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Win a game online
Win an online game with at least half your nukes still remaining
Perfectly timed betrayal
Defect from an ally, then land a nuke on one of their cities within 10 seconds
Pre-emptive striker
Destroy a total of 50 enemy silos before they can launch any Nukes
Kill The World
Nuke 7 billion civilians
Destroy a total of 50 enemy ships with Nukes
Nice try
Sink an entire enemy fleet of six subs, before they can launch a single nuke
Hit and run
Launch all nukes from a fleet of six subs and escape without losing a single sub in the process
Recon expert
Uncover all ground bases belonging to a single enemy team before Defcon 1
Brave sacrifice
Lose 500 pilots due to running out of fuel
Explore North America
Nuke Washington DC, New York and San Francisco in a single match
Explore South America
Nuke Mexico, Sao Paolo and Lima in a single match
Explore Europe
Nuke London, Rome and Berlin in a single match
Explore Africa
Nuke Cairo and Kinchasa in a single match
Explore Russia
Nuke Moscow and Leningrad in a single match
Explore Asia
Nuke Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong in a single match
Lone warrior
Win a 6 player game online without ever being in an alliance
Win an online game of Diplomacy
Call a vote and convince your allies to kick a team member, a total of 10 times
Had enough yet?
Nuke a city with a population already reduced to 0.0M
Win an online game of Survivor with at least 90% of your population still alive
Merry Christmas
Nuke Santa and thereby end Christmas for everyone, for ever more

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty

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