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FAQ/Walkthrough by sig1134

Version: 0.65 | Updated: 12/24/07

          |\                      _______
    _____ | | ___    ___          \  __  \ 
   / ____\| | \ /    \ /_____      | |   /    ___   |\        ___    _
  / /     | |  \\    //\  __/      |     \  /\\ __\ | |  _____\ __\ | |  ____
 | |      | ||\ \\  //  ||_        | ___  \/  \| // | |/\\  __/| // |/  / __/
 | |      | || | \\//   ||___      | | /  / /\ \|\\ |   / | |_ ||\\     \____ 
  \ \_____ \|| |  \/   /_____\     | |   / /__\ \ \\|   \ |  _||| \\         \\
   \_____/    \|                  /_____/\/    \/  \_ /\ \| |_ ||  \\   _____//
                                                    | | \/____\|/   \/ /_____/

        | \  ________  ______     |\     ________  /\     /\     ___________
        |  \ \       / \     \    | \   /   _____/|  |   |  |   /  _______  \
        |  /  |  ___/   | |\  \   |  \ /  /       |  |   |  |  /  /  | |  \  \
        | |   |  |_     |   |  |  |  /|  |        |  |___|  | /  /___| |___\  \
        | |   |   _|    |  /  /   | | |  |        |   ___   ||  | ___   ___ |  |
        | |   |  |      |     \   | | |  |        |  |   |  | \  \   | |   /  /
/\      | |   |  |____  |  |\  \  | | |  |        |  |   |  |  \  \__|_|__/  /
\ \____/ /    |       \ |  | \  \ | |  \  \ ______|  |   |  |   \___________/
 \______/    /_________\|___\ \__\| |   \_________\\/     \/
                                 /  |
                                 \  |
                                  \ |

********************************TABLE OF CONTENTS*******************************

To find your section of interest, highlight the section in [ ], then hit CTRL-C,
then CTR-F, then CTRL-V.  Hit Find Next (once or twice) and it should take you 
to the section you are looking for.

I. Introducing the Jericho Squad...........................................[JS1]
II. Getting to Know Your Arcane Combatants.................................[JS2]
III. Tips and Strategies...................................................[JS3]
IV. Walkthrough............................................................[JW1]
   i. Al-Khali, Current Time...............................................[A K]
     a. The Storm..........................................................[AK1]
     b. The Tomb...........................................................[AK2]
     c. Operation Vigil....................................................[AK3]
     d. Al Khali...........................................................[AK4]
     e. Green..............................................................[AK5]
     f. Man Down!..........................................................[AK6]

  ii. World War II, 1942...................................................[W W]
     a. Still With You.....................................................[WW1]
     b. The Path of Souls..................................................[WW2]
        i. Boss Battle Hanne Lichthammer Part One..........................[JB1]
     c. Blackwatch.........................................................[WW3]
     d. Ambush.............................................................[WW4]
     e. Flames of Anger....................................................[WW5]
     f. Exorcism...........................................................[WW6]
        ii. Boss Battle Hanne Lichthammer Part Two.........................[JB2]
     g. Brandenburg Gate...................................................[WW7]

 iii. The Crusades, 1213...................................................[T C]
     a. Rivers of Blood....................................................[TC1]
     b. Motley Crew........................................................[TC2]
     c. Sewers.............................................................[TC3]
     d. Out of the Frying Pan..............................................[TC4]
     e. Tortured Souls.....................................................[TC5]
     f. Black Rose.........................................................[TC6]
        iii. Boss Battle Bishop Maltheus...................................[JB3]

  iv. Roman Provinces, 38 AD...............................................[R P]
     a. Imperium...........................................................[RP1]
     b. The Low Road.......................................................[RP2]
     c. Decadence..........................................................[RP3]
     d. Temple of Pain.....................................................[RP4]
     e. Gardens of Hell....................................................[RP5]
     f. Mortituri te Salutant..............................................[RP6]
     g. Guts...............................................................[RP7]
        iv. Boss Battle Cassus Vicus.......................................[JB4]

   v. Sumeria, 3000 BC.....................................................[S U]
     a. The God Seal.......................................................[SU1]
     b. Spiritual Guide....................................................[SU2]
     c. Skin...............................................................[SU3]
     d. Flesh..............................................................[SU4]
     e. Blood..............................................................[SU5]
     f. Sacrifice..........................................................[SU6]
     g. Pyxis Prima........................................................[SU7]

**[JS1]*******************Introducing the Jericho Squad*************************

Cpt. Devin Ross
Jericho Squad Leader.
Psychic Healer.
Age: 37 years.
Carries Patrioteer Weapon.
Right trigger, Machinegun...Left trigger, Shotgun.
Press A when near a fallen teammate to revive him/her.

Sgt. Frank Delgado
Heavy Weapons.
Age: 31 years.
Carries Hell's Keeper and Pain.
Right trigger, Minigun...Left trigger, Handgun.
Press RB to use Ababinilli, fire spirit which will seek out enemies and burn
them.  The longer you use it, the longer it will take to recover.
Press LB to equip a Fire Barrier.  Lasts as long as you hold LB.

Cpl. Simone Cole
Reality Hacker.
Age: 21 years.
Carries X-86 Assault Rifle and Grenades.
Right trigger, Machinegun...Left trigger, Grenades.
Press RB to engage Temporal Loop, slows down time.  If left on too long, Cole
will lose touch with reality and her systems will shut down for a few seconds.
Press LB to engage Firestorm.  This will give all allies a damage boost.  If
left on too long, Cole will lose touch with reality and her systems will shut
down for a few seconds.
*Cole also has a helmet which can zoom in twice (2x) and (10x).  The helmet also
has the ability to display an enemy's weakpoint, which is very helpful.

Cpt. Xavier Jones
Age: 30 years.
Carries Patrioteer Weapon.
Right trigger, Machinegun...Left trigger, Shotgun.
Press and hold RB to project astrally.
Press LB (while holding RB) to enter target enemy's body.

Lt. Abigail Black
Age: 27 years.
Carries Flash Thought.  US XM-110 Sniper rifle, with scope and barrel mounted
grenade launcher.
Right trigger, Sniper rifle...Left trigger, grenade launcher.
Press RB for Ghost Bullet.  Time slows as you control the direction of the
bullet.  You can hit up to three enemies in a row with this power.
Press LB for Telekinesis, later becomes both Tele and Pyrokinesis.

Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church
Blood Mage.
Age: 22 years.
Carries Kenjuu and Nodachi. Rapid fire SMG pistol and Katana blade.
Right trigger, SMG pistol...Left trigger, Katana Blade.
Press RB for Blood Ward.  Will use some of Church's health, but will hold all
nearby enemies in place, incapacitated.
Press LB for Fire Ward.  Will use some of Church's health, but will let out a 
circle of fire that will engulf all enemies in range.

Father Paul Rawlings
Age: 67 years.
Carries Faith and Destiny.  Two custom handguns.
Right trigger, right gun...Left trigger, left gun.
Press RB for Ghost Heal.  Charge and then will heal any ally that it is pointed 
Press LB for Vlad's Curse.  Will syphon health from lesser enemies and 
redistribute amongst the Jericho squad.

**[JS2]**************Getting to Know Your Arcane Combatants*********************

- Ross - 
Not really used that much as he, well you'll find out.
Weapon works best on full automatic.  Try to squeeze trigger in bursts to 
maximize accuracy.

- Delgado - 
Minigun is better of two weapons, starts with 1000 bullets after checkpoint.
Ababinilli (RB) very effective against Legionnaires (guys with shields in Roman 
Era), Flying Cultists, and Crusader Children.

- Cole -
Temporal Loop (RB) is extremely useful against some bosses.  Her grenades are 
also good when put on impact or timed.  If you aim for the floor behind the 
Legionnaires (guys with shields in Roman Era) you can kill them easily, this 
works best when using timed explosions of about 3 seconds.  Her best asset is 
her helmet which allows you to see any enemy's weakpoint as well as zoom in 
twice (2x) and (10x).

Best asset is his Patrioteer Weapon.  The machinegun is good, but the shotgun 
(Left trigger) is excellent in close range combat.  This is one of the most 
powerful guns in the game.

Grenade launcher (Left trigger) is great for most enemies.  Pretty much can kill
anything in one or two hits (on normal difficulty, three or four on hard) except
the Legionnaires when they have their shields up.  But if you aim for the floor 
behind them, you can kill them easily.

Best assets are Blood Ward and her Katana combo.  Initiate Blood Ward (RB) and 
then hack away with her Katana (Left trigger).  All enemies within range will be
paralyzed by the Blood Ward, leaving them wide open for an attack.  You can also
switch to another teammate after letting out the Blood Ward and use some other 
attacks to finish off the paralyzed enemies.  Use this tactic if you're looking 
for easy headshots for the God of Pop and Boom achievements.

Probably his best asset is Vlad's Curse (LB), which can syphon health from 
weaker enemies (cultists, explosive cultists) and redistribute it amongst the 
Jericho Squad.  Best ammo is his explosive rounds, they are extremely powerful, 
but there are only three per clip.  The way the game represents this (it's 
confusing at first) is, it sections of the rounds in the handgun into three five
round sections.

**[JS3]*******************General Tips and Strategies***************************

Using the Jericho Squad to your advantage will help you past the harder parts of
the game, although, on normal difficulty, it never really gets that tough.  Some
parts can be frustrating until you figure out what you have to do to succeed.
Some boss fights are nothing more than puzzles.  Once you figure out the puzzle,
you can unload on the now defenseless boss.

Move slow and tell your team to hold by pressing down on the d-pad.  A lot of 
complaints about this game is that your squad is stupid.  That is pretty much 
true, so you have to guide them.  Walk slowly into a situation, and tell your 
squad to hold up while you scope the area.  Cole has the ability to search for 
enemies when her helmet is switched on.  You can spot enemies that are close, 
even through obstacles.

One thing that you must master if you're looking to play the game on hard is the
positioning of your team.  You can select which team you want to hold, and which
to advance.  Or you can advance both, or hold both.  For most situations, I used
the Alpha team forward, because of their heavier weaponry, and the Omega team in
the rear, because of their support role.  Depending on who I was out of the 
group, I would stay with the team I was on.  You can use this tactic to your 
advantage later in the game when there are more enemies.  By using this tactic,
you can maximize damage in the front, and use the ranged weapons of Black to 
pick up any enemies that get close to your front team.  Don't forget that Cole 
can slow time down, allowing your team to maximize damage while the enemy is 
almost stationary due to the time rift.

When stuff gets close to you, melee (B) the crap out of it.  The melee button is
there for that reason, don't be afraid to use it.

Almost every gun will fire repeatedly if you hold the trigger down, so it you're
trapped, either melee (B) as mentioned above, or hold the trigger down.  You'll 
get off more shots this way then if you freak out and keep pulling the trigger.

After every checkpoint your ammo is completely refilled, and whenever squadmates
run out of ammo, Cole will refill most primary ammunition on the spot.  Your 
ammo is refilled like this even if Cole is not an active party member at the 

Chruch's Blood Ward is a great way to hold a few enemies in place while your
teammates unload on them.  After letting out the Blood Ward, you can switch to 
another teammate and use their weapons on the frozen enemy.  If you switch to 
Jones, his shotgun (Left trigger) up close is devastating.  If you switch to 
Black, her Ghost Bullet is very effective, allowing you to get in very accurate
headshots with the powerful sniper rifle.

Father Rawlings is also a great support fighter.  The fact that you can switch
his ammunition can help you out against the end bosses of the game.  His 
explosive ammo is a great way to maximize damage.  Don't forget that he can heal
at a range, so you can use him from a range while still shelling out damage 

Delgado's Ababinilli (RB) is a great way to kill the Legionnaires from a 
distance.  Since they have shields, most weapons cannot damage them.  Getting 
close to them can mean certain death, so stay at a range when you can, and let 
Ababinilli out.  He will kill at least one every time you let him out.  If you 
mix in some of Delgado's minigun bullets when the Legionnaire is exposed, you 
can kill it with one passing of Ababinilli.  In a situation where your team is
laying out firepower, one passing of Ababinilli can usually kill two 
Legionnaires.  This makes the sections with them (like Gardens of Hell) a 

**[JW1]************************WALKTHROUGH SECTION******************************

This is the walkthrough that I developed after playing through on HARD and 
getting the achievements for not getting incapacitated on the levels that it is 
required.  It will get you through on normal, and will definitely make hard 
easier, although some parts of hard can be quite tough even when you know what 
to do.  If you have a good understanding of the squad mechanics, hard is not 
that bad at all.

**[A K]*****************************AL-KHALI************************************

The Storm

"...and God created The Firstborn in his own image.  An entity neither male nor
female, dark nor light; a singular being that was both beautiful and terrible to
behold.  Disturbed by the power of his creation, God left it unfinished,
banishing the Firstborn from reality to the Abyss, forsaken and unloved.  In its
place, God started fresh, the slate wiped clean.  He divided his next creation 
into two sexes, gave it intellect, reason, emotion.  He gave it the gift of 
love.  He gave it a soul."  Biblical Apocrypha, Gnostic texts

You are now in control of Captain Ross.  Walk straight ahead through the opening
to the left of the giant statue head on the ground.  Make a right and follow the
pathway under the square archway ahead.  Follow Church and Black as they pass 
you straight under the second square archway ahead.  The road will curve to the 
right and there will be a stone wall covering an entrance ahead of you.

At this time, the game will trigger a short tutorial on how to use your weaponry
and melee attacks.  It will first ask you to press B to initiate a melee attack,
then press X to reload your weapon, then press X again to reload your secondary 
weapon, then hold X to bring up your weapon configuration menu and switch to 
automatic fire (the selection on the right).  Then fire your gun with the right 
trigger and the left trigger.  The tutorial is now over and you can continue 
with the game.

Walk up to the wall and Black will use her TK power to destroy the wall.  Walk 
through the newly created opening and this will trigger the end of this level.  
Your Xbox will now save.

The Tomb

Ruins of Al-Khali, Middle East.  The Department of Occult Warfare has sent in 
Jericho Team - a seven man unit trained in both conventional and occult warfare
- to investigate.  All attempts at contacting the outpost inside Al-Khali have 
failed.  With tensions already running high in the region, this is the event 
that could trigger the Apocalypse...

After the cut scene, the floor will fall out and the team will jump to the other
side.  You as Ross don't make it all the way and instead will fall into the 
opening.  This will trigger a mini-game as you grab onto the wall of the hole.  
You will need to press the buttons as soon as they appear on screen.  They will 
appear in the same positions as the buttons are on the controller.  
For example, the Y button is on the top of the screen, the B button on the 
right, the A button on the bottom, and the X button on the left.
Press B to grab with your right hand, press X to grab with your left hand, press
B again, then press Y to grab Delgado's hand.  Finally press B again to lift 
yourself out of the hole.

Walk through the doorway directly in front of you.  The game will ask you to 
turn your flashlight on/off with the Y button.  Turn it on, you will need it, 
the following section is extremely dark...spooky.  If you walk slow the Jericho
team will move ahead of you, leading the way, but if you want to lead them like
the true leader that you are, walk up the steps and make a left, followed by 
another left, followed by a right which will put you at the bottom of some 
stairs leading up to some daylight.  Make a right upon exiting the tunnel and 
you will begin to walk while the team talks to one another.  Walk up the small 
hill ahead of you and make a left, pass the large opening with the statue head 
in it, and turn right to see an archway that your team is huddled around.  Walk
through the archway and make a right, head down the walkway and make a left 
where the game will ask you to press down to hold your teammates in position.  
Jones will tell the enemy to freeze, which they won't cuz they're dead.  Then 
you can unload on them.  They will die pretty easily if you go for headshots.  
After killing the three enemies, you are told to press up to order your team to
follow you.  Move up the walkway and turn right at the top.  There will be a 
bunch of junk blocking a doorway.  Black will use her Tk power to destroy the 
junk, and you can move forward.


Walk up the steps and turn to your left, this is where you will be going after
the team stops talking.  Walk down the walkway and head toward the archway 
around the bend to the left.  There is a burning corpse on a stake there.  Walk
through the small tunnel and head left at the exit.  A few more enemies will 
come after you now.  Three from the front and two after you go through the 
archway that will attack you from behind.  You are now overlooking a large 
chasm.  Stay on the walkway to the left of the chasm and make a left when you 
see an opening on your left.  There is an enemy inside this section, you can 
kill him, he will like it.  Black will use her TK power on the blocked wall, and
you may proceed through the opening.


Upon exiting, you will see The Firstborn along the walkway, about 45 degrees 
from where you are.  Follow it.  It will lead you inside another tunnel where 
you will be greeted by three more enemies.  After saying hello, and having some
milk and cookies (killing them) make the first right and this will lead you to 
The Firstborn.  Follow it again and some enemies will pop out pretty much right
in front of you.  Take them out, and continue straight down the path.  At the 
first opening on the left (not the walkway where the enemies showed up, but 
further down) you will see The Firstborn standing in front of a circular door.
Walk up to it for a cutscene.
Your Xbox will now save.

Operation Vigil

The lost city of Al-Khali is caught within a box of extremely virulent evil.  
Today, there are a handful of ruins beneath the desert sands, but this place has
been in existence throughout some of the most significant civilizations in 
history, many of which were oblivious to the tremendous power that lay under 
their very feet.

Walk forward and make the first right, followed by another right.  You will in 
front of a walkway with a corpse laying on it.  To the left is the way to go.  
Walk down the stairs and you will hear someone getting some dental work (I 
think), Rawlings will state the obvious, and you can kill this enemy.  Turn 
right at the bottom of the stairs and then turn left and you will see a large 
door opening.  This leads to a control room where Muriel (NPC) is standing.  
Walk up the stairs on the right and over to Muriel for a cutscene, where you 
will hear some interesting facts about a certain Father Rawlings' exploits in 
the grand city of Prague.  Fuzzy memory huh?  A likely story.


From where you are, walk up the steps to the right of the control board section.
You will see a large open door to the right, walk through it and make a left.  
This section splits off to the right and left, but it doesn't matter which way 
you go.  Walk up the steps and continue on toward the circular door that Church 
opened before.
Your Xbox will now save.


Outpost Vigil, established to investigate the unusual activities of The Box 
during the second world war.  The allies knew that the Germans, led by the Thule
Society, were carrying out extensive excavation work on some mysterious ruins 
without any apparent reason...

Walk straight forward until you come to a ruined archway on the right.  Go 
through, make a left and some more enemies will pop out.  Kill them and go 
through the double archway and some more enemies will ambush you from behind.  
Make a left at the end and head up the stairway in front of you.  Make a left 
and you will be outside of a wide open section where explosive cultists are 
having a little party.  Upon entering, the explosive cultists will surround you,
so keep your head on a swivel and shoot the yellow pustules on their body to 
make BOOM.  Cole will confuse everyone, then move up to the doorway with some 
junk in front of it, Black will use TK and you can proceed.


Make a left through the doorway, make a right at the end of the walkway, 
followed by another quick right.  About halfway up, you can order your team to 
chill to take out the cultists and explosive cultists that appear.  Kill them, 
then proceed up the steps, make a right, a left, and then down the steps, make a
right.  Walk around the bloodpool and come to an opening which will lead to more
explosive cultists.  If you're having trouble with this section, you can order 
your team to hang before going into the next area with the enemies.  Walk to the
right toward the broken pillars, and this will put you in a familiar place.  You
will hear Muriel's cry for help.  Walk up the small hill in front of you, and 
make a left to see the circular doorway with a bunch of smoke pouring out.  Walk
through the doorway.
Your Xbox will now save.


Arnold Leach knows all too well what tactics the Jericho team will use to track 
him down.  Carefully, he chooses someone to infiltrate DOW from the inside, to 
feed him information he needs to be one step ahead of the Jericho team.  He 
knows that they'll use data gathered by Muriel Green to track him down and he 
can't let this happen...

Walk forward and order your team to hold.  Several explosive cultists and 
regular cultists will come after you.  Hang back and give em hell.  Advance to 
the end of the walkway and walk down the steps to the left.  More cultists will 
come out and you can kill them too.


Make a right and you will be back in the control room.  Make your way up to the
control board riser, you will walk over to Muriel's dead body.  Walk up the 
steps to the control board and kill all the enemies that will be advancing 
toward your position.  Stay on the riser to kill the enemies, it's much easier.
Walk down the stairs and walk around to the back of the control board riser, and
up the stairs to the large open door which leads to another circular doorway.  
Walk towards the circular doorway.
Your Xbox will now save.

Man Down!

Sumerian mystics that seek to protect humanity have always kept seven warrior 
priests at the ready should the Firstborn return.  Each time, this ancient order
is sent into The Box to confront the Firstborn.  Somehow each previous team has 
succeeded in closing the rift, at a price...

Walk straight ahead and around the bend to the left to see some enemies in the 
distance.  Kill them.  Walk straight toward where the enemies are spawning, 
taking them out along the way.  Make a right, and more enemies will show up 
ahead of you.  Make a left and another left.  Kill all the enemies that spawn 
and the wall in front of you will blow up.


More enemies will come out from behind the wall to attack you.  They don't like
you, and I was just warming up to them too.  Oh well.  Continue forward and make
two quick rights to be at the end of another long walkway with enemies spawning 
in the distance.  Kill them and then proceed forward.  Make two quick lefts up 
the stairs and more enemies will pop out.  Cut through the ruins to the right 
and come to another walkway.  Make a left and more enemies will show up.  Make a
quick right, two quick lefts and another right, and you're now looking at a 
large circular stage a few yards ahead of you.  Walk down there and it's 


Four flying cultists will come out at this time.  You should have no trouble 
using the machine gun from afar, and then switching to shotgun (Left trigger) 
when they're close.  Heal anyone that you need to and get ready for a shocker!
Your Xbox will now save.

**[W W]***************************WORLD WAR II**********************************

How about it, didn't expect that huh?

Still With You

Ross is dead.  In The Box however, death has a different meaning...

You are now Sgt. Frank Delgado, but you need to switch to Black.  The resulting
dialogue is pretty funny, so pay attention.  You need to use Black's TK power 
(LB) to move the junk blocking the doorway.  It will ask you to change back to
Delgado to use Ababinilli (RB) to kill the cultists that apporach.  Proceed 
forward, up and down the stairs, and more cultists will appear.  Kill them.  It 
will then ask you to change to Church to use her Blood Ward (RB) to freeze the 
enemies in place.  You can then go with the Katana (Left trigger) to kill them 
easily.  Your teammates will give you support, so they should die pretty easily.
If you need to use Blood Ward again, it takes a few seconds to come back, so 
avoid the cultists and wait for it to recharge.  Follow Cole through the now 
open doorway.
Your Xbox will now save.

The Path of Souls

A road made of petrified human remains leads the team closer to The Firstborn.
A path of souls stolen by the darkness of The Box.

For some reason, you have to walk through the doorway again.  The game will then
trigger you to take possession of Cole.  Follow the stairs and three cultists 
will attack you as you walk up.  Proceed to where they were coming from and 
follow the pathway, keeping the chasm to your right.  More cultists will come 
out of the ground, and when you take the bend in the pathway, a larger, minigun
soldier will appear.  These guys can be devastating if you let them train in on
you.  Your teammates will most likely fall if you do not take care of this guy
right away.*see note*  Kill him with Cole's machinegun or grenades and proceed 
forward.  Three more of these guys will appear as you move down this corridor.  
Aim for their head, which is about midway down their torso.  Another one will 
come out as you take the next set of stairs.  Follow the walkway through the 
*note* Cole's helmet will help you find their head (weakpoint).  Click the right
thumbstick to zoom.


This next section can be a real pain.  Tell your squad to hold position (press
down on the directional pad) outside of the battlefield.  There are three 
pillboxes that Cole needs to take out with her grenades.  Crouch down by 
clicking the left thumbstick.  If you switch on her helmet, you can see the 
pillboxes and enemies while you're on the other side of the barbed barrier.  
Advance by yourself, using the busted pillars as cover, and walk up to the first
pillbox.  Engage Temporal Loop (RB) and go around the back of the pillbox and 
you will see, at the top, a small opening covered with a small door.  Hit the A 
button to toss a grenade inside.  Run for cover and the enemy inside the pillbox
will be destroyed.  Remember to use her helmet while you're taking cover to see 
where the enemies and remaining pillboxes are.  Repeat this on the next two 
pillboxes on this mini battlefield to trigger a mini-game where Cole needs to 
enter in the button commands to fight off a decaying body that welcomes you to 
the Path of Souls.

Delgado will start to argue with Rawlings and will eventually shoot him.  You 
need to heal Rawlings (Press A when near him) and another short scene will 


*****BOSS BATTLE*****
Hanne Lichthammer, the Psychic Commander, Part One.

She's not that bad, but you have to watch out for the cultists that appear as 
you're fighting her.  She first appears on top of the building in front of you, 
where your teammates are shooting.  She will then teleport onto the battlefield
with you.  You can see where she is if you lose sight of her by looking for the
rift that is caused by her teleportation.  The rift starts from inside her, 
flowing outward in all directions.  So if the rift is moving past you left to 
right, she is to your left.  She will teleport back and forth from the top of 
the building where she started to the battlefield with you.  She will teleport a
number of times while on the battlefield so look for her rift if you don't see 
her initially.  Pump her full of as much ammo as you can, while taking care of 
the cultists with headshots, and she will eventually disappear on top of the 
building where she started.  Walk through the doorway that opens underneath 
where she was.  You will be asked to possess Rawlings, configure his pistols any
way you want, by holding X to bring up the configuration menu, then selecting 
the type of ammo with the left analog stick, and selecting each gun with the 
right and left triggers.  Jones will fall and you will have to heal him with
Ghost Heal (RB).  Aim at him with Ghost Heal and he will glow with a blue aura.
Let go of RB after the blue ball is in your hands, and it will travel to Jones's
location and heal him.  Proceed forward.
Your Xbox will now save.


On discovering the German plans for the powers held deep within Al-Khali, the 
British Office of Strategic Services dispatched Blackwatch, a top secret 
commando unit ordered to destroy the psychic German commander Lichthammer.

You are now Chruch, but you can switch to any character that you can control.  
Advance forward and keep right and you will come to a downward hill where 
minigun soldiers and cultists will appear.  Order your team to hold position, 
and finish the enemies off using any character you'd like.  Rawlings works well 
with his explosive ammo shells.  Cole also works well if you use her helmet to 
spot the enemies and use grenades.  The cultists will approach fast, so try to 
get in some headshots to kill them easily.  If they get close, go melee with the
B button.  There is a spot to hide on the left of the corridor where you are 
concealed.  From here with Rawlings, you can use your explosive ammo and Ghost 
Heal anyone that falls during this section.


Follow the pathway around to the right and you will see a tunnel opening in 
front of you.  Switch to Delgado to use his fire barrier (LB) and walk right up 
to the flamethrower soldiers that are in the tunnel.  Your teammates will follow
you into the tunnel and open fire against the flamethrower soldiers.  You can 
walk right up to them with the fire barrier deployed, and this will light the 
cultists on fire.  There are two of them in the tunnel.


Make a right and order your team to hold position.  Minigun soldiers, 
flamethrower soldiers and regular cultists will approach from in front of you 
and behind you.  If you switch to Church and use her Blood Ward in the rear (by 
the tunnel you just exited) you can freeze the flamethrower soldiers that ambush
you, making this section a little easier.  Switch back to Rawlings, Cole or 
Delgado for some firepower and kill the enemies in front of you.


Advance through the tunnel at the bottom of the hill, and when you emerge, your
little friend, the Firstborn, is waiting.  Kill the cultists that appear and 
approach the Firstborn, it will vanish and reappear to your left.  Follow it.
You will now be allowed to possess Jones.  Follow the onscreen instructions to 
possess Jones.  Hit RB to project astrally, then LB to possess the Firstborn.  
Directly behind the Firstborn is a switch that you can use telekinesis (A) to 
pull.  Pull the switch, enter the room, go through the doorway on the left, and
eventually, a cutscene will trigger.
Your Xbox will now save.


Blackwatch were sent to seal the breach opened by Hanne Lichthammer and her men.
To defeat Lichthammer they'll need the combined power of the Jericho team.

You are now Jones, and the enemies will advance right away after the cutscene. 
Jones works well here because of his machinegun/shotgun.  Advance after killing
each set of enemies, and order your team to hold if they move to quickly.  
Eventually, you will come to an area where there is an opening to the left, with
enemies in the room through the opening.  Stay on the side you are on, and order
your team to hold.  Pump them full of rounds (the shotgun is pretty effective if
you advance while taking cover) and steer clear of the flamethrower soldiers.  
If you need to, switch to Delgado and use his fire barrier (LB) to deal with the
flamethrower soldiers.


Follow the pathway and you will come to another large area with explosive 
cultists and minigun soldiers.  Rawlings works best here with the explosive 
rounds.  Don't forget to order your team to hold outside of the room infested 
with enemies, and this section shouldn't be too hard.  Advance forward and the 
British soldiers will start talking once you exit the room you were just in.  
The game will ask you to switch to Black, and use her Ghost Bullet (RB) to take
out the detonator in the distance.  It is on the other side of the barrier, 
where the other British soldier is.  Look on the building with the light, pretty
much straight ahead of you.  Aim at it and hit RB.  You will see the detonator 
glow as you follow and steer the bullet towards it.*
*note - this is a good section for achieving the Ghost Bullet achievements as 
you can kill the cultists as they appear on top of the building until you decide
to Ghost Bullet the detonator.*
Advance forward past the building, keeping it on your right, and walk toward the
Your Xbox will now save.

Flames of Anger

Lichthammer's minions attack the mosque that Blackwatch have been using as a 
refuge.  Covering their escape, Blackwatch and Jericho detonate carefully placed
bombs.  Jericho needs to find the breach to get to the next time slice.

Advance forward toward the section with the watertower, and several minigun 
soldiers and grenadier soldiers will appear.  Order your team to holds and use 
Black's Ghost Bullet (RB) and grenade launcher (Left trigger) to make quick work
of these guys.  Go through the doorway where the grenadier soldier was, and a 
flamethrower soldier will pop out.  Take him down.  This section can be tough 
because they will spawn enemies behind you as you advance.  Order your team to 
hold, and advance slowly.  Several minigun soldiers and grenadier soldiers will
come after you.  Black's Ghost Bullet and Rawlings's explosive ammo are good to
use here.  With Black's Ghost Bullet, you can hit up to three enemies in a row. 
Upon hitting the first enemy, it will slow down allowing you to search for 
another enemy to hit.


Advance down the hill, make a left and enter the corridor.  Upon exiting, make a
left and you are at the bottom of a hill with several minigun soldiers at the 
top.  Kill them and then advance forward. Switch to use Jones to possess the 
grenadiers on the top of the building in front of you.  Hit RB to project, then 
zoom in, hit LB to jump to an enemy, then hit X on the fuel tank behind the 
enemy.  This will blow the place up, and allow passage through the doorway 
Your Xbox will now save.


Whilst part of the Jericho team and the British Commando Unit stay behind to 
form a diversion, Rawlings with Church and Cole infiltrate Lichthammer's hide-
out to find out how to get through the next breach.

This section can be tough because of the absence of checkpoints.  First kill the
two cultists that appear.  Then advance forward and stay to the left.  You will 
see a set of stairs leading downward.  Take the stairs to another set of stairs 
downward where you will see a cultist and a minigun soldier at the bottom having
a little fun.  By all means, let them know recess is over with a well placed 
grenade from Cole.  Walk down the steps and order your team to hold.  A few 
flamethrower soldiers will appear with some cultists.  If you throw some 
grenades down the hallway and use Cole's helmet to spot the weakpoints, which is
the fuel tank on their back, you can make it through.  You also have Rawlings's 
explosive ammo and Church's Blood Ward to help you out, so use whatever 
combination you're most comfortable with.  I like Cole, so I go with Temporal 
Loop (RB) and lots of grenades for this part.  Make the first left, directly 
after where you are and another flamethrower soldier will come up the stairs.  
Finish him and walk down the stairs.  It tends to be very dark here, so navigate
with the flashlight and follow the stairs downward.  Two explosive cultists will
appear.  Kill them (yellow pustules) and advance down the steps.  Eventually you
will enter a corridor with several flamethrower and minigun soldiers.  Take them
out with Temporal Loop (Cole's RB) and grenades.


*****BOSS BATTLE*****
Hanne Lichthammer, the Psychic Commander, Part Two.

Enter the bloody room ahead of you and get ready to fight off some cultists.  
This fight isn't that hard as all you really need to do is use Church's Blood 
Ward (RB) to stop Hanne in her tracks.  Pretty much fight off the cultists as 
they appear, and use Blood Ward a couple of times and Hanne will stop attacking 
and a cutscene will initiate.  You are now in control of Rawlings for a mini-
game.  Hanne will be tied up to a gate and you will be performing an exorcism.
She has three attacks at this point.  One, she will barf on you, use the A 
button when it appears to avoid.  Two, she will try to bite your right hand, use
the B button when it appears to avoid.  And three, she will try to bite your 
left hand, use the X button when it appears to avoid.  These buttons will appear
in a random sequence, so just pay attention to exorcise the demons.  That's 
pretty much it.
Your Xbox will now save.

Brandenburg Gate

The key to opening the breach is in Lichthammer's own vile blood.  This must be 
extracted in a blood ritual to allow Jericho to pass deeper into The Box.

You are Jones.  Feel free to switch to anyone available as the next couple 
sections can be tough.  I like using Black on this part.  Several flamethrower 
and minigun soldiers will appear down the hill.  Using Black's Ghost Bullet can 
get you through by lining the enemies up and trying to hit more than one at a 
time.  Delgado's Ababinilli (RB) is also pretty effective when mixed in with 
rounds from the minigun.  After killing the initial wave of enemies, which 
consists of several minigun soldiers and two or three grenadier soldiers (who
appear at the bottom), advance down the hill and make a quick right.  This 
section is tough.  Hold your team at the top of this hill, and find cover.  
Black's Ghost Bullet (RB) is very effective and using her grenade launcher on 
the explosive cultists will keep you and your team alive.  There are quite a few
minigun soldiers and explosive cultists that appear on this section.  There are 
also a few grenadier soldiers that appear at the bottom of the hill.  Jones 
works well for this part too as he can stay ranged with the machinegun and blast
enemies at close range with the shotgun.  Delgado is okay, but you need to see 
the enemy to let Ababinilli out, which leaves you open.


Go through the tunnel at the bottom of the hill and when you emerge, you will 
need to switch to Jones to possess the enemies on top of the building.  Project 
astrally, (RB) then jump (LB) to an enemy and ignite (X) the fuel tank behind 
him.  Walk through the now open doorway and you will be asked to switch to 
Church.  Walk around the right side of the structure (Brandenburg Gate) in front
of you and there is a ladder, approach it and a cutscene will start.
Your Xbox will now save.

**[T C]***************************THE CRUSADES**********************************

Rivers of Blood

The breach opens onto the remains of a river of blood, guts and human limbs. 
Above them on a huge bridge, a gigantic Crusader army advances towards the 
fortress of Les Innocents.

You are now Church, but the best one to use on this level is Rawlings.  You also
get a new power for him, so the game will ask you to switch to him and use his
Vlad's Curse (LB) power after killing the three flying cultists that appear 
around the first turn of the level.  Go ahead and choose whoever you'd like to 
deal with the flying cultists, then you will need to change to Rawlings.  When 
you enter the next area, which is all the way up to the right, tell your squad 
to hold, and select your explosive ammo with Rawlings.  There will be a 
seemingly endless supply of explosive cultists and you do not want your squad 
dying too much as you will now be in control of the squad's main healer, 
Rawlings.  When the explosive cultists appear, unload on them with Rawlings's 
explosive ammo.  The explosive cultists will spawn near (right where the river 
of blood bottlenecks) and afar (after the bottleneck).  Some of your squad may 
advance, but as long as you told them to hold, they will not go past the 
bottleneck.  Cole will refill your ammo after killing the last explosive cultist
(there are anywhere between 10 and 15 of them).


Continue forward, following the river, under the bridge (downtown) with the 
impaled body on it, until you come to a huge archway in front of you.  Tell your
squad to hold when you see the archway and approach carefully.  An explosive 
cultist will appear as soon as you get close enough to the archway.  If you're 
still using Rawlings, backpeddle and unload with explosive ammo.  A few flying 
cultists will also appear on this section amongst the 10 or so explosive 
cultists that appear.  You should get some of Church's Blood Ward, compliments 
of the computer AI and some of Delgado's Ababinilli as well.  If not, don't 
worry, the explosive ammo takes care of explosive cultists no problem.  Advance 
forward after Cole says it's ok and Ross will tell Black to use TK power on the 
rock pile up to the left.  


Switch to Black, use TK on the rocks and advance to the left, down the mountain.
You will come to a section with a Corpses Behemoth buried up to its head in the
blood.  There are three walls that you must use for cover here.  Stay behind the
walls to defend yourselves.  Again, I think Rawlings works the best with his 
explosive ammo.  You don't need to be incredibly accurate with it to destroy the
sigils on the Behemoth's face.  There are six sigils around the Behemoth's mouth
that need to be destroyed before you can advance.  Stay behind the wall, pop out
and unload with Rawlings.  Repeat until all sigils are destroyed on your side, 
then move over to the other side and take out the rest of the sigils.  (It 
should be noted that you can take out all of the sigils from the wall on the 
left, provided you use the cover properly and attack when the Behemoth is in 
between attacks).  If you're looking for some added cover, don't forget to 
crouch (click left thumbstick) when behind the small walls.  If you need to 
revive anyone, use Rawlings's Ghost Heal (RB) so you can stay behind the cover.
Advance forward and Cole will refill your ammo.


When you see the exposed roots of the tree ahead, make a right, there is a small
opening that leads to the next section.  The section ahead has two Corpses 
Behemoth and only three walls for cover.  This section can be tricky, but with 
Rawlings, it shouldn't be too hard.  Position yourself on the outside of the 
left wall and wait for the Behemoths to rise.  You need to crouch to avoid being
hit by the Right Behemoth's attacks.  Start shooting the Behemoth's sigils on 
the left side of his mouth from where you are.  You should be able to take out 
four of them (two on left side and ones on top and bottom) from here.
After doing this, you can direct your attention on the Behemoth to the right, or
you can stay trained on the one on your left that only has two remaining sigils.
If you decide to take out the one on the left, move to the middle wall and 
position yourself on the left side of it.  Stay crouched and pop out to take out
the remaining sigils on the right side of its mouth.  There are only two 
remaining now, and with Rawlings's explosive ammo, it should be no problem.  Now
you can finish the Behemoth on the right without any interruption.  Repeat the 
process on the sigils and he should fall no problem.
After these two Behemoths, there is one more up ahead where the one on the left 
fell.  There are three walls, and on Behemoth this time.  But for this one, 
Church needs to deliver the final blow in a mini-game.  Repeat the Rawlings 
tactic and when there is only one sigil on the top of its head remaining, switch
to Church and pop out in front of the Behemoth's face (after it attacks) and tap
(A) to initiate the mini-game.  The command is always the same.  After tapping 
(A) to initiate the sequence, the command is (Y) (A) (Y), (Y) (A) (X) (B), (X) 
(B) (A).  If you fail during this, you will need to press (A) to restart the 
mini- game.  Advance to the end of the river, and make a left and follow the 
pathway to the raised drawbridge.  Ross will ask you to switch to Jones and 
project astrally (LB) to the Firstborn (RB) who is to the right of the 
drawbridge, opposite the Jericho team.  Switch back to Delgado and tap (A) to 
open the gate at the end of the drawbridge and stay tuned for a cutscene.
Your Xbox will now save.

*Special note about Corpses Behemoth*  You can take out as many sigils in a row
as you can.  After destroying one sigil, the Behemoth will rear its head back 
and scream.  When it is doing this, you can unload on the remaining sigils.  
Every time you hit a sigil, it will rear back, allowing you to aim for the other
sigils and destroy them before he attacks.

Motley Crew

Separated from their friends Delgado, Black and Church can only continue on 
through the dark twisting passages infested with unknown danger in the distance 
they hear the faint cries of small children.

A little movie will ensue, and you are now in control of Delgado, and your team
only consists of Delgado, Black and Church.  From where the movie ends, turn 
around 180 degrees and walk to the back of the room and on the right is a little
passageway.  Follow the steps down and make a left.  You will now be at the end
of a small hallway with a cultist at the end of it.  Begin shooting him and he 
will attack along with a bunch more cultists and explosive cultists.  If you 
wait here, they will all eventually come until it is safe to advance.  If you 
choose to advance, make a left at the end of the hallway and go through the 
doorway to bottleneck the advancing cultists and explosive cultists.  Black's 
Ghost Bullet works well here as you can usually take down more than one cultist 
at a time by lining them up and getting headshots.  You can also take out a few
pustules on the explosive cultists with Ghost Bullet, as well as see the 
advancing enemies in the distance as they should glow red through the walls 
while in control of the Ghost Bullet.  Her grenade launcher also works very well
against the explosive cultists as one grenade to the chest will take them down
and keep them away from you squad.  Lead the way with Ghost Bullet ready as you
advance, stay to the right of the pit with the chain in it to get to the next 
This next section can be tough if you don't tell your squad to hold at the top 
of the stairs that leads down to the area with the cultist in it.  Tell them to 
hold and then take out the cultist with some force.  If you're too quiet while 
taking him out, it will not trigger the rest of the enemies to advance.  When 
they start advancing, use Ghost Bullet on the cultists for headshots (few in a 
row) and the grenade launcher on the explosive cultists.  If you're out of 
grenades, Delgado's Ababinilli (RB) is good and Church's Blood Ward can at least
hold them in place while you unload on them.  When your team starts to advance 
on their own, it's pretty safe to say that there is no more threat and you can 
advance up the steps on the other side of where you are.  Go up the steps and 
make the first right, and around the corner you will need to switch to Black for
TK power on the drawbridge.


Follow the pathway and when you come to the next section, a cultist will 
surprise you around the corner with an explosive cultist waiting with him.  Use 
Black's Ghost Bullet for the cultists (headshots) and use her grenade launcher 
for the explosive cultists.  Blood Ward from Church is good to hold the enemies 
as well, but Black seems to be the best character to use on this level, bar-


Follow the pathway around to the left and move pretty much straight to get to 
the next section.  When you come to the second drawbridge, Black's TK power is 
not enough to move it because something is blocking it.  Go back down and stay 
right and you will see a shoddy wall made of bricks.  Use TK power on this wall 
and you will see the obstruction blocking the drawbridge.  A couple shots will 
destroy the obstruction and you can go back up and cross the bridge.  This next 
section is tough, so watch your back and try to keep your teammates alive.  When
you see the elevated pathway, order your team to hold.  Church will most likely 
advance halfway up the pathway.  When you get to the top of it, several cultists
and explosive cultists will pop out, the first comes straight out of the ground 
in front of you.  Ghost Bullet the cultists and grenade the explosive cultists 
from down below where Delgado is and this section should be over kind of easily.
Walk up the stairs and take a left, about halfway along the pathway, there is 
another shoddy wall.  Use Black's TK power on it to initiate the cutscene.
Your Xbox will now save.


After centuries of fighting without rest, insanity has seized the last Templars.
Leach's treachery has forced what remains of Jericho to the confines of the 
infected sewers of Les Innocents.

Personally, I think that this level has the hardest section when playing on the 
HARD difficulty.  We'll get to that in a minute.  Stay as Black and when you 
come to the opening, fire a Ghost Bullet at the cultist's head, then direct it 
to take out two more Ranged Crusaders on the bridge up ahead.  At the end of the
bridge is another Ranged Crusader behind a barrel, Ghost Bullet his head and 
continue to the TK rocks ahead.  Past the rocks is a spiral staircase with a 
cultist at the bottom.  Ghost Bullet his brain, and walk up the staircase.  Use
Ghost Bullet and grenades to take down the cultists and Ranged Crusaders that 
appear.  When you get to the top of the staircase, stay left and follow the 
scaffolding around.  Several cultists will appear, and you should be able to 
Ghost Bullet three in a row several times here.  Church's Blood Ward is also 
good because you can freeze the enemies, and then unload on them.


Follow the pathway and make a left at the blown open wall and you will see the 
shadow of a crusader on the wall ahead.  Follow the shadow to the right, then 
left, and you will come to a tunnel.  About three or four crusaders will drop in
from the ceiling.  One Ghost Bullet should take down at least two crusaders at a
time, depending on your timing.  Advance forward and order your team to hold at 
the opening of the next section.  On the walkway above you, there are two ranged
crusaders and two crusaders that want you dead, so advance carefully as Black to
the pillar in the middle of the room, take cover and pop off a Ghost Bullet 
which you will direct to take down three of the enemies.  The fourth you can 
kill with whoever you want I suppose.  About three or four more crusaders will 
come down the steps after you, so you can wait for all of them to attack before 
advancing.  Go up the stairway and you'll come to a huge wooden door that cannot
be opened.  There is an opening up on the left side of this section where a 
ranged crusader cannot wait to bury a flaming arrow into your brain.  Take him 
down and several crusaders will drop out of the opening.  Take them down and 
Church will volunteer herself to check out that tunnel.  Here it is.

This part is hard on HARD.  Walk over to the wall below the opening, and hit (A)
to climb up.  In the tunnel, you will meet three crusaders.  You can melee them,
but you have to be patient with the sword, swing after you think you should to 
get a one hit kill.  Otherwise, use her handgun on full auto and aim for the 
face.  When you get to the end of the tunnel, climb down (A) and walk left to 
the last sewer grate on the ground.


Now you will need to navigate Church down the opening.  The button sequence is 
always the same:
(Y) (B) (X), (X) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (B) (Y), (A) (A) (A) (A) (A) (Y), (Y) (Y) (X) 
(B) (X) (X) (Y).
Now she will stand up and here's the tough part.  You need to use Fire Ward (LB)
which you get right now.  There are four openings in the walls around you where
four crusaders will come out.  They are fast and extremely deadly.  Use as many
Fire Wards as possible and fight the crusaders off with bullets or sword swings.
After killing the four of them, the gate will open in the distance and a fifth 
crusader will come after you.  Fire Ward again, and go through the now open 
gate.  When you come to a set of stairs, Fire Ward, then advance to draw the 
enemies into the fire, and unload with the handgun on full auto.  Walk up to the
lever on the left side of the gate, and hit (A) to pull it.  The gate will open 
and Delgado and Black will rejoin you.  Walk through the now open gate on the 
side where you opened it, and up the stairs.
Your Xbox will now save.

Out of the Frying Pan...

Since trapping themselves inside The Box, the Crusaders have continually waged 
war.  These religious zealots have discovered that since they cannot die, they 
can pay homage to their God by inflicting torture and mutilation on themselves.
They take great pleasure in nailing armor straight into their flesh and 
replacing limbs with devastating weaponry.

Still just Black, Delgado and Church.  So use Black as much as you can, she is 
the best for these levels.  When you reach the top of the stairs, you will see a
large, cavernous opening, with ranged crusaders and crusaders on the other side.
You can stay here and use Ghost Bullet, or you can order your team to hold and 
advance across the walkway on the right to get a better shot at the advancing 
enemies.  Either way, Ghost Bullet or Ababnilli your way to the other side.  
Make your way up the stairs where there are a few ranged crusaders waiting for 
you.  Be sure to advance slowly here as the explosive arrows they shoot are 
devastating.  Continue up the stairs where the sole ranged crusader was standing
and keep left.  You will go up another set of stairs where a few flying cultists
will attack you.  Switch to Church to use her Blood Ward to keep the enemies at
bay while you slaughter them with bullets or melee.  You can switch back to 
Black and use Ghost Bullet on the paralyzed enemies, or use Delgado's minigun on
the enemies.  When you turn the next corner, a bunch of crusaders will attack. 
They are fast and Ghost Bullet may not kill as efficiently as it did before.  
Church's Blood Ward works well here, and you can melee or bullet your way 
through.  Follow the pathway around and enter the ruins on the left.  Follow the
path around and you'll come out to a bridge with ranged crusaders on the ends. 
Kill the one to the right while remaining in cover, then get the one on the 
left.  Walk towards where the ranged crusader was on the left, and follow the 
stairs up.  You will come to a section where you're overlooking a few ranged 
crusaders across a bridge.  Order your team to hold at the top of the stairs 
that you are on and take them out with Ghost Bullet.  The gate behind them will
open and several more ranged crusaders and crusaders will emerge from the gate.
Take the rest out with either Black's grenades or Ghost Bullet.  Melee if the 
crusaders make it up the stairs to where you are.  But if you'd like to keep 
them at bay, switch to Church and use Blood Ward.  If you use Black's Ghost 
Bullet at the right times, when three enemies come out of the gateway, you can 
kill all three at once, leaving only a few stragglers which can easily be killed
with one grenade.  Proceed down the stairs and through the doorway.

You will come to a large closed gate with a few ranged crusaders positioned 
around it.  Hang back and take them out with Ghost Bullet, then approach the 
gate and three flying cultists will come out, one at a time.  Kill them with 
Delgado's Ababinilli, or Ghost Bullet, or grenades, or Blood Ward and a lot of 
bullets.  No one else comes out during this fight, so you can go all out if you 


Use TK power on the boarded up doorway at the end of the walkway, then follow 
the small bridge across where one crusader will drop down to attack.  Ghost 
Bullet his face and proceed up the stairway to your right in front of you.  When
you get out to the wooden walkways, order your team to hold and take out the 
advancing crusaders with Ghost Bullet, grenades or Ababinilli.  You may then 
advance, and use Blood Ward to paralyze the remaining crusaders and ranged 
crusaders that approach from around the corner.  Follow the walkway around and 
down the stairs through the gate at the bottom and hang left.  Go through the 
archways and when you come to a well-lit room order your team to hold.  Look out
and across the gorge with Black's sniper scope.  You can easily kill the two 
ranged crusaders by the fire without them even attacking you, you don't need to 
use Ghost Bullet for this part, but you can if you want.  When they are dead 
switch to Delgado and walk outside onto the walkway and prepare for three flying
cultists.  The gateway that you just walked through will close and you will be 
kind of trapped on the other side with the flying cultists.  If you're Church, 
Blood Ward them and then you can switch back and unload with Delgado's minigun 
and/or Ababinilli for some easy kills on these guys.  Then, just when you 
thought it was safe to advance, some crusaders come out of the gateway that is 
in the distance up to the left.  Ghost Bullet them, they come out one at a time 
in perfect intervals for your Ghost Bullet to recharge.  Hang back until it is 
safe to advance and get ready for a pretty chaotic part.


When you exit the stairway section, the gate will close behind you and you will 
be out in the open on some pretty tough terrain.  There are four or five ranged 
crusaders positioned above you around the large gate in front of you.  Ghost 
Bullet and grenade the pants of of them, and then switch to Delgado to 
Ababinilli the six to nine flying cultists that will appear.  They pretty much 
flood the area, so you'll need to be swift and heal your teammates as they fall 
and keep your ammo pumping on the flying cultists.  You can use Church's Blood 
Ward to hold them in place, then go with either Delgado's Ababinilli or Black's 
Ghost Bullet.  A well placed Ghost Bullet to these guys faces will take them 
down.  But Ababinilli seems to work the best for these guys.  Your choice.  
After killing them walk down the rubble and through the vast opening into 
another sewer looking area.
Your Xbox will now save.

Tortured Souls

You are now Black, cool.  Go down the steps and when you reach the bottom, 
around the corner are two cultists talking about the ice cream social that is 
happening tomorrow night.  Interrupt their conversation with a Ghost Bullet to 
the dome, and if you don't get both with one bullet, melee the other.  Now, you 
MUST order your team to hold if you want to stay alive on this section on HARD 
difficulty.  Order them to stay where you just killed the two cultists and, as 
Black, advance forward to the end of the walkway under the tunnel.  When you 
reach the end of the walkway, an explosive cultist will likely scare the crap 
out of you and emerge from the murky waters.  Backpeddle while dumping a grenade
at him.  This will kill him, one shot.  Get back to your team and switch to 
Delgado to Ababinilli all of the explosive cultists that appear.  If any get 
close, melee them to back up and Ababinilli them or grenade them.  Repeat this 
onslaught of Ababinilli or grenade until...


A cultist will now appear from around the corner up ahead.  I guessed he missed 
the party, so Ghost Bullet him in his face and proceed on down the walkway and 
make a left.  Make the first left and around the corner, there are two ranged 
crusaders at the bottom of the stairs, Ghost Bullet both and proceed.  Order 
your team to hold before proceeding down the pathway into the sewer water.  (I 
though that this section should have been called sewers and not the one earlier,
oh well I guess).  Anyway, order them to hold and kill the two cultists that 
appear from around the corner.  When you walk down into the water, a cultist 
will jump out of the water directly in front of you.  Deal with him and proceed.
Around the corner, several cultists and explosive cultists will appear.  Take 
care of them with Ghost Bullet and grenades and proceed past the junk to the 
second left.  This hallway will fill with ranged crusaders and several cultists 
will pop out about halfway up the walkway.  Order your team to hold and find 
some cover.  You can pop up with Ghost Bullet, or use Ababinilli to take out the
ranged crusaders.  When the cultists appear, switch to Church and use her Blood 
Ward to freeze them.  Go nuts with her handgun on their heads, and switch back 
to Black or Delgado to take out the ranged crusaders in the distance before more
cultists appear.  Repeat this strategy until it is safe to advance.  Proceed up 
where the ranged crusaders came from and make your first right, then quick left 
and be ready for three cultists that appear just beyond the busted gate in front
of you.  Yes, Ghost Bullet.


Make a right and go through the dark doorway and all the way up the stairs.  The
floor above you will open and you will emerge in a room with a few small 
sarcophaguses.  As you walk forward, several child crusaders will appear, first 
in ghost form, then they will materialize and attack.  They are good with ranged
attacks so use the same against them or Church's Blood Ward is good too.  
Because they fly and are small, if you Blood Ward, follow the strands coming out
of the orb to the frozen child crusader, melee him/her I don't know, but they 
still die the same.  Advance toward the lit section and repeat strategy.  You 
will come to a similar looking gateway that you emerged from and more child 
crusaders will appear.  Altogether, there are three waves of them.  They aren't 
terribly difficult, but they can get annoying.  When the floor opens, walk down 
the steps in front of the large statue.
Your Xbox will now save.

Black Rose

Protected by a Black Rose, Maltheus continues to endure the wrath of the 
slaughtered children.  A hope remains that somewhere, someone can defeat 
Maltheus and lay to rest the souls of the suffering children.

After the movie, you're Black.  You have to switch to Cole to use her new power,
Firestorm (LB).  This will add fire damage to you and your ally's attacks.  
Several crusader children will attack and then you can be on your way.  Around 
the left side of the room is a walkway that leads downward.  Follow it all the 
way down and around and you will enter a large room with Bishop Maltheus on the 
far end of it.

*****BOSS BATTLE*****
Bishop Maltheus St, CLaire, the Black Rose.

Not too terribly difficult until he uses his Black Rose armor.  The fight starts
out with Maltheus levitating around and he has a forcefield up, so your weapons 
will not do any good for now.  Also, his crusader children will be attacking 
both him and you, so try to focus on Maltheus and the children.  *Squad commands
are the key to this battle.*  Let him follow you to one side of the room when he
approaches, and then order your team to follow you (up on the D-pad), then run 
as fast as you can to the other side of the room and try to find some cover.  
This is when he will bring up his Black Rose armor (you will hear a noise 
confirming that he is bringing up his armor).  When it explodes off of him is 
when you need to be as far away as possible or behind some cover.  He is now 
vulnerable and will be for a short while after every time his Black Rose armor 
detonates.  Don't worry about reviving your squadmates until he brings his 
forcefield back up as this is the only time when he is vulnerable during the 
fight.  Pound on him with Ghost Bullet to the head, grenades to his body, or 
Delgado's minigun (though I wouldn't recommend Delgado because he is slow 
running).  Probably the best man for the job here is Rawlings, but be careful. 
Use his explosive ammo on Maltheus when he is vulnerable, and then you can Ghost
Heal your fallen teammates when he brings his forcefield back up.  Repeat the 
process a few times, and then the children will begin to attack Maltheus and not
you, Cole will replenish your ammo and...
Your Xbox will now save.  Wait, that's not that exciting...oh yeah, a breach 
will open and transport you to another world.  Beware this one has the most 
dangerous enemies that you will face in the game.

**[R P]**************************ROMAN PROVINCES********************************


The dead suffer endless pain as they hang tortured from crucifixes.  The Jericho
team make their way through the fields of tortured souls to seek out Cassus 

More to Come...

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