.  
    Head a bit south and open the nearby room for an excellent volcanic fetish 
    necklace (+1 to battle magic and to fire shaping).  The building to the north 
    is home to Mystithus, a nasty vlish.  Mystithus will divide into four after 
    you do a fair bit of damage to it.  You figure out which of the four images 
    is vulnerable to your attacks and beat it to 1 HP.  Some of the images are 
    also strong against cold and vlish attacks, so you may not find yourself 
    doing damage very well.  Once you defeat the last image, all of them die, and 
    Mystithus drops a vlish tentacle and a volcanic fetish.  Check the nearby 
    bodies for a grounded robe.
      West Barrier Zone
    I: Wand of the Inferno
      Again, make sure you have Shaper Duncan's bracelet, or you'll find this 
    area extremely difficult.  Unfortunately, there's not much here for you, 
    though you can grab a wand of the inferno from the SW, and a recipe for a new 
    wand from the NW.  As always, pick up the melted glass for the Dillame quest.
      East Barrier Zone
    I: Spectral Boots
      Moseh lives near here.  As such, it's not safe for anyone- shaper or rebel.  
    When you're here, Moseh will continuously make new rogues who will pursue 
    you.  As before, there's plenty of melted glass for you to pick up. If you're 
    here from Moseh's bunker, you'll find several ghosts.  One will drop some 
    spectral boots, which provide pretty good defense.  
      Once Moseh is pacified by whatever means come back and explore a bit more 
    at your leisure.  
      Warded Sea Caves
    I: Fine Silk Pantaloons, Oozing Sword, Solidified Flame
      You can get here from either Rocky Point or Purity Workshop B.  This area 
    is heavy with fields, and you'll have to proceed slowly and have a decent 
    mechanics score to survive.  The first sporebox you need to hit is 
    immediately south, after hitting it you'll be able to explore the western 
    passage way.  You may need to hit the sporeboxes to the SE (easiest from 
    Rocky Point) in order to get the next few items.
      You can grab the items to the NW, including some fine silk pantaloons, a 
    corrupting baton, an oozing sword, and solidified flame (an ingredient).  
    You'll have to fight some turrets to get there, though.  The sporebox in the 
    NW opens the east package, which is covered by mines.  Disarm them and hit 
    the sporebox to reach the central room.  From here you can access Moseh's 
      Eliza's Bunker
    Q: Eliza's Power Supply, Eliza's Intruder
    I: Submission Baton, Shaped Greaves, Pustulant Greaves, Acid Baton, Deep 
    Focus Orb, Agent Cloak
    O: Eliza's Quest
      Here you will find out how the shapers are defending these large areas.  
    Eliza is an agent who controls the creations in the Western Barrier Zone.  
    Talk to Eliza and she will give you a quest to help her out by fixing her 
    power supply.  If you want to do this quest, head north and use the control 
    panel.  At this point, enter combat mode.  The crystals nearby shoot out 
    dangerous aerial power blasts.  The crystals glow a bit right before they 
    explode, so watch out.  Run as far away as you can to avoid them.  After they 
    explode a few times they'll calm down and you can tell Eliza of your success.  
    She then asks you to destroy a dangerous rogue to the SW.  It's a mutated 
    thahd and casts poison on your party every turn, so try to kill it fast.  It 
    drops some shaped greaves on death.  Explore its area carefully for some 
    postulant greaves and an acid baton.  Tell Eliza of your success and she'll 
    agree to help you with Moseh.  Once you stabilize Moseh, Eliza lets you get 
    her stuff, including a deep focus orb and a runed onyx (which is great for 
    melee fighters).
      If you'd like to kill Eliza, first go south and diffuse all four of her 
    crystals (you can do this at any time without threat of response from Eliza, 
    and will also find a submission baton nearby for your troubles).  Eliza is 
    fairly easy to kill if you have a decent level, so just hit her till she 
    stops moving.  She drops an agent cloak on death, an excellent bit of armor.  
    All her doors open when she dies.
      Shaftoe's Bunker
    Q: The Mad Mind, A Pair of Rogues
    I: Shaped Gauntlets, Shaped Belt, Guardian Claymore.
    O: Shaftoe's Quests
      Shaftoe is the leader here, and is a guardian.  Talk to him for another 
    quest- to kill a crazed servant mind.  It's located to the NW, and is very 
    weak against ice (so cryoas or ice spray work well).  It isn't too tough, but 
    can cast essence orbs so attack it in melee if you need fight it.  Report on 
    your success and he gives you a second quest- to kill two rogues in Thornton 
    Ruins.  These two are Mystithus and Krazos.  Report to him when they're dead 
    and he'll help stabilize Moseh and will open all of the doors here.  You'll 
    find a recipe for the legs of the tyrant artifact and a lot of other loot, 
    including some shaped armor.
      Killing Shaftoe is harder than Eliza.  Shaftoe has more HP, and also has 
    several servant minds who will help summon creations for him.  If you wan, 
    just kill Shaftoe for his guardian claymore and run.
      Moseh's Bunker
    I: Gruesome Charm, Demon's Bile, Madness Gem
      If you're here from the Warded Sea Caves you can leave to the NE.  You'll 
    have to fight several rogues, one of which may drop an artila eye.  Exit 
    there if you're here by accident.
      Don't attempt to take on Moseh without receiving Alwan's quest, or without 
    10 leadership.  If you do, you'll be captured by Moseh, who will drain two 
    statistics permanently, and is quite tough.  Otherwise, tell Moseh about 
    General Alwan.  It'll disrupt his thoughts and will prevent him from draining 
    you.  If you have 10 leadership you can avoid the fight with him.  Otherwise, 
    you'll have to hit him a few times till he heals himself.  Then head north, 
    and either get the servile to disarm the healing pillars, or do it yourself.  
    Then go down and hit Moseh till he's sane.  You'll either have to kill him or 
    tell him that Shaftoe or Eliza will help him.  This completes this chapter.  
    You can then explore his stuff and pick up some demon's bile, a madness gem, 
    and a gruesome charm (+2 dex, +2 int, -2 end), which is worth having, though 
    invest your skill points in endurance to recover lost HP. 
      Eastern Rise
    I: Thirsting Gloves
    S: Create Glaahk (can), Create Thahd (can)
      You have two options for leaving this chapter- the eastern rise and the 
    western rise.  Both work well, so choose whichever you'd like more.  The 
    eastern rise is only passable if you have the agate from Pirik.  The agate 
    will disarm the energy fields here and will allow you to pass the area 
    without problems.  When you are close to the exit to the NE, the servile Pol 
    will greet you and tell you where to go.  There are some bandits to the NW, 
    and if you've used too many canisters, you'll attack them instantly.  They 
    have some minor items, and another agate for you.  To the SE you'll find some 
    canisters (create glaahk and thahd) and some thirsting gloves.
      Western Rise
    Q: Hunting Nakel
    I: Shaped Greaves
    S: Ice Spray (can)
    $: Perrin
      This is your other entry way to chapter 3.  Once you enter, wait for 
    Torsten to come see you.  Give him Alwan's papers, then head north.  Guardian 
    Horace doesn't like you, but will give you a quest to hunt a Trakovite named 
    Nakel.  500c is your reward for doing this quest.  Perrin will trade with 
    you, and you'll find some shaped greaves to the NE, as well as a canister of 
    Ice Spray.  When you're ready, head through to the north.
    -------------------------CHAPTER 3. FENS OF AZIRAPH--------------------------
      Golem Fens
    I: Fibrous Breastplate, Emberrune Chitin, Essence-infused Iron Bar
    S: Essence Shackles (can)
      This place is immediately in the way of your approach to the Rebel camp.  
    It's populated by a highly annoying golem and spawner combo.  Also, several 
    mines are set around here.  If they go off, they'll summon the golem.  You 
    can disarm them temporarily but not for long.  Your best bet here is to 
    destroy the golem and spawner.  Approach the center of the map from either 
    the SE or the NW, and disarm the mines.  Then charge the building, and disarm 
    the two northern power crystals.  Then hit the golem till it's destroyed, and 
    do the same for the spawner.  Collect your loot- a fibrous breastplate, 
    emberrune chitin, and an essence-infused iron bar.  There's also a canister 
    of essence shackles nearby.  That's about it for here, though be sure to pick 
    up all swamp herbs, kill the vlish and clawbugs, and make sure you can get to 
    the NW dungeon (don't enter till you get the quest from Jared, though).
      Aziraph Rebel Camp
    Q: Rescue Khyryk, Contact Vecsey, Lost Rebel Supplies, Swamp Herbs, Talk to 
    Ellsworth, Monarch and the Shaper Papers, Derenton Freehold
    I: Polished Shield, Singing Rapier
    S: Captain Archibald, Jared, Create Drayk (can), Create Battle Alpha (can), 
    Create Glaahk (can)
    O: Several rebel quests
    $: Stubbs
      Finally, some civilization!  This is the rebel headquarters for chaper 3.  
    There are several good things to do here.  Captain Archibald will train you 
    in combat arts for a decent price, so go ahead and burn some of your money.  
    Archibald is also a spy for the shapers, and will give you the info the 
    shapers want to know. Parry and quick action are useful for everyone.  Jared 
    is also here, and will give you a quest to recover some lost rebel supplies 
    from the dungeon in the golem fens.  Do so for a singing rapier, ivory skull, 
    and a good price on spells. He will train you in spells for a bit of cash (do 
    his quest first to improve his prices though), and will sell you some 
    canisters for 1000c each (500c with good leadership).  Stubbs will trade with 
    you, and gives you a quest to get her swamp herbs.  Bring her ten for a few 
    healing supplies.  Mose is to the NW and is the person you want to see after 
    conferring with Mizhera.  Once you've removed the refugees from the shaper 
    camp, they can be found here.  Talk with Mose again to get your final quest- 
    to talk with Ellsworth to send the refugees to Burwood Province.  Outside of 
    the main wall you'll find a polished shield to the NW, which is a good shield 
    for characters with creations.
      Commander Ellsworth is to the SE and gives you a quest to get info from 
    Vecsey who is a spy at the rebel camp.  You can also betray Archibald if you 
    want, but be sure to have purchased everything from him first.  He will also 
    let you use his warriors to fight Monarch and his army.  Warriors and 
    thornflingers only are useful for attacking enemies, but channelers cast weak 
    spells and augment your spellcraft by 7 points each, which may be useful for 
    some characters.  Servile technicians are the most interesting, and will add 
    to your mechanics by 5 points each.  However, they're worthless fighters.  
      General Greta is in the center area, and gives you your main quest for the 
    chapter- to rescue Khyryk.  She also fills in more of the backstory.  Once 
    you've saved Khyryk, tell her about it for 500c, and your next quest- to kill 
    Monarch and get his papers.  Doing so gets you 800c and a mental focus charm.  
    If you don't do this, then you must have destroyed one of the shapers to the 
    south (Shaftoe, Eliza, Moseh) in order to get a pass to the next area.  Your 
    next quest is to find Derenton freehold.
      Shaper Camp Gamma
    Q: The Lost Serviles, Convince the General, Mose's Assurance, Locate Khyryk, 
    The Shaper Spy, The Missing Scout, Kill Monarch, The Poryphra Ruins
    I: Shaped Boots, Shaped Breastplate
    S: Shaper Danell, Spellcraft (Shaper Danell)
    O: Shaper quests
    $: Sergeant Sabrina, Shaped Fiber Cloak (Sabrina), Guardian Cloak (Sabrina)
      This is the headquarters of the shapers.  Less important things to do here 
    include trading with the smith and sergeant Sabrina to the SE, and stealing 
    their stuff (including a shaped breastplate and some shaped boots), talking 
    with Zinser to get a quest to find out what happened to some serviles, and to 
    talk with Mizhera to get a quest to convince General Crowley to let the 
    refugees flee.  Once you do this refugee quest (you need decent leadership), 
    you get a second quest to get Mose's Assurance.  Vicsey is a rebel spy and 
    will give you the info for this area.  You can betray him to Miranda if you'd 
    like for a token.
      There are three shapers here- General Crowley is the leader and will tell 
    you about the situation here.  He is also the person to talk to for Mizhera.  
    Shaper Danell will train you after you've talked with Crowley, and will also 
    give you a free point of spellcraft with adequate leadership.  Finally, Agent 
    Miranda gives you your quests for the area- to talk with a shaper spy in the 
    rebel base, and to locate Khyryk.  Getting the info from the spy for Miranda 
    gets you a token, and a second quest- to find out what happened to a missing 
    scout.  You can also tell Miranda about saving Shaper Cantor for a token.  
    Finding Khyryk gets you 500c and another token.  You are now entrusted with 
    the task of killing Monarch and reclaiming his papers.  Giving the papers to 
    Miranda will greatly improve your reputation with the shapers.  Note that you 
    must either heal Moseh or give the shapers the papers in order to continue 
    being friendly with the shapers.  Otherwise, they'll all attack you on sight 
    in the next few chapters.  Giving the shapers the papers gets you a healthy 
    amount of gold and a few more tokens.  You are then directed to go to the 
    Poryphra ruins to get your next assignment.
      The smith and sergeant Sabrina will both take your tokens.  The smith will 
    trade you shaped items for them, and Sabrina will trade potent items, 
    including a guardian cloak and steel spines for your tokens.  
      Wrecked Lab
    I: Unmelting Ice, Tiny Orb of the Sun, Rotghroth Fang, Crystal Woven Chitin
    S: Mass Energize (can), Create Drayk (can)
      This area is spooky.  You have two options- face your hunter or run from 
    it.  The latter is more entertaining, though the former is much easier if you 
    have a strong character.  If you want to face it, move a bit to the west, 
    then get a message similar to "something shambles out of the garbage pit."  
    It's a rotghroth, and you should be able to take it out.  Magic and ice work 
    well on it, though melee and poison/acid are weak.
      If you're going to run, you should still take it on when it's much weaker 
    to get its exp.  Head east.  You'll encounter a series of obstacles designed 
    to stop and weaken the rotghroth.  Your first obstacles are a series of 
    mines.  Avoid them yourself by hugging the south wall.  They explode when 
    anything comes by.  Next you'll find three turrets which can be calmed with 
    adequate leadership.  They'll shoot the rotghroth for you.   Head south to 
    find some more mines, and hug the south wall again.  There's a recipe nearby 
    for a potent artifact cloak.  Then head north, and you'll find a few friendly 
    creations.  Immediately north is a rogue drayk, but it won't fight unless you 
    get too close.  West are several rooms with a gold bar (keep it), mandrake 
    tincture (keep it), and a crystal woven chitin.  South are some more turrets, 
    followed by several mines.  You'll find some unmelting ice and a mass 
    energize canister near the mines.  Finally, you'll find a room at which you 
    can have your last stand.  By this time the rotghroth should be nearly dead.  
    You can power up two pylons to help you though it's probably not necessary.  
    If you're really lazy, just move through the powered runes and the rotghroth 
    will die as it pursues you.  When it's dead, grab its stuff- a tiny orb of 
    the sun and a rotghroth fang.  There's also an eyebeast eye (keep it), a 
    canister of create drayk, and some demon's bile (keep it).  Take the items 
    you're supposed to keep and give them to Jared.
      Central Fens
      There are three areas before Grosch, called the Fens.  In general, they 
    don't have much in them, though you can find a few swamp herbs here and 
    there.  However, none of these areas can be cleared prior to killing Monarch, 
    so they are all a pain to cross.
      This area is pretty much empty, and other than a few swamp herbs, you won't 
    find much here.  
      Northern Fens
      This area is full of energy barriers, and if you have some servile 
    technicians, they'll help you get through this area.  There's a trakovite 
    named Nakel here (who is the object of Guardian Horace's quest), who sells 
    some batons and living tools.  Otherwise, you can move to the north with your 
    servile technician help and disarm the energy fields using the sporeboxes.  
    That's about it for here.
      If you're coming here for chapter 4, go up near the crystal-rich area, and 
    a door will open for you to reach the Sentinel Groves.
      Southwest Fens
    O: Dealing with Cantor
      More endless rogues here.  The main thing of interest here is Cantor, who 
    is a guardian in charge of a small force of creations.  You can attack him if 
    you want to improve your status with the rebels, otherwise, you can help him 
    survive an onslaught of rogues.  The rogues include explosive roamers, 
    thahds, and clawbugs.  Once the shapers start to run, you've cleared the main 
    force, but should still follow them to make sure they survive.
      Southern Grosch
    I: Warmth Ring
      As always, there's an endless stream of rogues here.  Be prepared to fight 
    constantly.  Here you will find Zinner's serviles hooked up to a machine.  
    Try to restore them and they'll all attack you.  Somewhere around here is a 
    warmth ring, though I'm not quite sure where I got it from.
      Northern Grosch
    I: Girdle of Might, Deadeye Cloak
    S: Create Artila (can)
      If you want to avoid fights, hug the north and make it to the NW.  You'll 
    find a building with a create artila canister in it.  The entrance to 
    Monarch's area is here, if you want to skip the majority of this area.  If 
    you explore much further you'll find an endless stream of enemies.  Vlish, 
    artila, and fyora are constantly renewed here.  Other enemies will stay dead, 
    and some serviles in the center actually drop some decent items, including a 
    girdle of might.  There's a locked door to the south that holds a deadeye 
    cloak, and a building to the west which has a body who is the scout Miranda 
    wanted you to find.
      Grosch Pits
    I: Samaritan Sandals, Perfect Drayk Scale, Submission Baton, Quicksilver 
    S: Acid Shower (can), Dominate (can)
    O: Khyryk
      You can get here from either Southern Grosch or from Monarch's Realm.  I 
    will assume you get here from Monarch's Realm as that method is somewhat 
    easier.  Mines block your path, but if you the servile technicians, you 
    shouldn't have a problem disarming them.  About 30 mechanics is necessary for 
    some of the mines, so you'll have to have about 15 points of native mechanics 
    (tinkers gloves and bauble, infiltrators cloak and tunic together provide +5, 
    so you'd need about 10 points invested.  You can also avoid them if you don't 
    want to invest that many skill points).  Head to the SW, and you'll find a 
    body with some Samaritan sandals.  A bit east is a drayk named Mad Shyviss 
    who drops a perfect drayk scale on death, and there's a canister of acid 
    shower here as well.  You'll soon find Khyryk.  Khyryk is fairly friendly, 
    and will tell you much of what's going on here.  He tells you that Monarch is 
    using a control baton and that's how he's able to make so many rogues.  
    Finally, he decides to head out, but not without uttering some Trakovite 
    heresies.  It doesn't matter too much what you say to him, though it may 
    influence your reputation.  You are attacked by a few creations once you're 
    done talking.  Then head east and kill a few more rogues.  You'll find a 
    canister of dominate here, and a recipe for a potent artifact belt.  Continue 
    north, and to the NE you'll find an area with electrified fields.  Avoid the 
    fields and head NE to hit a sporebox to turn off two of the fields.  Then 
    head behind to grab a submission baton.  Finally, head west and you'll find a 
    warped creator.  Kill it quickly (or it'll put the hurt on you) and it drops 
    some quicksilver chitin for you.  All the Fens are now clearable.  Continue 
    walking and you'll come full circle and can continue with chapter 3.
      Monarch's Realm  
    I: Swamp Boots, Grounded Robe, Flaming Sword, Shaper's Robe, Armor Band
    S: Regeneration (can), Create Drayk (can)
    O: Dealing with Monarch
      This is the hard part- Monarch is located to the SE.  Explore everything 
    else first, though.  You'll need the help of some servile technicians in 
    order to disarm the mines here, so send them someplace safe and make them 
    inactive so as to be able to disarm things without worrying about them dying 
    before you've used them adequately.  I'll assume you've entered from the NE.  
    Some clawbugs are guarding a nest nearby, kill them and grab their stuff 
    (grounded robe, swamp boots).  A bit to the east you'll find several eggs 
    which hatch some clawbugs.  There's also a regeneration canister here, and 
    some demon's bile.  Head to the NW, and you'll find Monarch's room.  Here 
    you'll find a key which opens some good stuff here and in northern Grosch.  
    You'll also find a control baton, if Khyryk has told you about it.  Once 
    Monarch is dead or gone, you can grab his notes.  There are some black doors 
    immediately nearby, though you can't enter them till you're near the end 
    game.  Nearby is a sporebox which you should use to turn off the energy 
      Monarch is threatening to the SE.  If you go into stealth mode, you can 
    avoid him initially, and should explore the western labs.  Some serviles will 
    attack you but otherwise you can grab some decent items, including a flaming 
    sword and create drayk canister.  When you're ready, take on Monarch.  He 
    will parley with you at first (though you can hit him to start with). This 
    battle is easiest for creation-heavy characters, and toughest for solo 
    characters.  The control baton is very useful as Monarch summons several 
    creations, and the control baton will turn them over to your side with 
    adequate leadership.  As you hit Monarch, he tries to run away a few times.  
    Don't let him hit you in melee or he'll slow you (which is fatal to solo 
    characters).  He then tries to shield himself with the control baton, so 
    smash it.  Continue hitting him until he offers to bargain with you.  You can 
    let him go and wreck havoc in shaping lands, or you can kill.  Obviously, the 
    former will mean you don't have to fight him and is a very rebellious action.  
    Both give you the same reward- a shaper's robe and an armor band.  That's it 
    for here.
    -------------------------CHAPTER 4. BURWOOD PROVINCE-------------------------
      Sentinel Groves
    Q: Freeing the Shades
    I: Spectral Boots, Chilling Band, Shaped Boots, Girdle of Strength, Lodestone 
    Greaves, Specter Robe
    S: Spellcraft (Feeble Shade)
      Enter here first so as to minimize the attacks by shapers.  If you've got 
    permission to be here from General Crowley, then Miranda will come and talk 
    with you.  She tells you about several shaper infiltrators who have arrived 
    ahead of you here and how you can help them. Then she leaves.  This level has 
    several mechanical pylons that daze your creations and summon nastier 
    guardians.  It will cost you a living tool to disarm each one, but will get 
    you a fair bit of exp.  You can still find each creature that the pylon was 
    going to summon nearby, and can kill it with no repercussions.  To the SW 
    you'll find a few crypts, and will be attacked by several shades for your 
    intrusion.  One of them drops some spectral boots on death.   Head far to the 
    NE, following a thin path till you reach a feeble shade.  This ghost guardian 
    will give you a quest to free his brothers.  Go back to the crypts, and kill 
    the ghosts within them (they drop or guard a chilling band, shaped boots, 
    girdle of strength, lodestone greaves, and a specter robe).  Return for your 
    reward, a free point to spellcraft.
      Western Burwood
    Q: Sabotage Eye's Defences
    I: Infiltrator's Charm
    S: Create Rotghroth (can), Mechanics (can), Lightning Aura (can)
    O: Yngrid's Quest
      Mines abound in this area.  To disarm them, you'll have to proceed 
    carefully and find sporeboxes in the central forest area.  The mines in the 
    perimeter are pretty easy to avoid, but those in the forest are a bit more 
    difficult to avoid.  To the NE you'll find some refugees, tell them that they 
    are not harmed by mines and can cross them for some exp.  Agent Yngrid is the 
    main character here.  If you talked with Miranda earlier, she's friendly.  
    She talks with you and gives you a quest to disarm a gazer's defenses.  Eye 
    Aphorelik is on the map to the north, and Yngrid wants you to make it so that 
    his defenses don't harm glaahks.  Do so for an infiltrator's charm.  You can 
    also get her to help you pass the area.  Check out her supplies for canisters 
    of create rotghroth, lightning aura, and mechanics.  To the NW is a servile 
    whom you can calm down and who will give you a bit of instruction to get to 
    Derenton Freehold.
      Burwood South Road
    Q: Four Wingbolts
    I: Shapemaster Belt, Cryoaskin Greaves
    S: Banish Affliction (can)
    $: Shaped Fiber Cloak
      This area is home to a few wingbolts, which can surprise you.  Ice works 
    especially well against them, so use ice spray or cryoa/cryodrayk attacks to 
    kill them.  There are about 5 (one of which is hidden to the south), so go 
    ahead and kill them all.  Head a bit east and you'll find some refugees.  
    Leopold is willing to trade for you, and have a decently priced shaped fiber 
    cloak for you.  You'll need one of these if you ever want to make a powerful 
    artifact level cloak, so you might as well pick this one up as it's pretty 
    cheap.  Leopold also asks you to kill the four wingbolts outside their camp, 
    and gives you a tiny orb of mist as a reward.  If you continue to explore the 
    refugee camp, you'll find something a bit shocking to the south- lots of loot 
    stripped from soldiers (including a shapemaster belt).  If you confront 
    Leopold about it you may end up attacking the whole lot of refugees, 
    depending on how many canisters you've used.  There's a canister of banish 
    affliction to the S, guarded by the lone wingbolt.  Across the river is a 
    stunning spinecore which guards a body with some cryoaskin greaves.
      Agent Yngrid will either drop the infiltrator's charm on death, or if 
    you've done her quest, then you get nothing.
      The Eye's Road  
    I: Infiltrator's Tunic, Torrent Gems (2), Wand of Kill, Golden Crystal, Armor 
    Band, Shaped Gauntlets
    S: Kill (can)
      Move forward and wait a bit and you'll be greeted by Eye Aphorelik.  
    Aphorelik will turn off the energy fields here for you so that you can pass.  
    Head to the north and at the bridge you have a decision- you can either go on 
    to Derenton Freehold, or you can explore a bit here.  Exploring here is a 
    pain as the fields are very obnoxious.  However, if you carefully make your 
    way to the SE, killing the inferno worms (a submission baton works well), 
    you'll find an infiltrator's tunic, some torrent gems, and a wand of kill.  
    If you go west from the bridge you'll find the Eye's controls, which you can 
    set to ignore glaahks for Yngrid for 4 tools (as well as some other loot 
    nearby- shaped gauntlets and an armor band) on a dead body and in some chests 
    in the area.  Head north of the bridge, and if you've helped the refugees in 
    the Fens, you can go west across a bridge and talk with Mizhera.  She'll let 
    you loot their stuff for a golden crystal and a kill spell canister.
      Derenton Freehold
    Q: Jailbreak!, The Impudent Drayk, More Puresteel, Talk to Chon-Ryss, Quessa-
    Uss, Go to Northforge, The Poryphra Shapers
    I: Farsight Breastplate, Agent's Shelter, Puresteel Boots, Stasis Shield, 
    Puresteel Necklace, Nimble Boots, Puresteel Gloves, Spidersilk Robe, Grounded 
    S: Mage Manohola, Dexterity (Orois Blaze), Charm (can), Essence Armor 
    (Manohola), Major Heal (Manohola), Create Kyshakk (can), Create Rotghroth 
    (can), Create Wingbolt (can), Essence Lances (can)
    O: Various Rebel quests
    $: Glick
      A bit of civilization again!  This is the rebel base for the area.  Glick 
    will trade with you, and Mage Manohola will sell you spells.  Additionally, 
    Mage Manohola will give you items if you've been helping the rebellion (for 
    moderate loyalty you get a wand of the inferno, for strong loyalty you get a 
    farsight breastplate, and for extreme loyalty you get the agent's shelter 
    shield).  Manohola will also give you a quest to free some rebels from 
    Western Morass.  So long as one rebel survives, you get a point in major heal 
    and essence armor as a reward.  Orois Blaze will trade you three canisters of 
    create kyshakk, wingbolt, and rotghroth for 3000c each (though you can 
    reclaim 250-500c in each room if you can disarm the trapped chests), and will 
    let you use a few more for puresteel rings (the first for a charm canister, 
    the second for an essence lances canister).  Orois Blaze will also give you a 
    quest to kill a drayk named Sakdoss.  Sakdoss is hiding in the main rebel 
    building and needs to be goaded into a fight (tell her that drakons consider 
    drayks to be pets).  Orois Blaze will then shape into you an extra point of 
    dexterity.  Commander Ossissess will give you a quest to kill the shaper 
    infiltrators if you're suitably rebellious.  Doing so will increase your 
    standing with the rebels, obviously, and will get you a pair of puresteel 
    boots and a very powerful stasis shield.  Ossissess follows up with a quest 
    to kill the drayk Shorass.  Glick will trade with you.  I'd recommend buying 
    all of his living tools (980c), and then using them to open one of Orois 
    Blaze's doors.  It's much cheaper than Orois' 3000c fee, and gets you a bit 
    of exp.
      Litalia is in the same building as Sakdoss and gives you your main 
    challenges for the level.  In her room you'll find some puresteel gauntlets, 
    weak magic robes, and nimble sandals.  Also throughout this building are the 
    boxes filled with notes for Kiki's quest.  Talk with Litalia.  She wants you 
    first to go see Chon-Ryss, a drakon to the NW. Chon-Ryss is fairly 
    unfriendly, but will talk with you briefly.  Return to Litalia and tell her 
    what Chon-Ryss said.  She then gives you your next quest, to go to Quessa-
    Uss.  Do so and return, she gives you a quest to continue on to Northforge, 
    and a puresteel necklace and a batch of 600c.  She also gives you a quest to 
    wipe out the Poryphra shapers.
      Valeya Road
    Q: Mad Serviles
    I: Dhonal's Band, Shaped Blade, Girdle of Genius
    S: Create Kyshakk (can), Major Heal (Shaper Krogstad quest)
    O: Dealing with Shaper Krogstad
      Head to the SW.  You'll find several unfriendly servile cultists if you 
    search the edge of the dead ends carefully from the NW.  Kill them and take 
    their stuff (Dhonal's band, shaped blade, create kyshakk canister).  Head 
    across the bridge and you'll find Shaper Krogstad.  His creations are 
    initially hostile, unless you talk to Krogstad quickly.  If you're friendly 
    with the infiltrators, you'll get a quest to kill the mad serviles across the 
    bridge.  You may have already done so, in which case collect your reward, an 
    improvement to your major heal spell.  
      Killing Krogstad gets you a girdle of genius.
      Valeya Ruins
    Q: The Rogue Trall
    I: Captain's Boots
    S: Major Heal (can)
    O: Dealing with Guardian Kantor
    $: Rajskub, Glaahk eye (Rajskub), Rotghroth Fang (Rajskub)
      This ruined town is the home of Guardian Kantor, who patrols with several 
    high level creations.  If you're friendly with the infiltrators, he'll talk 
    with you, giving you a quest to kill a rogue trall.  The rogue trall lives to 
    the NW, and can be a tough fight.  It's hasted and enjoys pummeling you and 
    your creations.  When its gray rune is active, it's strong vs. physical 
    damage, and you'll need to use spells to hurt it.  When its red rune is 
    active, it's strong vs. magical attacks, and you'll have to do physical 
    damage (spine shield works well when coupled to a meat shield creation).  
    When it dies it drops a steel spine and some ethereal bindings, which are 
    both great items for enhancements.  You can now reach the anvil here and can 
    grab a puresteel ring.  Also in the town you'll find Rajskub, who will trade 
    with you and who also has two very valuable items- a rotghroth fang and a 
    glaahk eye.  With a bit of scrounging, you can turn these into an essence 
    charm very easily.  It's well worth the cost of both items for the +1 
    spellcraft alone.  Also, you can go to the center shrine and talk with the 
    priestess there for a canister of major heal.
      Guardian Kantor drops a pair of captain's boots on death.
      Kelekee Bridge
      The Drayk Shorass is here.  He is a trakovite, and will talk with you if 
    you've talked with Drewry.  However, trying to reach him is an ordeal.  First 
    you must slay several turrets, then survive a battle alpha/beta ambush, then 
    continue on and destroy some more turrets.  You then have a choice of killing 
    some kyshakks or disarming some mines (or both for max exp).  Shorass tells 
    you what you need to do to get the Trakovite ending.  Otherwise this area is 
      West Poryphra Gate
    Q: Experimental Kyshakk
    I: Ornkskin Gauntlets, Symbiotic Cloak
    S: Create Ornk (can)
    O: Dealing with Shaper Horis
      One more map in between you and the shaper camp.  Shaper Horis is here, and 
    if you're friendly with the infiltrators, she requests you help with a new 
    creation.  Head to her building to the south (killing the clawbugs that hatch 
    from the eggs), and you'll find her.  I'd recommend casting augmentation on 
    her, as well as an essence armor/shield type spell.  Then talk with her.  She 
    requests your help with testing an experimental kyshakk.  What you'll have to 
    do is make sure she survives the encounter by healing Horis every few rounds, 
    and surviving in the process.  Shielding spells (and elemental cloak, if you 
    have it) work quite well in ensuring you succeed.  It can be tough for non-
    magic using characters, but just be careful and never let Horis drop below 
    half of her health and you'll be fine.  After about 5-10 rounds, you'll get 
    closer to taking it over, and after another 5-10 rounds, the creation will 
    submit.  For your efforts you get a few gems, including some ethereal 
      Another very unusual item of interest here are several neutral oozebeasts 
    (a dangerous variety of ornk).  Kill them for some experience.  Once they're 
    all dead, you'll be able to get an Easter Egg- head back west across the 
    bridge, and a small chamber will have opened up.  Enter it and you'll find 
    the uberoozebeast.  It's fairly obnoxious with an acid shower attack and 
    decent fighting skill, but when you kill it, it will drop some ornkskin 
    gauntlets, an excellent set of gloves.  A little pathway opens to the north, 
    allowing you to grab a canister of create ornk.
      Killing Shaper Horis gets you a symbiotic cloak.  Shaper Horis isn't too 
    strong, though she has a few turrets and a burning kyshakk for assistance.
      Poryphra Ruins
    Q: Derenton Diplomacy, Quessa-Uss Sabotage, Aid the Infiltrators, Freehold 
    Papers, Safehouse Papers, Infiltrate Northforge
    I: Demon's Bile, Polychromous Shield, Farsight Breastplate, Agent's Shelter, 
    Blasted Greaves, Puresteel Belt
    S: Strong Daze (can), Shaper Grim
    O: Shaper quests
    $: Waldfogle
      This is the main base of the shapers.  If you're friendly with the shapers 
    (i.e., they let you into chapter 4), then you shouldn't have a problem 
    entering this place.  Most everyone is in the center of the map.  However, in 
    the periphery you'll find a number of nice minor items, including a trapped 
    room to the SW, with a trap that explodes to release a burning kyshakk (I'm 
    not sure there's a way to avoid triggering the trap, given the position of 
    the mine trigger).  Inside you'll find a canister of strong daze and some 
    demon's bile.  Several of the creature nests around here also hold some 
    shaped items, which you may find useful.
      In the center of the map you'll find General Alwan again, and he has a 
    quest for you-to figure out what the Derenton rebels are trying to do.  Once 
    you get the mission from Litalia, tell him, and you'll get a quest to 
    sabotage the plans at Quessa-Uss.  However, doing this last quest makes two 
    levels completely hostile to you, though it is a strongly-shaper-friendly 
    action.  No matter what, Alwan will help you go to Northforge by opening up 
    the passage at the windswept farms.  You also get to loot the supply room for 
    some gems and a puresteel belt.
      There are a number of other things to do with the shapers here.  Waldfogle 
    will trade with you, and guardian Koerner will reward you for helping out the 
    infiltrators.  Aid three to get a polychromous shield.  Aid all five to get 
    some blasted greaves.  Shaper Grim will train you in shaping skills and 
    spells, with very good prices if you also have some decent leadership.  
    Shaper Grim will also reward you for your loyalty to the shapers.  Your first 
    reward is a wand of the inferno and 200c for moderate loyalty.  The second is 
    a farsight breastplate and 500c for strong loyalty, and the third is an 
    agent's shelter shield and 1000c for extreme loyalty.  Miranda is here as 
    well, though she doesn't have much for you to do.  A servile named Kiki gives 
    you two quests- to steal papers from the Illya Safehouse and from Derenton 
    Freehold.  In exchange you get 500c for both.
      You get a puresteel blade if you kill Koerner, and shaper Grim drops an 
    essence-infused cape. However, you then have to get out of the town, which 
    can be quite difficult if you're not prepared.
      Fort Raevinn
    I: Stability Boots, Girdle of Might, Piercing Gauntlets, Shaped Shield, 
    Torrent Gem, Puresteel Boots
    O: Dealing with Rebels
      As you enter this area from the west, you'll get a note about hearing the 
    sounds of combat.  Shapers are attacking some rebels to the north, and are 
    preparing to battle them.  Make your way up there if you can, and help them 
    (to improve in standing with the rebels) or kill them (for the shapers).  
    It's a bit better to help the rebels as you'll get a lot more exp bonus for 
    keeping them alive.  There are roughly three waves of shapers and their 
    creations, mainly battle alphas/betas and wingbolts, with an occasional 
    glaahk.  They are lead by Guardian Crest, who drops some stability boots and 
    a girdle of might on death.  Once the guardian is dead, the rebels run for 
    Derenton Freehold.  Each one that makes it to the exit safely gets you a 
    healthy batch of exp.  Head to the east exit and you'll find a few shaper 
    soldiers with kyshakks.  Kill them for a torrent gem and a shaped shield.  
    The SE holds several disarmable mines, and will net you a pair of puresteel 
    boots and some reaper ammo if you're careful.  
      Cultist Safehouse
    Q: Cultist Raid
    I: Glaahk Shield, Blessed Necklace, Frozen Blade
    S: Mass Madness (can), Elemental Cloak (can)
    O: Dealing with Guardian Dameron
      The final infiltrator is here, Guardian Dameron.  He's enormously arrogant, 
    but gives you a quest to kill some of the servile cultists to the east 
    (namely Chief Hurk-Ub and Shaman Belel).  Do so for nothing.  Head east from 
    the guardian and you'll run into a drakon, Eessarian who tells you about the 
    serviles and how some of the drakons don't want you to go to Quessa-Uss.  You 
    may be able to convince him to tell the serviles not to attack you, though 
    I'm not sure.  You also run into a fading shade that was sent by Khyryk to 
    let you know that he's nearby.  Otherwise, go ahead and wipe out all the 
    serviles.  You'll get a number of nice minor loot, as well as some better 
    items (glaahk shield, blessed necklace) for killing the chief and shaman.  
    Head to the SE to continue killing the serviles, and you'll eventually find a 
    room west that holds some nasty turrets and a room with two canisters of 
    elemental cloak and mass madness.
      Killing Guardian Dameron isn't too hard, and will get you a frozen blade.
      Western Morass
    I: Singing Rapier, Agent's Cloak, Blood Poison
      This area is amazingly difficult if you're not prepared.  For one, the two 
    guards at the entrance are always present, even if you've killed everyone 
    inside.  If you're a bit of munchkin, you can come back here repeatedly 
    killing the guards every time and collecting their goods (usually about 200c 
    each time).  There's some other stuff here, and the best way of taking this 
    level on is to run in, kill a few enemies, then run back out.  Do this 
    repeatedly, and eventually you'll whittle down the opposition to the point 
    where only the endlessly respawning opponents will come for you.  There is a 
    guardian (singing rapier), an agent (agent's cloak), and a shaper.  There are 
    also several turrets, kyshakks, wingbolts, and other fighters around. Kill as 
    many as you can, then run out.  These people stay dead, however vlish are 
    continuously spawned and seem to exclusively pursue your PC.  Others run 
    through the doors to the west and, while not tough, are still obnoxious.  Key 
    things of note otherwise include some blood poison far to the NW, and some 
    trapped rebels in a room to the north.  Don't try to let them out until 
    you've killed most of the characters here, or else they'll die and you won't 
    receive a reward.  There's a stairway to the north that takes you to Matala's 
      Windswept Farms
    I: Charmed Falchion, Puresteel Greaves
    S: Mass Restore (can), Create War Trall (can)
      This area is home to several frozen creations, and a nasty eyebeast named 
    Thora Eye.  The frozen creations can't be killed so long as they are in the 
    stasis field (they can be brought down to 1 HP, but that's it).  Thora Eye is 
    to the north, and offers to sell you some canisters for a lot of gold.  
    However, if you've used a lot of canisters, you'll burn with rage and attack 
    Thora Eye instantly.  Now you have two options- kill Thora Eye in one turn 
    (before it awakens all the creations outside), or kill Thora Eye and run, 
    before all the creations kill you.  There are almost too many creations for 
    you to survive their full onslaught, so those are my suggestions.  You may be 
    able to survive near the end of the game, but not right away.  Thora Eye 
    drops a steel spine and a charmed falchion on death.  Grab its key, then grab 
    the puresteel greaves and two canisters of mass restore and create war trall, 
    if you'd like.  There's also a recipe for the talisman of might in the war 
    trall canister room.
      Quessa-Uss Gates
    I: Vampiric Breastplate, Perfect Drakon Scale
      This is the entrance to Quessa-Uss.  Drakons patrol this region, preventing 
    anyone from entering.  Also blocking you is Scourge Vossizon, a drakon.  She 
    challenges you to a duel.  You can recruit the drakon Teliamerus to help you.  
    When ready, head to the center of the map and fight Scourge Vossizon.  She 
    summons some creations as help, but try not to let them overwhelm you.  Right 
    click on each worm to identify its resistance (red=fire, warded=magic, 
    plated=physical, etc.).  Kill Vossizon and take her stuff (vampiric 
    breastplate, perfect drakon scale, key to Quessa-Uss).
    I: Girdle of Life, Polychromous Shoes, Ruby Necklace, Drakonskin Cloak, 
    Puresteel Charm, Perfect Drakon Skin
    S: Spine Shield (can), Create Gazer (can), Aura of Flames (can)
    O: Greta
      This is probably the most involved map in the game.  A lowly drayk greets 
    you when you enter, she is remarkably friendly compared to the reception 
    you'll soon be getting.  She tells you to head to the guest chambers to the 
    SW.  Do so, walking through the door.  To the SW is a locked room with a 
    spine shield canister, if you're interested.  Then head to the NE door and 
    enter it.  You'll see some of what's going on.  Salassar asks you why you're 
    here, then asks you how well defended you are.  How you respond influence how 
    many enemies he sends after you in the night.  Return to your chamber, then 
    use your bed.  You'll then be attacked by some assassins (how many is 
    determined by how you responded).  Kill them and Eessarian drops a girdle of 
    life.  You can also run away from them, though that's kind of cowardly.  
    You're then requested to go back through the door.  Tell them that the event 
    was "hardly worth noticing," then blame Salassar.  Request a cash payment, 
    then to go see Greta.  Now head to the next guest quarters and talk with 
    Greta.  She tells you that she wants you to figure out what the drakons are 
    doing.  Head east through the lab, killing the drayks (or avoiding them).  
    One chest holds some polychromous shoes and a runed onyx.  In the lab you'll 
    find another puresteel ring, and a locked room with a canister of create 
    gazer.  There is also some demon's bile, a mandrake tincture, and an eyebeast 
    eye.  When ready, head a bit to the north.  You'll find an Unbound here.  
    Attempt to sieze control of it, or hit it till you can, or use the control 
    panel right behind you to pacify it.  Then tell Greta what happened.  You can 
    improve with the rebels or with the shapers for this conversation.  At that 
    point, go to Greta's door, and talk with the Drakons again.   Be honest, then 
    accuse Salassar.  Head back to speak with Greta, and go explore the lab 
    again.  This time you can use the control panel to open the two doors to the 
    north.  One holds a number of ingredients, a ruby necklace, an aura of flames 
    canister, and a recipe for the talisman of might, the other holds the unbound 
    specifications.  Grab them if you want, though it'll make two areas hostile.  
    Head to Greta's door again, and talk with the drakons.  Insult Salassar as 
    much as you can ("Drayks?", "Mere creation").  Then go to the duelling room 
    and kill him (or take him over- either way works).  He drops a drakonskin 
    cloak on death.  Ghaldring comes in to talk with you, and will give you a 
    puresteel charm for your time.  You may now proceed to Northforge, but can 
    also grab the perfect drakon skin from Salassar's crypt.  You may now start 
    with chapter 5.
    -------------------------CHAPTER 5. NORTHFORGE-------------------------------
    Q: Drosstro's Chamber, The Servile Spy, Szmani's Odd Cave, Cake
    I: Impervious Band, Essence-infused Skin, Demon's Bile, Essence Chitin, 
    Rotghroth Fang, Projection Belt
    S: Battle Roar (can), Essence Lances (can), Create Gazer (can), Create War 
    Trall (can), Create Drakon (can)
    O: Dalia's Quest 
    $: Reaper Baton (Dalia)
      If you gave Alwan the specifications, then the majority of this map will be 
    hostile to you.  Only Dalia, a smart servile spy, and Byoress, a cryodrayk to 
    the west, aren't hostile to you.  Byoress is the goal of one of Ssaroyen's 
    quest, and will pay if you have a bit of leadership.  Otherwise you can just 
    kill it (or do both).
      If you didn't give Alwan the specifications, then this area will be much 
    friendlier.  Learned Hartl is to the NE, and gives you a quest to investigate 
    the drakon Drosstro's back rooms.  Do so for an impervious band.  Also, if 
    you can, go check out his back room.  You'll find a number of nice things, 
    including a battle roar canister and a golden crystal.  To the SE is Dalia, 
    an intelligent shaper servile spy.  Dalia gives you a quest to retrieve some 
    papers from Grayghost Gates (reward- rod of alacrity, ethereal bindings), and 
    also sells a reaper baton and some ammo.  There's a drakon Reavass who tries 
    to extort money from you, kill him and take his stuff.  Szmani gives you a 
    quest to investigate a cave to the east (projection belt and other goods), 
    and Kallaloo would like some cake.  There's a number of pieces floating 
    around, with one in Turabi Gates, another in Southforge Citadel, and a few 
    others around and about.  Do so for some bread and exp.  To the NW you'll 
    find Gasspahr, a drayk who will trade with you, and who also has three 
    canisters of level 5 creations which he will sell for 1500c (2000c with low 
    leadership).  The main area of interest is to the SW, where the nasty drakon 
    Drosstro lives and works.  Work your way to Drosstro's back hall, and kill 
    the rotghroth there for a rotghroth fang, demon's bile, essence chitin, and 
    essence-infused skin.  You can also claim the canister of essence lances.
      Grayghost Gates
    I: Infiltrator's shield.
    S: Essence Armor (can)
      If you gave Alwan the unbound specifications, this area will be enormously 
    difficult.  While individually the drakons are not horribly difficult, they 
    come in several groups of 5-6, and even with decent fire resistance, kill you 
    quickly.  They can be taken out, but only with a lot of luck and good tactics 
    (my infiltrator summoned two rotghroths, which with hit-and-run tactics, 
    whittled the drakons down to reasonable numbers).  There are a few items of 
    note here, including an essence armor canister to the NW.  Your main goal is 
    to the SW, where you will need to use stealth to sneak in, steal some papers, 
    and an infiltrator's shield, and get out.  Other than that, there's not much 
    here to worry about.
    I: Quicksilver Bulwark, Sod's Dancing Pants, Specter Robe, Tek's Spectral 
    S: Khyryk, Mass Madness (can)
      A gazer roams these woods.  If you've used too many canisters, you'll 
    attack it right after it talks with you.  You may find yourself swarmed if 
    that happens, so I'd recommend using stealth to sneak around the perimeter, 
    and kill the support (mainly battle betas, kyshakks, and wingbolts.  Then 
    take on the gazer, who drops a quicksilver bulwark on death (+1 AP shield).  
    Explore this area and loot the gazer's supplies to the east, grabbing a pair 
    of sod's dancing pants, and a canister of mass madness.  Head to the west.  
    You'll find Khyryk.  He'll talk with you a bit about what's going on, though 
    he's not that helpful unless you talked with Shorass.  Nonetheless, he'll 
    still sell you several spells.  Also, check behind a pillar for a lever to 
    get behind the door to a crypt.  Inside you'll find a crypt spirit which 
    drops Tek's spectral dirk and a specter robe on death.
      Gesselin Freehold
    Q: Byoress Blood Debt, Unwelcome Visitor
    I: Quicksilver Sandals, Puresteel Shield, Grounding Plate
    S: Create Drakon (can)
    $: Glaahk Eye (Ssaroyen)
      Gesselin Freehold blocks your passage to the final area.  The bridge 
    immediately south is out, and the cryodrayks won't let you pass without a 
    fight, or without doing what they ask.  Go talk with Ssaroyen, he tells you 
    what's going on.  The cryodrayks are rebelling against the drakons and are 
    unhappy with how they've been treated.  Ssaroyen asks for your help, giving 
    you two quests.  The first is to kill a cryodrayk named Byoress who lives in 
    Khima-Uss.  You can get out of it with some leadership, but you miss out on 
    the reward (500c).  Your next quest is to deal with some unwanted visitors, a 
    drakon and some rotghroths from Quessa-Uss.  Kill them or hit them till they 
    run away.  Your reward is a puresteel shield, and free passage to Northforge 
    Citadel.  You may also trade with Ssaroyen, including buying some reapers and 
    a glaahk eye.
      There's some other items of interest here, including a grounding plate and 
    some quicksilver sandals in a nest to the NE.  Grab them when the cryodrayks 
    head out.  To the south across the bridge is a canister of create drakon, and 
    some other minor goods.
      You could also kill everyone here if you'd rather try that approach, though 
    in that case be sure you have lots of cold resistance on you and your 
    creations.  Most of the powerful creations are weak vs. cold, so you have to 
    kill everything fast to win well.
      Northforge Citadel
    Q: Test the Unbound, An Odd Disturbance
    I: Demon's Bile, Drakonian Plate
    S: Jared, Create Gazer (can), Create War Trall (can), Mass Restore (can)
      You're near the end game.  You'll find Greta here, and she will tell you 
    that you can't do a final quest yet.  The drakons have decided to force you 
    to battle some Unbound prior to letting you reach the end game.  Warmaster 
    Karikiss specifically is blocking you.  However, you can recruit several 
    drayks to the SW as aids, and Greta will also help you.  When you're ready to 
    battle the Unbound, head up and talk with Greta.  Then go to the NW and get 
    ready to fight them.  There are three of them- one which dazes your 
    creations, one which attacks with potent blasts of damage, and one which has 
    an area attack.  They aren't too tough, and you should be able to kill them 
    without too much hassle.  When they're dead, go north and grab the draconian 
    plate, then head back down and you'll get another quest from Karikiss- to 
    investigate some unusual power fluctuations in the Northforge Warrens.
      Jared is to the east, and will train you in several spells.  These are the 
    last spells you can learn, and include the most powerful spells in the game.  
    Jared also sells you two canisters- create war trall and create gazer, and 
    there's a column nearby that hides a lever that allows you to claim a mass 
    restore canister.  Continue looking around and you'll find some demon's bile 
    here as well.  Head to the far SW and look for another pillar blocking a 
    lever.  Pull it and disarm the crystal.  Then head south from Jared, ignore 
    the geneforge, and go to the chest that was formerly blocked by an energy 
    field (it's turned off by the SW crystal).  Grab the key inside- this is the 
    key to the pit in Monarch's realm.
      Northforge Warrens
    S: Essence Lances (can)
      I'd recommend coming here from Northforge Citadel, or else you'll be 
    attacked by all the pylons here, which is no fun.  Avoid the northern chamber 
    for now, only take it on when you want to end the game.  To the SW of this 
    area you'll find the breeding pits, which are full of dangerous rogues and 
    valuable rewards.  There's also a canister of essence lances nearby.  As soon 
    as you head north, you're greeted by Agent Miranda, which initiates the end 
    game.  Read on there if you're ready to finish.
      Breeding Pits
    I: Pure Crystal Shard, Puresteel Breast Plate, Lodestone Gauntlets, Essence 
    S: Create Rotghroth (can), Strength (can)
      This are is divided into six regions- the entrance, the NW, the NE, the SW, 
    the SE, and the big bad enemy room.  The NW area should be your first goal- 
    there are several reaper turrets here that are guarding some spawners.  Kill 
    them all so as to really make this area much easier.  Then hunt for some 
    hidden levers to the NW, and grab a canister of create rotghroth.  In the SW 
    area you'll find several energy fields and wingbolts.  Kill them one at a 
    time, and avoid the energy fields.  Enter the small room from the south and 
    disarm the fields, then grab the pure crystal shard.  In the NE area you'll 
    find several reaper spinecores which are fairly easy to take out.  Do so and 
    search the body for a puresteel breastplate.  Head to the SE, and kill the 
    vlish and clawbugs, then look for a hidden lever on the north side of the 
    small room.  Use it and claim a strength canister and a mandrake tincture.  
    Now head a bit west.  This is the area of the Corrupted Unbound.  It is a 
    nasty drakon that can hit you with potent breath blasts.  If it's difficult 
    for you, lead it south and use the two machines to explode and damage it.  
    When it dies it drops some lodestone gauntlets (great for spell casters).  
    Search the nearby area for an essence charm and a potent cloak recipe.
      Sealed Crypt
    I: Demon Fang Talisman, Transference Suit, Purified Essence
    S: Dexterity (can), Strength (can)
      This is the first of the scary areas.  You get here from Monarch's Realm, 
    after claiming the key found in Northforge Citadel.  You main goal for this 
    level should be to head to the west and disarm the spawner so as to be able 
    to wander this area freely.  The north route is a bit easier and more direct.  
    Enemies here include several wingbolts and several specialized enemies.  To 
    the NE you'll find three war tralls guarding a canister of dexterity.  Head a 
    bit west and you'll find several clawbugs.  Kill all the ones in the eggs, 
    then kill the queen, or else she'll eat her young, healing her completely.  
    Kill her for a demon fang talisman.  Head to the NW, and there's a strength 
    canister being guarded by rats and wingbolts.  Kill them all.  Then head a 
    bit south and disarm the crystal to turn off the spawner.  Grab the 
    transference suit, and the purified essence ingredient.  Use the lever, then 
    turn off the crystal at the end of the area.  Head to the SW, disarming the 
    mines, then disarm the other crystal and you'll be able to pass and use the 
    essence pool.  Clear out the rest of area for other, lesser loot.  You can 
    also help a rebel cryodrayk to the SE.
      Pit of the Titan
    I: Shaper's Boon Ring, Puresteel Soulblade, Omnicharm
    S: Intelligence (can), Endurance (can)
      The big scary lives here.  In order to not die real fast, enter combat mode 
    and use stealth to avoid getting spotted by the golem (the Titan).  There are 
    three sentinels here as well.  The southern one is a drakon, and is supported 
    by three cryodrayks.  They can kill you fairly quickly if you're not 
    prepared.  To the SE you'll find several rejuventating crystals, and a power 
    crystal.  Turn off the power crystal (17 mechanics required), or set it to 
    explode (less that 17), and head to the SW.  Exploding kyshakks block your 
    efforts here, but fall fairly fast if you do strong damage.  Stay away from 
    their blast damage.  There's a canister of intelligence here, so grab that.  
    Turn off the power crystal here as well.  Head north and you'll find the 
    western sentinel, a battle gamma.  It's easier than the drakon.  To the NW 
    you'll find several furious hellhounds which cast an aura of flames attack as 
    their first action.  Kill them quickly to prevent this damage.  You're also 
    impeded by reaper spinecores, kill them with magic.  Then grab the endurance 
    canister and turn off the power crystal. Head east to battle the northern 
    sentinel which drops a steel spine and wand on death.  Head to the NE chamber 
    and if you try to grab the chest, you'll be attacked by several nightmare 
    worms.  Physical damage is the best way to kill them (or spine shield coupled 
    with healing spells).  After about 3 waves of worms, you can grab the loot in 
    the chest, a shaper's boon ring.  Turn off the power crystal again.
      You can now take on the Titan.  If you haven't turned off the power 
    crystals around the perimeter of the area, you're in for a world of hurt as 
    the Titan's machines emit damage and other effects frequently.  The Titan's 
    first form is of a golem.  Magic damage does good damage to it.  It has a few 
    omni-attacks, so be sure to heal as required.  After doing enough damage, it 
    turns into a drakon.  It can also slow you, and will summon aid.  Kill 
    everything as best you are able.  The Titan then turns into an artila, which 
    is its weakest form.  Hurt it as best you can, it also summons some aid.  
    Once it dies, it drops a puresteel soulblade and an omnicharm.
      Matala's Lab
    I: Crystalline Fibers, Puresteel Breastplate, Blademaster's charm
    S: Aura of Cleansing (can)
      You can get here from the Western Morass.  However, don't try attempting 
    this area until you're near the end of the game.  The boss here is very 
    annoying.  You have two options for where you want to go at the start.  The 
    southern path is a bit more painful, but the northern path requires you to 
    unlock the door.  I think the north path is a bit better.  Head to the north 
    path, kill the turrets, disarm the mines, and continue south.  You can't do 
    anything about those doors yet (though you can read an artifact recipe), nor 
    can you do anything about the drakon here.  You'll have to walk over some 
    lava pads and disarm mines to get around here.  You'll also find some 
    crystalline fibers, which are an ingredient for some greaves.  Head to the 
    SW, and you'll find several toxic pools blocking a crystal.  Disarm the 
    crystal, then head to the south central region.  Some restoration pylons are 
    here, kill them all.  Then head up to the big golem.  It is Matala, and is 
    not dangerous unless you initiate combat.  Do so.  Magic damage works best 
    against it (searer, wingbolt, gazer, kyshakks), but even then, an occasional 
    melee attack doesn't hurt.  Once you do enough damage to make Matala run, it 
    runs to the west and summons a rotghroth (or a few).  Kill them and continue 
    to hammer away on Matala.  Then it runs to the east, where the restoration 
    pylons were.  If you haven't killed them, then Matala is healed by them.  
    Once you do enough damage Matala runs again, this time forcing the possessed 
    drakon into its service.  Kill the drakon then continue to hit Matala.  At 
    this point, Matala will attack you and your party, so be sure to have spine 
    shield up in order to do continuous damage.  Once dead, Matala drops a 
    puresteel breastplate and a key-like object.  You may now open its doors for 
    a blademaster's charm and a canister of Aura of Cleansing.
      Note that if you're pro-shaper, Matala will give you the Aura of Cleansing 
    canister for free.  You can still attack Matala if you desire.
      Northforge Warrens
    I: Rotghroth Fang, Brutish Greaves
    S: Create Drakon
      You are greeted by Agent Miranda.  Note that if you didn't tell the shapers 
    what was going on at Quessa-Uss, she is fairly hostile. There's a canister of 
    create drakon to the west past some rotghroths.  The Rotdhizon also drops a 
    rotghroth fang and some brutish greaves on death.
      REBEL:  Kill her.  Then head a bit to the NW and you'll get a report that 
    the shapers have spotted you.  You can either kill them (fairly tough with 
    the traps they have set up), or tell Karikiss about them.  Both work well 
      SHAPER: You are greeted by Agent Miranda.  Tell her you'll help.  She then 
    tells you to go see Alwan, who is to the NE.  Head there and initiate the 
    battle.  You now must head to Northforge Citadel.
      Northforge Citadel
    I: Transference Suit
      REBEL: Go south to the Inner Shaping Hall.
      SHAPER: You must fight your way to the Inner Shaping Hall.  Master Jared 
    and several rebel creations are in your way.  Kill them all, but try to keep 
    the two shapers alive.
      Inner Shaping Hall
      In both cases you can recruit golems to help you.  They are in the power 
    rooms A, B, and C.  You will need a bit of mechanics skill to do this.
      REBEL:  End game.  Explore this entire region as best you are able, then 
    head to the south central room.  Talk with Karikiss, and tell him either that 
    the shapers are in the Northforge Warrens or that you killed the shapers in 
    the Northforge Warrens.  If you haven't killed them, Akhari Blaze will tell 
    you that they are attacking to the north.  You can recruit a drakon or two to 
    help.  At this point, enter combat, cast your haste/blessing spells, and go 
    north to room A.  Kill the shaper force there.  You may either continue to 
    room B and C and kill the shaper force, or you can head south and tell Akhari 
    to get your instruction to go to B and C.  Don't let them disable the power 
    sources or you may have to do more to repair them (I'm not sure).  Once 
    you've cleared the forces, head to the north and kill Alwan, and possibly 
    Miranda.  Then go back down to report to Akhari for your Final Move.
      SHAPER: End game.  Alwan (or Miranda if Alwan is dead) tells you to turn 
    off each power station at A, B, and C.  You also should kill the rebel force 
    in the room immediately south to clear this area fully.  Once all three power 
    stations have been turned off, Alwan instructs you to head south.  Now you 
    kill Akhari Blaze, Warmaster Karikiss, and Greta.  It then becomes time for 
    your Final Move.
    **Final Move**
      REBEL:  In order to get the Rebel ending, open the vats and complete the 
    Unbound.  Your ending is modified by how many canisters you used and not much 
    else.  Even then, the ending is not significantly different for canister 
    fiends and canister virgins, for rebels at least.  Death and destruction 
    results.  You become a powerful hero.  The end. 
      SHAPER: In order to get the Shaper ending, destroy the Unbound.  Your 
    ending is modified by how many canisters you used and whether you're being 
    accompanied by Miranda/Alwan.  If you've used a lot of canister and 
    Miranda/Alwan are dead, then you'll be executed.  If you haven't used a lot 
    of canister and Miranda/Alwan are dead, or if they're not dead, but you have 
    used a lot of canisters, you're sent to live in a remote colony in the 
    Forsaken Lands.  If Miranda/Alwan are with you, and you haven't used a lot of 
    canisters, you get the best shaper ending.
      TRAKOVITE:  In order to get the Trakovite ending, you need to release the 
    Unbound.  However, the Unbound and their vats can be modified by using the 
    power supply to the SE.  Set it to "low" to have weakened Unbound that are 
    ineffective but of which several generations can be made to get the poor 
    Trakovite ending.  In this one, you're executed, though the net effect is 
    more moderation.  Set it to "high" to have strong Unbound but destroyed 
    machinery.  In this one you're only imprisoned for life, though people really 
    like you and think you're wise.  Note that the Trakovites don't have canister 
    ending modifications.
    Trainers:   Below are listed the individuals who will train you in specific 
    spells/creations/skills.  Some prices are dependent on activities done to 
    help the individual, others are dependent on leadership, and others depend on 
    your reputation with the person's sect.
      Master Jared (slightly expensive)
    Firebolt             36
    Burning Spray        96
    Searer              240
    Daze                 36
    Mental Barrier       96
    War Blessing         36
    Protection           96
    Minor Heal           36
    Cure Affliction      96
      Burkes (expensive)
    Cure Affliction     112
    Augmentation        280
      Mercedia (Utterly ridiculous- before completing quest)
    Speed               660
               (Exorbitant- after completing quest)
    Firebolt             51
    Burning Spray       136
    Searer              340
    Ice Spray           510
    Daze                 51
    Mental Barrier      136
    War Blessing         51
    Protection          136
    Speed               510
      Uchitelle (Exorbitant)
    Firebolt             51
    Burning Spray       136
    Searer              340
    Daze                 51
    Mental Barrier      136
    War Blessing         51
    Protection          136
    Essence Shield      340
    Minor Heal           51
    Cure Affliction     136
    Augmentation        340
    Heal                510
      Shaper Duncan (initially Exorbitant)
    Firebolt             51
    Burning Spray       136
    Searer              340
    Ice Spray           510
    Lightning Aura      660
    Daze                 51
    Mental Barrier      136
    Wrack               340
    Unlock              510
    War Blessing         51
    Protection          136
    Essence Shield      340
    Speed               510
    Minor Heal           51
    Cure Affliction     136
    Augmentation        340
    Heal                510
    Regeneration        680
      (slightly expensive after betrayal of safehouse)
    Firebolt             36
    Burning Spray        96
    Searer              240
    Ice Spray           360
    Lightning Aura      480
    Daze                 36
    Mental Barrier       96
    Wrack               240
    Unlock              360
    War Blessing         36
    Protection           96
    Essence Shield      240
    Speed               360
    Minor Heal           36
    Cure Affliction      96
    Augmentation        240
    Heal                360
    Regeneration        480
      Ozyss (initially utterly ridiculous)
    Firebolt             66
    Burning Spray       176
    Searer              440
    Ice Spray           660
    Lightning Aura      880
    Daze                 66
    Mental Barrier      176
    Wrack               440
    War Blessing         66
    Protection          176
    Essence Shield      440
    Speed               660
    Minor Heal           66
    Cure Affliction     176
    Augmentation        440
    Heal                660
      (slightly expensive after betrayal of safehouse)
    Firebolt             36
    Burning Spray        96
    Searer              240
    Ice Spray           360
    Lightning Aura      480
    Daze                 36
    Mental Barrier       96
    Wrack               240
    Unlock              360
    War Blessing         36
    Protection           96
    Essence Shield      240
    Speed               360
    Minor Heal           36
    Cure Affliction      96
    Augmentation        240
    Heal                360
    Regeneration        480
      (very reasonable after repairing Moseh)
    Burning Spray        64
    Searer              160
    Ice Spray           240
    Lightning Aura      320
    Essence Orbs        400
    Mental Barrier       64
    Wrack               160
    Unlock              240
    Terror              320
    Dominate            400
    War Blessing         24
    Protection           64
    Essence Shield      160
    Speed               240
    Spine Shield        320
    Minor Heal           24
    Cure Affliction      64
    Augmentation        160
    Heal                240
    Regeneration        320
    Group Heal          400
      Jared (initially slightly expensive)
    Ice Spray           360
    Lightning Aura      480
    Essence Orbs        600
    Acid Shower        1560
    Unlock              360
    Terror              480
    Dominate            600
    Essence Shackles   1560
    Spine Shield        480
    Mass Energize       600
    Steel Shield       1320
    Essence Armor      1680
    Heal                360
    Regeneration        480
    Group Heal          600
    Banish Affliction  1440
      Jared (extremely cheap after recovering his supplies)
    Ice Spray           180
    Lightning Aura      240
    Essence Orbs        300
    Acid Shower         780
    Unlock              180
    Terror              240
    Dominate            300
    Essence Shackles    780
    Spine Shield        240
    Mass Energize       300
    Steel Shield        660
    Essence Armor       840
    Heal                180
    Regeneration        240
    Group Heal          300
    Banish Affliction   720
      Shaper Danell (slightly expensive) 
    Ice Spray           360
    Lightning Aura      480
    Essence Orbs        600
    Acid Shower        1560
    Kill               1800
    Unlock              360
    Terror              480
    Dominate            600
    Essence Shackles   1200
    Strong Daze        1560
    Spine Shield        480
    Mass Energize       600
    Steel Shield       1320
    Essence Armor      1680
    Elemental Cloak    1800
    Heal                360
    Regeneration        480
    Group Heal          600
    Banish Affliction  1440
    Major Heal         1440
      Mage Manohola (slightly expensive)
    Ice Spray           360
    Lightning Aura      480
    Essence Orbs        600
    Acid Shower        1560
    Kill               1800
    Unlock              360
    Terror              480
    Dominate            600
    Essence Shackles   1200
    Strong Daze        1560
    Charm              1680
    Spine Shield        480
    Mass Energize       600
    Steel Shield       1320
    Essence Armor      1680
    Elemental Cloak    1800
    Battle Roar        2160
    Heal                360
    Regeneration        480
    Group Heal          600
    Banish Affliction  1440
    Major Heal         1440
    Aura of Cleansing  1560
      Shaper Grim (pretty average with leadership)
    Lightning Aura      400
    Essence Orbs        500
    Acid Shower        1300
    Kill               1500
    Essence Lances     1600
    Terror              400
    Dominate            500
    Essence Shackles   1000
    Strong Daze        1300
    Spine Shield        400
    Mass Energize       500
    Steel Shield       1100
    Essence Armor      1400
    Elemental Cloak    1500
    Regeneration        400
    Group Heal          500
    Banish Affliction  1200
    Aura of Cleansing  1300
      Khyryk (expensive)
    Kill               2100
    Essence Lances     2240
    Aura of Flames     2380
    Strong Daze        1820
    Charm              1960
    Mass Madness       2240
    Essence Armor      1960
    Elemental Cloak    2100
    Battle Roar        2520
    Major Heal         1680
    Aura of Cleansing  1820
    Mass Restore       2100
      Master Jared (expensive)
    Acid Shower        1820
    Kill               2100
    Essence Lances     2240
    Aura of Flames     2380
    Essence Shackles   1400
    Strong Daze        1820
    Charm              1960
    Mass Madness       2240
    Steel Shield       1540
    Essence Armor      1960
    Elemental Cloak    2100
    Battle Roar        2520
    Banish Affliction  1680
    Major Heal         1680
    Aura of Cleansing  1820
    Mass Restore       2100
      Master Jared (expensive)
    Create Fyora        280
    Create Thahd        210
    Create Artila       210
      Burkes (expensive)
    Create Artila       210
      Shaper Duncan (initially utterly ridiculous)
    Create Fyora        440
    Create Roamer       880
    Create Thahd        330
    Create Clawbug      990
    Create Artila       330
    Create Vlish       1100
      (expensive after betrayal of rebel safehouse)
    Create Fyora        280
    Create Roamer       560
    Create Thahd        210
    Create Clawbug      630
    Create Artila       210
    Create Vlish        700
      (pretty average after repairing Moseh)
    Create Fyora        200
    Create Roamer       400
    Create Thahd        150
    Create Clawbug      450
    Create Battle Alpha 800
    Create Artila       150
    Create Vlish        500
      Shaper Danell (slightly expensive)
    Create Roamer       480
    Create Kyshakk     1800
    Create Clawbug      540
    Create Battle Alpha 960
    Create Glaahk       960
    Create Wingbolt    1440
      Shaper Grim (pretty average with leadership)
    Create Kyshakk     1500
    Create Battle Alpha 800
    Create Rotghroth   1400
    Create Glaahk       800
    Create Wingbolt    1200
      Burkes (expensive)
    Spellcraft         2380
      Captain Archibald (slightly expensive)
    Melee Weapons      1800
    Missile Weapons    1800
    Quick Action       1200
    Parry              1200
    Daze                 (Southforge Citadel and Geneforge)
    Create Thahd         (Southforge Citadel and Geneforge)
    Burning Spray        (Crenshaw's Dell)
    Cure Affliction      (Shardfield)
    Protection           (Chickweed Bridge)
    Mental Barrier       (Chickweed Bridge)
    War Blessing         (Therile Colony)
    Minor Heal           (Boiling Mudpits)
    Create Fyora         (Boiling Caverns)
    Essence Shield       (Dumping Pits)
    Searer               (Cairn Gates)
    Create Roamer        (Cairn Gates)
    Wrack                (Eastern Checkpoint)
    Create Clawbug       (Dillame)
    Steelskin            (Rivergate Keep)
    Firebolt             (Rivergate Keep)
    Create Vlish         (Illya Safehouse)
    Essence Orbs         (Illya Safehouse)
    Group Heal           (Illya Safehouse)
    Create Clawbug       (Illya Safehouse)
    Create Roamer        (Illya Safehouse)
    Create Vlish         (Circle of the Drayk)
    Terror               (Circle of the Drayk)
    Create Fyora         (Dillame Fields)
    Unlock               (Dillame Fields)
    Spellcraft           (Dillame Fields)
    Spine Shield         (Swamp Crossroads)
    Heal                 (North Illya Woods)
    Create Artila        (Electrified Field)
    Speed                (Thornton Ruins)
    Create Battle Alpha  (Thornton Ruins)
    Create Glaahk        (Eastern Rise)
    Create Thahd         (Eastern Rise)
    Ice Spray            (Western Rise)
    Essence Shackles     (Golem Fens)
    Create Drayk         (Aziraph Rebel Camp)
    Create Battle Alpha  (Aziraph Rebel Camp)
    Create Glaahk        (Aziraph Rebel Camp)
    Mass Energize        (Wrecked Lab)
    Create Drayk         (Wrecked Lab)
    Create Artila        (Northern Grosch)
    Acid Shower          (Grosch Pits)
    Dominate             (Grosch Pits)
    Regeneration         (Monarch's Realm)
    Create Drayk         (Monarch's Realm)
    Create Rotghroth     (Western Burwood)
    Mechanics            (Western Burwood)
    Lightning Aura       (Western Burwood)
    Kill                 (The Eye's Road)
    Banish Affliction    (Burwood South Road)
    Charm                (Derenton Freehold)
    Create Kyshakk       (Derenton Freehold)
    Create Rotghroth     (Derenton Freehold)
    Create Wingbolt      (Derenton Freehold) 
    Essence Lances       (Derenton Freehold)
    Create Kyshakk       (Valeya Road)
    Major Heal           (Valeya Ruins)
    Create Ornk          (West Poryphra Gate)
    Strong Daze          (Poryphra Ruins)
    Mass Madness         (Cultist Safehouse)
    Elemental Cloak      (Cultist Safehouse)
    Mass Restore         (Windswept Farms)
    Create War Trall     (Windswept Farms)
    Spine Shield         (Quessa-Uss)
    Create Gazer         (Quessa-Uss)
    Aura of Flames       (Quessa-Uss)
    Battle Roar          (Khima-Uss)
    Essence Lances       (Khima-Uss)
    Create Gazer         (Khima-Uss)
    Create War Trall     (Khima-Uss)
    Create Drakon        (Khima-Uss)
    Essence Armor        (Grayghost Gates)
    Mass Madness         (Frostwood)
    Create Drakon        (Gesselin Freehold)
    Create Gazer         (Northforge Citadel)
    Create War Trall     (Northforge Citadel)
    Mass Restore         (Northforge Citadel)
    Essence Lances       (Northforge Warrens)
    Create Rotghroth     (Breeding Pits)
    Strength             (Breeding Pits) 
    Dexterity            (Sealed Crypt)
    Strength             (Sealed Crypt)
    Endurance            (Pit of the Titan)
    Intelligence         (Pit of the Titan)
    Matala's Lab         (Aura of Cleansing)
    Create Drakon        (Nortforge Warrens)
    Other Skill Points
      Luck               (Mayor of Dillame)
      Spellcraft         (Shaper Danell)
      Spellcraft         (Feeble Shade)
      Dexterity          (Orois Blaze)
      Major Heal         (Shaper Krogstad)
    KEY:  for weapons, the damage is present first, with additional features 
    next.  For armor, the armor percent bonus is given first, with additional 
    features next.  Stats, effects, and resistances are as follows: Str- 
    strength, Dex- dexterity, Int- intelligence, End- endurance, MW- melee 
    weapons, MIW- missile weapons, QA- quick action, PA- parry, BM- battle magic, 
    LM- blessing magic, MM- mental magic, SC- spellcraft, FS- fire shaping, BS- 
    battle shaping, MS- mental shaping, HC- healing craft, Lead- leadership, 
    Mech- mechanics, Luck- luck, Stl- Stealth, TH- to hit, SR- stun resistance, 
    FR- fire resistance, CR- cold resistance, ER- energy resistance, MR- mental 
    resistance, AR- acid resistance, PR- poison resistance, HER- hostile effects 
    resistance (all resists raised by that value), "c" effect applies to 
    Unusual effects include EnP- energy preservation, VT- Vampiric Touch, Rad- 
    Radiance (undead-bane), DS- damage shield, AP- action points and DLVL- Damage 
         Melee Weapons
    Captain's Shiv     4-16, +4% armor, +2 LM, +8 armor c, +1 Dexc
    Dagger             2-8
    Living Knife       4-16, +4% armor, +1 Strc, +1 Dexc
    Singing Rapier     8-32, +1 QA, +1 PA
    Thirsting Knife    7-28, +8 VT, +5 FR, +2 Strc, +1 Dexc
    Flaming Sword     12-60, +10 TH, +10 FR, +10 Rad
    Guardian Claymore 11-55, +2 Str, +2 QA, +2 Strc
    Iron Broadsword    8-40
    Stunning Blade     6-30, stuns
         Missile Weapons
         Special Attack Items.
    Chitin Armor        10%, +10 SR, 
    Chainmail Vest      15%, +15 SR, -5 TH
    Crystal Woven Chitin16%, +15 SR, +1 SC, -5 TH
    Emberrune Chitin    13%, +10 CR, -3 FR, +10 AR
    Fibrous Breastplate 24%, +25 SR, -10 TH, +12 ER, +10 CR
    Infiltrator's Tunic  8%, +1 Mech, +1 Lead, +1 Stl
    Quicksilver Chitin  10%, +10 SR, +1 AP
    Robe                 6%
    Shaped Breastplate  34%, +35 SR, -20 TH
    Shaper Robe         12%, +1 FS, +1 BS, +1 MS, +1 HC
    Shaper Trueweave    20%, +2 Strc, +2 Dexc, +10 HERc
    Spidersilk Robe     14%, +5 ER
    Steel Breastplate
    Thahdskin Tunic      8%, +2 Str, +1 Dex
    Tunic                4% 
    Venom Chainmail     16%, +15 SR, -5 TH, +10 DS
    Belt                 2%
    Shaped Belt          6%
    Student's Belt       2%, +1 Int, +2 EnP
    Girdle of Insight    4%, +1 Int, +1 Intc
    Girdle of Genius     6%, +2 Int, +2 Intc
    Girdle of Strength   4%, +1 Str, +1 Strc
    Girdle of Might      6%, +2 Str, +2 Strc
    Girdle of Endurance  4%, +1 End, +1 Endc
    Girdle of Life       6%, +2 End, +2 Endc
    Girdle of Nimbleness 4%, +1 Dex, +1 Dexc
    Girdle of Avoidance  6%, +2 Dex, +2 Dexc
    Boots                4%
    Captain's Boots      7%, +2 LM
    Clover Boots         4%, +3 Luck, +1 Stl
    Fine Shoes           3%
    Nimble Sandals       2%, +2 Dex
    Puresteel Boots     12%
    Samaritan Sandals    2%, +2 HC
    Sandals              2%
    Shaped Boots         7%
    Vat Shoes            3%, +10 PR, +10 AR
    Agent Cloak          4%, +1 BM, +1 LM, +1 MM, +1 SC
    Coated Cloak         4%, +5 ER
    Deadeye Cloak        3%, +2 MiW
    Fyoraskin Cloak      5%, +5 FR
    Guardian Cloak       8%, +1 MW, +1 MIW, +1 QA, +1 PA
    Infiltrator Cloak    2%, +1 Mech, +1 Lead, +1 Stl
    Polar Fur Cloak      4%, +5 CR
    Carnelian Gloves     2%, +1 BM
    Gauntlets            4%
    Gauntlets of Succor  4%, +1 MM, +1 HC
    Gloves               2%
    Gloves of the Hammer 6%, +2 Str, +1 QA, +1 PA
    Piercing Gauntlets   4%, +2 QA, +2 DLVL
    Shaped Gauntlets     6%
    Thirsting Gloves     2%, +5 VT
    Tinker Gloves        2%, +2 Mech
    Blessed bauble       2%
    Blessed Necklace     2%, +10 FR, +10 CR, +10 FRc, +10 CRc
    Guardian Stone       4%, +1 PA
    Runed Jade Necklace  4%, +10 AR, +10 PR, +1 SC
    Stability Bauble     2%, +10 SR
    Talisman of Might    4%, +4 Str, +5 VT
    Tinker's Bauble      2%, +1 Mech
    Tiny Orb of the Sun  4%, +10 CR, +10 Rad
    Volcanic Fetish      3%, +1 BM, +1 FS
    Blasted Greaves      9%, +6 SR, -10 TH, +1 Str, +2 End
    Lodestone Greaves    6%, + 5 SR, -5 TH, -1 Dex, +4 DLVL
    Pants                2%
    Pustulant Greaves    4%, -5 TH, +4 SR, +18 AR
    Shaped Greaves       9%, -10 TH, +6 SR
    Swamp Pants          2%, +5 PR
    Armor Band           7%, +10 SR
    Chilling Band        2%, +15 FR
    Dhonal's Band            +2 MW, +1 Str, +1 Lead
    Ethereal Seal        6%, +25 Rad, +1 LM
    Jade Band            4%, +25 AR, +25 PR
    Mindwarp Seal            +2 MM, +10 MERc
    Projection Band          +8 Creation armor, + 2 HERc
    Ring of Mind's Purity6%, +3 BM, +3 EnP
    Shielding Band       4%, +5 SR
    Static Band          2%, +15 ER
    Warmth Ring          4%, +25 FR
    Clawbug Carapace     8%, +10 PR, +1 QA, -5 TH
    Ironwood Shield      6%, +8 SR, +8 FR
    Polished Shield     10%, -5 TH, +10 Rad, +2 EnP, +10 MERc
    Reflecting Shield    6%, +3 HER
    Shaped Shield       14%, -10 TH
    Wooden Shield        6%
    Lucky Charm          +1 Luck
    Fyora Fang Charm     +3 FR
    Cryoa Claw Charm     +3 CR
    Physician's Charm    +1 HC
    Clawbug Charm        +8 PR
    Shielding Trinket    +1 HER
    Skein of Wisdom      +1 Int
    Gruesome Charm       +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 End
    Mental Focus Charm   +1 SC, +8 MER, +8 MERc
    Infiltrator's Charm  +1 Mech, +1 Lead, +8 MERc
    Puresteel Charm      +1 Str, +5 TH, +8 MERc
    Essence Charm        +1 Int, +3 HER, +8 MERc
    Blademaster's Charm  +1 QA, +5 TH, +8 MERc
    Omnicharm            +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Int, +1 End
    6. End Note
    Thanks for reading!  This FAQ benefited from notes on the Spiderweb Message 
    boards, and thanks go out to Synergy, Randomizer, Slarty, Thuryl, and Aran 
    for compiling several bits of info, allowing providing a good second check of 
    my notes.
    Version 0.3
    FAQ Complete through demo region (chapter 1).
    Version 1.05
    Walkthrough complete, fixed recipe typo.

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