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by KrossRoads / DarkMaster22

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FAQ by KrossRoads / DarkMaster22

Version: 1.5.5 | Updated: 03/26/2012

Table of Contents

  1. Sengoku Rance Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Introduction
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Questions about the game itself
    1. Q: Where can I learn more about the lores of this game and others in the Rance series?
    2. Q: Has any of the other Rance games been translated into English?
    3. Q: I finished Rance, do you have any suggestions for similar games?
  5. Questions about Nalmar`s guide
    1. Q: Where can I find this guide?
    2. Q: The guide says I should get the third action fan now, but it does not show up in the menu.
    3. Q: Why is the hot spring not where the guide says it is?
    4. Q: No matter how much I reset the enemy/event won't change!
  6. Questions about gameplay
    1. Q: I have a question about the gameplay, where can I find the answer?
    2. Q: What characters should I use?
    3. Q: What are the other routes in this game?
    4. Q: What do these items do?
    5. Q: I want to buy some item from Purupet`s Shop yet it does not seem to show up, why?
    6. Q: How do I get more end game points?
    7. Q: How can I get the 300 women bonus points?
    8. Q: How to unlock the Orochi dungeon?
    9. Q: How to get the emperor items?
    10. Q: How do I recruit Nogiku (the footsoldier youkai girl)?
    11. Q: What is the differences between the field, castle, and house battlefields?
    12. Q: How does troop scaling work?
    13. Q: I can not seem to get enough Exploration to pass this search check, any help?
    14. Q: How do end game points work?
  7. Questions about specific enemies
    1. Q: How do I recruit the Takeda generals / beat the Takeda blitz?
    2. Q: Help me in the fight versus Masamune.
    3. Q: Help me in the fight versus Inukai.
    4. Q: The demon army is just too strong. They beat the crap out of me. Any suggestions?
    5. Q: Any tips on beating Orochi?
    6. Q: Help me in the last Tokugawa battle, how can I beat them?
    7. Q: Can I still win in this situation/how to beat a certain fight/boss?
  8. Ace's Third Action Fan Walkthrough
  9. Pro-tips
  10. Technical Stuff
  11. Authors' Recommendations of games/anime:
  12. Credits
  13. Copyright Information


Sengoku Rance. What can I really say about it? It is a great example of gaming, combining elements of sex, humor, action, sadness, and glee into a single medium. When I first played the game, I thought it was something special. So I joined the (very) small community at the Sengoku Rance forum at GameFAQs. There, I learned most of what I know now about the game; Mostly in the form of answering the questions of other players, and occasionally asking my own. While I was there learning the ropes, we only had a single holy document for the game, Nalmar`s walkthrough. If your answer was not in there, you had better hope a Sengoku Rance veteran decided to swoop in and help out, otherwise your question had a great chance of going unanswered forever. What a disaster it was at times, when no one knew the definite answers to such simple questions. A little over a year later, the community was steadily growing, which meant more questions than ever. Questions I heard seven million times before. Questions that should have been easily answered by looking it up. Questions questions questions. That is why a group of us got together and decided to make an FAQ sticky topic for the forum, to provide support when no one was around. This document is what became of that idea, it outgrew its intended purpose and became a full fledged help document. Here, all of us aim to provide you, the reader, with the knowledge we gained with sweat and toil and blood. We took all of our collective experience and reduced it down into this tiny help file. What this means is that you will not find a lot of technical jargon or random, hard to understand statements of game code (Unless you really want to see those, at the very end). You will find quick, easy, practical answers and explanations of the game, almost completely gained through an intimate knowledge of the gameplay itself. So please, feel free to look over what we have gathered here for you. If you feel the need to reward us for all the trouble we took, feel free to drop by that same forum mentioned above, and tell us thanks. Until then, keep your hyper weapon in check! - Kross, Doctorate in Sengoku Rance Studies

This FAQ is a patchwork from many different sources so unavoidably it contains a few errors. If you find any let us know. You can contact us in the GameFAQs board. Also we tried to make this spoiler-free FAQ but there could be some spoilers that slipped under our radar. You have been warned. - Dark (i.e. DarkMaster22)

Q: Has any of the other Rance games been translated into English?

A: Yes. Rance 1 and 2 has been translated into English, and Rance 3 is in the works at this time. Please refer to this site for more details: http://rancetranslationproject.blogspot.com/?zx=99186088977f714e

Q: I finished Rance, do you have any suggestions for similar games?

A: Below is a short summary of games Rance fans might like. They are not identical to Rance but you will find many similar elements.

  • Kichikuou Rance: This is the predecessor of Sengoku Rance, and is very similar, BUT it is not translated yet.
  • Big Bang Age: Made by Rance's company. If you liked Rance you will probably like this game, as long as you remember that it is not a clone of Sengoku Rance but a different, equally fun, game. Translated by Aroduc and whomever helped him at:http://bmw.seiha.org/viewtopic.php?t=322
  • Eien no Aselia: Features a strategic combat system and a great story. Translated by Dakkodango: http://dakkodango.com/
  • Utawarerumono: Visual Novel (from now on VN) with tactical battles. Translated by Mirror Moon: http://mirrormoon.org/
  • Tears to Tiara: Real-time strategical combat with an above average story. Translated by Dakkodango.
  • Castle Fantasia 2: Tactic combat and a nice story. You do not have to play the first game to understand the plot. Translated by BTAxis.
  • "Fate/Stay Night" and "Tsukihime" are pure VNs with no gameplay aside from clicking. However, they both have amazing stories. Translated by Mirror Moon.
  • Battle Moon Wars: A continuation to F/SN & Tsukihimes story that features a lot of tactical battles. Translated by Aroduc & co: http://bmw.seiha.org/viewtopic.php?t=234

Q: Where can I find this guide?

A: At GameFAQs. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/936089-sengoku-rance/faqs

Q: The guide says I should get the third action fan now, but it does not show up in the menu.

A: The third action fan bonus is triggered when you have gathered 50 satisfaction even if you have not claimed any satisfaction bonuses yet. It disappears when your total satisfaction reaches 60, so 59 sat is your last chance. Same goes for the other action fans, you need 160 - 169 and 260 - 269 total sat for them. However, if you take the new game option to start with the third action fan, the fan for 50 - 59 sat won't show up since you have it already.

There are two possible reasons as to why the fan option does not show up. If you are following the guide just click "back" at the bonus screen and try a few times until it shows up. If you are not following the guide it is possible that the action fan bonus is blocked by other bonuses. Simply take another bonus that will not show up again if taken and the action fan bonus will hopefully appear when you try again.

Q: Why is the hot spring not where the guide says it is?

A: The hot spring event appears randomly in one of the provinces. Check all of your provinces and if you can not find it, go conquer some more and check regularly.

Q: No matter how much I reset the enemy/event won't change!

A: The game involves a lot of random numbers, the reason that Nalmar`s guide is hard to follow. Saving and loading a lot is necessary to follow the guide. Reloading to the previous turn is an effective method of changing enemy formations, as is changing the commanders you send into battle.

Q: I have a question about the gameplay, where can I find the answer?

A: First of all, check this FAQ. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please check the Rance wiki at http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Sengoku_Rance:Walkthrough

If you still have trouble, feel welcome to ask in the forums at GameFAQs and we will be happy to help.

Q: What characters should I use?

A: Some of the best and more accessible commanders include Rance, Shibata Katsuie, Leila, Uruza, Natori, and Senhime. Later on in the game, there is Kenshin, Naoe Ai, Sanada Tourin, Houjou Souun and all of the Mouri/Dokuganryuu generals. Some generic recruits such as Himiko and Aburako Dousan are also on par with the best. In subsequent playthroughs you can get other equally strong commanders by either selecting bonuses or buying them with points.

Q: What are the other routes in this game?

A: There are three main side routes with alternatives heroines: Yamamoto Isoroku, Uesugi Kenshin and Nanjou Ran. There is also a Kill Monkey route which is a sandbox route with no story and a Demon King route which you cannot win in. For more details on the routes as well as how to enter them, please refer to the wiki at http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Sengoku_Rance:Walkthrough#IF_Routes

Q: What do these items do?


Akashita Dog:

The Akashita Dog is often misunderstood because it gives a commander two actions during one turn OUTSIDE of battle. So in example, if you use the commander to search for a dungeon or attack a territory, the commander will reactivate and be usable for battle or scouting one more time that same turn or defending on the enemy phase.

Gold Statues:

You need to equip them to make them work. Put them on characters you do not use for combat. This also applies to the +3/5/7/9 heal-all items.

The three manuals:

Those give you all 4 buffs while equipped in certain field. As a special note, Dungeon Walker only works if the commander starts the battle, not if they are switched in.
Dungeon Walker: Used in dungeons. It does not work in commander battles that are not set in dungeons.
Japans Field Battle Weekly: Triggers in the areas marked with a small fence on the main screen.
How to Siege a Castle: Triggers in the areas marked with a large castle in the main screen.

There is no book for the small house areas. Efficient use of the books can make them deadly weapons.

Q: I want to buy some item from Purupet`s Shop yet it does not seem to show up, why?

A: Some items require you to get their requirement items first. Here is a table showing them. (read from left to right)

Kawanokuchi Hironosuke (Exploration +2)Brute PhotoUesugi Charge UnitBunny Mask
Nimajita Saburou (Negotiation +2)Head-gold StatueWorld`s TacticsCommander Guards
All-knowing God (Fully heals all units)Speed Textbook2Takeda Cavalry UnitExclusive Nurse
Erotic Story (useless)Rice Coupon(read note)Battle Miko UnitStrange Quick Bug
Any 6 itemsAttack/Def/Int Textbook2 (buyable multiple times)

Notice: All bold items require you to get "Rice Coupon" first.

Q: How do I get more end game points?

A: For those who have finished the game once and wish to collect more end game points, here are some tips and recommendations:

One star difficulty and Ran route is probably the best way to go if you only have a minimal amount of points to spend, bonuses worth getting include (in order): Extra action fan and gold, battle permits set, popularity staff, gold statues, how to siege castles and field battle weekly, akashita dog and kewpie. Be aware that for items to be unlocked for second game bonuses, you have to acquire the item in a game, and then save the game.

There are 5 ways to gain points:

  • You start with a set amount of points depending on your difficulty level. Higher difficulty means more starting points.
  • Each character clear who stays in your army at the end of the game gives 2 points.
  • Each character with end game points as a passive skill who stays in your army at the end of the game gives 2 points.
  • Achieving the main objectives of beating Orochi and Masamune, collecting six national treasures, have sex with 300 women and have 30,000 troops give 10 points each.
  • Going to the carnival with each of Sill, Suzume, 3G, Baba Shouen, and the main heroine of the route gives 15 points in total. There is no heroine in kill monkey route. The carnival appears in Owari on turns 63, 67, 71, 75 and so on (Every four turns starting from turn 63) until no more characters to go with are available.

You lose one point every turn and some more points are lost if you lose and retry a particular storyline fight.

The skill "End Game Points" can only be gotten on commanders who start with no passive skills. So try to avoid using those who already have passive skills.

Q: How can I get the 300 women bonus points?

A: Rance's H Diary:

  • Increases by 1 per each H'd girl.
  • Increases per character cleared generic female commanders.
    • Note - Does not count bonus commanders and commanders in the Clear Game Report.
  • Increases up to 3 if Rance participates in conquering a subsidiary territory of a province.
    • Note - Increases up to 1 more if battling Miko Institute/Tenshi Sect/Houjou.
  • Increases up to 9 if Rance participates in conquering the last territory of a subsidiary province.
    • Note - Increases up to 1 more if battling Miko Institute/Tenshi Sect/Houjou.
  • Increases up to 11 if Rance participates in conquering the last territory of the last province. And certain houses give bonuses:
    • Houjou increases up to 6 more
    • Tenshi Sect increases up to 1 more
    • Uesugi increases up to 5 more
    • Miko Institute increases by 20 and then up to 1 more
    • Iga, if Suzume also participates, increases up to 2 more.
  • Increases by 5 each for H-ing Nekohime, Nonohime, and Iwashime.
  • Increases by a certain amount in the Isoruku route.
  • Dokuganryuu House and Demon Army territories give no increases.
  • Increases up to 6 for levying.
  • Increases by 20 for closing Shikoku's gate.

Q: How to unlock the Orochi dungeon?

A: Recruit Natori and Tamagushi Fuuka. Then talk to Natori once, making sure you are in any route except Kenshin's. Get both Natori and Fuuka to "trust", and talk to Fuuka at 7/7 affection when shes in "trust". Choose the second option out of the choices given, then talk to Natori again. Finally, choose the purple event at Yamatai to unlock the dungeon.

Q: How to get the emperor items?

A: There are 3 emperor items in the game, they are all unremovable, and boost all your stats.

  • Emperor Headband: Obtain by winning Emperor race in Kenshin route.
  • Emperor Sword: Obtain in the Road to Hades dungeon 8F in Izumo after the Orochi dungeon is unlocked, or automatically when entering Kenshin route.
  • Emperor Ring: Obtain from an event with Ashikaga Chousin after the route split event or the Honouji Temple event, or by winning the Emperor race in Kenshin route.

Q: How do I recruit Nogiku (the footsoldier youkai girl)?

A: Make sure Akashi Kazemaru, obtained by conquering Akashi, is recruited and that he has the passive ability Hibachi. To get Hibachi as a passive skill for Kazemaru, lose three times against the Nuhes when fighting the Akashi house. Next, conquer Akashi and recruit Kazemaru. Do the green event in Himeji, and then talk to Kazemaru once. Finally, talk to Kazemaru one more time when he is at "normal" with 7/7 affection for him to get Hibachi. Akashi Kazemaru does not need to be in the fight against Nogiku but he needs to be in your army roster.

Q: What is the differences between the field, castle, and house battlefields?

A: They affect the bonus you get from the three books/manuals, as well as passive skills such as field battle expert and castle siege expert.

In addition, fields, towns, and castles affect the defender`s advantage in battle, and the Battlefield Effect (How much the Battle Rating moves when attacking or taking damage).

Field: 10% advantage to defender, no Battlefield Effect change.
Town: Around 30% advantage to defender, Battlefield Effect +10%.
Castle: 90% advantage to defender, Battlefield Effect +20%.

These numbers can be further modified by skills. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Yamatai, a medium area, for instance, has 50% Battlefield Effect.

Q: How does troop scaling work?

A: Enemy troops are scaled differently for different categories and difficulty levels:

Method 1:

  • Your average number of troops, calculated excluding footsoldiers and units under 300 troops.
  • Difficulty level:
    • Normal difficulty: You have the advantage in the scaling (enemies increase at a slow rate).
    • 1-Star: The scaling is even between you and the enemy.
    • 2-Star: Enemy has the advantage (same rate as you had in Normal difficulty).
    • 5-Star: Enemy has a large advantage.

Method 2:

  • Number of territories under your control.
  • Difficulty level:
    • Normal difficulty: You have the advantage in the scaling (enemies increase at a slow rate).
    • 1-Star: The scaling is even between you and the enemy.
    • 2-Star: Enemy has the advantage (same rate as you had in Normal difficulty).
    • 5-Star: Enemy has a large advantage.

Units ingame are scaled as such:

  • Demon Army: Method 1
  • Enemy's new recruits: Method 1
  • All non-DA enemies: Method 2
  • Foreign reinforcements: Method 1
  • Map Recruitments: Method 1
  • Event Recruitments: Method 1
  • Event prisoners: Method 1
  • Captured prisoners: Method 2, max 1000
  • Tenshi's troop escape event: Method 1

In summary:

  • Increasing your own troops almost always has more pros than cons.
  • Having higher average troops will allow new units to join with higher troops. This applies to everything except those units you capture on the battlefield.
  • Keep non-combat units below 300 to increase your average troops.
  • Average troop is calculated based on current troop instead of max troop, so make sure you fully replenish troops before accepting reinforcements or recruit on the map.
  • Conversely, by suiciding your troops into the enemy the turn the Tenshi Sect declares war on you, you can achieve minimal loss in the troop escape event.
  • However, you do not want to increase your other units too much (with exceptions). 1000 troops per non-footsoldier unit is enough for even 5-star difficulty. Remember that you can increase stats, but the enemy can not, so that is by far the most effective way of strengthening your army. The higher your stats, the more you will get out of your troops.

Q: I can not seem to get enough Exploration to pass this search check, any help?

A: Most people miss that at first, but all the Exploration, Negotiations and Construction events do not have to be completed in one action. i.e. If your event needs 50 Exploration and you use 5 characters with 4 Exploration each, you will fail the event but in the next time you will need only 30 to pass the event. 30 = (50 - 5 * 4)

Q: How do end game points work?

A: The end game points you spend on bonuses with each playthough after the first are always equal to the maximum number of points you achieved in a single game before that one. For example:

  • Second game: 56 total end game points achieved. Third game`s available points to spend on bonuses is now 56.
  • Third game: 72 total end game points achieved. Fourth game`s available points to spend on bonuses is now 72.
  • Fourth game: 17 total end game points achieved. Fifth game`s available points to spend on bonuses is still 72.

Note that buying the bonues using the points will NOT use up the point maximum carried over to the next game, so feel free to spend as many as you like, you will get them all back next game.

Q: How do I recruit the Takeda generals / beat the Takeda blitz?

A: Do not try this on your first game! Only attempt this when you have adequate points to spend, >120 is recommended. Pick normal mode, kill monkey route to make your life easier. If you are only looking for tips on beating the blitz, scroll further down.

Recommended starting game bonuses:

  • Dokuganryuu family bonus. Do not take the other family bonuses!
  • Can Kill Toukichirou
  • Special Characters, everyone except Takakura Kamei, Natsumi Papa, and Hasuma Kanae should be picked. Pick those three if you want extra cash as they will be dismissed.
  • Action fan +1, +10000 gold, and all the NP are required.
  • Item wise the following are recommended: Popularity Staff (on Omachi), Field and Castle books, Protection Paper, the +2 and +1 stat items

Get into war with Hara and Ashikaga but do not conquer them. Conquer Mamushi Oil Field to get access to Takeda. Do not call for reinforcements! You are able to declare war on Takeda from around turn 14, so waste some time before then. If you are having trouble getting your footsoldiers above 500 troops due to limited NP, you can choose to dismiss Nagahide and Orime and/or increase the NP of your two territories. The only units you should have 500+ troops on are footsoldiers and Omachi. Keep your non-combat units to 300 troops or less, these include the two tacticians, Elina, Nagahide and Suzume. After you declare war on Takeda, Tokugawa will declare war on you. Focus on defending until the blitz happens, it should not be difficult with your strong commanders. The blitz will happen on the enemy phase of around turn 19, if you are not sure, the day before the blitz Takeda will not attack you.

You have to repel all four attacks of the Takeda blitz successfully. I recommend using weaker generals against Yoshikage and resetting until he does a failed assassination. Sanada Tourin should also be easy, target him as soon as possible so he does not use battle results down. Kurosaki can counter him with his own battle result down. Reserve your footsoldiers for the two fights against the cavalry generals. The third fight is with Baba Shouen, I recommend using strong fighters and footsoldiers, as well as Elina. Dispelling his buffs make him rather weak. The last fight is with Yamagata Masakage who has 8 in all stats. If you are following the guide your Omachi should have ~900 troops at this point which steamrolls him with adequate protection. If you are not, definitely use your strongest commanders against him.

For those not following the guide here are some extra tips. Kenshin + Uruza combo can shut down any given fight and Natori helps a lot if their troop sizes are too large. If you have it put the immortality charm on your footsoldiers just in case. Moves like Side Attack, Youkai Wards, and other indirect attacks are recommended so your units do not get decimated on counterattack. Ikkyu can win a battle cheaply with Witty Comeback. If you are struggling you can keep trying and hope that Baba Shouen uses commander charge and Yamagata Masakage uses battle result up. Note that assassinations do not work on the generals.

The blitz happens once every four rounds.

Once you beat all four blitzes in the same turn, an event will trigger that makes assassination available. This event only appears if Suzume is at "Love". Assassinate Takeda Shingen and you can now capture the Takeda commanders when they join another house. They can join any house beside the Youkai and the Hannies, but they have a large chance to join the houses you are at war with. At this point Houjou will declare war on you. Do not conquer any of the four countries currently at war with you, you can take out Edo and Toukaidou if you want some extra NP. Keep your prison relatively empty and your NP cost in check and you should be able to get all three commanders in 10+ turns. Make one of your warriors learn Light Attack to help with the capture. Keep in mind that the commanders may join neutral countries. Once you have all four commanders send them into battle together to unlock the bonus.

Q: Help me in the fight versus Masamune.

A: Masamune has a skill called "use eye drops" which fully heals his HP. To beat him easily, make sure to defeat all four Youkai generals in battle and recruit the first three: Nogiku, Noir, and Orime. There will be an event where the girls talk about Masamune`s eye drops. After this event you can beat Masamune who will have his eye drops disabled after he uses the skill once.

Beating Masamune with eye drops enabled is possible. Make sure you are at high enough level with Rance to deal a quarter of his health in damage with a normal attack. In battle, standby and heal accordingly until you can get an action order like this:

Rance - Masamune - Rance/Sill - Sill/Rance - Masamune

Attack with Rance and Masamune will attack Rance instead of healing. Simply use Rance Attack + Fire Blast to finish. This strategy also works if you deal between one-fifth and one-fourth health in damage by adding in another slash on the previous turn. It requires some luck to work.

It is highly recommended that Rance is level 62 or higher, has Rance Attack, and has 7 speed or higher to fight Masamune without Sill with his eyedrops enabled. With Sill, Rance's level can be as low as 53 with eyedrops enabled.

Q: Help me in the fight versus Inukai.

We advise Rance to be at least level 50, have 4 actions, and have 6 speed or higher. You must have at least four actions for Rance, as Inukai enters battle with three dogs on his side.

There is quite a bit of variability in this match. Inukai sometimes uses his Strong Shuriken attack which does 1.5x damage, and the dogs may get in extra hits depending on Rance's speed and the starting acting orders.

Q: The demon army is just too strong. They beat the crap out of me. Any suggestions?

A: For first-timers of the game the fights with the Demon Army probably poses the biggest challenge, here are some tips regarding these fights:

Shimazu Blitz

This is an all-out attack by the Shimazu brothers that happens only ONCE. An easy way to defend against the blitz is to concede the first four attacks and reset to make sure they go for two attacks on each of Izumo and Akaheru territories then simply defend against the last Agireda attack with your best squad. Note that this blitz is probably your best opportunity to capture Agireda and it only happens once. You can choose to defend against the last two waves, simply bring a tactician into the fight with Iehisa and spam battle strategy to prevent him from attacking you with his large troop size.


The infected troops have a attacking ability called infect which will decrease your troop size. Try to prevent infected troops from acting using Kenshin + Uruza`s Accurate Shot and prioritize attacking them in fights. If the infected troops are in the back row try to keep front row enemies alive and pound on the infected with your ranged units. Late game if they manage to infect 20 of your troops it is about equivalent to 1000 troops lost in gold. The infected cannot infect on counterattack.

The Shouguns

The three monster Shouguns hit hard with their massive troop size and hit-all attack, but there is an easy way around that. Simply bring a tactician with you and spam battle strategy and the Shouguns will prioritize dispelling your buffs over attacking you.

Q: Any tips on beating Orochi?

A: You have all your action points replenished before the Orochi fight so you do not need to worry about that when going through the dungeon. As for the battle itself you will be going up against Orochi and 5 Orochi Girls. Orochi will use a party-wipe earthquake attack soon into the battle so be sure to send in your weakest commanders first to be death fodders. He will only use this attack once. Take out the Orochi girls first as they can heal each other and Orochi, and they hit decently hard. After that just pound on Orochi with your strongest attacks. Here is a video of Orochi been beaten by an average team: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztuvYGvZE_k

Characters who have high level caps to take on Orochi:

  • Rance
  • Ogawa Kentarou
  • Masamune
  • Kenshin
  • Uruza
  • Baba Shouen
  • Senhime

Characters who are great to have due to guarding and healing:

  • Natori
  • Sill
  • Houjou Souun
  • Omachi
  • Other generic diviners

Due to the way attack damage is calculated in dungeons, commanders with levels lower than 43 deal fairly low damage so use them as fodders.

Q: Help me in the last Tokugawa battle, how can I beat them?

A: The raccoon dogs are tough when standing together. To decrease the difficulty of this battle, you can capture some (or most) of the raccoon dog generals prior to the final battle, who are then replaced with weaker generic units in the battle itself. Be aware that the raccoon dog generals will only appear in battles after you conquer two areas of Mikawa, and a scene plays that indicates the raccoon dogs will now take the field.

Q: Can I still win in this situation/how to beat a certain fight/boss?

A: Post screenshots of your army, items, and the map that shows your territory on the GameFAQs Sengoku Rance forum. Someone would be happy to help. =)

Ace's Third Action Fan Walkthrough

This section will outline an easy way to grab that third action fan as soon as possible. Please note that this won't work if you buy the third fan from the bonus menu, and following this exactly is fine for all routes but Kill the Monkey. KtM route will require an extra action fan to kill the monkey. Also, this directly conflicts with Nalmar`s guide, so do not use them together. The following section is quoted from Ace himself.

This is a more refined strategy for getting 50 Satisfaction and the 3rd action fan early, by Turn 14, only one action after the method in the wiki. The wiki`s method is fast but has a few issues: it relies on too much randomness such as recruiting generics and getting items to power up Suzume, and you'll also have to fight multiple wars at once which can be overwhelming for a first time player. This alternate method is easier and should be more profitable overall, as you'll have an extra territory and character by Turn 13. You will also have more time until the Tenshi Sect declares war: the wiki`s method causes the war on Turn 19, my method causes the war on Turn 21. Everything has been tested (twice) starting from a new game. The battles are possible and spaced out in a way that should make them easier. You can swap the order of some events around but they will likely make things harder.

General advice:

Rance starts with bad stats and low number of troops. Do not rely on him too much until you can build him up.
Ranmaru and Katsuie are your best initial units. Use them often, but not together if you must fight multiple battles in the same turn.
Try to make some use of most characters every turn, any victory will give them some free troops. Every character has some use at the start when you don't have many options.
Use any remaining units who will not fight on that turn to try and recruit good units from prison. Even if you do not have enough points they will be deducted from the cost, making the next attempts easier. So you can recruit little by little through multiple turns by using units that otherwise wouldn't be doing anything. There's no need to recruit generics though, only do this to recruit unique units who interest you.
Fighting battles is good: free troops, affection points, and affection items every few battles. If you end the turn and the enemy doesn't attack consider reloading until they do, unless you don't have any units available of course.


Action 1: Talk to Kouhime
Action 2: Recruit Tamagushi Fuuka (requires talking to Kou first)


Action 1: Declare war on Hara (use Maeda Toshiie and Akechi Mitsuhide)
Action 2: Attack Hara (1/4)


Auto: Sill scene (Sat +5)
Action 1: Attack Hara (2/4)
Action 2: Attack Hara (3/4)
Important: Ashikaga
You might get a scene where Ashikaga asks for money. Denying will start a war, but we do not want that now. Reload until you get a different scene, or pay the money.


Action 1: Attack Hara (4/4) = Conquer (Sat +5 = 10)
Get Ranmaru to 400 troops, Shibata Katsuie to 500.
Use Rance, Ranmaru and Katsuie in the front row, Niwa Nagahide in the back.
Niwa should target the weaker back row units. Front row focuses on the warrior, then takes out the Foot Soldiers.
Hara Shouji`s Volley damages everyone but consumes all of his actions. It's better if he does it early as he only gets to attack once.
Using more units will make the battle harder! There's not enough time for everyone to act, and you will take more damage from Volley.
Action 2: Talk to Tamagushi Fuuka
Prison: Recruit Hara Shouji
The prison is available automatically after you capture Hara Shouji. He is not a very good unit in battle (Volley does not do enough damage to be worth it) but recruiting him is important for future negotiations: You'll be able to get other recruits or start wars without having to use one of your main battle units. Use all remaining units to try and recruit him now. It probably will not be enough but as noted before the cost is deducted anyway, making future attempts easier.
Important: Ashikaga
Get the scene where Ashikaga demands money and refuse to start the war.


Action 1: Attack Mamushi Oil Field (1/3)
Action 2: Attack Mamushi Oil Field (2/3)
Optional: Ikkyu
If you defeat Ikkyu in battle he might be taken prisoner, though he does not appear often. You are free to recruit him if you want.
Ikkyu is an average tactician with a unique skill which reverses the battle gauge, letting you win very difficult battles. However it can only be used 3 times, after that it is removed and replaced by Battle Strategy.


Auto: Suzume (Sat +5 = 15)
Action 1: Attack Mamushi Oil Field (3/3) = Conquer (Sat +3 = 18)
Get Ranmaru to 450 troops, Niwa Nagahide to 500.
Use Ranmaru and Katsuie in the front row, Niwa and Mitsuhide in the back row.
The front row is fixed with two warriors and one archer. Back row is random.
Have Mitsuhide use Battle Strategy, your priority is getting Atk boosts. Niwa attacks the back row, or finishes off weak front row units. Ranmaru and Katsuie take care of the front row, and finish off any remaining units in the back afterwards.
This can take a few tries because Mitsuhide`s boosts are random. Your best chance is to have Ranmaru start with an Atk boost.
Action 2: Talk to 3G about Mikos
Important: Yamamoto Isoroku
You should get a scene introducing Yamamoto Isoroku. Do not use Rance in battle after that, or you will lose one battle automatically.


Auto: Suzume joins
Action 1: Attack Kyo (1/3)
Advice: Isoroku should appear in this battle. Defeat her unit to get a scene where she runs away and is harassed by Choushin. She can then be captured if defeated in battle again. She is also captured automatically when you conquer Ashikaga, so there is no need to worry about this too much. Capturing her earlier will only make the final battle easier.
Action 2: Visit Miko (Sat +5 = 23)


Action 1: Attack Kyo (2/3)
Action 2: Talk to Suzume


Action 1: Visit Miko (Sat +1 = 24)
Action 2: Talk to Suzume (Sat +5 = 29)


Action 1: Attack Kyo (3/3) = Conquer (Sat +5 = 34)
Get Ranmaru to 500 troops, Rance to around 220 if you captured Isoroku. If you can not use Rance then consider Fuuka or Mitsuhide.
Rance, Ranmaru and Katsuie in the front row, Niwa and Suzume in the back. Only add Fuuka/Mitsuhide if you can not use Rance.
Front row has a Warrior, Ninja, and Foot Soldier. Use Rance to take the ninja out if available, otherwise use any other weaker unit.
Try to find a target for Suzume to assassinate, preference to the Foot Soldier or Warrior. If it fails and you can not win then reload and try a different target.
Back row units focus on Ashikaga Choushin. He has high number of troops but horrible stats so he takes a lot of damage, and will heal himself instead of attacking you.
Prison: Recruit Yamamoto Isoroku
You might have done this already. Like Hara Shouji this does not have to be done right on this turn, just start working on it. Isoroku is a good unit once she gets her unique skills, and you can also gain Satisfaction from her later. Leave Ashikaga Choushin in prison, he is not worth recruiting now.
Action 2: Talk to Fuuka (Sat +5 = 39)


Action 1: Declare war on Miko Institute (Use Mitsuhide, Maeda Toshiie, Niwa Nagahide, Hara Shouji and Rance OR Isoroku)
Action 2: Attack Mikos (1/3)
Use Ranmaru in the front with Suzume and Fuuka in the back. This should leave Katsuie unused to defend from any attack. You can add Rance if he is available, or leave him to defend with Katsuie.
This is a fixed battle with 3 Foot Soldiers in the front and a Tactician, Ninja and Miko in the back.
The Foot Soldiers tend to attack but don't do too much damage, and Ranmaru`s counterattack damage should be good. Have her attack any unprotected unit and have Fuuka heal her if she fall under 200 troops.
Fuuka and Suzume attack the Tactician or Ninja, depending on their troop number or turn order. Ignore the Miko, he will likely stick to healing the wounded units.
Have Suzume finish it off with an assassinate attempt on someone, and Fuuka with Miko Storm if needed.
If you can not win without Katsuie then use him together with Ranmaru, but then you will need to reload if the Mikos attack during their turn.
Optional: Himiko and Goemon
Those two may appear when the Mikos attack, or when you attack their second territory. Himiko is a monk with 6 actions, 7 on all battle stats and Guard Cancel. Goemon is a ninja with good stats and Assassinate 2 but only 2 actions. Just defeat them in battle and they may be captured. I would not worry about Goemon too much but Himiko is a very good unit and worth recruiting. They do not always appear though, so consider yourself lucky if you can get them.


Auto: Oda`s gourd will break
Action 1: Attack Mikos (2/3)
Note: Try to use few units in the battle, and use the spare units to recruit Yamamoto Isoroku if you have not already.
Action 2: Rance's room (Sat +1 = 40)


Action 1: Attack Mikos (3/3) = Conquer (Sat +5 = 45)
Get Rance to 300 troops (some more if you can) and put him, Ranmaru and Katsuie in the front row. Suzume and Niwa in the back. Don't use any other units!
This battle will likely have multiple Foot Soldiers. Have Suzume try to assassinate any of them.
Try to hurt as many units as possible before Natori can act, this will force her to use Healing Mist instead of Miko Storm 2. If she pulls off a Miko Storm you will lose, so have Suzume interrupt her if she starts charging, or just reload.
If Souma Hayate is in the front row he'll probably use Commander Charge. Try to have Katsuie block it. It is better if he uses it early, or if you kill him first.
This is not a castle battle so you do not need to kill too many units to win. Taking out the front row should be enough as long as you can control Natori.
Power Up: Rance gets a free power up after the Natori scene. I recommend choosing Warrior Attack 2 or Level +2, but you can pick whatever you want.
Prison: Recruit Natori
Recruitment cost can be high but with your remaining units you should have 19 Negotiation, which is going to be enough. Natori is one of the top units in the game and should be recruited in every playthrough.
Action 2: Take Sill to Miko Mansion (requires recruiting Natori) (Sat +5 = 50)


Action 1: Rance's satisfaction bonus: Increase number of action fans

And that is it. You are free to do whatever now, I recommend summoning reinforcements from Zeth as soon as you can to get Rizna and then Uruza, another vital unit like Natori who you will always want to recruit. You can also slow down a little and do some character events for more Satisfaction and get items, levies, etc. You should also start other wars for more territory, Satisfaction, and characters. Just keep in mind the Tenshi Sect will declare war on Turn 21 -- try to be free of any other wars before they attack.


This section includes random facts about the game that will not be asked about often but will surely benefit your game.

  • Those pesky enemy units with huge troop sizes can be removed easily through instant-kill attacks. Yuzuhara Yuzumi with Aim and Shoot and Yamamoto Isoroku with Whirlwind Shot both get three attempts at instant-kill with working bee equipped. Ninjas with Assassination2 also have a decent chance of removing the unit. Some commanders with storyline significance cannot be assassinated.
  • Archers besides Yamamoto are not worth using. Tacticians and Miko units have about the same attack power with extra abilities added in.
  • Musket units aside from Yuzuhara, Tanegashima, Shimazu Toshihisa, and Ootomo Sourin are not worth the investment. They have too few action points, take too long to get their second turn, and cost a fortune. Maria`s tulip units are about the same, but slightly better due to ranged attack, more action fans, and faster reload time.
  • Dungeons are great places to train before an attack. If you finish the dungeon, your commanders level up, you gain an item, and you also get the occasional ogre bone (And other goodies) from each floor to buy more items.
  • Improving your commander`s stats is generally more important than increasing their troop numbers.
  • Try not to rely on generic commanders too much in the latter parts of the game, they just can not keep up with some of the more powerful plot ones.
  • Akashita Dog gives a unit two actions in one turn. The best candidates for the item are commanders who do not need other items to do their job properly. Examples include tacticians who just need to be there to contribute, and overkill units like Omachi and Natori.
  • Saving up items that grant affection is a good idea, since there may be a few instances where you need one of your commanders to gain an ability quickly.
  • Do not be afraid to fire the commanders you start out with. Even though they can be upgraded with satisfaction bonuses, they can be a liability toward the end of the game. If you are looking to get Gracia for your endgame report, remember that the satisfaction bonus option only appears if you have used Akechi Mitsuhide more than 10 times in battle.
  • The more troops you have in your prison, the less chance you have of capturing enemies after a battle. If you want to capture a certain enemy commander, make sure your prison is less than 2/3 full. Also, hitting that commander with Light Attack (a warrior ability) and using commanders with passive skills "Defeated Warrior Hunt" and "Sticky Ground" (Masou Shizuka only) are recommended.
  • There are a few easy ways to defend a territory. Demon Kentarou cannot be harmed by human and monster units, so sending him into battle by himself will allow you to defend with little effort. Saving at the end of a turn and reloading until the enemy chooses not to attack is a viable option as well. Sending in a team of footsoldiers and diviners will also stall effectively.
  • Always sell all the troops on a commander before firing him, the extra money will not hurt :P.
  • In non-demon army routes, the Shimazu brothers will randomly cause one of your female captains to defect. Only females who can be fired and not in "cleared" or "love" relationship will defect. Once a commander leaves this way you can not recruit them back. To stop this, do the command in the Shimazu territory to kidnap Kurohime. At least one defection must have occurred for this option to appear, and there is a random chance each turn after for another defection until Kurohime is kidnapped. Be sure to kidnap Kurohime quickly, so most of your commanders are not charmed to the enemy side! If you do not want to lose anyone, try to fill up your army with generic female commanders the turn before the defects happen and reset until one of them gets taken instead.
  • Collecting the six national treasures is fairly easy (Mostly):
    • Flat Spider -Talk to Inukai at 7/7 "trust" to initiate the Flat Spider event. Next, finish the Flat Spider event. To do so you have to find Gumo Danjo, who is a generic archer commander who randomly appears in any battle, and send Inukai for that battle. Destroy Danjo`s unit. After the battle, Inukai will kill Gumo Danjo and you will get the Flat Spider.
    • Golden Seal - Fight wild boars and get a total of 60 "Boar Points". (Boars in Sado count for 20 points, Boars in Owari count for 10. Note that you do not see the number of boar points, but its something you have to keep track of.)
    • Coke Bottle - Let the demon army or Shimazu brothers reclaim one province in Africa.
    • No-shield - Found by developing Shell`s nation power once. (The Takeda House must be conquered for this to happen.)
    • Echizen Crab - Found by developing Sado`s nation power once.
    • Giant Pearl - Found by clearing the Pearl Dungeon twice. (requires Sill)
  • Kiku can solo, during early game, by stacking Leaves Hiding with Guts Armor/Bunny Mask. During late game, this trick is viable for defending territories.
  • Recruiting 9999 Troop Units
    • Due to limitations, this only works after Turn 40, since before that turn the troop limit is 1000. First, prepare a (non-footsoldier) 2700 troop unit. This is easily achieved by raising archers, equipping troop-raising items, or doing Ryouma's troop merge event. Next, recruit Hakkin Dasan for about 6300 troops. If Dasan does not join with around 6300 troops, something is wrong. Then, after selling the 2700 troops, recruit Kentou Kanami for 9999 troops; sell Hakkin Dasan's troops now. All non-prison recruits will now join with 9999 troops.
    • Note - For the 9999 troops unit trick to work correctly, all of your other units must be under 300 maximum troops each. This does not include footsoldier units.
  • Suzume and other undismissable generals (only when they enter that particular state) never die no matter what, so use them to tank those musketeers. Rance always dies whenever routed. These undismissable generals include the route heroines once they enter their own route and Fuuka and Natori once the Orochi dungeon is open. Kentarou, once recruited, applies as well.
  • Light Attack only goes into effect if the enemy unit is annihilated after it is used. If that unit dies to assassination skills Light Attack will not go into effect. So don't use instant kill moves on units you'd like to capture.
  • Foot Soldiers will still halve all incoming physical damage even if they run out of guard%, as long as their previous action was guarding and they haven't been guard cancel'd.
  • At turn 6/16/26/36 etc, the first battle you go into will drop an Atk/Def/Int/Spd textbook at random. If you don't fight a single battle between turn 6 and 15 for example, you can still get a textbook (the turn 6 one) by fighting on turn 15. If you don't fight at all until turn 16 you lose out on the turn 6 textbook altogether.
    • It is advisable to reload until you get Spd textbooks, since they are rare.
  • On higher difficulties, enemies in the later stages of the game can have 1 or 2 added randomly to all their stats. This buff only applies for that battle and will disappear if you capture them.
  • Covert Action does one of three things each time it is activated:
    • Kill a random enemy commander from that country.
    • Prevent that country from attacking for one turn.
    • Reduce that country's troops by 25%.
  • How to remove the Mannequin Cat:
    • Normally you can not remove the cat because the character is always red. What you do is go to a dungeon, and in the preparation screen you'll see a list of commanders and their levels. The cat commander will also be active. Without clicking anything else go straight to the item menu, and you can replace the cat with some other item.
  • Tips for increasing troops size:
    • Troop raising items: "Uesugi Assault Team", "Captain Defense Team", "Cavalry Assault Team", and "Miko Assault Team".
    • Consider using more Foot Soldiers and Archers. These units gain troops quickly.
    • Troop merge events: Ryouma's event, Shibata's event with Kouhime, four Shimazu merge events, Agireda events.
    • Popularity Staff adds 20 troops per turn to the equipped unit. Rance's Love and Brute Photo can also be abused by picking the +100 troops bonus on every power-up.
      • Note that as the AI troop size is based directly on your own troop size, with the ratio based on difficulty level, it is completely worthwhile to include a number of non-combatant units (high Negotiation, Search, Construction a massive plus) left at 300 troops to keep the enemy size somewhat in check.

Technical Stuff

Protective Gears

  • These items are Blue Seal Case, Pain Point Removing Helmet, and Guts Armor.
    • They do not affect your footsoldier when guard is active.
    • They do not reduce counterattack damage.

Damage Modifiers

  • Item modifiers are calculated before skill modifiers. An example:
    • When (Oiuchi Fang equipped) Leila uses Royal Guard Charge, she gains 50 damage BEFORE her damage doubles.
  • Items that add damage do NOT affect magic damage, only physical.
  • Field Battle Expert, Dungeon Expert, and Castle Siege Expert give a 40% increase in damage in the relevant damage type. These do not provide actual buffs, the increase in damage is not capped by the troop size limit, and they stack with all other multipliers.


  • In army battles, INT affects initial buffs.
    • Example: Uruza with 8 INT will provide exactly 8 initial buffs.


  • Due to their tremendous power, Musketeers easily reach the damage cap; so raising their ATK is usually trifling and overkill.
    • Example: Only against tough footsoldiers, Toshihisa barely out-damages Shigehiko who fails reaching the damage cap.

Buff Strength

  • Some buffs boost more than others. Note they're sometimes overkill because of the damage cap.
    • Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan, How to Siege Castles, Japan's Field Battles Weekly, and Attack/Defense/Intelligence/Speed Luck give 50% boosts.
    • Dungeon Walker and Outcall Miko give 40% boosts.
    • Tacticians give 5% boosts per point of INT.
    • In commander battles, tacticians and Fuu-Rin-Ka-Zan give 30% boosts.
    • Seigan's Triplet ability gives +50% buffs.


  • Rizna is required for Uruza. Do not dismiss Rizna in that case.
  • Rizna and Uruza are required for Magic.

Healing Formula

  • Heal = Adjusted Troop Size * (INT * 3)% * Skill Modifier * (1 + Buff Modifier)

Skill Modifier for Healing Formula

  • Healing Mist 100%
  • Miko Dance 100%
  • Miko Dance+ 200%
  • Miko Dance/Wind 200%
  • Monk Heal 400%
  • Monk Heal+ 800%

Damage Formula (Commander Battle)

  • Damage (Without Item Modifier and Buffs) = Class Attack * Level Difference * Attack Modifier

Level Difference for Damage Formula (Commander Battle)

  • Level Difference = Attacker's Level - Defender's Level/2
    • 5 is the minimum cap for Level Difference.
    • When Level Difference exceeds 30, the formula becomes: (Level Difference - 30)/2 + 30

Class Attack for Damage Formula (Commander Battle)

  • Cannoneer 11
  • Demon/Musketeer 10
  • Diviner/Magician 7
  • Warrior/Calvary/Footsoldier/Monster 6
  • Ninja/Tactician/Animal 5
  • Monk/Archer 4
  • Miko 3

Attack Modifier for Damage Formula (Commander Battle)

  • Punch 50%
  • Strong Punch 75%
  • Normal Attack 100%
  • Strong Attack/Blowgun 150%
  • Rance Attack/Kentarou-kun Slash/Tokugawa Ieyasu Special Attack 200%


  • These normally deal 30% damage.
    • Counterattack Rate Up 2 adds 60%.
    • Dragonfly Cutter adds 45%.
    • Oddly, magicians can counterattack using ATK; they have 35 base attack.

Manual Buff Formula

  • Strategy C gives (Troop Size / 300 + 2) buffs.
  • Strategy B gives (Troop Size / 200 + 2) buffs.
  • Strategy A gives (Troop Size / 100 + 2) buffs.

Damage Formula

  • Damage (Without Item Modifer) = {[(Adjusted Troop Size * (Attack - Defense)%] * Weapon Modifier) * Skill Modifier} * Battlefield Effect
    • The number within square brackets caps at the actual troop size.
    • The number within curly brackets is rounded to integer.
  • Attack
    • Attack = Base Attack + ATK * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 10
  • Defense
    • Defense = [Base Defense + DEF * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 8]
    • Note - Footsoldier Guard decreases overall damage by 50%.
  • Magic Attack
    • Magic Attack = Base Intelligence + INT * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 10
  • Magic Defense
    • Magic Defense = INT * (1 + Buff Modifier) * 7
  • Adjusted Troop Size
    • At troop size below 500: Adjusted Troop Size = Troop Size
    • At troop size from 500 to 1999: Adjusted Troop Size = Troop Size / 2 + 250
    • At troop size from 2000 to 9999: Adjusted Troop Size = Troop Size / 4 + 750

Battle Meter

  • The full length of the battle meter is 100. The meter starts at a 10/20/40 advantage to the home side in field/home/castle battles. So the meter display will be 40/60, 30/70 or 10/90.
  • The meter can be of a value higher or lower than displayed, so if you fight a castle siege with two enemies having initial battle ratings, you'll have to push the meter by 60 to win instead of 50 as suggested by the bar.

Battle Meter Changes

  • Battle result up 1: 8 (7.5?)
  • Battle result up 2: 15
  • Battle result down 1: 5
  • Battle result down 2: 10
  • Initial battle ratings: 10
  • Goddess of War aura: 5
  • Emperor aura: 10
  • Meter is also pushed by inflicting damage on enemy troops. This effect stacks diminishingly, so Natori's second miko storm will push the meter less despite dealing the exact same damage as the first time.
  • Routing an enemy squad gives a fixed boost to the meter, looks like between 3 and 5. It's hard to tell.
  • Shouting charge amplifies the meter change caused by the attack.

Recovery Time

  • All skills in the game have a recovery time, which is used in conjunction with speed to determine how soon will the unit next act after using said skill.
    • In case of channeling skills it determines the time until next action after the spell is cast, and how long the channeling time is.
    • For use-all actions and skills the recovery time determines their position once the character receives convert action.
ActionRecovery Time
Warrior Attack15
Foot Soldier Attack15
Knight Attack15
Shuriken Attack20
Bow Attack20
Cavalry Charge20
Monk Charge20
Fire Blast35
Large Lightning10
Advanced Shikigami35
Guard Shikigami20
Whirlwind Shot10
Battlefield Construction10
Sonic Shuriken2
Battle Strategy 1/2/315
Remove Status10
Battle Results Down15
Healing Mist30
Miko Dance20
Miko Dance/WInd5
Convert Action15
Guard Cancel10
Miko Storm 1/25
Gamble Charge10
Death Scythe10
Accurate Shots25
All-guard Shikigami20
Witty Comeback30

Authors' Recommendations of games/anime:

Dark: You should watch/read the anime/manga named "Death Note". If you liked it check Code Geass, Baccano!, and Basilisk.
Kross: "Deus Ex" and "Baldurs Gate 2" are awesome games. Also the anime "Outlaw Star" is worth a watching.
HateNanophysics: The Fire Emblem series feature some nice strategic gameplays and Final Fantasy IXs music is leagues beyond other RPG games.