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  1. I have downloaded some sims to my game, but 4 of them won't install. It's only the 4 of them, whatever I do, they won't get in the game. When I try to install them, it says just like the other things I've installed; that it works. So when I check, they are in the Installed Folder on the startup, but just to be sure I close it and open it again. And then the sims are back not-downloaded in the Download folder, and nowhere in the Installed Folder.
    Can someone please help?

    User Info: winchestered

    winchestered - 4 years ago


  1. That can happen if the downloaded material was created using one or more expansion packs that you don't have. In my experience, most of the content still shows up in the game, despite it not being in the installed folder.

    User Info: zizzlekwum

    zizzlekwum - 3 years ago 0 0

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