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Relic Location Guide by Ulysses83

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/16/07

Game Name       -  Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary

Developer       -  Crystal Dynamics
Publisher       -  Eidos Interactive
Platforms       -  Playstation 2, PSP and PC
ESRB Rating     -  Teen
PEGI Rating     -  16+

Author          - Ulysses83
E-Mail          - Ulysses0302 at (insert @ here *hates spam*) yahoo.de   

Version         - 1.1 (some mistakes corrected)
Upload          - 2007/06/06

This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this
document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free 
and may not be used for any commercial uses. This document may not be 
altered without permission from the author.

Relic Location Guide

Note: This is my very first guide to a game written in English. I hope I'm 
not making too many mistakes and my language is not too poor ;)

This guide shall help you find the well hidden relics in Tomb Raider 
Anniversary to unlock the costumes for Lara. One costume is unlocked by 
finding all relics.

Table of Contents

---- Mountain Caves
---- The Lost Valley
---- The Palace of Midas
---- The Temple of Khamoon
---- The Sanctuary of the Scion 
---- Natla's Mines
---- The Great Pyramid

1.	Mountain Caves

Follow the level to the end and open the great door after the hallway with 
the arrow traps. Then return to the right counterweight when facing the 
door, the hall which had two wolves attacking you. Climb the two ledges on 
the right and jump to the pole, just as if you would want to grab the 
counterweight. Instead of that jump the minute you grab the pole, believe 
me, it is possible. Lara leaps on and if timed correctly, grabs a ledge 
next to the door. If timed not correctly she falls to her death. From this 
ledge jump to a pole reaching out of the door and the way up is really 
obvious. Jump from ledge to ledge until you reach the top of the column to 
the right of the door. There you find the first relic KILLER WHALE BOTTLE (Thx
to titan24 for telling me that I had switched the relics from Mountain Caves and
Lost Valley!) which unlocks the LEGEND COSTUME from the game's predecessor.

2.	The Lost Valley

Play the level until you reach the broken mechanism at the great waterfall 
where you find the secong cog. Instead of going back over the bridge, jump 
to the pole rotating on the waterwheel on the left when facing the river. 
From here jump to the dangerously narrow ledges in the middle of the 
waterfall. Jump up and from here you can reach a hallway leading to a 
switch, which opens a door somewhere under water. Now you actually have to 
wait until you can lower the big mask at the end of the level, stopping the 
waterfall. Climb up and drop into the river. Near the now stopped waterfall 
you should find a cave which was locked before you pulled the switch back 
then. In here lies the relic KERO MUG unlocking the CLASSIC COSTUME. Enjoy 
Lara in all her 1996 glory!

3.	The Palace of Midas

First Relic: 

In the room with the decending pillars and the spikes (the first door you 
get to search after entering the Palace), make your way through the room as 
if you want to reach the balcony with the lead bar. Instead of jumping 
there, jump to the slide on the left when facing the balcony and quickly to 
the ledge on the wall. You can make this much easier by tossing the crate 
from the room with the stairs into the small alcove of the the last pillar
you have to jump to, the one with the slide. By doing that you stop it from
ever decending again. Shimmy to the right and obtain the relic ATHENIAN 
OWL FIGURINE behind some rubble. It unlocks the CROFT MANOR SPORT dress 
Lara wore back in 1996.

Second Relic:

After you have lifted the last column in the hell-like flames room of 
Midas' Palace drop back into the water. Make your way back to the first 
balcony and jump to the grappling hook to the left when facing the switch. 
From there you can reach a ledge and make your way over a series of slides, 
ledges and poles towards a secret alcove in one of the colums. Pull the 
switch there and the pillar above you rises to reveal the relic. Now be 
quick. Drop into the water, swim along the right wall when facing the 
entrance, leave the water and make your way to the last pillar. Don't even 
think of evading the flames, just run and jump as fast as you can and you 
may reach the relic GRIFFIN-HEAD PROTOME in time unlocking the GOLDEN 
COSTUME resembling Lara after dying on the Hand of Midas.

4.	The Temple of Khamoon

In the very last room of the level, the one with the four little obelisks, 
use one of the crates you can pull out of the walls to reach a crack in one 
of the columns to the right when facing the level's exit. From here it is 
easy to navigate the cracks and jumping the obelisks to reach an alcove in 
the wall to the left of the great door, finding the relic MUMMIFIED CAT and 
unlocking the CAMOUFLAGE SUIT Lara wore in Tomb Raider AoD (Thx to Sam Vere 
for telling me the outfit wasn't taken from TR 3 Area 51 Level!).

5.	The Sanctuary of the Scion

In the room with the two giant statues make the water sink to lowest level. 
Then solve the first beetle riddle, make the water rise, open the door in 
the Horus statue to the right and swim through it. Climb out of the water 
and look for the crate between the legs of the statue. Toss it into the 
water and jump in, too. Make the water level sink and pull the crate under 
the fenced gate you opened a bit early, which is shut now. Make your way up 
the left statue again but DON'T make the water level rise. Open the fenced 
gate again, jump into the water and use the crate to climb up and get 
through it before it closes again. Climb up inside the statue and then find 
the ledge at its left leg, the one that touches the wall. Shimmy around to 
find a switch and jump for it. A gate to the right of the Horus statue's 
head opens. Climb up, solve the second beetle riddle and make the water 
rise. Make your way up the left statue as needed to proceed, then make the 
water rise to highest level and dive into the gate in the very right corner 
of the room when facing the statues to find the HORUS IDOL and unlock the 
CATSUIT from Tomb Raider Chronicles.

6.	Natla's Mines

Too easy when you think about it! After getting your guns back, return to 
the first room of the level and shoot down the crates hanging from the 
ceiling. One opens and reveals the relic CHALICE OF TORMENT which unlocks 
the gross DOPPELGANGER COSTUME from the Great Pyramid riddle.

7.	The Great Pyramid

Play this gorgeous level up to the very end, opening the door and pulling 
out the bridge leading to the confrontation with Natla. Instead of walking 
through the hallway behind the bridge and ending the level, look up the 
ceiling to find a switch. Shot it and part of the ceiling drops and crashes 
the floor. Drop on the slide beneath, jump and swing on the grappling hook 
over the hot pool of lava into an opening with a medikit. Find the ladder 
there, climb up and obtain the relic TORC OF EMBITTERMENT unlocking the 
WETSUIT from Tomb Raider 2, Lara wore it when diving to the sunken Maria Doria. 

That's it! All relics found! And by that you unlocked the SCORCHED NATLA 
costume. Play as the demonic queen of Atlantis – minus her wings.

Thanks to Crystal Dynamics for making this gorgeous game and to everybody 
reading this short guide!
Also thanks to Sam Vere, Titan24 and Matthew Price for helping correct
mistakes in the guide!


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