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    Walkthrough by LatiosXT

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/26/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Portal Walkthrough (Vers. 1.20)
    Written by: LatiosXT
    i. Walkthrough Preface
    1. Introduction to the game
       1.a Overview of Portal
       1.b System Requirements
       1.c Interface
       1.d How to play 
    2. Walkthrough
       2.a Waking Up
       2.b Test Chambers 00-03
       2.c Test Chambers 04-07
       2.d Test Chambers 08-09
       2.e Test Chambers 10-12
       2.f Test Chamber 13
       2.g Test Chamber 14
       2.h Test Chamber 15
       2.i Test Chamber 16
       2.j Test Chamber 17
       2.k Test Chamber 18
       2.l Test Chamber 19
       2.m Beyond the test chambers
    3. Bonus Maps
       3.a Advanced Test Chamber 13
       3.b Advanced Test Chamber 14
       3.c Advanced Test Chamber 15
       3.d Advanced Test Chamber 16
       3.e Advanced Test Chamber 17
       3.f Advanced Test Chamber 18
    4. Achievements List
    5. Legal
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       Version History
    1.2 10/26/07
    - Found all the cameras! With their locations too.
    - For those who emailed me, I handpicked useful tips. Sorry if I didn't use your
      submissions verbatim.
    - A few things were revised.
    1.11 10/22/07
    - Fixed obnoxious spelling and grammar mistakes
    - Went through the game again, and found a bunch of missing cameras for the 
      Camera Shy achievement. I'm still missing two. I also figured out these are 
      not the ones in Test Chamber 17 (attached to metal walls)
    - Changed a few things in the achievements list
    - For those who emailed me, thanks, I'll post your contributions up on the next
      update (hopefully!)
    1.1 10/16/07
    - Revised the writing in the introduction.
    - Added summary solutions for Advanced Test Chamber 16 and 18.
    - Added an outsider tip for Advanced Test Chamber 17.
    1.0 10/12/07
    - Initial release
       1.a Overview of Portal
    Portal is a Puzzle First Person Shooter. The objective of the game is to 
    traverse through rooms by locating its exit. It sounds easy, but the rooms have 
    puzzles in them that require thinking on your part. These puzzles may include 
    something simple as putting a box on a switch or activating an elevator. To 
    ease solving these puzzles, or to purposely make them harder, the main character
    in the game is given a portal gun.
    The story of the game revolves around two characters, Chell and GLaDOS. Chell is
    a test subject of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. GLaDOS is an AI helper
    that guides Chell throughout the tests. However, things get stranger as the 
    tests become more life threatening, and GLaDOS seems to take a liking to Chell,
    especially with a constant reminder that cake will be rewarded.
       1.b System Requirements
    - Sony PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
       - The Xbox 360 requires a memory card or hard drive for saves.
    - Either console most likely uses less than 1MB for one save file.
    If you've purchased the Orange Box overseas, note that IT WILL NOT WORK in the
    United States! It will only work in the country in which you bought the game.
    Attempting to play a game from another territory will lock the game.
    OFFICIAL PC REQUIREMENTS (with comments)
    1.7Ghz or equivalent is required. This is probably assuming a Pentium 4 
    Northwood core (the first generation Pentium 4's) or an AMD Ahtlon XP 1700+.
    512MB is required. Considering the CPU requirements, this probably means a 
    minimum RAM speed of DDR266/PC2100, in any configuration (256MBx2, 512MB, etc).
    RAM speed doesn't matter as much, but one will experience poorer performance
    with lower RAM speed.
    Video Card: 
    A DirectX 8 capable video card. This means a Radeon 7500 or a GeForce 3 series
    video card or better. However, the GeForce 4 MX series is not supported, as they
    actually only support DirectX 7. This includes the GeForce 4 Go series.
    Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Preferably XP.
    Keyboard, mouse, and an internet connection. The first two is obvious. The
    internet connection is to check the files over Valve's Steam distribution 
    Hard Drive Space:
    About 6GB required. Since the game comes with Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team
    Fortress 2, this requirement bumps up to 10GB.
    OFFICIAL PC RECOMMENDED (with comments)
    Pentium 4 3.0Ghz, better or equivalent. For AMD, an Athlon XP 3000+ or better 
    or Athlon 64 3000+ works as well.
    1GB, and preferably of the DDR400/PC3200 speed. Dual-channeling is also 
    recommended (so 512MBx2 if you need a 1GB configuration).
    Video Card: 
    A DirectX 9 capable video card. This is either a Radeon 9500 series or higher,
    or a GeForce 6 series or higher. While the GeForce FX series technically 
    supports DirectX 9, Source defaults all GeForce FX cards to DirectX 8.1 due to
    technical restraints. You could force it to do DirectX 9, but performance will
    be much poorer.
       1.c Interface
    During the game, other than the 3D environemnt, the only thing you have to worry
    about is the crosshair in the center of the screen. This is to help you aim the
    portal gun. Surrounding the crosshair are two icons that sort of make an outline
    of a portal. It starts out blue, then the right portion will be orange. This is
    an indicator to tell you whether or not you can place a portal on a surface. 
    When the icon is filled, you can place a portal, when empty, you can't. Also
    when a portal is created by the gun, an O appears next to the last color portal
    you shot. So if you shot a blue portal, a blue O apears on the left. If you shot
    an orange portal, an orange O appears to the right. This is to let you know
    which portal you launched last, which is useful for a few manuvers.
    Otherwise, there's the main menu to deal with. This applies only to the PC 
    version, but the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version may have the same options.
    1. New Game - 
    Begins a new game. You can start off on a chapter once you've reached it in play
    if you don't feel like starting from the beginning.
    2. Bonus Maps -
    Contains a selection of bonus maps already included (which included the advanced
    test chambers and time trial) or downloaded content. In the PC version, select 
    "Import Bonus Maps..." to load downloaded maps.
    3. Load Game - 
    Load from a save point.
    4. Developer Commentary -
    Start a new game with developer commentary enabled. You cannot start on a map 
    you didn't finish in normal game play. Playing the game while in developer 
    commentary mode, speech bubbles will appear throughout the game. To play the
    commentary, hover the crosshair over the bubble and press the Activate key 
    (E by default). To stop the commentary, hover over the bubble and press the 
    Activate key again. One of the commentary bubbles will take control over the
    game to show you something, press Activate to stop it at anytime. While 
    listening to the commentary, you are invincible.
    5. Achievements -
    Displays a list of achievements you've obtained and those that you can earn.
    Refer to the section in this walkthrough on what they are and how to earn them.
    6. Options -
    Allows you to adjust in-game options. The following descriptions are for the PC 
       - Portals
       Portal Funnel: 
    When this option is enabled, whenever you or another object goes into a floor
    portal, the game "sucks" the object into the center. This makes dropping down
    into the portal easier if you have to do it.
       Portal render depth: 
    The best way to describe this option is this - Say you're in a hallway and you 
    place both portal openings on opposite walls. When you look into a portal 
    opening, you'll see it on the "other side". Basically it's like taking two big
    mirros and placing them facing next to each other. You'll keep seeing yourself
    over and over. In Portal, each time you see yourself (a recursion as it's called
    by the developers), the game will render it in 3D up until a certain point. The
    game can render up to nine recursions, but because graphics hardware is still
    not up to par in rendering nine instances of the same room, the game is limited
    to five. However, to create the illusion of seeing forever, the game renders
    anything past what you set as an in-game snapshot, only done per frame rendered.
    In order to help illustrate this option further, here's a diagram of what 
    happens. A -> represents the direction you're looking at, a | represents the
    portal you're looking into, and ... represents when the recursion is replaced
    with the snapshot.
        0: ->| (Basically recursions aren't rendered)
        1: ->|->| (Only one recursion is rendered, no illusion effect used)
        2: ->|->|->... (Recommended by the game, and 2D snapshots are used)
        3: ->|->|->|->...
        4: ->|->|->|->|->...
        5: ->|->|->|->|->|->...
    - Keyboard
    Changes keyboard inputs. A list will be available for you to edit. There are 
    also four buttons at the bottom labeled "User Defaults", "Advanced...", "Edit
    key", and "Clear key". Use Defaults will revert all controls to the default 
    setting. Advanced allows you to enable the console (~) and do fast weapon 
    switch, although the latter is inapplicable since there's no weapons. Edit 
    key and Clear key allow you to change the key map and delete it respectively.
    - Mouse
    Changes mouse and game pad behavior. The options there have descriptions. If
    you're using a standard mouse, the optimal sensitive usually lies between 3.0
    and 5.0.
    - Audio
    Changes audio settings. Most of it is self-explanatory. Note that closed
    captioning will caption every dynamic sound. So if there's an explosion, the
    captioning will display [Explosion].
    - Video
    Changes video settings such as resolution, aspect ratio, and display mode. Make 
    sure your monitor supports the options to choose from. Also, if you want to add 
    a custom resolution, you must do it through your video card settings in Display 
    Properties. There's also a button for advanced detail options.
       Video Advanced Options:
       Model Detail: 
       The lower this setting, the more "blocky" things look. Detail of models is
       more dramatic over curved surfaces, which is where most of the detail lies.
       This option is dependent on your video card's GPU power.
       Texture Detail:
       The lower this setting, the muddier textures look. However since Portal
       contains a lot of flat coloring to it, this option maybe moot, unless you
       want to stare at Chell all day. This option is dependent on your video card's
       memory capacity and speed.
       Shader Detail:
       When this is set to low, special effects look less pleasing and water does
       not refract (distort) the scene below. This is dependent on your video card's
       GPU power and supported features. Since most of DirectX 8 cards support high
       shader detail, this option is also moot. This is dependent on your video 
       card's GPU power.
       Water Reflection Detail:
       Sets the reflection level of the water. In simple, the water reflects a cube
       map. In reflect world, the water reflects whatever space its contained in,
       but no dynamic objects are included. In reflect everything, dynamic objects
       are included. This is dependent on your video card's GPU power.
       Shadow detail:
       Low detail produces blob shadowing (circle shadows) for dynamic objects.
       Medium detail produces soft shadows but only granting one dynamic shadow to
       an object, normally tied to a light source. High detail produces soft shadows
       while all objects can have several dynamic shadows from dynamic light
       sources. Portal doesn't have a lot of shadows to worry about, so another moot
       option. This is dependent on your video card's GPU power.
       Color Correction:
       A special effect used to alter the color of the scene (such as creating
       a sepia tone or a colder tone). Portal doesn't use special color effects.
       Again, dependent on your video card's GPU power.
       Antialiasing is a filter that smoothes out neighboring pixels that have a
       sharp transition, in other words, anything that creates "jaggies". 
       Antialiasing is a high end effect that depends on your video card's general
       Filtering Mode: 
       When you look at textures at an angle, a problem comes around for the video
       card to determine which pixel of that texture gets displayed. Without 
       filtering, the texture would look like garbage. Filtering smoothes the pixels
       together to make this less apparent. Higher settings generally require more
       GPU power and memory capacity.
       Wait for Vertical Sync:
       This option is only applicable to CRT monitors. If this is turned off and the
       video card renders frames faster than the refresh rate, the monitor will 
       render the next frame in the middle of the screen refresh. So say you have
       a 70Hz refresh rate and the game is being rendered at 140FPS. About halfway
       when the monitor is displaying the image, it will begin displaying the next
       frame. This may result in a phenomena known as "tearing". This option sets
       a maximum cap on the frame rate equal to your refresh rate.
       High Dynamic Range:
       This is a lighting effect that makes brighter areas in the scene more
       pronounced. Bloom is a basic effect, while Full HDR is a high end effect.
       This feature is primarily dependent on GPU power and features. DirectX 8
       cards cannot use HDR and early DirectX 9 cards will render it poorly.
       Motion Blur:
       This blurs everything in the direction you're moving towards, but only if
       you're moving fast enough. It adds for a dramatic effect. This option is
       primarily dependent on general video card power.
    - Quit
    Exit the game.
    - Resume and Save Game
    These will appear during the game. Resume will exit out of the menu while Save 
    Game will allow you to make a save.
       1.d How to play
    The default keys in the game are as follows
    W: Move forward
    A: Sidestep left
    S: Move backwards
    D: Sidestep right
    E: Activate, grab, etc.
    Space: Jump
    CRTL: Crouch
    Left mouse button: Fire blue portal
    Right mouse button: Fire orange portal
    Mouse movement: Look
    Use these keys to navigate about in the world.
    The portal gun you'll be given shoots out a blue portal and an orange portal. It
    also acts like a basic "gravity gun" that picks up objects and can toss them
    To work the Portal gun, understand that the there can only be a portal opening 
    of one color at one time. For example, you cannot have two blue portals or two 
    orange portals. If you use the same color portal, the previous one will 
    disappear. Also there is no distinction between an entrance or exit portal, 
    both act the same, they're just a different color to give you distinction. You
    also cannot shoot a portal through another.
    To understand the nature of portals, know that is a direct link from one point 
    in  space to another. What you see in one portal is what you see on the other 
    side, and when you step into that portal, you will appear out of the other. 
    For example:
        Room 1    Room 2
       ######### ########
       #       # #      #
       #      B# #O    X#
       #       # #      #
       ######### ########
    Picture these as two rooms. The B represents a blue portal, while the O 
    represents the orange portal. When you look at the B portal, it's like there's 
    an open doorway between B and O. So you'll see the X on the other side of the 
    room 2. When you walk through B, you'll end up where O is, and if you walk back
    into O, you'll end up where B is.
        Room 1    Room 2
       ######### ########
       #       # #      #
       #      B# #Y    O#
       #       # #      #
       ######### ########
    Now the O portal is at a different place. When you look at the B portal, you'll 
    be seeing the object Y. While this may sound trivial, note now you're looking 
    OPPOSITE in relation to where you're really look at. In this example, looking at
    B means looking to the RIGHT, but in Room 2 you are actually looking LEFT. 
    Walking into B will result you being positioned at O, but instead of looking 
    RIGHT, you'll be looking LEFT.
    Some other interesting aspects of portals:
    1. The most important is that momentum is preserved while traveling between
       portals, no matter the placement. The game sums it up in a short, simple
       description: "speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out". Direction is
       not preserved for obvious reasons. So basically, if you have a portal in the
       wall, and another in the floor, if you toss something in the floor portal,
       gravity will work on that object until it passes, at which point the object
       simply shoots out of the other portal.
    2. All matter can pass through a portal, regardless of what it is. 
    3. Portals can only be created on flat surfaces, that also aren't shiny. In the
       game, you're limited to just concrete. But you'll have an indicator icon
       telling you what you can and can't put a portal on.
    And before you head off solving puzzles, here are a few things to note while
    going on in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.
    1. There are several hazards in the game that will cause death.
       Energy Pellet: An energy pellet is a sphere of glowing energy that bounces
       off surfaces slowly. Touching one of these will result in death. These are
       used to powering certain devices connected to a catcher (dubbed an energy
       catch in this walkthrough).
       Waste Water: Several rooms will have pools of this stuff. Touching it will
       continue to cause harm, and in all cases, you pretty much can't get out. In
       other words, falling into a pool of waste water is game over.
       Turrets: Turrets are little robots that when you walk in their field of view,
       they will activate and begin firing. You can usually tell their presence 
       from a red laser sight they fire off. Also, their field of view is small, 
       roughly 70-90 degrees.
       Crushing: General crushing from either standing underneath scaffoldings 
       coming down or cubes falling at a high speed on you.
    2. Other things of interest:
       "1500 Megawatt Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button" - This is a huge red
       button that you press down to activate something. However, all of these 
       buttons release once the weight upon it goes away.
       Weighted Storage Cubes - Used mostly to hold down buttons.
       Material Emancipation Grids - These block portals from being formed on the 
       other side of them, while walking through them will cause any portals you 
       made to disappear. Also any blocks will vaporize if you attempt to take one
       across it. 
       Pedestal buttons - A much smaller version of the super button, these buttons
       are on a pedestal, and unlike their much larger cousin, are activated once
       pressed. Usually these cause a timed event to happen, like opening a door
       for a short period of time.
    3. While Chell's health is finite, she constantly recovers it over time. This
       is in your favor around turrets. Basically, Chell can take a barrage of
       bullets, lie back behind cover for a second, and take another barrage with
       no problem. But if Chell were to be under fire for a few seconds, she will 
       be killed. Chell also cannot be harmed in any way by falling down from high
    4. Above all, use this walkthrough as a guide to help you when you are stuck,
       not for a cheat sheet. ;)
       2.a Waking up
    Once you take control, you may notice a timer to your left. Just sit back and 
    wait for this to reach zero. A portal will open up, and simply follow the route 
    out. You will walk into Test Chamber 00. 
    For a quick laugh, flush the toilet and wait for it to finish.
       2.b Test Chambers 00-03
    There's a box sitting around and a button. Just lay the box on the button to 
    GLaDOS will tell you your objective. An orange portal will appear in the room 
    you drop into and a blue portal will open and close at various sections. A 
    closing blue portal will not kill you if you're still inside of it. Wait until 
    the blue portal opens the section with the cube, go back, and wait for it to go 
    to the section with the button, go back, and then wait for the blue portal to 
    lead you to the exit.
    If you look out the window, you'll notice a portal gun making blue portals. Once
    the door opens, go down the stairs and wait for the gun to open a portal for 
    you. On the other side of the portal, drop down and collect the gun. You can 
    only make blue portals, but it should be enough. Create a portal, go through it,
    and go to your right where the exit has opened up.
    There are three (3/33) cameras in this room. To knock a camera off, create a
    portal on the camera, and if there isn't another one open, create a portal 
    elsewhere. Basically you want the camera to be "floating" in space.
    There's one camera in the first room where GLaDOS talks about losing teeth. The
    second camera is right above where the portal gun makes a blue portal for you
    to get to the orange portal. The last camera is right across the orange portal,
    above the window.
    When you see the orange portal, create a blue one nearby and walk through it. 
    Once on the other side, the exit will be to your right, blocked by another gap. 
    Simply create a blue portal on the other side to exit. 
    Detach three cameras (6/33) for the Camera Shy achievement. The first is right
    in front of you after you walk out of the chamberlock. The second one is next
    to the orange portal. The last one is on a corner near the exit.
       2.c Test Chambers 04-08
    Walk about through the room until you find a pit with a box in it. Open a portal
    on the floor of the pit and drop down. Don't worry, your character won't take 
    any damage. Simply place the cube through the portal, drop down through it, and
    place the cube on the switch.
    Alternatively if the cube dropped enough on the concrete floor instead of the 
    grate, you can create a portal so it falls through.
    There are two cameras in this chamber (8/33). The first is right in front of you
    as you walk out. The second one is near the exit.
    A tricky one, you have to set two cubes on the switches. One is in a pit, the 
    other is on a platform. An orange portal is on another platform. To get the 
    crate from the pit, simply create a blue portal on the floor underneath. After 
    it falls through, create another on a wall you can walk into to get the crate 
    and place it on a button. Walk through that portal again, shoot another one to 
    the other platform, walk back into the orange portal, and you have your other 
    box. If you're good, you can drop the box onto the switches.
    In the next room, simply create a portal anywhere and go through.
    There are three cameras in this chamber (11/33). The first is above the doorway
    after you exit the chamberlock. Once you go through that doorway, the second one
    is to your left. The last one is on the wall across from the exit. You may have
    to look behind to see it.
    Whatever you do, do not touch the energy pellet. It's a hazard that can kill.
    For this, an orange portal is already on the floor where the energy pellet 
    bounces off. Open a blue one above the pellet catcher. You can use the red glow
    directly above it as a guide to where to aim. The energy pellet may explode, 
    but another will be created. You also can't make portals on the metallic walls.
    There are no cameras in this chamber (11/33).
    Although knowing the nature of humans, you probably walked into that energy
    pellet after I told you not to didn't you?
    Create a portal where you see a black mark from the energy pellet, it'll 
    automatically go to the pellet catch. Now the trippy part. The scaffolding will 
    automatically go back and forth and you need to get on it. It's obviously too 
    high, but if you create a portal on the section of the ceiling where there's 
    concrete, you can drop down from the orange portal. Time the drop right so you 
    can ride to the exit.
    There are no cameras in this chamber (11/33). Still.
       2.d Test Chambers 08-09
    You have a new death hazard, you cannot touch the floor. To start off, create a 
    portal through a wall and walk across it, minding the energy pellet (you can 
    duck underneath it). Now create a portal where the energy pellet bounces off 
    (keep crouching!) and then when it goes through, create a portal on the red 
    mark, opposite to where you see the energy pellet catch. Once the pellet gets 
    caught, quickly make a portal near the scaffolding and hop on.
    Instead of risking life and limb by getting in the pellet's path, simply create
    a portal where it initially bounces off, then another across the catcher once
    the pellet crosses the portal.
    Still no cameras (11/33).
    Don't listen to GLaDOS. Create a portal and take the cube with you through it. 
    You can see an opening on the wall where you see the Emancipation Field. Create 
    another portal through it and pass the cube into it, placing it on the button.
    The cameras are becoming shy of you apparently (11/33).
       2.e Test Chambers 10-12
    This a fun chamber. Simply create a portal underneath you once you're in the 
    room, and you'll fly out on top of the gap. In the next room, you'll find a pit.
    Create a portal on its floor and drop to it. Again, don't worry if you miss the 
    drop, you can't lose by falling. In the third room, create a portal on the panel
    above, and drop down into a pit where an orange portal is. Do this again and 
    you're home free.
    There is one camera in this chamber (12/33). It's in the first room on the left
    wall. Make sure you get it, because once you pass the room, you can't go back.
    In this room, you'll see an orange portal gun making orange portals. Create a 
    blue one and wait until you can cross onto a platform (there's only one choice 
    for this). Press the red button and shoot a portal when the door across from you
    opens. Now wait for the orange portal gun to make a portal where you are, and 
    cross the portal. If you look out the window of that room, you'll see an energy 
    pellet catch across a wall. The portal gun will shoot at that, so wait for a 
    portal that portal to open before sending the energy pellet along its merry way.
    This will cause a platform to move, which you can get on to obtain the orange 
    portal gun. You now have control over both portals. To get to the exit, press 
    the button on the platform to open up the door across from you, then shoot a 
    portal (color doesn't matter). Then create another opening and go through it.
    There is one camera here (13/33). You also get the Lab Rat achievement. The
    camera is in the first room. Again, miss it, and lose it.
    Since you have both portals available, you can try the Terminal Velocity 
    achievement or the Long Jump achievement.
    This is like chamber 10, only there's more to it. First create a portal on the 
    panel above, then another on the pit below. Fall through and turn around. Create
    another portal (not the same color as the one in the pit!) on the higher panel 
    above, and fall through the pit portal again. When you come out, another panel 
    will incline up. Once more, drop down to the pit (you don't need to make it from
    the top), and you'll sky rocket to the next platform. A cube will drop down. 
    Throw it down to the platform with the button, and fling yourself back to the 
    floor again where the exit awaits.
    No cameras in this chamber (13/33).
       2.f Test Chamber 13
    In this chamber, there is a button, and a box on a platform. Drop the box onto 
    the button and enter the room. Once inside, create a portal above the energy 
    pellet catch, then where the pellet will rebound to actiave a scafold. Notice 
    there's a portalable surface above the path of the scafold. Create portals so 
    you can drop down and grab the box from it. Put that box on one of the buttons 
    by creating a portal above it, and a floor portal, dropping the box in. Since 
    there's two buttons and you can't go back to the first room, drop down on the 
    second button, this will open the exit. Fire a portal to the door, use that to 
    get across the door.
    There are three cameras in this chamber (16/33). There is one in first room, one
    in the main room, and one just before the exit.
       2.g Test Chamber 14
    In this, to the left a set of stairs will come up. Go up, and to the left you'll
    see a box. To get to it, create a portal so that it's about parallel to the 
    box's height. Go back to the stairs... which are gone! It's just a pit. Use this
    to your advantage by dropping down and shooting out so you can get the box. The 
    stairs will be back when you go back to them. Take the box to the switch. Go 
    through the open door and you'll come to a pit of waste water and an energy 
    pellet on the other side bouncing. You can either portal yourself over, or use 
    the platforms... but the portal idea isn't good as you'll see why. 
    In the previous room where you saw the energy catch, create a portal above it. 
    Going back to the waste water room, hop along the platforms until you reach the 
    room with the energy pellet. Simply create a portal (not of the same color!) and
    it'll drop right in. Go through the portal and hop on the lift.
    There are no cameras in this chamber (16/33).
    Alternatively, you can create a portal beneath the lift, climb up the stairs, 
    fall through the pit while making a portal, and jump up onto the lift.
       2.h Test Chamber 15
    This is where you'll do what is called a double fling. Basically you'll put a 
    portal on the panel above you, then create another to drop down (but not too 
    far from the panel!). Drop into the floor portal again to gain enough momentum 
    to clear the obstacle.
    The next puzzle requires guiding an energy pellet into a catch. The problem is, 
    is that there's emancipation fields which, when gone through, erase any portals 
    you made. To solve it first you need to create a portal that faces into the 
    energy pellet catch room, then create another in front of the pellet's path. 
    Once the pellet goes through, go into the catch room and create a portal above 
    the catch, and another it the pellet's path. So in other words it goes like 
       #          |      #
       #1<-       |    <-#   <- : Path of energy pellet
       #          |      #   1: First set of portals (get it approximately to that
       #          ########   2: Second set of portals. The 2 in the middle should be
       #          ########      above the catch
       #1->       |   ->2#
       #          |   2  #  
       #          |      #
    Now for a double fling with some action on your part. To the left is an alcove, 
    but above you is a panel. Create a portal on the panel, and go into the alcove. 
    In the alcove is a small pit. Create a portal, and fling yourself across the 
    room. However, before you hit the ground you need to create another portal (not 
    the same color as the panel's portal!) in order to effectively fling yourself 
    across. This make take a few attempts to get right.
    The next room requires you to double fling across. Once on the other side of the
    glass, create a portal directly across where the energy pellet will bounce, then
    another portal where the energy pellet does bounce. This will activate the 
    catch. Double fling yourself across back.
    If you've noticed the moving platforms, this is your next obstacle. They move 
    opposite to where you want to go. The solution? Use portals! The platforms move 
    slowly, so you can time it right how you want to advance.
    Now for another tricky room. There are two rooms on either side, each with a 
    switch. Create a portal going into one, then create another portal to the other
    room. You'll need this shortcut. Press a button inside one room, then the other 
    button. Quickly make a path for the energy pellet to go into the catch. And 
    there, you're done!
    There are five cameras in this chamber (21/33). The first is around the corner
    after the chamberlock. The second is after you make your first double fling.
    The third is in the energy pellet room. The fourth is in the alcove in the 
    second double fling room. The last camera is in the last room.
       2.i Test Chamber 16
    There will be turrets, lots of turrets! To destroy one, simply knock it off 
    however should you choose to do so. This makes this chamber rather 
    straightforward for the most part. But mind the visible laser sight, so you 
    know not to step into a turret's field of view.
    When you get to a fence like gate, you can shoot a portal through it.
    There are five cameras in this chamber (26/33). The first camera is in the first
    room. The second camera is just before the hallway where a turret ambushes you.
    The third is in an alcove in that long hallway. The fourth is across the huge
    button. The last one is on the left wall once you're past the door.
       2.j Test Chamber 17
    You will get a companion cube for this puzzle. Remember, take it with you no 
    matter where you go! For the first step, you need to use it to climb the ledges.
    The next hallway will have a wandering energy pellet. Use the box as a shield 
    while you move through the hall. Now move BACKWARDS with the box in front 
    through the next hall (making sure that the energy pellet is not behind you!)
    Now for some fun parts. For the first step, you'll notice an energy pellet 
    catcher on an incline in the room. Create a portal on the other incline. Use one
    of the energy pellets in the hall to activate it (it doesn't matter which one). 
    Next comes the trickiest part of this chamber. Create a portal at the panel 
    sticking out. Across from that panel is a room where another pellet catch is, 
    but there's two doors blocking it. Leave the companion cube on the switch that 
    activates the farthest door. Create a portal to go back up into the hallways. 
    Use that same color portal to transfer the last energy pellet out and into the 
    room. Don't worry about the timing, as long as you have that portal up, you have
    plenty of chances. Now step on the second button, but off to the side so the 
    energy pellet doesn't hit you. Or you could step on it the moment the pellet 
    passes. Either way works.
    The last bit you need to do involves some geometry. There's a third room with an
    energy pellet bouncing around and a nearby catch. the problem is, the room is 
    portal-proof. To get the pellet in the catch, take the companion cube and walk 
    into the pellet's path at a 45 degree angle. This should bouce it into the 
    Take the companion cube and go up to the platforms that were raised. Jump across
    them and continue on into the next room. Set the cube on the button, go through 
    the door it opened, press the switch, and drop the cube into the furnace that 
    opens. You MUST do this.
    There are two cameras you can knock off in this chamber (28/33). You also get 
    the Fratricide achievement. The first one is after the second long hallway where
    the energy pellets bounce back and forth. The second one is in the large room
    after that.
       2.k Test Chamber 18
    This one might be tricky to start off at first. If you notice, you have a pit of
    waste water. The only way to cross this is a double fling. The good thing is, 
    the height is not really that important to consider.
    For the next part, you'll need to shoot a portal across the pit onto the ceiling
    as far up and to the left as possible. Now create a portal on the wall where 
    the pit with waste water is (not the previous pit!), something you can jump 
    into, and then, jump across! Next find the ceiling for the next higher platform 
    and jump down that. Look upwards, and you'll see a panel sticking out. Create a 
    portal there, and then another below you (don't worry about flinging). You
    should simply fall down onto a platform. Across, you'll where you need to go, so
    you can either fling yourself across (there's a platform below) or you can 
    create a portal to get across.
    You'll find a room with a switch that extends a panel, which leads to a large 
    room, littered with turrets on platforms. The best way to take care of them is 
    to use the energy pellets. You can tell where to shoot portals by the laser 
    sight and the charred rebound marks. Now for the hard part of this chamber. 
    There's a button on a pedestal you can press that's high up. If you press it, a 
    door nearby opens up, but closes quickly. This also contains the room to the 
    energy pellet catch you need. The best way to get there is to open a portal at 
    to the right and a little behind of where the button is (assuming you're facing 
    the door). Then put another portal close by, and jump onto the little pillar the
    button is on. Press the button and drop into the room. Don't worry about getting
    stuck, GLaDOS will open the door and keep it open while you're inside. Use this
    to your advantage to get an energy pellet inside.
    Another tricky part. Ride the scaffold until it close to the bottom alcove. Jump
    down, but before you press the switch, find a wall where you create a portal. 
    Press the switch and watch a panel come out and incline upwards. Create a portal
    on that, and go through the other one you made. To the right of the panel (when 
    you get out), there's a platform down below. Use it to fling yourself across the
    room to the upper alcove. Remember, you're timed, so you might want to get a 
    feel for it before you execute this plan.
    Grab the cube, ride the platform, and drop it off on the other side. You'll need
    to open the panel again. Take the cube with you as you go through the panel, 
    dropping it on the button. Find a way across using portals.
    This next test is a series of jumps. Not just any jumps though. What you have to
    do is create a portal on the first platform, use the pit off to the side, and 
    use that to gain momentum. Then using the portal color you used for the pit, 
    create a portal on the next platform. Then use the first platform's portal to 
    create a portal on the next, and alternate until you get across. But for the 
    last one, it's an inclined fling, which might be tricky to do.
    Two knockable camera exists (30/33). The first is the in the large main room.
    The second is in the last room where you have to fling yourself a lot.
    User ergzay from Gmail submitted a tip to make things easier (or harder?). When 
    you enter the turret room, you can by pass all the shenanigans by creating a 
    portal on the incline, then high-tailing it to the platform to your right. If
    you timed it right and weren't shot down, you can fling yourself across to the
    box. Grab the box, and go over the edge while holding back. Create a portal on
    the otherside, then one in the back. Press the button and take the box with you
    as you go through the portal.
       2.l Test Chamber 19
    The first part involves getting an energy pellet to a catch. It's bouncing 
    around in an L shape. First create a portal on the incline that the pellet is 
    not bouncing on, then when the pellet is moving horizontally, create a portal 
    on the other incline. Quickly create a portal for the incline under the catch 
    once the pellet has gone through. With any luck, the pellet should bounce up 
    and into it. This will activate the scaffold.
    Now you'll be through a barrage of portal based tests.
    - Crouch under the beam
    - Jump on the platform, then jump back on the scaffold.
    - Jump into the alcove, hit the button, create a portal past the door, and 
      create another one to get back on the scaffold
    - Create a portal link so the energy pellet doesn't bounce where you are.
    - Create a portal through the narrow gap, and on the wall blocking the path. 
      Time your jump.
    - Create a portal on a wall past the furnace, and another to escape.
    Well then, that was a twist.
    There are three cameras in here (33/33). The first is in the first room. The 
    second is in the with the pedistal button. The third you'll see on the way.
       2.m Beyond the test chambers
    To escape, look above where you entered the furnace. You'll see another room. 
    You'll have to double fling yourself across to get to it, although this may take
    some practice. The best place to put the portal is at the top most in the 
    middle, and another in the center of the floor. Drop down, and you should double
    fling without trouble.
    Now it's just following the path. I'll leave the easy bits out, I'm pretty sure 
    at this point you're smart enough to use the portal gun for clever tactics.
    In any case, you'll come across a large air duct. You can't cross the fans, so 
    you'll have to keep shooting portals until you get one across. You'll want to 
    make your way across the waste water pit. Once across, look behind you and 
    create a portal on the opposite side wall above the catwalk. Now drop down and 
    to your right, there will be an office for exploring. To your left is the exit. 
    When you go towards the exit, you'll find a broken stair well or something of 
    sorts. You'll also see red graffiti pointing up. Looking up, create a portal 
    on the wall and do a double fling from there to get onto a higher platform.
    Go up the stairs and follow the path until you see a broken wind tunnel. Go 
    inside and ride it all the way to the end. You'll find the end place familiar. 
    You'll need to solve the puzzle again, but this time, use the portal gun while 
    stepping on the button to get a portal on the other side of the door. Drop down 
    into the elevator shaft. You'll see a chain linked fence separating you from 
    the next room. For this, create a portal on the underside of the  low platform 
    across the fence, then another one in the shaft. You'll drop down, but you need 
    to crouch to pass. On the other side, find two rising pistons and jump on the 
    tallest one.  Then, create a portal on top of the platform and step on top of 
    that one (it's best to do it while there's portal under the platform, so you can
    just "jump" up). Next ride the piston going into a wall, hopping off on the 
    other side. Another grate separates you from the next area. Shoot a portal 
    through it, and go back to another portalable area to get across.
    Make your way up into the next area and follow the hallway. You'll see some 
    pistons rising and falling. Ignore any other paths, since they're all dead ends.
    Find a way up to the middle piston and at the peak, you'll be level with the 
    exit. Shoot a portal across, and find your way to the exit. For the next part, 
    you'll see two pistons to the right mashing the ceiling. Put a portal under one 
    of them, then look up. You'll see another portalable platform that faces down. 
    Place a portal there. Now go to the portal under the piston, and watch as you 
    take a trip downwards. You should land on another piston, which a platform 
    across from it is. Jump on the platform and look up, you should see another 
    portalable surface. Place a portal in the middle towards the right, and double 
    fling, you'll land on a catwalk that'll take you further in. There will be some 
    pistons that you can't cross, simply just make portals across them.
    The next room is a room full of wacky pistons going everywhere. But the goal is 
    to get to the top. Once you're there, you'll find a caged off exit. Create a 
    portal on the floor there, and you have your way out. Follow the tube down 
    below, and keep going until you find another piston (what's with these anyway?).
    Place a portal above the piston and go back a bit. Shoot another portal on a 
    wall that you can jump into when the piston is near the first portal. Time your
    jump correctly so you fall on it and make it to the next place. In the next area
    you'll be ambushed by turrets, but you'll get a warning. The exit to this area 
    is in the room where the last turret appeared. A small nook allows you to see 
    your next destination, but only a small portalable area is visible.
    Next you'll want to make your way on top of the tube you see across a caged off 
    room. Then off that tube to a catwalk to another nook. A turret will be there, 
    but you can ambush it. The next room will require a tricky double fling. Using 
    the door that opened up as a launch point, create a portal and go through it. 
    You'll be launched out, a low ways, so hurry to create a portal on the floor to 
    give you the momentum needed to fling out.
    Follow the hallway down until you get to a room with a button. Pressing it 
    activates the rocket sentry. Let it lock on to you so you can have it break the 
    glass. Do it for the other side (you'll have some time to get out of the way). 
    Leave a portal facing the rocket sentry before you proceed on, you'll run into 
    another glass window. Make another portal and have the rocket sentry lock on 
    from that side, so you can break the glass. In the next room, you'll see a glass
    tube. Create a portal (the one you used to break the last glass) so that it's 
    level with the glass tube. Go back out, get the rocket sentry's attention, and 
    have it break the tube. It'll cause a cube to come out so you can enter a vent 
    with it. A fan will block your way, just create a portal to get across, and 
    continue on.
    When you find yourself at the end of a tunnel with a small grate, put a portal 
    on the wall and go through it (somehow, you can figure it out!). You'll be in a 
    trench, you'll need to get out of it. But once you do, you'll be ambushed by 
    turrets. Use portals to your advantage to either get behind them or knock them 
    off. Once all of them are done, you'll have to use a very large flinging 
    technique to get out.
    You'll notice two inclined panels. Go to the room with the highest incline. Put 
    a portal on the opposite side incline, and a portal down below. Drop down into 
    that one, and as you're flinging out, use the portal that you did for the other 
    incline, so that when you go back into the ground portal, you'll fling right out
    and on another level of the area. You'll be ambushed by two more turrets as you 
    go further. Dispatch them, and leave a portal in the middle were the two turrets
    were. Go back, leave a portal on the hole down below and drop. Don't worry about
    messing up, just don't replace the portal you left behind! With any luck, you'll
    fling upwards. Keep going up (it's pretty straight forward from here) and 
    across. Keep going, and you'll eventually come to the end... well sort of.
    There's really nothing to worry about in this "fight". Let GLaDOS speak until a 
    sphere pops off from her. Walk up to a control room where a button is. This'll 
    open up a furnace (you may want to drop a portal link before you attempt this). 
    Drop the sphere in, and GLaDOS will go nuts. Now you have five minutes to defeat
    her. A rocket sentry will pop out and attempt to give you an alternate death... 
    or you can use it on GLaDOS. Create a portal link so that the rocket will fire 
    towards you, but go past you into a portal that'll hit GLaDOS. GLaDOS will drop 
    another sphere, and the rocket sentry will be temporarily disabled. Drop that 
    into the furnace, rinse, lather repeat.
       3.a Advanced Test Chamber 13
    What's different: You don't get the weighted cube in the beginning, and the 
                      floor of the main room is flooded with waste water.
    Step on the button, and shoot a portal at the catwalk, it should pass and go to 
    the ceiling of the main room. Create another portal and it should be above 
    another button. Drop down and you'll be in the chamber. Get the energy pellet 
    into the catch to active the scaffolding on the other side of the room. Create a
    portal opening on the ceiling above the scaffold’s path and create one near you 
    so you can drop down on it. DO NOT DROP THE CUBE INTO THE WASTE WATER! Get the 
    cube to one of the buttons, and drop down on the second one. Use your portal gun
    to make one past the door, and simply walk through.
       3.b Advanced Test Chamber 14
    What's Different: The box is harder to get to, there's no moving platforms in 
                      the waste water room, and the easy shortcut doesn't work.
    Go to the left, up the stairs, and drop a portal near the platform of the box. 
    Go back to the stairs, drop a portal on the floor, drop down and get on the 
    cube's platform there. Take the cube to the button, and go to the waste water 
    room. Set up a portal on the other side, and one on your side to get across, 
    and go across. Drop the portal you used on the energy pellet's side so it's in 
    the path of the energy pellet. Walk through the portal when its safe and create 
    a link using the portal on your side over the energy pellet catch.
       3.c Advanced Test Chamber 15
    What's different: Things were added or rearranged to test your reflexes and 
    Thanks to prekwilliams at Yahoo for heads up, I revised this part.
    The first double fling maneuver requires good positioning. To the right is a
    place where you can gain momentum. Create a portal link but don't fall through
    just yet. You'll want to fall so that you'll come out facing the panel that's
    jutting out. If you can fall through like that, create a portal after you fall
    so that you'll double fling out.
    The energy pellet maneuvering got trickier:
       #     1    |      #
       #1<-  |    |    <-#   <- : Path of energy pellet
       #     v    |      #   1: First set of portals (get it approximately to that)
       #----------########   2: Second set of portals.
       #          ########   3: The third set. The 3 in the middle should be above 
       #2->  |    |   ->3#      the catch.
       #     v    |   3  #  
       #     2    |      #
    The next double fling section, drop a portal near the glass wall, and then go to
    the alcove. You'll notice you need to make a portal to get up, so do so. When 
    you get up there, create a portal on the ceiling above the pit, and go back to 
    fall through. While you fall through, make a portal on the floor, and you'll 
    fling out high. Use the movement keys to guid your fall.
    To double fling across the next area, you'll need to do a triple fling. Shoot a 
    portal between the energy pellet units, and one on the floor. As you fling out, 
    make another portal where you'll land. This should create enough momentum to 
    fling across the wall.
    In the next room, simply make a portal on the left side where the pellet 
    bounces, and the right most incline (in the middle). The pellet should bounce 
    around before stopping in the catch.
    For the moving platforms, there's only two and they come out fast. Shoot a 
    portal on the opposite side where you start, then make another elsewhere. Wait 
    for a platform to come by, get on it and quickly shoot another portal to the 
    left. Get off, make another opening, get on a platform when it comes by, and 
    quickly shot another portal on the floor to the right. Get off, and go through 
    the portal.
    Refer to the solution in normal mode, but this time, you can only go through the
    rooms by the ceiling, if you plan on a portal.
       3.d Advanced Test Chamber 16
    What's different: Turrets are in cages (i.e., you can't knock them down)
    All the turrets are in the same place as in the normal map. The first turret
    may appear to block the way, but all you have to do is create a portal above it
    then another elsewhere. You have to crouch into the space, and run like your
    pants were on fire around the corner. But watch out, there's another turret
    watching around the next corner. Sidestep to the right until you can see the
    wall behind the next turret, and create a portal to it so you can avoid risking
    life and limb exposing yourself to get that portal. Once going through that 
    portal, skip the other turret by making another portal across the hallway. 
    Now for the hard part. Take advantage of the cubes to your left by grabbing
    them. Place one directly in front of the turret near by and take the other. 
    Crouch down, walk into the hallway while keeping the cube facing the other
    turret. You should be in the other's blind spot. Keep going, plop that cube in
    front of the other turret. So as long as you're crouching, you can walk safely
    in that hallway, at least until the next room. If you keep looking towards 
    the next room, you'll see a doorway in the center to another room. Create a
    portal in that room, retreat, and fall through by creating another portal to
    get into that room. You'll find it to be full of boxes.
    Make another portal so you can sneak behind the two turrets in the main room.
    If you're looking at the room from the room with the boxes, the only turret of
    concern is the one on the right. Stack two crates on the front right corner of
    it so that you can go into the next room without it shooting at you (use the
    portal to go into the box room though!).
    Here's a diagram for the next room.
    #   X               # X - Turrets
    #              X    # B - Button
    |   BB              # | - doorway
    |   BB              #
    #            ########
    #        X   #
    #            #
    #####   ######
    Stack two boxes so you block the top right turret's view as you go into the
    room. The top left turret won't see you unless you move further to the right.
    This way, you can safely go next to the bottom turret with a box, toss a cube
    onto the button, and create a portal behind the door. But before you leap into
    the next room, there will be another turret behind a fence. If you can create
    a portal behind it, you'll be golden. If not, make sure to find cover ASAP. The
    top right turret will see you, but if you crouch down, hopefully the cube on
    the button should block its field of view. There's another fence you have to 
    get behind, so create a portal, and sneak behind the last turret to be home
    Totalwar from Lycos.nl suggests this:
    "For map 16: I did the same until you get befor the room with the 3 turrets. I 
    collected all the boxes in the room next to the boxroom and made myself a shield
    by placing the boxes around me and move up to the button, moving each box slowly
    forward in the turrets sight. Because is you do that you have 1 spare box you 
    can use to block off the turret thats behind the fence, and you also got a block
    to protect you if you have to pass in front of a turret. I just wanted to be on 
    the safe side ;)"
       3.e Advanced Test Chamber 17
    What's different: Your companion cube is a ball, and it's harder to get the 
                      energy pellets into the catchers.
    For one, the companion "ball" is not really your friend. But you'll use it in 
    the same manner as the cube. A trick I found out is if you hold it, look down, 
    and jump, you should get a slight boost in jumping power. In any case, here's 
    how you get the energy pellets in the newly designed catcher obstacles (they're 
    all in the same place).
    1. For the two chambered door catcher, create a portal so it extends a pellet's 
       path to the room. Wait for it with the first door open, close it to trap it 
       once its in, and quickly go to the other switch behind the second door using 
       your ball.
    2. For the catcher at the angle, create a portal at ground level, on the wall
       across from the catcher, so it extends the path of the other energy pellet 
       there. You'll need to use the companion ball to bounce the orb up.
    3. For the catcher in the small room, same deal, you need to use the orb to 
       bounce the pellet up and over the glass.
    When its over, you'll need to go left instead of right. This will take you to
    a double fling room. However, only a spot is actually accessable. You'll need to
    fling yourself across it with the ball. The rest is easy to do.
    neofreezerburn from Gamefaqs.com suggests the following to tackle the first
    "For the two-door catcher, instead of quickly throwing the ball back and forth, 
    it's easier to stand on the second switch. In order to get to the second switch,
    detach a camera and place it beside the switch platform. Jump on the detached 
    camera and then jump onto the switch. The camera gives you just enough 
    additional height to let you stand on it. 
    Make sure that the camera is laying on its side, otherwise it's unstable to do
    anything with.
       3.f Advanced Test Chamber 18
    What's different: All ceilings are metal, and energy pellet generator isn't 
    For the first part, the double flinging, you'll need to first get a really high 
    double fling to the opposite side. However, while you're on your way, drop a 
    portal on the floor of the higher area. If you're successful, go through make a 
    portal on the wall above the waste water. If not, reset. Once you're up higher, 
    if you look towards where you have to go to next, you'll see metal sticking out 
    of the wall on the right. Create a portal near their and hop to it. Across from
    that block is a platform you can portal over to. Once on the platform look up 
    and you can get across to the main room.
    The best cover spot is towards the left when you enter the main room, none of
    the turrets will see you. Now you can leisurely understand the situation here.
    All the way on the other side of your safe zone, there's a turret there. Create
    a portal on the wall past it, and then another near you (preferably not with
    you in front of it). You have to act fast in this. Jump through, knock off the
    turret, and jump back. If you take too long, two of the turrets will make 
    mincemeat of you.
    With one turret gone, you can focus on the others, sort of. The ones scanning 
    pretty much most of the room need to be dealt with. Going to the safe zone 
    again, fire a portal on the left wall (if you're looking towards the cube), as
    high as possible above the left most turret, then make another close by on a
    wall. You have just enough room to jump across and snag the turret from behind.
    Once you do, pick it up (do not knock it down!) and toss it to the closest 
    turret so it knocks that one down. Now that those two are gone, you can take
    care of the last one using the same method (create a portal above, then drop 
    With all turrets gone, get on the scaffolding and go to the alcove with the
    button. Before you do anything, down below in front there's a platform. Drop a
    portal as far as you can. Hit the button, create a portal on the incline, and
    drop down into the portal. HOWEVER, you must land in the portal on the platform
    again to get enough momentum to get across!
    Thanks to ergzay and cardaxio from Gmail for this tip. The last room in the 
    chambers isn't exactly the same as in the normal version. Each time you "bounce"
    back into the portal, the platform begins to lower. In other words, you only
    have one shot at the last room.
    User cardaxio from Gmail submits the following for an alternate way of taking
    care of the turrets.
    "In regards to knocking over the turrets, to reach the two turrets that 
    are on your left as you enter the room, I discovered that I couldn't 
    seem to get enough momentum to reach the platforms... so I used "half" a 
    fling maneuver.  By placing the entrance portal on the floor and jumping 
    into it, I was able to reach the upper platform.
    Since I was too weak and feeble to reach the other platform's by tossing 
    the turret I had, I had to come up with another way to reach the lower 
    platform.  My method is complicated, but it worked...
    Basically I started a fling and turned it into a bungee jump.  Blue 
    portal on wall, orange portal on floor, jump in portal on floor... but 
    on my way down to the floor portal again, I shot a blue portal onto the 
    floor nearest the platform.  As I popped out of the blue portal, I 
    guided myself onto the platform, and bingo, one more turret down."
    NOTE: You cannot earn any of these during commentary mode or when cheats are 
    activated! i.e. If the attribute "sv_cheats" is 1, you will not earn any 
    1. LAB RAT: Get a fully powered portal gun
    2. FRATRICIDE: Do whatever it takes to survive
    3. Partygoer: Make the correct party escort submission position decision
    4. Heartbreaker: Complete Portal.
       - 1 through 4 are completed automatically.
    5. Terminal Velocity: Fall 30,000 feet
       - Create a portal on the ceiling, then one directly down below. Fall right
         through and wait about five minutes. Make sure Chell isn't spinning as
         she falls, otherwise she'll find her way out, even with the funneling 
         option on.
    6. Long Jump: Jump 300 feet
       - There's only one room you can actually do this achievement in, in the large
         turret ambush room. Find the highest room, portal inside, then put a portal
         in the incline across the room. Create a portal straight down. Drop in and
         you'll fling out. Go to that floor portal to fling out again. However you
         will fling too far out and land on the other incline before you can get
         into the floor portal (unless you hold back to guide your direction). To
         avoid that, use the side step key in either direction to avoid the incline
         and put a portal on the floor before you land. Do this about three times
         and you have the achievement.
    7. Cupcake: Beat two Portal advanced maps.
    8. Fruitcake: Beat four Portal advanced maps.
    9. Vanilla Crazy Cake: Beat all six Portal advanced maps.
    10. Basic Science: Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.
    11. Rocket Science: Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.
    12. Aperture Science: Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.
    13. Camera Shy: Detach all security cameras from walls (33)
       - Here's a check list:
         00 - 0 (0/33)
         01 - 0 (0/33)
         02 - 0 (0/33)
         03 - 3 (3/33)
         04 - 3 (6/33)
         05 - 2 (8/33)
         06 - 3 (11/33)
         07 - 0 (11/33)
         08 - 0 (11/33)
         09 - 0 (11/33)
         10 - 1 (12/33)
         11 - 1 (13/33)
         12 - 0 (13/33)
         13 - 3 (16/33)
         14 - 0 (16/33)
         15 - 5 (21/33)
         16 - 5 (26/33)
         17 - 2 (28/33)
         18 - 2 (30/33)
         19 - 3 (33/33)
    14. Friendly Fire: Knock down a turret with another
       - Numerous people corrected me that this just involves tossing a turret on
         another. Best place to do this is Test Chamber 16 or in the large ambush
    5. Legal
    Portal and related is copyrighted 2007, Valve Software
    PlayStation 3 is a trademark and product of Sony
    Xbox 360, Windows, and DirectX are trademarks and products of Microsoft
    GeForce is a trademark of NVIDIA
    Radeon is a tradmark of ATI
    Pentium and Core 2 are trademarks and products of Intel
    Athlon is a trademark and product of AMD
    Guide written by LatiosXT, copyrighted 2007. For use on Gamefaqs.com only.
    Feel free to e-mail me corrections at altomarelatios@aol.com 
    Things to work on:
    - Start on Challenge maps, or not. I'm not that hardcore yet.

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