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From the ashes of revolution you have become Presidente. What will you do now?

Inherit a wealth of corruption. There was dancing in the streets of the small Central American country of Chimerica when the corrupt Farsante dictatorship was overthrown. You've just been made Presidente and your goal is to lead Chimerica out of its economic and social problems and establish stability within your three-year term of office. But the issues are complex, your opponents are powerful and your most trusted advisors may have hidden agendas of their own.

Appoint your cabinet... carefully. You will not be alone in your decision making. Study the leaders of the three powerful political parties. Then appoint as ministers those you believe will best advise you and help you balance the influence of these parties. Make appointments carefully, because one day they might execute you, rather than your orders.

The fate of a country is in your hands. Your days will be full of encounters with diplomas, influentials, journalists and others. If you are to succeed, you need to learn the subtle art of working with people.. smart, ambitious people. You'll need to understand how people bargain, negotiate and compromise their way to power. Implement the land reform demanded by the landless laborers and you're sure to anger the cotton cultivators. Fail to deal with land reform at all, however, and you'll soon find an angry crowd massed outside the National Palace. Each decision you make has its ramifications... some good, some bad, some obvious, some not.

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