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Reviewed: 12/29/07

Taking the topic of incest to the extreme...

Warning: This is a Japanese hentai game, which means that you need to be over 18 to play it.

mmm...I think the title to this review says it all. This game is about incest and taking it to the extreme. Just in case you guys are confused....This is not your typical step brother/sister/mother (like in Kana Little Sister or Gibo, for example) incest. It is the real thing. Even though they explicitly said in their official site about the animation to this game (yes, there's an animation to this game) that the male protagonist and his mother and sister were actually not blood related, it was obvious that they were all blood related in the game because in the profile intro to the male protagonist's mother in the official site, the words "after giving birth to (the male protagonist's name)" were used.

You play as Yuji Kashima, a male protagonist with a timid and weak personality. One day, on Yuji's way back from school, a salesman went up to Yuji to promote their company's new product, a mysterious board game called "The incestous game." The salesman then offered the board game to Yuji for free and told him that whoever he plays this game with will bring their relationship "closer" together. Yuji then took it home, not knowing that this mysterious board game is going to change his relationship with his mother and sister for the rest of their lives...


The same old clicking and making choice stuff. Black Rainbow tried to innovate with the gameplay by incorporating the board game into the choice making. But it's really nothing special. The existence of the board game turned out to be a tool to take the topic of incest to the limit than actually serving the purpose of innovating on the gameplay.


The music is good. It fits into the game nicely and so does the voice acting.


The graphics are pretty good too. Good and fitting character designs and good use of colour too. The facial expressions of the characters are also neatly done and expresses the feelings of the characters quite well. There aren't that many cgs in this game though, because this game is really very short. But you surely won't be disappointed if you're playing this game for the cgs.


Huh? What story...? There are none. This game is just about sex between the protagonist and his mother and sister, and the board game is the cause of it all. There are hardly, if any, character developments. The game does briefly touch on the guilt of the mother when she realised that she had just taken her son's virginity and the graphics captured this quite well. But her guilt quickly got overshadowed by the pleasure she gets from having "involuntary" sex with his son. If you think this is disturbing, then you've seen nothing yet. There are more disturbing things to come...but I will not spoil it for the readers. Basically, the story, if there were any, were about taking the topic of incest to the extreme. Digusting or amusing...? It's up to you to decide...


For each girl, you might be playing once or twice depending on whether you manage to unlock all the cgs on the first playthrough for each girl. The game is so short anyway that playing it again isn't really too much trouble.


In my opinion, this game only deserves a 2/10 max. 1 for the good graphics and 1 for the voice acting. The reason why I give it a 5/10 in this review is because I don't want to scare off other gamers who plays hentai games solely for the graphics or those who find the topic of incest in hentai games to be interesting since hentai games are, bottom line, really about hentai (perverted, sick minded, etc) anyway.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Soukan Yuugi (JP, 10/27/06)

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