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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mike7000

Updated: 06/10/07

+Tomb Raider: Anniversary=

    [                 ]
    [   WALKTHROUGH   ]
    [                 ]

|                                    WALKTHROUGH                               |
|                                 BY [Mike7000]                                |

* Date Started: 8/5/07            *

   |             Contense             |
   |SEARCH: ctrl + F                  |
   |Code|Subject                      |
   |0001|Version Histry               |
   |0002|About Me                     |
   |0003|Walkthrough Brief            |
   |1000|Walkthrough                  |
   |2000|Character Bios               |
   |3000|Weapons                      |
   |0004|Clothes                      |
   |0005|Tomb Raider Saga             |
   |0006|Legal Rights                 |


|0001|Version Histry|

|Update 1/1|

|Started Faq                            |


|0002|About Me      |

|Real Name: Michael|
|Email: (*)        |
|Gender: Male      |
|AGE: 12           |

(*) Sorry I have no E-mail to date becouse my Outlook Express is not working


|0003|Walkthrough Brief|

A Hi! And Welcome to my walkthrough of     U
K Guide because I have been useing the     R
T GAMEFAQS board for this game and have    H
H Found alot of players stuck or asking    T
R for Help So I am help. I will Help You   K
O Throughout the whole game so good luck!  L
U And Enjoy the guide That I made =)       A


|1000|Walkthrough   |

|       LEVEL             |CODE|
|CROFT MANOR              |1---|
|MOUNTAIN CAVES           |1100|
|CITY OF VILCABAMBA       |1200|


As the Game starts you see Los Anglos Mexico and a big explosion
Quite diffrant from TR I Not only that a Bat Creture Escapes from Some Ice.
Very Diffrant indeed.

After the Intro You Get a menu hmm, Lets go Crof Manor Shell We?

                           CROFT MANOR
= TIME TRIAL: 19:00  =
= ARTIFACTS:  8      =
= RELICS:     0      =
= SUPPLIES:   4      =

Another Intro Of LARA reading a letter about whats happen here Kind Of Bad
I guss.

Read The Book On The Table Infront of You (THE TRIALS OF GILLIAD VOLUME I)
and you will here the word BOW This is a Clue. Head Left Toward the crates
and locate the MOVABLE CRATE Move this onto that presure pad If you Did
Not Step On the pad before then you will see a CUTSCENE of a Wall Sliding
down and a GOLDON ARROW is visable!

To get it we need to put out the fire. Climb the crates on the right hand
side and jump to the picture and go accros to the other side Jump the gap
and collect the SCULPTURE GEAR.

Drop to the floor safley then head over to the stairs  go Left and through
the first door.

Head through the hall to the end. Now we are locked in In otherwords we
need to find a way out on the left bookshelf is a book push it and take

Head upstirs and notice the ARTIFACT on the way up. (Silver Elepant)
Nope its not just for show.

In the next room push two more books one on each side to collect
DUEL PISTALS on the wall. Also read the book in the middle to get
And what did we see in the main hall?

Anyway head back outside and shoot the glass protecting the
ARTIFACT and head back to the room just outside from there jump and
grap the picture and it will dock down jump back to the stairs and
Shoot the butten, A WAY OUT!

At the boxes shoot them all to find a Empty Bucket For First Person veiw
press R3 after you've got it press the butten and get out of here.

Wow LARA's Tophey Room head upstairs to the room and shoot the glass with
the SUNDIAL GNOMAN inside and take it head over to the end book next to the
glass and read it. You will get the 3rd of the 4 clues the clue is:

11 2 7

Well we are done here head back downstairs go up to the alarm and
let LARA enter the code so now The LIBARY and the TROPHY room are

Head through the hall and back into the Main hall.

Now head back up the other Stairs and into the secand door.

Now we are in LARA's bedroom lets get that JOURNAL shell we?

Behind you is a statue and two daggers pull the two daggers and there
it is take it.

Now read the final clue in the book on the right
now head out and back to the main hall.

Now Face the Staircases and go through the door to the left of
them into the gardan.

Head down the corridoor and go up to the cresant moon On the
floor notice the SUNDIAL GNOMAN Place yours here the moon will tilt
now remeber the 3rd clue

11 2 7


Enter the Numbrs undernith the clue into the sundial a large
beam of light will catch the Sundial and some gates will open to the Maze

Im going to try my best to guide you use your MAZE MAP if needed

So the start is the gates we will also need a compas so im makeing one up

|                            |
|        GATES               |
|                            |
|          N                 |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|   W------|------E          |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|          |                 |
|          S                 |
|                            |

Okay thats great now From the gates head:

west, north, West, South, East

Pick Up The ARTIFACT and go back to the gates

This time go:

East, North, East, South, West, South, East, West, South, East, South, East,
North, East.

Pick up another ARTIFACT

Get out of this area and go North as much as you can and go West from ther.
When you are in the center go south into another Grassy area and collect
another ARTIFACT head south through the gates and your there!

Yeah I do understand this may be hard to follow so im also giving you a link
to a map of the maze ALL CREDIT FOR THE MAP GOES TO:
Tomb Raider Chronicles.com


Anyway Collect Your GRAPPLE and use it to open the gates now go back inside
the Manor head back up the left Stairs to the Libary. (Frist Door)

However this time the doors will Unlock use your GRAPPLE on the lamp ou above
the desk and pull it down to reveal the next ARTIFACT. Pick it up and leave
the way you came.

Go through the door left of the fire. head through the court yard and into
the GYM. Right there is alot to do here ill number them.

1) On Mat One Jump Onto the Pole then to the ledge on the wall, onto the
ledge to the left, back jump onto the pole, onto the next legde jump to the
ladder and jump back onto the rock alcove (Jump and pull back on stick)

Push the butten rasing the Stands

2) Jump from Mat 2 onto the ledge jump up again to another ledge swing round
all the way left and Back jump onto the first stand jump to the second stand
Jump to the ledge go round hop up a ledge go all the way round left and back
jump to the ledge to collect another ARTIFACT.

3A) Jump from Mat 3 onto the ledge hop up another ledge and go round all the
way left hop up another ledge back jump and Wall run to the ledge go all the
way round and drop jump to the butten.

Press the butten to release a pole.


Jump from Mat 3 onto the ledge hop up another ledge and go round all the
way left hop up another ledge back jump and Wall run however this time back
jump onto the slope. how? Simple aim your camra at the slope and then jump
from the first slope jump to the second and jump onto the pole turn around
and jump into the alcove and pick up the Secrat use the slope to get
down safely

3C) This is the last one.

Jump from Mat 3 onto the ledge hop up another ledge and go round all the
way Right hop up another ledge and back jump onto another ledge go round
to the metal ledge jump to the one on the right drop down go round back
jump and wall run to the ledge go round and jump onto the pole push the
switch and grap the large medi-pack.

3D) Soz I was joking this really is the final one =p.

Jump from Mat 3 onto the ledge hop up another ledge and go round all the
way Right hop up another ledge and back jump onto another ledge go round
to the metal ledge jump to the one on the right and back jump onto the pole
jump to the other pole and then to the sand bag jump both the poles and pick
up the WRENCH finaly we can leave this place. To get down saley jump to that
ladder again.

Head Outside but this time go right to the end of the corridor and to the
pipes use the WRENCH and turn the pipes and we have water use ur
EMPTY BUCKET on the founten near here and you will recive BUCKET OF WATER

Head back inside and use the BUCKET OF WATER on the fire and take the
DECORATIVE ARROW. So we have got the:


But what about the BOW? the BOW lies in a room we have not yet been to, the
room to the right of the fireplace.

So the poolhouse is a mess THERE on the statue thats it! we need to cut the

Shoot that target first then head up the crates to the left of it use the
pole to jump to the ledge swing round and jump to the plank back jump to
the other planks then jump to the golden peace the statue is holding it will
break off and the pole will lower alowing you to use it whilst your down here
go move the Skip to the middle of the two ledges (The Gap In between) to use
as a standable pole repeat everything and use the pole as a swinging place
now you are at a statue move the LUG bin with poles in to the switch on the
floor Legand Players know what to do here but I will tell those who don't
Move the sticking out pole facing the one in the floor and the staues pole
into the other and watch what happens Shoot it doors will open inside is
the final ARTIFACT hop over to the first rope and shoot it one down two to go.

For the next statue hop up the boxes again use the pole shimmy round jump to
the plank and back jump then use the pole from the skip to jump accross
jump the gap and wall run push off the MOVEABLE CRATE and go accross to the
balcony you see that staute with the ball on it thats ATLAS we  will see him
again later in the game Only MUCH MUCH BIGGER! anyway for now grapple and
pull to see a mini version of whats going to happen for now place the ball on
the switch to open the other door in the swiming pool again shoot the rope.
drop down. Place the crate so u can get back up easy. Now go round near the
other crates and grapple and pull now climb up and jump to the seesaur and
grap onto the plank go round back jump to another plank back jump again and
shoot the last rope go diveing now and grap the DECRATIVE BOW we have all the
peaces of the puzzle so head back to the maze and through the gates to the
middle oh and don't forget to use the new tunnel and collect your final

Ounce inside the maze jump up to the statue but your DECRATIVE BOW & ARROW
in his hands where you can see them on the floor


but nope you still can't pull that leaver GRAPLE that ring and place your
SCULPTURE GEAR. Yank that leaver and claim your prize! One thing though
there are two arrows now one in Gilliads hand and the other in the chest of
the statue why? I guss we will never know that item is for the last room in
the house the Music Room. its the second door on the left stairs thats the
end of the level enjoy playing with them. oh and I forgot when you unlock
music you can play it in this room now complete this level on time trial!

                                MOUNTAIN CAVES
= TIME TRIAL: 00:00  =
= ARTIFACTS:  3      =
= RELICS:     1      =
= SUPPLIES:   5      =
= KILLS:      14     =

Wow LARA must be froze. Head past the well and from the snowey rock jump up
onto the ledge and shimmy all the way to the end now back jump onto the
large rock behind you jump over and climb the steps jump up the ledges to
the top and GRAPPLE accross head up to the GUIDE head up the other steps
left of the Door and grapple accross use the ledges to reach the top notice
the markings you will see alot of them in Peru anyway press the one with a
switch Wolfs attack the GUIDE and LARA is left to deal with them.

Now run forward and step on a presure pad it will activate some Arrows to
avoid loosing health lets switch them off.if you turn your camara you can
see some ledges hop up them and leap onto a switch Nothing happened?
thats becouse theres two Back jump onto another ledge shimmy round and
drop onto the second switch no more Arrows.

Climb the steps and jump accross the gap and then accross the other gap
turn around and jump to that ledge climb up. Jump all the gaps until you
reach a gap that is to big to jump slide down the slope infront of you and
jump near the end to grap the ledge climb up take the ARTIFACT and jump to the

Music will play and three bats will attack kill them take the left hop on
that rock and jump and grab the ledge pull up and take the LARGE MEDIPACK
hop down and take the way the bats came from when you get to the grassy
patch more will attack kill them but don't go down yet!

When you reach the slope look up to see a ring slide down jump and grapple it
pull up and swing to the ledge hop up the ledges back jump drop shimmy round
back jump one last time and collect the ARTIFACT. Use the ledges to drop to the
floor and wipe out two more bats head to the door pull the leaver and go out
go under the doorway and into a room with a bridge go down there and kill the
wolves and head past the bridge and head in a small cavern undernieth the
second bridge climb back up and go accros the first bridge it will brake
but will leave useful planks that can be used as a ladder head up the ledges
and turn around jump onto that ledge on the Column hop up and go round back
jump onto another column go round and jump to collect a SMALL MEDIPACK head
back to the second bridge and cross over it. jump up the ledge and jump to
the rope turn left till facing the LARGE MEDIPACK and swing over to it
pick it up and ropdown safetly fight the bear NOTE: if u ever fall down here
again you can use the ledges to get back up however this time go through the
cavern and pull the switch drop down and collect the ARTIFACT head back to the
rope, jump grab the rope and swing to the other side. head left instead of
going down the ramp and behind the second column on the left there is a
SMALL MEDIPACK now head down the ramp. and through the tunnel until
you reach a pit.

Jump to the horizontal pole and swing across climb the ledges avoid the Arrows
and get to the door. (The best way to dodge the Arrows is to roll) Jump up the
ledges and kill the Wolf now head back to the ledges and hop up them all
side jump to the weight head back to were you fought the wolf on you left there
are 3 horizontal poles swing across them beware at the other side there are 2
wolves make them history.

Then jump up the ledges backwards jump onto the horozontal pole swing, and leap
onto the weight now drop down onto the preassure pad the door is now open.
DO NOT GO THROUGH DOOR YET!!! Climb the ledges and make your way back to the
second weight. climb the ledges near the second weight back jump onto the pole
then immediately jump off if done correctly Lara will grab the ledge. there
is then a second pole jump to it and swing to it you will land on a ledge
jump up the ledge.you will then see another pole behind you backwards jump to
swing and grab onto the ledge climb up and take the RELIC. DO NOT FALL GET DOWN
SAFELY OR RELIC WILL BE LOST. walk through the doors.


Have ago at TIME TRIAL now!

                             CITY OF VILCABAMBA
= TIME TRIAL: 00:00  =
= ARTIFACTS:  1      =
= RELICS:     0      =
= SUPPLIES:   8      =
= KILLS:      17     =

From here go up to the opening and a Bear will attack Kill it and head
through. Ounce round the cornor reach the poles and drop to the pit
by useing the pole to slide down turn around (If the pole is infront of you)
and go behind that mossy rock then pick up the SMALL MEDIPACK.
Climb back up useing the ledges on the right wall, Back jump onto the second
pole and then jump to the other side.


1) To perform ADRENALIN DODGE when the bear gets yellow markings at his
head and charges press the Roll butten and press Left/Right.

2) To perform head shot use ADRENALIN DODGE but hold the Roll Butten
However DO NOT SHOOT WHILE IN THIS MODE insted wait intil the game
targets the enemys head then shoot: BOOM HEAD SHOT!

After the title and music show and play head down the steps and meet
two Wolves ounce there both dead head down to the small pool and battle
the 3rd bear of the game kill him and jump in the pool.
(The Bear comes from behind the smallest hut which is over the road of you
from the stairs.)

Make sure LARA is facing the water that is pouring down then dive down
and swim through the tunel when you reach the end pull that switch and swim
upwards to catch air get out of the water here. In here pull the leaver to
make a quicker passage if you should come back. but for now climb the
steps and stop when you reach the gap. jump the gap and look at the
SMALL MEDIPACK there are two ways to recive it the quickist way
is to run along the planks and jump at the very end before they break
or we can use the cage to vault up there. Ounce you have it open the
wooden gates by shooting the lock and push the cage into the next
room under the arch when its in the next room use it to jump up to
the wall on the left and pull up cross over the bridge and collect

Drop down and take more SHOTGUN SHELLS down here go inside the area with
the key on the oposit side there is nothing so push the crate back into
the other room then into the village through the newley opened gates.

Push the cage past the smallest hut and round the other side and push
it right upto a pole. Hop up onto the cage and then jump onto the pole.

Climb to the very top and jump to that ledge carefuly. Shimmy round
pull up and kill those two bats quickly. Jump to the pole and swing
over to the outcroping rock. <-- Heh rimes.

Now jump and grapple to the sticking out ledge shimmy round and
jump the two poles, Swing accross and pick up the
first and final ARTIFACT then kill all them bats.
(They come from near the poles.)

From here facing the water fall go left and jump to the roof of
that hut where you pull up from the water and slide down.

Go round the side and place your Key into the KEYHOLE next to the
wooden gate.

The wooden gate opens and you hear a Wolf howl kill two wolves
and head through another Wolf attacks so kill him while you can
then face the door and head up the steps.

Study the door It has two locks that must be released in order
to pass through next to the door is two openanings and above
them sevral ledges to use to get down safley I am taking
the left one first if you want to go otherwise I am seconning

1. For the Left door type LEFT DOOR in the box when you press
[ctrl] and [F]

2. For the Right door type Right DOOR in the box when you press
[ctrl] and [F]

NOTE: I Mean press them on the GUIDE not on the PC version.

                     MAIN DOOR
     LEDGES                                 LEDGES
     _______     |HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH|       _______
     _______     |HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH|       _______
|=============|--|                 |--|=============|
|             |  |                 |  |             |
|             |  |[][]         [][]|  |             |
|             |==|[K][]       [][K]|==|             |
|             |  |                 |  |             |
|             |  |                 |  |             |
|             |  |                 |  |             |

     ^                                       ^
     |                                       |
     |                                       |
 LEFT DOOR                              RIGHT DOOR

|             |  |
|             |  |
|             |==|
|             |  |
|             |  |
|             |  |

Ouce inside head up the steps and enter a small pool area.
Don't go for a swim there is nothing in this one insted head up the steps
to your left and jump to the outcrop then jump to a ledge traverse accross
and jump to the second traverse all the way to the right then backjump to
the Exit head up the ramp to the top then kill two bats jump accross the
gap, if you miss you land in the pool but if you make it you are back in the
first room now jump to the wooden thing that is sticking out it will turn
and the LEFT LOCK will Activate Forming a Wolf Head.
Use the ledges to get back down.

|  |             |
|  |             |
|==|             |
|  |             |
|  |             |
|  |             |

Ounce again head up the steps to a small pool area this time go for a swim
and dive under and pick up a SMALL MEDIPACk from the bottem. now run up the
stairs to the right and jump to ledge on the other wall hop up to the other
ledge traverse left and hop up again shimmy left and side jump to yet
another ledge shimmy round and hop up to the opening. head up the ramp to the
top then kill two bats jump accross the  gap, if you miss you land in the pool
but if you make it you are back in the first room now jump to the wooden
thing that is sticking out it will turn and the RIGHT LOCK will Activate Forming
a Wolf Head. Use the ledges to get back down.

Now the two Wolf Head magnets will activate and pull the door open.
Go through and down the dark and gloomy hallway. when you get to a pit
jump to the stone that slopes and slide down kill a single Wolf before
picking up the SHOTGUN SHELLS. Now pull out that cage and place it where
the ledge is use it for exstra hight and reach the ledge. Again slide
down the slope but this time near the botem of it jump to grab a pole
that is sticking out of the wall jump to the bridge in the middle and jump
ontop of the pole to perch. In the next pit drop down and head to
the other side. Hop onto that rock and jump onto the ledge traverse right
and back jump onto that pole swing to another ledge traverse hop up and
shimmy around hop up again and dodge the Arrows jump to perch on that pole
jump and head down the next hallway it will get bright and we are finaly out
of them caves


TIME TRIAL for this level is a dodle. why not have a go?

                               THE LOST VALLEY
= TIME TRIAL: 00:00  =
= ARTIFACTS:  2      =
= RELICS:     1      =
= SUPPLIES:   21     =
= KILLS:      17     =

Go outside and drop off the rock you are on then fight two Wolves.
Now here's the situation there is a dam mechanisam that needs to be
activated to get behind the warter fall and into the tomb, and we need three
cogs to do this. If you look up you can see the dam it is a big horizontal
rock sort of thing. Well for now lets get the frist two cogs eh? Hop ontop
of the rock left of the waterfall and take the first cog that was easy now
lets head for the hard one. But before we climb any higher go for a swim.
Face where you just came from and dive under and through the tunnel climb
out on the left side and pick up the SMALL MEDIPACK  Trust me you will
really need this, Now head back to the main pool.

Climb out and go back to where you collected the first cog head up another
rock and run to the the end and jump to the set of ledges jump to the first
then hop up traverse round and climb up and pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS
now hop up the ledges all the way to the top.

If you like now you can look up and get a good look at the dam bigger than
you thought eh? Head through the short tunnel and jump from the steps to the
other side hop up the ledges and you will see a hanging bridge at the top
eqip your DUEL PISTALS and you will target the rope Shoot it to lower the
bridge which will then breack and go flying down the river leaving nothing
but a  pole where it ounce stood LARA can swing on that pole but how do we
get to it?

Jump onto that ledge infront of you facing the wall and traverse round
back jump onto the pole and swing to the next Tunnel.

Notice the ring then jump and GRAPPLE to the bridge in the middle look
up to see where you ounce placed the cogs in TR I its diffrant in this game

Face the wall on the right and jump to its ledge travers round left
Then hop up sevral ledges Side jump right on the final ledge to find another
one climb up and head through the passage way cross over the bridge and
pick up the second cog two bats attack from the waterfall make them history
then pull out your guns again target the bridge and shoot its suport ropes
leave it for now since we will be comeing back jump to the in motion pole
and swing to a set of ledges hop them all and backjump to a cave and locate
a switch to pull, It will open a door. Now use the Roll butten to grab the
ledge here and drop down twice.

Shimmy left and jump to that same pole again now head back up the river
until you reach where the bridge ounce stood that you destroyed about a
minite ago this time jump and grapple turn to face where you just jumped
from to discover a small hole swing a jump to there and climb in.
(To get there you will have to decend on the grapple use Action and
the down direction on the Analog Stick. It is best to decend to the
very bottem.)

Ounce inside here DO NOT JUMP INTO THE WATERFALL becouse the force of the
water will kill LARA if you walk over to the other side you will find a
LARGE MEDIPACK and guss what?

|Well Done You have Found the SHOTGUN!           |

Exit the same way as you came and ride the flow all the way down.

At the bottem three Wolves will attack, Perfect target practice for your

This time go right of the waterfall to discover a wooden ladder no third cog
sorry, Climb the ladder and insert your first cog. Pull the leaver to start
the gears use the pole on the first one and one of the two poles on the
second to reach that other ladder. I think you know what to do Insert second
cog and pull leaver. Use the ledges to get up to the top, Yes, there is
a moveing platform but we don't need to use it yet insted turn around
face the ledges to the right of the ones you used to get up here and jump
to grab one traverse round a jump up to the next. Shimmy all the way right
and drop down grab a ledge and go inside to find a LARGE MEDIPACK slide back
down to the bottem and then hop all the way back to the rope and backjump
onto it swing left (facing the waterfall) grab another ledge side jump ounce
and drop to breack yet another bridge LARA is so distructive aint she!

Hop up the rock and go straght on roll under another rock and meet another
Bear, Is it me or do we meet a Bear on every level? Still use ur new
SHOTGUn to difeat him quicker also another NOTE: If you ever replay a level
from now on you will have your SHOTGUN, Its ace I know.

Hop up all the ledges and collect some DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTAL ammo, which
was very good for me since I was replaying the level with them guns and
I had extra ammo to use up on the next enemies. (You may have gussed what
they are apart from two bats.) Look down facing left to see a slope jump
from here onto it and jump off to grab a ledge. (This will not hurt LARA)
From here traverse round and back jump to a opening. Inside pick up an
ARTIFACT go back to where you got the DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTAL AMMO.

Now face a tick right of the entrance and jump to the visable ledge.
Hop up one then Backjump and purch on a pole jump to a second and finaly
into the next area.

Slide down and head up to the steps pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS if you
can't your too full of SHOTGUN SHELLS and I advise picking them up on the
way back Or sometimes you can press Action to reload bullets then pick
the new ones up 40 is the max SHOTGUN SHELLS for the SHOTGUN.

Jump to the slope and quickly jump off near the end to grab a ledge
side jump right and pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS if you can't same
reason as the first load. From here jump to the horizontal pole and swing
over to the ledges hop up them all you are now at the top.

Jump from the wooden platform to the ledges traverse then backjump to reach
another traverse drop then kill two Bats now take the LARGE MEDIPACK,
Remember to save SHOTGUN SHELLS here for the new enemys. Head past the rock
and down the completly harmless cave. Ounce at some wood it will breack and
you are forced to slide down.

When you emerge prepare to fight the new enemies RAPTARS!!! Always use
HEADHSOT WHEN YOU CAN here they can be hard to kill use your SHOTGUN
while I use my DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTALS When you kill the first three
another three come from behind the rock the T-REX came from in TR I
and after they are dead don't think you have escaped fighting the T-REX
you still have to fight him but not as you remember. after all six Rapters
are dead a cinamatic starts. Well atchaly it is not really a cinamatic
its more of a Interactive Movie

Interactive Movie 1


1. O      // CIRCLE
3. X      // CROSS

Note: Only Press Them As they Apear or LARA will die.


Can be touch for begginers this one I however find it very easy now infact
I find it About the same as the Centaurs which I think are just jokes of

Okay lets kill this thing!!!

I do not recomend useing your SHOTGUN here it reloads too slow and is only
close range insted use DUEL PISTALS Line up with a Spiked log then shoot
repatedly at his head The RED BAR (RAGE) undernith the YELLOW BAR (HEALTH)
will rise while you shoot him when it is full he will charge at you infront
of the Spiked Log use HEAD SHOT but insted it will turn into a eye shot
and will make him loose eyesite for a while he should run into a Spike Log
Takeing off alot of health. Repeat on the other logs to deal the most
dammage your own Weapon Fire Takes off a little health too as does making
him crash into stones and trees However logs will kill him the fastest when
he's dead your Second INTERACTION MOVIE will start only two buttens this
time oh and one last thing:



Interactive Movie 2


1. O        // CIRCLE

Well there is one big goner. Collect some Pick-ups around here there are

Locations of Pick-ups

DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO/ Over by the big ledge you came from.
SHOTGUN SHELLS             / In the bush next to the Left one of the two SL(*)
SMALL MEDIPACK             / Left Side of the T-REX

(*) SL = Spiked Log

Now head inside the temple and pick up the third and final Cog Jump in the
water to the right of you dive under and swim through.

Use the pole and ledges to reach the top if you look right as you come
out you are alraider at the foot of the roof where you found prizes in TR I
and prizes you will find up here jump over and jump again to find
the bottem section SMALL MEDIPACK jump back to the entrance and this time
use rocks to climb back up and head across the roof and drop. Jump round
using all the platforms and you will eventualy reach a pole acend it turn
right and hop off use ledges to rech the wooden walkway go to then end
slide down jump over grab the pole and climb in the rockey and mossy area
collect the SMALL MEDIPACK inside then go right through the exit and up
some more ledges. Run out and you can see the bridge which you will most
definatly remember from TR I jump accross like last time however this time
it doesn't end there and there is no Cog this time go past the ledges and
inside the mossy area pick up the LARGE MEDIPACK and exit. If you dinn't
see the ledges face the mossy place and look on its left piller from the
first one navigate round left then drop shimmy left ounce again hop up all
the platforms to the top. face the slanted platfroms with water driping down
them and notice the other platfrom beond the first one first face your
camara at it then jump while moving right on the Analog Stick if done
correctly your on that platform and have gained accsess to a ARTIFACT near
some bushes take it hop back up and get back to the slopes.

This time jump to the slope then near the end jump to the second repeat
slope one to grab some poles swing across both to reach a wooden platform
jump accross again and head through. We're back in the harmless tunel with
a few extra items in our pack however we are atchaly on the second floor
of the tunnel. Now Head through it at the end look down the hole to see
where you collected that LARGE MEDIPACK insted take the other entrance slide
and near the end grab the ledge backjump and drop then shimmy round backjump
again to get back to the top of the sloped platforms area. jump to the first
one slide jump to grab the ledge you grabed before only this time hop up
shimy right and drop onto another slop jump near the end and climb up to
the stairs if you dinn't before pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS if you have
enough ammo space. In the area where you fort the Bear hop up the pole perch
on the other small pole jump to the platfrom slide down the wood and get
back to where you destroid the bridge upun entrance to where you just came

Dive into the water or just jump climb out and climb the ladders to reach
that moveing platform again now jump it and place your third Cog pull the
leaver and watch the dam come down stoping most of the water.

Before leaveing we have one last ARTIFACT to secure hop up to the top then
jump in the water near the dam, Don't worry there is no currunt now swim
under and in that cave you seen when you puled the switch after collecting
the second Cog. Ounce inside here swim through climb up and collect the
RELIC which is a KERO MUG. Now use the opeaning under the waterfall.


Before Trying TIME TRIAL I recomend getting the DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTOLS
so you can kill monsters faster, However still have ago you might get lucky.

                               TOMB OF QUALOPEC
= TIME TRIAL: 00:00  =
= ARTIFACTS:  2      =
= RELICS:     0      =
= SUPPLIES:   6      =
= KILLS:      6      =

Back to them Caves eh? thats something I dreded nothing but more rocks and
ledges, well I supose LARA is a Tomb Raider and not a Land Raider.

Head all the way through the cave until you reach a pit perch the poles to
get to that platfrom use it to jump to the exit ounce out of here this is
the main area. Which is ALOT diffrant from in TR I and yes the first switch
is still in here walk up to the slope and head up to the second slot run
away from that boulder that you will remember from TR I escape the slope
and as soon as your out go Left or Right to allow the bolder to pass without
hiting you. The Gates will lock which again also happened in TR I so we need
to find three switches to open them.

(NOTE: There is a cool glitch to dodge the bolder as it comes down the ramp
it moves to the right so you can roll to the left and dodge it, this is
no shortcut however since seconds after poor LARA will die.)

Drop down to the floor level safely by useing the ledges near the entrance
ounce down push the crate over to the ledges ill explain why later.
Now head over to the other side so that the gate is above you and move the
big suport to the left (Facing the gate above you) Look up to find some
ledges thats where its headed. put it where you can jump to it from above
jump onto it then climb up the ledges jump right to the other ledges and
pull up climb the vertical pole and hop off turn to face the hanging gong
target and shoot it down double GRAPPLE and pull the first leaver GRAPPLE
back and drop down safley useing the second pole and droping off.

Now notice another part of the bridge is gone now you have accsess to two
supports and also the next gate is the chicken one which is also the one
ontop of the right door (facing the gate) so move both supports there and
use them to jump accross.

Ounce you reach a pit use some ledges to drop down go to the other side
and right of the pole is the first ARTIFACT head back up to the entrance.

Jump through the ARROWS and purch on the pole now jump to the ledge on the
left and shimmy right jump right through more Arrows to another ledge drop
down one ledge backjump and purch on the very very small pole. Head through
and into the room.

Obvously a trap notice the switch is bigger than usaly so that LARA has to
jump onto it to use it and also the creaking floor as you step to the switch
when you are almost a metre away the ground will fall and the hungry Wolves
will attack kill both of them and then head up the walkway. In the middle
of the walkway pull out the cage and push it off the walk way.

Now go down and move it upto the piller with ledges hop up the ledges back
jump to a hanging pole use the poles to reach the other piller traverse
round the ledge back jump and pole swing to yet more ledges climb them
backjump to the next hanging pole and from there jump left into the balcony
and look whats behind the piller its a ARTIFACT.
now get back onto the pole and from there jump to the the switch to use
it, The second of three doors will open.

Jump right to catch the horizontal pole and swing to the ledge climb up
another ledge by traversing left then hoping up on the now climb up head
to the door and drop down. On the way back you may wan't to take those
SHOTGUN SHELLS right of the door. Head back to the main room.

In the coridor near the pit a Rapter will attack use the SHOTGUN to kill
it. Drop down ounce you reach the pit kill the Rapter here and climb the
pole use the ledges to get out.

In the main room the next icon on the third gate is also above the left
door so move the supports so you can reach it.

Ounce at the deep pit jump through the Arrows and onto the horizontal pole
then jump to the ledge infrot of you jump from ledge to ledge until there is
a gray ladder behind you jump right onto another ledge keeping heding left
and drop down when you can now back jump and purch the ledge jump over and
pick up the SMALL MEDIPACK and continue along the hall jump through the
Arrows and notcie some traps are not working including the blades on the
celing. When a rockey area is insite two of the five Arrow traps are working
so make sure you don't get hit. Ounce past them hop up onto the steps useing
GRAPPLE to swing to them face left and jump to the vertical pole.
Turn and face the horizontal pole and jump to it (move the camara as you
jump) swing and jump to the ledges climb up and use the wood as a walkway
collect the DUEL 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO on the other plank then jump and
grab the switch the third and final door is now open.

Head back to the main room all the traps will now be active and a rapter
will come from round the cornor. Ounce at the ledges get to the gray ladder
and jump left this time use the ledges to get back to the pole and back to
the main room

In the main room head up the ramp yet again but this time there is no bolder
go up and around the column

Enjoy the cutscene.

Oh and you do not have to fight QUALOPEC just escape the Tomb during your
escape Raptors will attack use the SHOTGUN and they don't stand any chance
of suvival also you have the SCION OF QUALOPEC in your INVENTRY. Ounce you
escape watch a cutscene then begin the Interaction Movie

Interactive Movie 3


1. X       // CROSS
2. O       // CIRCLE
3. ^       // TRIANGLE

And if you did not collect the Shotgun in THE LOST VALLY you will have it

Well Done you Have completed the level.

Time Trial Can't be that hard right?

More to come soon.

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