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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ayelis

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 10/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 . :H@@@MM@M#H/.,+%;,
                              ,/X+ +M@@M@MM%=,-%HMMM@X/,   
                            -+@MM; $M@@MH+-,;XMMMM@MMMM@+-   
                           ;@M@@M- XM@X;. -+XXXXXHHH@M@M#@/.
                          ,%MM@@MH ,@%=            .---+-+:+,.
                          =@#@@@MX .,              -%HM$$%%%+;
                         =-./@M@M$                  .;@MMMM@MM:
                         X@/ -$MM/                    .+MM@@@M$
                        ,@M@H; :@:                    . -X#@@@@-
                        ,@@@MMX, .                    /H- ;@M@M-
                        .H@@@@M@+,                    %MM+..%#$.
                         /MMMM@MMH/.                  XM@MH; -;
                          /%+%$XHH@$=              , .H@@@@MX,
                           .=--------.           -%H.,@@@@@MX,
                           .%MM@@@HHHXX$$$%+- .:$MMX =M@@MM%.
                             =XMMM@MM@MM#H;,-+HMM@M+ /MMMX=
                               =%@M@M#@$-.=$@MM@@@M; %M%=
                                 ,:+$+-,/H#MMMMMMM@= =,
                  Walkthrough/FAQ for Valve's Orange Box title; Portal
    Copyright 2007 Steven Mattison
    E-Mail: S.Mattison at Gmail.com
    Version: 1.50
    Date: 10/24/07
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    copyright. I have given permission to these sites, also listed in section 13.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Portal is a PC/X360 game where you play a silent female protagonist in a large
    test facility, owned by Aperture Science. Aperture Science is a corporation in
    the HalfLife Universe, and prior to HalfLife 2, a major competitor for funding
    (provided by the DoD of course) against Black Mesa. Not a spoiler, just a fact.
    [Table of Contents]
    1. [FAQ]
    2. [Game Mode Tutorials]
    3. [Tips for Beginners]
    4. ["Weapons Guide" - Using Portals for Fun and Profit!]
    5. [A Note on Techniques from an advanced player]
    6. [Aperture Science Test Course]
      a. Room 00;
      b. Room 01;
      c. Room 02;
      d. Room 03;
      e. Room 04;
      f. Room 05;
      g. Room 06;
      h. Room 07;
      i. Room 08;
      j. Room 09;
      k. Room 10;
      l. Room 11;
      m. Room 12;
      n. Room 13;
      o. Room 14;
      p. Room 15;
      q. Room 16;
      r. Room 17;
      s. Room 18;
      t. Room 19;
      u. The Escape;
      v. [Turret Ambush]
      w. [GLaDOS]
    7. [Advanced Mode]
      a. Room 13 Advanced; [ADV13]
      b. Room 14 Advanced; [ADV14]
      c. Room 15 Advanced; [ADV15]
      d. Room 16 Advanced; [ADV16]
      e. Room 17 Advanced; [ADV17]
      f. Room 18 Advanced; [ADV18]
    8. [Challenge Courses]
      a. Room 13 Least Portals; [LP13]
      b. Room 14 Least Portals; [LP14]
      c. Room 15 Least Portals; [LP15]
      d. Room 16 Least Portals; [LP16]
      e. Room 17 Least Portals; [LP17]
      f. Room 18 Least Portals; [LP18]
      g. Least Steps; [LSR]
      h. Least Time; [LTR]
    9. [Achievements]
    10. [Cheats and Glitches]
    11. [ApertureScience.com]
    12. [Version History]
    13. [Legal Junk]
    14. [Contact Info]
    15. [Credits]
    16. [Closing]
    1. [FAQ]
    "Why write this tutorial?"
    Why not? Well, this morning, nobody had written one. By the time I typed it all
    out, there were three posted. If someone has a problem with the others, maybe
    I'll state it in a different fashion, and help some people out. Plus, I have
    some neat information on ApertureScience.com! Plus, I have camera information!
    "A game about a Portal-Gun? Didn't they have portals in Prey?"
    Yes, they did, but they also had portals in "Narbacular Drop", which was made
    by DigiPen (Before Prey had ever come out, if I recall correctly). The entire
    team that made Narbacular Drop was hired by Valve. Right out of school. That's
    what you get for thinking with portals!
    "I heard this game was short. Is it worth it?"
    Absolutely. You won't want to go back to other styles of games. It's addictive!
    "Are there only nineteen levels? That doesn't sound like a lot."
    There are actually twenty "Test Courses". They start their arrays at Zero. Of
    course, the early puzzles are very simple, and you don't even start with a
    portal gun!
    "I don't?"
    Nope. You start with your wits, and the ability to pick up objects.
    "Well then, how do those portals randomly appear? Where do they come from?"
    Do you see those vertical bars on the wall on either side of the portal? You
    know, the white ones with the blue strips down the center? Those are GLaDOS's
    "Portal Generators". The computer can place portals wherever she likes, as long
    as they are between Portal Generators. Now that's an efficient security system!
    "Didn't I see some weird website about Aperture Science a while back?"
    Probably. And yes, it's related to Portal. Just point your browser to;
    "How many Achievements are there?"
    In both the XBox360 and the PC version, there are achievements. I can't speak
    for the XBox users, since I own the PC version, but maybe they'll help me out.
    The achievements section lists them all.
    (Thanks to Elmo[aka: Wgpfly] for agreeing to help me out here)
    "How can you play an entire First Person SHOOTER without a weapon?"
    Well, it wasn't easy, but when it comes down to it, Portal is really a Puzzle
    Game at heart. Even when there are things shooting at you, you could
    theoretically get through the whole game without taking any damage.
    "You take damage? Whoa. How much life do you have?"
    As long as you don't get hit by too many bullets, you stay alive. You will
    regenerate back to 100 health very quickly. Then again, there are some things
    that will destroy your character instantly. Watch out!
    "Can I ask a question too?"
    Feel free to ask me anything. If I consider it worthy, and I know the answer,
    I'll add it here.
    2. [Game Mode Tutorials]
    There are five different modes to play the game.
    The first mode you will encounter is the Storyline Mode. You must play this
    mode to unlock the other modes. (You have to get to level 13 in the main game
    before you can play level 13 in the other modes.)
    The next easiest mode is the "Advanced Mode". You can play any Bonus Room level
    you have unlocked so far in "Advanced Mode". The levels have been changed in
    this mode, and they are much more challenging.
    The three hardest modes are all found in "Challenge Courses". Some of these
    will seem downright impossible. To get Gold on some courses, you need to fire
    ONLY TWO portals, or beat the level in ONLY TEN seconds! Yes. Difficult indeed.
    but with a bit of thought, some trial and error, or with the ideas I'll write
    in this guide, you can figure them out! ;)
    3. [Tips for Beginners]
    For the most part, this game is fairly linear. There will be places that you
    can't get to. This usually involves solving a puzzle. Sometimes it's easier to
    shoot a portal through a door. Sometimes you have to do it the hard way. The
    best I can tell you is to keep at it. Really, you shouldn't have to read this
    guide for every level. The game is fairly straightforward. The only level I had
    any problem with was level 18 (They didn't fully explain the concept you need
    to use in the last room of this level, so I was stuck). But now, I am thinking
    with portals!
    Something else to note is that you can't place a portal on moving concrete.
    When concrete starts to move, any portal that was on it will disappear. Keep
    this in mind, as some of the Advanced Rooms exploit this fact.
    Since you don't start with a portal gun, keep an eye out for what we call the
    "Portal Generators" on certain walls. They are vertical white strips that run
    beside every panel that a portal will appear upon. Portal Generators exist in
    both Blue-Portal and Red-Portal forms.
    4. ["Weapons Guide" - Using Portals for Fun and Profit!]
    You only get one weapon in the game. The "Portal Gun". There are two versions
    of this gun, however.
    When you start the game with no portal gun, GLaDOS places all the portals you
    will need. When you get the "Downgraded portal gun", GLaDOS places all of the
    orange portals you will need. The "Downgraded gun" only shoots blue portals.
    Once you acquire the "Upgraded gun", you can place both portals, and none will
    be placed for you.
    There are a variety of weapons that will be used against you. I will list them
    here, and they are also listed on every 'billboard' before you enter the level.
    * Aperture Science Weighted Cubes.
    These can fall on you and cause damage. This is shown on every 'billboard'
    before each level that has cubes. Though I have never found a way to kill
    myself with spare cubes, it doesn't mean that it can't be done. Maybe if I
    caused a cube avalanche...
    * Energy Pellets.
    These balls of energy are usually fired out of Energy Emitters, and usually,
    the goal is to deflect or redirect the balls of energy into Energy Receptors.
    Energy Receptors are usually wired to Platforms or Doors that will help you.
    These Energy Pellets can also be used for knocking over turrets.
    * Pools of Acid.
    Do not fall into these. Normally, this feat is easy, but there are some rare
    * "Friendly" Turrets.
    These have a "Friendly" red laser indicating their line of sight. Their visual
    range is about 45 degrees to either side, however. If you find yourself being
    shot by a turret, duck and cover! Alternatively, you could portal yourself away
    (Aim down, fire portal), but I find that takes too much thought. If I came from
    somewhere safe, I make sure I can get back to it. If you can't get back to it,
    bring a weighted cube or two with you, at least, for cover. The only way to
    stop a "Friendly Turret" is to knock it over, before it shoots you with too
    many "Friendly Bullets".
    * Cake?
    Well, it's listed on the billboard, but cake has never hurt me. ^_^
    * Other?
    There are rumours that there are other types of weapons to be found in the
    Aperture Science Testing Facility that can hurt you! Are these rumours actually
    true, or just fabricated? Are there weapons that can shatter glass? Can you use
    them to your advantage somehow? Can they be fired through portals? Hmm!
    How do you use portals "for fun and profit", you ask? Well, I think it goes
    something like...
    1. Fire blue portal.
    2. Fire orange portal.
    3. ???
    4. Profit!
    Some think step 3 involves videotape. Some say it involves learning Klingon.
    I can't say for certain, but it oughtta be pretty fun to figure out!
    5. [A Note on Techniques from an advanced player]
    There are a few techniques listed here that are demonstrated in the early maps.
    There are a few techniques here that are required to beat the game. There are
    a few techniques here that only the advanced players know about. Hopefully
    these will help you, before you get to the actual walkthrough and spoil it for
    Flinging: This concept is taught on the latter half of the course. It involves
    placing one portal on a high-up wall, and shooting the ground with another
    portal, just before you hit it. When you do, you will "fling" out of the higher
    portal with high velocity, flying over any walls or gaps that might be in your
    way. This technique comes in handy extensively in the bonus rooms.
    Firing in Midair: There are two ways to do this. The flinging technique
    described above uses this to your advantage.
    "Bouncing": I haven't heard anybody coin the term yet, but it involves coming
    out of a portal (placed flat on the ground) with such velocity that you spring
    up into the air. I dunno. "Portal-Bouncing" sounds nice. What do you think?
    6. [Aperture Science Test Course]
    In this game, you play "Chell", the silent female protagonist in an orange
    jumpsuit. Is she a convict? Is she involved with Aperture Science? Well, let's
    find out!
    The first few rooms teach you the basic concepts. Portals do not lead into
    other dimensions. Portals lead you from one part of the Test Facility to
    another part, usually within the same room. The computer voice, who you will
    eventually get to know as "GLaDOS", seems to have the ability to create portals
    wherever 'she' wants. This works out to your advantage in the early rooms.
    {Use the mouse to look around}
    {Press W to move forward}
    {Press S to move backward}
    {Press A to strafe left}
    {Press D to strafe right}
    {Press E to grab or drop an object}
    {Press Ctrl to Crouch}
    {Press Space to Jump}
    Room 00; GLaDOS will introduce you to your life as a test subject. After a
    minute of studying your clipboard and listening to the radio in your
    "Recreation chamber", 'she' will open a portal for you. At this point, you may
    leave your cell. You will also see yourself walking through the portal, and
    though disorienting, this lets you know that you are not in some other world.
    You are in the same dimension, you are just outside your cell. An interesting
    note; If you take the radio with you, and place it in the doorway to the next
    room, the door will malfunction when it tries to close. ;)
    The "Box on Button" concept is fairly simple. You place a box on a button, and
    a door opens, or a platform moves. Interestingly enough, you can also stand on
    a button to see what it does. Sometimes, you won't even need a box. You may
    only need to press a button once. Anyways, in this next room, you find a box,
    and a button. Placing the box on the button will result in success.
    If you needed a tutorial for this level, then I'm not sure you'll do so well on
    the later levels... :(
    Room 01; 
    This level may be a bit confusing, but it's easy to stumble through. You start
    out with one orange portal. Like all orange portals early in the game, this one
    will not move, but the destination is constantly changing. The idea here is the
    same as the last room. You need to grab the box, and put it on the button.
    The difference is that the box and the button are in different rooms, totally
    closed off from eachother. If you are quick about it, you can run into the box
    room as soon as you see it, grab the box, and back out of the portal before it
    changes rooms. If you are not fast about it, you might lose the box, or become
    trapped until the portal comes back. No worries. When it comes back, now is the
    time to step through, and wait until you see the button through the portal.
    Rush in, show the button what a cube is for, and run back out before the portal
    leaves you. If you are forced to suffer prolonged exposure to this button, do
    not worry! You will have your cake eventually, and that's all you need.
    When you are finished here, just go through the door when you see it.
    Room 02; 
    [3 Cameras]
    You finally have your portal gun! It is time to break Vital Testing Apparatus!
    Okay, well, you don't have your portal gun yet. There are a few steps to take
    before you can get to it. First, wait for the speech to stop. Then go through
    the door. Wait for the blue portal to appear. The portal gun will fire this
    portal through the makeshift window. When you go through the blue portal, you
    will come out on an upper ledge. Simply jump down, and grab your very own
    Portal Gun!
    {Left-Click to place a Blue portal}
    {Press E to grab an object with the portal gun's stasis field}
    Hoorah! Now you can shoot... err... Blue portals? Well, still, that's very
    awesome. The power of the thing! You are bending space to your will! Here's the
    cool part. Stand near the orange portal, and shoot blue portals at any place
    you can see. Shoot off to the left, and you can get back to the beginning of
    the level by stepping through the orange portal. Look for a camera. There are
    three of them in this room. Shoot a blue portal at the first one you see. Since
    the camera is now 'attached to air' through the portal, the wires and bolts are
    cut, and the camera falls off the wall. GLaDOS doesn't seem too happy about
    your destructive tendencies. However, one of your mission objectives is to
    destroy every camera you come across. Might as well get them all your first
    time through.
    Once you have successfully pruned the other two cameras from their native
    habitats, feel free to go through the doors and leave the room.
    Room 03; 
    [3 Cameras]
    "Mind the gap". This level is simple. It also again demonstrates the use of the
    blue portal as both an entry point, and an exit point. Shoot the cameras off of
    the walls when you see them. Place a blue portal anywhere nearby to get through
    to the platform with the orange portal, then place the blue portal near the
    door to complete the level. If you didn't see the cameras, try looking up. ;)
    Room 04; 
    [2 Cameras]
    Again with the boxes and buttons. This is simple. The orange portal is on the
    upper level. The boxes drop into the lower level. Theoretically, you could put
    a portal into the lower level, under the box, and it will fall out of the one
    on the upper level. You could shoot a portal on the wall of the lower level,
    and walk through the orange portal to grab the box. You could jump down to the
    lower level, place a portal anywhere, grab the box and walk through it.
    However you get the box, place it on the button for the door to open. Don't
    forget to shoot the two cameras off the wall before you leave!
    Room 05; 
    [3 Cameras]
    Before you walk into the room, shoot a portal at the camera. It will fall clean
    off the wall. As you walk in, look to your left to find the second camera. Now,
    you'll notice two buttons. One block is on a high platform, and one is in a
    pit. Shoot a portal under the block in the pit, and it will fall out the orange
    portal onto the other platform. Shoot a portal near the floor to walk through,
    grab the block, and put it on one button. Go back through the portal and shoot
    a portal behind the other block while standing on the platform with the orange
    portal. Go back through the orange portal, grab this block, and put it on the
    other button. Go through the door. Shoot a portal on any wall here and fall
    through into the room above. Knock the camera off the wall and exit the level.
    Room 06; 
    The "Energy Pellet into Receptor" concept is a little more advanced than the
    "Box on Button" concept, and it was first introduced in the Halflife Series,
    when the player used the gravity gun to fire these energy balls into receptors.
    Basically, the Energy Emitter fires an Energy Pellet, and you place portals
    constructively in order to make the Pellet reach the Receptor.
    There are no cameras in this room since it has metal walls. The room is simple
    as cake, however, just one portal is required. The orange portal is placed for
    you, in just the right spot. Put a blue portal where you see the orange glow,
    above the Receptor, and ride the lift to victory!
    Room 07; 
    Just like the last room, you need to redirect an energy ball into a receptor.
    To make this easy, wait for the energy ball to bounce off the wall. It will
    leave a charred mark where you need to place a portal. Once the energy pellet
    is through, just put a portal on the ceiling above the conveyor. Jump through
    the orange portal, and ride the conveyor TO YOUR DOO- I mean... To happy fun
    times with cake. Did I say Doom? No, that's got nothing to do with Portal.
    Totally different game.
    Room 08; 
    In case the energy pellets weren't painfully obvious... (If you haven't been
    hit by an energy pellet yet, keep up the good work!) This room features yet
    another form of the Pellet Puzzle. This time, you need to place two portals to
    get the pellet to where it wants to go. First, put a portal at the black mark.
    Then, after the pellet goes through, hit the orange glow with a portal. The
    pellet will bounce off of the wall, go back through the orange portal, and come
    out straight into the receptor. At this point, the conveyor will start up.
    Now, place a blue portal where it is easy to get to. Walk through to the
    platform near the orange portal. Then, place a blue portal near the level at
    which the conveyor will stop. You should be able to walk straight through onto
    the conveyor with no problems. It will take you straight to the next room.
    Room 09; 
    The following test is impossible. You know, you pick up a block here, and try
    to drag it through the fizzler and stick it on the button, but the block just
    keeps getting fried! No matter how many times you try to drag it through!
    Obviously there is no way to complete this test. Well, not without portals at
    least. (Did you think you were getting away from room 09 without shooting a
    single portal? FAT CHANCE! Ha ha.)
    The "Fizzler" concept rarely comes into play. It is in this room where the
    'Emancipation Grill' (known to the Development Team as a Fizzler) is
    introduced. Trying to take an item (such as a box or camera), through the glowy
    blue particle field will destroy that object. The only objects that can pass
    through unscathed are yourself, and your portal gun.
    Anyhow... To beat room 09, place a portal where you can get to it, easily. Grab
    the cube, and take it up onto the platform with you, near the orange portal.
    What an interesting viewpoint! You can see right through the window into the
    other room! Why... There's concrete in that room! And concrete... Is good for
    making portals! Shoot a portal into that room, grab the box, step through, and
    you're home free. Box+Button=Win!
    Crazy Emancipation Grill. I think I lost a few teeth going through that time.
    Room 10; 
    [1 Camera]
    There's a lot of flinging in this puzzle, and there's also... a hidden camera!
    Can you find it? No? Aww. It's right there though! Look up. And to the left.
    Aha! Now, just walking through a portal won't get you onto the staircase. But,
    if you employ the force of gravity, there should be enough power to send you
    through. Shoot a portal on the ground, jump in, and you'll "fling" yourself to
    the stairs. It might also work if you get a good head start or jump through.
    In the next room, notice the portal on the extended platforms above you. To get
    over the gap, you'll need to fling yourself hard... And that's why the pit is
    so deep! You're going to have to shoot a portal while you're falling. So, look
    straight down, step off the precipice, and shoot! The blue portal opens up, and
    you "Fall" forward over the chasm.
    One more room. This one has multiple levels. As you walk to the ledge, the
    panels behind you will extend. There's an orange portal at the bottom of the
    pit. If you don't have funneling turned on, now's a good time as it might be
    hard to hit the portal otherwise. When the panels behind you stop, shoot them.
    Now, jump into the orange portal at the bottom of the pit. You'll fling out to
    the second level, and the panels will extend even further. Again, shoot them,
    and jump into the same orange portal. You will probably come out upside down,
    DO A BARREL ROLL, and land on your feet. This is because Chell is a cat.
    Room 11; 
    [1 Camera]... Keep an eye out for it!
    You start in a room overlooking the main chamber. There's no way into the
    chamber at the moment, and GLaDOS will let you know that the floor is
    dangerous. Looking down, you should see a gun that is shooting orange portals
    onto different surfaces.
    Wait, a gun that shoots ORANGE portals? OMG! Why... That's a whole new game!
    Don't get too excited. Just shoot a blue portal on a wall, and wait for a
    destination that has solid ground to walk on. Every third portal fired will be
    in a small alcove. Step through. Notice the button on your left. Walk up and
    press it. The door across the chamber opens, but there is no way to get to it.
    Not in the three seconds they give you, anyhow. So shoot a portal through that
    When the orange portals come around again, step through into YIKES! There are
    Energy Pellets in here! Well, there was a receptor outside, wasn't there? Yeah.
    The portal gun only hit three walls because the fourth one had a Receptor. So,
    Shoot a blue portal at the black mark on the wall. Eventually, the pellet will
    hit the receptor. You can peek through the portal to check its progress. Once
    it does, the conveyor will start up. When the orange portal comes around to the
    conveyor, jump through the blue portal... This is where the good music starts.
    And you'll soon see why. 
    {Right-Click to place an Orange portal}
    {Left-Click to place a Blue portal}
    {Press E to grab an object with the portal gun's stasis field}
    Grab the Fully Powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. A button podium
    will rise from the acid. Press it and shoot a blue portal through the door
    above. Ride the conveyor back across the acid, shoot an orange portal at the
    wall. Step through. Congrats! Your first orange portal!
    Room 12; 
    There are a lot of shiny steel walls here. The basic idea is the same as room
    10 though. Simply place one portal on the outcropped panels, and shoot the
    other one into the bottom of the pit as you fall.
    On level 2, there is a higher set of outcropped panels. Jump into the pit here,
    and it will fling you to level 3. Once there, two things will happen. First, a
    cube will drop on a higher platform behind you. Second, a panel in front of you
    will extend, and angle itself upwards. I'm sure you can guess what you need to
    do. That's right. Put a portal on the angled panel, and jump into the pit
    again. Now you can grab a box from the fourth platform, jump down to the third,
    and put that box on the button.
    Jump down into the pit again (without any new portals) to get back up to the
    platform where you got the box. GLaDOS will malfunction? But now you can leave
    the level.
    [NOTE: The next six puzzles have many different ways to win. Here, I will give
    the most accepted (and probably lengthiest) solutions for each puzzle.]
    Room 13; 
    [3 Cameras]
    Enter the room, and notice a camera on the wall to your left. There is also a
    box on a grating. Though you can technically jump off the button to grab the
    box, that is difficult to do, and takes many tries. So place a portal above the
    grating, and one where you can get to it. Grab the box, jump down, and put the
    box on the button. The door above will open. Shoot a portal through the door,
    grab the cube, and go through the portal. Make sure to get the camera here.
    In this room, there are two button platforms. One high near the wall, and one
    low away from the wall. There is also an energy pellet emitter and receptor,
    and a box on an unpowered conveyor. To power the conveyor, shoot a portal at
    the black mark, and another portal at the orange glow on the ceiling. Now, fire
    a portal off to the concrete area on the ceiling above the conveyor, and one
    portal on a wall that you can reach to step through. Grab the box from the
    conveyor, and jump off. Now, place one portal above a button, and drop a box on
    top of it. Place a portal above the other button, and drop a box onto that one
    as well. The door will then open and you can go through to find another camera!
    That's it for level 13... for now!
    Room 14; 
    Nowadays, I always breeze through room 14 using the two-portal technique. But
    I'll give you a break and describe it the right way. First, walk down the hall.
    Turn left. Stairs will rise here leading you to... a Receptor? There's no
    emitter in sight! Hmm... Oh, hey, there's also a box up here! Grab that sucker.
    What? You can't reach it? No sweat. Place a portal on the floor next to it.
    Now, where can we build up some velocity. Let's backtrack... Hey, the stairs
    are gone! This is perfect! Shoot the other portal at the bottom of this pit.
    Drop into it, and you'll find you fling yourself upwards fast enough to get
    yourself on top of the box's pedestal. Grab the box, and jump down. And jump
    down the stairs. Now head for the button. Hmm... That didn't bring the lift
    down, but it did open a door. Lets go through there.
    Hmm, there are some lifts inside some acid? But why bother. Put a portal at the
    end of the room, and send yourself through. Now here's something interesting.
    The Energy Pellet Emitter! Put a portal somewhere where you're not going to be
    hit by the Energy Pellet. Then put the other portal on the black mark. Keep
    track of which is which, because you don't want to come back here.
    Now, if you want to skip the acid again, you'll have to go through the portal,
    so be aware of the energy pellet at all times. Once you get back to the main
    room, put the correct portal on the glowy orange part of the ceiling, and the
    lift will descend. You're home free!
    Room 15; 
    [5 Cameras]
    I don't know why they say there are only 20 tests here. Some of these are
    multi-layered. And some are multiple choice! So in this room;
    Put a portal on the outcropped panel above you. Shoot the camera off the wall.
    (It's in the hallway.) Put a portal near the middle of the checkerboard pattern
    on the floor, and fall through. You should fall through it twice, and fling
    yourself through the large fizzler. Once you're past that, shoot the camera
    from the upper right off of the wall.
    The next room requires speed and timing. There are two large fizzlers (these
    erase your portals, btw...) and an emitter as well as a receptor. How you do
    this one; First off, leave the camera on the wall, as it helps you to tell
    which panels are on which sides. Now, before stepping through a fizzler at all,
    shoot a portal at the black mark, and another one on the panels to the other
    side of the camera. The energy pellet should travel through. Run through the
    fizzler by the receptor, and place a portal on the wall where the pellet leaves
    a black mark. Place the other one on the orange glowy part on the ceiling. Once
    the pellet hits the receptor, the lift will descend. Take a moment to shoot the
    camera off the wall, then step aboard the lift, and go up into the next room.
    This one's tricky. You know a portal goes on the outcropped cement, but you
    can't reach the checkerboard pattern on your good graces alone. So step into
    the room to your left, shoot the camera off the wall, and jump into the pit.
    Shoot the ground before you hit it, and you'll fling out of the portal with
    enough force to reach the checkerboard. Shoot *another* portal at the
    checkerboard and you'll fling out with enough force to clear the fizzler.
    On this side of the fizzler, you have an outcropped panel and a checkerboard
    that's easy to reach. You need to be on the other side, so do the fling thing
    and get over there. This side of the room is symmetrical. Where the flat part
    of the wall has a black mark, put one portal. Put the other portal on the
    opposite side, and the Energy Pellet should bounce off of one angled panel, go
    through the portal, bounce off the other angled panel, and go straight to the
    Do the fling thing again, to get yourself back over the wall, and then go
    right... WHOA BOY HOWDY! Something's not right with this tunnel! I'm not sure
    the folks at Aperture Science Inc like you very much. Anyway, here is a good
    place to test your portalling skill. Place one portal near the end of the
    hallway, by the arrow sign. Place another on the wall next to you. Step halfway
    through the portal and look for a conveyor. When one comes along, step out onto
    it, and place a portal at the end of THAT hallway. You have two options here;
    You can be impatient like me, and try to jump back through the portal you were
    standing in, but that's risky if there's no conveyor there. You could do the
    other impatient thing, and keep placing the other portal along the wall until
    the conveyor you're waiting for actually shows up, or you can do the smart (but
    patient) thing, and ride the conveyor all the way back to the end of the tunnel
    where you put your first portal on the wall. Whatever you do, keep doing this
    until you can portal yourself into the final room of this level.
    For the final room; The Receptor here is behind two doors. You need to redirect
    an Energy Pellet, and then open both doors in order to activate the lift. The
    easiest way to do this is with portals. So portal yourself up into one of the
    rooms on the side. (...or take the lift. Spoil sport!) Each of these rooms has
    a button podium, which opens one of the doors. From up here, first place a
    portal on the black mark on the floor, and then one on the outcropped ledge.
    Watch out, here, because if you don't place these portals right, the Pellet
    might ricochet off the Emitter, and then you might be in trouble when the
    Pellet comes after you! So when you have those portals placed right, do the
    Wait until the Pellet travels down through the portal.
    Place a portal in the far button podium chamber.
    Place a portal in your podium chamber.
    Hit your podium button.
    Step through the portal.
    Hit the other podium button.
    If you timed it right, the Receptor should activate, and the lift to the exit
    should come down! Congrats! Oh, and don't forget the camera right above the
    entrance to this room!
    Room 16; 
    [5 Cameras]
    The first camera here is right through the door and WHAT? Live fire course
    designed for androids?! I'm not made of metal! Help mee!
    Okay, after you disable the first turret (all you have to do is knock it over,
    You can pick it up and throw it and you can even drop a portal on it...), there
    will be a metallic hallway to your left. Take your time, as the next turret is
    pointed straight at you. After the metallic hallway, the second camera is also
    on the wall in front of you. Looking through the new door to your left, you can
    make a portal on the wall there and get through to cover virtually undetected.
    Of course, there is a small time delay between the point the turrets see you,
    and when they actually start firing. Technically, you could run diagonally
    through the laser to cover. Anyhow, portal behind the next turret, and knock it
    over with portals or by throwing it. Or just set it up so it can't see you
    because you won't be back this way anyhow.
    The next turret is such that you can't run past it, but you can portal past it.
    Don't, however, since it's guarding a camera, and you need that camera! You
    need every camera, in fact. So portal the camera off the wall, and then portal
    past it. You might also take this opportunity to knock over the turret by
    sending another live turret at it through a portal. That achievement was easy,
    wasn't it? Now, after this tunnel, you'll find your first clue that something's
    not quite right in the Aperture Science facility (As if you didn't catch on
    already)... The word "Help" is scrawled in blood in numerous places, and if you
    manage to crawl behind the panels, you'll find what appear to be very slum-like
    living conditions. You can now use portals to drop these two boxes onto the
    turrets in the hallway. Watch out though, because they can see eachother.
    Once those two turrets are disposed of, portal behind the turrets in the next
    room. Watch out for the ones through the door that can see you. Knock these two
    turrets' heads together. You'll find a storage closet in front of you, with a
    malfunctioning cube-transit tube and a pile of boxes. Feel free to portal these
    boxes onto the turrets in the next room. Pry the fourth camera off the wall in
    this room. Then use one of the boxes here on the button.
    When the door opens, a turret will be looking straight out of it. Don't tell me
    you didn't see that coming. Anyhow, portal behind that turret, and then drop it
    back through the portal so it falls over. Pry this camera off the wall, and
    portal into the last room. If you do it right, you don't even have to worry
    about the final turret. Just walk past it, and exit the level.
    Room 17; 
    [2 Cameras]
    So now you know. Everyone has been talking about this "Companion Cube". And now
    you have your very own! You'll have your cube forever! Yay Cube! You can even
    find desktop wallpapers, avatar images, and papercraft for your companion cube
    on the internets, if you look hard enough.
    I'm going to show you how to do this level with TWO portals. =D
    Use the cube to climb to the top of the platform in the next level. Place it
    near a high wall, jump{with Space} to the top of the cube, and then once you're
    up, grab {with E} the cube. You may need to crouch {with Ctrl} to reach the
    cube to grab it. Now here are some energy pellets. To protect yourself, walk
    holding the companion cube in front of you. The pellets will bounce off the
    cube, and you should be safe. Once you get to the end of the first hallway,
    wait until the energy pellet passes you, and place a blue portal on the far end
    of the hallyway.
    Grab the cube again, and walk down the second hallway with the same tactics. If
    the energy pellet breaks, walk backwards "dragging" the cube behind you. Once
    you get to the end of this hallway, shoot the camera off the wall with an
    orange portal[if you're not doing the 2-portal challenge]. Go through the door
    to your left, and shoot the other camera off of the wall with another orange
    portal[if you're not doing the challenge]. Grab your cube and jump down.
    Watch out for Energy Pellets! This is where they will all go. Place the orange
    portal on the outcropped panel down here. Run through the door behind you (the
    one with the closed door behind it) Do not put your cube on the first button.
    Head left, and put your cube on the button atop the shelf. Now go back to the
    first button, and wait for an Energy Pellet to pass. Step immediately on the
    button, and the pellet should pass through both doors, and hit the Receptor.
    Now, go back and get your cube. Watch out, because the Receptor will not have
    shut down. They turn off in a specific order, and this is important. Use your
    cube to deflect the next Energy Pellet into the receptor to your left as you
    leave the two-button room. You may have to get your cube angled the right way,
    so try putting it on top of the outcropped panel, and catching it while it
    falls to get it angled just right. After that Receptor is happy, go into the
    small room to your left, and use your cube again to deflect the Energy Pellet
    into the Receptor.
    Go back through the portal, run down the hallways with your cube, and go
    through the door to your left again. The lifts are now up. Jump to the first
    one. Get a running start and jump to the second one. Do the same for the third
    one. Turn right, and jump to the platform. Put your box on the button to open
    the door. Go through the door to press the button to open the furnace. Run back
    and grab the companion cube, and get ready for a tear-jerking scene as you drop
    it into the furnace!
                =H###############@  -X:
              .$##################:  @#@-
         ,;  .M###################;  H###;
       ;$#:  @###################@  ,#####:
    -M###.  M#################@.  ;######H
    M####-  +###############$   =@#######X
    H####$   -M###########+   :#########M,
      /####X-   =########%   :M########@/.
        ,;%H@X;   .$###X   :##MM@%+;:-
      -/;:-,.              ,,-==+M########H
    /XHX%:#####MH%=    ,---:;;;;/%%XHM,:###$
    $@#MX %+;-                           .
    You may now exit the level. Sadistic companion-cube burning portal gun person!
    Room 18; 
    [2 Cameras]
    This level is full of fun. But if you think it's hard now, just wait until you
    try it on Advanced. Okay, so lots of acid. Portal over it. Some more acid. Put
    a portal on the center of the ceiling to your right. Or take a break, and look
    to your left to find another live-in space...
    So how do you get to this portal? Well, you've only got one reachable area of
    concrete, so you're going to have to jump down into it, and hope you don't miss
    and hit the acid. Also, when you come out of that portal, you have to aim,
    because there's acid on either side of it. The test goes on like this... Portal
    to the platforms. Eventually, you should come to a closed door, and a button on
    a higher ledge. "Fling" yourself to this ledge with a few well-placed portals.
    In here, there's a button podium. Press the button and walk through. The
    turrets won't shoot you... yet. Just stay to the left. Now, there's an Energy
    Pellet Emitter here. And there are four very black marks on the wall. Fire an
    orange portal at one of them, and a blue portal at the point where a laser
    meets the wall. You should see the Energy Pellet fly through the portal and
    knock the turret off of the platform. Do this for all four turrets. It will
    make your life a lot simpler. Also; Shoot the camera.
    Now, you need to get an Energy Pellet into the Receptor to power the lift. To
    get to the Receptor, you have to open a door. To open the door, you have to
    place a portal on the wall that you can reach, and one high up near the podium
    button. After you've tried this out once or twice, and you're fairly satisfied
    you can do it on command, now's the time to test out your prowess. Shoot a
    portal on the outcropped panel straight across from the Receptor door. Shoot
    another portal on one of the very-black-marks. Once you see the energy ball go
    through, IMMEDIATELY place your two portals at the podium button, leap through
    and press it. If you did it right, the Energy Pellet will enter the Receptor
    and the lift will be powered! Now is the fun part! You're almost to your cube!
    [If this last part was hard, there's a really easy way to get the Energy Pellet
    into the Receptor; Simply portal yourself inside the receptor room. Once you
    get stuck inside that room, the door will open, and you have all the time in
    the world to let the Pellet hit the Receptor. You don't even have to press the
    button at all! - thanks to 'Zater Roflcakes' for pointing this out.]
    Ride the lift across the acid lake. Jump down to this button. This is the
    button that activates the doorway out of here. What you'll need to do is place
    a portal on a panel that is not a part of the doorway. Press the button. If the
    portal disappears, that is a part of the doorway. Shoot a portal somewhere
    else. Now, behind you there is some concrete. Shoot the other portal there, and
    jump through. Make sure you have enough time to scurry back out the doorway.
    NOTE: If your portal is ON the doorway, you WILL fling yourself into the acid!
    Now that you've made it back out of this infernal room, you'll obviously be
    asking "Hey, where's my box?!"... Well, you have every right to. I'll tell you.
    Press this button. Run out. Place a portal on top of this angled panel. Now,
    look off to your right. There is a checkerboard platform down there, right
    above the acid. TRUST ME. Okay, now that you see it, jump down and shoot the
    other portal before you hit. If you were fast enough, you should fling yourself
    across to where the boxes are. Grab a box, and jump down to the conveyor. You
    now have two options, depending on how safe you want to be with your box. First
    you could ride your conveyor all the way across the lake of acid and put it
    safely on that side, then riding back to hit the button to open the door, or...
    you could bring the box with you when you hit the button to open the door.
    Either way, make sure you have the box as you go through the doorway. Now put
    it on the button, and you're home free!
    Oh, did I say free? I meant you have to do THIS puzzle next. There are four
    platforms, and one angled panel before the exit (and the final camera). Simply
    shoot the first platform with a random portal. Now, off to your left, there
    should be a deep pit with concrete at the bottom. Jump into the pit, and shoot
    the opposite portal at the floor before you hit it. You will fling upwards out
    of this portal.
    This is the part I had trouble with. See if you can figure it out on your own,
    before I tell you...
    Okay, now, you can't make it to the next platform by trying to angle your way
    there. You have to shoot it with a portal. So at the apex of your ascent, shoot
    a portal at the next platform. I notice that I always come out of the next one
    facing backwards. So before you hit the portal below you, turn around. Now,
    you'll come out, and you should see the next platform. Shoot it with the
    opposite color than the one you just shot. When you go through this portal, you
    should be looking at about 45 degrees behind you. So look toward the window to
    your right. When you go through the portal, you'll be looking down to your
    left. Shoot a portal at that ledge. For some reason when you come out of there,
    you'll be facing the ceiling. Get the jump on this by looking up as you go in.
    You should be able to spot the tilted panel now. Shoot the opposite color at
    that one, and it will fling you across to victory.
    Remember to shoot the camera!
    Room 19; 
    [3 Cameras]
    At last! The hour of your cake is nigh!
    Walk in. Notice the billboard. Look! Cake! Yay!
    To your right, as you enter, there will be a camera. Shoot it.
    The next puzzle is fun. An emitter is shooting straight down, and the Energy
    Pellet is bouncing off of a slanted panel. Shoot a portal onto this panel, and
    onto the panel on the opposite side. When the Pellet is on the Receptor side,
    get rid of your portal (by shooting it again), and the Pellet should bounce
    straight into the Receptor. This will power the conveyor. And... Oh, look, it's
    going the right way this time! Someone up there likes you!
    Feel free to ride the platform, or just portal across to the grate. Ride the
    platform some more or portal into the next room. There's a button here that
    opens a door for a split second. You've encountered this type of puzzle before
    in level 11. Put a portal on the other side, where you can step across to the
    platform. Make sure you kill the camera here. Now, step through the portal when
    the platform comes around. There's no turning back now! Exciting! Uh oh! That's
    an Energy Pellet bouncing back and forth making all that racket! Well, let's
    liberate it. Shoot a portal behind the camera at the end of this hall, and
    another portal on the black mark on the wall. Oh, hey! That was your last
    camera! Good for you! Now, the Energy Pellet will be free, flying far above
    you. Get rid of that portal so the ball doesn't come back.
    I'm so excited! I can almost taste the cake!
    Now here's the last puzzle before the cake. You see a cement wall in front of
    you. The cement wall doesn't want you to have your cake! Well, you'll see about
    THAT! Shoot a portal on the wall to the left, behind the cement barrier. Then
    shoot a portal ON the cement barrier. Now, when half of your conveyor is past
    the barrier, jump through.
    Looking forward, there is a GIANT billboard exclaiming your victory. AT LAST!
                /M/              .,-=;//;-
           .:/= ;MH/,    ,=/+%$XH@MM#@:
          -$##@+$###@H@MMM#######H:.    -/H#
     .,H@H@ X######@ -H#####@+-     -+H###@X
      .,@##H;      +XM##M/,     =%@###@X;-
    X%-  :M##########$.    .:%M###@%:
    M##H,   +H@@@$/-.  ,;$M###@%,          -
    M####M=,,---,.-%%H####M$:          ,+@##
    @##################@/.         :%H##@$-
    M###############H,         ;HM##M$=
    #################.    .=$M##M$=
    ################H..;XM##M$=          .:+
    M###################@%=           =+@MH%
    @################M/.          =+H#X%=
    =+M##############M,       -/X#X+;.
      .;XM##########H=    ,/X#H+:,
    Allright, I doubt it was any surprise. GLaDOS did tell you earlier didn't she?
    Well, I'm sure you know what to do here, but it's not so obvious to some
    people. The far wall is entirely concrete. You don't want to be baked, (I hope)
    so portal across. The walls beside you are also concrete. Put a portal there,
    and jump through. Cross your fingers! Now that you are here, GLaDOS isn't going
    to do you any favors. So here's where the walkthrough really begins.
    The Escape;
    Fling yourself across the cake room. Turn left. Pick up a barrel. I know, it
    seems weird, but it's only when I picked up the barrel that I got the 'party
    escort submission position' achievement. Now, turn right. Go up the stai-...
    Nevermind, portal up the stairs. Go through the door. {Press E to open it}
    Go up these stairs. This door is locked. Portal through the fence. Open that
    door. Portal behind the fans, and under your feet in the concrete area. Watch
    out here, the fans will hurt you. Portal up across the acid-filled gap. See
    that catwalk near the ceiling? That's where you want to be. Put a portal really
    high on that side of the room and one behind you. Try to land on the catwalk.
    Turn left to see a hidden Powerpoint presentation which shows that GLaDOS was
    meant to be a De-icing component for fuel systems. I think someone interpreted
    "icing" the wrong way. Also, you can run around and look at the old levels you
    played through, from the other side of the frosted glass! If your textures are
    set to high, you should also be able to notice what looks like a garbled Cake
    Recipe on all of the monitors. Anyhow, no time now, go back across the catwalk.
    Head down the stairs. It looks like someone scrawled an "Exit symbol" here...
    They scrawled it in something red. I don't think that's marker. I hope I'm
    wrong. Anyway, above where the exit symbol is, place a portal on the very top
    of the wall. Fling yourself across to the next area. Turn left. Go up the
    stairs, and go up some more stairs. You should find a broken Cube Transport
    Tube here. Jump in!
    Hey, this level looks familiar! You don't need a cube now that you have both
    portals. Just stand on the button and portal through the door. Hey! Where's
    the elevator! Jump down. Place a portal at the bottom of the elevator shaft,
    and place another portal on the concrete area you can see from here. You should
    drop about 2 feet. Crouch {Press Ctrl} and crawl out of this area towards the
    steam lifts that push you upwards. Stand on the topmost one, and shoot a portal
    to the top of the platform you just crawled out from under. Run back around,
    and crawl under the platform again. You should be able to jump up through the
    portal underneath the platform, and out of the one on top of the platform. Now,
    ride the horizontal steam compressor toward the exit from this room. Shoot a
    portal to the other side of the grate, and then go back to the cement platform
    you jumped through. Place another portal here to get to the other side of the
    grate. Place a portal high up in this small room, and one down low. You should
    be able to jump from the higher portal to the exit.
    [Loading] (You didn't notice it before when there were elevators did you?)
    You will enter a large room with five large presses. The two at the end will
    crush you (like they've already crushed the ceiling). Standing on the middle
    platform, you should be able to see a concrete wall at the top of the broken
    ladder. Put a portal there, and jump down and put a portal near the floor. Run
    down the stairs to find a small room with two small presses. Looking up, you
    should be able to find a place for a portal. Put a portal there, and one on the
    ceiling where the presses are pressing. Yes, this is a little dangerous, but
    it's the only way. (You don't want to backtrack, do you? Oh, well, fine. What
    do you need this guide for anyway!) Sorry, GLaDOS's pessimism is getting to me.
    Place a portal high up, and slingshot yourself across this room. Don't bother
    with the pumps in the next room. Portal past them. Also portal past the two
    presses which will inevitably press you if you don't portal past them.
    Place another really-high-up portal, and a low one on the wall. See if you
    can't stand on a press, and shoot a portal into the next room through the
    fence. Portal into that room, and you should find a glass tube you can walk
    along. Walk along this until you see a glass tube down below. Jump down, and
    walk along this tube until you come to a room. You want to get to the top of
    this press, so shoot a portal above where it is crushing, and go back along the
    tube to where the walls are made of concrete. Shoot a low portal, and jump in!
    Hopefully, you land on the press, and not IN the press. Run along the press and
    exit to your left. Jump over the rails and down the hole.
    Walk forward until you see six large presses. Step on them, and they will let
    you into the ambus-(ahem) into the room below. You might want to grab a barrel
    unless you're confident with your portals. One by one, doors will open. Each
    door has a turret behind it. Knock them over or portal them out of comission.
    The final door has a hatch. Shoot a portal through it.
    In this place, you can find the only 'broken turret' in the game. It's a sad
    sight. When you want to get out, find a place that there is no railing on the
    catwalk above, that you can portal up to. Portal up to it. You should find a
    small room with a hole in it, where an active turret awaits behind a door. This
    turret is not broken! Jump down and pick up the turret. When the door opens,
    throw the turret out.
    Jump out into this room, and use the slanted platform above you to fling
    yourself up and to the exit. As you walk down the hallway and through the
    office to the next area, GLaDOS will explain how this is your fault. Ignore her
    and open the door. Press the button on the podium here and you will be
    introduced to a new foe...
    This guy is fairly slow acting. He shines a laser at you, beeps a few times,
    and shoots a rocket at you. You step out of the way. He shatters the glass.
    Well, there's a lot of glass all over the place. See how much of it you can get
    him to shatter. Shatter the glass between you and him. Shatter the glass on the
    other side of the room. Place a portal in this room. Run through the glass he
    shattered for you, and go through the next door. Down a little hallway and
    through another door, there will be more glass. Place the opposite portal here,
    and stand in front of it. Normally I wouldn't say "Stand in front of a rocket
    launcher" but there are rare exceptions. Okay, so he shattered the glass for
    you. Place a portal on the floor under the Cube Transport Tube here. Jump in.
    Get him to aim another rocket at the portal there. It should shoot straight up
    into the cube transport tube, and if you're lucky, a cube should pop out of the
    portal for you! Take this cube and run back down the hallways. Use this cube as
    a step to climb up into the air vent.
    Crawl through the air vent, and shoot a portal down through the fan blades.
    Crawl back through the vent. Place another portal, and go through.
    Next you will have to portal yourself across a river of acid. Straightforward.
    [Loading] (This is the last one, I promise!)
    After you get past acid river, portal yourself up through a grate. If you've
    taken your cube this far, I applaud you, but it won't help you jump out of the
    river of goo. That's why you have your portal gun! Portal yourself up, and get
    ready for the fight of your life!
    [Turret Ambush]
    Doors all around you will open, and you will be defenseless. Oh, wait, what am
    I saying, you have a portal gun! Portal behind each turret in turn, and kick it
    out of its place. If you haven't done the 'knock over a turret with another
    turret' accomplishment, try it here. I think you have to use portals to get it.
    Anyhow, once all the turrets are out of comission, you're going to want to
    fling yourself using the slanted panels, so portal into a high-up alcove, and
    fire a portal at one of the slanted areas. Portal through it, and portal when
    you hit the ground. You might also be able to get the accomplishment called
    'Long Jump' in this room, with some creative jumping. So anyhow, once you fling
    yourself out of the highest slanted panel, you should end up in a larger alcove
    and two more turrets will ambush you. Portal them wherever you want them.
    Now, back where the turrets were... How can you get up enough speed to jump up
    through that hole in the ceiling? Well, there is a really tall room you just
    left. Place a portal on the floor here, and use the height of the last room to
    fling yourself upwards to the next area. Here, portal yourself up to where
    you're supposed to be, and then take a casual stroll down the catwalk (it was
    far above the turret ambush room before) to the door. Open the door, and walk
    through the Aperture Science Main Lab. Prepare yourself for the boss fight of
    the century! What's that? You didn't bring any firearms? Aw, shucks.
    The giant grape-looking thing in the middle of the room is GLaDOS, the Genetic
    Lifeform and Disk Operating System, also capable of removing ice from your fuel
    injectors. Don't ask me how. Probably with rockets. Get a general feel for the
    room. You have time. On the left is a button podium. The button opens the
    Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. That's a handy thing to have in a room with
    a rogue AI gone wild, isn't it? Remember, the fast way to get around is with
    portals, since the whole room is practically made of concrete. You might want
    to keep one portal on the far side of the room (to the right of the
    incinerator) on the wall facing GLaDOS. You might as well leave it there for
    the entire fight. If you've gotten used to left-clicking to place the important
    portals, like I have, and rightclicking only when you need it, you might just
    make this the orange portal.
    Anyhow, to get this all started, GLaDOS will malfunction, and her Purple AI
    module will fall out. Place a blue portal over near the button podium shelter.
    Grab the Purple AI module, and head through the orange portal. Drop the AI
    module, press the button, pick up the module, and head back through the blue
    portal. Turn right, and place the Purple AI module into the Incinerator.
    Uh oh! GLaDOS explains that the purple sphere was her morality core! Oh well.
    I guess the morality core was the only thing standing between you and toxic
    nerve gas. You now have five minutes left to live. To make matters worse, now
    they're firing rockets at you! Better hope you can find a way out of this
    Place a blue portal underneath GLaDOS, and stand in front of the Orange Portal.
    The rocket launcher will shoot a rocket (which you dodge) through the portal,
    and another AI module will pop off of GLaDOS. This one seems to be "Curiosity".
    It is yellow or orange or something, depending on your video settings. Portal
    up to it and grab it through the orange portal. Portal back to the button and
    press it. Run back through the portal, and destroy the Curiosity Module.
    Fire another rocket straight up into GLaDOS's core. Her blue module will pop
    off. This one seems to have cake recipes stored in it. To get to it, you need
    to shoot a portal fairly high up, in order to get to a glass platform near the
    top of the room. Grab the module, jump down, and portal yourself to the button,
    and then to the incinerator. Do away with this module. One left!
    GLaDOS's main module seems to have problems. It is a scary red module. Do the
    same "Rocket Technique" to dislodge the module from the control core. Place
    another high-up portal, or do some fancy portal-flinging to get to it.
    {Press E} to grab it out of midair. It will snarl and growl and yipe and make
    all sorts of fancy scary noises. That it is red makes it that much more
    ominous. Throw this module into the incinerator.
                        -@######%  $###@=
          .,--,        -H#######$   $###@=
       ,;$M###MMX;    .;##########$;HM###X=
    ,/@##########H=     ;################+
    -+############M/,      %##############+
    %M##############=      /##############:
    H###############      .M#############;.
    @##############M      ,@###########M:.
    X###############,      -$=X#######@:
    /@#################%-     +######$-
    .;##################X    .X#####+,
    .;H################/    -X####+.
       ,;X##############,      .MM/
          ,:+$H@M#######M#$-   .$$=
               .,-=;+$@###X:   ;/=.
                      .,/X#;  .::,
                          ..   ..
    Congratulations! You beat Portal!
    7. [Advanced Mode]
    I have completed all six of these rooms. They are grossly evil parodies of the
    rooms you encountered during the last half of the storyline. Namely, room 13
    through room 18.
    Room 13 Advanced; [ADV13]
    There are no boxes in the first room. This means two things. First, you must
    stand on the button yourself and portal through the door. Second, once through,
    you will have to acquire the box in order to open the second door. So portal
    the Aperture Science High Energy Pellet into the receptor, and then portal
    yourself onto the conveyor to get the box. Since the floor here is made of
    acid, you must either jump down to the metal platform and take your chances in
    leaping to the nearest wall, or jump from the conveyor to the platform beneath
    the second door. You can put a portal on the wall, here, in order to get to the
    higher button safely. Portal the block onto one of the buttons and step on the
    other button. Then portal through the door to win!
    Room 14 Advanced; [ADV14]
    This chamber is nothing special. It is specially formulated so that you have to
    solve it the way the programmers intended. You cannot use the 2-portal method
    here. (However, the Room 14 Least Portals Challenge is quite the opposite.)
    So, put a portal near the cube pedestal. Put a portal at the bottom of the
    rising-stair-pit. Jump down into the pit, through the portal, and pop up onto
    the pedestal to get the box. Put the box on the button. Go through the door.
    Portal across the acid. Put a portal in the energy pellet room, and put the
    opposite portal above the Energy Pellet Receptor back at the top of the
    rising-stair-pit. Basically, follow the exact steps I have listed earlier to
    beat this room in the normal game.
    Room 15 Advanced; [ADV15]
    Okay, I've seen video footage, it's apparently possible to fling yourself past
    the first room here, even though the high panel and floor panel are diagonally
    skewed from eachother. Who knew! The method I used was completely different,
    and probably easier. The method I used also exposes what may be a bug in the
    game. Put a portal on the ceiling, and one on the floor (in order to create a
    'Terminal Velocity Loop'). When you step in while looking down, "Portal Funnel"
    will keep you falling into the portals. But if you look anywhere else, the
    Portal Funnelling will not work. This means you have to be quick about it.
    Shoot a portal (the same color as the ceiling portal) on the extended platform.
    You should fling out and over the wall.
    The next room should be easy. Put a portal on the black mark and one on the
    wall to the right of the black mark. When the energy ball goes through, run
    through the fizzler behind you, and put a portal on the wall to your right. Put
    another portal on the wall right before the energy ball hits it. Run through
    the fizzler to your left after the ball goes through the last two portals. Now,
    put a portal on the ceiling where the orange glow is, and one last portal on
    the wall before the ball hits it. The ball should drop into the Receptor. Note;
    You have to get this right the first time. If the ball bounces even once, it
    will fizzle out.
    Enter the lift, and turn right down the hallway. This next test is impossible.
    Okay, no, I was just kidding. ;)
    A portal goes near the fence, in the checkerboard squares. You need to build up
    enough energy to hop over, however, and you can't do it by just jumping into
    the pit. You have to fall into the pit from the top. So enter the room to the
    left, and put one portal on the ceiling. Go back out into the big room, and
    step into the checkerboard portal. As you fall into the room, place the same
    colored portal that's on the ceiling on the floor instead. You'll now barely
    have enough speed to hop over the fence.
    Now, if you can't get past the acid pits without activating the conveyors, then
    here's how you do it. Fling past the fence. Now there are two flat walls here,
    right in the corner. Place a portal on both of them. The first should be where
    the black mark is, and the second should be on the wall perpendicular to it.
    To the left, right across the corner. What will happen is that the Energy
    Pellet will bounce off of the diagonal panel, go through the portal, and come
    straight back out through the fizzler, bounce off of the two diagonal panels
    on the far side of the room, come back, bounce off the two diagonal panels on
    the right, and bounce straight back into the Receptor. Fun, eh?
    Portal through the acid hallway in the normal fashion (See the game walkthrough
    above if you're not sure how), and then, when you reach the next room, it is
    also a lot like the game walkthrough. It's a lot more time-critical, and there
    are a lot more metal-panelled walls. Just jump down to the floor and portal
    through the concrete on the ground to get to the second button in time. Really,
    the challenge here is to get through without using the "Room 14" trick of
    "Bunny-hopping" to the exit lift. Yes, you can technically do that. Yes,
    exploiting this fact helps you in the Challenge rooms. Yes, you can also avoid
    placing those portals by crawling along the wall. Yes, there's a youtube video
    with more details.
    Room 16 Advanced; [ADV16]
    This level is fun. There are many different ways through, but we'll see if I
    can't get you there fast. I'd say portal past the first turret. Takes the least
    amount of time. Alternatively, get on top of the turret cage, crouch and crawl
    through, and try not to get shot in the back. Portal behind the second turret.
    Portal under the third turrets lasers. Grab the two boxes here. Crouch. Put one
    "in front of you", and drag the other "behind you". Basically, keep one box
    between yourself and either turret in the next hallway, at all times. Whichever
    one you're holding, you will be 'seen' through, but even though the turret
    shoots at you, it can't hit you through the box if you are crouched and holding
    the box in front. So, back into the box "in front of you", and keep the box
    that's "behind you" such that it's always between you and the turret you're
    facing. Back up all the way until you can portal yourself into the box room, or
    into the 2-turret room. I'd recommend the box room, but it's your call. Once
    you're here, portal yourself some boxes. You'll need one to keep between
    yourself and either turret in the next room, and you'll need to put something
    on the button. Good luck with that. Once the door is open, you should be able
    to portal straight into the final room from outside the door, bypassing both of
    these turrets. Congrats!
    Room 17 Advanced; [ADV17]
    For the most part, this is just like the Companion Cube level, except that the
    Heartless Sphere can roll out from under you. Oh, and it's difficult to guess
    just which direction an Energy Pellet will be deflected. So let's go! Use the
    sphere as though it were a cube, and jump up the steps. Put a blue portal on
    the black mark at the end of the first hallway. Hold the sphere out in front of
    you while walking down the hallways. Keep the sphere between you and the
    pellets. Jump down. Put the orange portal on the outcropped panel. Enter the
    room with two doors. There is now a button on either side. You can use your
    sphere as a stepladder to jump up onto a button. This is the easiest way to
    realize when it's time to run over to the other button. Anyhow, grab the
    sphere, stand on the button, and wait until the Pellet is between the two doors
    before jumping down towards the other button, and putting the sphere on it. One
    down, two to go. Grab the sphere. Keep in mind that the Pellet will still come
    out of the same portal. You might want to replace the portal up and to the left
    of the outcropped panel, so the pellet comes out closer to where it should be.
    Deflect it with your sphere so it goes into the Receptor here. One last pellet.
    Go into the pellet room and... OMG! Who put that glass wall there! Anyhow, the
    easiest way I've found to do this is to deflect the pellet at the steel wall to
    the left of the Emitter, so that it bounces upwards, over the wall, and back
    down into the receptor. Good luck here, because it's a lot harder than the
    others. After that's done, you can portal behind the outcropped panel in the
    lift room to see the secret "Companion Cube stalker" area. When you're done
    with that, portal back up to the newly raised platforms, jump across, and go
    left. There's a new room that assumes you're going to fling through with your
    "Companion Sphere". Well, you're not. Place one portal on the left wall over
    the pit. This will give you a good view of the concrete wall on the other side,
    through the hole in the glass. Put another portal where you can easily get to
    it. Step through, and shoot a portal onto the other side of the glass. Now take
    your companion ball, and step through to the portal. From here on out, it's the
    same as the normal walkthrough. Only, it's a sphere instead of a cube that you
    will be forced to fry.
    Room 18 Advanced; [ADV18]
    And you thought the last levels were impossible. Okay, I'm sure you know how to
    fling across to the first platform. Put a portal high up on the wall, and one
    on the floor beneath you. Look down and aim for the portal. While you're
    flinging yourself, however, you need to shoot a portal on the top of the ledge
    to your right. That's right, you have to think ahead, and put a portal on the
    floor there WHILE you're flinging. Not too big a problem, but trying to get
    through that portal without falling back out into the acid will be fun.
    Once there, there are a few different ways to do this. My way involved shooting
    a portal right above the steel block outcropping below the next platform. After
    that, portal yourself up to the lowest platform. From there, you should be able
    to see the outcropped panels, and you can fling yourself up and over to the
    button. Enter the turret room. These turrets are more difficult to get rid of,
    since there is no energy ball! Luckily, the conveyor is already working though.
    Also, notice the platform in the acid has moved. These turrets also don't seem
    capable of being knocked over by other turrets shooting at them. You're going
    to have to get yourself to their platforms somehow. This somehow could involve
    flinging, and it could also involve luck. I managed to complete the room after
    knocking off only two turrets.
    First, the far one on the left can easily be flung to by placing a high-up
    portal in this area, and jumping before entering a portal on the floor. Then,
    the close one on the right can be knocked off its platform easily by dropping a
    turret through a portal placed on the wall above the platform. The far one on
    the right doesn't really matter much, and the close one on the left can be
    avoided by crouch-crawling to the conveyor. Once it starts shooting at you on
    the conveyor, though, you'll have to run and jump across to the button podium
    Alternatively, you can follow the advice of a guy calling himself 'Inferno
    Rapist', and portal past all the turrets. In his own words;
    "you can make a portal on the left wall, as far as you can make a portal, and 
    jump through and land on the part of the wall that is sticking out crouch
    behind  the wall that sticks out, and make both portals down on the platform by
    the water. jump through the one closest, and if you're lucky you will fly up
    onto the area with the cube. go back and move to where,  the sentries can't
    hurt you, make a portal across the room, to the safe area on the right, drop
    the cube on the platform where the other portal is, hopefully, the cube wont
    fly off into the water.(didnt happen to me) jump through, but right when you
    fall through the portal, hold down so you dont fly off the edge. repeat the
    first process to get to the switch, then get back up through a portal."
    Sounds tricky, but you never know. It might work for you!
    8. [Challenge Courses]
    Again, these courses are rooms 13 through 18. The idea of the courses are that
    you must complete each course using a small number of portals, a small number
    of steps, or simply, the quickest time possible. You'd be surprised on how much
    you panic when you're working under a time constraint. You forget how to place
    portals. You forget how to put buttons on cubes. You forget how to pick stuff
    up. You get all jittery. You curse like a sailor. It's all in a day's work,
    however, as once you have the Science Awards, you can brag to all your friends.
    Listed here are the absolute best scores I can find out how to accomplish. If
    you have tips on how to best these scores, please send me a message. In all of
    these courses, remember; Quicksave Often! When it is important, I will put a
    R or B near the portal number, to denote that a portal should not replace a
    portal that has already been placed.
    (Special thanks goes to Josh "Shadrak" Cartee for helping with this section!)
    Room 13 Least Portals; [LP13] (2 portals)
    1. Jump off the button in the first room and grab the box.
    2. Put the box on the button nearest the entrance.
    3. Put a portal [1] in the second room above the lowest button.
    4. Put the second portal [2] in this room.
    5. Go through [1] with the box.
    6. Use the box to deflect the energy pellet into the Receptor.
    7. Jump across to the door platform with the box.
    8. Put the box on the corner of this platform closest to the conveyor.
    9. When the conveyor comes near, jump to it.
    10. Grab the box.
    11. When the conveyor gets back to the door platform, jump back across.
    12. Now that you have both boxes, put one on the lowest button.
    13. Get the second box.
    14. Stand on the box on top of the lowest button.
    15. Jump-throw the second box onto the tall button.
    16. When both buttons are boxed, head through the door.
    17. Congratulate yourself on beating this 4-portal room in just 2 portals.
    Room 14 Least Portals; [LP14] (2 portals)
    1. Walk forward until you get to the depressed area under the lift.
    2. Turn around to face the entrance, then aim at the floor in front of you.
    3. Place a portal [1] on the floor in front of the lift.
    4. Turn to your right and run up the stairs.
    5. Turn around and wait for the stairs to return to floor level.
    6. Place a portal [2] on the floor where the stairs just collapsed.
    7. Jump off into [2], holding forward, to momentum-jump onto the Victory Lift.
    8. Exit the level, just barely getting the gold using the 2-portal method.
    Room 15 Least Portals; [LP15] (10-14 portals)
    1. Walk into the first room.  Note the checkered area on the floor.
    2. Place a portal [1] on the checkered floor.
    3. Look upwards behind you, at the extended wall panel.
    4. Place a portal [2] on the center of the extended wall.
    5. Drop into [1], fall from [2] back into [1], fling out of [2] over the wall.
    6. Use two portals [3,4] here to knock the camera off of the wall.
    7. Use the camera to deflect the energy ball into the receptor.
    8. Go up the lift, turn right, and walk straight to the glass wall.
    9. When you reach the glass wall, turn around and look down.
    10. Shoot the checker floor with a portal. [5]R
    11. Go into the small room off to the side, and up the stairs.
    12. Shoot a portal [6]B on the ceiling.
    13. Jump into [5], and put portal [7]B on the floor to fling up from [5].
    14. After coming out of [5], hold forward to get over the wall.
    15. Skip this ball receptor puzzle and head straight for the acid hallway.
    16. Notice the vertical lines along the walls. Save your game.
    17. Place a portal [8]R on the left wall, at the fifth crease in the wall.
    18. Back up and strafe to the side of the doorway.
    19. Place a portal [9]B on the wall at floor-level.
    20. If you can see the end of the next hall through the portal, save your game.
    21. Step into the portal, but not all the way through.
    22. Place a portal [10]R high on the wall at the end of this hallway.
    23. Before the portal hits the wall, jump or crouch-strafe to stay out of acid.
    24. Save your game and jump to the motionless platform, then into the room.
    25. You can crawl along the door and the wall to cheat the platform. Otherwise;
    25b. Ride a lift up and place a portal [11] on the wall near the button.
    26b. Do the same [12] for the other button.
    27b. Push both buttons quickly using your already-placed portals.
    28b. Quickly run out and place the two portals[13,14] for the pellet.
    29b. Exit the level via the lift to get gold.
    Room 16 Least Portals; [LP16] (2 portals)
    1. Enter the first room and grab sentry #1.
    2. When you see sentry #2, run out and duck behind the walls to the sides.
    3. Jump out and crouch behind your robot to advance upon, and knock out #2.
    4. Turn and go down the hallway, using #1 again to knock over #3.
    5. Grab a box from the extended wall.
    6. Charge sentry #4 (behind the glass), smashing him with a box.
    7. Turn around and duck, holding the box in front of you.
    8. Crawl towards sentry #5, taking him out with the box.
    9. Turn and enter the 2-turret room, taking out sentries #6 and #7.
    10. Rush in with a single box and take out sentries #8, #9, and #10.
    11. Put your obviously-dead box (it's more like a sprinkler now) on the button.
    "Look, matey, I know a dead Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube when I see
    one, and I'm looking at one right now."
    "No, no, he's not dead, he's, he's restin'! Remarkable box, the Storage Cube,
    isn'it, eh? Beautiful plumage!"
    "The plumage don't enter into it. It's stone dead."
    12. Shoot a portal [1] where you can reach it.
    13. Shoot a portal [2] through both fences, into the exit room.
    14. Step through [1] and quickly exit the level.
    5b. Alternatively, take both boxes, dragging one behind you for cover.
    10b. Alternatively, grab all the boxes and use box towers to knock 8,9,10 over.
    Room 17 Least Portals; [LP17] (2 portals)
    1. Grab your companion cube and, using it as a step, climb up past this area.
    2. Place a portal [1] at the end of this hallway where the black mark is.
    3. Carry the cube down both hallways, using it to shield yourself.
    4. Jump down into the main area.
    5. Shoot a portal [2] on the extended panel.
    6. Enter the small room to the right, using a cube to deflect a Pellet.
    7. Back in the main hallway, deflect a Pellet into the Receptor out here.
    8. Go into the 2-door room, putting the cube on one button.
    9. Step onto the other button when the Pellet floats past.
    10. Grab your companion cube, going back through the portals.
    11. Walk down the hallways, and jump across to the raised platforms.
    12. After passing the platforms, put your cube on the button.
    13. Enter the door, push the small button, grab your cube, and incinerate it.
    2b. Alternatively, save your portal for later.
    5b. If you saved your portal earlier, shoot a portal behind the extended panel.
    6b. Shoot a portal [2] anywhere else you can get to.
    7b. Collect all the cameras, stacking them at the end of the hallway.
    8b. Place your companion cube atop the camera pile.
    9b. Jump atop your companion cube, and onto the ledge.
    10b. Crouch and pick up your companion cube before it falls.
    11b. Complete the level.
    Room 18 Least Portals; [LP18]
    1. Walk forward slowly until you come to the first gap.
    2. Note the vertical lines along the left wall near the water.
    3. Place a portal [1]R at the third line (middle) at the bottom of the wall.
    4. Press yourself against the left wall, crouch, and slowly move forward.
    5. Before falling, you should see the ceiling above the second platform.
    6. Place a portal [2]B on the ceiling above platform 2.
    7. Jump onto the portal, and step through, falling onto platform 2.
    8. Place portal [3]B on the ceiling above platform 3.
    9. Jump down to platform 1, and go back through the first portal.
    10. Place portal [4] onto the extended panel above the exit door.
    11. Jump to the lowest platform, in front of the extended panel.
    12. Place another portal [5] in line with portal 4, to fling to the button.
    13. Open the door to the turret room.
    [Perform the following steps before the door closes]
    14. Enter on the left side.
    15. Put a portal [6] on the tilted platform.
    16. Jump down to the platform to the right of the entrance.
    17. While falling, put a portal [7] here, to fling across to the boxes.
    [The door should now be closed]
    18. Grab a box, to use as cover from the turrets.
    19. Crawl slowly off the edge of this alcove, pulling back as soon as you fall.
    20. Place a portal [8]B on either of the concrete walls beside you.
    21. Press the button and place the exit portal [9]R near the floor by the exit.
    22. Step through the portal with the box, and leave this room with the box.
    23. Put the box on the large red button.
    24. Put another portal [10]B on platform four, near the exit door.
    25. Go back into the turret room, and through the red portal.
    26. Enter the final room. Place a portal [11]R on the lowest platform.
    27. Jump into the pit to your left, shooting [12]B before hitting bottom.
    28. Turn towards the next highest platform. Shoot [13]R at your apogee.
    29. Turn towards the next highest platform. Shoot [14]B at your apogee.
    30. Turn towards the next highest platform. Shoot [15]R at your apogee.
    31. Turn towards the angled platform. Shoot [16]B at your apogee.
    32. Exit this level.
    Least Steps Rooms; [LSR]
    This section is incomplete. Doing least steps rooms is not too difficult, as
    you have no time constraints, and no portal constraints. The thing to remember
    is that jumping usually means two steps; one step to jump off of the floor, and
    one when you land. Directing your movement in midair takes no steps. When you
    create portals, make sure to portal yourself as far through the level as you
    possibly can. Also, straight out walking is more advantageous than jumping, in
    most scenarios.
    My advice would be; watch the speedruns for these rooms as they appear on
    youtube or portalwalkthroughs or one of the other fine sites hosting them. The
    information for completeing these rooms in the least number of steps should be
    fairly similar to what you see presented in the speedruns. It's a hard concept
    to describe in a text-only FAQ, or else I would. If you have any ideas on how
    to describe it, send me a message, and I'll think about adding your ideas here!
    Least Time Rooms; [LTR]
    This section is incomplete. Doing least time rooms doesn't seem like it should
    be too difficult, but you would be surprised how jumpy you get when you're
    under the pressure of a time constraint. All in all, you're likely to get
    so frustrated, you'll purposefully jump into that pit of acid, just to take a
    relaxing dip. Well, don't give up. You have a portal gun! You have all the time
    in the world. Try doing the level at a very slow pace first, and then try it a
    little bit faster, each successive time. Once you've bested a level about 5 or
    6 times, it should be a breeze to breeze through.
    My advice would be; watch the speedruns for these rooms as they appear on
    youtube or portalwalkthroughs or one of the other fine sites hosting them. The
    information for completeing these rooms in the least amount of time should be
    fairly similar to what you see presented in the speedruns. It's a hard concept
    to describe in a text-only FAQ, or else I would. If you have any ideas on how
    to describe it, send me a message, and I'll think about adding your ideas here!
    9. [Achievements]
    Here is a list of the accomplishments. Below is a list of solutions for each.
    Lab Rat: Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Fratricide: Do whatever it takes to survive.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Partygoer: Make the correct party escort submission position decision.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Heartbreaker: Complete Portal.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 10
    Terminal Velocity: Fall 30,000 feet.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Long Jump: Jump 300 feet.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Cupcake: Beat two Portal advanced maps.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 10
    Fruitcake: Beat four Portal advanced maps.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 20
    Vanilla Crazy Cake: Beat all six Portal advanced maps.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 30
    Basic Science: Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 10
    Rocket Science: Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 20
    Aperture Science: Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 40
    Camera Shy: Detach security cameras from the walls.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    Friendly Fire: Knock down a turret with another turret.
    	XBox360 Achievement Points: 5
    (Thanks goes to Elmo[aka: Wgpfly] for making me list the XBox360 scores)
             ,/:         ,M##########M;.
          -+@###;       =##########M;
       =%M#######;     :#########M/
    -$M###########;   :#########/
    ,;X###########; =########$.
    * Lab Rat: Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
    You get this achievement in level 11.
    Simply pick up the orange portal gun to complete this.
    * Fratricide: Do whatever it takes to survive.
    You accomplish this achievement in level 17.
    Simply destroy your companion cube when instructed. (NOOOOOO!)
    * Partygoer: Make the correct party escort submission position decision.
    You accomplish this achievement in level 19.
    After you portal out of the firepit, fling yourself back across the firepit
    using a very high portal. The achievement didn't register for me until I picked
    up the barrel at the end of the hallway to the left.
    * Heartbreaker: Complete Portal.
    You accomplish this achievement in level 19.
    Play through the rest of the game.
    * Terminal Velocity: Fall 30,000 feet.
    This one is simple. Set one portal on the ceiling. Set one on the floor. Make
    sure "Portal Funnel" is checked in the options. Now, look down, and jump in!
    Mute the sound, and turn off the screen. Take a break from the computer. Make
    yourself a sandwich. Eat the sandwich. Watch Doctor Who. Paint the fence. Fix
    the car. Take a trip to the mall. 30,000 feet is a LOT higher than it sounds.
    Consider: The typical hallway is 10 feet tall. You'll have to fall through the
    portals 3,000 times in a normal hallway. Some people say that taller rooms are
    better for this. Well, if you turn your graphics detail way down in the options
    then I don't see the difference. Just make SURE that you are facing down...
    Portal Funnelling doesn't work if you are not facing down, and therefore you
    will not achieve Terminal Velocity if you are not looking downwards.
    (Special thanks goes to Renato Marchi for having me revamp Terminal Velocity)
    * Long Jump: Jump 300 feet.
    The best place to accomplish this feat is in level 19.
    Once you reach the turret ambush room, you are in the right place. Experiment
    with distance jumping, and you'll get it... Eventualy...
    * Cupcake: Beat two Portal advanced maps.
    * Fruitcake: Beat four Portal advanced maps.
    * Vanilla Crazy Cake: Beat all six Portal advanced maps.
    Read the "Advanced Mode" section above for more information.
    * Basic Science: Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.
    * Rocket Science: Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.
    * Aperture Science: Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
    Read the "Challenge Courses" section above for more information.
    * Camera Shy: Detach security cameras from the walls.
    Section 6 of this guide has a list of which rooms have which cameras. Just
    keep an eye out, and don't leave a level until you've knocked off all the
    cameras. There are 33 cameras in total, and 3 are in level 19! Don't worry
    about the ones you see in levels 00 and 01. You can't get them anyway.
    * Friendly Fire: Knock down a turret with another turret.
    You are most likely to accomplish this in level 16.
    Knock over one turret with another turret. Both turrets must be alive. Another
    good place to accomplish this is level 19, in the turret ambush room.
    10. [Cheats, Glitches, and Spoilers]
    Cheats can be found in the console window. GameFAQs has a section devoted for
    these. To open the Console window, simply press the [`~] key during the game.
    Type in the cheats as instructed, and voila! Now you can shoot rockets too!
    There are a few more 'cheats' that involve getting stuck in certain rooms. When
    you get stuck, the doors will open permanently. This breaks some of the puzzle
    elements inside the game. You can get stuck in room 11, 12, 13, and 18 if you
    try hard enough. From what I hear, getting stuck in room 12 is permanent. You
    will have to reload your game if you manage to get stuck there, so be careful!
    - Thanks to CCDemon for this tip!
    Glitches? Heck, GLaDOS is a glitch. I wouldn't say there are any real glitches
    that I've found in this game. It is truly linear. There are not multiple paths
    so far as I have found. If you have any information on this, if you have found
    multiple endings, or if you have discovered a way to beat the game without
    burning your companion cube, let me know! ;)
    As for spoilers... THE CAKE IS A LIE!
    Again, Aperture Science and Black Mesa are competitors for DoD funds. GLaDOS
    was originally slated to be a de-icing module for Fuel Systems. However, the
    kind folks at Aperture Science decided to also turn it into an artificial
    intelligence with Genetic Lifeforms at its core... Oh, and as if that wasn't
    enough, they also made it into a Disk Operating System. Because you need to
    integrate everything into one system. That couldn't possibly go wrong.
    Well anyhow, if you're going to have an artificial intelligence run your
    corporation, take Marvin's Advice, and don't imbue it with cake recipes.
    "Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to take you to the
    bridge. Call that job satisfaction? 'cause I don't."
    Anyway, GLaDOS does give you some more story before she bites the big one.
    "You're not even a full-time employee". Apparently, Chell works here. It is as
    I had thought; A Cube Zero scenario. Chell was an employee who became trapped
    in the system. I don't think the system was supposed to be that bad, either.
    I think that GLaDOS's malfunctioning had a LOT to do with how dangerous many of
    the trials were.
    So, Chell is a female. GLaDOS has a female personality. Do any males work here?
    I guess Black Mesa was a corporation that consisted mostly of male scientists
    and male security guards. If Aperture Science isn't run solely by females, it's
    not very apparent by playing Portal's first incarnation. Also, portals seem a
    lot more stable than the teleporters you see in halflife 2.
    The "Artificial Intelligence" is pretty well thought out. Actual A.I.s actually
    do need a curiosity module, a computing module, and a 'morality' module is very
    much implied, at least since the introduction of Asimov's three laws of
    robotics. An Emotion module isn't required, and if you do put one in, it's a
    good suggestion to limit it to simply 'coloring the language', not influencing
    the entire behavior of the computer.
    So how does Aperture play into the Halflife universe with Black Mesa and all of
    that? Well, I guess you'll just have to play HL2:ep 1 and 2 to find out!
    11. [ApertureScience.com]
    AKA: More Spoilers
    If you go to this website, you are presented with a prompt. You can type:
    at the prompt, and you will be asked for your name and password. There are two
    options here. (As of this writing, the website is at version 17. Version 16 had
    only one login name).
    Your options are as follows;
    Username: Any User Name
    Password: PORTAL (or PORTALS)
    You will taken to a Disk Operating System (Aka: GLaDOS). Only one file will be
    present on the disk; "Apply.exe"
    Username: CJOHNSON
    Password: TIER3
    You will taken to GLaDOS. Two files will be present on the disk; "Apply.exe",
    and "Notes.exe".
    The only differences between accounts is that Notes.exe exists for Cave Johnson
    and that "Interrogate" is a valid option for Cave Johnson. (Unfortunately, no
    user exists to interrogate.)
    Anyhow, typing "Apply" will take you to a fairly amusing test for employment at
    Aperture Science. Certain letters during the test will flicker. In order, the
    letters that flicker are T, H, E, C, A, K, E, I, S, A, L, I, E.
    Typing "THECAKEISALIE" at any time during the prompt will result in a
    secret video of level 00, as well as a "Boss Screen" which appears to show a
    budget for thumbtacks, a lot of flour (for baking all those cakes?), and one
    extra large "Intub". I'm going to assume that this is the "Relaxation Vault".
    [Special thanks goes to Jakub Offierski for pointing out the right way to get
    to this area.]
    Typing "Notes" as Cave Johnson will take you to some back story. Apparently,
    "Aperture" was originally a term regarding shower curtains. Who knew! There are
    also some amusing projects listed there, like the Take-a-wish foundation. xD
    12. [Version History]
    2007-10-24 v1.50:
    I added a walkthrough for the "Advanced" section.
    I also added the rest of the Challenge rooms.
    Added Ascii for Cake (so people would stop sending me Ascii for cake).
    Flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin.
    Added tips and advice contributed by You, the Viewers! ;)
    2007-10-15 v1.00:
    Finished Sections 1 through 15.
    13. [Legalese]
    This guide is copyright 2007, Steven Mattison. It may NOT be republished,
    altered, or reproduced without my express written permission under any
    circumstances. If you have a good reason and PROPERLY credit me, I'll let you
    use this guide. If seen on any website beside the ones below, notify me ASAP
    and I will contact the owner of the site. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright. These are sites permitted to use my guide:
    All rights to the names Valve, Digipen, and Portal belong to their original
    14. [Contact Info]
    Help me out with my guide. Get permission to borrow my guide. Give me feedback.
    For more info about the Least Portals solutions, email me or you can also send
    a note to Josh Cartee at J_Cartee (at) comcast (dot) net
    s.mattison at gmail
    Feel free to check out my other guides, for things like "Cultures", "World
    Championship Poker", "Derby Owner's Club", and the like...
    15. [Credits]
    I created this entire guide so far, from my personal experience, and little
    hints I found on various sites on the inter-web.
    Anybody else who wishes to participate in this collaborative work, with other
    information I don't know, feel free to email me.
    Special Thanks go to;
    5ir 3ntropy for providing most of the ASCII art,
    Josh Cartee for being stingy with his portals!,
    Josh's ferrets, for their curiosity and persistence,
    Josh's girlfriend, for putting up with him, ;)
    Zater Roflcakes for getting stuck on level 18,
    Michal Iwanski for giving me the cake,
    Dark Ryder for giving me more cake,
    Matt Howell for giving me yet some more cake,
    Kookiness for giving me even more cake,
    Jakub Offierski for telling LIES about the CAKE!,
    Renato Marchi for achieving "Terminal Velocity"!,
    Elmo[aka: Wgpfly] for owning an XBox360!,
    "Inferno Rapist" for pwning some turrets,
    All you crazy Video Game enthusiasts!,
    Valve: http://www.valvesoftware.com ,
    Steam: http://www.steam-powered.com ,
    ApertureScience: http://www.aperturescience.com ,
    and the Digipen team for making Narbacular Drop!
    16. [That's all for now]
    Keep an eye out for future updates to this walkthrough(with contributed tips
    and information). Thanks for reading!
                  H#@:              ;,
                  -###H-          -@/
                   %####$.  -;  .%#X
                    M#####+;#H :M#M.
    ..          .+/;%#########X###-
    -/%H%+;-,    +##############/
        .:$M###MH$%+############X  ,--=;-
      :$H%+;=-      -####X.,H#   -+M##@-
    .              ,###;    ;      =$##+
                    .#H,               :XH,
                     +                   .;-

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