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What shocking evil lurks in your uncle's Magic Canyon Theme Park? What drove the fun seekers away and your uncle insane? Only you can find the answer during your fright-filled trip through this playground of peril.
Creep aboard the Monorail of Fear and journey through four wicked worlds. Dragonland, with its horrible gremlins, sinister creatures and armed apes. Dreamland, where you become a pawn in a nightmarish chess game and you're haunted by your own imagination. Futureland, with its floating ghouls and spine tingling, enemy infested coaster. And Yesterdayland, where Zoltan the mysterious fortune telling wizard dispenses valuable clues, essential tickets and life saving magic. All at a price. So play the Spirit Slot Machines and press your luck. You may even win enough to buy back your life.
But no amount of money can spare you the unearthly evils of Magic Canyon. Your only hopes are strategy and courage as you hunt for secret items like hidden keys, firey torches and supernatural potions. So step through the creaking turnstiles and begin. Remember, you must avenge your uncle's death. Just don't forget, the theme of this park is terror.

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