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    ‘Tis But a ScratchGet healed with 1 health point
    Adam SmithKill an enemy while defending an Extractor 10 times
    Air DefenseKill a Lerk
    Arcade Champion(no official description)
    Asymmetrical CombatKill a Fade
    Barking DogDestroy 10 Extractors
    Battle ReadyEvolve one Kharaa Upgrade
    Big Game HunterKill an Onos
    BloodrageDeal 4000 player damage in 1 round
    Bomb DefusalKill a Marine who has a Grenade Launcher
    Burning CashDestroy 200 resources worth of enemy technology
    CheckmateDeal the Killing Blow to a Hive or Command Station
    Combat EngineerBuild 10 Extractors in 1 round
    CultivationBuild a Hive as Gorge
    DambusterKill 10 Harvesters
    Darwin Award(no official description)
    DemolitionsDeal 7500 structure damage in 1 round
    DisarmamentKill a Marine who has a Shotgun
    Eat Your GreensComplete all new player missions
    Economic SabotageKill a Gorge
    Economics 101Kill 5 Harvesters
    ExplorerUse Play Now
    FirefighterKill a Marine who has a Flamethrower
    First AdventureComplete the tutorial
    First Class PostUse a Phasegate
    Fresh Larva(no official description)
    Gorge TreasureThey say there's gorge treasure out there somewhere...
    Higher LifeformComplete the Alien Commander tutorial.
    I See Human ScumParasite 10 Marines in one round
    It came from...behindInfest everybody and stay alive.
    KharaaPlay a round as alien
    Long Term InvestmentsKill an enemy while defending an Extractor 5 times
    Mood LightingWeld a Power Node
    Most Valued XenomorphKill a Marine while defending a Harvester
    New Recruit(no official description)
    No More Fancy ToysDestroy 100 resources worth of enemy technology
    No Tech Kill 15 Harvesters
    Old RecruitComplete the Marine Commander tutorial.
    One Gorge's Treasure(no official description)
    Patron Saint of ResKill a Marine while defending a Harvester 10 times
    ProtipKill a Marine with 2 bites and a parasite
    Quality AssuranceKill a developer
    RecessionDestroy 300 resources worth of enemy technology
    RegicideKill the enemy commander
    RepairmanWeld 5 Power Nodes
    Rifles OnlyDestroy 15 Extractors
    Secure InvestmentsKill a Marine while defending a Harvester 5 times
    Security DetailKill an enemy while defending an Extractor
    Sgt. MacReadyBe the last and only survivor against the Infestation
    SlimyUse a Gorge Tunnel
    Strategic ThinkingFollow 5 Commander’s orders
    Tag!Parasite a Marine
    Team PlayerDestroy 5 Extractors
    Terminal Velocity Facepalm(no official description)
    The Doctor is InWeld your team mates 10 times in 1 round
    The Last StrawGorges can only take so much...
    They Came From BehindKill a Marine after sneaking as skulk
    They Just Keep ComingKill a Skulk
    TravelerPlay on 3 different maps
    Trust No-oneI don't know what's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is.
    TSFPlay a round as marine
    Unfair AdvantageEvolve 3 Kharaa Upgrades
    UnleashedRattling the Cage reaps its own reward
    Unsportsmanlike ConductTaunt after killing a player
    UntouchableKill a Marine while having full health
    Wall Hacks!Parasite 20 Marines in one round
    You're Walking NowDestroy an Exosuit

    Contributed By: McMurphey and Eevee-Trainer.

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