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Can I make a video game to work on old and new video game consoles? How will I make the game? Build
Can you tell me how to fix my sims because my sims is error when i was visit morgana wolf hous? Side Quest
CC uninstall and reinstall? General
Family transferred to another town/city? Plot
How are my sims are somehow brothers and are married? Tech Support
How can I find my purchased additional home? And can I sell it ? General
How can I get this repaired item back to its owner when it's stuck in family inventory? Enemy/Boss
How do I find Victoria Newberry to become friends with her? Side Quest
How do I fix laundry icon in the Sims 3? Tech Support
How do I fix the never ending theater and stadium concerts on Xbox 360? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Does time stop in Sunset Valley (game) if you play a new game in Appaloosa plains ? Tech Support 1 1 day ago
How to Enable Aging for Every Household Except Active Household? Tech Support 1 2 days ago
Can I add Emit Relevart to household with a cheat? Side Quest 1 2 days ago
how do i get adult sims to sleep with each other(they are married)? Plot 1 4 weeks ago
Where are the angel fish? Main Quest 1 4 weeks ago
How long is the time for a ghost to appear? Plot 1 4 weeks ago
How do I change my sims careet clothes in the sims 3? Build 1 4 weeks ago
How do you prevent sim from dying of anything on sims 3? Main Quest 1 4 weeks ago
How do you go back to create a sim on xbox360 ? Main Quest 1 4 weeks ago
How do I sell furniture in Sims 3 on xbox360? Plot 1 4 weeks ago

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