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It Wasn't Easy To Improve On A Classic. But We Did.

When Tetris, the Soviet sensation, hit America in 1988, its impact was immediate. Before long, it became one of the best-selling software games of all time and picked up just about every entertainment award in the software industry.
So, how do you top one of the most popular games ever made?
Introducing Tetris Classic, brought to you with all the addictive power and fun of the original but updated for today's high-powered technology. Brilliant VGA graphics in 256 colors bring to life a classic Russian fairy tale. Russian melodies weave a captivating spell, and a symphony of sound effects punctuates your play.
Along with spectacular graphics and stereo-quality sound, Tetris Classic brings more new ways to mesmerize yourself and your friends. Choose from a slew of innovative options, including head-to-head play, competitive or cooperative modes, and a frenzied dual-pit play field. There are even timed games for those who can't trust themselves to stop. A new "soft drop" feature gives you control over the speed of the cascading pieces. And the pit's random height selector lets you decide how deep you want to descend into Tetris madness.
If you're a Tetris fan now, you'll be a Tetris Classic fanatic forever!

*Spectacular VGA background graphics in 256 colors.
*Rousing Russian music for supported sound cards.
*Two-player competitive, cooperative and head-to-head modes, even dual pits.
*Timed games, when you can't stop yourself.
*Ten levels of challenge, made even more difficult with random height selector.

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