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Baldur's Gate takes you to the Forgotten Realms® setting, on a visually dazzling role-playing adventure that brings life to the grand tradition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® game.

Sword of the Coast
Continue your adventure with the character you created in Baldur's Gate. Travel the Sword Coast to find clues on your true identity. Use all of your powerful skills wisely to survive in these captivating tales.

Shadows of Amn
Create a new character or import your Baldur's Gate character into Galdur's Gate II. Continue the epic saga, and play the captivating adventure in the middle of the ultimate conflict. Be careful, your choices will determine your fate.

Trone of Bhall
A storm of chaos and destruction thunders across the Sword Coast, towns are laid to waste and great cities burn. Should Bhaal somehow rise again, the earth will surely weep blood... Fulfill your destiny in this decisive conclusion.

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