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FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/01/08

Clive Barker's Jericho
This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Written by: Daniel Acaba 
Online ID: Misfit119
Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
System: PlayStation 3, XBox 360, PC

This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba

List of Sites that may host this FAQ:

1 - Update History
2 - About This FAQ
3 - Controls
4 - Characters
 4.1 - The Cast
 4.2 - Enemies
5 - Walkthrough 
6 - About the Author

1. Update History
v.1.0 - 12/19/2007 - FAQ Completed

2. About This FAQ
While not exactly the greatest game ever made, Clive Barker's Jericho is still
a fairly interesting play experience. Combining an action packed experience and
an incredibly harrowing horror experience. Although the horrendous squad based
mechanic really hampers this game from being great, it is still a fun game.

3. Controls
PlayStation 3
Left Analog - Move Character
Right Analog - Aim Weapon
Square Button - Reload, (Hold) Configure Weapon
Triangle Button - Turn Flashlight on/off
Cross (X) Button - Heal, Action, Switch Character, Squad Menu
Circle Button - Melee Attack (can perform combo by hitting repeatedly)
L1 - Secondary Gunfire
R1 - Primary Gunfire
L2 - Second Power
R2 - First Power
L3 - Crouch
R3 - Zoom In / Out

XBox 360
Left Analog Stick - Move Character
Right Analog Stick - Aim Weapon
Blue X Button - Reload, (Hold) Configure Weapon
Yellow Y Button - Turn Flashlight on/off
Green A Button - Heal, Action, Switch Character, Squad Menu
Red B Button - Melee Attack (can perform combo by hitting repeatedly)
Left Trigger - Secondary Gunfire
Right Trigger - Primary Gunfire
Left Bumper - Second Power
Right Bumper - First Power
Click Left Analog - Crouch
Click Right Analog - Zoom In / Out

4. Characters
4.1 - The Cast
Captain Devin Ross
Jericho Squad leader. Dies early on but he gains the ability to possess the
rest of Jericho squad. By doing so he can control them and use his healing
abilities through them.

Weapon: Patrioteer
Primary Fire: Automatic Assault Rifle
Secondary Fire: Underslung Automatic Shotgun

Resurrection: Can bring downed squadmates back to the fight.

Captain Xavier Jones
Something of a bookworm, Xavier is the squads information resource. With his
skills in empathy and astral projection he has the ability to go places and to
learn things that the others couldn't.

Weapon: Patrioteer
Primary Fire: Automatic Assault Rifle
Secondary Fire: Underslung Automatic Shotgun

First Power: Astral Projection
Second Power: Possession

Liuetenant Abigail Black
Abigail is the group marksman, using her psychoinetic powers to guide her
bullets from one enemy to the other. Due to her being a lesbian she is usually
the butt of the squads jokes.

Weapon: Flash Thought
Primary Fire: Sniper Round
Secondary Fire: Grenade Launcher

First Power: Ghost Bullet (Guide bullet from one enemy to the other)
Second Power: Telekinesis (Can deflect certain attacks)

Sergeant Frank Delgado
Delgado is a rough, and mouthy, shaman of Native American descent. His rough
demeanor and willingness to turn on his comrades makes him something of a loose
cannon but his ability to summon the fire spirit encased in his right arm, the
spirit Ababinili, makes him an invaluable asset.

Weapon: Hells Keeper / Pain
Primary Fire: Continuous fire Mini-Gun
Secondary Fire: Semi-Automatic Pistol

First Power: Ababinili Attack (Spirit homes in on enemies)
Second Power: Ababinili Flame Barrier (Protective)

Sergeant Billie Church
Serving as the squad bloog mage Billie has fairly extensive knowledge of the
occult and can use her abilities as a blood mage to counter hostile magics. She
fights better in melee with her Katana and serves as a scout for Jericho.

Weapon: Nodachi / Kenjuu
Primary Fire: Nodachi (Sword strikes/combo)
Secondary Fire: Kenjuu (Sub-machine gun pistol)

First Power: Blood Ward (Paralyzes enemies)
Second Power: Fire Ward (Damages enemies)

Corporal Simone Cole
Known as a reality hacker, Simone can use her incredibly vast intelligence to
manipulate space and time via advanced mathematics. She can use this to scan
for temporal distortions and keep the team aware of their surroundings. Using
her wrist mounted supercomputer she can set rewind checkpoints, refill the ammo
belts of the team and is well known for her technobabble.

Weapon: Assault Rifle
Primary Fire: Automatic Fire
Secondary Fire: Grenades

First Power: Infinite Loop (Slows down time for all but Simone)
Second Power: Firestorm (Increases damage dealt by squads gunfire)

Father Paul Rawlings
A preacher of sometimes dubious morals he is a rather strong willed man who
seems to clash often with his squadmates. He is a veteran of several wars and
is the longest serving member of Jericho, knowing many secrets.

Weapon: Faith & Destiny, Twin Desert Eagles
Primary Fire: Fire Left Gun
Secondary Fire: Fire Right Gun
*Can change ammo between piercing, concussive and explosive rounds for each gun
independant of the other.

First Power: Ghost Heal (Acts like Devin's Resurrection)
Second Power: Vlad's Curse (Drains enemy health and heals your squad)

4.2 - Enemies
Cultists - The cannon fodder of this game. These guys are incredibly easy since
they just charge at whomever they see. They can gang up on you and cause some
difficulty for you but overall they won't pose much of a problem. Cultsists
only have two special abilities of note. The first is to fire a spike at you,
most will not bother with this and just charge you in melee but it doesn't do
all too much damage anyways. The second is that they take a bucketload of ammo
to kill off. This can be mitigated by shooting them in the head, this takes a
fair sight less ammo to do but it can be difficult to aim with how frantic they
move at times.

Threat: 1/5


Suicide Bombers - Ugh... UGH!! I hate these guys. Not because they are hard but
because they are the single most profilic reasons for your squadmates demise.
The only way they attack you is by rushing you and blowing up in your face. If
you take them down they will blow up as well so try not to be too close. The
real problem here is that your party stays so close together in the narrow as
hell corridors in this game that you can nearly guarantee that at least two of
your party members will be taken out each time one blows up near you. There are
two ways to take them out. The first is to shoot out all of the pustules on
their body. This is somewhat hard to do, especially from a distance. You must
do this quickly and accurately. Or you could just open fire on them and keep on
hitting them in the face, knocking them down and filling them with lead. They
will blow up eventually. Depending on who you have access to your options will
obivously vary.

Threat: 5/5


Winged Cultists - These guys are like the regular cultists except that they now
have wings and pretty much always have shields. They can use that shield to
block your attacks so don't just fire at them willy nilly. If you can, try to
get behind them or on their sides and open fire on them from a distance. If not
then try to use either a sniper bullet or shotgun slug to take them out when
they get closer to you. They have two attacks, a ranged attack where they fling
some... stuff at you and a dive bomb attack that really, really hurts. If they
come in groups try to let your squad take the heat while you try to get them
from behind. So long as you don't let more than one focus on you, you shouldn't
have too much of a problem.

Threat: 2/5


Machinegunner - To anyone who has played the Suffering, these guys are kind of
like the machinegunner bad guys there. They are huge, slow and can do some
serious damage if you get in their sights. Hitting them in the face does a lot
of damage but take note that their face is actually located somewhere in the
middle of the mass of flesh that is their bodies. As you might have guessed
they use machine guns to fairly good effect... when they hit you. Don't get too
close or you will be killed quickly.

Threat: 2/5


Flamethrower - These are probably some of the hardest enemies in the early part
of the game. Much like the Suicide Bombers they will quickly, and efficiently,
roast your squad alive in record numbers due to how dumb your allies are. They
fire a stream of flames at you from their weapon that does an incredible amount
of damage in a short time. Keep your distance and shoot at them to take them
out with ease, taking good advantage of their slow speed. So long as you can do
that you should be able to defeat them and heal your allies.

Threat: 4/5


Grenadier - Kind of like long range Suicide Bombers these guys grenades will
turn your squad into swiss cheese. They are slow though so try to avoid their
grenades and return fire. That's really all their is to them. Their major
purpose seems to be to take out your squad mates and just be frustrating. If
you are feeling daring you can use Church's telekinesis attack to knock the
grenade back at them and blow them up.

Threat: 1/5 (To you), 5/5 (To your Squad)


Monstrosity - These guys are no big deal. Keep your distance to avoid the red
cloud that they spew and snipe ornage runes on their face masks. That's about
all their is to say about these things. You may need to use Church to chop off
the final piece of the mask but this should pose little difficulty.

Threat: 1/5


Crusader - These guys are essentially cultists except they are a fair bit
stronger. In addition, they carry battle axes and shields. The axe they will
use to mangle your pretty little face with fairly strong attacks and they can
block most gunfire with the shield, even Delgado's powerful rounds. They can
even block melee and sword attacks. Wait for them to close in and shoot them.
If you are being swarmed aim for their knees and try to knock them down or at
least slow them down. They don't pose too much of a threat but they can more or
less come out of nowhere and beat the crap out of you.

Threat: 3/5


Sniper - Even the bad guys need a sniper or two to pluck at you from a distance
and weaken you.  They can be a serious pain in the butt since they tend to be
hiding in places that only really Abby can reach with her rifle. If you can't,
or won't, use her then simply move as quickly as you can and find them, even if
there are Crusaders around, and take them out. Otherwise they will be a major

Threat: 2/5


Crusader Children - When you first see these kids they will appear as floating
green spirits. When they near you they will take on their flesh forms and try
to hit you. Their range isn't that great but they do a fair bit of damage and
usually come in groups. Simply start shooting at them the moment they appear
and try for headshots to get rid of these little pains.

Threat: 1/5


Legionnaire - I hate these guys so much. They can be really tough if you don't
know how to handle them easily or the corridor is too small. They will use
their shields to block your shots pretty flawlessly. You can shoot them in the
head when they look over their shields to see where you are but overall they
stay pretty well hidden (sniping them while they do this works well). Those
javelins of theirs are pretty dangerous as well, they are strong, accurate and
can hit you from a pretty wicked distance. Generally using grenades or Ghost
bullets works to get rid of them quickly.

Threat: 4/5


Gladiator - These guys are pretty wicked. Once they get their sights on you
they will relentlessly pursue you and attempt to bash your face in. They do a
lot of damage too so it isn't that hard for them to wipe out your whole squad
in a matter of moments. To defeat him you will have to let him target one of
your squad mates and then switch to a different squad member. Immediately start
to shoot it in the wound that it has on its back with your strongest attacks at
your disposal. It helps to have your weakest squad member play distraction.

Threat: 3/5


Blind Giant - Uhm... is it just me or are the bigger enemies really easy in
comparison to the smaller foes? These guys kind of just charge at one member of
your squad and just mindlessly rush him at a slow gallop. So long as you keep
moving away from him and opening fire on his chest he will go down. If he gets
close he can pack a whallop but it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Threat: 2/5

5. Walkthrough
The Beginning
The beginning of this game is essentially your tutorial. Proceed towards the
sandstorm in the distance and follow all of the prompts. When Abigail blows out
a wall with her telekinesis be careful. As you proceed onward you will have to
engage in a button press mini-game. The one good thing that Jericho does is
that when you fail one of these they almost always start you right back at the
beginning of the interactive cutscene to try it again.

Use your flashlight and continue on your path, taking the path to your leftmost
outside. Going to the right you will encounter some Cultists, your first and
most common enemies that you will fight. Get used to taking them out by aiming
for their heads and opening fire with an automatic attack. Don't worry about
ammo expenditure, Cole will just refill it for you when you start to run low.

Once they are dead you can continue forward, Abigail will clear out the path
for you again. More enemies will come out after you as you move along, they're
not likely to do much damage but if they knock anyone down bring them back up.
Keep on going and you will soon see a large open area. Stick to your left and
move around the chasm, there is an enemy on the other side. Take him out and
let Abigail clear out the next blockade.

You will see that shadow child you saw when the game first started. Start to
move towards it, it will move away from you. Follow it and you will be ambushed
by a group of enemies. Take them out and head forward taking out the other
enemies that come out. Move for the building and Billie will open the door with
her blood magic. Going inside leads you to the next chapter.

Operation Vigil 
Super short chapter up ahead!

Head through the corridor and take the stairs downwards. Ross and Rawlings will
come across another Cultist. Take him out and continue forward. Eventually you
will find yourself in a large room where the door closes behind you and a scene
will play where Rawlings reunites with an old... dalliance. An S.O.S. from the
rest of your squad breaks up the reunion. Move to the control panel and then
head to the right, through the doorway. Follow this pathway and you will finish
this chapter.

Al Khali
As soon as you head outside you will be reunited with Jericho squad. Some more
Cultists will charge you so take them out and then continue forward. Keep your
eyes peeled though because you will soon be ambushed by Cultists coming from
all directions. Take them out and then continue moving, heading up the stairs.
The rest of Jericho squad is here and this is where the fun begins. You are now
introduced to the Suicide Bomber Cultists. These disgusting sacks of pus and
gore will blow up when they get close to you, or die, so it is imperative that
you take them out from a distance. Luckily they are really slow and you can
knock them down if you keep hitting them. They can be taken out through simply
shooting them senseless or targeting all of the pus filled sores on their body.

Once they are all dead Abby will break down the barrier and you will hit a
checkpoint. Head around the corner and take out the Cultist you can see but be
ready for another ambush. This time you will have Suicide Bombers coming from
all sides and if they get too close to you... well they will likely blow the
lot of your squad to smithereens. Backpedal and shoot to take them out.

Continue forward, passing the gore covered area, into another ambush. Enemies
are going to swarm you here with Cultists rushing you and Suicide Bombers
truding along after them. This is pretty rough and your teammates are going to
go down fairly often. Make your team hold their positions and try to protect
Father Rawlings, if he is still up and fighting he will revive your squadmates
alongside you. This prevents you from having to get to them all. Try to focus
on shooting down the Suicide Bombers, ignoring the Cultists. The damage that
the Cultists inflict is rather unimportant compared to what the Bombers do.

Once they are all dead head further along the path and you will find yourself
back to the Operation Vigil building. The door however is destroyed. Head on in
to start the next section.

Move forward carefully, enemies are going to start coming after you soon. When
the Cultists start pouring in after you, try to keep back and plug at them. You
can leave your squad to soak up the damage while you take them out. Once they
are dead you will notice that you are on an overpass and that there are some
stairs nearby. Move to the stairs and be ready for enemies to appear. When they
do, shoot them with rapid fire in the head/chest region to take them out quick
and use the shotgun when they get too close. For the most part your squad will
often try to shoot down the overpass although Abby and Billie might come near
to you on the stairs and help out.

Once the combat has finally stopped and the smoke has cleared, make your way
down the stairs. Head back to the control room to find your poor lady friend
has been mauled horribly. Oops.

When your squad heads over to the control console you will be swarmed by 
enemies coming from the door directly across from you. This is tough since the 
Cultists never stop coming and you will usually have two or three Suicide 
Bombers to contend with. I found it helpful to switch to full automatic fire 
and crouch to the leftmost side (left from facing the door) and shooting at the 
Suicide Bombers. Knocking them down and preventing them from blowing up your 
squad three or four at a time is a major necessity here. The Cultists will very
likely get in your squads face very quickly and it can be hard to stop them
without hitting your squad members. Try to hit them with your shotgun as they
try to climb the stairs if you need to but once they are on the platform, let
your squad deal with them while you focus on the other enemies.

When they are all dead head to the stairs on the other side of the control
console and go through the door to end this chapter.

Man Down!
Begin moving forward to find some enemies. Take them out and continue forward.
The path from here is pretty straightforward, there is little chance of you
getting lost here. Keep your eyes peeled in a forward direction and watch out
for enemies as you go, this is a very simple area and all it requires of you is
to take out the Suicide Bombers before they take out your squad. You will still
likely need to bring people back, the Cultists might only be coming from right
in front of you but they are coming in serious force.

When you reach the large clearing you will have to fight two Flying Cultists.
These guys can be a real problem, especially if you aren't so good with firing
accurately at body parts. They will protect their torso area with a shield and
it's near impossible to hit their wings with how they move. This leaves you
having to dodge their long range attacks and wait for them to come down a bit
so you can shoot them in the head, back or legs. Try for the head if you can or
simply shoot them in the back/sides with the shotgun. They should go down with
a bit of that.

Once you have taken them out you will see the First Born on the altar. Go on
over to him to get Ross killed. Yay!

Still With You
Whoops. Seems you will accidentally end up inside of Frank Delgado after you
have returned from the dead as a ghost. Isn't this place weird? With your new
state you will be able to possess your squad mates, something anyone who played
the demon knows about. It doesn't matter anyways, you can switch to Abigail
soon enough. Do so and use her Telekinesis to remove the barrier in your path.

As cool as she seems Abi is missing some of her most useful skills at this
juncture in the game so switch back to Delgado. His heavy firepower is going to
be useful for the coming areas. Continue forward and take out all the Cultists
that you encounter, most are near to the stairs up to the second floor.

Proceed through the broken wall and head to your left where Church will inform
you that she is willing to be possessed. With her permission you can do just
that. Once you do some Cultists will attack. Let's be clear on one thing here
though, Church is much more useful with her melee attack than she is with her
gun. The best thing to do is use Blood Ward when fighting enemies and then hack
them up in melee. Do just that with these Cultists and continue on to end this

A quick rundown of party members and usefulness:

Abigail: Fairly useless unless you can snipe the enemy. Lacking Ghost Bullet.
Delgado: With his chaingun and fire attack he is your most useful squad mate.
Church: Her gun is useless but pairing up Blood Ward and her sword works well.

The Path of Souls
The level starts off with you being given access to using Cole, the reality
hacker. She has a rather useful alternate fire, what with her flinging about
her grenades. You can use her or not but you might find the coming area to be a
bit easier with Aibgail or Delgado.

As you follow the path in front of you Cultists are going to slowly come at you
in a number of ambushes. You can use whomever you like, I prefer Abigail for
her head shots but some might find Delgado much easier to use. Regardless keep
on taking them out and moving forward. Soon enough you will find a new enemy,
the Machinegunner. These big guys can do some heavy damage but they are slow,
don't do too much damage if you keep moving and they go down easily enough. To
make your life easier try to shoot them in the face with Abigail if you are
using her, it is located in the upper center of their body mass as they are
lacking an actual head. Or just use Delgado, whatever. Shoot your way through
them until you have cleared the area out and reached a trench area of sorts.

You cannot get past this area without using Cole, the turrets are completely
immune to all conventional attacks. Activate her time loop power and rush up
behind one of the turrets and use the action button to open a hatch and drop a
grenade inside. This takes out the turret. Do this to all three of them to get
past this section. Once they are all destroyed a corpse will grab Simone so
press the appropriate buttons to survive the situation.

That done your squad will have a little tiff and then it is time to fight Hanne
Lichthammer. This chick is obnoxious. She will be constantly summoning in
Cultists to keep you busy while standing on the roof. They can come rather fast
and hard so try using someone like Delgado to keep their numbers thinned or, if
it's getting too intense for you, use Cole's time loop power and just put some
distance between you and them.

After a bit she will teleport down and start rushing your squad. Do your best
to keep Rawlings alive so that he can keep healing your squad mates instead of
you have to do it. Don't use Cole's grenades here since you are likely to take
out your squad as well. You can use Abi's grenade launcher if your squad mates
are away from Lichthammer, it explodes when it hits her and doesn't have the
biggest radius. Should you choose to use Delgado do not bother with Ababinili,
it doesn't do enough damage to her to matter. Eventually she will teleport back
up to the top and send more Cultists after you. Simply repeat what you have
done already to finish this fight.

*NOTE: Do not allow Lichthammer to corner you near the door. She will pummel
your current host into unconsciousness incredibly fast if she does.

Once she is dead head on inside. You will gain the ability to possess Father
Rawlings just in time for the level to end.

*NOTE: NEVER USE RAWLINGS. If you do so you are turning your two healers who
can keep your squad on their feet into one lone healer and if Rawlings goes
down while you are in him you will have to switch out to get him back on his
feet, lowering your chances of getting a decimated squad back into action in
time to have any effect. If you must use him do it in short bursts.

Moving forward a little bit from the start you will be caught up in a big fight
with lots of machine gunners. This one can a bit troublesome but it can be
approached a number of ways thanks to your squad:

* Firstly there is the obvious choice of hanging as far back as you can with 
Abi and sniping at the gunners. Even when they hide behind cover a piece of 
their bloated flesh will be visible so you can get some cheap shots in like 
that and then go for their face.

* Second you can use Delgado and try to move forward using the debris for cover
as you try to get into the gunners faces and fill them full of chaingun ammo.
The danger here is that if he goes down due to some miscalculation on yor part
he is going to be hell to get back up into the fight.

* Lastly is my preferred method. If you select Cole you can slow down time,
dodg their gunfire and move in, drop a few grenades near the enemies and then
retreat. This will do a good job of thinning out the enemies and allow you to
take them out a bit easier.

Continue forward but once you enter the tunnel be careful. A Flamethrower enemy
is waiting for you here. Essentially they will simply charge you and try to set
you on fire. This does a lot of damage and can kill you incredibly fast so do
yourself a favor and stay back while you shoot him up. I prefer using Cole's
grenades or Abby's grenade launcher to take them out faster.

Head through the tunnel and when you reach the end of it you will be in for yet
another big fight. Here you will have to contend with lots of Machinegunners
charging out across from you and then Flamethrowers coming from both if front
of and behind you. It took me forever to get past this section. My preferred
method is to use Cole's time loop to put several grenades near where the
enemies are coming out of across from you and then switching to Delgado and
watching my units back. This helps keep them focused on the Machinegunners and
lets you handle the Flamethrowers who come after you from the rear.

Once they are dead you can continue forward until you encounter the First Born.
Keep following him until you reach the gate. You can now use Jones who isn't
all that special in a firefight but is very useful for puzzle solving. Select
him and then use his Astral Projection on the First Born to project yourself
over to him. From there find the level and use it to open the gate in front of
your squad.

Level over.

This level is fairly short but it can be hard as hell. Be ready to reload a few
times here.

After you run into the previous Jericho Squad you will have to fight off a
huge group of Machinegunners and Flamethrowers. I heavily suggest that you use
Black to snipe where possible and use her grenade launcher if the enemies seem
to be getting too close. It will take a bit and it can be tough but getting
past this shouldn't be too bad so long as you are careful. If you're having big
problems try using Cole's time loop / grenade combo to thin the ranks.

Once that is done you have to deal with Flamethrowers and Suicide Bombers. This
can either be really easy or hard as hell. If you let them get in close to you
your entire squad will be dead in a matter of moments. Slowing the lot of them
down isn't easy but if you can hit the sores on the Suicide Bombers they will
die and blow up. This will stagger or even kill some of the Flamethrowers. Do
this enough and you can let the bombers kill off the flamers for you in their
entirety. It isn't easy but if you can even do it to one Suicide Bomber it will
make your life a lot easier.

Moving on a bit you will be told that you need to use your Ghost Bullet to hit
a red beacon. As you are trying to do this your squad is getting shot up, not
good. Try to be as quick about this as you can without screwing up. Find the
beacon and hit it to clear your path to the next level.

*NOTE: Now that she has the Ghost bullet Abby has become incredibly useful. 

Flames of Anger
Pretty much as soon as the level starts you will be thrust into battle with a
battle with 'gunners and 'throwers as well as a new enemy type: the Grenadiers.
Do your best to avoid getting blown to smithereens and take out as many of the
regular enemies as you can. Once that is done try using Simone Cole to blow up
the enemies via a time loop / grenade combo.

*NOTE: You can use telekinesis to knock back grenades if you see them coming
right at you.

Continue onward and take the door to the left. As soon as you enter take out
the Flamethrower. Having Delgado at the read will make this a fair sight easier
since he just needs to blast away with his mini-gun. Continue onward and you
will end up in an outside area with a small water tower. Since this is such an
open area try using Abby to snipe off enemies using Ghost bullets and well
placed shots. Now head forward and take a right to get to the next area.

As you follow the path you will eventually see a large pipe. To the left from
here is an area with Machinegunners. Take them out however you like but be
ready for trouble. Once they die a bunch of Grenadiers will apepar up on the
walls and killing them just causes another to take their place. To get rid of
them you will need to switch to Jones and then run forward until you have a
clear view of where the Grenadiers are. Now use Astral Projection on one of the
Grenadiers, preferably one near the middle. From here you need to look around
for a white fuel tank, blow this up to take out the enemies and clear the path

Head through the gate and the level is over.

For this mission you will be using Church, Cole and Rawlings. Do not possess
Rawlings since this will limit your ability to bring people back from the dead.
I suggest using Cole if you feel like you are about to be overwhelmed, by using
your time loop / grenade combo you can decimate enemies at a distance. If they
close in then you can use Blood Ward and then hack the enemies apart as Church.

As soon as the level starts you will be getting attacked by Cultists and some
Suicide Bombers. Head across the room and look to the left to find the stairs
going down, take them. You may want to use Church here to sneak up on the
Machinegunner and Cultist here. Blood Ward them and chop them up. Whenever you
reach the bottom of the stairs you will have a serious gunfight with a horde of
Machinegunners, Cultists and some Flamethrowers. You won't have much ability to
just up and fight this one head on due to your lack of serious firepower so you
have to be inventive.

Since the enemies will be at a distance you are probably best off using Cole
and flinging grenades down the corridor at enemies while shooting them. You can
even switch over to Rawlings and switch to explosive rounds and fire off some
shots, just don't stay with him too long or it could be a problem when he gets
taken out. If they close in on you switch over to Church and use a Blood Ward
to lock them in place, taking them out.

Continuing forward you will see some stairs. There is a Flamethrower enemy that
is waiting for you down there. Switch to Church and Blood Ward him before you
chop him to pieces with your sword. Don't rush forward though, you will have to
contend with a pair of Suicide Bombers followed by Flamethrowers. She is very
useful for freezing them in place and making it so that they can't take your
squad out. Get rid of them and you will hit a checkpoint because there is a
boss fight up ahead.

Well I don't really suppose calling this a boss fight is the most appropriate.
Lichthammer is waiting for you and she has an army of Cultists by her side. The
problem is this fight is over fairly quickly. Switch to Church if you aren't
using her already and use a mixture of Blood Ward and katana chops to cut the
heck out of the Cultists that come after you. Make sure that you keep Rawlings
protected so that he can revive Church or Cole if they go down.

Hold out until Lichthammer comes after you herself. When she gets close enough
to you activate Blood Ward. This will paralyze her and end the fight proper.
You will have to use Father Rawlings, following the button presses and once 
that is said and done so is the stage.

Brandenburg Gate
Alrighty, you are now reunited with several members of your squad the most
important being Black or Delgado. Switch to one of them and get ready for some
hard fighting. There are a bunch of enemies waiting for you up ahead, notably
more Machinegunners and Grenadiers. You can make some good use of Black here so
get to sniping.

Further ahead you will have to deal with Grenadiers assaulting your position
with explosives while Suicide Bombers rush you. Try to use Delgado or Cole here
as their attacks ar emore suitable to taking out the Suicide Bombers. Once they
are disposed of you can continue forward.

Continue forward until you come across a large tunnel. Head through it and you
will find a large area and a closed gate. To get past you will have to use
Jones. Look for an enemy on the roof and project to them. From there look for
a fuel tank, detonate that to clear the path. Up ahead you will see three large
arches, switch on over to Billie and head to the rightmost side of the arch.
Climb the ladder here and you will see the others holding Lichthammer hostage.
You need to spill her blood to proceed forward, so do so happily and head on.

Rivers of Blood
Well, we are finally done dealing with those obnoxious gunners and flamethrower
enemies. Follow the river of blood in front of you to proceed. Shortly after
starting off you will encounter some Winged Cultists. Switch to Black and try
to snipe them if you can or just shoot the ever loving crud out of them with
Delgado. After you defeat them and continue on you will have to fight off yet
more of the flying nuisances. Take them out and continue forward.

It will be uneventful until you pass through a overpass. Once you exit from it
you will be attacked by Winged Cultists and Suicide Bombers. Delgado or
Rawlings work bes here for taking these guys out, especially the Bombers. If 
you do use Rawlings keep your distance and try to use the cave as cover from
the Winged Cultists.

Follow the path down the hill until you see a giant mass of flesh and spikes.
This is actually a disgusting monster, the Monstrosity. Black is the only real
choice for this fight since any other squad member has to get close in. Just
use her to snipe the orange runes around the metal portion of the creatures
face (this is its face) and it will die.

Continue forward to find two more of these creatures at the same time. Just use
cover judiciously and shoot the runes off with either Cole or Black. This is no
big sweat. Just past this you will fight a final Monstrosity, this one with a
special seal on its mask. Use Black to shoot off all of the orange runes and
then switch to Church. Move in close to the beast and use the interact button.
Church will leap into action and you will have to press the button prompts to
take this disgusting mass of flesh out.

Continue along the path and you will soon reach a drawbridge. The Firstborn is
on the other side of the river so use Jones to project over there. Flip the
switch and then use Delgado to open the gate. Level over.

Motley Crew
Watch the opening to this level until it has finished, then turn around and go
down the stairs into the dungeon. This section has some Cultists so move on and
take them out. When you pass through the gate you will have to deal with some
Suicide Bombers, this shouldn't be a big deal for you. Just shoot them the heck
up and they should die with little difficulty, picking off the other regular
Cultists as they come out.

Continue forward until you see the Cultist torturing someone. Try to snipe him
off as best you can and then continue forward. You will find some more Suicide
Bombers and Cultists waiting for you. Use whomever you are most comfortable
with and just shoot the heck out of them until they move no more. Head up the
stairs and follow the path until you reach the drawbridge. Have Black knock it
down with telekinesis to reach a checkpoint.

Move forward, cutting your way through Cultists and Suicide Bombers until you
reach a wall that has noticably loose bricks on it. Use telekinesis to knock it
down andlook for a beam that is holding up the drawbridge. Shoot it out and go

You will find a set of stairs and a Cultist is going to leap out for you. Press
the required buttons to fling him off and be ready to fight off a group of yet
more Suicide Bombers and Cultists. Once you have wiped them out start moving
forward until you reach yet another wall to knock down. Do so to end the level.

This is basically the level from the demo that was released earlier this year.
If you played that then you will likely know your way through the level.

Pretty much as soon as the level starts you will have to deal with the Snipers.
These demons fire flaming bolts from their crossbows at you with a fair bit of
accuracy. The shots are slow though so you should have little issue with
getting out of the way and taking them out. Kill them off and then open up the
path with Abby.

Take the staircase downwards and take out the Cultist. Up above you there are a
bunch of Cultists and Snipers that are just beginning to be sniped off by your
precious Abby. Go up the nearby stairs and make your way to the top, taking out
the Cultists as you go. Now continue along the path until you reach a Sewer
looking tunnel. These Crusaders will get right up in your face and slice you to
ribbons if you let them. Try to backpedal and shoot them to death with Delgado.

Continue forward and you will see a stairwell to your right. A bucketload of
Crusaders are going to come down that stairwell and there are Snipers around
you that will be shooting at you. Try to let your squad handle the Crusaders
while you use Abby to take out the Snipers, Ghost Bullet works wonders. Once
you have completed that you can use Delgado's mini-gun and Ababinili to finish
off the Crusaders.

At the top of the stairs you will see a large double door. To your left is a
wall with a hole in it, a Sniper is going to shoot at you from here while some
Crusaders will drop down to fight you. Take them out however you like, a Blood
Ward might be able to help you out here by keeping the enemies stuck in place.

Once they are all dead switch to Church and have her climb the wall. She is all
alone here and she doesn't fare all that well when enemies are coming right for
her. Use her Katana and Blood Ward to make short work of the Crusaders that are
going to come after you. Once you reach the other end of the tunnel hop down
and look for the hole in the floor. Once you approach it you will find yourself
in a Survival Event, press the buttons to survive this one.

When you reach the bottom it will be Church versus a bunch of Crusaders. Make
good use of Blood Ward and your newly acquired Fire Ward to get rid of them. It
might damage you to use these but you will take far more damage if you engage
in melee combat with these guys while they are able to counterattack. Head up
the stairs and start making your way upwards. You will have to get rid of two
more Crusaders but they should pose little problem. This is the other side of
the double doors you were on before. Go to the lever and pull it to get your
squad back together. Go through the porticullis and follow that path to finally
end the level.

Out of the Frying Pan
Heading outside you will have to deal with some Snipers hidden behind cover.
This is something of a staple in this level so be prepared to have to deal with
this sort of thing a lot here. If you have to simply use Delgado and rush them,
taking damage to cut them down. Start moving along, taking out Crusaders as you
go, and head up the stairs. Some Winged Cultists and Crusaders will come after
you so try using Church to take out the ground units and then let Delgado make
short work of the flyers.

Continuing on you will find this next area to be literally infested with Sniper
enemies hidden behind cover. You need to take out the ones that you can or you
will be getting shot from all directions. After some time you will have to deal
with some Winged Cultists, this is where it gets rough. Try and take out all of
the Snipers that you can before you turn your attention to the airborne foes.
Once you take out the lot of them you will be done here. Use Black to knock the
boards out of the doorway with TK and head on through.

This area has a bunch of Snipers and Crusaders. This can either be really tough
and drawn out or really easy. Either rush forward and blow up the enemies with
a shot of Abby's grenade launcher or hang back and snipe the enemies while your
squad mates play distraction. Now keep moving forward slowly and keep looking
forward with your sniper rifle to find any enemies you can pop off. Eventually
you will be ambushed by some Winged Cultists, take them out and the Snipers in
the distance before continuing on.

Start moving forward, I suggest using Church. Use the Blood Ward power if you
happen to find yourself being overrun and pick them apart. A good combo is to
Blood Ward them and then cut them to shreds with Delgado. Now keep moving.

You will see a grey stone doorway use Abby and her Ghost Bullets to take out
the three enemy Snipers in the distance. This area has a big fight coming up
and this will make your life a lot easier. As soon as you go through the door
you will be locked in and a buch of Winged Cultists are going to come swarming
into the area. Shoot up the enemies with Delgado from the sides and back when
the opportunity presents itself or try sniping them with Abby. If they get low
down to you Church can blood ward them as well.

Once you have finally taken the lot of them out go down the hole made by the
earlier explosion to end the level.

Tortured Souls
This level is pretty much a run and gun fight where it is your squad versus a
seemingly never ending stream of enemies.

From the get go you will have to deal with a pair of Cultists. Take them out
and then head to your left, following the trail of blood. You will be ambushed
by some Suicide Bombers coming from all sides. Try to find a safe corner to
hunker down in and shoot at the enemies from, preferably using Delgado. Your
squad is going to get themselves blown up repeatedly here thanks to how stupid
the AI is but so long as you can stay on your toes you should be able to take
out the enemies and keep your squad standing.

Things get easier as you head forward from here. There will be Cultists and
Snipers but they should pose little difficulty. Continue onward and you will 
find more Cultists and Suicide Bombers. Either use Delgado or Abby's grenade
launcher to get rid of these guys in short order.

Keep pressing forward until you run into another fight with Cultists and some
Snipers. There are two main ways to handle this. Either use Delgado's Ababinili
to get rid of the Snipers and then turn his mini-gun on the Cultists or try to
be daring with Church. Use Blood Ward to immobilize some of the Cultists and
then rush for the Snipers, cutting them to shreds. Your Squad should be able to
handle the Cultists like this.

Continuing onward you will find some more Cultists but no real concentrated
groups of them. When you pass through the porticullis make your way upstairs
but be ready for trouble. You will see a bunch of childrens coffins, this will
herald your first fight with the Child Crusaders. Further ahead you will fight
your first group of them. These guys aren't too hard but they can be somewhat
jarring, popping up in the least convenient places at the worst possible times.
They aren't too difficult to fight though, only really requiring some sustained
fire to take them out. Without shields or any protection they go down fairly
quickly so just use Delgado and open fire on them.

Move onward, taking out swarms of the Children and head down the stairs that
open up to finish this chapter.

Black Rose
Well, now that the squad is finally back together you have access to all of
their skills again. Take out more of the Child Crusaders and then head down the 
stairs. Follow this narrow corridor until  it ends to reach the insane bishop
behind all of these child spectres, Maltheus.

The basics of this fight sound simple on paper. Maltheus is totally immune to
attack by default. However he will form a black shell around his body and then
fire it in all directions. He leaves himself vulnerable after doing this so now
would be the time to attack him. Unfortunately the shell attack is an instant
knock out for anyone who is hit by it and your squad is too stupid to take any
cover most of the time (if they do it, it's coincidence I assure you). Due to
this you will constantly be bringing them back into the fight instead of being
able to attack him.

There is a way around this though. Take control of Father Rawlings and wait for
him to attempt the shell attack. Immediately move behind cover until your view
of him is totally blocked, if any bit of you is sticking out you will be taken
down so be careful. Once you have done this wait for the attack to finish and
immediately move for one of your squad mates. Bring them back and immediately
switch to them, leaving Rawlings to bring the others back fromthe dead.

Now the major trick here is who you want to use. You can use Rawlings and pump
him full of explosive rounds, which is effective, but then nobody is healing
your squad. Cole is good because Time Loop lets her exploit your small frame of
time to attack Maltheus especially with some well aimed grenades. If you are
feeling like living really dangerous rush in with Billie and chop him with her
Katana to do some real damage.

Regardless of how you do it stick to this pattern to take Maltheus out. Once he
has been damaged enough the Children will take him out. Now head through the
breach to end this chapter.

This section of the game sucks. Lots of Legionnaires and Suicide Cultists are
going to keep you bringing your squad mates back from the dead just as much if
not more than actually fighting. The Legionnaires are especially problematic
since they are invulnerable to attack most of the time due to their large
shields. They are most vulnerable when they try to attack you and this is when
you really want to snipe them off. It can be a bit tricky head shotting them
during this time period so either use Ghost Bullet or get more inventive. Try
using Cole and Time Looping, getting up behind them and either filling them up
with regular ammo or dropping a grenade at their feet.

Head forward, taking out the enemies that are in your path and staying on your
toes. Delgado is most useful against the Suicide Bombers and Cole or Black are
best against the Legion. When you reach the door that Delgado needs to open
start trying to stay on your toes. You will soon find yourself in a graveyard
full of enemies. Due to the amount of enemies coming at you your squad will
very likely be in a world of hurt. Try to keep Rawlings alive to make sure that
he can help you keep the squad coming back from the dead.

Continue forward from here, taking out the Legionnaires who come after you, and
you will soon find yourself dealing with another Monstrosity. These things are
fairly easy though so switch over to Black, snipe to runes off of its face and
then switch to Church. Run in and complete the button press sequence to take
this bad boy out.

Move on and as you reach the stairs proceed carefully. There are some Crusaders
at the top of the stairs. Try to crack them with a grenade or grenade launcher
to take them out quickly and then keep moving. Further ahead you will have a
conversation with a non-hostile guy just hanging around (yeah, yeah, not funny
I know. I just couldn't help it).

Make your way down the path and you will eventually come across some more
Legionnaires. Try to snipe them off with Ghost Bullets but this is just a start
to the real fight. Winged Cultists, Legionnaires and Suicide Bombers are all
going to be coming after you. Grenades are good for taking out the Suicide
Bombers while Cole does a fine job of getting rid of Legionnaires. Your squad
should be okay to keep the Winged Cultists busy until you are finished getting
rid of the others.

Once they are all dead head across the battle field and look for the stairs.
Go that way to end the chapter.

The Low Road
Time for a little trip through a roman bathhouse. Unfortunatley you are going
to have to make excessive use of Delgado here. A corridor nearby has the floor
broken out of it and there is a fire down below. Take control of Delgado and
hop over the debris here. Once you are down in the corridor activate Delgado's
Fire Barrier power and keep it activated while you navigate your way through
the rubble here to find your way out.

Once you make your way out of this corridor you will have to deal with yet more
Cultists but that shouldn't be too big of a deal. Move over the rail and take
out the Cultists that appear here as well. Quickly turn and keep your eyes open
as a pair of Suicide Bombers are going to come out after you. You cannot outrun
them with Delgado due to how slow he is so open fire on them and try to take
out the spores on their body as quickly as you can. If that doesn't work then
try to hit them in their face and hope to knock them down.

As soon as you have finished off the Cultists and Suicide Bombers head on over
to the big portcullis. Open it up and head into the flaming corridor. Move in a
bit but be ready to back out since a Cultist is going to charge you. Not just
any Cultist but a flaming one. Don't let him get close to you shoot him up from
a distance and take him out. There are some more Cultists to handle but you
should have little problems continuing to make your way forward.

The bad thing now is that you are going to end up in a room where some Suicide
Bombers are going to swarm the room. There are no less than a dozen of these
bad boys to cut your way through and you will need to survive this to reach a
checkpoint. If you die here... well it's going to suck. This is rough but you
should be able to do it with some ease if you are able to keep knocking down
the enemies using head shots and then using Ababinili.

Once that is all done with you can hop over another rail and be ready to fight
some more Cultists and Suicide Bombers. Ignore the Cultists unless they get in
your face in which case you should shoot them in the face with your mini-gun.
Otherwise continue to go after the Suicide Bombers. This shouldn't be too bad
so long as you don't let the Bombers get too close to you.

Make your way over to the stairs and head up them into another area. Look for
another rail to hop over and do so. Now continue along but when you see some
stairs that go downstairs and through a doorway ignore it. Instead you want to
take the passage to the right of the stairs. As you proceed along this path you
will have to deal with a Suicide Bomber that comes out of nowhere. Be careful
and take him out as soon as you can or he will run you down and kill you.

Hop down over the railing and flip the switch to be reunited with your squad.
Finally. Make your way through the portcullis and you will be pincered between
enemies. From the front you will have to deal with a swarm of Suicide Bombers
and from the rear you will be assailed by Cultists. This fight honestly felt
like it was never going to end, the enemies just keep on coming. If you find
yourself pressured by the Cultists switch to Church and use Blood Ward. Delgado
works best against the Suicide Bombers.

Once that has finally ended you are almost out of this chapter. The doorway to
the next area will open, it is at the bottom of the stairs. Head through the
doorway and you will have to fight a few Cultists. Take them out and head for
the exit to finally end this Chapter.

From the start make your way to the right. You will find yourself in a large
hallway lined with destroyed statues as well as occupied by some Legionnaires.
Switch to Black and use a Ghost Bullet to get the first shot here and you will
be able to take out a few of them before you have to deal with them really
counterattacking you. Now continue onward and you will have to fight off some
Legionnaires and Winged Cultists. Take them out however you like before you
continue onward.

Shortly you will see the Firstborn. Select Jones and have him use his Astral
Projection to get to that little turd. Look to your right and you will see a
Legionnaire. Jump to him and continue moving from one Legionnaire to the other
until you reach a patrolling one. This Legionnaire will walk past a lever every
so often, wait until he does and then flip it. This opens up a door nearby to
the Squad. This kicks off a fight against some Legionnaires but by now you
should know how to handle them enough that this shouldn't be a problem.

Make your way forward until you reach a portcullis that Delgado has to open up.
The next room has a bunch of Legionnaires to fight but there is plenty of room
to move around in. Kill them off and take out the Cultists that come out for
you. If you're still having problems with Cultists... well I can't help you.
Get rid of them and you will hit a checkpoint. Don't know why they bother with
giving you one since the level is over, just walk for the exit and it's done.

Temple of Pain
Cheerful sounding name, eh? Move forward from the start until you come across
some Legionnaires. This corridor is a kill zone since you have no real room to
maneuver in and the enemies are going to be flinging javelins at you. To make
your life easy use Church's Blood Ward to paralyze them and then slice them up.
Once that is done you can continue onward to the stairs. From the top of the
stairs you will have a clean shot with your Snipe Rifle at the coming Legion.
Try to use Ghost Bullets and grenades to take them out before they can cause
you any real trouble.

Make your way down the stairs and head through the hallways. Keep using Billie
since she is going to be useful up ahead. You will reach a large room that has
a number of Legionnaires in it. Use Blood Ward and then start hacking up the
enemies letting your squad act as your back up.

This next bit isn't quite so easy. Three Legionnaires are going to come after
you at this point with a gigantic Gladiator right behind them. The Legionnaires
are no big deal, just use any tactic that you may have used previous to take
them out. The Gladiator is a much bigger deal. He is too fast for Delgado to
outrun and he can take down your squad in record time. The best way to handle
this is to try and get his attention with Church and then retreat. While he is
going after her switch to Cole, aim for the middle of his back and use
Firestorm to cause heavy damage. He will turn his attention to Cole after a bit
so have her run for her life before switching to Black. Target that same wound
on his back with her Grenades. Switching around like this will have him dead in
no time flat.

Proceed onward until you come across some more Legionnaires. Take them out
however you like. Further ahead is a pit full of spears with Legionnaires on
the far side. They can fling javelins at you but don't kill them just yet. You
will want to switch over to Jones and project to the rightmost Legionnaire. Now
flip the lever nearby and then return to your body. Now take out the enemies.

Once they are dead switch to control of Church and move over to the left side
of the pit and use the interact button. This will lead into a button press
sequence where you will have to make your way over to the other side. Once you
have landed safely there you will notice a small raised area that has a tile.
By standing on it you can activate it. Do so and then turn around to face the
rest of the squad. 

From your perch you will see two other areas that you will need to stand on. To
finish this you will need to aim your crosshairs at one of the areas and order
Alpha squad over to it and then aim at the other and order Omega squad over to
it. Once they are standing on all three tiles the bridge will extend and allow
you access to the next chapter.

Gardens of Hell
Right after you start off the stage two Cultists are going to attack you.
Delgado needs to open the way ahead so do so and then take out the Legionnaires
and Cultists in the next room. This entire path is littered with yet more
Legionnaires, usually two to three at a time. Delgado should have very little
trouble cutting through them with his chaingun and Ababinili. You will come to
a gate that Delgado will need to open. Do so to finally reach Cassius Vicus.

Level done.

Mortituri te Salutant
Head forward as soon as the stage starts and head up the stairs. It's time for
some good ol' Colosseum battles. The enemies start off the assault with a wave
of Winged Cultists. There aren't that many of them so you will likely have very
little difficulty taking them out. Once they are dead some Legionnaires will
spawn in across the chasms on either side of the arena. I heavily suggest that
you use Abby to snipe them off otherwise the javelin damage will slowly add up.

Once that is done the iron bars will lower and you can head over to the three
pressure switches. Place your party members on them and you will reach a
checkpoint, thank god.

Some more Winged Cultists will come out after you but they should honestly be
very little issue at this point. Once they are dead though one of the Blind
Giants will come after you. These are some fairly simple enemies to take out,
regardless of their size. Simply stay on your toes, keep moving and continue
hitting them in the chest. Once the first one is dead the second one will come
out from the other side of the arena so be ready for it.

A Gladiator is going to emerge now. Take him out like you did the previous one
and then head through the nearby door to end the level.

Time to finish off that bloated fat weirdo, Cassius Vicus. You can ignore that
guy in the middle of the room. You cannot kill him and he is stuck in place,
operating the machinery that holds Vicus up. Vicus himself is also immune to
attack with one exception: He will open his insides to spew a black bloodlike
icho at you. That is the only time you can hurt him.

To defeat him all you need to do is strafe around him and open fire whenever he
opens up his stomach. While any weapon will do the job, Abby's grenade launcher
is definitely the weapon of choice. Using the grenades it will only take a few
solid hits to take out the fat punk for good.

Now use Telekinesis to line up Vicus' corpse with one of the four rails in the
center of the room. Now push him into the center to open up the pathway into
the next area so that you can continue onward.

The God Seal
This is a rather short level so don't get too attached to it.

The level begins with you fighting off a bunch of Cultists and Suicide Bombers.
They will begin to attack once Leach flies off so be ready. Be very careful of
the Suicide Bombers or you will be in for some real trouble. Once they are all
destroyed the game will continue.

Jones gets possessed and tells you a bit more about what is actually going on.
Once you head inside the squad gets split up which seques into the next level.

Spiritual Guide
The whole squad is seperated at this point. You will be controlling Abby. The
only enemies in your path are regular Cultists and since you can usually see
them all coming from a distance you should have little problem sniping them to
death. Do not bother taking your shot unless it is going to be a guaranteed
head shot.

When you come across the large door with decorations on it use Abby's
Telekinesis to take it down. Keep on moving in a mostly straight path and you
will soon come to a room where you find Jones who has been locked inside of a
cell. Switch over to control of Jones and Astral Project to the guy pinned to
the wall across from you. Now jump to the guy across from him and next to him
is a switch that you can hit, this will open up the cell.

The gate to the right of the cell that Jones was in opens up and the Cultists
will begin to swarm into the area. If you choose to use Abby for this try to
use her TK to stagger them and open fire on them. You may find it a bit easier
to use Jones and hit the enemies with the shotgun slug rounds.

Continue along the path to end the level.

This starts out as a fairly simple battle against Ki. She flings her fireballs
around at your squad while you try to return fire. Simply strafe around her and
keep on firing at her. As soon as you take her out you can turn your attention
towards taking Ninnil out anddealing with the Cultists.

You can't attack her directly for the moment. Switch on over to Jones and use
his Astral Projection and possession abilities. Project yourself up to one of
the cages with people in them. Look towards the pod that has been spawning out
Cultists and use your telekinesis to press the switch there. That wil cause
Ninnil to become exposed and you can open fire on her. Try switching over to
Abby and shooting some grenades at her, that should handle this fight.

The way ahead will open up and Rawlings and Delgado will rejoin your squad. Now
switch to Delgado and open up the portcullis that leads ahead.

This level starts with a bang, your squad versus a bunch of the Winged Cultist
enemies. Try to make sure you know where your squad and the enemies are at all
times and stay on your toes. If you can get behind them they are fairly easy to
take out with Delgado but if that isn't possible just shoot for the head with
whoever you have when they dive in close. This shouldn't be too big of a deal.
Once they are dead continue down the hall to where the bosses wait.

Now you have to fight Inanna and Enlil. Innana is the obnoxious git behind the
invincible barrier. You cannot hurt her while that shield still stands and to
drop it you will have to take out Enlil. Unfortunately to even get to him you
have some legwork to do.

Inanna will summon in a headless monster to keep you guys entertained but that
isn't a big deal. They don't do too much damage and they aren't as dangerous.
They also die a lot easier than most other big enemies do. On the other hand if
you kill the first one more will be endlessly summoned in. You can't do much of
anything about either Inanna or her monstrosity so you have to ferret out Enlil
and kill him.

To do this you will need to find the four people that are impaled on the walls 
and destroy them. Once you destroy the four of them Enlil will be moved along
the ceiling by the conveyor contraption. While he is being moved you have to
shoot the heck out of his back. If you want to have any success you have to try
and make sure that your squad is keeping the big monster busy while you take
out Enlil. If you can do that then you will have little difficulty with this
stage of the fight.

Once you have finally killed Enlil you will now be able to take on Inanna. You
will have to contend with Cultists now instead of the big guy but they're a bit
more trouble. They will non-stop spawn in and get in your way. Take out those
same four guys again to drop her barrier, Rawlings will let you know when it is
done. Once that happens shoot the crap out of her and the battle will be done
and over with.

This level is essentially one big boss fight but don't make the mistake in
thinking that this is going to be quick or easy. These guys are pretty tough
and if you get sloppy they can take you out with little difficulty.

Isn't this a pretty place though? By Clive Barker standards this is actually
not really all that abnormal. You will be fighting Nanna and Utu, two dark
entities that draw their power from the flies that populate this area. These
flies feed off of the big corpses that are hanging from the ceiliing. Also,
there are going to be lots of Cultists spawning into the area so there is a lot
going on in this little area.

Essentially the fight boils down to the following things:

* You need to take out the corpses hanging from the ceiling.

* Don't get killed by the Cultists running around.

* Nanna and Utu will be teleporting all over the place, ignore them until they
teleport in front of you.

Try to keep moving around and shooting down the bodies from the ceiling. If you
start getting hit take out the Cultist that is doing so. Once one of the duo
teleports into your path shoot them in the chest with everything you have. Once
the first one dies this whole thing becomes a lot simpler to do. So long as you
don't let yourself get overwhelmed by all the action you should be fine.

Kill them off to finish the resurrection ritual.

This chapter is not for action, just lot's of talking. Have I ever mentioned
how much I cannot stand Delgado? No? Well I can't stand him. I wish someone
would just put a bullet in his bald head to shut him the heck up. Ababinili,
I mean Delgado, ain't that useful so ice him. Ice him I say!

Pyxis Prima
Isn't it nice how they start this off by killing two of the least offensive
characters? There's a lesson here kids, being bookworms or too smart gets you
killed. Be a muscle head who shoots his own squadmembers or a priest who sleeps
around if you want to survive in Clive Barker's world. Ugh. Anyways, moving on.

Regardless of how easily he kills of your squad mates he doesn't seem to be
able to do this once you confront him. Typical. You can't hurt him with regular
old human weaponry thanks to his shield, you need to use your powers at the
right moment if you wish to do this properly.

After a few moments he will try to use telekinesis to grab one of your squad
members, flinging them against a wall. Quickly use Abby to knock him around
with your telekinesis. He doesn't take this too kindly and will attempt to use
his own version of Vlad's Curse. Purple orbs will begin to float around your
squad and start trying to drain your health. Switch to Rawlings and use Vlad's
Curse as fast as you can to avoid taking too much damage here.

You're starting to get him mad now, as evidenced by him summoning his own
demonic version of Ababinili to attack you guys. Switch to Deldgado and summon
Ababinili to fight off the demon. You've almost got him since you only have one
squad member left to be copied now. Switch to Church since he is going to try
and use a Blood Ward that will paralyze the rest of your squad. Have Church use
her Blood Ward to return the favor. Now's the time to take him out. Follow what
you are instructed to do to beat the First Born.

That's really all you have to do. Leach takes it upon himself to take out the
First Born giving you guys the chance you need to get the heck out of there.
Congrats, you beat Jericho.

6. About the Author
My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years 
old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much 
anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
as well.

So far Ive written the following FAQs: 

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Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
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Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP
Brave Story New Traveler - PSP
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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2
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