Why can't I reload, recharge, loot or ready the gun?

  1. Ever since going up to the surface for the very first time, I have been unable to get out my gun, pick up ammo/weapons and I can't recharge flashlight or reload either. I'm basically just running around dodging enemies.

    I've tried to reload the chapter and later re-installed the game, but no luck. Have been searching through wikis and the game guide for answers, but I've tried all controls and solutions. When validating the game files it doesn't report any problems or missing components.

    I'm running a 64-bit windows 7 and a pretty high-end computer, if i may say so myself, so I can't find a single explanation to this recurring problem.

    Any leads?

    User Info: sebastianstuck

    sebastianstuck - 4 years ago

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