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FAQ/Walkthrough by mdav2

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/07/07

{                                                                              }
{                        Penumbra Overture  - Episode 1                        }
{                                                                              }
{                          Walkthrough By Mark Davies                          }
{                                                                              }
{                               (c) March 2007                                 }
{                                                                              }
{                                  Version 1                                   }
{                                                                              }

{                                                                              }
{                                  Contents                                    }
{                                                                              }

  01 - Introduction
  02 - General Notes
  03 - Enemies
  04 - Walkthrough
  05 - Notes

{                                                                              }
{                              01 - Introduction                               }
{                                                                              }

This is a guide to the Penumbra Overture - Episode 1 game.  I do not intend on 
rehashing the manual so you should refer to it if you are unsure of controls 

This guide has been written by me after some long painstaking effort so please 
do not rip my walkthrough off.  Finally it will contain SPOILERS so only read 
if you are really stuck.  

I may work on revising the layout once I have the walkthrough complete. I hope 
the maps also prove useful.

{                                                                              }
{                              02 - General Notes                              }
{                                                                              }

* Use the GLOWSTICK rather than the torch because it never runs out of power 
  and it enables you to see better than the torch (I never used the torch in 
  the entire game).

* You can run past most of the enemies in the game but sometimes stealth is the 
  better option.

{                                                                              }
{                                03 - Enemies                                  }
{                                                                              }

* Dogs
The dogs can't be killed in most of the game so best either hide or run.  They 
are quicker than you so if you are being chased you need to get somewhere they 
can't get you. This can be in a new area (where the game has to load) or a door 
that only opens outwards, dogs can't open doors.

* Spiders
These can be killed or avoided depending on the situation. You can use any 
weapon but the pick axe seems to do the most damage.  If you need to kill 
them move your swing and hold it at the top but don't follow through. When they 
jump at you swing and you should hit them.  Two hits usually kills them.

* Giant Worms
One word here, RUN! They will break through doors and kill you with 1 hit!  
Luckily there are only 2 in the game.

{                                                                              }
{                               04 - Walkthrough                               }
{                                                                              }

************************************* Ship *************************************

* get notebook from desk.
* Open inventory with tab, select key an put into slot 1.
* Press 1 and use key on padlock on locker.
* Open the drawers by the bed and get the TORCH.
* Open the chest at the end of the bed and get the FISHERMANS LETTER.

**************************** Greenland Outside Area ****************************

Note Added:
- Lost in blizzard may be my last entry if I don’t find shelter

* You need to move quickly here because you’ll lose health from freezing.
* Run forward and stay towards the left.
* When you see some rocks grab one and keep running straight.
* When you come to the hatch either swing or throw the rock to break the ice.
* Open the hatch and descend.

*************************** Underground Area Room 1 ****************************

* Use your GLOWSTICK.
* Move forward towards a door you can’t open.
* To the left is a STEEL BAR you can pick up.
* Open the box near the door and get the FLARE.
* Move the barrel next to the door and get the FLARE hidden behind.
* On the walk to the left is a door, exit through it.

*************************** Underground Area Room 2 ****************************

* Grab the HAMMER from the shelf.
* Pull the shelves by the wall to reveal a small tunnel.
* Break the planks with the HAMMER and crawl into the tunnel.
* Follow the tunnel to room.

*************************** Underground Area Room 3 ****************************

* This is the locked room from earlier the door leads back to room 1.
* There is also a door in the floor and a metal device in the corner.
* Use the STEEL BAR on the metal device and turn it clockwise.
* This opens the door in the floor which you need to go through.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 1 ***************************

Note Added:
- The entrance to the cave has caved in, there must be another way out.
- I found a locked door in the middle of the mine.

* Try the door and a note will be added:
  The entrance to the cave has caved in, there must be another way out.

* Follow the tunnel straight forward and you’ll find a map (see below)

        ----       ___
        |  |______|   |_________________
        |                               |
        \______        _____      __    | WORKSHOP
              _|      |_    |    |  |   | ----
    ____     |          |___|    |__|   |_|  |
   /    \____/                               |
  |                      ____________________|   
  |      ___            /    ____________
   \____/   |           |   |            |
     _______|_____X_____|_  |    ____    |
    |                     | |   |    |   |
    |   ___    _______    | |   |    |   |
    |  |   |  |       |   | |   |    |   |
    |  |___|  |_______|   |_|   |    -----
    |                           |      STORAGE
    |    _     _______    ______|
 ___|   | |   |       |   |
|       | |   |_______|   |
|_______| |               |
          |___     _______|          X = Door (locked)
OFFICE        |   |
              |   |

* The only places you can access on the map at the moment are the office or 
  storage room. The door I have marked X is locked (it’s just to the left of 
  the map).
* Try the door marked with an X and a note will be added:
  I found a locked door in the middle of the mine.

* There is a dog patrolling this area but it doesn’t appear until you enter 
  either the storage room or office.
* Head to the office first

********************************* Office Room **********************************

* The is loads of stuff to pick up in here:

  BAXTRIN – on Desk
  OFFICERS LOG – on Desk
  COPENHAGEN POST – in drawer of desk
  SMALL KEY - in drawer of desk
  TORCH BATTERY – cabinet by desk
  BEEF JERKY (2) – drawer by typewriter / filing cabinet by chest
  PAINKILLERS – filing cabinet by chest
  FLARE – on shelf by chest

* The first save point is activated by clicking the lantern like object on the 
* Leave the office

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 1 ***************************

* You’ll here a dog howling and the dog will be released in this area.
* The aim mow is to make it to the storage area.

You have two options here either hide and sneak or attack the dog and run 
when it is stunned.  You CANNOT kill the dog, I know I tried!

* I would recommend running forward and jumping onto the crate (the dog can’t 
  get you there). You might want to extinguish your light here so it doesn’t 
  see you!
* Wait for it to wander off and then leg it to the storage room.

********************************* Storage Room *********************************

Notes Added:
- There is a locked door with odd noises coming from behind it in the storage.

* Check the door and a note will be added:
  There is a locked door with odd noises coming from behind it in the storage.

    _______ ____________
   |     S |       |    |
   |       |       D    |
   |       |       |    |
   |       |       |    |
   |       |       |    |
   |       |       |    |
   |   T   D       D    |
   |       |       |    |

T = Trapdoor
D = Door
X = Exit
S = Save

* Get the EMPTY LIGHTER from the shelf with drawings.
* Look at the drawings and they show you what to do next.
* Go into the room to the left.
* Remove all the boulders from the crate in the middle of the room.
* Move the crate to reveal a trapdoor.
* Go through new door and get the PAINKILLERS and TORCH BATTERIES from shelf.
* Save again if needed.
* Go back to the trapdoor, open it and drop down.

****************************** Under Storage Room ******************************

                      |          |
                      |          |
                      |____D____P| Steam Release Pipe
                      |          |
                      |____   ___|
                           | |
                           | |
                           | |
                           \ \
                            \ \_____________________
                             \    ___   ____   _____| Flare
                             / __/   | |    | |       Scientific Findings 1
                            / /      | |    | |
   Scientific Findings 2   / /       | |   / / Dead dog
                       ___/ /    ____| |__/ /
                      |    /    / ___   ___/
                      \___/    / /   | |
                              / /    | |
                       Ladder/ /     | |
                            /_/      | |
                                    _| |__
                                   |      |
                                   |      |
                                   |    T | Trapdoor
                                   |      |

* Referring to the map, follow the path north and take the first left.
* Grab the ladder and take it back to the trapdoor, it should attach itself so 
  you can climb out.
* Follow path north and right, past the dead dog.
* Grab the FLARE and SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS at the end of the tunnel.
* Head west, past the steam pipes (avoid the steam because it hurts!)
* Take path north to room with padlocked gate.
* Use HAMMER to break through the gate.
* Get LIGHTER FLUID from shelf and combine with LIGHTER.
* Grab the TORCH BATTERIES in the box.
* Switch off the steam pipe by turning the wheel on the pipe by the wall.
* Head back south then south west to find SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS 2.
* Head back to the trapdoor, you’ll hear something upstairs climb back up.

********************************* Storage Room *********************************

* Make sure you save here.
* Exit to main room and you’ll notice the two previously locked doors are now 
* Go through the one to the north first and grab the SPIDER HATERS note and 
  OLD KEY from the desk.
* The small room off here contains the guys tongue on a shelf and a dead 
  spider on a table. Nothing else.
* Go into the only other room you haven’t investigated and get the BEFF JERKY 
  (x2) from the desk drawer.
* Leave back to tunnel.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 1 ***************************

Notes Added:
- Found a keg of explosives, but without a fuse I’ll blow myself up trying to 
  blast the exit path clear.
- I found a potential way out of here but need to remove the rubble first.

* You now need to head for the locked door in the centre of the map. The dog 
  seems to have disappeared so make your way to it at your leisure.
* When you get inside you need to block the door so do not move to far inside 
  the room.  

  I’ve found that collecting the metal barrels from outside and 
  using two to block the outside of the door works well in conjunction with 
  using barrels and rocks on the inside.  This will keep the beast at bay 
  whilst you are in the area but if you exit to the workshop then it seems to 
  find its way in.

* Now move the TNT barrel in the explosives part of the mine to the Northern 
  area. Check the barrel and a note will be added:
  Found a keg of explosives, but without a fuse I’ll blow myself up trying to 
  blast the exit path clear.

* Grab the "MY FAVOURITE WORKSHOP” note by the cave in, it contains the code 
  for the workshop.
* Examine the rubble by the northern area and a note will be added:
  I found a potential way out of here but need to remove the rubble first.

* Follow the path through to the door to the workshop with a key panel.  
* Enter the code 8412 (the numbers in the note backwards)

******************************** Workshop Room *********************************

Notes Added:
- I might have found the explosives storage, in which case I need to somehow 
  break down the locked door.

                    |      F      |
                    |   _______   |
                    |  |       |  |
                    |  |       |  |
                    |  |       |  |
 ___________________|WP|_______|  |           X  - Exit
|             |                   |           F  - Flare
|             |   ______    ______|           A  - Axe
|_A____       |  |     _|  |_                 C  - Cotton String
       |      |  |    |      |      _______   S  - Save
       |      |  |    |  F   |     |       |  D  - Door
       |     S|  |    |_    _|     |    G  |  G  - Gunpowder
       |C     |  |     _|  |_______|       |  T  - Dynamite
       |      D  |    |            D    T  |  P  - Painkiller
       |____X_|__|    |____________D_T__P__|  WP - Planks

* Grab the COTTON STRING from the box on the shelf.
* Get the flare from the shelf opposite.
* Go through to the part of the room with a pile of rocks, search underneath 
  for a PICK AXE.
* Go back through the door and follow the corridor around right then left.
* Grab the FLARE underneath the barrels then head back around the corridor.
* You should pass a room on your left with an electronic fence. Use any wooden 
  objects like planks and boxes to climb over.
* Disable the battery and go to the door at the end.  
* Try and open the door and get the following message:
  I might have found the explosives storage, in which case I need to somehow 
  break down the locked door.

* Smash the door with the pick axe.

* Grab the DYNAMITE from the box and to the right of the door.
* Grab the PAINKILLERS off the shelf.
* Go over and use the PICK AXE on the gunpowder barrel.
* Use the COTTON STRING on the gunpowder to make a FUSE.
* Head back to the tunnel area.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 1 ***************************

* Head to the northern area where you left the barrel, be careful because the 
  beast is wandering the area.  You can sneak there with out being spotted.  
* Make sure the barrel is in the depression in the rubble, you may need to 
  throw it.
* Use the FUSE on the barrel.
* Use the LIGHTER and leg it to a safe area.
* Finally exit through the hole.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 2 ***************************

                                                To Iron Mines
                                                Auxiliary Shaft
                                                 __    ___
                                   ___________  |  |  |   |
                                  |           | |  |  |   |        ___
                                  |   _____   | |  |__|   |_______|   |
Storage                           |__|     |  | |                     |
   ____                        Tool        |  | |_____     _______    |
  D    |                       Shed        |  |       |   |       |___|
  |_   |___________________________________|  |       |   |
    |                                         |       |   |
    |   __    _____________________     ______|       |   |_______
    |  |  |  |         ____________|   |_______       |           |
    |  |  |  |        |                        |      |    ___    |
   _|  |__|  |________|   _________________    |      |   |   |   |
  |                      |                 |   |      |   |   |   |
  |_    __    __    __   |_________________|   |______|   |___|   |
    |  |  |  |  |  |  |                                           |
    |  |  |  |  |  |__|   _________________     ______     ___    |
    |  |  |  |  |        |                 |   |      |   |   |   |
   _|  |  |  |  |   __   |_________________|   |      |   |   |   |
  D_   |  |  |__|  |  |  D                 D   |  ____|   |___|   |
 /  |  |__|        |  |__D__      _________D___| |                |
/   |         _____|        |_DD_| Key Panel     |________________|
|   |________|   ___________|    |_____________  
|               |                              |
Excavation      |    ____    ____      ____    |
                |   |    |  |    |    |    |   |______   __
            __  |   |    |  |____|    |____|          |_|  |
   Power   |  |_|   |    |                             _   |
   Room    |   _    |    |________   _________________| |__|
           |__| |   |            _| |_                  Communication
                |   |           |     |                 Central 
                |   |           |_____| 
                |   |
                |   |         Store Room
               _|   |_
              |       |
              |       |
              |       |

There is a dog behind the door with the key panel, it will not be released 
until you release it. 

* Follow the tunnel straight ahead, you should see a door marked “power room”.
* Go through the first door, then through another door to the power room.

********************************** Power Room **********************************
|     |               |   D - Door
|     |__W____  ______|   S - Save
|                     |   T – Torch Batteries
|________   __________|   B - Box
|            ________ |   L - Ladder
|           |Z       ||   W - Switch
|  ____     |_5_4_3  ||   Z – Battery Slot
| | L  |         F|2 ||   1 - Valve
| |    |  B       |1 ||   2 - Valve
| |    |          |__||   3 - Valve
| |____|              |   4 - Valve
|__________DD__SB_____|   5 - Valve
                          F – Fuse Slot

* Grab the two BATTERIES on the shelf.
* Grab the GENERATOR MANUAL from the shelf
* Save your game if you want.
* Use PICK AXE to break fence around hole.
* Push box in hole, climb down ladder and get BATTERY.
* Climb up ladder and use the BATTERY on the side of control panel.
* Operate any valve and then try and use the switch, the fuse should blow.
* Exit power room

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 2 ***************************

* Make your way down to the store room.

********************************** Store Room **********************************

* Grab the BROOM by the door. You can use this as a weapon for a jape.
* Grab the FLARE off the shelf.
* Grab the 2 BEEF JERKY off the shelf.
* Grab the TORCH BATTERIES off the shelf.
* Use the boxes to reach the FUSE on the top shelf.
* Exit and Head for Communications Central.

**************************** Communications Central ****************************

* Grab the COM RADIO from the table.
* Grab the FOREMANS WARNING from the table.
* Listen to the Morse code and use the translation to get key code (5738)
* Now head back to the power room.

********************************** Power Room **********************************

* Use the FUSE on the fuse holder.
* Turn the valve in the following order (based on the map)
  Valve 4
  Valve 3
  Valve 1
  Valve 2
  Valve 5
* Hit the switch and the power should start.
* Save then leave and head to the key panel.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 2 ***************************

* When you get near the key panel Red will radio you listen to what he says, he 
  likes to talk, then approach the key panel.
* Enter the code in the key panel (5738)
* Avoid the dog and head back to the door where the dog was and you’ll notice a 
  map that indicates 2 doors east and west.  Take the one to the west (left of 
  the map).

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 3 ***************************

Be careful in this area there are two dogs patrolling, one in the west and one 
in the east near the door that leads to the auxiliary shaft.

* Head to the Excavation room and go through door.

******************************* Excavation Area ********************************

* Get the EXCAVATION NOTE from the table with the save.
* Grab the biggest bit of the ladder and jump up under the hole in the roof.
* The ladder should attach.
* Use two of the three boxes and drag them under the ladder.
* drag the other box up the “altar” over looking the other boxes and push it 
  on top of the other two.
* You can now jump up and grab the ladder.

******************************** Spider Tunnels ********************************

* Go straight ahead ignoring the first left.
* Either grab the boulder and block the tunnel you came through or just turn 
* When you pass the broken paraffin use the lighter and set it on fire.
* Move the boulder to block the other tunnel then follow the new tunnel north.
* Grab the small boulder and carry it north along the tunnel.
* Drop it into the acid and use it as a stepping stone.
* Follow tunnel east running as a boulder follows you (like Indiana Jones), 
  keep running and go right at the end. The boulder will go left.
* Quickly run west to the boulder and use your PICK AXE on the boulder.
* Follow the tunnel to the next boulder and use the PICK AXE again.
* Follow the tunnel and do the same to the final boulder.
* Run and jump down the hole into the storage area.

********************************* Storage Area *********************************

* Red will contact you again, listen to him.
* Open the first aid box and get the PAINKILLERS
* Ignore the planks for now and break down the locked door to the south.
* Turn 180 degrees and go through door on far walls.
* Follow the hallway and get 2 FLARES from behind the shelves.
* Return to the main room and head west, following hallway to the north.
* In corner of the room slide the green box cover and get the VEHICLE KEY 
  inside, you may need to crouch from the left of the box to grab it.
* Grab the FLARE, TORCH BATTERIES and BEEF JERKEY (x3) from shelf.
* Head back to the door you broke down and head west (steam kills!)
* Grab TORCH BATTERIES (x2) from shelf and head into the booth.
* Grab GREENLAND MYTH notes from locker

The machine has three levers from left to right they do the following:

Left   - Moves box up and down
Middle – Extends or retracts the arm 
Right  - Moves box left and right

You need to manoeuvre the box so you can use it conjunction with one of the 
other boxes to climb on the shelf to access the grate on the eastern wall. You 
need to almost move the box into the south east corner whilst keeping it 
suspended. Drag a box over and jump up.  

* When on the shelf use the HAMMER to break the vent and follow it around to 
  the right.
* Break the next vent and grab the GASOLINE CAN from the floor.
* Climb back up and back to the control room, then head back to the room with 
  the planks over the door.
* Break the planks and exit through the door.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 3 ***************************

* Head towards the tool shed, you shouldn't come across any dogs on the way.

********************************** Tool Shed ***********************************

* Grab the following from the shelf:


* Exit the room

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 3 ***************************

* You need to make you way back to the door that leads to the auxiliary shaft.
* Now be careful because a dog will be patrolling near the door.
* You need to use the SAW on the plank blocking the door.
* Exit through the door.
* Your next aim is to get the auxiliary shaft. You need to avoid the one dog 
  in this area and make your way to the door in the north of the map.

********************************* Machine Room *********************************

* Get the FLARE from the shelf near the save.
* Get the PLUG and plug one end into the control panel and the other end into 
  the power socket.
* Insert the MACHINE KEY in the control panel.
* Use the HAMMER on the GASOLINE CAN to open it.
* Use the GASOLINE CAN on the digging machine.
* Listen to Red.
* Go back to the panel and turn the key to start the machine.
* Use the level to get the machine to cut through the rock (like the one in 
  Total Recall)
* After a few seconds you can let go of the lever and follow the new tunnel 
  through the door on the right.

********************************** Worm Room ***********************************

   _______________|          _ |             _____________
  |               |         | ||Hole        |   W         |
  |               D         |_||            |             |
  |    ___________|            |            |             |
  | P |           |            |            |             |
  | L |           |____   _____|            |_____   _____|
  | A |                |  |                       | |
  | N |                |  |       Spiders    _____| |_____
  | K |                |  |        Nest     |             |
  | S |                |  |         ___     |   _    _    |
  |   |                |  |________|   |____|  | |  | |   |
  |   |                |                       | |  | |   |
  |_X_|                |   __    __     __     | |  | |   |
                       |  |  |  |  |   |  |    | |  | |   |
                       |  |__|  |__|   |__|    |_|  |_|   |
                       |                                  |

* From the start go across the planks towards the door at the end of the 
  L-shaped hallway.
* As soon as you hear a banging on the door leg it bag to the start of the 
  level, a giant worm will chase you and can kill with 1 hit. It should go 
  down the hole where the planks are and not return.
* You need to head towards the room where the snake just came from, notice the 
  locked door on the northern wall. there is a switch that opens this for a 
  limited time in another room and that is your next target.
* Take the passage south, then east running past the spiders, then north into 
  the room.
* Hit the witch on the wall and an audible alarm will sound. Now you need to 
  leg it back to the room with the locked door. You only have a limited time 
  before the door shuts so move it.
* when the door closes advance into the next area.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 4 ***************************

                           ___________|       |
                          |                   D   Shaft 12
                          |    _______        D
                          |   |       |_______|
             _____________|   |       
            |                 |
            |_____________    |                            Refinery
                          |   |
                          |   |_______________________         _D_
                          |                           |       |   |
                          |    ___________________    |       |   |
                          |   |                   |   |       |   |
                 _________|   |_______            |   |       |   |
                |                     |           |   |       |   |
  Section C     |    _____________    |___________|   |_______|   |
                |   |             |                               |
  ___X____      |   |             |    ___________________________|
 |        |_____|   |    ___      |   |
 |                  |   |   |     |   |      _________
 |         _____    |   |  L|_____|   |     |         |
 |        |     |   |   |             |     |_____    |
 |        |     |   |   |    _____    |           |   |
 |        |     |   |___|   |     |   |___________|   |
 |__    __|     |           |     |                   |
    |  |        |_______    |     |    ___     ___    |
   _|  |_               |   |     |   |   |   |   |   |
  |      |              |   |     |   |   |   |   |   |    Shaft 13
  |      |              |   |_____|   |   |   |___|   |____
  |______|              |             |   |   L            D
                        |_D___________|   |________________D
    Tool                |   |
   Storage              |   |                X - Locked Door
                        |   |                D - Door
                        |   |                L - Steam Lever
                        |   |

* There are several dogs patrolling this area. The good news is you can now 
  kill them using steam rooms scattered around the hallways. Basically, you 
  need to use JERKEY to lure them into cages then hide, when the dog appears 
  use the lever. This is very tricky but gets the annoying animals out of your 
  way. Alternatively just run past them. The dogs will be guarding the paths 
  to shaft 12, shaft 13 and the refinery
* The first place we are heading is the tool storage so follow the map.
* Grab the SCREWDRIVER and BOLT CUTTERS then head for shaft 13.

*********************************** Shaft 13 ***********************************

BB - Boulders
XX - Exit                                       BB
S  - Spiders Nest                              |  |
                                            ___|  |_____
                                           |            |
      _____________________________________|            |
     X                                     B            |
     X___________    ______________________B            |
                 |  |                      |            |
                 |  |                      |_____    ___|
                 |  |                            |  |
                 |  |                       _____|  |
                 |  |                      |        |
                 |  |                      |   _____|
                 |  |                      |  |
                 |  |                      |  |_____
                 |  |                      |        |
                 |  |                      |   __   |
                _|BB|___________________   |  |  |  |
               |                    B   |  |  |  |  |
               |   _    ____________B   |  |  |__|  |
               |  | |  |             |  |  |      S |
               |  |_|  |             |  |  |__    __|
               |       |         ____|  |     |  |
               |____   |        |       |     |  |
                    |  |        |   _   |_____|  |
 ___________________|  |________|  | |           |
|                                  | |   ________|
|   __    ____    ______________   | |  |
|  |  |  |    |  |              |  |_|  |
|  |__|  |    |  |              |S      |
|S       |    |  |              |_______|
|________|    |  |
              |  |
            __|  |
           | S   |

* Take the tunnel south because the end of the east section is blocked.
* When you enter the tunnels a blockage will block you in.
* Run south, then east, then north until you get to the room in the north east 
  corner of the map.
* You should avoid the spiders where possible but you may have to kill a couple 
  on your way.
* On entering the room grab the BLANK NOTE and BEEF JERKY (x2) from the lockers 
  on the east wall.
* Grab the 2 FLARES off the floor near the boulders.
* Grab the JERKY, PAINKILLERS and 2 BATTERIES from the lockers on the west wall.
* Grab the DYNAMITE and JERKY from the north west corner.
* Finally grab the "TRAPPED MINERS FINAL WORDS" document from the bench.
* Move the rubble on the west wall and head through the hole back to the exit.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 4 ***************************

* From here you need to head to the refinery next, so follow the map.

*********************************** Refinery ***********************************

                                   To Steam Room (see below)
          |         |                  |   |    D - Door
          |      // |                  |   |    C - Conveyor Belt
          |      // |                  |   |    P - Machine Panel
          |C     // |                  |   |    L - Ladder
          |       P |                  |   |    F - Fan
          |__    ___|             ______DDD__   M - Motor enclosure
          |  | 1 |  |            | M         |  W - Switch
          |  | 2 |  |            |         W |  / - Stairway
          |  | 3 |  |            |           |
    ______|_ | 4 |  |            |           |
   |      | |       |____________|           |
   |      |L|      C|____________|_          |
   |    __| |       |    ________| |         |
   |___|  | |       |   |  ______  |         |
          | |______F|___| |      | |_______L_|
          |_________|_____|      |___________|

* Go up the platform and you'll see a console to lower and raise the 4 pistons 
  on the conveyor belt.
* The layout of the console is shown below:

      1      2      3      4

         5      6      7

  Buttons toggle the pistons 1-4 as follows:

  1 - Pistons 1 + 3
  2 - Pistons 2 + 3
  3 - Pistons 1 + 3 + 4
  4 - Pistons 2 + 3 + 4

  Buttons move pistons down

  5 - Piston 1
  6 - Piston 3
  7 - Piston 4

* You need to raise all four pistons using this sequence:


* When you get past it head to the small western alcove and grab the following:


* Put the SPARE MOTOR on the conveyor belt nearest the entrance and it should 
  release the ladder.
* Climb the ladder and grab the SPARE MOTOR making your way around to the fan.
* Hold the SPARE MOTOR in the fan until it breaks then crawl through, taking 
  the SPARE MOTOR with you.
* Follow the tunnel and drop the SPARE MOTOR in the new room and decent the 
* Use the SPARE MOTOR on the motor enclosure then hit the switch and follow the 
  conveyor belt to the steam room.
* Using the map below wait for the first square (1) to have no steam then 
  follow the numbered path. You move from one number to the next when the steam 
  turns off and wait when it is on.

             __ __ __|__|
            |  |9 |10|11|
            |  |8 |  |  |
            |  |7 |  |  |
            |  |  |6 |  |
            |2 |3 |  |  |
            |1 |4 |5 |  |

* You then need to move the barrels under the stairs and break through the vent.
* Follow the vent to the right and exit into SHAFT 12.
* The door at the top of the stairs won't open by the way.

*********************************** Shaft 12 ***********************************

* Move the cart blocking the doorway.
* Turn around and head towards the cart.
* Cut the chains in front of the cart with the BOLT CUTTERS.
* Push the cart down the track and it will break through the wall.
* Grab the newspaper clipping - COPENHAGEN POST
* Get the OLD NEWSPAPER from the drawer.
* Use the newspaper on the door
* Use the screwdriver on the door
* Grab the newspaper again and get the METAL KEY
* Use the key to open the door.
* Red will contact you again when you enter the room.
* Switch on the light by the entrance and check out the budding Jack Nicholson.
* Go into your inventory and double click the blank note (password 1371)
* Grab the ROCK WORM STUDY from the cupboard.
* Exit back to the door you unblocked earlier.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 4 ***************************

* Follow the map to SECTION C.
* Enter the code 1371 on the code pad.
* Open the door.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 5 ***************************

        Chemical   DD                       __________
        Storage   |  |_____      DD        |          D  Incinerator
                  |        |    |  |       |   _______D
                  |   __   |____|  |__     |  |
                  |  |  |             |    |  |
                  |  |__|   ______    |_   |  |___________
                  |        |      |__   |  |              |
                  |_____   |    _____|  |  |   ________   |
                        |  |   |        |  |  |        |  |
                        |  |___|   __   |__|  |________|  |
                        |         |  |                    |
                        |______   |__|   __    __    __   |
                               |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                               |   __   |  |  |__|  |  |  |
                               |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |
                               |  |__|  |  |________|  |  |
                               |       L|              |  |
                               |   __   |               DD
                               |  |  |  |
                               |  |__|  |___         Section B
                               |            |
                               |   ___DD____|
                               |  |
                               |  |   Section B
                               |  |
                   ________    |  |
                  |        |   |  |
                  |   __   |___|  |
                  |  |  |         |
                  |  |__|   ______|       L - Steam Lever
                  |        |              D - Door
             __   |   __   |
            |  |  |  |  |  |
            |  |__|  |__|  |
            |              |
            |___________   |
                        |  |
                ________|  |
               |           |
   Lake      __|     ______|
  Utuqao    D       |

* This area has dogs again but you can use the steam method to kill them again.
* from the door, sneak up and hide behind the box almost directly in front of 
* Red will contact you again, he warns you about the lake. When he's done 
  ready some JERKY. Its hot dog time again!
* A dog patrols the corridor to the east. Sneak up to the cage and throw in 
  some JERKY, then retreat back to you box. When you see the dog go into the 
  pen go over to the lever and steam the dog.  
* Head towards the chemical storage in the north west of this area. The 
  closest door is locked so you'll need to use the one in the far corner.

******************************* Chemical Storage *******************************

* Move along hallway to trigger cutscene, then run away from the worm.
* Go through the opening and press the switch to the left.
* Run right and use boxes to jump over the acid.
* There is another switch to your right to close a second door so use that.
* Use pick axe to break through two barricades.
* Push box(es) into acid and jump for other box on other side.
* Stand behind the beam facing the way you came and use your axe on the beam.
* A cave in will stop the worm following you.
* Use the valve to open the door.
* Enter the room and get the following:

  CHEMICAL notes on the table
  CHEMICAL 'A' and 'D' on the tables
  CHEMICAL 'E' in the locker
  CHEMICAL 'B' and 'F' in cupboard
  CHEMICAL 'C' on shelf by door
  2 FLARES from lock on floor
  BEEF JERKY from drawer

* Save before exiting area.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 5 ***************************

* Now head to the lake in the south western part of the map.  

********************************* Lake Utuqao **********************************

* Follow the tunnel to the lake, there is a save point if needed.
* You need to make it across the lake without drowning. The only safe spots 
  are around the edge of the lake and the mini islands. You need to edge out 
  until the ice breaks and jump backwards to safety. Then jump on the floating 
  ice to get to the first island. Repeat this heading towards the second 
  island. Finally repeat to make it to the far corner.
* Look for a hand sticking out of the ice and use the SAW on it to get the 
  crowbar. Examining it to get what I think is a joke on the half-life 
  character Freeman.
* Cross back over the lake and exit.

************************** Underground Area Tunnel 5 ***************************

* Now you need to make your way to the incinerator.
* Use the CROWBAR on the door and exit through it.

******************************* Incinerator Area *******************************

* Listen to Red then move forward until the hall splits left and straight on.
* Turn left and follow the planks to a room.
* Grab the PAINKILLERS (x2) from the first aid box.
* Get the GLASS CONTAINER from the table.
* Open the drawer and get the FUSE.
* Use the gas canister attached to the Bunsen burner then light the burner.
* Put the GLASS CONTAINER on the burner.
* Mix chemicals D and F together to produce an explosive (work it out from the 
  explosives guide and chemist note - barium and phosphorus are 3 and 5 and 
  words 3 and 5 are Dopamine and Frequently - D and F).
* Pick up the glass container and carry it back across the planks to the 
  hallway where you came from and find the cave in. DO NOT DROP IT or you will 
  be blown to small pieces so close to the end of the chapter!
* Put the GLASS CONTAINER by the cave in and use the FUSE on it.
* Light the FUSE and run back along the hallway for cover.
* Follow the passage way down to a room that splits into a T-shape with a door 
  in front. You cannot open this nor the one to the left so go right following 
  the hallway.
* Enter the Red room and Red will talk to you again. He's inside the room in a 
  coffin over the incinerator. The crosses on the floor indicate that he is 
  most likely a vampire, which isn't good news for you!
* Go to the right of the incinerator and press the button to "save" Red.
* Pull the drawer under the incinerator and get the key.
* Head back along the hallway, past the door on the right and open the locked 
  door at the end.
* Open the drawer and get YOUNG REDS PREDICAMENT.
* Open the second door in the corner and find the bookcase in the next room.
* Move the bookcase to find the power panel.
* use the SCREWDRIVER on the power panel then use the BOLT CUTTER on the wires.
* Head back to the door you haven't yet been through and use the CROWBAR top 
  open it.

*********************************** SHELTER ************************************

* Get the WELCOME TO SHELTER note.
* Follow the steps down and open the door.
* Turn right and notice the figure at the end of the hallway.
* Head towards the figure, the lights will go out and none of your electrical 
  gear will work so you'll need your glowstick.
* As you get halfway along you'll be knocked unconscious and the chapter will 

****************************** END OF WALKTHROUGH ******************************

{                                                                              }
{                                  05 - Notes                                  }
{                                                                              }

1) Fisherman’s Love Letter (2 pages)

Dearest Eric,

Just a quick note before you set sail and leave me once again.

I’ve left you a little something to remember me by in the chest at the foot of 
your bed. I really don’t know why you still only have one bed on board, taking 
shifts because of it is no way to get your rest. But what does a fisherman’s 
wife know about life at sea?

I’ll be praying every night for you to make the catch you need, so that you 
can come home to me safely, and soon. Please don’t be gone for five weeks like 
last time! I know I nag sometimes, but I do love you, you know.

I’ve washed those overalls of yours, I’ll know you’ll get them covered in 
assorted fish parts in no time, but I still feel better knowing they’ve had a 

Before I forget, the Henriksons in the village have asked me if you’ll be 
coming by any trout, but I said they were mostly out of season.  If you do 
happen upon any, don’t say anything. Stow them well in the ice, and I’ll do 
something special with them to celebrate when you come home to me.  The ship’s 
captain deserves a little special treatment once in a while.

Take care my love. 

2) Officers Log (3 pages)

15th August 1945
Command Bunker: Emergency Airstrip Zulu Weekly Report

Another unremarkable week in Greenland:
- regular supply shipment received
- standard emergency drills carried out
- routine runway maintenance completed
  (I have ordered maintenance be carried out twice weekly from here on in, due 
   to increased snowfall)
- one wounded

The one wounded figure is no cause for concern back in London: the German’s 
haven’t extended their frontline by 4000 miles. Two of my own men were caught 
manufacturing cherry bombs in our workshop/armoury, and succeeded in blowing 
off a couple of fingers. I take partial responsibility for this, in that I 
allowed them access to the demolitions manual we keep in the store room, and 
I’m sure that’s where they learnt the ingredients. As a precautionary measure, 
I have locked up the manual in the chest in my office, and I will keep the key 
on my person at all times. Needless to say, both men have been disciplined, 
and the injured man has been sent home for medical care. I cannot help but 
think that a more suitable punishment would have been for him to stay out 
here, but the matter is out of my hands. 

This base is so disconnected sometimes, I feel as if this war could end, and 
we might not even hear about it out here. 

Supplies Requisition Order:
- dynamite for excavation purposes
- 7 bayonets (not necessary in my opinion, but procedure states we should have 
  a full compliment)
- 1 industrial ice pick (for removing the damn ice that forms on the external 
- 1 pair of reading glasses, category 7-C (an order for myself, my glasses are 
  in a rather poor state of repair and could do with replacing)

Reconditioning of the mine continues to progress. The structure is being 
fortified from potential bomb damage, and excavation of previously caved in 
areas is going ahead.

One point of curiosity is some kind of archaeological find, an artefact buried 
in the earth, and discovered by one of the work teams. Later this evening, 
after marshal duty, I shall take a close look at the artefact. It appears to 
be man made, and may have working parts inside. I shall remove what looks like 
the front cover, and see if I can’t discover the source of light which 
constantly emanates from it.  

Chief NCO M.Major

3) Copenhagen Post Article (2 pages)

Copenhagen Post, Monday 17th August 1930
Psychotropic deposits at the bottom of “Death-Mine”

Researchers at the university of Copenhagen have suggested that mind altering 
chemicals naturally sewn into the rock, may be the cause of high suicide rates 
at a Greenland mine.

The university, which has recently been  conducting studies into isolated 
communities, first became interested in the workers of the North Western Lead 
Mine last year. They discovered that even taking into account Greenland’s 
naturally high suicide rates, local figures for the last 100 years were 
abnormally high, at46 deaths per 100,000 populace compared to the national 
average of 29.

On further investigation, experts diagnosed, in many of the mines, symptoms in 
common with the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. This has prompted 
researchers to hypothesise that natural deposits of lysergic acid, a PH 4 
formula recently discovered to have hallucinogenic properties, may be present 
in the rocks. 

Few locals were conductive to interview, but those who agreed to speak had 
their own explanation: Inuit spirits known as the “Tvvmgait” live in the 

The university is awaiting the results of chemical testing. Studies continue.

4) Explosives Book (5 pages)


1923 Edition

Chapter 1.3 Black Match Fuse

The black match fuse is one of the oldest, simplest and most reliable fuses 
used in modern pyrotechnics. It is easy to create, essentially consisting of 
just a string and gunpowder, but be warned: the chemicals concerned WILL stain 
clothing, and as always, due concern is advised.

Materials required:

- String (preferably cotton)
- Black gun powder
- Baxtrin

The string should be coated with a thin later of baxtrin, which acts as an 
adhesive. The string is then carefully rolled in the gunpowder and left to dry 
a couple of minutes before use.  

Chapter 2.1 Dynamite

Invented by Alfred Nobel in 1866, dynamite is commonly used in construction, 
mining and demolition. It has proved safer to handle than alternatives as pure 
nitro-glycerine, provided, that is, it has been properly stored. Over time, 
the explosive component of dynamite, supposedly made safe by the presence of 
the diatomaceous earth, has a tendency to weep, making an old box of 
explosives to detonate on contact.  

Materials required:

- 1 part diatomaceous earth
- 3 parts nitro-glycerine
- small amount of sodium carbonate

[Text unreadable] and then simply form into short sticks and wrap in paper.

Chapter 2.3 Trinitrotoluene (TNT)

TNT was first discovered, in 1863, by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand, but it 
took some years before it yielded its true potential. This was because of the 
difficulty in making it explode and the lesser detonation in comparison to 
dynamite. The main advantage was discovered by the German navy, who employed 
TNTs relative explosive stability in order to cause massive damage to British 
warships. Their torpedoes could be detonated inside a ships armour, rather 
than exploding on contact as did other shells.

Chapter 2.6 Armstrong’s Mixture

Armstrong’s mixture is included in this book as more of a point of interest, 
than a viable chemical mix. The formula exists as somewhat a legend in modern 
pyrotechnics, referenced, by those knowledgeable enough to stay away from it, 
as Death Mix. Its incredible volatility makes it unsuitable for almost all 
potential applications.

Materials Required:

- Red phosphorus
- Barium

This mixture can be carefully, and slowly mixed to minimise risk to the 
chemist. Sulphur can substitute for some or all of the Barium, to slightly 
decrease the sensitivity.

5) Scientific Findings 1 (8 pages)

Day 1
I begin this record, still in the hope that the great work we have undertaken 
here might one day be of scientific value, despite the chaos which has ensued 
in the six hours previous. My aim is to remain secure, until what help there 
may be arrives, and to that end I have barricaded myself into a workshop area 
in the abandoned area of the mine. I hope that the meagre food rations here 
will keep me alive, and that those I hide form will not jeopardise that. 
Perhaps this mine really is cursed: its almost precisely thirty years since 
the incident that brought us here, and now, thirty years on, fate has struck 

Day 3
I forecasted that today the rescue crews would arrive, but I can only 
hypothesise that they would be unaware of my location, and hence busy 
themselves evacuating the other survivors. If they have not arrived by 
tomorrow, I will go out in search of them.

Day 6
My first mistake was to make assumptions on the matter of my rescue. My 
section mistake was to make assumptions on the safety of the mine. My third 
mistake was to act on both those assumptions in going outside of my safe haven.

My best estimate is that I have left the workshop where I was secured about 
two days ago in search of aid, and I have found only danger. I approached the 
old living quarters but curiously, could find no signs of life. Whatsoever. I 
returned in what I thought was the direction from which I came but found 
myself in an unfamiliar locale. Confused, but focused, I attempted to make my 
way home, but found myself threatened by some species of feral creatures, 
which seems to have made this old mine its home.

Although the specimen bore significant interest to me I chose to retreat, only 
to be outmanoeuvred and outnumbered by the beasts. I turned and ran injuring 
my ankle in the process, which I believe now is most likely a sprain, rather 
than a fracture. For some time I cowered and fled in the dark, but a few hours 
ago I discovered a door leading to a smaller disused part of the mine, the key 
for which I still have in my pocket. Within that area I discovered this store 
room, and I think it should keep me safe for some time. This place is a maze.

My lesson learnt: I will not venture out again until I am certain the area is 

Day 19

Rescue seems increasing unrealistic. Supplies diminishing. Lots of spiders in 
this place. I do not like spiders.

Day 34
I caught one of the accursed, eight legged beasts nestling in my open mouth 
when I woke up this morning. In my surprise I swallowed it. It’s not so much 
the act of swallowing which concerns me, but the genus of arachnid. It would 
be unlikely that a cave dwelling spider would be venomous to any significant 
degree, but the possibility troubles me all the same.

Day 35
Any know venom would have affected me by now, and so today is the first minor 
cause for celebration I have had since the incident. By lucky coincidence, 
this revelation also means I have discovered a virtually inexhaustible supply 
of nutrition. I intend to venture into the basement beneath this storeroom, in 
the name of science, to discover more about these creature’s natural habitat.

Day 50
For four days now, I have been surviving solely off the quite considerable 
sustenance provided by the spiders. For some time I was struggling to gather 
enough of the crunchy little morsels, however, lady luck smiled on me once 
more when the batteries in my torch died and I made a second life saving 
finding: the creatures natural habitat is the dark. With my light now 
diminished, I need only lie still for a few minutes, and I will have attracted 
enough of the beasts for a rather hearty meal.

6) Scientific Findings 2 (3 pages)

Day 71
My earlier assumptions on the benign nature of my cell mates may have been 
made in error. After a careful autopsy, I am concerned that there may be a 
small volume of natural chemicals stored in the stomach which, if ingested 
regularly, may be psychotropic, or even lethal. My only real chance is to 
break out of here and raid any stashes of supplies I can find. However, my 
evidence against such a move is insurmountable:

1. I have no source of light
2. I swore to myself I wouldn’t leave until I heard human voices outside
3. The spiders are so tasty

Day 100
From the marks I have been making on the walls, and my scribbled diary entries 
–which, in the dark, may amount to an ineligible scrawl – today is the 
hundredth day of my new life. 

Over the past month my edible friends have become more and more aggressive, 
and have swelled in number and size. Whether or not this is a result of my 
plundering their ecosystem, I am unsure, however, at this rate of growth they 
will soon be too large to crawl through the gaps in the walls. For all I know 
I could only be seeing the tip of the iceberg.

If all else fails, and I am never recovered, I hope at least my study of, and, 
indeed, involvement with, these fascinating creatures will one day be regarded 
as an important point in natural history. The greatest names in modern science 
got their more through fluke than talent, and it appears that this rule has 
extended itself to my discovery of this delicious new species.

I pray that the second rule deems my breakthrough too insignificant: for all 
the great discoveries tend to consumer their inventor.

7) Spider Haters Note (3 Pages)

Day 200
It has been sometime since I recorded any findings in relation to the spiders 
with whom I have shared my existence for the past eight months, partly due to 
my enforced retreat from their basement territory. Not too long ago their 
behaviour became overly aggressive, and so I have attempted to barricade the 
main entrance to their lair, and secured myself in one of the smaller rooms 
above it, the only one with an operational door lock.

The other reason is that I have been recovering from a minor operation, which 
I was forced to conduct myself, without the aid of anaesthetic. Even if I did 
have any anaesthetic or surgical tools, I couldn’t afford to be less diligent 
in my work, so anaesthetic was out. Surgical tools are all well and good but 
although it may be becoming old and rusty, I still trust my pen knife to do 
the job just as well.

The procedure itself was elementary enough, a simple amputation of a non vital 
organ. I began to notice a thick, glue like substance forming on my tongue, 
and I was force to accept it had become infected through constant toxin 

Day 300

Another century of days comes and goes: it seems like so long since I escaped 
here. At some stage since my last entry, I attempted to return from whence I 
came: that form I was fleeing seems a fate far worse than the one I now face. 
However in my time since I arrived from the larger mine system, a cave in has 
occurred, blocking any further progress. I was forced to return and accept 
whatever end life has in store for me.

I hear my aggressive little friends scratching on the door to my cell.

8) Workshop Note (1 page)

I love my workshop. It is TWO great a hunting ground to let others gorge their 
faces – ONE cannot help but feel FOUR those with such delicate mousey morsels 
on which to munch, for red EIGHT ravenously of their flesh today, and shall 
continue to do so. This is possible thanks solely to the button pad I 
installed on the door.

And yet, Red’s mind is working somewhat BACKWARDS today.

9) Generator Manual (5 pages)

Steelburg Generator Type 7-G

Congratulations on your purchase from the type 7 product line. We are certain 
that you will be pleased with your new petrol driven electrical backup system. 
Below are highlighted just a few of the added an improved features of the 7-G 

- Avoid personal wear and tear: the wind up startup motor has been replaced 
with a battery driven unit.

- Grease in the industrial workplace can be an accident inducing, insurance 
nightmare, so enjoy the new increased grease control system.

- Electrical insulation can be expensive to install and maintain, so the 
economical 7-G basic model arrives without.

- And much, much more.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Ensure the area surrounding the 7-G is clear of equipment and personnel, in 
   case of overheat.

2. Connect and confirm secondary flow by turning appropriate valve.

3. Turn on cooling system to avoid overheating.

4. Release excess steam, until pressure is within safe limits.

5. Begin grease flow, ensuring leakage is minimal.

6. Turn main valve and confirm primary flow.

7. Pull main operation lever.

8. Check energy output your unit should now be fully functional.

10) Foreman’s Warning (2 pages)

Boys, I’d come and have a word with you myself, but I’ve got more important 
things to do than piss about making sure you’re all doing you’re jobs properly.

Now I know there is a certain amount of camaraderie between you lot, playing 
pranks and jokes on each other: it comes with the territory, and that’s fine, 
so long as you don’t add me to your list. God knows, you need something to 
keep you entertained down here. However, you all know very well that Penrose 
has some very deep seated issues about his height, so anyone who thought it 
would be a good idea to sabotage his generator, then hide all the spare fuses 
on the top shelf in the store room would quite clearly need their head 
examined, you get me?

In other news, Jones, I want that inventory done yesterday. And the rest of 
you, its not all fun and games, you hear? On a serious note, another radio’s 
gone missing. And you better hope to god that means one of you has lost it, 
because stealing ain’t a pretty word in my book. It’s the third one this 
month, which means the amnesty on coming clean is fast coming to a close. 
Then there’ll be repercussions, got it?

What’s strange is, you’re all supposed to be working in pairs, so nobody 
should be able to get their hands on a radio without the other spotting it. 
When I find out how they got away with it so long, then I’m gonna fling them 
out into the snow and leave ‘em there. They’ll just disappear into the night, 
just like all those radios.

Lead Mine Foreman

11) Emergency Procedures Pamphlet (3 pages)

In the event of an emergency, all mine workers are asked to follow the 
standard emergency procedure, detailed in the leaflet provided. Rescue 
services will already be on their way, and so under no circumstances should 
employees attempt to aid colleagues themselves, or contact the emergency 

This code sheet is provided for use in the extremely unlikely event that you 
are trapped in the mine, with no way in which to signal or otherwise contact 
emergency crews. In this scenario, you should:

1. Ensure the stability of surrounding rock by gently tapping and feeling the 

2. Once you feel certain that there is no risk of rock slide, check and see if 
you have any form of communications device to hand, and attempt to send a 
distress call using the code sheet.

3. Should such a device be unavailable or damaged, begin firmly tapping out a 
message on the wall of the cave. Rescue crews will hear you and arrive 
promptly to dog you out.

Morse Reference:

A) .-      B) -...    C) -.-.    D) -..
E) .       F) ..-.    G) --.     H) ....
I) ..      J) .---    K) -.-     L) .-..
M) --      N) -.      O) ---     P) .--.
Q) --.-    R) .-.     S) ...     T) -
U) ..-     V) ...-    W) .--     X) -..-
Y) -.--    Z) --..

0) -----   1) .----   2) ..---   3) ...--
4) ....-   5) .....   6) -....   7) --...
8) ---..   9) ----.

12) Excavation Findings (3 pages)

The test substance continues to defy identification both chemical and xeno 
investigations fail to produce meaningful results. Testing continues.

Test 102:
Bromine Test – normal, PH 5

Test 103:
Acid Amide Test – negative

Test 104:
Ammonia NH3 – negative, unreactive

Test 105:
Hydrochloric Acid Solution – negative for Sulphate, Sulphide and Chlorate Ions

Test 106:
Standard Hallucinogenics – mild intoxicant, test abandoned due to test 
subjects suffering massive internal haemorrhaging within 1 – 2 hours

Test 107:
Positive/Negative Metal Cations – incomplete

Test 108:
Human Hallucinogenics - incomplete

Testing of the gaseous ‘fog’ has been considerably more successful. It appears 
to be a harmless blend of Sulphur, Chlorine and Aromatic Amine, which gives it 
the floating visual effect. Please note that ‘harmless’ here, is used in the 
xenochemics sense: it is harmless in so far as we have identified it, and so 
can take the necessary safety measures. If ingested it would, naturally, be 

Test 159:
Potassium Dichromate Paper – positive for Sulphur

Test 161:

Litmus Test – negative for all but chlorine

Test 301:
Hydrochloric Acid Solution – positive for Aromatic Amine

Work continues on the issue of transporting the substance. So far, removing 
it from its dormant location causes it base state to radically change, 
producing massive heat (to the detriment of three workers, one of who is no 
longer operation due to his injuries). Following heat dissipation, the 
substance appears to turn dead, unreactive to every test we have the 
equipment to run. The prevailing theory is that somehow, the disruption of 
the material causes it to enter hugely accelerated chemical decay. We 
estimate its half life to be approximately 0.4 seconds.

13) Greenland Myths (6 pages)

Inuit Mythology
Christian Foresight
First published 1903

Over the past hundred years, our people has seen something of a religious 
revelation. The Kalaallit and Inuit in general, might be said to have seen 
the error of our ways and Christianity has become increasingly embraced 
throughout the artic communities. It is the purpose of this paper to explorer 
the true roots of our long held beliefs and to uncover how they might be 
justified today, in our new found enlightenment. As such, this essay will be 
the first I have written in English, as opposed to our native kalaaleq. 


It is no coincidence that the word anirnaq bears resemblance to the English 
word angel. The anirniit are the Inuit equivalent of the soul, an underlying 
entity, released in the death of it’s worldly body. The concept itself is 
obviously well grounded in decent Christian belief, however, previous though 
has been blasphemous to the extent that souls are attributed to all beings, 
man or beast. To claim such a thing would imply that the killing of a beast 
for food is the same as the murder of your fellow man, and such a belief 
simply cannot be held the civilised Inuit.


Legends speak of disembodied spirits malicious in nature, sabotaging tools, 
turning hunts bad, and at times even possessing the weak or unfortunate. A 
tvvrngaq appears to have no recognised or agreed origin, both in terms of 
the legend itself and the individual being, causing great doubt to be 
entirely justifiable. Can we, in our Christian foresight really believe in 
such possessions and evil spirits? It seems perfectly clear to this writer 
that the real origin of the tvvrngait belief lies in the Christian demon. 
For, as we are taught by the generous and selfless Moravian church – 
without whose support, our people would have no doubt starved many years 
ago. The demon is capable of possession and of countless atrocities, 
which only the good Christian man can avoid through a lifetime of humility 
and devotion.


With the conclusions reached above the status of the cherished angakuk, 
the tribe shaman, should be obvious. Such people are in league with the 
tvvrngait demons, working side by side to control and contain the Kalaallit 
people. We have no need for such superstition and suspicion breeding people 
in our Christian ways: the protestant priest can perform all the angakuits 
duties and more besides.


The final challenge of a work such as this could be to find the nature of 
the Christian God, and to ask why he has not been present for so many years 
in Inuit belief. Until recently the Inuit people wrongfully attributed to 
anirniit almost god-like status in certain cases, and treated the tvvrngait 
as the devil incarnate. It is no major leap of faith to suggest that such 
beliefs have been underpinned by a central concern that there has been 
something missing in Inuit life. That something is, indubitably, God.

I hope that my findings have been informed and enlightened the atheistic 
few that remain in Inuit culture, and ask the lord Jesus Christ to redeem 
their souls.

Peter-Henry Natur

14) Xeno Report (3 pages)

Xeno Report 66b
Phase 9, Anno 9002 (Anno Domini 1992)
Filed by Chief Attending Xeno Officer for the eyes of leading 
installation officer ONLY


Unlike the other findings, 66b appears to be manufactured, rather than 
natural, origin, and so warrants additional interest – and, need I say 

The bulk of substance 63 was discovered only six yards from where artefact 
66b was buried, and appears, at least in part, to consist of a solidified 
form of 63, with a number of operable appendages. The artefact emits a low 
level of light from a seemingly inexhaustible energy supply, suggesting 
its origin is indeed as was suspected. Of course, the ramifications of 
this fact are clear, and appropriate measures are already been taken.

Progress in becoming enlightened as to the purpose of the device, if, 
indeed, it served a purpose in the traditional sense at all, has been 
slow. Following protocol to the letter, I assigned my Secondary Officer 
to the artefact on phase 7, only for him to go missing the following 
day. He eventually returned to the site from a previously uncharted area 
of the mines, presumably having discovered a new route, avoiding the 
cave-ins. At this stage we can only assume what transpired, since he 
remains in a state of disorientation.

Far be it from me to question the decisions of the Elevated Caste, but 
I am struggling to understand the necessity of conducting standard 
scientific testing in this case. I, of course, have full faith in the 
abilities of the research team, put together and sent here by my 
immediate superior, I simply wonder whether their time might be better 
employed on the main site.

Never the less, it is comforting to know that the actions of every 
member of the organisation are carefully choreographed and controlled 
by those outranking myself, both in stature and wisdom, and with this 
in mind, I feel fully justified in filing an official request for 
further manpower. We have already lost a number of workers to unforeseen 
events – largely whilst engaging in the studies mentioned earlier - and 
further investigations of the area call for volunteers to carry out 
tasks altogether too hazardous to risk the wellbeing of more elevated 
organisation members. In particular the tunnel system above the secondary 
site requires immediate cartography.

15) Trapped Miner's Final Words (4 Pages)

I write this note in the knowledge that this may well serve as my last 
will and testament. Myself and three other miners have been trapped 
beneath the main shaft to the surface for what we believe to be three 
days, but with no daylight, and increasing dehydration, it’s impossible 
to tell. The only thing that keeps us alive is the hope that there could 
be a rescue team already on the way. We were al so positive at the 
start, but that seems long ago now.

Renton was the first to crack, sometime during the first night. We all 
just lay there, trying to sleep through the wailing and scribbling, 
trying to pretend his problems weren’t our own, and that he was weak 
for having given up so soon. The fact was, he was dealing with the 
situation pretty realistically: our chance of survival gets smaller 
every hour. Since then, he hasn’t said much, but the despair that 
gripped him seems to have spread through the rest of us like a cancer.

We were such fools to ignore the foreman, and he paid for that with his 
life. When he started putting security locks on all the doors, we 
thought he was crazy: there’s only us down here after all, so why 
should we have the need for codes to access places we are all allowed 
to go? He gave us all code sheets and mode us swear to keep them safe 
– huh, mine hasn’t left my locker more than once, it’s still in there, 
doesn’t get much safer than that. We asked him who we were keeping 
them safe fro, but he never said. It was a pain in the arse, is what 
it was. I had to trek all the way to that crazy biologists office in 
the mining room this morning, just to check the code for Section C.

But he obviously knew something about these mines that we didn’t. 
Some of the guys started acting weird. Not crazy weird, just... not 
normal. That didn’t stop a couple of them being carted off to mainland 
Europe for psychiatric help. It was no one I knew will. Until the 
incident three days ago.

We were in chemical storage, when one of the guys who had seemed pretty 
straight just started shouting. It wasn’t the normal kind of shouting. 
I’m not any kind of  word smith, so I just don’t know how to describe 
the noises he was making. We’ll just have to stick with not normal. 
Anyway he managed to hurt a couple of guys, damaged some equipment 
before we got him under control. Nothing serious. When we released him 
he seemed OK. Phased, but alright. I didn’t really know where he was, 
far away look in his eyes. That look... I’ll remember that for the 
rest of my days, even if there aren’t many more of them.

His pupils weren’t dilated... they just seemed to take up more space 
than should be possible: black, and horrible. Then he snapped, and 
grabbed up on of those high explosive packs. We knew what he intended, 
saw those eyes. Those that could, made a run for it, but the guy was 
already bearing down on the foreman, he didn’t have a chance. There 
were five of us who made it to the exit shaft. Only four of us survived 
the explosion. The elevator shaft collapsed on us, and now its anyone’s 
guess how many are still trapped down here.

The last thing I saw was those eyes. Seemed like they were staring at 
me, and me alone.

Miles Statton

16) News Clipping: Copenhagen Post (3 pages)

Copenhagen Post, Friday 25th December 1970
Superstition Extinct, Death-Mine Still Breathing?

A worker at the North-Western Iron Mine, Greenland, is missing, presumed 
dead, as of midnight last night. Locals fear foul play.

Mining now forms the largest single industry in Greenland. At 16 years 
old, the North-Western Iron Mine is a relatively new part of a larger 
complex, which also includes a lead operation, and built on the site of 
an older mine, later converted into a military bunker, and finally 
closed in 1952.

The iron mine retains its excellence work record, in spite of the recent 
disappearance of an as yet unnamed worker. We have discovered that the 
man in question was a young labourer brought in from mainland Europe, 
possibly Denmark, and authorities on both sides of the Strait are 
currently attempting to contact any family he may have left behind.

The man disappeared ten days ago, and the mine foreman has now exercised 
his power to declare him ‘presumed dead’. This decision, we are told, 
was not taken likely: a full search of the mining operation was 
commissioned with no avail; without the appropriate equipment or 
transport, the man could not have survived on the surface.

Although superstition in Greenland has seen a decrease in popularity over 
the past year, some local inhabitants still claim that the land itself 
is cursed. This very paper ran a report, almost 40 years ago to the day, 
discussing the high suicide figures for the area but findings at the 
time were considered inconclusive.

Lars Jensen

17) Rockworm Studies (12 pages)

These are the biomedical journals of Dr J. Petyrs, MSc, PhD 
Completed between the dates of 30th March, 1969 and 1st January 1972 
At the North-Western Research Station, within the North-Western Iron Mine
With the permission of Delta Mining Corp

Replication of Selected Extracts, left at the disposal of mine foreman

Subject of Study: genus Rhyacophila
(Commonly: Grey Rock Worm)
Aim: to investigate the abnormal presence of the caddis in the Greenland 
Method: collection of samples (if, indeed, they can be identified 
correctly), standard series of testing, observation and discretion.

Personal Notes:

Upon arrival at the mining facility, I was immediately stunned by the 
sheer volume of fauna that finds its way down here, despite the conditions. 
In general, one would assume that species whose natural habitat is past a 
certain depth, would find the intrusion of human activity too great a 
threat to remain in place, however, almost the exact opposite seems to be 
the case in this instance. It is curious that certain area of the mine 
seem to be entirely without life of any kind, and yet other, deeper areas 
are teeming, and, were the situation permitting, I would embrace the 
opportunity to commit further time to the study of these organisms. 
However, the purpose of my stay here shall continue to be the genus 


Ah, finally, some writing paper! Look at me, just using up the pages to 
scrawl down whatever comes into my head! Hah! What is this stuff anyway... 
some kind of research paper... no matter, it’s paper all the same: I can 
finally record what’s been happening down here for... I suppose about a 
year now... it must be near the end of 2001 by now. Huh, I wonder when 
Christmas was. No matter. Too tired to write now, will rest a little first.


Samples Collected:
The collection process has been far easier than I anticipated. The set up 
of the artificial environment for the rock worm went without a hitch, and 
the specimens themselves are so abundant as to make keeping them out far 
more challenging than containing them.

They are all of health size, perhaps even beyond recorded size, and I can 
only assume that this is due to some lack of natural predators down here.

Specimens are as follows:
- 3 adults in artificial habitat
- 2 larval infants, dead


I’ve been down here two days now, was meaning to record events every day, 
but was too busy securing the area. I’ve used some supplies from the old 
mining system to wall myself in here, it seems as safe a place as any, so 
those things should at least stay put for a little while.

To that end, seems I’ve had a pretty lucky stumbling here. All this old 
research is about something similar to what’s been hunting me ever since 
I escaped the shelter four days ago. Don’t get me wrong, after what... 
after what they did to me back there, I’d rather be facing anything else, 
and after almost a year of fighting for our lives, we didn’t really stand 
a chance anyway. I don’t know how many are left inside,

But this is good. These notes might have some way to fight the things... 
the rock worms that followed me here. I don’t know how they knew I was 
coming, or how they managed to follow me in the dark, but maybe I can 
work that out now. I’ve found some old newspaper clippings, I guess 
they’re referring to this mine. I had no idea that it was so old... 
so big. I can see now why they built that facility down here in the 
first place: a lot of history buried down here.

It worries me, though. We’d been resting all our hopes of rescue on one 
scientist who escaped right near the start of it all. He got out almost 
as the chaos began, so we figured he might have made it out, and brought 
help. But maybe me and him are due the same fate.

I must record what’s been going on, give the world answers it needs so it 
doesn’t fall prey to what’s been released down here. But first I need to 
worry about myself, find a away out of here, and work out how to kill these 
worm things.



The creatures are indeed larger than has previously been recorded: the 
juveniles seem still to be growing, far beyond their natural limits, 
although the adults have expired. I will watch with interest to see what 
the life span is of this particular subspecies.

The worms appear to have three senses, as would be validated by previous 
research: taste, smell and an extremely sense of touch, which allows them 
to detect the vibrations in the rock in the same way humans sense beams of 
light and process them into spatial images.  

Their natural pray is insects much smaller than themselves, and heaven help 
those insects because the worm is a vicious and efficient killer.


He’s wrong. They have no sense of smell. I tried to distract one of them 
with a concoction I found lying around, but to no avail. However, it does 
seem that they detect movement via vibrations, which would explain how they 
can see in the dark. Damn – there’s almost no way to escape them down here. 
I am on their territory now.

Lifespan is three days and counting. I can still hear them outside the wall. 
As an extra precaution, I’ve locked myself in the smaller study area, 
connected to the main lab room. If they get through that wall then I doubt 
this door will stop them, but this is better than nothing. Barely.


- this sub-species of genus Rhyacophila is highly adapted for its environment
- if released above the surface, it seems likely that it would  quickly 
destroy the existing rock worm population, and soon after that, the 
population would grow to a size for outstripping it’s food supplies
- given its increase in size and lifespan already, due to unknown conditions, 
I would hypothesise that the work, if left in such conditions for a 
reasonable period of time (perhaps three to four thousand years) could grow 
up to a further three to four inches, making it a total of almost one foot 
- however, should those conditions continue to change, or indeed, magnify, 
physical evolution could occur far more rapidly


It’s the fifth day today, and I swear they have begun to surround my location. 
I can’t tell whether or not they have breached the wall that I built, but I 
am certain they’ve entered the area that surrounds this room. The future 
looks increasingly bleak.

I intended to record here the events of the past year, in the hope that 
perhaps what occurred could be contained, or even driven away. Now I realise 
I could write all I wanted, no one will ever make it down here to read it.

So why write now? Good question. I have no answer. All I do know is, I’d 
rather take my own life, than die at the jaws of those hideous monsters. I 
have tied a noose. Those monsters make feast on my corpse but they won’t take 
my life.

18) Chemist's Notes (2 pages)

1. Magnesium
2. Calcium
3. Barium
4. Chloride
5. Phosphorus
6. Sodium

Do not forget!

Badly Administered Dopamine Clouds Frequently Everything. 

19) Young Reds Predicament (3 pages)

My Dearest Friend,

How are you? I am as well as can be expected. I have some sad news, though. A 
few days ago, there was some kind of collapse, and some of the ceiling of the 
cave fell in on me. What scares me is that I was an off limits part of the 
mine. They may not look for me here, but if they do, and they find me, I’ll 
be in so much trouble!

But don’t think I’ll have to worry about that, because I’m not sure I’ll be 
getting out of here.

I don’t mind so much. I’ve been working in the mine for about three weeks 
now, and I am really proud that I can send my money home, but it’s pretty 
tough work, and so far, you’re the only person that has been nice to me. 
Plus, I have some nice company down here. There’s some friendly kind of 
creepy crawlies, and some old books I brought from home that I was taking 
from the rec room. If you think about it, I was really quite luck to have all 
this stuff with me, otherwise I would be bored stiff! As it is, I have 
Shakespeare, Bronte, Nietzsche; perfect bedtime reading. Although, I suppose 
I might be trapped here long enough that I have to read them twice.

I always used to ask my mum how long  people survive without food, and things. 
I read how some people can survive in water for over five minutes, and some 
people last in the desert for weeks... but she always said you had three 
minutes of air, three days of water etc... I suppose I’ll probably find out 
soon enough.

I guess if I had to, I could find food around the place... like I said, 
there’s all sorts of creatures here, but they’re better off as my friends 
than my lunch. I wonder whether I shall starve to death, or go cave crazy 
first? Neither sounds too much fun, I guess, but if I had to choose, I’d say 
I’d want to go mad.

It sounds like an adventure.

Tom Redwood
Proper Mine Worker
December 1970
Age 14

20) Welcome To the Shelter (3 pages)
Welcome to The Shelter

Established: 1973

Elevated Caste: 4
Chief Staff: 6
Lower Caste: 39
Temporary: 8

Total Population: 57

Key Members:

Chief Overseer – Wilbur Frisk (’80 – present), Bren Stafferson (’73-80)

Chief Chemist – Neil Oswald (Troy Retonesque RIP ’91)

Construction Unit – Pierre Petit (’72-’79)

Chief Xeno Officer – TBA (Richard Archbrook RIP ’92)

Excavation Unit - TBA

Technology Unit – Derren Grey, Rod Smithe

Away Team - MIA

Head Chef – Benuto Carlo

Chief Translator – Howard LaFresque (’73 – present)

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