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FAQ/Walkthrough by ipino

Version: 0.14 | Updated: 06/12/07


Game Name       -  Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary
   A.K.A.          Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Developer       -  Crystal Dynamics
Publisher       -  Eidos Interactive
Platforms       -  PC, Playstation 2
ESRB Rating     -  Teen
PEGI Rating     -  16+

Author          -  ipino
E-Mail          -  ipino.faq NO&AT#SPAM gmail.com
                  (replace &AT# with a @ symbol, and remove "NO" and "SPAM")

Date Started    -  2007/05/22
Last Update     -  2012/05/27
Version         -  0.14



   This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this
document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and
   may not be used for any commercial uses. This document may not be altered
                      without permission from the author.


To jump to a specified (sub)section:
a) Highlight the subsection code on the right. Either with or without the
   brackets is the same.
b) Copy it into the clipboard with CTRL+C
c) Open the find window. Usually for Windows programs you need to hit CTRL+F
d) Paste the code into the box with CTRL+V
e) hit the "Find" or similar button to find the first occurrence. To find next
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  1.  Introduction.....................................................(0INTR)
  2.  Disclaimer.......................................................(0DISC)
  3.  Revision History.................................................(0HIST)
  4.  Contact Policy...................................................(0COTP)
  5.  What's changed from Legend.......................................(0CHNG)
  6.  Basics...........................................................(0BASI)
        6.1 - Game Requirements........................................(BGREQ)
        6.2 - Controls.................................................(BACPC)
        6.3 - Basic movements..........................................(BAMOV)
        6.4 - Advanced maneuvers.......................................(BADMV)
        6.5 - Combat maneuvers.........................................(BCOMB)
        6.6 - Gear.....................................................(BGEAR)
        6.7 - Weapons..................................................(BWEAP)
        6.8 - Enemies..................................................(BENEM)
  7.  Walkthrough......................................................(0WALK)
        7.1 - Peru.....................................................(01PER)
          7.1.1   Mountain Caves.......................................(A1PER)
          7.1.2   City Of Vilcabamba...................................(B1PER)
          7.1.3   The Lost Valley......................................(C1PER)
          7.1.4   Tomb Of Qualopec.....................................(D1PER)
        7.2 - Greece...................................................(02GRE)
          7.2.1   St. Francis Folly....................................(A2GRE)
          7.2.2   The Coliseum.........................................(B2GRE)
          7.2.3   Midas's Palace.......................................(C2GRE)
          7.2.4   Tomb of Tihocan......................................(D2GRE)
        7.3 - Egypt....................................................(03EGY)
          7.3.1   Temple of Khamoon....................................(A3EGY)
          7.3.2   Obelisk of Khamoon...................................(B3EGY)
          7.3.3   Sanctuary of the Scion...............................(C3EGY)
  8.  Croft Manor......................................................(01CFM)
  9.  Rewards..........................................................(0REWD)
 10.  Frequently Asked Questions.......................................(0FAQS)
 11.  Contributing Readers.............................................(0RDRS)
 12.  Thanks...........................................................(00TNX)



1.  Introduction                                                       (0INTR)

   So this is it, Tomb Raider Anniversary has finally arrived for us to enjoy.
Lara is back. Gotta get playing, now !

As you might have noticed, this guide uses the very same layout my Tomb Raider
Legend guide had (provided you had seen it), because I found it to be very
convenient, simple and even eye-candy.

Well as you can see the introduction is incomplete like the guide. Anyway,
as my English is pretty bad compared to you folks, please forgive my bad use
of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and every time I use "on" instead of "in" instead
of "at" instead of something completely different...


2.  Disclaimer                                                         (0DISC)

I'm working hard on putting up this document. No one, except sites listed
below, can host it in their sites. This is only for private use. You can store
it on your own hard drive for your convenience, burn it onto your personal cd
or dvd backup, give it to your friend, but you can't get money out of it, nor
you can claim it as your.

Allowed sites to display this document, in its original text format, are:

http://www.gamefaqs.com (and their affiliates)

Please ask my permission before putting it on your website, thanks.

Before stealing anything from this faq ask my permission or at least credit me


3.  Revision History                                                   (0HIST)

Because things can change... and this document too.

Version 0.01 (2007/05/22)
 - Size: 8.9 KiB
 - Just started everything.

Version 0.02 (2007/05/23)
 - Size: 18.2 KiB
 - Finished PC controls section
 - Wrote around 30% of the walkthrough in Peru
 - Added the other sections
 - Added two guns to the weapons section

Version 0.03 (2007/05/24)
 - Size: 28.8 KiB
 - Added a section explaining what's changed from Tomb Raider: Legend
 - Contents menu has now each part of a level (stages) listed
 - Minor corrections and changes to the control section
 - Added rewards for the first stage
 - Made grammatical correction to the first stage in Peru

Version 0.04 (2007/05/25)
 - Size: 34.2 KiB
 - Added the walkthrough of the second stage in Peru and their rewards

Version 0.05 (2007/05/27)
 - Size: 55.7 KiB
 - Finished Peru walkthrough
 - Changed shortcut to levels walktrough to reflect the "level"."stage"
   arrangement of the game (it's like "world"."level" in Mario games)
 - Added the "Rewards" section
 - Weapons section: "Ammo" has been renamed as "Capacity" and now "Ammo"
   tells which type of ammunition the gun needs. There's also told where
   you first found ammo and how and/or when you obtain it.
 - Changed the submenu of each level, listing each stage. Now tells time
   limit for time trials.

Version 0.06 (2007/05/28)
 - Size: 63.3 KiB
 - Started Greece walkthrough
 - Proof read Peru's walkthrough, twice
 - Modified, again, level's submenu
 - Added the secrets menu, and zapped the "outfit" subitem from the Inventory

Version 0.07 (2007/05/30)
 - Size: 88.3 KiB
 - More greek walkthrough until the last level which isn't completed yet so
   it was not included in the official 0.07 version submitted to gamefaqs.com

Version 0.08 (2007/06/01)
 - Size: 98.7 KiB
 - Finished Greek walkthrough
 - "Basics" section added, incorporating "Inventory", and adding most moves,
   enemies analysis and many more!
 - Submitted again to gamefaqs.com

Version 0.13 (2007/06/12)
 - Size: 143.7 KiB
 - Added stuff provided by contributors
 - Modified layout of each level' box, removed all those useless "-=-" rows
 - Added the number of enemies and supplies to each level' info box
 - Added walkthroughs for all levels in Egypt
 - Added moves listing
 - Spell checked and proof read everything
 - Rewritten the walkthrough for Greece/Tomb of Tihocan because it was just a
   big pile of sh... yeah, you got it. Now is a lot easier to follow and uses
   a nice trick that shaves HOURS when playing in time trial mode
 - Also added how to get artifacts in this small level, thanks to "Jimbhello"
   that sent me a detailed mail

Version 0.14 (2012/05/27)
  - Updated email address


4.  Contact Policy                                                     (0COTP)

You are welcome to contact me at the email address written at the top of this
document. If you do, please put something like "Tomb Raider Anniversary" or
just "TR:Anniversary" or even just "Anniversary" (if you're too lazy to type
the whole thing) in the subject, and then tell me everything you think can be
precious for the FAQ.

If you're stuck somewhere and need my help, please tell where you are, if
possible by using my made-up names for several key-places of the game.

Please clearly state on your email the nickname you want to appear as, as well
as if you want your email address to appear (the "@" symbol will be replaced
like mine at the top of the document). If you won't say anything, I'll assume
you don't want your email to be spread, as said.

Important note: Don't send ANYTHING regarding levels not yet included in the
walkthrough: if they aren't there, then I haven't played them yet, thus you
would be spoiling me things I don't wanna know. Thank you.


5.  What's changed from Legend                                         (0CHNG)

Even if they share the same game engine, although improved, Anniversary has a
lot of things new, changed or removed altogether, while some of them are, if
we can say that, "borrowed" from the first Tomb Raider, but weren't in Legend.

Let's start with what's gone: there's no PDA (too bad!). There's no headset,
thus this time around Alister and Zip (and nobody else for that matter) can't
talk to you; they aren't in the game either.
Another missing thing is the holy PLS, portable light source. It would have
been very convenient to light dark places and it would've been useful in this
one, but zip, nothing. To counteract this problem, I set the Contrast of the
game to around 25 in the Options menu.

What's changed? You seem to start with already upgraded dual pistols, as they
hold 40 bullets (20 per each gun) right away instead of 30 (like it was in
Legend). Obviously they keep having infinite ammo, otherwise this game would
turn into a survival horror.

Also there are only a bunch of human enemies: most, if not all enemies, are
animals. For that reason, they changed the way you get new weapons. First, you
need to collect ammo for them, because when you find a new weapon it has no
ammo. For example, you start collecting ammo for the shotgun long before you
can actually get your hands on it, and by that time you have around 40 shells.

Weapons are then hidden in out-of-the-way places so exploration is very
important, because the dual pistols aren't that great against threats on
advanced levels.

Another imported thing from the first Tomb Raider is that there are two type
of health packs: a small one, that recovers 25% of Lara's health, and a large
one, that refills the bar entirely. For that reason you have now two buttons
for healing yourself: one for large and one for small medipacks.

All this blabla to introduce you to some new stuff, the revamped inventory.
Ammo, health packs and weapons are accessible (other than by shortcut keys)
through an "inventory" screen. To be honest, that type of inventory screen,
with rotating icons, is pretty old and has been used perhaps around 9 hundred
times already, but hey, it's still cool.
This is called the "Gear" inventory.

Pressing a button will lead you to the "Items" inventory, where the game will
store key items needed to advance in the game. You also got the "Journal",
which should act like a small help system, where you can hear Lara's thoughts.
Most of the time I've checked this, though, there was no interesting "thought"
so I only use that to have some fun.


6.  Basics                                                             (0BASI)

6.1 - GAME REQUIREMENTS                                                (BGREQ)

To play the game on a Playstation 2 you don't need anything more than the
console itself, a controller, and a memory card to save your progress.

When it comes to PCs however, things get a bit complicated.
The minimum system requirements are these, taken from the readme:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
CPU: Pentium 3 1.4Ghz or Athlon XP 1500+
RAM: 256MB (for Windows 2000/XP)
     512MB (for Windows Vista)
GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB 3D Accelerated Card with TnL
     (GeForce 3Ti / Radeon 9 series)
SOUND: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible sound card (100% DirectX
     9.0c -compatible)
DVD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive
HARD DRIVE: 4GB free disk space
INPUT DEVICES: 100% Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible mouse and keyboard

These are the recommended ones instead:

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz or Athlon 64 3000+  
GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB 3D Accelerated Card with Vertex
     Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0 (GeForce 6000 series / Radeon X series)
SOUND: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9.0c
DVD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) DVD-ROM drive
HARD DRIVE: 4GB free disk space
INPUT DEVICES: 100% Windows XP/Vista compatible mouse and keyboard / Xbox 360
     Controller for Windows

As you can see Xbox 360 controllers are directly supported. For graphic cards,
you need one that has Pixel Shader 1.0: this prevents any GeForce 4 MX from
running the game.

For the record, I play the game with a Pentium 4 Prescott HT 2.8 GHz, 1 GB of
RAM (PC3200), Radeon 9550 with 256 MB, a Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1, NEC
3540 DVD toaster, and a Xbox Controller S. I run the game at 1024x768 screen
resolution with 'Fullscreen effects' on and 'Shadows' off.


6.2 - CONTROLS                                                         (BACPC)

If you don't have anything else, then you are stuck with the keyboard. Here's
the default layout. It's ok and my only suggestion is to re-map the "Show HUD"
key to the 'X' button.

     W,A,S,D, Arrow keys  -  Move Lara around
                                   Alt :  Walk instead of running
                                     R :  Sneak (walk slowly with no noise)
                   Mouse  -  Look around, Rotate camera
                   Space  -  Jump
              Left Shift  -  Crouch, roll
                             Focus mode (when you get the screen effect)

                    Ctrl  -  Grab onto ledges (with Manual grab on)

   G, Right mouse button  -  Lock onto enemies or hotspots
                                     E :  Reload weapon
   H, Left mouse button   -  Fire weapon

     Mouse wheel up/down  -  Cycle through weapons

                       J  -  Shows HUD *AND* moves camera behind Lara
                             (useful to get aligned with jumps and stuff)

                       Q  -  Throw grappling hook
                       E  -  Action button: talk, use, whatever; by default an
                             icon will appear when you can use this.
                         Also used to increase speed while shimming on ledges,
                         swimming, climbing ropes/wires/wooden stairs

                       V  -  Use Small medipack (if you have any)
                       B  -  Use Large medipack (if you have any)

                       Z  -  First person aiming
                            NOTE: You cannot move while in first-person aiming

                     TAB  -  Brings up inventory
                             Left/Right:  Cycle through stuff
                               Up/Down :  Cycle between Gears and Items
                                Enter  :  Use
          Right mouse button, Esc, Tab :  Return to game

                     ESC  -  Brings up Options menu

The game automatically recognises Xbox 360 controllers, both wireless (so you
gotta own the wireless receiver too) and wired.

         Left thumbstick  -  Move Lara arond
        Right thumbstick  -  Look around

                       A  -  Jump
                       B  -  Crouch/Roll
                       X  -  Throw grappling hook
                       Y  -  Action button

            Left trigger  -  Lock onto enemies
           Right trigger  -  Fire weapon

             Left button  -  Show HUD

           D-pad Up/Down  -  Cycle weapons
              D-pad left  -  Use large medipack
             D-pad right  -  Use small medipack

  Right thumbstick click  -  First person aim
                    Back  -  Brings up inventory
                   Start  -  Options menu

For any other controller, you must re-map things yourself.

These were contributed by "Katy Greaves" and "Ivory_Soul".

         Left thumbstick  -  Move Lara arond
        Right thumbstick  -  Look around

                   Cross  -  Jump
                  Circle  -  Crouch/Roll
                  Square  -  Throw grappling hook
                Triangle  -  Action button

                      L1  -  Lock onto enemies
                      L2  -  Show HUD
                      R1  -  Fire weapon
                      R2  -  Walk, Grab (if manual grab is enabled)

        D-pad Left/Right  -  Cycle weapons
                D-pad Up  -  Use large medipack
              D-pad Down  -  Use small medipack

  Right thumbstick click  -  First person aim
                  Select  -  Brings up inventory
                   Start  -  Options menu


6.3 - Basic movements                                                  (BAMOV)

Moving around
I think this "move" doesn't need any explanation. You can also move slowly and
sneak but this is not Splinter Cell so you've no reason to be stealthy.
Depending on your method of controlling Lara, you might need to hit additional
buttons to have her walk or sneak. If you're using a controller with analog
sticks, then the farther you push the stick from its neutral position, the
faster Lara moves, otherwise a modifier key has to be kept depressed along
with the movement button for Lara to perform the required move.

Again, another move that says it all. The longer you keep the button held, the
farther and/or higher your jump.

Grabbing ledges
If you have "Manual Grab" set to off, you have to keep a certain button pushed
for as long as you want Lara to maintain the grip. If you have that option set
to off then Lara automatically grabs on ledges. Either way, sometimes she
might lose the grip if not properly helped: in these cases, hit the Action
button to recover.

While Running (not walking) in any direction, press the crouch/roll button to

While hanging from ropes or your own grappling hook' wire, use movement keys
to swing and/or change direction.


6.4 - Advanced maneuvers                                               (BADMV)

Fast Transversing
When shimming around, hit the Action button to shimmy faster.

Climbing and Descending from hanging ropes
When hanging from ropes or your own grappling hook' wire, press and hold the
Action button, then press the forward or backward buttons to climb or descend
(respectively) the grapple line.

Wall Run
Certain walls have a grappleable ring placed at the top. You can latch on them
and run on them to get a little momentum and reach ledges or platforms that
couldn't be reached otherwise


6.5 - Combat maneuvers                                                 (BCOMB)

Adrenaline Dodge
After you enrage an enemy, he'll charge toward you. As he gets close to you,
the game enters a slow-mo effect and four arrows are show at the bottom right
corner of the screen.
During that time, the direction you want to dodge to (back to dodge backward,
forward to dodge forward (note: Lara automatically jumps the enemy if he's
not too tall)) and the Crouch/Roll button at the same time. If you timed
yourself right, not only you dodge, but you'll hear a blip a big crosshair
appearing on the enraged enemy. Shoot to deal boosted punishment.

If you're too slow, either you get no focus shoot (or whatever it's called)
or you fail altogether, and thus the enemy hits you.

Note: As "Katy Greaves" told me, you must have the Combat Mode option set to
"Advanced Toggle", otherwise Lara can't lock onto enemies and thus you never
get the crosshairs. That may be valid when playing on a PS2, but as far as I
know, that doesn't apply to the PC version, since I have it set to "Manual".


6.6 - Gear                                                             (BGEAR)

Here's the list of your tools. This time around there are only just a couple.

Grappling Hook
A hook (!) that can hatch on metal things, those are marked with a blue icon.
It's also used to hook certain cages and the like.

Small medipack
Restores 25% of total health

Large medipack
Restores health to 100% regardless of your current level.

Don't underestimate the diary, it's your lifesaver when you're in trouble or
stuck. Lara will tell its thought, and more often than not, will help you get
out of the problem, especially during boss fights. However, you need to be
near the correct spot to get the best helping though, otherwise you get a
generic useless one, at least that's what my friend wario told me.


6.7 - Weapons                                                          (BWEAP)

Here is the rundown of your guns. I've arranged them with the same order they
appear in the game.
Each weapon in the game can be acquired in two ways: one of them is by just
playing the game, and eventually, you'll get the gun. This is the "easy way";
while the other way is to go look for a semi-hidden pickup: this way, you get
your weapon earlier.

Dual Pistols
Ammo: none (infinite)
Capacity: 40 (20 each) / Infinite
Power: 4 / 10
First found: Beginning of the game

These are Lara's standard weapons. They have infinite bullets so it's your
choice when having to shoot things around the scenario.
They're also good at taking down basic enemies, like rats and bats, however if
given enough time, any enemy gets down with these.
They have pretty good range - farthest than the game might make you think -
and thus are good for mowing enemies at medium distance. However, after you
acquire the shotgun, you should definitely switch to it in close combats.

Ammo: Shotgun Shells
Capacity: 8 / 40
Power: 10 / 10 (close range), 7 / 10 (mid), 1/10 (far)
First ammo: Peru - City Of Vilcabamba
First found: Peru - The Lost Valley (hidden place)
             complete all Peru levels (easy way)

Here's your best friend. As with all shotguns, the farthest the enemy the
weakest the damage. It also raises enemies' rage bar very quickly, so you can
take advantage of the adrenaline dodge to inflict some more punishment. On the
other hand the reload time is a pain.
Unlike Legend, where the shotgun was somewhat useless and overshadowed by the
RC650 Assault Rifle, this will become your primary weapon for a long period of

Dual 50 Caliber Pistols
Ammo: 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo
Capacity: 30 (15 each) / 150
First ammo: Peru - The Lost Valley
First found: Greece - Coliseum (hidden place)
             complete all Greek levels (easy way)

An improved version of the standard dual pistols, they feature farther range,
higher damage and increased reload time (which is not a good thing). I prefer
to keep them for bosses and for toughest enemies, because ammo pickups don't
seem so abundant.

Dual Mini SMGs
Ammo: Mini SMG Ammo
Capacity: 50 (25 each) / ??? (maybe 250 ?)
Power: 3-4 / 10
First ammo: Greece - Tomb of Tihocan
First found: Egypt - Sanctuary of the Scion (only way)

Note that to get this weapon you have to get it yourself (no "easy way"). Eats
ammo very fast, and has the fastest reload time of any weapon.
I don't know if a single shot is actually weaker or stronger than a pistol',
but still the fact that you just don't have to tap the fire button to vomit
bullets is a bonus. But this also contributes on literally wasting ammo. I
don't know what to say about this weapon, its ammunitions don't last enough
in my hands :(


6.8 - Enemies                                                          (BENEM)

Rundown of all enemies, except bosses, listed in order of appearance!

Enemies introduced in Peru:

Annoying flying creatures, they're the first enemies in the game, and go down
with around two shots of the default dual pistols.

These take a lot more punishment, and are also more aggressive since they run
and bite you. More often than not, you'll be attacked by a whole bunch of them
so keep jumping and rolling around. Most of the time they go down shortly
after getting enraged, if not before that, ruining part of the fun.

This beast moves slowly and of course takes a whole lot of punishment, more
than a wolf, and you can effectively use the adrenaline dodge.

These guys are basically enhanced wolves, thus they're fast, more aggressive,
bite harder, and attack in pack. Stay at a distance from them, especially in
tight spaces.

This is the real deal! See (1BOSS) for a whole bunch of details about this

Enemies introduced in Greece:

The very first thing you encounter in Greece, they have great agility, but
obviously Lara's superior. Except that, to me, they look like "Raptors++".

Little annoying creatures with red eyes, are best killed with your basic
pistols. I wish I could stamp on them! 

Your "welcome" when you step in the Coliseum, they're strong and can withstand
several shotgun shots; keep moving around, damn it!

They patrol some key waters in Greece, and have the advantage that you can't
kill them in their territory, neither perform any special move on them.

Guardians of the Scion of Tihocan, these are Greek's bosses, so go see (2BOSS)

Enemies introduced in Egypt:

Black panther / Puma
Kinda like an upgraded lion (which are upgraded wolves); everything I said for
them applies here, so use the same strategy

This creepy crawling creature is a tough one. At close range it tries to hit
you with its "legs", but if you're too far away, then it'll throw fireballs at
you, just like centaurs! The shotgun is the way to go here, as mummies tend to
go down in just a few hits, especially performing the adrenaline dodge move.

Flying Demon
They're a mix of bats (because they fly) and centaurs or mummies (because they
shoot fireballs)

These are similar to those you fight as bosses at the end of Greece, but they
lack the attack that turns you into stone, and are "normal" enemies that go
down with just a couple of shots instead of needing some weird strategy like
their bigger cousins.


7.  Walkthrough                                                        (0WALK)

Here we are again, for yet another dive into the glorious Tomb Raider world!
This time around things should be a lot familiar if you've enjoyed "Legend",
game mechanics are almost the same, and so are moves, menus, certain weapons
and whatnot.

As always you're given three difficulty levels, this time around they have no
"aliases", thus you get Easy, Medium and Hard. As I did with "Legend", I'm
writing this walkthrough playing at hard difficulty.

Along with this you get to choose whether you want Manual Grab or not. Setting
that to "Off" means Lara will automatically grab on any ledge when necessary,
without you having to worry.
This is very convenient and it's how it was in Tomb Raider Legend.

Flipping that option to "On" means that lovely Lara won't automatically grab
anything, and it's obvious that if she doesn't do something on her own, then
you gotta help her. The default "Grab" button is Left Control, and must be
kept depressed as long as you want to maintain grip.

For the record, I play with that pesky option set to "Off".

      WARNING - I don't like giving out spoilers, so the walkthrough is
                almost spoiler-free; cutscenes are not described and
                every name or things I say here are told by the game too.

      NOTE - When directions are given, I'll almost always say the point
             of reference using things in the room you're in, like a
             statue or something easily spottable. Otherwise, they'll be
             referred to Lara's position when you first enter the room or

Unlike "Legend", that had one stage per level, this one has more stages in a
single one; meaning that for instance the first level, in Peru, is split in 3
stages, each with a distinct name and its own number of hidden stuff.
At the end of each stage, you get the usual stat screen and a handy mini-panel
on the right telling you what you just unlocked.

I've arranged my guide to reflect that, splitting into smaller sections. And
as with my Legend walkthrough, I gave each area a name to help you understand
better where that part refers to.

No "checkpoint" marks will be in the guide, since they were pretty pointless
in Legend. Still, name of things you find on levels will be in UPPERCASE.


7.1  Peru                                                              (01PER)

So we arrived in Peru,   -==( Name )==============(Quick)=(Art)(Rel)=(T.T.)==-
looking for some weird    | Mountain Caves        (A1PER)   3    1   06:00  |
artifact... ehy, after    | City Of Vilcabamba    (B1PER)   1    0   07:00  |
beating Unreal 2 twice    | The Lost Valley       (C1PER)   2    1   15:00  |
I start  thinking this    | Tomb of Qualopec      (D1PER)   2    0   13:00  |
whole artifact-hunting   -===================================================-
thing is just a single,              | ART.ifacts, REL.ics, T.T. = Time Trial
giant, plan made by someone...        =======================================-
I mean, those alien artifacts in Unreal 2 were weird, powerful and whatnot,
and these in Tomb Raider (Legend and this one) aren't that less weird and/or
powerful.. Who's maneuvering the wires of gaming industry? We'll find that one
out, eventually, but not before going through this game.

So, let's head to Peru as quickly as we can. Don't forget to bring your dual
pistols and two small medipacks.

- Time Trial: 6 minutes
- Enemies: 14
    8 Bats
    5 Wolves
    1 Bear
- Supplies: 5
    2 Small Medipack
    3 Large Medipack

- Artifacts: 3
- Relics: 1

- Artifacts: Art Galleries / Origin of Lara Gallery
- Relics: Outfit / Legend
          Relics / Killer Whale Bottle
- Time Trial:

Wow, Lara ! Look at her ! She's back !
Ok, that's the ugliest, dumbest, most uninspired start of the world for a
level walkthrough, but hey, my city has right now blacked out and this piece
of town seems to be unaffected by that.. problem they're having. Anyway, let's
go back to the game.

As with any game, the first stage is just a training to get you used to it and
understand how most things work.

Watch the cutscene with the (lucky) guy: he manages to get up there with the
ladder, but it breaks so you gotta find another way.

- "Outside, Snowy place"

You are told how to walk and how to jump right away. That place reminds me the
Nepal level in TR Legend. Anyway go straight from your starting position and
jump and grab the ledge; you'll be told how to do that. Remember to
fast-transverse each time you're on a ledge, as the default speed is quite
annoying and slow. Besides, if you want to beat time trials, you MUST fast
transverse. When you reach the break, jump to the other ledge and keep moving.
Jump to the icy platform and pull up.
Vault up when on that ledges and once up, prepare for your first use of the
magnetic grapple, my favourite item. Oh, it's called "grappling hook" here. I
didn't notice that. My apologies. Guess because it ain't magnetic anymore. Too
bad, I loved the "magnotis gamble". Anyway by now, you should have swung to
the other side.
Oh, once you throw it, you don't need to keep pushing the magn... ehm, the
grappling hook button.

- "Outside, The big door"

Go up the stairs, watch the clue/cut scene and look on the left side of the
giant door. See anything useful ? Yup, a set of ledges, and of course the
grappleable thing right on top of the door.
Yeah I know, there's the guy of the previous cut scene standing by the door,
but he's got nothing interesting to say.

So go up there and grapple swing to the other side (climb the grappling hook's
wire a bit), and use the ledges on the wall to reach a small platform above
the door with a switch. Hit the "Use" key to open the door and a cut scene
will trigger.

- "Behind the big door"

Yeah I know, my made-up names so far haven't been that brilliant. Anyway we're
behind that giant door. It's shut close; no way to go but forward.

You'll arrive on a tricky mechanism, triggered by stepping on an enormous
platform. It is actually very easy to avoid those arrows, but if there's for a
chance a way of stopping them, why shouldn't we do it ?

NOTE: In time trial mode, forget disabling the mechanism, just run.

Move forward and when you reach the first arrows-shooting things go left to
to the wall, and turn left again, to face the direction you came. Jump on the
ledge there and vault up. Go left and vault up to grab the lever. Now jump to
the other wall, go left and hit the crouch/roll button to descend to the lower
ledge. You'll grab another lever that will shut the mechanism for good.

Now proceed forward and soon the path goes to the right, while the camera will
focus on the big entrance up on the front wall. That's where you need to go;
but keep moving.

- "Snowy room, with wooden stuff"

You'll arrive on a room, with a staircase on the right that leads to a small
broken wood bridge. Get up there, reach the rocky platform and jump to another
set of platforms made of planks.

If you want to collect an artifact, turn around and you should clearly see a
set of ledges on the left wall that you need to navigate. Honestly, the whole
thing is easy, save for the last jump to get to the artifact: it's a bit
farther than you might think, and falling down shreds a good chunk of health.
Instead of jumping right away, use the sloped floor, and as you get close the
bottom of that, jump. You should reach, and grab, the FIRST ARTIFACT. From
there, jump and grab the ledge on the wall, descend to the lower one, and go
where you're supposed to.

If you didn't go for the artifact, then simply walk on the wooden platform and
grab the ledge, shimmy around and we're good to proceed.

- "Snowy caves"

I wonder... aren't those caves supposed to be cold? How can Lara stand it? We
will never know, in the meantime, as you reach the intersection of two paths,
3 bats will come at you from the right one.

The left path leads to a small alcove with a LARGE MEDIPACK.

Go back and go through the right passage. After you turn left, you'll reach a
pit, with three more bats waiting for you.

- "Snowy pit"

You can clearly see another artifact on the wall slightly on the left of the
column, and a hookable thing high up the ceiling to the right.
You real destination is a semi-hidden cave on the ground level, so the only
reason to stray from that is to grab the artifact.
To descend without getting hurt, simply step on the sloped floor and wait,
don't jump.

Descend the sloped floor and grapple that thing; swing to the opposite ledge;
remember that, should you get disoriented, you can always hit a button to
align the camera with Lara, so you get to know where Lara's gonna go.
Jump to the ledge on the middle column, drop down and turn right. Reach the
ledge with the SECOND ARTIFACT. Return to the way you came and with the hook
wire, return to the upper platform, and then descend down.

Note that the set of ledges on the left side of the pit is to return to the
upper platform should you want to.

Once on the ground, two more bats will attack you. Look for a path on the
right and you should arrive on a blocky tunnel leading to a door. Operate the
lever on the right to open it. Go through that tunnel to reach the...

- "Room with two wooden bridges"

If you down the ground level, two wolves will attack you. Dispose of them and
look for a semi-concealed cave with a SMALL MEDIPACK inside. Grab it and get
outside. You'll see, in front of you, a ledge with an artifact: you can't
reach it from where you are, don't even bother, that's for later.

Go up to the path you were and start crossing the first bridge. It will break
but luckily will leave a vaultable gap for you to use. So reach that platform
and go up to the higher one. Before crossing the second (safe) bridge, turn
around (180 degrees) and you should see a small alcove. Use the ledges on the
columns to reach it, grab the SMALL MEDIPACK and then proceed back to the
bridge and turn left to reach a new area.

- "Columns, rope and broken floor"

Using the rope, collect the LARGE MEDIPACK on the left alcove.

If you're after artifacts, drop down and prepare to face an angry Bear, once
done, go through the way he came, pull the lever to open the door and go grab
the THIRD ARTIFACT you saw earlier. Do the whole route again to return to the

Cross the broken floor with the rope and before going down the path, grab the
LARGE MEDIPACK hidden behind the last column on the left.

Simply go through this tunnel, to reach another small place: jump on the spear
and then swing to the stairs; then proceed to the...

- "Enormous Door with arrows-impested corridor and slanted walls"

This time around, you can't shut off those arrows-shooting things, so you need
quick reflexes to reach the opposite side of the room. You don't ever need to
roll or else; you can go through them by just running normally.

When you reach the door, you're not forced to stand on the darker stone to get
a clue on how to open it (useful reminder for time trial-ers); climb up the
ledges on the left. You should hear a wolf coming at you, but frankly you have
enough time to climb the small ledge on the corner in front of you, shimmy to
the right and jump and grab the small ledge of a counterweight holding the
door close.

Note that these counterweights slowly raise again so if you are not quick
enough they return to their initial position.

Anyway, kill the wolf and proceed to the opposite side of the big area you're
in. Use the three spears and reach the other side. Here, two more wolves are
lurking. Shred them and, in a slightly similar manner to the first one, use
the rotating pole to reach the other counterweight and release the second lock
of the gigantic door.

Descend to the ground level (dropping off ledges) and step on top of the dark
stone. If both locks are disengaged, a cut scene showing the door opening
should start, if not, go up the left (facing the door of course) ledges, lower
the counterweight and descend again to hit the dark stone.

Either way, the damn door should be open now, and you can pass through if you
aren't after the Relic. This will make you finish this stage.

To grab the Relic, open the door as said and return near the (facing the door)
right counterweight, the second one you pull down.
Let's use a fake compass here: North is the wall where the door is, South is
the way you came and obviously left and right are West and East.
With Lara standing near the eastern counterweight, you need to jump and grab
the lower ledge on the north wall, that's it, the one too high for Lara to
grab and with both ends broken.
To get on it, go east and grab the ledges as you normally would, but stay as
far left as possible on that little ledge. Jump on the pole and then quickly
jump forward: you should grab that ledge. If you're to the right, you end up
overshooting it and fall all the way to the ground, dying.

When on the ledge, go to the left and grab the pole sticking from the top of
the door, from there, it's an easy way to the relic. Snatch it and go end the

- Time Trial: 7 minutes
- Enemies: 17 (16 if you replay the level)
    9 Bats
    6 Wolves
    2 (1) Bear(s)
- Supplies: 4
    4 Small Medipack
- Ammo pickups: 3
    3 Shotgun Shells x8

- Artifacts: 1
- Relics: 0

- Artifact: Character Bios / Lara Croft
- Time Trial:

As you go up the stairs, a Bear attacks you; fill him with bullets and
proceed. You are taught how to use the adrenaline dodge. Please note that when
replaying the level, you never fight this bear, you start right next the...

- "First small pit"

Proceed down this alleyway and board the first column. Drop down, turn around
and grab the SMALL MEDIPACK behind the stone.
To get out, use the set of ledges on the right wall to reach the second column
and exit this small pit.

- "City of Vilcabamba"

Go down the stairs and dispose of the two wolves near the destroyed columns.
As you go down the stairs to the village, a bear attacks you; send him to hell
and jump inside the small pool in the middle of the square.

Find the only path there (it's on the same direction as the door you need to
open): you have just enough air to go down this path, pull the lever and
surface to catch your breath before drowning, so don't mess around.

- "Big huts"

You'll surface on the big hut in that small village. First of all, pull the
lever near the wall to open the door; then go up the stairs. Jump to the
other hut; the wooden bridge will break. There's a medipack on an alcove in
front of you and a cage inside a small opening. For now forget the medipack,
push the cage INSIDE the opening. Use it to jump and grab the ledge of the
balcony on the right to collect SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 and a SMALL MEDIPACK.

Drop down and collect more SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 and the CITY KEY you need.

Now pull the cage to the other room, grab the SMALL MEDIPACK inside the alcove
and shoot the lock of the wooden double-door. If you just want to proceed the
game, go use the key, otherwise if you're after rare artifacts, push/pull the
cage outside. You must climb a giant vertical wooden pole, not difficult to
spot: it's facing the waterfall.

Note: In time trial mode, forget the whole cage thing: push it inside, get
ammo and key, return to the previous room, shoot the lock and go use the key

Jump on the cage and then climb the pole. Two bats attacks you, be careful of
not overmanouvering Lara on this tight spot. Proceed and be careful of the
hooked jump. Use the set of spears/ledges to reach the FIRST ARTIFACT.
Annihilate those annoying bats and return to your steps. How ? That's obvious,
slide on the roof of the nearby hut!

So, go through that door, fight two more wolves and soon you'll arrive on a
magnificent area, with yet another angry wolf waiting for you.

- "Door to the Lost Valley"

What a giant door !! Obviously you can't just walk close to that monster and
expect it to open, no, you must fulfil the craziest stunts in the world to
unlock those two locks !

There is a small door on each side of the giant one, each one leading to the
lock on the corresponding side.

Obviously you can decide which order to unlock them; here I'll first do left,
and then right.

See the two ledges over each door ? That's what you need to use to get to the
ground level again after releasing a lock.

- "Left door's lock"

Walk and you'll arrive on a room with a pool in the middle; there's nothing in
there. Go left up the stairs and then jump on the small platform, from there
to the ledge on the wall. Jump to the other one and then jump back to the
platform. If you can't get this jump, hit the direction for the jump and let
the camera pan to the platform, as it stops, jump and you should make it.

Go up the path and as you reach the top of the room you were before, three
bats attacks you. Exterminate them and jump to the other platform. From there
proceed and jump on the wooden pole to unlock the left lock.

- "Right's door lock"

Like the left one, you'll arrive on a room with a pool in the middle. The only
difference is the fact that there's a SMALL MEDIPACK inside it.
Get out and follow the path to jump to a set of ledges that leads to a similar
small hallway as the one on the left door.

Again, you'll arrive at the top of the room, with three angry bats. Jump, run
to the lock, jump onto it and unlock the left one.

Go through the door and go down this endless path to reach another small pit
like the one at the beginning of this stage.

- "Second small pit"

Jump on the small platform and descend the sloped wall, jump and grab the
horizontal pole, jump to the middle platform, jump on the top of the column,
PERCH on top of it and then jump again to exit this small area.

Yeah, you can simply drop down, kill the angry wolf, grab the SHOTGUN SHELL x8
and use the cage to give you height reaching the ledges to get out, but unless
you're a perfectionist like me, you wouldn't need those extra ammo (you can
hold only 40 shells).

Proceed and you'll arrive on yet another small pit.

- "Third small pit"

This time around, you must drop down. See that column with a pole? Use a small
rock close to the right wall to jump on the ledge, shimmy a bit, and using the
pole grab the ledge of the left wall. You'll arrive on the middle platform,
vault up trying to not get hurt by the arrows and turn around. Perch on top of
another column and get out this horrible (?) place.

You'll hear wolves and a waterfall but as you get near the exit, the end level
screen appears.

- Time Trial: 15 minutes
- Enemies: 16
    4 Bats
    5 Wolves
    1 Bear
    6 Raptors
- Supplies: 11
    6 Small Medipack
    5 Large Medipack
- Ammo pickups: 6
    2 Shotgun Shells x8
    4 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo

- Artifacts: 2
- Relics: 1
- Weapon: Shotgun

- Artifacts: Art Galleries / Box Art Galleries
- Relics: Outfit / Classic
          Relics / Kero Mug
- Time Trial:

  You can do things in a slightly different order than
  the one I'm giving here; I've tried to minimize aimless
  wandering while still trying to get everything.

- "Waterfall with mechanism"

You arrive on a giant area, with a waterfall in the middle, a ladder on its
right, a set of ledges on the left, and of course a small lake under it.

As you descend down, two wolves come and attack you. Send them to hell and
grab the first COG at the bottom of that set of ledges on the left of the

Go up the set of ledges, grabbing the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 on the way up. You'll
reach the top of the waterfall; proceed on the obvious path, jumping the river
back and forth.

Shoot the thing when told to, and use that pole to cross to the other side.
Keep going using your hook and when on the suspended platform, use the ledges
on the right (considering the direction you came) to reach the door on the
other side. Cross the (safe) bridge and grab the second COG. Two bats are
lurking the area and attack you as soon as you get the cog.

Before proceeding, shoot the bridge you just crossed to reveal a hook on the
ceiling. Don't use it yet; proceed with the rotating pole and with those
dangerous ledges at the waterfall reach that entrance. Pull the lever to open
an underwater gate. We'll come later to that. Now let's take a small detour.
After you pull the lever, go forward and drop down on the ledge, and then
again to the ledge you were before; jump to again to that door and as you
reach the place of where the bridge was (if it's still there, shoot the
thing!), Jump and launch your hook to hang near the waterfall. Look at it and
you'll notice there's something behind it. On the left side of it, there's a
small entrance, you need to slide down the hook's wire as much as you can.
When done, jump on that small entrance's ledge and go around it to find the
semi-hidden SHOTGUN and a LARGE MEDIPACK.

You can also get there by using the bridge as a ladder; and use it to get to
the small entrance (tip submitted by "Josh Sheehan").

Return all the way back. How ? Simply drop down and the stream will bring you
to the beginning of this section; you can't hook to the thing again because
it's too high to be reached. However you can jump back to the "ladder".

If you hit the button to go underwater, you might have a glimpse to see a
small entrance, which is where the gate you opened was. But before being able
to get there there's a lot to do and, between you and me, this is where the
Relic is hidden.

Anyway, you should be in the lake; while you are there you should notice that
there's another underwater tunnel; swim inside it to grab a SMALL MEDIPACK.
Return out again and as you step out of the water, three wolves come to attack
you. Send them where you prefer the most, and go up the ladder. Use the COG on
the mechanism to activate some gears. Use these rotating poles to reach that
higher ladder to arrive on a small balcony. Use another cog here. Jump on the
ledge just near the lever and from there, go up to the higher platform. As you
vault up those ledges you might have noticed that there's something behind the
Yeah, there's the rotating mini-platform but it leads to the place you need to
use the third cog that, incidentally, you don't have at hand.

Look around and jump to the ledge on the same wall you were before, under some
big thing. Shimmy all the way to the right and instead of proceeding to the
rope, drop down to a ledge with a small entrance. Be careful, Lara might need
your help to maintain the grip. Go through the opening and grab the
LARGE MEDIPACK hidden inside this place.

Slide down the set of walls to return to the ground level. Go up again and of
course this time proceed to the rope. Swing to the opposite ledge, shimmy
around the ancient building and finally drop down to create a nice shortcut.
Go inside the passage.

- "Two-way traffic"

NOTE: I think it's not a big spoiler if I say that you'll have to backtrack
      later using a certain part you're going to explore, thus if you don't
      pick up things now, you can do it later, especially ammo.

A bear, up ahead. Kill. Stay on the ground level and go toward the big rocky
column in the middle; look up on the right: you should spot a small entrance
under a ledge. Inside that entrance there's an artifact, we'll get to that in
a moment.

Go up the wooden platforms and grab 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO. If you want the
artifact keep reading, otherwise skip this part.

Assuming you came from south, go to the north-east edge of this platform.
There should be several slanted planks next to each other, look down. Jump on
the slanted things then before falling back again to the ground level, quickly
jump back to the column. You should grab on a tiny ledge near the corner, that
can't be grabbed otherwise. Shimmy to the left and reach the small alcove with
the FIRST ARTIFACT. Return to the platform and...

turn around so you can see a ledge on the wall, to the left of two columns.
Note that the other platform with the slanted wooden one is where you're gonna
come back soon.
Anyway reach that balcony using the two columns. Slide down and keep going.

- "Double slanted pit"

Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 and go forward to reach another pit. Be warned that
this is a dangerous one, meaning that should you fall, you die.
Jump to the farthest platform and then grab the ledges in front of you: use
them to get out to your right, grab more SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 and use the pole to
swing to the other ledges and get out of this pit.

You arrive on another deadly pit.

- "Killing pit"

Go where the medipack is. As you drop down, two bats attack you. After you
blast their asses goodbye, grab the LARGE MEDIPACK and keep going. If you want
another medipack (and believe me, you really want it), jump to the ledges on
the right. Lara is barely able grab them, so prepare to hit the button to help
Lara with the grip.
Drop down to the lowest ledge and stay in the middle: from there grab the
ledge on the other side, there's an alcove with another LARGE MEDIPACK. Get
out and proceed.
Jump the big ledge.

- "Grassy cavern"

Here there's nothing to be afraid of... yet. Keep running on the obvious way
until you reach some wooden planks. They break so you have to follow this path

- "Giant grassy area, #1"

You'll reach a giant area, with lot of grass, trees, flowers and whatnot. But
you can't stop contemplating the nature, so get ready with your weapon to fight
three angry raptors. Blast their sorry asses making the most of your combat
and acrobatic skills, and prepare for three more of them after you have killed
the first set. Try to save as much medipacks as you can.
Once you kill all of them, a cutscene starts and be ready for the first
interactive scene (that's why you can't skip the movie). He starts chasing you
and you need to hit DOWN (to dodge his bite attempt), UP (to dodge a raptor
trying to bite you), UP (to dodge that raptor from hitting you). After that,
the battle starts.

ENEMY ANALYSIS: This huge-ass beast is capable of shredding your health in a
  couple of moves, so always stay as far as you can from him, yet close enough
  to hit him with your guns.
  He moves very slow though, so it's not a problem to get away from him.
ATTACKS: He has several attacks. The first one is to charge at you and mow you
  down with his head. When you're close to his head, he sweeps it to throw you
  around. If you happen to be on his, ehm, back side, he sweeps his tail
HOW TO KILL HIM: While it's still possible to shred his health with gunfire,
  at least at easy and medium difficulty, the most effective way to deal with
  this giant is to use your surroundings. As you start hitting him, you'll be
  taught about rage and how it works. And I bet you've already noticed those
  three giant spiked logs scattered around; there are three of them to be
  The strategy goes like that. Get aligned to one of them and start hitting
  the T-Rex. He gets very angry. You'll see the effect confirming he's now
  enraged, and a typical phase starts: he does an animation where he roars
  and begins to run toward you, blindly. As the four directions show on the
  bottom right of your screen, hit left/right to doge the monster and a giant
  cross hair should be on the monster. Fire to inflict extra damage. If you
  have lured him right, his head should smash a spikey thing, dropping down
  one third of his total health.

After you defeat him, another interactive scene starts: you need to hit DOWN
and then UP (dodge his attack and shoot, if I remember correctly).

This giant area has several goodies. Assume that north is where the single
spiked thing is (or was), due the east there is a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, to
the west, on the left side of the dead T-Rex, there's a SMALL MEDIPACK. On
the south-east corner there are more 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO.

When done stocking up on things, enter the destroyed building where the T-Rex
is "parked".
Grab the third cog there and go underwater. Follow the tunnel to the exit and
climb the pole to grab the ledge of the small balcony. Climb up and then perch
on top of the pole to reach the ledges on the other side. From there, jump to
the entrance (or exit) of this place to be on a higher position than before.

There's a SMALL MEDIPACK there, grab it and proceed. Jump the same-looking
balconies, and finally grab the.. looks like a big pencil-thing there.
You'll reach the higher big area, the one you were before where the raptors
attacked you.

- "Giant grassy area, #2"

I thinks it's pretty obvious you gotta reach the destroyed building.
Inside, grab the SMALL MEDIPACK. As you reach the place with the ledges and an
opening on the right, take a small detour to grab a SMALL MEDIPACK on a lower
platform. After you take the medipack, take the time to collect things on the
ground. With the wall to your left, thus going counter clockwise, there is a
SMALL MEDIPACK, 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, the tunnel you came from earlier, and
a LARGE MEDIPACK. After taking this one, return back inside, there's nothing

Climb the ledges and then jump the gap between the bridges. Go inside the...
building (well, sort of) to grab a large MEDIPACK, then get outside, because
that ledge it's too high for Lara. Go outside and look to the left (facing the
entrance of the "building" (I know it's not a building, but maybe it was once,
who knows).

Grab the ledge there, turn around and drop to the slightly lower one. Reach
the top. If you don't want the second artifact, skip the following part.

See that small hexagonal platform behind the slanted block? Jump on top of it
(aim to the right otherwise you jump to the slanted block) and from there, to
the lower one. Descend down to grab the SECOND ARTIFACT. Get out by climbing
the ledge, drop to the other side and return to your steps.

Jump to the slanted thing and then to the next one, and from that to the pole.
You need to jump a couple of steps before the end of the block otherwise you
end up missing the jump and losing precious health by falling down.

From the pole, reach the rocky passage and go inside.

- "The way back"

No you can't jump to the place you see in front of you, there's an invisible
wall preventing you from doing it. If you look carefully, it's the place where
the wooden planks broke before sliding down and fight the annoying raptors.

Anyway, proceed to the left path and don't worry because there's no major
threat ahead. You're returning to the beginning of this stage, which I dubbed
"Waterfall with mechanism" in this guide.
You'll reach the place I called "Killing pit" (to make you remember, there was
a medipack near the ledge of a platform and as you touched that, two bats
showed up. It's also the place where there was a large medipack hidden inside
an alcove below the platform you should be on, so in case you need it, go take
it). Of course you need to proceed backwards so don't go where there's the wall
with the small opening, go to the other side.

Obviously you are in an area you already visited, the "Double slanted pit".
Jump to the closest slanted set of planks and quickly jump to the ledge in
front of you. If you didn't pick them up on the way to the t-rex, grab the
shotgun ammo laying on your right, and if you do pick them, return to the same
platform you just jumped from to jump again to the slanted planks.

Use the ledges to reach the second set of planks and grab the ledges so you
can use more ledges to get out of this mess !

There should be more shotgun ammo near the stairs if you - again - didn't pick
them up before.
Then use the two columns to go outside and reach the area where the bear was.
If you didn't pick the first artifact you can do now. You'll emerge to the
start of this stage.

- "Third cog"

Go place the third cog. To get down, simply swam dive to the lake (Forward +
Jump together and less than half-second later, add Crouch/Roll), climb the
stairs etc etc to reach the ledge. Put your hard earned cog in place and
activate the gears.

The enormous dam slowly descends and blocks most of the water coming down,thus
allowing you to access the door behind waterfall and finish the level.

Before going through the door though, go up where the dam is. Swim inside the
stream look for an opening - that's the opening you saw waaaay earlier when
activating a lever that opened some kind of underwater gate. Go inside that
opening to grab the RELIC that unlocks the polygonal model of Lara used in
Tomb Raider 1.

- Time Trial: 13 minutes

- Artifacts: 2
- Relics: 0

- Artifacts: Art Galleries / Peru
             Character Bios / Larson
- Completing the level:
  - 8 Cinematics you saw while playing it (The Awakening, Introducing Natla,
    Vilcabamba, Wolf Attack, The Tomb Of Qualopec, Unexpected Company, A
    Heated Interrogation, Late Night Reconnaissance)
  - Replay Level (Peru)
  - All Peru's Music
  - Commentaries / Peru
  and if you didn't get it in The Lost Valley:
  - Weapon / Shotgun
- Time Trial:

Run to reach a wonderful pit with a muddy bottom. Yeah, it's disgusting.
Perch from column to column to pole to ledge to get to the second "hub" place
of the game (the first was on the previous stage, "Waterfall with mechanism").

- "Qualopec's Tomb Hub"

There's a giant drawing in the middle of the room, and three doors. You can
only go to the northern one, but as you go up, a giant rock rolls down,
destroying part of the floor-painted one. Three gates close one after another.
Gotta open them up one by one to exit this place.

As you have guessed, I've assumed you came from south and that north is where
the three gates are, to make things easier for you.

Drop down to the ground level. How ? There are a set of ledges to the left of
the south door. Drop from ledge to ledge and reach the bottom. Run around to
spot three movable things made of wood:

- A tall thing with a platform on top
- Another one but has part of the floor with the drawing, which you can't move
- A very short one, to help you get to the top again

There's also a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO laying on the ground.

The first thing to do is to reach the set of ledges on the north-western wall
so move the tallest thing to the west so you can grab that ledge. Reach the
top of the slanted narrow corridor with gates. Get near the ledge and shoot
the thing in the ceiling so the giant block falls down and destroys another
part of that floor, thus allowing you to use the second movable platform.

Before doing that, though, jump from hook to hook to reach the lever right in
front of you. Pull it. You have just opened the first gate.

Now guess what's next? You're right, align the two things properly to reach
either the western or the eastern door, do what you have to do in there, and
then do the same with the other one.

I'll first go to the eastern door.

- "Qualopec's Tomb's eastern door"

I don't know if the genitive is right, let me know. Anyway, you arrive, guess
where, in another muddy pit. There's a trap shooting arrows in front of you.
Use the ledges to drop down. As you walk, you'll hear the sound that notices
when you're in the proximity of an artifact. Walk and look to your right and
grab the FIRST ARTIFACT.Get out using the tall column to return to the ledges;
that other one is too short to exit the pit.

Jump from the platform, to the top of the column. Then to the ledges on your
left. Then to the ledges beyond the second trap, then drop down and jump to
the pole. From there to the second column and finally exit this muddy area.

Walk through this corridor to arrive in a room, with the lever right in front
of you. I know you won't believe me, but when I first saw that room and
realised how easy it was to get there, I felt something was going to be really
wrong. And I was right: the floor collapsed and two wolves had to taste my

Now, go to the raised walkway and drop down the cage. Place it so you can
access the set of ledges on the (facing the wall where the lever is) right.
From there reach the ledge to the left of the lever. Jump to the nearby
hanging column and then to the ledge of one of the two small openings. Grab
the SECOND ARTIFACT. Return to the hanging column and turn around to jump
and grab the lever that opens the second gate. Now jump to the horizontal pole
and go inside the opening. Exit from the other side, grab SHOTGUN SHELLS x8
(if you didn't take them before) and make your return to the hub.

A raptor runs toward you and another one is inside the muddy pit. You can
ignore him because you don't need to go there.

No more threats to the hub, so once there, arrange the movable platforms to
reach the other door: the western in my case.

- "Qualopec's Tomb's western door"

Grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 near the traps. Traverse this annoying part timing
yourself right and reach the exit. Grab the two SMALL MEDIPACKs. Dodge the two
(easy) arrow traps there (the middle is not working) and proceed. Dodge two
more arrow traps (easier, several not working) to arrive in a room.

Reach the stairs launching your grappling hook and then jump to the pole on
your left. Reach the overhead walkway, grab 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, and pull
the lever. Man, that's some serious deja-vu going on. That's too easy! What's
next? Well, guess what, as you begin to backtrack you'll understand: all these
non-operational traps are now fully working! Avoid the three-in-a-row traps by
rolling, and proceed.

Things start to make more sense when you reach the second batch of traps.
There are two hanging blades swinging back and forth across the walls, as well
as more arrow-shooting things. Be warned that there's raptor behind the corner.
Keep going back, jumping from ledge to ledge and avoiding the arrows of the
first pit, and you'll be in the hub again. Go up that damn narrow corridor and
watch the cutscene (no spoilers).

After that, run like hell down the corridor, go south at the hub, try to make
it without falling down in the pit, and enter the door. Soon, another cutscene
starts and it's an interactive one. You'll fight Larson Conway, and you need
to hit UP, DOWN and RIGHT.

This is also where you acquire the shotgun in case you didn't find the hidden
one in the Lost Valley.


7.2  Greece                                                            (02GRE)

Wow, Greece. I never     -==( Name )==============(Quick)=(Art)(Rel)=(T.T.)==-
had to learn Greek        | St. Francis Folly     (A2GRE)   6    0   34:00  |
language, I don't         | The Coliseum          (B2GRE)   1    0   11:00  |
think there's a point     | Midas's Palace        (c2GRE)   1    2   16:00  |
in learning a language    | Tomb of Tihocan       (D2GRE)   2    0   13:20  |
spoken millenia ago,     -===================================================-
but now, after seeing                | ART.ifacts, REL.ics, T.T. = Time Trial
some truly interesting                =======================================-
things in this game, I'm starting to think... I was right on the first place!
Ahuahauahu!! Ok ok, that's not funny.. but I don't know what to write here,
writing something to introduce you to this level would lead to spoilers and
since I told you there weren't going to be any spoilers... well you got the
idea :)

- Time Trial: 34 minutes (ouch!)

- Artifacts: 6
- Relics: 0

- Artifacts:
- Time Trial:

Lara is inside the giant folly, and as you start moving, two angry lions
attack you. After you kill them, a cut scene kicks in.

When it ends, you're left inside that big room with several columns. As
you'll realise, you need something to put on that piece of floor so that gate
up ahead stays open.
The thing you need is (turn 180 degrees) up there (basically, the opposite
side of the gate). That room hasn't a usable ledge, so you can't just land on
that balcony and pull the big sphere down. And that room also has a gate.

You need to go to the right entrance of that balcony, and since it's an easy
task, I'm leaving this to you.

As you get there, Lara will comment that Greeks have something for angelic
bodies (or something among the lines of that), and the camera will pan to the
sculpture in the wall, with 10 circles you can shoot, and another weight
sensitive button on the floor.

This is a clever "terminal" to open some doors/gates in the area. What you
need to do is to "input" the code for that door by shooting certain circles
and if it's right, it opens, otherwise, nothing. To start over you just walk
on that said button, that acts like a reset button.
Circles you shoot start emitting a stream of light, meaning they're "on".
They don't wear off over time so you can calmly insert the code. If there is
more than one crosshair on circles you don't wanna lit, try moving Lara around
- or the camera - staying away from the reset button.
                                   On the left, you can see my HORRIBLE hand-
 ______________________________    drawn version of the angelic silhouette. I
|          ___                 |   know, it sucks harder than anything you've
|        (    \A---_           |   ever seen, but it's just a quick way to say
|     / (  head )   =          |   "lit A, D, F, G and H to access Alessandra
|    / B/ \         \          |   Ambrosio's bedroom" (I know you would).
|   / /   /     C    \__---D   |
|        \    |\  E        |   |   Anyway, with that "terminal" you can open:
|        |### | |        F |   |   - The door on the other side of the place
|      ||##G##| |          |   |     where it's on (B, G)
|    |||||### \ |   __     H\  |   - The gate behind you where there's the
|     I|||\   /\_\/  /   / \/  |     sphere locked in place (A, E, H, J)
|           \ \     /  /       |   - A gate to get the first Artifact
|             \ \  / /         |     (A, B, D, E, G, H, J)
|              \__| J          |
|______________________________|   You find each "code", which is actually an
                                   exact copy of the "terminal", except it has
darker colors, and has maroon circles corresponding to the circles you need to
lit on the "terminal". Yup it's confusing, but go around the corner and look
at the door. Look on the left side of the drawing.

The second code is reached by opening that said door, and running to the wall
to the other ledge and reaching a small balcony: look the floor.

The third code is behind the big door you need to open. Look up to the small
ceiling (it's easy to spot).

Note that you can input codes even if you haven't seen their patterns yet.

Now, since I realize my drawing is hard to understand, I took a screenshot of
the "heavenly body" and placed letters near each circle so you can better
understand me: http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/8314/tragreecehelp1wu2.jpg

So anyway, after you have opened the gate, unlock the sphere from its place
and push/pull it down. Place it on the spherical button to maintain the higher
gate open. Use the column near that gate to reach the balcony and go to the
other side. Pull the lever to open the giant door. Two lions comes (from
where? That room has no entrances!), kill them, go take the sphere and place
it on this other circle on the floor.

As you can see there's a ring on a side wall; use it to wall run onto a ledge
and grab a LARGE MEDIPACK.

Go through the gate (or go take the artifact), and walk until you reach a
very complex area for both me (to explain things) and you (to understand my
crazy talking and descriptions).

- "Complex tall area with named doors"

Let me explain you the situation. You're on top of a very deep room. The door
you need to open is at the bottom, at ground level. It's protected by not two
(we have already opened several doors with two locks in Peru), not three (we
did that in Tomb Of Qualopec), but _four_ locks.

These locks have a color-coded key (cyan, purple, red, green). Each key is
placed inside an area accessible by a door. Each door is named after a Greek
divinity or mythological figure and has a gate that needs to be opened first.
Not only that, you can't just go to whatever door you want, you must find a
way of getting there because these doors are scattered at various levels
through the walls of this area, so you might need to climb to the top to reach
a door at the middle or at the bottom.

Thus you'll be jumping, swinging, and fast transversing high up from the
ground, so expect to fall (and die) a lot. At least, that's happened to me.

I'll be using my fake compass to give you directions: south is the wall with
the door that you entered the area, thus north is in front of that and left
and right are west and east.

Also note that it's honestly impossible to guide you inside this place: I'll
only tell you where you need to start jumping to reach a certain place, but
will not help you midway (unless of major problems).

Now that you are aware of the dangerous situation, proceed.

Since things would get really confusing, I prefer to use a very schematic way
of telling you how to do stuff inside this place. I hope you like it.

Now first, let me tell you that looking at each wall, you can clearly see they
have been made with "floors" in mind: that's it, there are obvious stones that
say that a door is at the second floor, or a lever at the third and so forth.
Walls are slightly off each other, meaning their floors are not aligned.

At ground level there's only one thing (beside the exit): the lever to open
Atlas's gate.

For each door I'll tell you: what color the key is ("Key color"), which floor
you can find the lever, and what side (again, south is where you entered),
the side of where the door actually is ("Side"), if there's something to do
before being able to pull the lever ("Prerequisite"), and finally how to get
to the door ("Get there"). Then what follows is the walkthrough of what do to
once stepped through the door.

Note that all doors lead to the same initial thing: an electrified gate with
a ledge in the middle and several sharp blades behind it that kill Lara almost
instantaneously. There's an opening over the gate. The lever nearby operates
this side of the trap (there's a similar one on the other side) and might not
work or work partially or whatnot.
You must ALWAYS use the small opening to get to the other side. Be warned that
jumping down from it hurts Lara.

Another thing to note is that an artifact is hidden inside each gate.

                             Key color: Green
                                 Lever: ground level, south
                             Door side: North, second floor
Prerequisite: None
Get there: Go to the topmost platform on the northern wall (pull out from the
  wall the right one if needed). Jump to the ledges to the right (facing the
  wall) - be careful. Drop down and at the end, as you slide down the slanted
  block, jump to jump and grab a ledge. From there, reach the door.
Mythology: One of the original Titans, a race of deities that ruled the Golden

Ok so there's this double-lever that automatically  closes the floor again.
When you are on the other side, look for a small ledge on the left and use
them to reach that balcony, grabbing the 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, and then go
pull the lever.
Now drop down and go shoot the two circles. To have a chance at surviving, you
need to stand near the small ledge you used to reach the first lever, only a
couple of step toward the circles.
This way, you can shoot them and have enough time to react and start running
down. And as you see the poles, jump, swing and jump again to save yourself!

Unfortunately, the big sphere destroy your two poles, but on the other hand,
destroys a pillar that reveals a small ledge to access the right balcony. So
go get the KEY OF ATLAS and the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 nearby and climb to the
balcony. Here grab the SMALL MEDIPACK and the ARTIFACT on the higher ledge.
Pull the lever to operate the movable floor so you can return back to the hub
(come on, the big room with a lot of stacked stuff in the middle).

                             Key color: Red
                                 Lever: first floor, west
                             Door side: South, first floor
Prerequisite: None: jump from the destroyed platform under the second (higher)
Get there: Pull down the brighter column right on top of the door. Now, get on
  it. You'll see two cages on both sides. Pull/push each one to the opposite
  side of their initial positions. Grab the two SMALL MEDIPACKs here if you
  want. Now, get on top of the right box and from there jump on the ledge to
  the left. Shimmy around, drop down and, now that you've the cage under your
  feet, jump to the other ledge. From there, carefully drop down from ledge to
  ledge, then reach the entrance of the door.
Mythology: Well he doesn't seem to be part of Greek mythology. Looks like he's
  only know for that tale regarding his _sword_ ...

The gate you'll arrive is slightly different. First,you need to pull the block
that's blocking (eheh) the upper entrance.Put that near the ledge on the gate.
Second, when you jump on the ledge of the gate, it falls down under Lara's
weight. So time yourself right, and get to the other side, because there's a
lot to do.

There, you'll reach a first room with several columns and a weird floor with
a checker-board style, and then a second room with the key. In this room there
are also a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO (should you miss them) and a SMALL MEDIPACK.

As you entered this room, the camera showed up what's hanging on the ceiling:
several swords. You must grab the key in a hit and run move, otherwise they
kill poor Lara.

Once done, don't rush to the other room, yet. Inside the second room there's
a slanted column you can climb on. Use it to use the higher set of platforms.

Operate the lever there to unlock a piece of floor on the other room. Drop
down and go near the other room. Try to move the camera so you can see the
ceiling: there is a swords ready to fall on Lara if you don't pay attention.
More of them are at the other side of the room. Slowly walk under them so they
fall to the ground and don't kill you.
So, to reach the other side avoiding getting impaled from underneath, only one
reminder: keep on the white ones ! That's right, white blocks save your life,
they also say that on tv (well not really, but sounds like a great slogan).

Be really careful of the swords as you get out of the trap.
The exit is blocked and the lever is placed right over it, on a balcony. The
set of ledges around and the various columns are there to help you. To start
climbing your way up, go around the room counter-clockwise, you'll cross the
piece of blade-trap you unlocked before and arrive near a very small column.

Use the ledges to get up. The lever there removes the blades-trap near the
ARTIFACT. Use the vertical pole to jump to the higher column and then again
jump on the other pole. Grab the LARGE MEDIPACK there and use the ledge to
hook on a overhead ring: wall run and jump on top of the column. Keep jumping
from column to column to reach other side' ledges, and then finally get to
the lever. Open the door and get outside again.

                             Key color: Purple
                                 Lever: fourth floor, east
                             Door side: West, third floor
Prerequisite: pull down the brighter column on the east wall so you can use it
  to reach the wall from the middle bunch of platforms
Get there: Go to the broken platform under the ladder (of course I'm talking
  about the pile of blocks that's in the middle of the room). Look south and
  shoot the circle thing to open a small platform. Jump on it, grab its ledge
  and transverse to Lara's right to reach the door
Mythology: God of technology; Greek's equivalent of Roman' Vulcan

Being the god of technology you'd expect the gate to work, instead, should you
pull the lever, it falls down, revealing the dangerous trap inside. Luckily,
they have provided several ledges for you to use (turn around). Use them to
reach the opening to get to the other side. Drop down using the gate's ledge.

You'll arrive on a room with an overhead bulb that, every 3 seconds, unloads
a burst of electricity to the ground. The ground itself is a 7x7 grid of
rhythmically raised/lowered blocks. Four of them are more raised than the
others. You need to step on these (thus lowering them) to open the big gate,
possibly without getting zapped in the process.

From what I understand, you can safely walk on those blocks that are lowered,
and you can only get zapped when the bulb is charged (around each 3 seconds).
In these 3 seconds, you can jump to the nearest two higher blocks. There's a
moment when all blocks on both side of the room are lowered, thus giving you
enough time to reach the other side and stand on the remaining two blocks to
unlock the big gate, and blocking your way back.

Now, on that other room, look the drawing on the floor. There are 3 arrow-like
things, each pointing to a small circle button on the floor. There's also a
small statue on the right of the glowing key.

Place that statue on one of the circles (handles are behind).
Now please look west, there's a giant hammer and another trigger on the floor.
Now, place the nearby granite block on the trigger, so the hammer comes down
and boom! Another nice statue (The explanation  of that magic is that this
divinity (Hephaestus) was also the god of metallurgy). Place it on one of the
remaining holes and then briefly stand on the trigger again to make the hammer
come down, and them, use its ledges to reach the left or right balcony. There
is a LARGE MEDIPACK on the left one. Anyway, the ARTIFACT here is inside the
small opening over the place with the Key. Since you need to go there to reach
the balcony with the second block, it couldn't be easy to get this one.

Push down the block for another magic, and then place the third statue in
place. All statues must face their respective diamond that point at them.

Once done, you'll be "told" that something has changed with the trigger under
the hammer. Go there and it will open the gate so you can finally grab the

                             Key color: Cyan
                                 Lever: fourth floor, west
                             Door side: East, second floor
Prerequisite: Pull the small platform out of the northern wall (top level)
Get there:
Mythology: God of the sea, horses and earthquakes

As you'd expect when dealing with the deity of the sea, you'll have to mess
with water to get this key.

Get to the other side of the electrified gate and then meet three rats. On
the room with the pool and the four columns, there's a SMALL MEDIPACK behind
the farthest one on the right. Then swim inside the pool to emerge on a tower-
like building. To make things clear, I'm gonna use the floor-thing again so
please don't get angry if you don't like this.

The entrance is at the first floor; the ground level is flooded with water.
You can reach the second floor by using a set of ledges placed on the middle

What you need to do is to use a raft (well, sorta), that's underwater, behind
a gate, to reach a ledge on the second floor to the left of the gate keeping
you away from the key (well, for now anyway).

So you proceed like this: you climb to the second floor, move the block away
from the statue (there's a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO nearby) so you flood the
tower to the second floor. You also swim to the destroyed balcony and push the
second block down.
Now go underwater and pull the lever on the middle column (the topmost) so the
gate releases the raft.

Return to the second floor and push the block in front of the statue again, so
the water level lowers to the first. Go to the first level and push the block
you previously pushed down to block that other statue, so you can now access
the ground level on foot. Here, you have to use your hook to move the raft to
the opposite side of the debris.

Now you simply pull the blocks back again from the statues and adjust the raft
under the aforementioned ledge - which is between the topmost two bridges -
and reach the room with the KEY OF POSEIDON. Pull the lever to open the gate
and get outside.

Note: On the first floor of the tower there's a SMALL MEDIPACK and an ARTIFACT
  behind a gate, accessible by pulling the lowermost lever.

Now we have all four keys so go unlock those damn things!
In this area, though, there are scattered some goodies. Those you can collect
when leading to a lever or door are described in their relevant part of the
previous walkthrough, so here we'll focus on what's left.
Obviously, the first thing is a SHOTGUN SHELL x8 at the bottom, on the block
you use to begin climbing up.

The stage ends as soon as you put in place the last key.

7.2.2 - THE COLISEUM   (B2GRE)
- Time Trial: 11 minutes

- Artifacts: 1
- Relics: 0
- Weapon: Dual 50 Caliber Pistols

- Artifacts:
- Time Trial:

- "Debris and small pool"

Run until you reach a room with lot of debris and two rats. Kill them and use
the block on the right of the door you came (facing the door itself) to begin
climbing your way to the small pool. Right after you vault up, pick the SMALL
MEDIPACK on top of the column near the door. Now, proceed, kill the rat, grab
a pack of SHOTGUN SHELLS x8, and enter the water.

To help you here, have Lara give her back to the wall of the room, then dive
down. Go forward and follow the path to the exit. Here, kill two rats and two
bats (wow, rats and bats !), and get to the other side: start where the small
box is and work your way around - the column next to the box is useless.

On the other side, go up the path to finally reach... the coliseum !

- "The Coliseum"

Two veeeery angry gorillas attack you. Use your mighty shotgun on them, then
grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8. Climb to the stairs using the small block on the
right of the entrance.

There's another SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 at the end of the balcony: it's on the other
side, under the raised balcony with columns.

You need to climb to the balcony over the entrance that brought the gorillas
here. Use the ledges on the far column, grab a SMALL MEDIPACK on a flat rock,
and go operate the lever on the balcony.

Remember this place and how you got here because later you'll have to return
here to open the gate behind the lever.

A "fight"-tune begins as soon as you use the lever.

Go down and go fight two gorillas and two lions at the same time! Then enter
the door they came through and you'll see the key glowing on a cage. Get to
the other side of the room and you'll spot a boxy cage over a bigger one. Use
your hook to get it on the floor level, then push or pull it to the other side
to help Lara get that damn BALCONY KEY. There's a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 in the
area where the key is.

Back in the arena, two more lions are awaiting your shotgun.

Now go open the gate with that key.

Go up the ladder to reach the roof of that balcony. Two bats may attack you
if you hang around for a while. Anyway you need to proceed to the obvious path
using the other ledge. Then grapple the overhead ring to jump on the suspended
platform. You should see a platform with a SMALL MEDIPACK on your left and a
broken column (with ledges) between that platform and yours.
Now, you can use either that column on just grab the ledge of your platform to
shimmy around and grab the DUAL 50 CALIBER PISTOLS hidden there. Pretty nice
eh? That's what you've been collecting ammo for! Enjoy your new toy!!

Anyway, jump to the lower platform and use the two destroyed pillars to reach
the roof of the second balcony. Enter through the other side. Grab a pack of
50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO (I know you've wasted some bullets trying them) and go
down the path.

Keep going down the only path you can and kill the two bats. You'll spot some
kind of gigantic statue up ahead but this is when this stage ends.

7.2.3 - MIDAS'S PALACE   (C2GRE)
- Time Trial: 16 minutes

- Artifacts: 1
- Relics: 2

- Artifacts:
- Relics: Outfits / Croft Manor Sport (one relic)
          Outfits / Golden (both)
- Time Trial:

Not even the time to stare at Midas's statue that two gorillas attack you, and
another one after you've entered the room.

- "Midas's Hub"

Note: Unlike other times, I'm going to assume that north is the wall where the
  path the lead you here is, South is where the door behind Midas's head, and
  you can easily figure out that west is Midas's left and east is Midas' left.

Let's scan the area. There's a clearly visible pool with a closed gate inside,
two doors (west and east), a raised set of balconies accessible by climbing
the ledge on the left of Midas's legs.

SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 are right behind Midas's head, as well as another door and
a lever. Two more levers are on the eastern and western walls.

The lever behind Midas opens the western door.
The lever on the western wall - accessible by climbing the set of ledges on
the north wall - opens the eastern door. There's also a LARGE MEDIPACK there.
The lever on the eastern wall instead can't be reached at the moment.

Also at the bottom of Midas's statue there are four sockets; one of them has a
golden block inserted.

- "Midas's East Door"

Eventually, after an endless series of stairs and flat floor, you get to a
room with several raised blocks, several arrows, some balconies, and another
door on the other side that leads to a (closed) gate and a narrow corridor
with a box and a lever behind it.

The box is not as useless as I thought it was, as "Rob Gibney" told me. The
box is used to prevent a certain raised pillar from retracting into the floor
when you begin jumping on them. So go pull the lever and don't jump to any of
them, return back down and push the cage under the crumbled away part of the
pillar on your left, exiting from the stairs that lead to the lever.

Go back where the lever is and start jumping as usual. Now, instead of jumping
left into the balcony where the lead block was, jump toward the slope, and
jump again to grab that ledge. Pull yourself up and look behind the bricks to
find the Athenian Owl Figurine.

That lever opens the nearby gate (so this whole thing is kinda pointless,
usually these kind of levers should be hard to reach and/or require hours of
stunts and solving some crazy puzzles, what's the point of having a gate and
the lever to open it next to each other ?!) and it's the first thing to do.

Anyway there's a SMALL MEDIPACK to the right of the gate to chill you out.

Now, that lever over there raises all (but one) of the raised blocks. Two of
them will eventually get their spears again.
They remain raised indefinitely as long as you don't jump to any of them.

The key here is to begin as soon as you pull the lever: jump to the white
block in front of you, then to the one on your left, then to the sloped one
and to the moving balcony. There, you need to reach the moving balcony to the
other side, jump to the ledges of the spiky block, and finally jump to the
block with two ledges to reach and grab the LEAD BAR. Get down somehow.

Now, for the artifact, you do the same route: when you're on the second moving
balcony (on the right, watching the room from where the lever is), you proceed
toward the ARTIFACT instead of the lead bar.

Before returning to the hub, grab the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 at ground level, as
there are two gorillas on your way back.

- "Midas's West Door"

Go up the stairs to arrive on an empty room. Cool, but let's proceed to the
door on the north-west. It leads to a lower room with a gorilla and a lion.
Blow their heads off and pull, with your grappling hook, all three things from
the middle column. Get the LEAD BAR that falls and backtrack to the previous
room. Oh s**t !! look at what you did !

Proceed to the corridor and go up the stairs to have access the higher portion
of the room you destroyed. There's a LARGE MEDIPACK on the right on a ledge.
Now, get to the ledge on the same wall where the door is and wall run and jump
to the ledge on the other corner. There, reach the rope and then jump on one
of the ledges of the darker column on your left.

Vault up and get to the small platform. From there, jump to the column with a
slated top and get to a small flat column. Use the ledge of the slanted
column you just jumped from to reach those set of blocks clearly in front of
you. Now, get to the other door. There's a SMALL MEDIPACK up high on a narrow

Go down this hallway and eventually two gorillas show up. Blow them up and you
will arrive - to your surprise - to the third lever in Midas's room, the one
you couldn't reach from the ground. Pull it to open the door behind Midas.

Then obviously go through that door.

- "Midas's Back Door"

An amazing room is there to wait you. Well, not until you realise its threats.

Kill the crocodile in the water and go pull the (underwater) lever behind the
first column on the right.
Get near the entrance again and step on the platform to activate the fire. You
have to reach the balcony on the right: jump to the platform in front of you,
then to the other one and use the ledges on its back to climb up - be quick
before the fire burns Lara's sweet ass. Pull that lever.

Go near the edge of the right ledge (eheh), and look the wall on your right
(obviously, with your back to the lever): you should see a path made of an
initial wall-run ring, several ledges, a couple of poles, and the right amount
of slanted slopes. There's even a perchable column (when on this one, you have
to jump on the small ledge on your right, not onto the sloped stone!!).
Their destination is a lever below a certain column (the farthest on the left,
looking from the entrance). Pulling that lever, further extends the inner rim
(of the same column) to reveal the Relic. Now, the worst part is that, after
the cut scene showing the extension ends, you have around FIFTY (50) seconds
to get there before the lever, and obviously the relic too, return to their
initial position, meaning: oh no, I have to do the whole route again!

You need to be damn fast: fast-swim in the water, and basically forget the
fire, you don't have time to take countermeasures. At the end, when jumping on
that damn column, the relic in the immediate left side of it, so start to
continuously tap the Action button to grab it as soon as you reach it.

A submerged pillar raises so you can reach the balcony to the other side now.
You get there basically in a straight line, and at the end, pull that other
lever. The inner part of a nearby pillar raises.
You need to get there by reaching the top of the pillar you just used.

Once on the bigger balcony, get the LEAD BAR.

When backtracking, be extremely warned: there are two VERY angry gorillas that
RUN toward you, and are more aggressive than those you fought so far.

Once on the main room, though, get near the hand of Midas and place your lead
bars on it: as you might know, Midas was known for turning everything he
touched into gold, so for each of your worthless bar you get a GOLD BAR.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you step on that hand, Lara quickly turns into gold, dying.
If you get both relics you unlock the "Golden" outfit, and is amazing to see.

Place a gold bar in each socket (order doesn't matter): two disengage the
locks of the gate inside the pool while the third one opens it.

Once the gate is open, you complete the stage.

- Time Trial: 13 minutes 20 seconds
- Enemies:
    3 Rats
    3 Crocodiles
    2 Centaurs Bosses
- Supplies:
    3 Small Medipack
- Ammo pickups:
    4 Shotgun Shells x8
    3 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo
    1 Mini SMG Ammo

- Artifacts: 2
- Relics: 0

- Artifacts: Art Galleries / Pierre
- Completing the level:
  - Cinematics you saw while playing the level
  - Replay Level (Greece)
  - All Greece' tunes
  - Commentaries / Greece
  - Art Galleries / TR1 vs. TR:A Greece Gallery
  and if you didn't get them in The Coliseum:
  - Weapon / Dual 50 Caliber Pistols
- Time Trial:

Prepare for a long two-step swim. Begin by taking the middle path, and swim as
fast as you can. As you see a light on your right, go there and swim up to
catch your breath there; then proceed until you reach a dark room.

There's a cage blocking your way and a rat waiting for you on the other side.

Push the cage forward and use it to operate a higher lever that opens a nearby
trap door; enter it. Kill two annoying rats to enter a big, complex room.

- "Semi submerged room"

As said, this is a complex room. Like in Poseidon's tower, you can raise and
lower water level at will, and you're going to do it a couple of times.

If you look down, you'll see a pool in the middle, and rubbish all around.

As always I'm going to assume that you came from south. You need to reach the
door on the east wall.

There are a couple of shining pick ups around, with the most notable being the
one on that piece of platform next to the southern wall. You can reach it by
using the pole and wall running to it, to grab the first MINI SMG AMMO. The
other set needs that you fill the room with water, which will come in later.

Now, go to the double-handed lever in the balcony on the west wall and push it
(push = fill; pull = empty) to fill the room with water. Now go to the nearby
balcony with a box: use a couple of ledges on its right side go there and push
the box into the water.

Return to the lever and pull it so the water returns to the previous level.
Swam dive down to the pool (Lara doesn't get hurt), where there are two
crocodiles, and immediately exit the water from the west. Kill them (or kill
them later) and push the box inside the pool. Grab the SMALL MEDIPACK near the
north west corner if you want. Also note that, to climb back up, you need to
use the tall pillar on the south west side.

Anyway now proceed counter-clockwise around the pool (you can't go the other
way), to reach another lever. Pull it so you empty the pool. Get inside and
pull the box inside the nearest socket. Now, you're supposed to drop there
another box to use on the other socket, but if you place this one in a way
that you can later move away from the socket (which locks them inside), you
will not need to go through an annoying part. Thus, place this one in an angle
of the socket with just a side of it touching the floor. I know this isn't
that clear, so I took two screenshots, which I think should be illuminating:
http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/5723/tragreecebox1jj1.jpg and
http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/6909/tragreecebox2ng7.jpg (you can also see
Lara wearing the "Catsuit" outfit).

Now climb up (the place you have to start climbing up is shown in the upper
left side of the first pix) - grabbing the SMALL MEDIPACK near the starting
point, the slanted block - to the lower lever again. Push it so you fill the
pool with water. While remaining in the area with the double lever, use your
grappling hook to place the raft near the gate on the east side. Now pull the
lever again so you empty the pool. Get back inside it and move the box away
from the socket, and place it on the other one. The gate should lower, so get
up again, fill the pool again, and pull the raft all the way inside either of
those slices of water.

Kill the crocodile on the north east corner (just stand on the ledge and fill
him with bullets), and proceed to reach the pillar that gets you to the top
again. Fill the entire room with water now and swim under the elevated balcony
where the raft should be. Use it to get on those higher walkways and from
there move it to help you jump to the balcony itself.

This ends the level and is basically what you would do if you were time
trialing yourself, but otherwise, take the time to collect the stuff around.

First, I know you saw that artifact inside the pool, blocked by a gate, just
like the raft.

**** ARTIFACT WARNING **** (submitted by Jimbhello)
The lever that opens the gate is on the pillar between the two small channels
of water, where there's the wide gate. To reach it, the room must be filled
with water. Go pull that lever (which is facing the wall), then go get the
artifact itself and an extra 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO. Lara's air should be
enough, but I can't guarantee.

Then, swim and collect stuff around: there's a SMALL MEDIPACK and a SHOTGUN
SHELL x8 on the east wall, and a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO on the southern. Also,
another SHOTGUN SHELL x8 is on the north east corner, on the raised walkway.

After shopping it's time to climb to the balcony and get inside the pool.

- "Small underground place"

Grab another SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 from the ground level and return into the water
and dive down toward the opposite of the waterfall to find a passage that
leads to the ...

- "Underground temple"

MMm this sinister place has something wrong, I don't know... still, go grab a
50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO and a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 on a small platform in a corner
of this place, because you're gonna need them. The lever to open the door is
in an underwater passage (easy to spot), in the middle of the lake.

**** ARTIFACT WARNING **** (submitted by Jimbhello)
Face the temple. Now look to your left. Go swim there an dive down inside a
large underground cave that leads to the second artifact.

Go inside the temple to enjoy some cutscenes and then to fight two very bad
guys (but not too much, come on, they're just doing their job after all)..

ENEMY ANALYSIS: Half-human, half-horse, these creatures are the guardians of
  Tihocan's Scion. They move pretty fast thanks to their horse half, and are
  extremely immune to gunfire, so it's out of the question to kill them like
  you did with the T-Rex.
ATTACKS: Beside charging at you and hitting with their heavy armors, they
  shoot fireballs, and a green-stream of light that in a few seconds turns
  Lara in a statue. After another few seconds, one of them comes to kick you.
  If you don't free yourself in time, the hit kills you instantaneously.
HOW TO KILL THEM: They're quite easy to defeat, despite their power of killing
  in a couple of moments. You have to work that way: Enrage one of them. Now,
  he'll charge at you and you MUST use the Adrenaline Dodge move. If you
  succeed, the Centaur gets stunned and remains immobile for a short period of
  time. Get in front of him and use your hook to grapple his shield.
  Big note: It has happened to me several times that you can't simply grab the
  shield. I had to repeat many times the adrenaline dodge thing before being
  able to grab it.
  Anyway, you can do the same thing to the other guy if you want, but I think
  one is enough.
  Now, the second part is funny: shoot them again to get their attention. Soon
  they start aiming you with the green stream. Get near a dropped shield and
  wait. Just moments before they shoot, grab the shield so the strike bounces
  back to them and turns one of them into stone!
  You now have a brief period of time to hit them and cause severe damage, I
  highly recommend the shotgun for this.
  Repeat for the other guy.


7.3  Egypt                                                             (03EGY)

Lara's journey         -==( Name )================(Quick)=(Art)(Rel)=(T.T.)==-
continues in Egypt,     | Temple of Khamoon       (A3EGY)   3    1   20:30  |
where our heroine       | Obelisk Of Khamoon      (B3EGY)   4    0   18:15  |
has to face some        | Sanctuary of the Scion  (C3EGY)   2    1   28:50  |
heavily frustrating    -=====================================================-
puzzles, fight a couple              | ART.ifacts, REL.ics, T.T. = Time Trial
of new enemies and test               =======================================-
her patience with some jumping and
swinging to finally understand what that blond girl has to do with this.

PS: Yes, I just won the "worst-level-introduction" Award with this intro.

- Time Trial: 20 minutes 30 seconds
- Enemies: 23
    3 Rats
   13 Pumas
    4 Crocodiles
    3 Mummies
- Supplies: 17
    8 Small Medipack
    9 Large Medipack
- Ammo pickups: 17
    7 Shotgun Shells x8
   10 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo

- Artifacts: 3
- Relics: 1

- Artifacts:
- Relics: Outfits / Camouflage
- Time Trial:

Begin by dropping down the ledge and then down again to the floor. Use your
grappling hook to pull two unstable columns at each corner of the wall in
front of you. The left one will provide a block that helps you get out of here
but first, you might want to pull away the small box inside the wall and grab

As I just said, begin by climbing the crashed block and work counter clockwise
around the room. Grab another SMALL MEDIPACK on the way up, jump at the
very last second from the slanted block and reach the opening.

There, familiarize with a moving ledge shaped like a lever; they're pretty
common in Egypt and widely used throughout your journey. Get past the next one
and then get ready for a black panther, or puma, or whatever. Grab the SHOTGUN
SHELL x8 in this small room and proceed to the...

- "Sphinx area"

As you slide down, a cut scene starts. You're welcomed by two mummies, which I
guess there's no need to tell you they need to be killed.

In this area, I'll take as point of reference the sphinx with its face in good
condition (not the destroyed one) (for some reason, each time I type that name
I end up typing "sphynx" instead; good thing search and replace exists), since
it is awesome. 

There's an obelisk thing in the middle of the room, which is also the middle
of the pool, and a different shaped socket on each side its base.

Inside the pool there's a SMALL MEDIPACK, while a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 is on the
left of the sphinx, with a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO pickup is near the place you
slided down.

To begin climbing up, the starting point is the small column on the right of
the sphinx, and from there the ledges of the segmented columns.

When on the walkway, shoot the thing so a pole temporarily exits the wall.
Take the 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO there, and proceed down the columns' tops to
reach a ladder near the disfigured sphinx.

While climbing up, you'll see a rectangular alcove on your left. Board it and
you'll find an artifact in a small, hidden room

Get on top of the sphinx and reach the small balcony. Double wall-run and if
you fall off while attempting to wall run, you can get to the platform by
climbing the ledges of the column you just used.

Then, get to the back of "our" sphinx and pull that cool looking lever.
Take the LARGE MEDIPACK on the back left of the sphinx: crawl inside the small
opening under the sloped block.

Slide down and enter the sphinx' door.

- "Inside the Southern Sphinx"

The endless corridor leads to a room with two gates with a dark room behind
them, 3 statues per side, and another dark room at the end with a lever
beside it.

Two pumas attack you as you walk past the first line of statues.

Go pull the lever (nothing inside the dark room): all statues start moving
and another two pumas attack you. Both gates open, so grab the SMALL MEDIPACK
inside one of them.

What you need to do is to reach the set of ledges on the left of the lever.
The start point is (your back to the lever) a tiny block behind the last
statue on the left. Jump from platform to platform, and use the overhead hook
to get on that ledges.

Now you need to use the gate's ledge, which is subject to your weight so you
need to be FAST. Now get to the opening and proceed. Slide down and kill three
annoying rats.

Use the nearby block (taking the SMALL MEDIPACK that was under it) to get out,
grabbing another SMALL MEDIPACK on the way, to reach another zone.

A black pole gets out of the left wall with a certain timing, and a SHOTGUN
SHELL x8 is clearly visible.
Get to the other side, to reach another cool area.

- "Cat statue area"

I don't know if it's a cat, a dog, a lion, or whatever, but since I prefer
cats over dogs, I call it "cat statue".

Two crocodiles infest this area (not the pool !), kill them, grab the SMALL
MEDIPACK inside the opening underneath the ledge you came and dive inside the

Pull the lever to open a nearby gate (timed, of course): get there as fast as
you can.

Now, in this area, there's only a LARGE MEDIPACK and to get up you need to use
the "lever" on your right. Get up and, to your surprise, the moment you touch
the higher set of platforms they start retracting back inside the walls! You
need to jump to another nearby lever and reach an opening.

Work your way inside the small room and pull the lever, collecting the
numerous things inside it: a SMALL MEDIPACK, two 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, and a

Get back to the previous area. The block prevents platforms from retracting,
which is a good thing.

Push or pull the block to the opposite side of the room, to help you reach
two ledges and get to the higher small platform: this one is not affected by
the block, thus will slowly retract inside the wall.

Get to the higher balcony, the one overlooking the room with the previous
lever (and goodies), throw the grappling hook and open the platform (do I need
to say that's timed ?), and swing to the other side. Pull the lever there and
see what happens.
Jump to either of the hanging thing and climb up.
Pull yet another lever so the trap door around the cat statue opens.
Look outside to realise you're just on that giant room, with two crocodiles
ready to steal your life (honestly, they seem "parked").

Dive into the pool, kill the two crocos (or just forget them) and jump inside
the place you know. You'll reach a weird room, and two 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO
pickups are at each side of the door.

There's a puma down there, and two more join the party shortly after you drop
down, they exit from a dark room with a nearby lever like those seen earlier
in this level. That dark room hosts a LARGE MEDIPACK.
After you kill them (or before), you must open the door of the dark room with
another two pumas.

Now, use the set of ledges near that room to reach the higher platform. There,
shoot the circle (on the same wall of the way you came) so an overhead ring
descends. Use it to get there and grab a LARGE MEDIPACK and a 50 CALIBER

Now go through that door and proceed forward. After the right turn there's yet
another annoying black puma. After entering the next room a cut scene tells
you where you need to go.

- "Mummy's Room"

For now though, enter the lower passage and before climbing up, equip your
shotgun. Get ready to fight a Mummy. Enrage it and use the adrenaline dodge
move to terminate it.

Go to the sandy area and reach the two blocks. Get the 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO
and the LARGE MEDIPACK there. Use the overhead ring to get to the ledge on the
opposite wall. Now you need to reach a small ledge on the opposite wall using
all columns there (the path is straightforward), wall run there and get to the
balcony over the next door you're gonna cross.

Go through the door, go up the ladder, look where you are and pull the lever.
Statues start moving again, and you need to reach the opposite side of the
room. Of course statues retracts after a short amount of time so jump first
on right, then left, forward, right, forward.

On the other balcony, grab the LARGE MEDIPACK, and go pull that lever. See
what happens at the weird.. thing, and you'll also see that all statues start
moving again. They don't retract so you have all the time to backtrack to the
previous room. There, go up the sandy area, and reach the pole where the
missing counterweight should be. Be sure to hit the action button to help Lara
maintain the grip.
The floor reveals a trap door so you can now reach the path you were shown a
while back.

- "Room with 4 obelisks"

Since a drawing is worth more than 1000 words, here's a cool diagram of the
room and of its beauties.

 _______________________________    ^  : Entrance
|   [ D ]    (door)     [ E ]   |   A-H : blocks, columns, their side rooms
|r                              |   1-4 : Obelisks
| C ]   (1)           (4)   [ F |   r : Relic room
|           (2)   (3)           |   = Side rooms contents =
| B ]                       [ G |   A, C: 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO
|                               |   B: Black panther & nothing inside
|___[ A ]_____| ^ |_____[ H ]___|   D, F, G: Nothing
                                    E: Black panther & SHOTGUN SHELLS x8
                                    H: SHOTGUN SHELLs x8
If you want the relic, have all obelisks raised, then use a block to reach the
set of ledges on the pillar marked as 'E'. Reach the higher ones on 'F' and
perch from obelisk to obelisk to 'C'. There, drop and get inside the room with
the "Mummified Cat" RELIC and a handy LARGE MEDIPACK.

When pulling certain blocks away, you may hear a nearby obelisk raising from
the ground. Note that each obelisk has a weird hieroglyphic engraved on
its column. Now go inside each room. You'll see a big drawing on each wall of
the side rooms. Each one tells what image has to be shown on the lower rim.
I made this nice table to help you out.

Block  Obelisk  Logo    Matching Hieroglyphic
 B        2    Dagger   Guy with big jar and blue liquid inside
 D        4    §-shape  Guy with a Maya guy, looks like a penguin actually
 E        1    Sword?   Guy with two small black/white things
 G        3     Duck    Guy with a glass and green liquid inside

Note: In time trial mode, pull away only the four needed blocks and forget
      about the other ones.

Once all hiero's are in the correct position, the door opens. Go through to
end the level.

- Time Trial: 18 minutes and 15 seconds
- Enemies: 7
    6 Mummies
    1 Centaur
- Supplies: 12
   10 Small Medipack
    2 Large Medipack
- Ammo pickups: 9
    5 Shotgun Shells x8
    2 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo
    2 Mini SMG Ammo

- Artifacts: 4
- Relics: 0

- Artifacts: I don't know, I took all four artifacts but at the end of the
    level there was NOTHING inside the "Unlocks" box, and nothing new appeared
    in any sub menu of the Reward screen
- Time Trial:

Wow, this is another awesome place. Let's call it..

- "Khamoon's Obelisk"

Clever uh? Anyway pull the nearby lever and go take the EYE OF HORUS. Take the
SMALL MEDIPACK near the lever you just pulled and go down using the ladder on
the left side of the entrance. Grab the 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO, and go take
another SMALL MEDIPACK on the opposite basement. Then enter the only door you
can. Avoid all these squeezing-door, like those in Bolivia in "Legend", if you
remember, to reach a rotten place.

There, you notice a broken set of stairs that lead to a weird lever. Beneath
it there's a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 ammo pick up if you want, but anyway, jumping
the lever causes a nearby column to descend. The whole thing is timed (why am
I pointing this out? It's the standard affair), so be quick getting on the
pole. Vault up, get past the retracting platform. You should see a lever on
the balcony in front of you. It's for an artifact in this area.

Pull the lever so a pole gets out of the wall. You have 90 seconds before it
retracts again. Get there within the time limit and jump to the top balcony to
grab the artifact (all this procedure is easier said than done, believe me).

Climb to the second floor and then to the third, an navigate through the lower
set of ledges of the destroyed columns and floor to reach some ledges on the
wall, where a frustrating wall run awaits you.

When at the top, take the LARGE MEDIPACK on the left of the entrance and go
through. Prepare to fight a mummy, though they're pretty easy to defeat with
the shotgun. The next annoyance is an easy one, kinda like those you don't
even need to talk about. Anyway, I'd take the SMALL MEDIPACK and the SHOTGUN
SHELLS x8 down there if I were you, they're handy (not in time trial mode,
anyway, as you'd waste several seconds).
Go up the stairs for two more squashing blocks and then finally return to the
starting area, at the top of the obelisk itself. 

Here, go pull the lever on your right. The two blocked gates open and a new
bridge is "created" at the bottom, the go to the gate in front of you.

Here, you meet new traps. The first one is easy to avoid (just crouch), but
for the second one, well, it's easy too, stay in the middle and time yourself,
but not too much.

Then take your shotgun and prepare to slide down the longest slanted wall I've
ever seen. At its bottom, another mummy needs to be.. "cured" by your shotgun,
so don't make him wait. After his demise, collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS x8, two
SMALL MEDIPACKS. Then, unless you wish to stay trapped there forever, go pull
the lever. A whole lot of things happen, but your ultimate goal a passage on a
higher level of the big room you're.

The path at ground level leads to trap (perchable columns + squeezing walls)
and then to the "hub", where the level begun.

Pull the block outside and grab another SMALL MEDIPACK inside the alcove.
Climb up and grab a MINI SMG AMMO and yet another SMALL MEDIPACK. All those
small medipacks have a meaning: you need to wall run a couple of times now,
and all walls have at least one of those rotating spikes. The first one is
easy, but the second one might fool you. You don't need to jump to where the
artifact is; instead you need to turn around and grab the higher ledge you
couldn't reach from below. Then prepare for a wall run with two of these
things, so and the end you reach the top of these huge stairs. There, double
wall run to reach a set of ledge that lead to the passage we're heading to.

You may have noticed an artifact on a platform. Get there by dropping down
from the last wall run. Then, if you don't feel like having to do the whole
route again, jump down to kill Lara, so you respawn at the top of the huge

Run until the end of the endless corridor, to emerge at the top of the big
obelisk. Pull the lever and backtrack. Now you need to take the path at the
bottom of the previous area, get past the traps grab the SMALL MEDIPACK near
the bridge and cross it to take the SEAL OF ANUBIS.

Now of course use these two poles, cross the balcony (with a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8
ammo pickup behind the third column) and get to the other entrance. Snatch
another SMALL MEDIPACK and go take the ANKH OF ISIS. Now enter that door and
avoid more traps. These are pretty easy though.

You'll surface on another area. Note the three mummies lurking (better said as
"parked") down there. We'll deal with them later, for now, try to ignore the
ankh-shaped lever on your left: if you activate it, several annoying blades
start spinning through walls, like those you found in the previous tall room.

So instead descend down by the means of the many conveniently placed ledges:
use the lower platform on your left to start. Drop down and wall-run to a
raised column on the opposite side. All mummies should be in range so you can
kill them without being hit. When done you might notice an artifact on a
alcove on a higher wall; well, you can't reach it from your current position,
so don't bother. To get it, you have to drop from the higher ledge, which is
on the other side of it.

Now go up the ledges on the same wall where the way you came is. Climb them
and go inside that door. Prepare for more traps, prepare to die a few times in
order to understand how to get past the second set of them. I jumped a moment
before the first wall started to open, because otherwise I couldn't go past
the second one. Lara feels so damn slow in these situations! I mean, come on,
do you wanna live or do you want to take some moments to think about your life
before jumping away from that deadly place? But anyway, that path leads to a
lever, a lever placed basically in the gated-off area in the obelisk room.
Pull it so the last bridge connects. But the gate doesn't open. Of course not.
So you must go back, and obviously traps are still working. The trick now is
to jump from one another during the brief amount of time they take to open
one and close the other. Basically, you stand on the next dangerous spot to
be crushed, but as soon as the door in front of you open, you jump.

Back to the 3-mummy room, use the ledges on your right to climb up. Climb all
the way up, you should see a LARGE MEDIPACK and a SHOTGUN SHELL x8 on a platform
in front of you. But first, get on the platform on the right; you might need
to climb the hook wire a bit. When there, jump to the small ledge on the wall,
and use the retractable horizontal pole to get a 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO and
another ARTIFACT. Go take the two goodies (or take 'em before), and then
return to the entrance, either via the higher ledges below the platform with
the artifact or by the long way, if you still have to grab the other artifact
you saw before/after/while fighting the mummies.
If you decide to backtrack, you'll find a mummy inside the small passageway.

Either way, you have to go through the easiest of all blades&walls traps. Once
back at the obelisk room, jump to the bridge on your left and collect the

Swam dive down into the water and board the underground tunnel. You'll emerge
in a underground cave. Grab a MINI SMG AMMO next to a SMALL MEDIPACK and pull
the lever. Climb up and... wow, see how small the world is? Take a right and
go all the way through this endless corridor to return to the sphinx area.
Here, a lone centaur targets you. Kill him and put all four pieces in place
in the middle obelisk to end the level.

- Time Trial: 28 minutes and 50 seconds
- Enemies: 24
    6 Mummies
    9 Rats
    4 Flying Demons
    5 Centaurs
- Supplies: 3
    2 Small Medipack
    1 Large Medipack
- Ammo pickups: 4
    3 Shotgun Shells x8
    1 50 Caliber Pistol Ammo

- Artifacts: 2
- Relics: 1
- Weapon: Dual Mini SMGs

- Artifacts: Character Bios / Kold
- Relics: Outfits / Catsuit
- Completing the level:
  - 6 Cinematics you saw while playing it (Arrival at Khamoon, Retrieving the
    Scion, The Banishment of Natla, Ambushed!, Motorcycle Pursuit, Island
  - Replay level (Egypt)
  - Art Galleries / Kold
  - Art Galleries / TR1 vs. TR:A Egypt Gallery
  - All themes heard in Egypt
  - Commentaries / Egypt
- Time Trial:

Go up the stairs to meet two mummies patrolling the area. Kill them,and return
up the stairs, where you'll notice four columns like those at the end of the
Temple of Khamoon. Basically you need to do the same thing: turning their low
part to match a certain figure, but this time they are linked, so putting in
place one may void your work with another obelisk. Hieroglyphs on walls should
tell you what you need to achieve.

Honestly,though I succeeded putting them in place, I couldn't understand where
pictures on the lower rim should be facing: walls? the middle of the room?
Either way, by randomly rotating them it should be only a matter of time to
get them in place, but since who's playing in time trial mode has to shave as
much seconds as he can, I'll tell you the quickest way possible.
                  To begin, let's just say that when moving one, the two most
+-------------+   adjacent obelisks move too, thus moving #2 will make #1 and
| (2)    (3)  |   #3 rotate as well.
|             |   Anyway, I used a brief piece of mIRC Script to help me with
| (1)    (4)  |   this puzzle; for your personal pleasure, you can see it at
+-+         +-+   http://ipino.altervista.org/views/tra_733.mrc.txt; it lacks
  |~~~~~~~~~|     many sanity checks and whatnot, but it was just a rushed
                  thing to help say this: move columns marked (1) and (3) two
times clockwise, where by "clockwise" I mean to the left when Lara's 'hooked'
to the column.

Then grab the SHOTGUN SHELL x8 and the SMALL MEDIPACK behind columns 2 and 3
and climb up.

Proceed to reach a tricky passage, but not too much. Jump to the ledges on the
left, then from lever to lever to reach the other side. Then, prepare for a
nice area.

- "Big sphinx area"

Ok you're behind the sphinx (thus the southern part) and you can see a lever
on your right and one on the left. Go down the ladder on your left and down
again, turn left and collect the 50 CALIBER PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN SHELLS x8
near the corner. There's nothing else around so proceed north and climb the
ladder in front of the sphinx (note that there's a rat on the stairs leading
to the sphinx). When at the top, take the right path, i.e., where the two
horizontal poles are. Get on the other ladder and before proceeding further to
the right, grab a SHOTGUN SHELLS x8 and a LARGE MEDIPACK on two higher
platforms. Proceed and jump to the ledges on the right. Then prepare your best
weapon (I'd use the .50 Pistols) and use the set of ledges on the nearest
column to get to the top. Here, two flying demons attack you with fireballs!
Try not to fall when dodging their attack, and keep shooting. Once they die,
you may see a shining thing onto the sphinx's head. Get there via the overhead
ring, and grab two nice DUAL MINI SMGs. Return to the platform you were and
proceed toward the lever. Pull it and enter the nearby passage.

- "Upside-down Obelisk, Left side"

Note: 'Left' refers to the sphinx's position.

After a bit there's an easy trap, just time yourself. Then you arrive at the
top of a tall area. The lever near you lowers the upside down obelisk; for now
it's useless as the lower obelisks must all be raised for the upside down one
to work, so ignore it and go raise 'em. Dive down and climb to the small isle
near the gate (there are no goodies inside the pool).

First thing, each small obelisk has a certain number of stuff related to it:
a tall ladder-like lever on the wall that's subject to weight, a circle lock
where a "-( )-"-shaped thing locks, a small ledge on top, and ledges on the
obelisk, toward the 'lever' itself that can be climbed. Also, you can hook
the circle with your grappling hook and pull it so the whole mechanism unlocks
and the obelisk descends down back in the water.
Each time an obelisk is raised, a small piece of bridge extends from the
southern wall.

That said, considering Lara with her back to the gate, first put in place the
south-east obelisk. Climb to the higher bridge, and use the poles to lock the
south-west one. Now, go up the bridge again and disengage the SE (south east)
obelisk. You now need to get to the north-west one. Then proceed with the
north-east and then south east again. Note that you don't have to make the
south-eastern lock each time, you can actually outrun the slowly descending
ladder-mechanism to reach the ledge on your right.

Important note: the four horizontal poles are subject to Lara's weight so tap
  the jump button to get from one to another to the ledge on the wall.

Once all obelisks are raised, the game tells you "ehy, it's time to use that
higher lever". Get there via the ledges and ladders placed at the north-west
corner. You can also go grab an artifact so...

While climbing up the ladders, jump to the ledge of the door, where two of the
four horizontal poles stick out. Then shimmy to the other side and collect the

Pull the higher lever. The door opens, get there. In time trial mode you might
want to just drop down, otherwise, it's your call.
Select the shotgun on the way there because there's a VERY angry mummy inside.
Then grab the ANKH KEY, and proceed through the lower passage. That one is
safe, and you'll return to the big sphinx's area.

- "back to the Big sphinx area"

A centaur starts running toward you and has to be... helped passing away...
anyway, I wouldn't waste all dual smgs ammo on him if I were you, 'cause it
take a lot to go down, but again, it's your game.

Once it's finally gone, go up the ladder and this time, take a left. Use all
three columns to get to the top where two more flying demons attack you. Kill
them and proceed to the sloped floor, and finally pull the lever.

- "Upside-down Obelisk, Right side"

Note: 'Right' refers to the sphinx's position.

A new type of trap, of the "crushing" kind to be exact, is there for you. Of
course, you need to crouch inside the two safe areas to proceed.
You'll emerge on a tall room with a similar layout to the other side's door.
As before I'm taking the wall with the lower gate as south.

This time the small island is on the north-eastern corner of the pool; there's
also a SMALL MEDIPACK on the south-east corner. Begin by putting in place the
north east obelisk, then proceed to the south eastern one. Then climb to the
bridge and wall run to the south western mechanism. Return to the bridge again
and use the two horizontal poles to reach the western wall again and lock the
last obelisk. Once again return to the fully extended bridge and use the other
two poles to help you get at the top of the room. Here, pull the lever and of
make your way inside that door.

A mummy is inside, protecting an ANKH KEY. After grabbing it, go through that
door to return to the sphinx room. Here, two centaurs attack you.
For extra fun, climb the ladders here and try to nail them from behind!

Of course, after you had enough of playing with them, put the two keys in
their sockets, and proceed down this path. As you go down, push the sphere
down with you; there also 8 rats along the way, but they should get killed by
the sphere.

- "Two Underwater statues"

Anyway, ignore the useless sphere and grab the SMALL MEDIPACK. Swam dive down
and go between the two statues; on the wall there's a lever that lowers the
Now, back off from this narrow piece of water and return to the open (well,
open might not be the correct word here); facing the lever, climb the left
statue. There's another annoying horizontal pole that falls with your weight,
and a wall run where you might want to descend the hook wire a bit.

Now, shoot the four things on the wall to match what's on the floor, and after
the gate opens, pull the lever inside. Water level will raise a bit. Now go up
the ladder near the place you are and shimmy to the right, to reach another
lever on the opposite statue. After you pull it, you'll see a gate opening.
You have a very short period of time go get inside before it closes.

Now, once on the other statue, you'll realize that the hieroglyphs are on the
submerged part of the building, so you need to memorize their directions. For
the sake of speeding up things, the higher row is Up and Left, while the
bottom row is Right and Down. Pull the lever to further raise the water level.

If you want to collect it, which is on the back side of the same statue you
are, instead of pulling the lever, push the nearby box down into the water.
Then return to the lever between the two statues, go push the box under the
timed gate and return all the way up to the lever that makes it open. Then
quickly drop down and go through it (you have more than enough time) and reach
the ledge where the box was. Grab the ledge and drop down to the lower one, on
the right, toward the wall, and then jump on the lever to open the gate of the
relic room.

Now, return to the lever of the other statue and swim up to access the inside
of that statue. Use the ledges and two of those annoying horizontal poles
subject to weight to get back outside and to the top of the statue. Pull
the lever between the two statue to finally raise the water to a level that
can get you to the exit.

If you did what I said before, you should go grab the relic now (or better yet
before pulling the lever).

- "20-columns Room"

Note: Since I encountered a rather annoying glitch (read further below),
  you might want to save your position before proceeding.

Important note: Read the note above and do yourself a favour saving the game.

                            Anyway, draw your weapon inside the corridor,
+-------LL-####-RL-------+  because you'll fight against two mummies AND two
A (17) (18)    (19) (20) |  centaurs at the same time!! My best advice is to
| (13) (14)    (15) (16) |  keep jumping around, and to keep an eye on your
| ( 9) (10)    (11) (12) |  health bar; you should have lot of large medipacks
| ( 5) ( 6)    ( 7) ( 8) |  and 15+ of the smaller ones. After the intense
| ( 1) ( 2)    ( 3) ( 4) |  fight, you are left inside this room. Strangely
|__________    __________|  enough, there are no goodies at the ground level.
          |^^^^|            Anyway, the starting column is the one marked as
                            #3. From there, use the ledges to reach #7. From
there, you can either go to the Right Lever or the Left Lever, or go take
the artifact ("A" in the scheme above). To cross to the other side, use the
ring on the ceiling to jump to #14, and from there #13-#17-A or #18-LL.
Otherwise, from #7 jump to #8 and then wall run to #16, thus #19-#20-RL. What
a clear explanation eh?

Note that these levers use the Scions you've in your backpack, but you don't
lose them afterward.

Enter the room for some illuminating cut scenes. Be aware that the third one
is one of those interactive moments where you have to dodge attacks by these
amateur thugs.

After Lara hides herself on the boat, you... well, what happened to me is a
glitch: the game left Lara inside this map (where the bike run took place), on
foot, and I could walk everywhere, there was no collision detection and Lara
wasn't affected by the sea. I reached the edge of the map and fell down, but
still Lara didn't die. I quitted then to the main menu and chose to resume but
the game brought me back to the same place; for this reason I highly recommend
you to save before going through the door. Note that the game crashed a couple
of seconds after resuming.

If everything is all right, the familiar end level screen appears.


8.  Croft Manor                                                        (01CFM)

Not yet complete.


9.  Rewards                                                            (0REWD)

This section should host everything inside the "reward" submenu of the game,
with personal thoughts and informations on what they are or what they are
supposed to do, but as you can easily guess, this whole thing is a total "work
in progress" for now; it's here just for the sake of completeness (eheh), so
don't mail about this!


9A - SPECIAL                                                           (RWSPE)


9B - CINEMATICS                                                        (RWCIN)

Unlocked by completing Peru:

- The Awakening
- Introducing Natla
- Vilcabamba
- Wolf Attack
- The Tomb of Qualopec
- Unexpected Company
- A Heated Interrogation
- Late Night Reconnaissance

Unlocked by completing Greece:

- Arrival at St. Francis Folly
- Business Banter
- The Tomb of Tihocan
- Pierre's Demise
- Shadow Figures 1
- Shadow Figures 2

Unlocked by completing Egypt:

- Arrival at Khamoon
- Retrieving the Scion
- The Banishment of Natla
- Ambushed!
- Motorcycle Pursuit
- Island Arrival


9C - ART GALLERIES                                                     (RWART)

- Origins of Lara Galleries
- Box Art Galleries
- Peru
- ???
- ???
- ???
- Pierre


9D - CHARACTER BIOS                                                    (RWBIO)

- Lara Croft
- Larson
- Kid


9E - OUTFITS                                                           (RWOUT)

- Anniversary


9F - RELICS                                                            (RWREL)

- Horus Idol


9G - MUSIC                                                             (RWMUS)


Bat Theme
Bear Theme
Raptor Theme
Wolf Theme
Alternate Wolf Theme
Explorer's Theme
Waterfall Room
Main Theme
T-Rex Theme
Cinematic Mix 1
Cinematic Mix 2


Rat Theme
Gorilla Theme
Lion Theme
Poseidon's Theme
Fire Room
Centaur Boss Theme
Cinematic Mix 1
Cinematic Mix 2


Main Theme
Mummy Theme
Crocodile Theme
Alternate Crocodile Theme
Tomb Ambience
Cinematic Mix 1
Cinematic Mix 2


9H - CREDITS                                                           (RWCRE)


9I - COMMENTARIES                                                      (RWCOM)

- ???
- Peru (Unlocked)
- Greece (Unlocked)
- Egypt (Unlocked)
- Lost Island (Unlocked)


9J - CHEATS                                                            (RWCHE)


10.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        (0FAQS)

None so far.


11.  Contributing Readers                                              (0RDRS)

List of people that somehow contributed to the contents of this guide. There's
no logic behind the way they're listed.

Friends that helped me:

- wario helped me with the Relic in Peru, also told me about the usefulness of
  the diary

- Akash helped me with some grammar stuff

Mail City inhabitants:

- Raffael Müller, Rob Gibney, Sean Grimm, and Raydric told me about the relics
  in Midas's Palace.

- Raydric also told me where the relic in The Coliseum is

- cybercrashx, and Rob Gibney tipped me about some typos

- Katy Greaves for PS2 controls, that you must set Combat Mode to Advanced
  Toggle, and about the T-Rex glitch in the PS2 version

- Greg o'Toole for the PS2' T-Rex glitch

- Mikael Jonsson tipped me about a missing letter in the combination to open
  the gate of the first artifact in St. Francis Folly's

- Josh Sheehan told me that you can use the broken bridge as a ladder to get
  to the secret place where the shotgun is


12.  Thanks                                                            (00TNX)

Thanks to everybody involved in developing Tomb Raider Anniversary. Without
them, as you might guess, this whole thing would not exist.

Also thanks to the following list of sites, people and stuff:

- you for having read this
- me for having write this
- Notepad++ by Don HO for this excellent text editor
- GMail's spell checker
- Fraps for allowing me to capture screenshot of things
- ImageShack.us for hosting the images

________________________________( the __ end )______________________( V0.13 )_

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