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Enemy Guide by vinheim

Version: Final | Updated: 12/10/09

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                   C  L  I  V  E      B  A  R  K  E  R  '  S

    .--.      ,----.     ,--.       .--.       ,---.     .-.  .-.      ,---.
    |  |      |  __/     \_  \      |  |      /  ___)    | |  | |     /  _  \
    |  |      | |          \  |     |  /     |  /        | |__| |    |  / \  |
    |  |      | |__        /  /     | |      | |         |      |    | |   | |
    |  |      |  __/     ,' ,'      | |      | |         | .--. |    | |   | |
    |  |      | |        \  \       | |      | |         | |  | |    | |   | |
  .-'  |      | '--.      \  \      | |      |  `---.    | |  | |    |  \_/  |
  |___,'      |____/       \__\      \|       `.___,'    |_|   \|     `.___,'

                                       < ASCII art created by DomZ Ninja 2009 >

                            Clive Barker's Jericho
                            Enemy List In-depth FAQ
                                 Version Final
                             Last update: 26/02/09
                              Author by:  vinheim
                            Email: vinheim@gmail.com
-                     Homepage: http://vinheim.weebly.com                     -
--              Video Walkthroughs: http://youtube.com/vinheimk              --

-----       This document Copyright 2008 Alexander Paul Kleinheider       -----
---            Clive Barker's Jericho Copyright 2007 Codemasters            ---

This  may  be not  be  reproduced under  any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It  may not  be placed  on  any  web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

                               Table of Contents

 To navigate much easier through this guide, I added the search system, which
works just by following these simple steps:

- Highlight the "Section Code" of the section which you wish to go and copy it

- Press CTRL+F to bring up the search sub-menu.

- Paste the "Section Code" and press ENTER twice to be where you wanted to be.
  Just like magic!

 My Section Codes were made as precise as possible, and I also prefer this
method instead of having you scroll 30 min through this guide looking for the
section you want to go.


~~~~~~~> Section <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Section Code <~~~

1] Introduction..................................................[sx100]

2] Enemy List....................................................[sx200]

3] Boss List.....................................................[sx300]

4] Closing.......................................................[sx400]
       4.1] Credits..............................................[sx401]
       4.2] Final Words..........................................[sx402]
================================== END OF ToC =================================

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      1] Introduction                               (  )    sx100    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 Welcome once again  to another In-depth FAQ  made by me, vinheim. This game is
totally  different from  the games I  usually  play (I  always play  RPG's  and
Action-Adventure  games, and  some spying games  like Splinter Cell). This game
rocks, it's bloody  as hell (well, you ARE in a hell on Earth, though). Anyway,
I  hope you enjoy this game  and guide  as much  as I  did. So with this little
said, let us begin. Any critiques, suggestions, spelling  mistakes,
contributions are welcome, so please send them at the following e-mail:

                           --> vinheim@gmail.com <--

 The following is the only site that may host this guide:

 - www.gamefaqs.com
 - www.gamerlimit.com

 If you see this guide  posted  on any other site, please, PLEASE, let me know.
 Also, I created a Facebook page for you to check it out here:

o http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vinheim/127120257336550

 This was made because several people like to add me on Facebook and since I'm
not accepting people I don't know, and I removed the people that added me
(sorry for that), I created this page, so enjoy. Also, take a look to a page
made from a friend of mine, Absolute Steve.

o http://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolute-Steve/154222827929873

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      2] Enemy List                                 (  )    sx200    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 Here's the list of all the enemies of the game, explaining with the most
detail I can. I'll be listing the weaknesses, attacks, etc.

 = Name: Cultist
 = Height: 222 cm
 = Weight: 119 kg
 = Appearances: Almost every section of the game.
 = Attacks: Normal melee attack, 1 long range attack and can trigger a Survival
   Event when he's to close.
 = Weak points: One direct shot in his head is more than enough to kill it.

 = Name: Explosive Cultist
 = Height: 250 cm
 = Weight: 200 kg
 = Appearances: Most sections of the game.
 = Attacks: Normal melee attack and self-destruction.
 = Weak points: Yellow pustules around the body.

 = Name: Flying Cultist
 = Height: 283 cm
 = Weight: 529 kg
 = Appearances: Last section of Al-Khali (Current Time), and almost every
   section of The Crusaders, Roman Provinces and Sumeria.
 = Attacks: Normal melee attack, lethal barbs for long-range attack.
 = Weak points: Their heads, like most enemies, but these enemies die as soon
   as Ababinili (Delgado's Fire Dragon) touches them.

 = Name: Corpses Behemoth
 = Height: 1460 cm
 = Weight: 30000 kg
 = Appearances: Rivers of Blood (The Crusaders), Imperium (Roman Provinces)
 = Attacks: Normal melee attack and spits out blood, for long-range attacks.
 = Weak points: Shoot at the orange medallions around the metal mask. If the
   top most medallion is yellow, only Church's katana can take that one out by
   triggering a Survival Event.

 = Name: Geheimnesvoll Abwehrmacht "Machinegunner" übersoldier
 = Height: 269 cm
 = Weight: 365 kg
 = Appearances: World War 2 (Whole era)
 = Attacks: Normal melee attack and Gatling gun attack.
 = Weak points: A shot in its head (face).

 = Name: Geheimnesvoll Abwehrmacht "Flamethrower" übersoldier
 = Height: 304 cm
 = Weight: 330 kg
 = Appearances: World War 2 (Whole era)
 = Attacks: Flamethrower on its right arm.
 = Weak points: A shot in its head (face) and a shot in the canister it's
   carrying on its left shoulder.

 = Name: Geheimnesvoll Abwehrmacht "Grenadier" übersoldier
 = Height: 282 cm
 = Weight: 495 kg
 = Appearances: World War 2 (Whole era)
 = Attacks: Single cannon shot (for long-range) and a multi cannon shot (for
 = Weak points: A shot in its head (face).

 = Name: Warrior Crusader
 = Height: 185 cm
 = Weight: 70 kg
 = Appearances: The Crusaders (Whole era, except for Rivers of Blood and Motley
 = Attacks: These have three attacks: for short-range, a normal melee attack;
   for mid-range, they have a hook, which they can launch; and for long-range,
   a dart launcher
 = Weak points: Shoot at the head, and Church's katana.

 = Name: Crossbowman Crusader
 = Height: 184 cm
 = Weight: 72 kg
 = Appearances: The Crusaders (Whole era, except for Rivers of Blood and Motley
 = Attacks: Explosive dart (long-range)
 = Weak points: Any type of melee combat, and a shot in the head.

 = Name: Child Crusader
 = Height: 108 cm
 = Weight: 22 kg
 = Appearances: Tortured Souls (The Crusaders)
 = Attacks: Invincible form (ghost form) and whip attack (short-range)
 = Weak points: Head. Also, just keep track of one at a time, and kill them
   before they turn to ghost again.

 = Name: Legionary
 = Height: 226 cm
 = Weight: 150 kg
 = Appearances: Roman Provinces (Whole era, except for The Low Road)
 = Attacks: Thrust Attack (short-range) and Launch Javelin Attack (long-range)
 = Weak points: A shot in the head. Try to catch them by surprise and using
   Black's Ghost Bullet to kill more than one at a time. If they're in front of
   you, wait until they raise their head over the shield. That's the perfect
   time to shoot them. Also, a very good strategy that I found is to approach
   them with Black, use TK Power and they'll lean forward a little bit,
   exposing their heads. Use this time to put a bullet in it.

 = Name: Blind Behemoth
 = Height: 445 cm
 = Weight: 631 kg
 = Appearances: Morituri te salutant
 = Attacks: Spiral Attack, Club Strike (short-range)
 = Weak points: Their head is the only weak point. Since they only appear in 1
   section, a very good strategy is to use Cole's Impact Grenades. Doing this,
   it won't be able to hear nor smell you. It'll also stay put, so you can keep
   throwing grenades at it. With about 12 Impact Grenades, it dies.

 = Name: Gladiator
 = Height: 543 cm
 = Weight: 1102 kg
 = Appearances: Roman Provinces (Temple of Pain and Morituri te salutant)
 = Attacks: Flail Attack (short-range), Wrecking Ball (long-range)
 = Weak points: Whole back. You can use the pillars in the Temple of Pain
   section to reach its back (for more info. look at sx44-4 [without the "-"].
   In Morituri te salutant, use the bridges at the entrance of the coliseum
   (for more info. look at sx446 [without the "-"].

 = Name: Sumerian Puppet
 = Height: 502 cm
 = Weight: 8900 kg
 = Appearances: Sumeria (Flesh)
 = Attacks: Normal melee attacks (short-range)
 = Weak points: This enemy has no weak point, the only thing to do is ignore it
   and attack Enlil.

   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      3] Boss List                                  (  )    sx300    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

 All the bosses in the game. Each of these have their own trick of killing
them, so read them carefully.

Boss #1 - Lichthammer

 When the scene is over the fight starts and Lichthammer appears. Don't shoot
her, as you'll do absolutely nothing to her. Instead, let her disappear and
summon her Cultists. Kill them all (a very good idea is using Church's Blood
Ward and start attacking them with her Katana) and wait until Lichthammer
reappears. Use Church's Blood Ward to trigger a scene and finish the fight. But
you're not done yet, since there will be a Survival Event, so try to do it


Boss #2 - Bishop Maltheus

 This Boss is a bit harder than Lichthammer. Start by having Jones in
possession. Have everyone wait near the entrance to this area and run towards
Maltheus. There's a large white coffin behind him, so use that to take cover.
Start shooting at him and when you see that he's being wrapped in a black
thing, take cover, wait for the attack to finish, go out and beat the daylights
out of this jerk, using mainly Jones' shotgun, then the bullets when his
shotgun ammo is out. If somebody dies with this attack, let Rawlings cure
him/her; but if it's Rawlings, run to him and cure him. Keep following this
short but efficient strategy until he dies. Well, the Child Crusaders kill him
at the end, and also help you attacking him.


Boss #3 - Vicus

 Ok now, Vicus is so annoying but easy. Start off by using Black. Vicus is
hanging from the ceiling, but can move around. When he's on top of you, he'll
open his stomach and he'll expulse some blood from inside. This is very
dangerous, so when you see that he's about to open his stomach, run aside and
shoot his intestines with Black's Grenade Launcher. This deals massive amounts
of damage, so use all 10 Grenades is needed. Let the rest of the team entertain
the Gladiator (they do a really good job) while you take care of Vicus. If you
finish Black's Grenades, jump to Rawlings and start shooting him with some
Explosive Ammo. If someone dies, let Rawlings cure him/her. But if you're
controlling Rawlings, or if he's dead, go cure him/her immediately. Just follow
these simply steps and you'll kill Vicus in less that 3 min (like me :D).


Boss #4 - Ki/Ninlil

 You'll see the enemy in middle (Ki) throws fire balls at one person, while the
rotating sarcophagus next to it drops blood to the floor, making a Cultist
appear. The way to kill Ninlil (the one inside the yellow sarcophagus) is to
have Jones use Astral Projection on the "Things" that are on the ceiling, the
using Telekinesis to push the button and open the sarcophagus. Once it's open,
you have a very short time to deal damage to it, so do as much as you can. The
best strategy here is to shoot Ki until he dies, then just focus on Ninlil,
which should be a piece of cake.


Boss #5 - Enlil/Inanna

 Ok now, this is the second hardest Boss in the game. Remember the four
"Things" I told you to look for? Use Rawlings' Explosive Ammo to kill these
(one shot to each one). After the four are "dead", Enlil (the guy hanging)
comes out. Shoot it once it shows you its back (Rawlings' Explosive Ammo works
wonders on him, just like 18 shots and he's dead). He also summons a Sumerian
Puppet, which looks a lot like the Gladiator, but if you can kill Enlil quickly
enough, it won't bother you. Once Enlil is gone, Inanna is the next target. She
summons Cultists as soon as you kill Enlil, so dispose of them as soon as you
can and do the same as before, "kill" the four "Things" and start shooting at
Inanna until the "Things" regenerate. Keep doing this until both enemies die.
Inanna dies with almost 10 Explosive Ammo shots.


Boss #6 - Nanna/Utu

 This enemy fight can be really easy if you know how to fight it. At the fork I
left you before, go left and you'll see a little dark Vicus hanging from the
ceiling, with a lot of flies coming out of it. Well, you need to destroy all
these in order to start dealing damage to Nanna and Utu. After you kill this
first one, go left at the fork to find a second. Destroy it and proceed to find
three more in the same path. At the fork before the third one, go right, then
right at the next one to find another Vicus. These are all the Vicus' (6
total), so it's time to kill Nanna and Utu. They have three attacks, the first
and most annoying one; they throw at you their flies to start damaging you. The
second one, a physical attack (a punch) to anyone who is nearby; and third (I
really don't know if they execute this one), they summon some Cultists to
protect them. How to kill it? Each one has a hole where their heart is. Shoot
them there until they're dead.


Boss #7 - The Firstborn

 Ok, the most stupid last Boss of all games. He's even easier than Lichthammer.
Well, Cole and Jones die at the beginning of the level, so we're down to four.
When you have control, don't even shoot at it, because you'll do absolutely
nothing, instead just run in circles. You'll be using Black s you start the
mission, so stay like that, until the Firstborn freezes her (you'll know
because a greenish aura covers her and you'll jump to another team mate
automatically). When this happens, jump to Black as soon as possible and use TK
Power on the Firstborn (actually, you have to use everyone's special power to
kill it; Delgado's Ababinili, Church's Blood Ward, Rawlings' Ghost Heal and
Black's TK Power). After you've done this, jump to Rawlings until it freezes
him. Jump to him again (the Firstborn will use a Ghost Heal look alike attack,
which drains Jericho's health) and use Ghost Heal on the Firstborn. Now jump to
Delgado, wait for the Firstborn to freeze him, jump to him again and use
Ababinili. After this, jump to Church, wait until it freezes you, jump back to
her and use her Blood Ward (RB Button) to finally kill it.


   /\                                                     /\              /\
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   )(      4] Closing                                    (  )    sx400    )(
~~(  )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)(~~~~~~~~~~~~~(  )~~
   \/                                                     \/              \/

=-=-=-=- 4.1] Credits ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx401 -=-=-=-=

1. People

- Raul: My best friend, for lending me his Xbox 360 (since I don't owe one, not
yet, though) and the game (which he recently sold). Thank you so much!

- DomZ Ninja: For allowing me to use his kickass ASCII logo for my FAQ. Thanks
dude! You rock!

-Raving Nova: For spotting a mistake I made in every damn FAQ I made. Thanks

- Psycho_Penguin, Gbness, Mighty Oracle, Super Slash, PeTeRL90, Truly
Dexterous, warfreak, IceQueenZer0, BSulpher, Da Hui, DBM11085, Snow Dragon: All
those who I consider online friends. These guys are really cool and I always
have a blast talking to them on AIM, MSN and the FCBS. They all inspire me in
writing more and more FAQ's. Note that all these fellows are FAQ writers as
myself, so I thank them too for supporting me in my FAQing.

- Gackt, L'arc~en~Ciel, Hyde, Mizuki Nana, Maria, Nana Kitade, Sowelu, TO
DESTINATION, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, FictionJunction (Yuuka, Kaori, Keiko,
Wakana): For keeping me so entertained while I wrote this guide. So, anyway,
thank you.

- Gabriel, Raul and Eduardo: Just for being my best friends and always being
there for me, in the good and bad moments.

- You: For having the patience of reading through the whole guide.

2. Internet sites

- www.gamefaqs.com: For hosting my guide.
- www.gamerlimit.com: For hosting my guide.
- http://www.freewebs.com/domz_ninja/asciiart.htm: DomZ Ninja's ASCII site.
  Take a look at all the amazing ASCII's he's done.

=-=-=-=- 4.2] Final Words ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sx402 -=-=-=-=

 Well, this is the end of my Clive Barker's Jericho Enemy List In-depth FAQ and
if you liked it please check my other guides:

1. Tales of Symphonia (GCN)
2. Jericho (360)
3. Tales of Legendia (PS2) [In progress]
4. Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
5. Devil May Cry (PS2)
6. Tales of the Abyss Enemy Database (PS2)
7. Jericho Monster List (360)
8. Jericho Achievements (360)
9. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) [In progress]. Co-writing the guide with
                  another good friend of mine, Steve "Psycho_Penguin" McFadden.
10. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2) [In progress]
11. Lloyd Irving Character FAQ (GCN) [In progress]
12. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening (PS2) [In progress]
13. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition (PS2) [In progress]
                             (will be updated at the same time as the original)
14. Pokemon Platinum (DS) [In progress]. Co-writing the guide with
15. Soma Bringer (DS) [In progress]
16. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)

 Please check these games if you have any doubts in one future. So, with all
this said and done, I bid you farewell!

                      _       _          _                _
         ____________(_)_____| |________(_)______________|·|
         \ \   __  __ _ _ __ | |__   ___ _ _ __ ___O  O  |·|_________
          \ \_(_ \/ _) | '_ \|  _ \ / _ \ | '_ ' _ \_____|·|xxxxxxxx||
           \____\  /_| | |_| | |_| |  __/ | |_| |_| |____|·|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                 \/  |_|_| |_|_| |_|\___)_|_| |_| |_|    |·|
     © Alexander P. Kleinheider [vinheim] 2009. Contact: vinheim@gmail.com

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