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The Vietnam War--the tense, agonizing and frustrating period of American involvement in the struggles of Southeast Asia. Great bravery, courage and patriotism were demonstrated by the soldiers in the field against a background of political and social unrest and uncertainty at home.
Vietnam was the first and only war fought in the living rooms of the nation through national television coverage. That sensationalism rarely conveyed the military and historical significance of the actual battlefield situations. But now, with CONFLICT IN VIETNAM you have a personal time machine to experience the emotional highs and lows of the battlefield commanders as they struggled to accomplish their missions in a hostile environment where it was never clear who was the enemy or the ally.
CONFLICT IN VIETNAM gives you insight to the history of the war, and allows you to test your command abilities on the battlefield. You determine the strategies and tactics leading to victory or defeat.
CONFLICT IN VIETNAM gives all the great features you expect from a MicroProse "COMMAND SERIES" simulation, including:
- Accelerated real-time simulation, with constant battlefield decision-making required.
- Five historically authentic scenarios.
- Easy-to-Use Command System for novices as well as seasoned simulation strategists.
- Solo and head-to-head competition.
Whether a veteran campaigner or a new recruit to strategy simulations, CONFLICT IN VIETNAM will challenge, intrigue, and enlighten you.

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