Review by ancientlullaby

Reviewed: 01/30/07

The game that needed a little bit more to be incredible... Nonetheless, a great game

For the second time in twenty years of ys series, we find the game that doesn’t have Adol as the main character (the first one being Dogi’s adventure in mobile). In fact, this game offers three main characters, each with distinct abilities. When I first heard this, I was expecting a lot of originality coming from the game. Well, the game turned out to be both disappointment and great achievement.

The Graphics – 9/10 – The graphic hasn’t changed much from Oath in Felghana, which I like since it is very nice to look at. Old fans would be surprised find out how much Dahm Tower changed from the original. Also, the bosses, mostly returning from original Ys I and II, were remade gorgeously. Good attention to details. Beautiful.

The Gameplay – 8/10 – Three characters with unique abilities were special treats. This makes already exciting boss fights even better. You will need to try few times to learn the bosses’ patterns and develop different strategies to defeat bosses for each character. Furthermore, there are small changes in bosses depending on whom you play as. Needless to say, it is always fun to proceed from one floor to another, decimating the enemies.
However, the problem comes from repetitive dungeons. In order to unlock the third character and get the true meat of the story (I won’t spoil any here), one needs to play through same places with two characters. Even with the third character, the dungeon layout is exactly the same. It would have been nice to see slight changes in dungeons like in bosses.

The Sound – 10/10 – What do you expect from Ys games? It should be a blasphemy to play any Ys game without the sound on. Remixes and new additions are spectacular.

Replay Value – 7/10 – The repetitive dungeons somehow destroyed the replay value of this game. Even though there are many difficulties (very easy/ easy/ normal/ hard/ nightmare), he or she already has gone through the same dungeon three times by the time one finished the game with each character. That makes the game difficult to come back.

Extra – 8/10 – This game offers more upgrades to the character than Oath in Felghana (the previous instalment; if you haven’t played this, I strongly suggest you do!). Time attack is nice as you can fight each boss individually or all bosses at once. Also, there is a small surprise for Time Attack mode (I will let you search for what that is). However, I find extra material in Ys Origin (other than advancing through the game) lacking as there is no sub-quest or no well-hidden item/ accessory. After Oath in Felghana, I expected a lot more bonuses from Ys Origin.

Overall, a great game. I recommend this to the players who never played Ys before ( and then play Ys I and II, which have been translated by Nightwolve). If you played Ys before, especially Ys I and II which are sequels in timeline, you will be delighted to find a lot of details unexplained in original games and the overall connection with the series. However, if you are a fan of ys series and expect a huge improvement from Ys Oath in Felghana, you may be disappointed. Otherwise, a good game that everyone should try.

Rating: 8

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