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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Inferno

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                     | |   | |_| || |_| | | |_ | |_) )/ ___ || || | 
                     |_|    \___/  \___/   \__)|____/ \_____| \_)\_)
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                     Walkthrough/FAQ for PC by Inferno (Greg Beckett)
                      Also known as Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007
                  E-mail: Englandtowineuro2004 [at] hotmail [dot] com
                        Version 1.00 - Last Updated 06/01/07
                                     Version History
    "Version 1.00" - 03/01/07
    The original, basic version of the FAQ posted up on GameFAQs and Neoseeker. 
    Contains the following sections with information in:
    - Introduction 
    - Clubs 
         - English, Spanish, Italian
    - Players 
         - Transfer Tips
    - Tactics 
         - Team Talks, Tactical Diagnosis
    - FAQ 
         - Fake Files, Rooney Bug, Work Permits, Currency Converter
    - FM Resources
         - Forums, Official Site
    The guide will receive its next big update by April. Sporadic ones will take 
    place during the time between now and April, but seeing as I have key A-Level 
    exams in January it is likely they won't be substantial. 
    "Version 1.01" - 06/01/07
    Quick update with no new content, just ironing out mistakes. The more 
    significant changes are paragraphs being broken down and a search function 
    being included. Now posted as well on www.footballmanagerforums.com and 
                                     Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction                                       [Starters]
    2.	Clubs                                              [Mile-high]
       2.1 English                                             [Jaguar]
       2.2 Italian                                             [Alfa_Romeo]
       2.3 Spanish                                             [Matador]
    3.	Players                                            [50_Cent]
       3.1 Basic Information                                   [John_Kemeny]
    4.	Formations and Tactics                             [Christmas_Tree]
       4.1 General Guide to Tactics                            [Sun_Tzu]
    5.	Training                                           [Fartlek]
    6.	FAQ                                                [Acronym]
    7.	FM Resources                                       [URL]
       7.1 Forums                                              [Invision]
       7.2 The Official Site                                   [Rector]
    8.	Contributor Recognition                            [Sam_Malone]
    9.	E-Mail Policy + Copyright Information              [Michael_Baigent]
    10.	Au Revoir                                          [James_Blunt]
    | Navigating the Guide | It's pretty simple - if you want to go to a certain  |
    +----------------------+ section, press CTRL + F. Next enter the code for the |
    | appropriate section, and you'll be taken straight there. Simple, yeah?      |
    | Creating the code was hard, as pretty much every combination of letters are |
    | used in names etc. As a solution, I've used words that won't appear in the  |
    | guide, but do pose some relevance to the title of the section.              |
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                     1. Introduction                     | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Hello to everyone, and welcome to the guide. This will hopefully be regarded as 
    the best free source of information regarding FM 2007 on the net in due course, 
    so you've come to the right place. This is my second FAQ, written a good 4 
    years after my first. Why this game? Well, I was drawn into writing one for 
    this game as I am thoroughly addicted to it, and there is no other guide that 
    covers it in any in-depth detail. It was a challenge that I couldn't resist. 
    When considering whether to write a guide for this or not, I faced the obvious 
    problem - there is no plot, it isn't linear in the slightest and people's 
    experiences of it varies from game to game. So I came up with the concept of a 
    guide, an FM (abbreviation of Football Manager) Bible if you will, on all the 
    aspects of the game that you can't learn from the Manual or Tutorial. You can 
    find team guides, player recommendations, tactical breakdown, examples of 
    formations and tactics that are useful, training explained and good schedules, 
    FM Resources and other miscellaneous bits of information once this guide is 
    finished. To see what is in the current version of the guide, check the version 
    I've put in a find function now, with codes relevant to the title of sections, 
    but not to the game. Some are tongue-in-cheek, some because I couldn't think of 
    anything else, and some just to see if you can pick up what I mean by them – if 
    you can grasp the meaning of all of them, I'll be impressed. If you wish to 
    search for a specific team though, just enter the name and you'll come to the 
    section almost immediately.
    Well, that's about it from me now. So good luck with all that is FM, and I hope 
    this FAQ/Walkthrough helps you.
    Greg Beckett (Proud Aston Villa Fan).
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                         2. Clubs                        | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Before starting the game, if you're like me, you'll spend a little while 
    considering which club to choose. It maybe the team you support, you might go 
    for a challenge and select a lower league team, or you may simply want to buy 
    the Ronaldinho's of football immediately, and choose one of the biggest clubs 
    in the World. To help you decide which team to choose if you're in a dilemma, 
    this section gives details on teams from the major footballing leagues status 
    at the beginning of the game. Each team will have the following information 
    about them in this FAQ:
                                   Team Name (obviously)
    Continental Competition (if applicable)
    Stadium + Capacity
    Media Expectations
    Board/Fan Expectations
    Squad Size
    Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value
    Transfer Budget
    Wage Budget
    Current Wage Total
    Key Players
    Top 3 Earners
    Top 3 Most Valuable
    Good young/reserve players
    Difficulty (/10)
    How to use the above information
    The inclusion of the league the clubs are in may seem like a stupid addition, 
    but it's their for anyone who uses ctrl + f and searches the teams. As the 
    guide grows into the future, the amount of leagues will too, so it'll help. The 
    media expectations are more realistic in the first season - afterwards they 
    seem to be based on the year before. Compare these with the Board/Fan 
    expectations, and see if the club is aiming a little too high. The squad size 
    is the first team squad and doesn't contain the reserves. It should normally be 
    23 first team players, so if it's underneath it may suggest a lack of players 
    to fill the first team. 
    You can also make many inferences from the financial information I give you. Is 
    the person who earns the most way ahead of other wages? Give him a cut. Is the 
    team as a whole over budget? Give the top 3 (or even 5) earners a cut. Is 
    someone earning loads, or worth a bit, but isn't key to the team, or a hot 
    prospect? Ditch them. You'll notice that with loanee's I include them in the 
    top earners but not the most valuable. Simple reason - you still, most of the 
    time, pay their wages, but as you don't have ownership of them they are not an 
    asset to the club, so their value is meaningless to you in asset terms.
    The 'good young/reserve players' works like this: young player, young 
    player/reserve player, reserve player. That's why there's a hash, to divide 
    between the two. Sometimes you may have a good young player who isn't in the 
    reserves you see. Basically, it provides you all the important factors to give 
    you a picture of the club you're going to manage, and the notes that go with it 
    will help you in your first season and beyond. 
    Clubs will be listed alphabetically and placed under the league they are in. 
    League rules will also precede team information for the given nation.
                                  2.1 English Leagues 
    The English leagues are the regular starting place for a new menu with the 
    majority of players, therefore I have put these first. The game in England is 
    focused on attacking, pace and flowing football, and the leagues are highly 
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ English Premier League ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    The EPL is undoubtedly one of the best leagues in the World, if not numero uno. 
    It's seen some of the greatest teams to walk the Earth - Busby's Babes in the 
    60's, Leeds United in the 70's, Liverpool in the 70's and 80's, Forest in the  
    80's and recently Manchester United and Chelsea. The rules are as follows:
    - Starts 21/08 and ends 15/05 the following year (approx)
    - 20 teams in the league
    - 38 games - Home and Away versus each team
    - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
    - Bottom 3 relegated to the English Championship
    - If points are level teams are sorted by: Goal Difference, Goals Scored
    - Matches are 90 minutes, two 45-minute halves. Players whose nationality is   
      that of a non-EU country requires a work permit. 5 names subs are allowed, a  
      maximum of 3 can be used.
    - Top 4 qualify for the European Champions Cup, 5th gets into the EURO Cup, and
      6th into Euro Vase. If the winners of the league cup or both finalists of the 
      FA Cup qualify for Europe through the Premiership, then an extra place for 
      each will be added i.e. 5th - 7th could get the EURO Cup, and 8th could 
      qualify for the Euro Vase.
    - A player is banned for a match for every 5 yellow cars or one red card they 
      receive during a season.
    - Teams can loan 5 domestic players during the season, but only two at a time. 
    - Transfer Window is open between: 01/07 to 31/08 and 01/01 to 31/01
    Now, the teams... 
    League:                          Premiership
    Continental Competition:         European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              Ashburton Grove, 60000 seated
    Media Expectations:              4th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Challenge for the Title (both)
    Squad Size:                      23          
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities                 Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £263m (Loan debt: £210m)
    Finances:                        £15.23m
    Transfer Budget:                 £20m
    Wage Budget:                     £700,000k
    Current Wage Total:              £521,000k
    Key Players:                     Henry, Fabregas, Toure, Helb, Silva
    Top 3 Earners:                   Henry (65k), Gallas (60k), Baptista (49k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Henry (35m), Fabregas (11m) , 
                                     Toure & Gallas (10.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Gilbert, Denilson, Muamba, Song, Vela,  
                                     Bendtner, Walcott, Fabregas, Diaby, Clichy, 
                                     Hoyte, Lupoli... JUST TOO MANY TO 
    Difficulty (/10):                3
    Arsenal is a fairly difficult team if it's your first game in FM, but for 
    regular players this will be a breeze. Expectations are high, and it's an 
    extremely young squad that you take control of (average age is just 24). You 
    also begin with Clichy, Senderos and Lauren injured for 2-3 months each, 
    leaving a major hole in the defence. It's worthwhile to spend the majority of 
    that money on a strong, experienced, central defender. You can afford a hefty 
    wage demand too. A cheap extra striker would be good as well, but Van Persie 
    and Baptista can fill in if Adebayor or Henry succumbs to an injury. An 
    attacking 4-5-1 would suit this team. The main positive with Arsenal is the 
    amount of great youngsters they have, which is an immense amount. Players like 
    Hoyte, Adebayor, Fabregas, Van Persie - in fact, most of the teams stars are 
    under 24. With the right guidance of these youngsters you can have the best 
    team in the Premiership in a few seasons without spending hardly any money. 
    Arsenal tend to get a takeover too, normally during the second season, which 
    could bring even more benefits to the club.
                                           Aston Villa
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Villa Park, 42548 seated
    Media Expectations:          15th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Stay clear of Relegation/Achieve Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £40.5m
    Finances:                    £11.88m
    Transfer Budget:             £5.5m
    Wage Budget:                 £401,000
    Current Wage Total:          £352,000
    Key Players:                 Sorensen, Mellberg, Barry, Davis, Petrov, Baros, 
    Top 3 Earners:               Angel, Petrov, Barry (all £35k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Moore (£7m), Petrov (£6.5m), Baros (£6m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Whittingham, Gardner, Agbonlahor
    Difficulty (/10):            5
    Well if it isn't the best club in the World, Aston Villa. Not that I support 
    them or anything. Villa have gone through a huge transformation this year, with 
    the new owner Randy Lerner stepping in, bringing a massive bank account with 
    him. IRL O'Neill signing as manager is immense, but of course you take his job 
    here. The team does need strengthening though, especially in the attacking 
    midfield area, and depth needs to be added. As you need to bring in a number of 
    players, it is advisable to try and get some players to accepts wage cuts to 
    loosen the wage budget. A strong hitman striker would be good as well. 
    The players are pretty good though, and you can easily achieve the clubs 
    expectations of you, making them one of the easier clubs to start with. Selling 
    Djemba Djemba in the reserves would increase funds as well. Try to loan out 
    Agbonlahor - he has great potential. Moore is one for the future as well. You 
    could get top 8 with this team, and you're lucky as they start with absolutely 
    no injuries. A 5-4-1 or 4-3-3, with Moore and Baros on the wings, would work 
    NOTE: Using Villa after version 7.0.1 is even easier. Their Transfer Budget is 
    massively increased, to the £15-20m range, allowing you to bring in who you 
                                        Blackburn Rovers
    League:                      Premiership
    Continental Competition:     EURO Cup
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Ewood Park, 31367 seated
    Media Expectations:          7th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Safe Mid-table/Respectable Position
    Squad Size:                  23
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £35.5m (£3m loan debt)
    Finances:                    - £2.05m
    Transfer Budget:             £5.5m
    Wage Budget:                 £422,000
    Current Wage Total:          £369,000
    Key Players:                 Friedel, Neill, Savage, Pedersen, McCarthy, Reid
    Top 3 Earners:               Savage (£48k), Nelsen, McCarthy, Emerton, Roberts 
                                 (all 25k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         McCarthy, Bentley (both £4.8m), Pedersen (£4.7m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Bentley, Taylor, Derbyshire/Enckelman, Gallagher
    Difficulty (/10):            9
    Blackburn are a tough team to choose - they have overly high expectations, bad 
    finances and an aging squad. When you start off with them, they're already in 
    the red, and spending ANYTHING will make that worse. Now although I've put him 
    down as a key player, it is worth selling Savage. He is eating up the wage 
    budget, can get you 3-4million, and is 31 anyway, so time to cash in. Loan in 
    someone else as his replacement (I recommend Noble or John Obi Mikel), and 
    you'll sort out the finances for January. While you're at it, Wille, the player 
    on loan, is pretty useless. You may as well terminate it. 
    As a club Blackburn are pretty physically strong, so it is worth setting the 
    tackling to hard in your matches to injure the opponents. Bring Enckelman out 
    of the reserves, as he is better at the moment than your second GK Jason Brown. 
    Whether you sell the other good reserve player Gallagher is up to you, as he 
    can bring in some extra funds and you have 4 players who can play AMR. It is 
    worth trying to loan in an AMC too. When you do eventually buy someone, make 
    sure they are pretty young. It is worth noting the Neill and Mokoena both have 
    one year left on their contracts too, so try and tie them down ASAP. This squad 
    is an aging one, and if you don't rectify that in about 2-3 seasons time you'll 
    face a few problems. A standard 4-4-2 would suit the Rovers.
                                        Bolton Wanderers 
    League:                       Premiership
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Reebok Stadium, 28500 seated
    Media Expectations:           9th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                   22
    Training Facilities:          Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:              £37m (loan debt £30m)
    Finances:                     £445k
    Transfer Budget:              £250k
    Wage Budget:                  £283k
    Current Wage Total:           £226k
    Key Players:                  Jaaskelainen, Campo, Hunt, Diouf, Nolan, Vaz-Te, 
    Top 3 Earners:                Anelka (£30k), Speed (£20k), Tal (£19k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Anelka (£8m), Diouf (£6.75m), Nolan (£5.75m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Smith, Sinclair, O'Brien, Vaz-Te, Teymourian
    Difficulty (/10):             5
    Bolton is one of the easier EPL clubs to manage. As long as you can handle not 
    splashing the cash, there is a good enough squad for you to work with already. 
    The only positions that need working on are AMR and a back-up striker. Bolton 
    has quite a few good youngsters, in a variety of positions, most notably Vaz-
    Te, who can turn into a great player with the right training/experience. The 
    relatively average expectations means you won't be under too much pressure 
    either. It's worth selling Alex Perez (AML), as he is pretty redundant, and try 
    to get rid of Walker from the reserves as well. 
    The only notable thing of difficulty is the amount of players whose contracts 
    run out in the first year. You may as well let go of Speed after the first 
    season, as he will be 37, but the other ones you'll have to be disciplined with 
    when conducting contract negotiations, as your wage budget is wafer thin. Try 
    and get them to go lower than their demands. Gardener starts off injured for 3 
    months, but it's no worry as you already have Fortune as cover. A recommended 
    formation is 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 attacking, with Vaz-te and Diouf as wingers. 
                                        Charlton Athletic
    League:                         Premiership
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             The Valley, 27111 seated
    Stadium Expansion:              30900 seated (01/08/07)
    Media Expectations:             16th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Fight Against Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                     22
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £37.5m (loan debt £6m)
    Finances:                       £900k
    Transfer Budget:                £15k
    Wage Budget:                    £327,000
    Current Wage Total:             £333,000
    Key Players:                    Carson, Diawara, Holland, Ambrose, D Bent
    Top 3 Earners:                  Hasselbaink (£30k), D Bent, Young (both £25k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            D Bent (£6.75m), Thomas, Ambrose (both £4.3m)
    Good young/reserve players:     D Bent, Sam/Andersen, Hughes, Fortune
    Difficulty (/10):               8
    This is another team that is hard to succeed with. The board have realistic 
    aims, the fans are a tiny bit ambitious. You start off with Jerome Thomas, a 
    good winger, out injured for 3 months, and Cory Gibbs, a DLC backup, out for 4. 
    You can't bring anyone in either because of a measly £15k transfer budget. 
    Trying to get a wage cut out of Hasselbaink would be a good idea. They haven't 
    got a terrible squad though - no area is particularly weak, and Hasselbaink and 
    D Bent should work off each other up front. Use Jimmy as a hold-up player, 
    allowing D Bent to slice through the oppositions defence on the counter. A lot 
    of your attacking players are pacey, especially Rommehdahl, so it's worth 
    playing a defensive 4-4-2, counter-attacking the opposition. 
    League:                      Premiership
    Continental Competition:     European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                  Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:          Stamford Bridge, 42360 seated
    Media Expectations:          1st
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Win The League (both)
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £288m
    Finances:                    £155m
    Transfer Budget:             £76.8m
    Wage Budget:                 £1.87m
    Current Wage Total:          £1.22m
    Key Players:                 The Whole First Team
    Top 3 Earners:               Ballack (£125k), Shevchenko (£120k), A Cole, Terry 
                                 (both £90k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Shevchenko (£32m), Lampard (£25m), Terry (£19.75m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Mikel, Ben Sahar, Mancienne, Sinclair, 
                                 Younghusband, Johnson, Diarra, Smith/Crespo
    Difficulty (/10):            2
    This is why any football managing games exist. Nearly everyone will at one 
    point manage a huge team, and Chelsea is just amazing. The strength of the 
    squad is immense; you could play any formation you like. They're a bit short on 
    strikers, but you get Crespo back in the second season. I'd still recommend you 
    sign a striker though, but that's up to you. Nearly £77m can get you anyone, 
    but there is one thing - Abramovich expects a big name signing, and if you 
    don't deliver he'll buy someone himself. I'm not talking a few million, but 
    Torres, Klose, Villa - players of that stature. It's worth loaning out Mikel 
    and Sahar as they're real stars for the future, and can learn a lot if you get 
    your players to tutor them. The only tough thing is that you are expected to, 
    at the least, win the league, and then even challenge for Europe. But with your 
    own dream team, how hard can it be?
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Goodison Park, 40569 seated
    Media Expectations:          10th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £52m (loan debt £30m)
    Finances:                    £1.52m
    Transfer Budget:             £1.5m
    Wage Budget:                 £393k
    Current Wage Total:          £393k
    Key Players:                 Howard, Yobo, Arteta, McFadden, Johnson
    Top 3 Earners:               Neville, Johnson (£40k), Van Der Meyde (£36k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Johnson (£8.5m), Cahill (£7m), McFadden (£5.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Anichebe, Turner, Vaughan/Naysmith
    Difficulty (/10):            5
    Everton are a pretty decent side. You could certainly achieve the board and fan 
    expectations. They could do with a new DM, as it is best to play Neville as a 
    DR, and maybe a young defender as cover. It'll be tough to bring in good 
    players with the budget, but there isn't much need to spend on the squad, and 
    you can loan in whatever players you need. Bringing Naysmith out of the 
    reserves though will help provide extra cover at the back. Up front Everton are 
    impressive too, with the mix of Beattie's strength and Johnson's power. 
    Everton's best players are mostly attacking midfielders, so it'd be worth 
    playing a 4-4-2 diamond attacking, with AMRL's in MRL positions, and arrows 
    going forward bringing them up the wings. Anichebe's worth loaning out too, as 
    he can be a future star for the club.
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Craven Cottage, 22500 seated
    Media Expectations:          14th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Stay Clear of Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £33.5m (loan debt £33m)
    Finances:                    £346k
    Transfer Budget:             £3.37m
    Wage Budget:                 £333k
    Current Wage Total:          £287k
    Key Players:                 Diop, Routledge, Boa Morte, John, Bullard
    Top 3 Earners:               Bullard (£25k), Boa Morte, Jensen (both £20k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         John (£6.25m), Boa Morte (£6m), Diop (£3.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Warner, Zakuani, James, John/McBride
    Difficulty (/10):            7
    Fulham have always been a team that deserve to be in the bottom half of the 
    table. Their defence seems a bit shaky in the middle, as there is no standout 
    player. The Left Back position is fine, as both Jensen and Quedrue cover it, 
    and the RB's are adequate, so this is where you need to focus the transfer 
    budget. The midfield is good, Diop, Brown, Bullard and Boa Morte providing good 
    foundations, and Fulham have one of the best young strikers in the game in 
    Collins John. A 4-1-3-2, with the 3 midfielders across the centre going 
    forward, would be the best tactic to use for this club. Also try clearing out 
    the reserves - it's saturated with no hope players who are clogging up the 
    team. It's worth keeping McBride encase John gets injured, and he's a better 
    aerial threat than Helguson. Try to limit your spending though or you'll push 
    them into the red and even more trouble.
    League:                      Premiership
    Continental Competition:     European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                  Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:          Anfield, 45362 seated
    Media Expectations:          3rd
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Qualify for Europe/Challenge for the Title
    Squad Size:                  21
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £145m
    Finances:                    £10.2m
    Transfer Budget:             £7.98m
    Wage Budget:                 £1.08m
    Current Wage Total:          £888k
    Key Players:                 Reina, Carragher, Agger, Alonso, Gerrard, Garcia
    Top 3 Earners:               Gerrard (£100k), Kewell (£65k), Carragher, Alonso 
                                 (both £60k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Gerrard (£25.5m), Alonso (£11m), Kuyt (£9.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Carson, Antwi, Anderson, Sinama-Pongolle, 
                                 Le Tallec/Fowler, Kirkland, Cisse, Warnock
    Difficulty (/10):            3
    Liverpool have a brilliant squad, most notably the midfield. Gerrard, Alonso, 
    Garcia, Sissoko, Gonzales and Kewell help make it one of the most solid 
    midfields in the Premiership. Reina is a great goalie too. Liverpool do have a 
    low transfer budget, but this can be resolved by selling off the reserve 
    players. It's worth bringing Fowler (who if you're a Liverpool fan you're more 
    likely to keep) and Cisse out of the reserves, as they're both good strikers 
    who'll add depth up front. Perhaps the RB position needs someone quality, but 
    most of the squad is well covered. Carragher is an extremely useful player too, 
    because of his versatility, so don't neglect him. Whilst Kirkland and Carson 
    are both good keepers, you already have two quality first team keepers. Keep 
    one as a third, but sell the other. 
    The board surprisingly only want top 4, so the expectations aren't high, but 
    the fans will be disappointed if you aren't in the race for the title. There's 
    no reason why you shouldn't be either. Anderson is a great youth player, so 
    keep your eye on him, ensuring that you tutor him first then loan him out. 
    Kewell, Finnan and Dudek's contracts all run out in the first season, so be 
    sure to renew these as well. Another thing worth noting is that Liverpool are 
    usually subject to a takeover a few seasons into the game. Just a standard 4-4-
    2 would do for this team.
                                        Manchester City
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          City of Manchester Stadium, 48000 seated
    Media Expectations           13th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Fight Against Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                  21
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £54m (loan debt £45m)
    Finances:                    £3.01m
    Transfer Budget:             £2.85m
    Wage Budget:                 £393k
    Current Wage Total           £349k
    Key Players:                 Isakkson, Richards, Barton, Hamann, Samaras
    Top 3 Earners:               Barton, Distin, Mills, Vassel (all £30k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Samaras (£5.25m), Vassel (£4.8m), Barton (£4.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Ireland, Miller, Richards
    Difficulty (/10):            6
    Man City is a team with potential, but they need improvements. The good thing 
    is you have enough funds for this. They are saturated with DRC's and you may as 
    well sell one of them, as it's the DL position that needs improving, as Twat 
    Thatcher isn't good enough. You also need to get in some AM's, but you can loan 
    them in, as this needs significant strengthening. Don't let go of Richards 
    either unless you get the right deal - he's a huge future star and you can sell 
    him for around £30m if you look after him right. Ireland is a good youngster 
    too, so make sure you nurture his development. A lot of players contracts 
    expire in 2007 too, so make sure to keep them tied down. A 4-3-3 defensive 
    formation would do well for Man City, with Richards and Barton as DM's, Reyna 
    as an MC, and Vassel and Samaras on the flanks by Dickov/Corradi.
                                         Manchester United
    League:                      Premiership
    Continental Competition:     European Champions Cup 
    Reputation:                  Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:          Old Trafford, 76212 seated
    Media Expectations:          2nd
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Win The Premiership
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            State Of The Art Youth Facilities + Academy
    Estimated Value:             £308m (loan debt £265m)
    Finances:                    £35.53m
    Transfer Budget:             £16.9m
    Wage Budget:                 £991k
    Current Wage Total:          £803k
    Key Players:                 Van Der Sar, Ferdinand, Carrick, Ronaldo, Rooney, 
    Top 3 Earners:               Ferdinand (£95k), Scholes (£60k), Rooney, Neville, 
                                 Carrick, Ronaldo (all £50k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Rooney (£29.5m), Ronaldo (£24m), Carrick (£14m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Rossi, Martin, Pique, Campbell, Eagles, 
                                 Fangzhuo/Howard, Foster
    Difficulty (/10):            2
    Man Utd are one of the best teams to manage, experienced in FM or new to the 
    game. They come with a brilliant squad in every position - at the beginning of 
    the second season, you'll have 3 quality keepers as Howards returns from his 
    loan. They have a great defence, but it maybe in the team's best interests to 
    get another player who can play DR, as Neville is old (though he does maintain 
    his stats for a long time), and Brown isn't up to the job. An extra striker up 
    front as well would be helpful. This team have some of the best youngsters in 
    the World, from the obvious ones of Rooney and Ronaldo, to the less well-known 
    Pique. Pique can be worth up to £30m by 2010, and become one of the best 
    defenders in the game, so keep that in mind. 
    It's worth buying Akinfeev or Ustari in the second season as an apprentice to 
    the ageing Van Der Sar. In attacking terms United are great, and your tactics 
    should focus on this. Look for a new Assistant Manager as well, as Carlos 
    Queiroz regularly leaves at the start of the game to take the available 
    manager's seat at West Brom. Smith and Heinze both start off injured, for 2 
    months each. Smith is a good player though, so I recommend keeping him.
    League:                       Premiership
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Riverside Stadium, 35049 seated
    Media Expectations:           12th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Avoid Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                   23
    Training Facilities:          Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £40m
    Finances:                     £2.2m
    Transfer Budget:              £5.25m
    Wage Budget:                  £488k
    Current Wage Total:           £481k
    Key Players:                  Boateng, Rochemback, Downing, Yakubu
    Top 3 Earners:                Woodgate (£52k), Viduka (£40k), Parlour, 
                                  Southgate, Schwarzer (all £30k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Downing (£6.75m), Yakubu (£6.5m), Morrison 
    Good young/reserve players:   Wheater, Graham, Kennedy, Downing, Morrison, 
                                  Bates, Johnson, Cattermole
    Difficulty (/10):             6
    Middlesbrough aren't that difficult a team. For the first month of the 
    Premiership it may be hard, as both Woodgate and Huth will be injured. But you 
    have £5m to spend on the squad to improve it, which is great help. Even if you 
    go a little into the red, you'll get it back at the end of the season. It's 
    definitely worth ditching Southgate - he's not that good at all, and costs £30k 
    a week. Dispatching Ehiogu is recommended as well, as he takes up £35k a week. 
    You can do it through mutual termination or free transferring him, and then you 
    have £75k wages extra for any people you bring in. With the money, it's worth 
    bringing in a younger keeper, a central defender and a striker to strengthen 
    the team. The young players are key to Middlesbrough - Downing, Morrison and 
    Bates will be the foundations of the team in the future, so keep them. As the 
    team is short of firepower up front, it's best to use a 4-5-1.
                                         Newcastle United
    League:                      Premiership
    Continental Competition:     EURO Vase  
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          St James Park, 52387 seated
    Media Expectations:          6th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Respectable League Position/Qualify For Europe
    Squad Size:                  23
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £70m (loan debt £37.5m)
    Finances:                    £937k
    Transfer Budget:             £159k
    Wage Budget:                 £667k
    Current Wage Total:          £687k
    Key Players:                 Given, Taylor, Parker, Solano, Duff, Martins, Owen
    Top 3 Earners:               Owen (£80k), Duff, Dyer (both £65k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Owen (£11.25m), Martins (£9m), Duff (£6m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Milner, N'Zogbia, Taylor, Martins
    Difficulty (/10):            7
    Newcastle are difficult, and easy, in different aspects. They're difficult in 
    the fact that the finances are wafer thin for a club of their size, and a 
    couple hundred thousand can't really buy anyone good enough. There is a small 
    solution to this though. Newcastle really do have some over-paid bastards - 
    Dyer is not good enough to be earning what he is, so either cut his wages by 
    over half or offload him. You don't need to replace him either as there is a 
    lot of AMR's and AMC's. Emre, Parker, Butt, Carr, Babayaro and Luque could also 
    do with wage cuts. It may not sound crucial, but if you could get a good £70k 
    reduction (it is possible), that'd save you around £3.5 million a year. Try 
    loaning in a few players instead of buying them - a striker and central 
    defender would help. 
    DON'T GET RID OF OWEN. He may be crocked for the first season, but he comes 
    back as a fantastic player, and will be crucial in your second season, almost 
    like a new signing. It's relatively easy because the club don't need much 
    strengthening. The defence however does. If you save enough money during the 
    first season, you can use this to get a new DR, DC and DL and make a squad 
    capable of challenging for the Champions League spots. A 4-5-1 attacking would 
    be best here, with Emre and Parker in CM positions pushing forward, Duff and 
    Solano on the wings, and Martins up front. 4-1-3-2 would also work.
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Fratton Park, 20300 seated
    Stadium Expansion:           36000 seated (01/07/07)
    Media Expectations:          17th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Fight Against Relegation/Stay Clear Of Relegation
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:             £26.5m
    Finances:                    £31.92m
    Transfer Budget:             £19.9m
    Wage Budget:                 £657k
    Current Wage Total:          £438k
    Key Players:                 James, Taylor, Campbell, Mendes, Lualua, O'Neil, 
    Top 3 Earners:               Campbell (£50k), Johnson, Mendes, Cole (£35k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         O'Neil (£5.5m), Krancjar (£5m), Lualua (£4.9m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Duffy, Keene/Mbesuma, Ashdown, Griffin, Todorov
    Difficulty (/10):            5
    Portsmouth is a great club to start with if you're new to FM. An OK squad, but 
    a huge transfer budget and wage budget, contrasting with the low expectations 
    of the board and fans. The only problem is attracting players to your club due 
    to its low profile. Johnson starts off injured for 4 months and Fernandes for 2 
    months (it's worth cancelling the latter's loan as he joins your club anyway in 
    January). Bring Ashdown out of the reserves so you have the option of a younger 
    keeper, but it's also best to buy a better youngster like Akinfeev, Ustari or 
    Green. With the £19.9m you should look at getting in some younger defenders, a 
    striker with very good finishing, and just all-round strengthening of the team. 
    You should also aim to improve the facilities to entice the bigger players to 
    come. With the players you currently have, a 4-3-3 attacking would be the best 
    option, as you have some good MC's and wingers.  
    League:                       Premiership
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Madjeski Stadium, 24225 seated
    Media Expectations:           20th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Avoid Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                   24
    Training Facilities:          Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £23.5m (loan debt £23m)
    Finances:                     £1.97m
    Transfer Budget:              £5m
    Wage Budget:                  £206k
    Current Wage Total:           £158k
    Key Players:                  Sidwell, Ki-Heyon, Convey, Doyle, Kitson, Lita
    Top 3 Earners:                Harper, Convey (£15k), De La Cruz (£10k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Lita (£4.9m), Convey (£4.6m), Doyle (£3.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Cox, Doyle, Lita, Long, Sidwell
    Difficulty (/10):             8
    Welcome to Reading, home of the worst looking owner in the Premiership (if you 
    don't believe me Google Madjeski). They also are predicted to be rock bottom by 
    the media, and all the fans and the board want, including ugly bastard, is 
    Premiership football next year. Reading will be a difficult challenge, but it 
    is not impossible to keep them in the division. Your whole budget should be 
    focused on the defence, as there is no-one of real Premiership quality there. 
    Your goalie may be fairly good, but you need to transfer one in for 2 reasons - 
    a) he's 34 and b) the back up is shit, especially in some key mental stats. 
    Sodje, Matey, Halls and Murty are all useless, and it's worth getting rod of 
    them. Golbourne may surprise you, and can turn out a solid player in the 
    future, so it's worth your time to nurture his growth. So basically, if you can 
    sell them, you could push your budget up to £6m. 
    You'll definitely need a GK, DR, DC (maybe 2) and an experienced DL. Don't 
    worry about going into the red - Premiership survival will bring with it a good 
    cash windfall. Be careful with who you buy though, as if you don't bring in the 
    right players, and get relegated, you'll be screwed financially in the 
    Championship the next year. Also try to restrict wages to £15k max, as Reading 
    already have done a good job of this. Their top 3 earners altogether earn less 
    than players like Sol Campbell at Pompey, and half as much as Owen does. 
    Whereas the defence is a shambles, the attacking unit shows quality and 
    potential. It's full of young stars - Lita and Doyle operate as quick strikers 
    with good finishing, Hi-Kyeon has good control, Kitson is your typical strong 
    English ST and Convey is a great winger. Long also shows promise, but as a 
    player he hasn't fully developed. 
    These players will also suit the Premiership because of their physical stats, 
    suiting the high-tempo, quick football. There are two injured players at the 
    start, Gunnarsson for a month and Little for up to two months. You'll miss 
    Gunnarsson the most, unless you bring in some good defenders. Sidwell also 
    seems to attract some interest from clubs, so try to fend them off. Whatever 
    formation you play, you should ensure it is quick and attacking - there's not 
    much of a problem forsaking defence, as there's not much of a defence to 
    forsake in the first place.
                                          Sheffield Utd
    League:                      Premiership
    Reputation:                  National
    Stadium + Capacity:          Bramall Lane, 33000 seated
    Stadium Expansion:           38000 seated (30/06/10)
    Media Expectations:          18th
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                  24
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £26.5m (loan debt £13m)
    Finances:                    £886k
    Transfer Budget:             £2m
    Wage Budget:                 £197k
    Current Wage Total:          £157k
    Key Players:                 Jagielka, Davis, Tonge, Hulse
    Top 3 Earners:               Jagielka (£12k), Hulse, Sommeil (both £10k) 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Jagielka (£3.4m), Webber (£2.9m), Tonge (£2.6m)
    Good young/reserve players:  Nade, Forte/Montgomery, Kabba
    Difficulty (/10):            9
    Sheffield Utd's problem is they don't have a star player. The squad is fairly 
    average, and whilst there are some that stand out - Jagielka is a defender with 
    a great future and Hulse is an asset upfront, but there really aren't any 
    exceptional players here. So in the transfer market you should aim to bring in 
    some older players (because of your transfer budget), who you could acquire at 
    a lower price. They may have high wage demands, so don't give into them - this 
    is one of the smallest wage budgets there is, and you can't be affording £30k 
    per player. The midfield players are thin in numbers, so some expansion is 
    needed in this area. The defence in contrast is saturated, and it's worth 
    offloading some of them, as none of them are much better than the other 11 
    defenders you have. That's right, players like Geary. When selecting the team, 
    be cautious with your defensive partnerships - you don't want two 32+ old 
    players playing together, as between them they'll be outpaced by the likes of 
    Kanu, forget Henry and co. A combination of old and young would be the best 
    The reserves also have too many players, so selling off some of these will 
    increase your Transfer kitty. The only real injury at the start is Bromby 
    who is out of action for about a month, but you have 11 players to help cover 
    that position! With the current squad, a 5-3-2 is advisable because of only 
    having 5 midfielders (6 if you bring Montgomery out of the reserves). It's 
    worth selling Kabba too as you already have 5 strikers.
                                       Tottenham Hotspur
    League:                       Premiership
    Continental Competition:      EURO Cup
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           White Hart Lane, 36267 seated
    Media Expectations:           5th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Safe Mid-Table/Respectable League Position
    Squad Size:                   24
    Training Facilities:          Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £101m
    Finances:                     £33.91m
    Transfer Budget:              £19.1m
    Wage Budget:                  £672k
    Current Wage Total:           £488k
    Key Players:                  Robinson, King, Davids, Zokora, Chimbonda, 
                                  Lennon, Keane, Berbatov, Defoe
    Top 3 Earners:                King (£50k), Davids, Berbatov (both £48k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Berbatov (£10m), Keane (£9.25m), Zokora (£8m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Routledge, Huddlestone, Lennon, O'Hara, Ifil, 
                                  Ziegler, Assou-Ekotto, Dervitte, Dawrkins, 
                                  Barnard, Defendi, Yeates, Hallfroesson
    Difficulty (/10)              3
    Tottenham are one of the easier squads to manage. They basically have it all 
    there - they have a great squad, and are only second to Arsenal when it comes 
    to young players. Nearly £20m is a big budget too for a club that needs little 
    improvements like this. With the money available, it's worth buying a back-up 
    for Robinson, a good AML and a strong striker up front, as apart from Mido it's 
    all based on pace with regards to the strikers. Someone like Rob Hulse would 
    fit the bill (obviously someone better though). If you still have some money 
    left, a good DC would complete the squad. 
    It should be relatively easy to achieve the board/fans aims, and you have one 
    of the best strike forces in the Premiership, so goals should come easy. A 4-4-
    2 diamond attacking would be great for this team once you have an AML in. Also, 
    O'Hara, Davenport and Ziegler's contracts all run out in 2007, so make it your 
    priority to keep them on. Davids is totally up to you, but if you let him go 
    you can save £48k a week, and Zokora is easily a good enough replacement.
    League:                       Premiership
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Vicarage Road, 19500 seated
    Stadium Expansion:            23000 seated (01/07/07)
    Media Expectations:           19th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                   22
    Training Facilities:          Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £22.9m (loan debt £3.5m)
    Finances:                     -£1.08m
    Transfer Budget:              £3m
    Wage Budget:                  £111k
    Current Wage Total:           £70.24k
    Key Players:                  Foster, Francis, Young, King, Priskin
    Top 3 Earners:                Francis, Smith (both £6k), King (£5.5k)	
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          King (£4.2m), Young (£3.5m), Priskin (£3.4m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Young, Priksin, Bangura, McNamee, Jarret/Bouazza
    Difficulty (/10):             9
    Watford are possibly the toughest team to manage in the English top flight. 
    Their wage budget is unbelievable at this level - I mentioned about Reading and 
    Sheffield Utd earlier, but the top 3 earners of this team put together don't 
    even match Tainio's wage at Spurs. In fact, Owen amazingly earns more himself 
    than THE WHOLE ENTIRE WATFORD TEAM. With this in mind, you have to be highly 
    restrictive when trying to sign a player, not giving an inch to their wage 
    demands. It's actually best not to sign anyone - Watford start off in debt, and 
    because of their small stadium they won't get the revenue to support a larger 
    squad. If you want to bring someone in, do it through loaning them. Areas you 
    need to bring players in are DL and DM (for the latter I recommend loaning 
    Denilson from Arsenal).
    Watford do have a squad which could survive in the Premierhsip - though you'll 
    need to be tactically adept to grind out results, especially away. Playing a 4-
    3-3, with 1 dm, two MC's, two wingers and one of the three strikers up front 
    would suit this team. If the team ever does get into debt, some players do have 
    quite a healthy price tag slapped on them, so try selling them off to get you 
    out of the red. Relegation though would probably financially crush the club, so 
    you have to keep them in the Premiership.
                                   West Ham United
    League:                       Premiership
    Continental Competition:      EURO Cup
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Upton Park, 35500 seated
    Media Expectations:           8th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Safe Mid-Table/Respectable 
    Squad Size:                   22
    Training Facilities:          Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £67m (loan debt £24m)
    Finances:                     £3.04m
    Transfer Budget:              £1.8m
    Wage Budget:                  £377k
    Current Wage Total:           £344k
    Key Players:                  Green, McCartney, Ferdinand, Mascherano, 
                                  Reo-Coker, Noble, Tevez, Ashton, Mullins
    Top 3 Earners:                Tevez, Mascherano (both £35k), Benyaoun (£28.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Tevez (£16.25m), Ashton (£7m), 
                                  Mascherano (£5.75m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Noble, Ephrain, Stech, Reid, Ferdinand, Spector/
                                  Zamora, Sheringham
    Difficulty (/10):             7
    West Ham might seem an easy choice, but they're fairly difficult for various 
    reasons. They are in takeover talks/speculation for the entire first season, 
    distracting the players, and if you're unlucky into the second season too. They 
    don't exactly get a sugar daddy either - it is regularly a board takeover, with 
    no extra funds made available, and if you haven't preformed well enough up to 
    that point the new board may replace you. The West Ham defence isn't the 
    greatest in the league, and Ferdinand and McCartney being injured for a month 
    and 3 months respectively doesn't help the cause. Spector is injured at the 
    start too. Then there's the Goalkeeper problem - BOTH your first team goalies 
    start off injured for 2 months. Therefore it is imperative that you loan out 
    one - the reserves goalies simply aren't good enough. You don't need to buy one 
    mind as both GK's will be back in action by September/October. 
    The tight transfer budget leaves a lot to be desired - you need to bring in 
    more defenders, better ones too, in both DC and DR positions. If you could loan 
    out an AMRLC, that'd be extremely useful too. Shaun Newton is pretty useless, 
    so demote him to the reserves, or even better ship him out. You don't need all 
    the strikers either - so Cole and Sheringham are not needed. There's only 1 
    scout in your backroom staff, so make it a priority to hire some more too. At 
    the end of the first season you'll need to make a big judgement call on whether 
    to keep hold of Tevez and Mascherano, or to cash in if they've been performing 
    well. Keep in mind that Mascherano has an 80% SELL-ON CLAUSE. This means if you 
    had a bid of £10m, you'd only see 2, the other £8m going into Corinthians 
    pockets. Between Tevez and Mascherano though you can get a combined fee of at 
    least £35m, enough to fund the entire second season's transfer budget. 
    Make sure to renew Reo-Coker's contract too, as he has one year left, and 
    failure to do this could see another club rob him from under your nose. There 
    is another MC though should you lose him, the talented Mark Noble. Amazingly, 
    West Ham are also involved in European competition after the success IRL of the 
    previous season, and it's worth trying your best to progress in this as it can 
    be quite lucrative, and attract players to your club in January if you're still 
    in it.  West Ham has a squad that would suit an attacking diamond 4-4-2 or a 4-
    1-3-2 formation.
                                        Wigan Athletic
    League:                        Premiership
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            JJB Stadium, 25138 seated
    Media Expectations:            11th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Safe Mid-Table (both)
    Squad Size:                    23
    Training Facilities:           Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:               £28.5m
    Finances:                      £1.06m
    Transfer Budget:               £5m
    Wage Budget:                   £285k
    Current Wage Total:            £233k
    Key Players:                   Kirkland, de Zeeuw, Baines, Landzaat, Heskey, 
                                   Camara, Valencia
    Top 3 Earners:                 Camara (£25k), Heskey (£22k), Landzaat (£16.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Heskey (£5.5m), Camara (£5.25m), Landzaat, 
                                   Baines (both £3.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Baines, Cotteril, Cywka, Taylor/Wright
    Difficulty (/10):              6
    Wigan to me are a little overrated in the game. Kirkland is a great goalie to 
    have in the team, and Wigan have an agreed fee of £2m for him, so you can offer 
    this at any time and Liverpool will accept (I recommend to do this 
    immediately). The defence is quite good, with a back line of Boyce, 
    Hall/Webster, Scharner/de Zeeuw and Baines being a solid pick. Baines is a huge 
    talent in the game, so make sure to keep a hold of him, no matter how lucrative 
    the offer may be. He simply won't be replaceable. Taylor is also a good 
    youngster, not to Baines standard, but nevertheless keep him at Wigan too. He 
    starts off injured for 4 months, so you may as well put him in the reserves, as 
    he'll need them games once he is fit to bring back his sharpness. 
    Matt Jackson may not have a large price tag, but he is adequate cover - good 
    strength and jumping, at marking, tackling, and heading, it's just his 
    concentration that'll let him down. He's extremely determined, a great worker, 
    brave and good at slotting into the team, so well worth keeping. The attacking 
    midfield is great for Wigan - they have many quality players, and depth. The 
    strikers though are short in numbers. Some AM's can double up as a striker, but 
    it's worth purchasing another out and out striker, someone with a high 
    finishing stat especially, as Camara has 13 and Heskey only 10. A back-up DC 
    would be in your best interests too. At the end of November you may be able to 
    sign Todorov on a free, but he wouldn't help the finishing problem too much. If 
    you don't bring in someone who can smash it in, expect to be making and wasting 
    many chances.
    Wigan can't loan in any player from an English club though, as they already 
    have 2 domestic loans. A formation which would suit this would be any which 
    focuses on the AM's, such as a 4-4-2 diamond (you can play an AML, AMR and AMC 
    in this), or a 4-2-3-1, but that will leave a gap between your DM's and AM's.
                                    2.2 Italian Leagues 
    Italy will, after England, be the second choice nation to start a menu in. 
    Seasoned FM Gamers may find this more of an attractive league too. Why? Well, 
    because of the controversy and scandal, leading to point deductions. Can you 
    keep Reggina in Serie A with a 15 point reduction? Can you achieve promotion to 
    Serie A with Juventus, albeit a 17 point reduction? It's a great challenge to 
    any FM player. Italy is a stark contrast to England's approach to football, 
    with slow build up play and a defensive mentality the norm. 
    Another unique characteristic of Italian Football is Co-ownership. I need 
    someone to help me with this by contributing about how the fuck it works, as I 
    can't grasp it. Having two clubs own a player surely creates a conflict of 
    interest, and I don't understand what club has authority over the player to 
    select him for the team.
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Serie A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    Serie A is considered one of the Worlds best leagues, but its reputation has 
    been on the receiving end of a battering in recent times. Without going into 
    the details, corruption has been rife in the running of the league, mainly with 
    the selecting of referees, and just before the 06 WC this came to the public's 
    attention, as the teams involved went on trial. All were found guilty, with 
    Juve being relegated to Serie C1 originally, but an appeal saw these 
    punishments reduced. This has made managing some teams in this league harder, 
    as four of them have point reductions. 
    It also has made it much more interesting - more of a challenge to get higher 
    positions with Milan and Fiorentina, avoid relegation with Reggina, and with 
    what are normally considered mid-table clubs to aim that little bit higher. In 
    the past some great teams have been produced from here, including Inter in the 
    60's, Juventus in the 90's and AC Milan recently. It's also full of rivalries, 
    making the games more interesting, and more at stake than just 3 points - the 
    teams reputation. The rules are:
    - Starts 10/09 and ends 27/05 the following year (approx)
    - 20 teams in the league
    - 38 games - Home and Away versus each team
    - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
    - Bottom 3 relegated to Serie B
    - If points are level teams are sorted by: Results Between Teams, Goal 
      Difference, Goals Scored
    - Matches are 90 minutes, two 45-minute halves. 7 names subs are allowed, a  
      maximum of 3 can be used.
    - Top 4 qualify for the European Champions Cup, 5th and 6th gets into the EURO 
      Cup, and 7th into Euro Vase. If the winners of the Italian Cup (Coppa Italia) 
      Finish in the top 7, then 7th will qualify for the Euro Cup and 8th for the 
      Euro Vase.
    - A player is banned for a match after receiving 4 yellow cards. After 8 yellow 
      cards this decreases to a ban for 3 yellows. After this it decreases to a ban 
      for two yellows, and then finally a ban for every yellow. A red card is an 
      automatic 1 match ban. 
    - There are no loan restrictions. 
    - Transfer Window is open between: 01/07 to 31/08 and 02/01 to 31/01
    - Teams can sign 1 non-EU player every year.
    With no delay, here are the teams:
    League:                       Serie A
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Cine e Lillo Del Duca, 28430 seated
    Media Expectations:           11th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Fight Against Relegation/Safe-Mid Table
    Squad Size:                   24
    Training Facilities:          Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £14.5m
    Finances:                     £3.09m
    Transfer Budget:              £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                  £178k
    Current Wage Total:           £136k
    Key Players:                  Pagliuca, Lukovic, Foglio, Skela, Pecchia, 
    Top 3 Earners:                Delvecchio (£29k), Skela, Pecchia (both £13.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Bjelanovic, Job (both £3.1m), Skela, Fini (both 
    Good young/reserve players:   Gauracs, N'Siabamfumu, Job
    Difficulty (/10):             8
    Ascoli are a below average Serie A side. They need extreme strengthening in 
    defence, with only Foglio being good enough. Defenders in Serie A should have 
    good Jumping, Strength, Concentration, Heading and Tackling, as it's a slower 
    tempo league. I'd suggest that you don't loan in any more players, as you 
    already have 5, and you want some foundations for next season. Pagliuca, the 
    legend, would be the first choice GK, but he's not much better than your second 
    choice keeper. Bringing in another one would be wise too, but that could wait 
    until the second season as you have a limited budget. A DM/MC is needed too. If 
    you do loan out someone, make sure they're actually developed - youngsters 
    won't help you here. It's worth offloading some of your defence too for extra 
    The AM's are technically good, especially Skela and Fini. The fact that they 
    are good at crossing is vital. Ascoli's strikers aren't great at finishing, but 
    they do pose an aerial threat, Delvecchio and Bjelanovic in particular, and 
    they will need good service from the wings. So with these 4 up front you'd have 
    a great chance of scoring goals in this league. I'd play with a 4-1-3-2, with a 
    slow tempo. Playing away I'd use the creative Fontana in central midfield, 
    playing at home the physically better Pecchia as you try to dominate the game. 
    It'll be hard to achieve anything special with this club in the first season, 
    but what is crucial for success is using the Bosman ruling in January. If you 
    can bring in some good players for free you'll be going higher each year. Also 
    make Delvecchio take a wage cut, as he is only getting older, and will be less 
    influential in the team after the first year. This will free up the wages for 
    free transfers. You may also get a takeover after a few seasons, but whether 
    this is beneficial or not is too be seen
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Atleti Azzuri d'Italia, 26542 capacity       
                                   (10000 seated)
    Media Expectations:            16th 
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                    22
    Training Facilities:           Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £22m
    Finances:                      £3.31m
    Transfer Budget:               £1.02m
    Wage Budget:                   £194k
    Current Wage Total:            £139k
    Key Players:                   Adriano, Donati, Bombardini, Vieri, Zampagna, 
                                   Doni, Tissone
    Top 3 Earners:                 Adriano (£20.5k), Doni (£10.5k), Bombardini, 
                                   Pinto (both £9k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Tissone (£2.9m), Zampagna (£2.7m), Pinto (£2.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Defendi, Tissone/Bernardini
    Difficulty (/10):              7
    Well, this is a pretty tough team to analyse. They're not the worst team to 
    start off with - they have solid finances, and an OK team. Yet they'll still 
    struggle a little in this division. Yet the looming problem for anyone who 
    assumes control of Atalanta is the age factor. The players have an average age 
    of 28, with only two good youngsters coming through the ranks - Tissone, who 
    you can shove straight into the first team, and Defendi in the reserves, who 
    requires loaning out to start improving his stats. They have a good forward 
    line, but Vieri is out for 4 - 5 months at the start. Zampagna is great for his 
    age - you won't find many 31 year olds with 16 pace and acceleration, and 18 
    strength. His finishing and heading are good too, and he should be permanently 
    in your first team. 
    The defence is fine on the wings, but in the centre you'll need to bring in 
    someone. Rivalta is the only defender with quality available at the start - 
    Carrozzieri is good too, but because of his global ban, which was punishment 
    for his involvement in a gambling scandal IRL, he isn't available until the end 
    of November. Talamonti is the best player to fill in for him while you find 
    some DC's to bring in. Whether in the first or second season, you'll also need 
    to bring in a young keeper - as you're goalies have a combined age of 66, a 
    younger striker, and a young AM who is technically adept, especially at set-
    pieces. Why the last one? Well Pinto is the only specialist set-piece taker in 
    your squad, and at 33 he's reaching the dawn of his career. If you don't bring 
    in someone, your corners and free-kicks will be going to waste. Atalanta isn't 
    that hard in the first few seasons - they have a good enough squad to achieve 
    the board aims, but the immediate priority should be strengthening the defence, 
    which will be crucial. Loans are the best way to do this. The transfer budget 
    may seem low, but if you do well enough, the finances are good, and you should 
    have a healthy boost in January. Teams have point deductions too, so if you 
    have a good start to your campaign it'll be a large psychological advantage, as 
    you'll be at least 16th a few weeks into the season with the worst of starts. 
    If you want to manage Atalanta long-term, then this will be tougher. You'll 
    need to constantly bring in youngsters, and they come with a hefty price tag. 
    The positive thing is there might be a takeover a few seasons in, as the 
    chairman is willing to listen to offers. A 4-4-2 would work here, but try to be 
    a little more attacking, as this isn't the best defence to rely on.
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Sant'Elia, 37700 capacity (17000 seated)
    Media Expectations:            18th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation/Stay Clear Of 
    Squad Size:                    23
    Training Facilities:           Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £15m
    Finances:                      £2.96m
    Transfer Budget:               £1.16m
    Wage Budget:                   £105k
    Current Wage Total:            £57.68k
    Key Players:                   Chimenti, Canini, Del Grosso, Suazo, Esposito, 
    Top 3 Earners:                 Chimenti (£6.5k), Colucci (£5.75k), Budel 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Suazo (£5m), Esposito (£3.7m), Canini (£1.4m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Semedo, Canini
    Difficulty (/10):              6
    I don't think Cagliari is that hard a team to manage. They're certainly good 
    enough to avoid relegation. The central defence is adequate at the start, but 
    when Canini comes back from his 5 month injury it'll become slightly easier. 
    Chimenti is a fantastic goalie for his age, but you'll need to find a permanent 
    replacement if you want the team to have success in the future. You'll need a 
    DR/WBR too as this is the weakest area of your team. Semedo and Canini are also 
    young, and with the right development you can have a solid centre partnership 
    in the future, so you don't need a defensive clear-out. Colucci is your best 
    DM, but yet again he is an aging player that needs a long-term replacement. 
    The AM's are very good - Suazo and Esposito are good at the vital stats for a 
    winger (they also have good finishing which is a plus), and Conti would be best 
    put in the centre. With Suazo and Esposito's good dribbling and crossing, by 
    putting Pepe up front, and having him as an aerial threat, you should get lots 
    of goals. First of all, from the headers, then secondly from the wingers 
    cutting in. When bringing in players, try to limit it to 1 or 2 more loans in 
    the first season. £1.16m looks like a tight budget too, but chances are you'll 
    get more in January - free transfer will be vital to the future of the team as 
    well. Like the previous teams, they may also experience a takeover at some 
    stage. A 4-2-3-1 would be best here - with the DM's pushing forwards, and the 3 
    further up as AM's. With the DM's pushing forwards it leaves less of a gap. 
    It's best to play defensively, but with your attacking 4 individually set to a 
    more attacking mentality. 
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Angelo Massimino, 35000 seated
    Media Expectations:            17th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                    22
    Training Facilities:           Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £18.5m
    Finances:                      £2.95m
    Transfer Budget:               £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                   £272k
    Current Wage Total:            £217k
    Key Players:                   Vargas, Corona, Spinesi, Mascara
    Top 3 Earners:                 Spinesi (£22k), Mascara (£17.25k), Colucci 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Mascara (£4m), Spinesi (£3.6m), Baiocco (£3.1m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Cesar, Anastasi
    Difficulty (/10):              7
    Catania is one of the better relegation candidates. As you've seen, all the 
    past 4 teams are considered relegation candidates, and there are plenty of 
    other teams in the division who could easily fall into that category. Catania 
    has a fairly big wage budget for a team of their stature, and some good players 
    to boot. They definitely need a new GK in, but their defence is better than 
    previous examples. All positions are covered by someone good, but you could do 
    with loaning in a versatile defender as extra back-up. Bringing Cesar out of 
    the reserves would help as well. In the midfield department Millesi and Del 
    Core are worth selling, but the rest are good. Many of them are determined 
    players and these will grind you out results. One note to make though is Corona 
    is better up front than in midfield. Don't put him on the wings, as he can't 
    cross for shit. 
    Your two specialist strikers are different to each other. Spinesi is a good at 
    heading and finishing, but Rossini is more likely to get the goals. He is a 
    super-strong forward, a retard with his feet, yet a genius in the air. The 
    stats all fit - great balance, jumping, strength, height, positioning and 
    heading. The high team-work stat should mean he'll understand where to go to 
    meet the crosses. If you want to get the best out of him though you'll need to 
    loan in a winger with a high crossing stat, as there isn't really anyone like 
    that at Catania. The best formation would be a standard 4-4-2.
    League:                        Serie A
    Continental Competition:       European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Bentegodi, 39211 seated
    Media Expectations:            5th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                    22
    Training Facilities:           Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Adequate Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £23m
    Finances:                      £3.56m
    Transfer Budget:               £1.37m
    Wage Budget:                   £343k
    Current Wage Total:            £277k
    Key Players:                   Scurto, Mantovani, Brighi, Zanchetta, Marcolini, 
                                   Semioli, Pellissier, Tiribocchi
    Top 3 Earners:                 Semioli (£22.5k), Brighi (£16.25k), Godeas 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Obinna (£6m), Pellissier (£4.5m), Semioli 
    Good young/reserve players:    Obinna, Scurto, Mantovani, Marchesetti, De 
                                   Paula/Luciano, Bruno
    Difficulty (/10):              5
    In football, you get a natural ascension and descension of teams. Chievo are 
    one that is on the up. They have a strong all-round team, and are in the ECC 
    cup. If you progress far enough in this, the financial benefits will be great, 
    so don't field a weak side. The only real positions that Chievo need  
    strengthening in are the GK and DM areas. I wouldn't acquire a GK at the start 
    though - your one at the moment is satisfactory. But for the club to progress 
    you'll have to buy a much better one in January/Next Summer. It's worth buying 
    a DC/DM, who'll act as cover for both positions, and allow your DRC's to play 
    on the right, and back-up your one DM. You may as well sell Sammarco - he has 
    fantastic mental stats, but with these are some terrible Technical stats. If he 
    can't even control the ball, he won't be able to fulfil his creativity. This 
    will free up funds too. 
    Chievo has some great players in midfield - Marcolini, Brighi, Zanchetta and 
    Semioli would make a great line-up, all having different strengths and 
    weaknesses. Zanchetta is fairly creative, Brighi hard-working and determined, 
    Marcolini a strong winger with a good shot, whilst Semioli should stay out 
    wide, as he is quick, can dribble well and has good crossing. I'd bring in 
    another midfielder though - try and buy Brighi at the end of the year, or find 
    a replacement. Obi Mikel would be a good loanee to bring in. Your strikeforce 
    is fantastic - Tribocchi should be your main striker, who is as strong as 
    possible in the game, with either Pellissier, who is extremely fast, or Godeas, 
    another strong striker with good passing, partnering him. 
    I haven't put down Obinna as a key player as he hasn't reached his full 
    potential yet, but don't sell him. Once he has developed in a few years with 
    good training and has matches under his belt, you'll have one of the best 
    strikers in the division. He starts with a global ban until 10th December due 
    to a legal dispute - he signed a contract with two clubs, and therefore this is 
    his punishment. You have a real chance of top four with Chievo, so aim high. Be 
    sure to tie up players contracts too to ensure you keep the team going. A 4-4-2 
    would suit Chievo. 
    League:                         Serie A
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             Carlo Castellani, 19847 capacity (12239 seated) 
    Media Expectations:             10th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Safe Mid-Table (both)
    Squad Size:                     22
    Training Facilities:            Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £13.25m
    Finances:                       £1.27m
    Transfer Budget:                £613k
    Wage Budget:                    £104k
    Current Wage Total:             £90.54k
    Key Players:                    Pratali, Busce, Almiron, Vannucchi, Saudati
    Top 3 Earners:                  Adani (£16.5k), Saudati (£7.25k), Balli (£7k) 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Vannucchi (£4.3m), Pozzi (£4.1m), Saudati 
    Good young/reserve players:     Pozzi, Lodi/Gasparetto
    Difficulty (/10):               9
    Empoli are a very tough team to manage. They have overly high expectations for 
    a team with players of their calibre - the aim should be staying in Serie A. 
    You have a tiny budget to improve the situation and hardly any spare wages. 
    You'll have to virtually make-do with what you have. A challenge for any FM 
    veteran. The key area which needs improving is between the sticks - you need 
    someone better to stop the ball flying in than the current trash you have. Make 
    that your number 1 priority. Secondly loan in some QUALITY defenders, and lay 
    off some of your current ones. The problem is that Empoli have many defenders, 
    but it's quantity over quality here. Busce, Pratali and Tosto are your best 
    defenders, but two of them are over 30. Adani is good, but not to the same 
    standard. He also needs a pay cut, as he's earning double more than everyone 
    else. Make him take the cut or ship him off. 
    You also have no width hardly in midfield. All the good players are MC's or 
    AMC's. Busce can play as an AMR, and Tosto as an ML, but you need them in the 
    defence. Sell one of either Almiron or Vannucchi as one of them will go to 
    waste anyway, and with the money you should be able to bring in some 
    midfielders who can play on the flanks. You may as well get rid of your MC's 
    too - Ficini is worth keeping though. The striking situation is a little 
    better, but players are missing key stats - Pozzi has bad composure, meaning 
    he'll likely fluff a chance when you most need it, and Mattenini has bad 
    decisions and off the ball, which is vital to get into scoring positions. 
    Saudati is a good all-rounder, and the others could be worse - they both have 
    good finishing (16 and 17). You have a good reserve ST too called Gasparetto 
    who's worth bringing into the first team squad. Overall, you don't need any new 
    For the first seasons you should focus on short-term solutions - loans, and 
    bringing in people on free transfer's. Your chairman is willing to listen to 
    offers, so if you're lucky you'll get a takeover a few seasons in. Around this 
    time, if you have been successful, you may be better financially too, but until 
    then you have to spend meticulously. A 5-1-2-2 would suit this team at the 
    moment, but you're current squad won't get you anywhere, so try to loan/buy 
    some wide midfielders.
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:            Artemio Franchi, 47350 seated
    Media Expectations:            12th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                    22
    Training Facilities:           Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £57m
    Finances:                      £7.3m
    Transfer Budget:               £4.53m
    Wage Budget:                   £364k
    Current Wage Total:            £265k
    Key Players:                   Frey, Ujfalusi, Jorgensen, Mutu, Montolivo, 
                                   Pazzini, Toni
    Top 3 Earners:                 Frey (£32k), Ujfalusi (£24.5k), Mutu (£23.5k) 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Mutu (£8.5m), Toni (£7.5m), Pazzini (£7.25m)
    Good young/reserve players:    D'Ambrosino, Montolivo, Pazzini
    Difficulty (/10):              6
    Unless you've been under a rock for the past year, you'll know why Fiorentina 
    start off with a points deduction. The first versions of this FM contained the 
    point reduction before the appeal, but whichever version you have, there's 
    little difference. Of course, for those who want a challenge, the 19 point 
    deduction will be more interesting. No matter how good you do during the 
    season, you almost certainly won't win the league. Champions League is a 
    possibility, but you'll have to be in title winning form. The most realistic 
    target is the EURO Cup. 
    Fiorentina have a fantastic squad. They have a brilliant goalie, Sebastien 
    Frey, and Lobont is good enough to be in most first-teams in this division, so 
    him as a back-up is good signs. The defence is solid in all areas, and doesn't 
    need improving at all. You could bring in Anton Ferdinand or Kompany for a 
    future star, but it's solid as it is. If you want to bring in someone, the best 
    option is to bring in an excellent DM. Your current ones are fine, but it's 
    somewhere you could put a future star in to complete the team. Not essential at 
    all though. In the AM's section Fiorentina begin to excel - Jorgensen, Mutu and 
    Santana are fabulous, and in Montolivo you have a brilliant youngster. Liverani 
    can play here too. Then we arrive at the best part of the team - the strikers. 
    Toni and Pazzini are deadly together, but you need to bring in someone else as 
    Pazzini is out for 4 months. This is where you need to focus your budget. Mutu 
    can play up front too, so you don't need to bring in loads of ST's - just one 
    will do. 
    In the second season try and acquire Bojinov if you have the funds - don't ever 
    sell your 50% stake in him, to Juve or anyone, as he's one of the best in the 
    game. If you spend little this season, and bring in a ST on loan, you should be 
    able to afford him, and have one of the best players in the game. After your 
    first season, things are back to normal - and with the right layers being 
    brought in you should aim to fight for the title. So a tough first season will 
    be worth it, and there's hardly any expectations at the start, just safe mid-
    table at the most. An attacking 4-4-2 diamond formation would be best here, 
    although it may go against conventional Italian football, not many teams will 
    resist your attacking players, and you have the defence to cope with what most 
    teams throw at you.
    League:                      Serie A
    Continental Competition:     European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                  Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:          Giuseppe Meazza, 82425 seated 
    Media Expectations:          1st
    Board/Fan Expectations:      Win Serie A (both)
    Squad Size:                  22
    Training Facilities:         Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:            Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:             £212m
    Finances:                    £20.94m
    Transfer Budget:             £15.17m
    Wage Budget:                 £956k
    Current Wage Total:          £848k
    Key Players:                 Cambiasso, Adriano, Ibrahimovic, Stankovic, Vieira
    Top 3 Earners:               Vieira (£72k), Crespo (£70k), Figo (£62k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:         Ibrahimovic (£28.5m), Adriano (£22.5m), Stankovic 
    Good young/reserve players:  Aloe, Andreolli, Boumsong/Zicu
    Difficulty (/10):            1
    Inter are the easiest club possible to take charge of. As a result of the 
    scandal, two of their title rivals - Fiorentina and Milan, already have to play 
    catch-up. The only real contender who should stop you in the first season is 
    Roma. To add to this Inter probably have the best squad in the league anyway 
    (Milan run them pretty close though). Everywhere is strong, but any additions 
    should be young, as it is an ageing squad. I recommend bringing in a wonderkid 
    GK (Toldo is good, but you need an apprentice - Cesar isn't good enough for a 
    club of this stature), and maybe going for Bojinov. You may as well sell 
    Choutos and Cesar in the reserves too to raise even more funds. Zicu should 
    mature as a player, so in a year or two you can bring him in the first team 
    too. You're focus should be on becoming European champions as the league is a 
    given unless you royally fuck up. A 4-3-3 defensive (i.e. 2 DM's, stick 
    Stankovic in the middle pushing forward), would be best for this squad, but 
    over time it'll change as you buy new players. With Crespo, Ibrahimovic and 
    Adriano up front, who can possibly stop you?
    League:                          Serie A
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              Olimpico, 81193 seated
    Media Expectations:              13th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Stay Clear of Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                      23
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £153m (Loan Debt £63m)
    Finances:                        £11.04m
    Transfer Budget:                 £6.89m
    Wage Budget:                     £296k
    Current Wage Total:              £236k
    Key Players:                     Perruzi, Ledesma, Oddo, Pandev, Rocchi, 
    Top 3 Earners:                   Makinwa (£25.5k), Behrami, Baronio (both 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Rocchi, Behrami, Pandev (all £6.25m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Arenas, Makinwa, Behrami, Pandev, 
                                     Delgado/Firmani, Sereni
    Difficulty (/10):                6
    This is based on the original points deduction, of course it's much easier when 
    it's only 3 points taken away from you. In the first season you should be 
    aiming for 10th to 7th, as this is a quality team who could overturn their 
    deduction. If you're good enough you can secure Europe. The GK situation is 
    fine, with a seasoned regular in Peruzzi, who's the better of the two, and 
    Arenas, a very promising youngster. You have a third first team GK, Berni, but 
    to be blunt he's as useful as Teflon when trying to save shots. Terminate his 
    loan. Here's a good tip though: don't play Arenas yet. Instead, bring Sereni 
    out of the reserves for your second choice GK, and send out Arenas on loan for 
    a season or two. When Peruzzi gets too old, Arenas will be reaching his full 
    potential, otherwise his development will be stunted if you have him as second 
    choice GK. 
    Next the defence. Send Diackite to the reserves (or sell him), he'll never be 
    good enough for the first team, and with your near £7m budget bring in a high 
    quality DC to add some sparkle to the defence. You have 3 other good DC's for 
    rotation. Oddo and Zauri are good players for the flanks, but you need a good 
    player who can play DRL to cover for them, otherwise your team may be 
    slightly weakened when one gets injured. He won't have to be a superstar 
    though. It's a shame that your future star WBR/AMRL, Behrami, is out for 5-
    6months. Send him out on a short-term loan after he recovers, or put him 
    straight into a pre-season training program to prepare him for the next 
    campaign. One thing about Lazio is that they have many DM's - 5 to be precise. 
    Ledesma is by far the best, whilst the rest are the same in terms of overall 
    ability, but all better at different things. 
    My recommendation for this team would be a 4-3-3 defensive, but as you have no 
    MC's you'll have to put an AM or DM there. The best DM for this would be the 
    aggressive, hard-working Mutarelli, who'd burst through the middle, and play 
    simple passes to your wingers. You need to bring in another AMR too, as only 
    Mauri is any good here. The AML situation if fine, but focus on playing Pandev, 
    as he's a permanent member of your squad and you'll want to develop him. All 3 
    of your ST's are good, but lacking somewhat in strength. Makinwa and Rocchi are 
    pacey and Makinwa a young star, and Tare is a fantastic aerial threat. The 
    first 2 would suit a 4-3-3 defensive as they'd be good on the counter, and are 
    also good headerers, making use of your two wingers. Rocchi can play AMR too. 
    If you want to make good use of these though you can alternatively play a 4-4-
    There's only one player whose contract needs tying up and that's Zauri. 
    Finally, when buying players, buy 1 or 2 and make sure they're young and high 
    quality - you don't need 5 or 6 squad players, as you have a good team already. 
    With the right investments, a challenge for a European Champions Cup place is 
    easily achievable in the second season.
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Armando Picchi, 12900 seated
    Media Expectations:            6th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                    23
    Training Facilities:           Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £14.25m
    Finances:                      £2.81m
    Transfer Budget:               £613k
    Wage Budget:                   £254k
    Current Wage Total:            £220k
    Key Players:                   Amelia, Kuffour, Pfertzel, Morrone, Lucarelli
    Top 3 Earners:                 Grandoni (£26k), Morrone (£21.5k), Prates 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Lucarelli (£6.25m), Amelia (£3.4m), Morrone, 
                                   Bakayoko (£2.9m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Betanin
    Difficulty (/10):              7
    Livorno have SERIOUS midfield problems. They're devoid of any quantity of good 
    players here. So straight away, search for some players to bring in, be it 
    loans or cheap transfers, and put Stefanini, Zappia, Vigiani, Brondi in the 
    reserves/sell them. Vidigal, Passoni and Morrone are good enough to make the 
    first team, but the first two are getting on in age terms. There's no real 
    point in saying about the other areas of the squad that need improving, as this 
    will take up your first and second seasons budget. Once this is sorted focus on 
    the defence, as it may have great depth but no real high quality players 
    (Kuffour, Grandoni, Prates and Pfertzel are all good though), then bring in a 
    replacement/apprentice for Lucarelli who'll start becoming less important after 
    about 3 seasons. Getting a European place would help your cause greatly with 
    this team, as you need an improvement in finances. This will be key in securing 
    long-term success. Amelia is a fantastic GK, and Lucarelli your talisman, so 
    these are the two key players in the team. At the moment I'd use a 5-3-2, with 
    most of your attacking being focused on Lucarelli's talents.
    League:                         Serie A
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             San Filippo, 40200 seated
    Media Expectations:             20th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                     22
    Training Facilities:            Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Adequate Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £17m
    Finances:                       £1.42m
    Transfer Budget:                £1.02m
    Wage Budget:                    £154k
    Current Wage Total:             £125k
    Key Players:                    Storari, Coppola, Di Napoli, Cordova, Rigano
    Top 3 Earners:                  Luliano (£25k), Di Napoli (£13k), Zanchi  
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Alvarez, Iliev (both £2.6m), Floccari, Cappola 
                                    (both £2.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:     Zoro
    Difficulty (/10):               7
    Messina is a team that you can work with, and not an impossible challenge, so I 
    find the media's prediction of 20th harsh. You start in 16th at worst after 1 
    game anyway, so there's a great chance of surviving the first season. One key 
    area in need of improvement is the defence - sell some of the worst players, 
    like Ghosmy and Leke, and loan/buy some better defenders. Your GK Storari is 
    ok, but you may find you lose possession a lot with his distribution, as his 
    throwing is 3. Make sure then that his distributions are short, so there's less 
    room for a wild throw. He has 15 for decisions, so he should throw it to the 
    player in space the majority of the time. Coppola has fantastic mental stats, 
    and will make the hard-working heart of your midfield. It's just a shame he 
    isn't better technically - focus his training on ball control etc to try and 
    improve this, and he can become the keystone of your whole team. 
    Di Napoli and Cordova are your best AM's, both good in technical and mental 
    areas, but not perfect. You could try and loan in someone who's technically 
    very good to add variety to your team's strengths, if you can find such a 
    player. Up front Rigano is a brilliant out-and-out striker, with the only key 
    stat he's lacking in being first touch. So to get the best out of him play a 
    wide game, opening up space for him, so his first touch isn't such a let down. 
    He has perfect composure, so 99% of the time he'll bag them one-on-ones. 
    Floccari is a good dribbler, but should play second fiddle to Rigano. 
    I'd use a 4-5-1 system with Messina as they are strongest in the midfield 
    department. If you loan in another ST or two, then a 4-4-2 diamond is a viable 
    option. One thing of note - your wage budget is tight, and Luliano is not worth 
    £25k a week. He is good though and you can't afford to lose him, so don't upset 
    him - just do the best you can to push him into taking a cut of about £15k. 
    This is a team that you can survive with, and if you pull in good attendances 
    you'll have more financial power in the future.
    League:                         Serie A
    Continental Competition:        European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                     Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:             San Siro, 82955 seated
    Media Expectations:             2nd
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Win Serie A (both)
    Squad Size:                     22
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £140m
    Finances:                       £18.53m
    Transfer Budget:                £10.64m
    Wage Budget:                    £971k
    Current Wage Total:             £704k
    Key Players:                    Dida, Maldini, Nesta, Cafu, Pirlo, Seedorf, 
                                    Kaka, Gilardino, Oliviera
    Top 3 Earners:                  Kaka (£82k), Nesta (£68k), Oliveira, Inzaghi 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Kaka (£27.5m), Gilardino (£17.75m), Pirlo 
    Good young/reserve players:     Gourcuff/Foggia, Abbiati, Vogel, Donati, 
    Difficulty (/10):               6
    Milan is a team reaching the twilight of its era. Legends such as Maldini, Cafu 
    and Costacurta remain, but are extremely old, and your main job over the years 
    will be to bring in fresh blood, and start a new age for this team. So with 
    your £10m budget bring in one or two defenders, no older than 25, who'll have 
    the task of filling in the boots of these players. A new goalie would be nice 
    too, as the back-up Kalac is only average. When buying these players wages 
    won't be a factor as you have a £270k cushion, so don't worry if they demand 
    £60k a week. 
    The first season is notably difficult with Milan, as no matter which version 
    you have the deduction remains unchanged. Now whilst other clubs have altered 
    their aims according to their penalties, Milan haven't - you are expected to 
    get 2 wins and a draw more than Inter or Roma and win the league. The first 
    season is a great challenge for newcomers to FM as with luck and the right 
    tactics you can win the league, but it'll be tight. Veterans may not find 
    it as tough though, so if you're looking for a real challenge in this league 
    try Fiorentina. Milan are a massive club too, so they need to be producing good 
    youth players - ensure that you encourage the board to invest into their 
    average youth facilities, so they become a better representative of a club of 
    Milan's stature. 
    While the defence is your main concern, you don't need to worry about 
    overhauling the midfield for a while. A younger replacement for Seedorf may be 
    recommended for the long-term, but you can afford to leave that for 4-5 years. 
    As for the strikers, you don't need to bring in any for a few seasons unless 
    there's someone you particularly want. A standard 4-4-2 would be great here - 
    you have a fantastic midfield. With this as your line up:
    ML - Seedorf
    CM - Pirlo
    CM - Kaka
    MR - Gattuso
    Not many teams will break, or withstand, your midfield. Make sure you get the 
    balance with Pirlo and Kaka right though, so there's not too big a hole in the 
    centre. As I've already said, the situation up front is fine, but you have to 
    ask whether Borriello is good enough to be at a club of Milan's aspirations, 
    and whether he can cut it at this level. Give him a few games to see if he 
    works for you, and if not sell him. Don't forget about Inzaghi either - he is a 
    fantastic striker, and will bag you lots of goals. 
    There's only one great youngster at Milan, which is Gourcuff, so be sure to 
    loan him out so he gains experience. Also make sure though that you have a 
    clause to re-call him, as he is essential cover should Seedorf or Kaka get a 
    long-term injury. So to achieve success with Milan youth investment is key. If 
    you don't win the league in the first season though, you may be looking for a 
    new job. 
    League:                       Serie A
    Continental Competition:      EURO Cup
    Reputation:                   Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:           Renzo Barbera, 38500 seated
    Media Expectations:           4th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Qualify for Europe (both)
    Squad Size:                   22
    Training Facilities:          Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £47.5m
    Finances:                     £4.86m
    Transfer Budget:              £3.59m
    Wage Budget:                  £384k
    Current Wage Total:           £226k
    Key Players:                  Agliardi, Zaccardo, Barzagli, Corini, Di Michele, 
                                  Caracciolo, Brienza
    Top 3 Earners:                Corini (£21.5k), Brienza (£20k), Di Michele 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Brienza, Caracciolo (both £5.5m), Amauri (£5.25m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Cassani/Budan
    Difficulty (/10):             3
    Palermo is a brilliant club for any FM player, especially new ones though. It's 
    a club with great potential and the foundations in place to reach that 
    potential. The squad is fantastic, so in the first season I'd only recommend 
    bringing in a back-up GK (30 years old at most) and loan in a striker for the 
    bench (someone like Grax?). Palermo also has a large amount of wages available, 
    but try to restrict the wages - once a few players are getting £50k, the rest 
    of the team will want this too - so keep it to £35k - £40k max on a players 
    This is a team reaching their prime - most of them in their mid-twenties, so 
    it's a great time to manage Palermo. The EURO Cup will bring financial 
    benefits, but you should have higher aims - European Champions Cup  
    qualification. Some teams who'd normally rival you for this are playing catch 
    up from the first kick, so it's a great opportunity to move the club forward, 
    don't pass on it. In the first season ask the board to improve both the 
    training facilities and youth facilities, and if you do get ECC qualification, 
    and are successful (i.e. reach knock-out stages), ask them for a stadium 
    expansion. All this will raise the profile of your club, allowing you to 
    attract better players. 
    After the first season bring Budan out of the reserves too, as he's good enough 
    to play for your team. Bovo is out for the first 4 months, but once he comes 
    back you'll have a great line-up - Pissano, Barzagli, Bovo and Zaccardo is a 
    good defence. If you want to improve it quality in depth is something to look 
    at, specifically in the DL position. Also with your training schedules try to 
    make Barzagli a more all-round player - he has impeccable defensive stats, but 
    beyond that there's room for improvement. The midfield has a great balance - 
    there's quality in both the DM's and AM's. It's wise to use Diana as an AMR too 
    as there are already good DR/WBR's in the squad, and you wouldn't want to waste 
    your players. With this in mind, a 4-5-1 would be the best option. 
    The best way to structure it is similar to a 4-4-2 diamond, but instead of the 
    two strikers you'll have two AM's instead. When defending a lead you can change 
    this simply to two DM's. The reason for this is you have both Di Michele and 
    Brienza, who are both too good to neglect, and only two quality strikers (make 
    sure you tutor Palmiteri though as he can be a good squad player in the future 
    - make sure too that it's one of your strikers tutoring him), so if one gets 
    injured this is still a workable system. Your DM's are good too - Simplicio 
    would be first choice, but you can bring on Guana or Corini (he can play DM 
    competently) if you want  to shut up the defence as an additional DM. Diana and 
    Bresciano on the flanks of midfield would make this a fantastic line-up.
    League:                       Serie A
    Continental Competition:      EURO Cup
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Ennio Tardini, 28700 capacity (28000 seated)
    Media Expectations:           7th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                   22
    Training Facilities:          Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £24m
    Finances:                     £5.77m
    Transfer Budget:              £1.37m
    Wage Budget:                  £300k
    Current Wage Total:           £212k
    Key Players:                  Grella, Dessena, Morfeo
    Top 3 Earners:                Morfeo (£25.5k), Gasbarroni (£19.25k), Castellini 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Dessena (£4.9m), Morfeo (£4.3m), Kutuzov (£3.1m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Dedic, Rossi, Dessena, Camara/Bolano
    Difficulty (/10):             8
    Parma is a very tough team. High aspirations from the fans and media, yet the 
    board are holding you back. For a chairman that loves the club, maybe he could 
    show this 'love' a little more and increase your budget from the measly £1.37m 
    that it is. Why not ask him? If he refuses, which he most likely will, try 
    again in January - this may harbour a higher chance of having more funds at 
    your disposal. First of all you should buy a new GK - Enyeama is cheap and 
    would suit Parma perfectly. Then you need some new defenders. You may have some 
    money left over, so you could buy 1 good one, but it's best to wait until 
    January before improving this. If you have a good EURO Cup run, your finances 
    will improve, so you'll be able to bring in 2 or 3 good defenders (ensure that 
    you get the best deals possible in the transfer market though). Also at this 
    time look at the free transfers and who is available - try and bring in some if 
    possible this way, especially strikers. 
    Strikers in the second season is going to be a problem - your two specialist 
    ST's are both going back to their clubs at the end of they year. Try to bring 
    in a few free ones, focus your second season budget on them and if this still 
    doesn't bear results, loan in Maxi Lopez in the second season. You do have some 
    AM's that can play in this position, but they are needed in the AM positions. 
    I'd play a 4-3-3 with this team during the first season - Kutuzov and 
    Gasbarroni have awesome crossing stats, and with Budan up front he'd finish 
    most of the chances. Dessena is essential for big games due to his influence 
    and mental strength, and Morfeo should be used in rotation with Kutuzov and 
    Gasbarroni to make sure they don't suffer from fatigue. Try to play an 
    unconventional style for the Italian league with attacking being your focus - 
    your defence at the moment is simply not up to scratch, and you have quite a 
    few talented attacking players. European qualification is essential for funds, 
    otherwise you're going to find that you slip into mid-table mediocrity within a 
    few seasons, unless you're exceptional with tactics.
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National
    Stadium + Capacity:            Oreste Granillo, 27713 seated
    Media Expectations:            19th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                    22
    Training Facilities:           Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £15.25m
    Finances:                      £648k
    Transfer Budget:               £689k
    Wage Budget:                   £163k
    Current Wage Total:            £143k
    Key Players:                   Pelizzoli, Mesto, Amoruso, Bianchi 
    Top 3 Earners:                 Mesto, Leon (both £14.75k), Tedesco (£10.75k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Bianchi (£3.7m), Mesto (£3.2m), Pelizzoli 
    Good young/reserve players:    Maccari, Missiroli/Biondini, Vicari
    Difficulty (/10):              10
    ORIGINAL FM: 15 Point Reduction
    FM 7.0.1 ONWARDS: 11 Point Reduction
    An incredibly hard team to manage here. I'd reserve this for veteran FM gamers 
    who are in search of a serious challenge. You take control of what would be a 
    relegation/mid-table team anyway, who are on an extremely tight budget, and are 
    handed a double-figure point reduction, varying depending on which version you 
    have. If you're using pre-patch, then this is as tough as the 1,000 goal career 
    challenge. Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but they're still one of 
    the toughest teams in the game. 
    Your GK is fine for the moment, but then we come to the centre of defence. Or 
    lack of. Lucarelli is the only player worthy of being in a Serie A team in this 
    position. If he gets injured, it really will be an impossible challenge. 
    Aronica is ok, but has bad concentration, and will let your team down. 
    Unfortunately, he's your second best DC, so he'll have to partner Lucarelli. I 
    cannot stress enough how important it is to bring in some players here. Loan 
    them, buy them - it doesn't matter, you need some quality. Even if they're 35, 
    if they can do the job, they're a short-term solution. Try and cut some of your 
    teams wages too - a £1000 of each could really help give you more space in your 
    budget. Then you only have 1 player that can play as a DR. Loan in a back up 
    for him. Sell off as many reserve/youth players as possible.
    The midfield is a better situation, so doesn't need your immediate attention. 
    You don't have any natural DM's, but Amerbini is accomplished there. DM's are 
    incredibly important players in a squad to sweep in front of the back 4, so I'd 
    use him for this. You only have two strikers, so loan one in. In the future you 
    may also get a takeover, but I don't know if this will affect your funds much. 
    I'd play either a 4-4-2 diamond, or a 4-3-3 attacking with this squad. 
    League:                          Serie A
    Continental Competition:         European Champions Cup    
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              Olimpico, 81193 seated
    Media Expectations:              3rd
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Qualify for Europe/Challenge for Title
    Squad Size:                      22
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £204m (Loan debt £27m)
    Finances:                        £10.71m
    Transfer Budget:                 £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                     £554k
    Current Wage Total:              £514k
    Key Players:                     Mexes, Chivu, De Rossi, Aquilani, Mancini,  
    Top 3 Earners:                   Totti (£83k), Montella (£43k), Pizzaro 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Totti (£17.75m), Mancini (£13m), De Rossi 
    Good young/reserve players:      Curci, Grecco, Galloppa, Aquilani, De Rossi 
                                     Virga, Rosi, Cassandra, Okaka/Kuffour, Birghi, 
                                     Nonda, Comotto, Zotti
    Difficulty (/10):                3
    Roma is not much of a challenge to take over. They're fantastic in both defence 
    and midfield, but need another striker, and an excellent GK. Vucinic and 
    Montella are both injured for 3 months, so unless you play Totti up front you 
    don't really have any strikers who can play at this level. Cassandra needs to 
    go into the reserves and to be loaned out, and isn't ready for first team 
    responsibilities. You have a plethora of reserve players, some of which aren't 
    on loan, so try selling them to raise the budget. You don't need 4 average 
    keepers in your squad, so either Zotti or Curci should go. Loan in some ST's to 
    start with, as if you're buying one you may as well make it worthwhile. Wait 
    until January and save your money, and you should have a much bigger budget to 
    go player hunting with. To match the rest of your squad, you'll also need to 
    bring in a high-quality keeper within the first two seasons, like Akinfeev. 
    Roma have some wonderful players in their twenties - this means you'll have a 
    team that'll be together for a good few years. Players like De Rossi, Mexes, 
    Chivu, Mancini, Pizzaro, Aquilani will be key to any success you bring. Look in 
    your U18's too - there's a gem in there. He's called Okaka, and if you train 
    him up right, and tutor him with Totti, he can become a superstar. What should 
    you be aiming for with Roma in the first season? Why, the title of course. If 
    Milan don't have a wonder season, your only real rival will be Inter, and if 
    you can prevail from this two horse race then the title is yours. At least some 
    silverware should be gained. 
    When choosing a formation, it's a pretty tough choice - you have to try and 
    incorporate all of your midfielders, as its easy to forget about Aquilani and 
    Pizzaro. You'll either have to rotate, or sell Pizzaro - Aquilani is one for 
    the future though, and can play DM, so keep hold of him. A 4-4-2 diamond would 
    usually benefit the side once they're into the season and the strikers have 
    recovered from injury, but until then you may want to play a 4-3-3, and when 
    putting Totti up front make sure balls aimed to him are too his feet - he's not 
    very good in the air. Totti is a God at Roma, and you should build your team 
    around him - he has great creativity and flair, and can pull off all the tricks 
    with some of the best technical stats in the game. When playing a diamond 4-4-
    2, set him to a playmaker and use his ability well. If teams mark him out, you 
    can always give more of the focus of play to Mancini, Perotta and Taddei (the 
    wingers) - this could also increase his effectiveness, as he'll have more space 
    to get into. 
    League:                         Serie A
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             Luigi Ferraris, 36536 seated
    Media Expectations:             8th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                     22
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £30.5m
    Finances:                       £5.2m
    Transfer Budget:                £3.79m
    Wage Budget:                    £312k
    Current Wage Total:             £196k
    Key Players:                    Palombo, Volpi, Flachi, Bazzani, Bonazzoli 
    Top 3 Earners:                  Palombo (£33k), Volpi (£18.75k), Bonazzoli 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Bazzani, Bonazzoli (both £5.25m), Palombo 
    Good young/reserve players:     Foti, Da Mota
    Difficulty (/10):               5
    Sampdoria are a mid-table team that has the quality to reach the next level. 
    The problem is that by the time you cement your place there, your players will 
    be moving on to collect their pensions. The best players here are mostly 30+, 
    so it's your job to bring in young blood. You don't need to bring in 5+ players 
    a year, just 1 or 2 good young players. So when the time comes, you've already 
    moved on. There's no real weak spot with Sampdoria - it's a very balanced 
    squad. In the first season I'd recommend buying an AMC and loaning in a striker 
    for 3-6 months, as you start off with Bazzani injured for 4 months and Flachi 
    having a global ban until the end of November due to his partaking in a 
    gambling scandal. Quagriarella can double up as a striker to partner Bonazzoli 
    and whoever you loan in for the first 4 months, so you won't be short of firing 
    power. The best formation to use would be 4-4-2 diamond - if you bring in an 
    AMC, you can use both Olivera and Zenoni on the right midfield. A defensive 4-
    3-3 is also a formation that is executable with this team. You should be 
    looking to grab a European spot with Sampdoria, but if you're extremely good an 
    ECC cup place in fourth is certainly not out of the question. A nice squad to 
    break beginners into the game with. 
    League:                         Serie A 
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             Artemio Franchi, 15725 capacity (6500 seated)
    Media Expectations:             15th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                     24
    Training Facilities:            Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £16.25m
    Finances:                       £1.49m
    Transfer Budget:                £689k
    Wage Budget:                    £208k
    Current Wage Total:             £195k
    Key Players:                    Chiesa, Zajc, Corvia
    Top 3 Earners:                  Chiesa (£22k), Cordea (£20.5k), Cozza (£16.25k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Corvia (£4.1m), Zajc (£3.8m), Bogdani (£3.4m)
    Good young/reserve players:     Zajc, Corvia, Molianro, Masiello
    Difficulty (/10):               6
    Siena has relatively low expectations, and an adequate squad, so with the 
    circumstances of your first season you can get a top 10 finish. The problem is 
    that you'll have to go against conventional Italian style, and attack. You have 
    good full backs, but need a good, all-round DC who has very good physical 
    stats, as you're current batch are quite slow. This will be hard to find, 
    especially with your budget, so January might be the best option for this. At 
    the moment, Berotto and Portanova would be the best defensive partnership.  
    Siena has a large selection in midfield to choose from, and many of them double 
    up as strikers. Corvia and Zajc's stats haven't reached their full potential 
    yet, but with plenty of games and good training they will. As a result of this 
    a 4-4-2 diamond is the best tactic to use here. I'd also use Chiesa up front as 
    much as you possibly can, as he should get you a high amount of goals. Loans 
    and free transfers are key to this club, as it's always going to be a challenge 
    to keep them going. 
    Many of the AM's are 30+ too, so keep an eye out specifically in January for 
    any AM's reaching the end of their contracts. Bringing in a better defence and 
    GK should be a priority too. Your aim should be after about 3 seasons to build 
    this team into a mid-table, pushing for Europe team. Ask for a stadium 
    expansion too to increase revenue, and ensure that you keep Zajc and Corvia. A 
    few contracts run out in 2007 too, including Portanova, Alberto and Vergassola, 
    so tie them down to your club.
    League:                        Serie A
    Reputation:                    National 
    Stadium + Capacity:            Olimpico, 25370 seated 
    Future Stadium:                Delle Alpi, 69041 seated (1/7/08)
    Media Expectations:            14th
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Fight Against Relegation/Stay Clear of 
    Squad Size:                    23
    Training Facilities:           Good Training Facilities 
    Youth Facilities:              Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £26m
    Finances:                      £4.88m
    Transfer Budget:               £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                   £299k
    Current Wage Total:            £199k
    Key Players:                   Abiatti, Rosina, Stellone, Fiore
    Top 3 Earners:                 Barone (£27.5k), Fiore (£26.5k), Stellone (£16k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Rosina (£4.8m), Barone (£4.3m), Abbruscato    
    Good young/reserve players:    Rosina
    Difficulty (/10):              5
    Torino are another team which is a comfortable choice to first enter the World 
    of FM. They have a squad that is Serie A standard, and shouldn't be involved in 
    any relegation dog-fight. Also, in a couple of years you move to a stadium just 
    under 3 times the size of yours - and share it with Juve. You share your 
    current one with Juve too. The area, which like all teams predicted relegation, 
    that needs improving is the defence. The handicap you have over these teams is 
    that you have a decent budget to fill the defence with. Franchescini and Di 
    Loreto are both DC's that deserve a first-team place, but you need a star 
    defender in there. You have Abiatti on loan in goal, and he's a fantastic 
    keeper, so he'll keep your defence well organised. You have a good all-round 
    midfield, and I'd alternate between a diamond 4-4-2 and a defensive 4-3-3 for 
    away games. 
    You have 3 strikers of the same overall quality, but Barone is probably the 
    better rounded one - Abbruscato has bad composure, so is best used when you're 
    dominating a game, and Oguro has bad first touch, so use him in any open, 
    attacking games. The major problem with Torino though is this - a few of your 
    best players are on loan. You'll lose Abiatti, Fiore, Konan and Comotto at 
    the end of the year. In January then it is key you find a GK, DR, MC/R and an 
    ARL in the free transfer market to replace them, to minimize your spending. If 
    you can't get all of them on a free, but have the majority, your budget should 
    be big enough to allocate a portion to buying a player in this position. You do 
    have an agreed price set at £2.1m for Fiore, but it's a tough call at the end 
    of the year. He'll be 32, and it's up to you to decide whether or not it'll be 
    a good investment - if he plays well for you in 2006/7, I'd go for it. You 
    really have a good chance to excel with this team, and a top 10, or even an 
    outside chance of a European spot, is not out of reach. Aim for 7th/8th, and if 
    you play to your strengths and rotate the midfield, you'll get it. 
    League:                       Serie A
    Reputation:                   National
    Stadium + Capacity:           Friuli, 41825 seated
    Media Expectations:           9th
    Board/Fan Expectations:       Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                   23
    Training Facilities:          Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:             Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:              £43m
    Finances:                     £3.79m
    Transfer Budget:              £989k
    Wage Budget:                  £261k
    Current Wage Total:           £192k
    Key Players:                  Felipe, Zapata, Ali Muntari, Di Natale, 
                                  Asamoah, Schumacher, Iaquinta
    Top 3 Earners:                D'Agostino (£25k), Felipe (£10.75k), Zapata, 
                                  Asamoah (both £8k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:          Schumacher (£6m), Asamoah, Iaquinta (both £5.75m)
    Good young/reserve players:   Seriously, way too many to list
    Difficulty (/10):             2
    Wow, this is one great side. If you don't know much about Italian football, 
    this is like the Arsenal of Serie A with its wealth of young talent - the 
    average age is amazingly 22. You may not have a £££ transfer budget but you 
    don't need one. The best talent in your squad are as follows: 
    16 Years Old - Laurito
    18 Years Old - Sanchez, Surraco, Montiel, 
    19 Years Old - Morosini, Eremenko, Zapata, Schumacher
    20 Years Old - Di Martino, Motta, Asamoah, Siqueria, Baretto
    21 Years Old - Ali Muntari, Felipe, Aguilar
    22 Years Old - Obbdo, Pepe
    You should have a clear idea of what you need to do now. Bring in the best 
    youth coaches you can find. Try to get the cheapest ones is as possible with at 
    least 16 in working with youngsters. You need a new GK for back-up, so take a 
    look at Enyeama for this. This is a squad you could potentially have for years, 
    and is good enough to win many trophies with. Try to keep the big teams from 
    poaching your young stars, unless you are given an offer you can't refuse. You 
    see, this is where you benefit - with the right guidance, and good 
    performances, most of the above players can in the future command a double 
    figure transfer fee if you negotiate tough. If you don't sell them, you still 
    have a quality team. Muslimovic is a player worth bringing out of the reserves 
    for your second season too. 
    The problem with this team is it still has to develop, with players like 
    Schumacher and Zapata needing games to bring up their skill level, but aren't 
    yet good enough to use week in, week out. Surraco up front is already well 
    developed, so he's good to use. I'd play a 4-3-3 attacking with this team. You 
    don't have any DMs in the first team squad, but if you need dome dip into the 
    reserves and drag Aguilar out, and in the second season Morosini and Pazienza. 
    You may not achieve much in your first two years in terms of silverware, but 
    you have a team, which should reach Europe, even ECC qualification. Don't 
    forget about the quality of Iaquinta and Di Natale - they'll be important 
    players for your team. By 2 or 3 seasons in, with more experience for your 
    players, you should be aiming to challenge for Serie A. Only Pinzi needs his 
    contract renewing in the first season. It's worth noting too that D'Agostino 
    starts off injured for 4 months with a broken foot.
                                     2.3 Spanish Leagues
    Spain is a country known for its skilful football and having some of the 
    greatest players to grace the planet based there. The reason why it may be 
    disputed to whether it is the best footballing nation to play in is the lack of 
    depth in the lower leagues. When Mourinho earlier this year mentioned about a 
    Chelsea 'B' team being introduced into the Championship, it was meted with a 
    negative reaction from fans, however this is common practice in Spain. This can 
    be seen as down playing the importance of these leagues. It's an interesting 
    place to manage nevertheless, with the La Liga being highly competitive.
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ La Liga ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    La Liga is my personal favourite league in FM. In terms of quality I'd put it 
    at an extremely close second behind the Premiership, but this league is full of 
    different and wonderful challenges. Every player who has become a big name in 
    football has played here - Carlos, Beckham, Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, Ronaldinho, 
    Di Stefano, Puskas, Cruijff, Romario and Maradona to name a few. The great 
    rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is also fantastic to participate in. 
    The rules for La Liga don't differ much from their European counterparts, with 
    player registration being the only major alteration:
    - Starts 27/08 and ends 27/05 the following year (approx)
    - 20 teams in the league
    - 38 games - Home and Away versus each team
    - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
    - Bottom 3 relegated to Liga BBVA
    - If points are level teams are sorted by: Results Between Teams, Goal 
      Difference, Goals Scored
    - Matches are 90 minutes, two 45-minute halves. 7 names subs are allowed, a  
      maximum of 3 can be used. 
    - The squad must have no more than 6 players register for a domestic team - in 
      other words no more than 6 domestic loans
    - Top 4 qualify for the European Champions Cup, 5th and 6th gets into the EURO 
      Cup, and 7th into Euro Vase. If the winners of the Spanish Cup finish in the 
      top 7, then 7th will qualify for the Euro Cup and 8th for the Euro Vase.
    - A player is banned for a match for every 5 yellow cards he receives. A red 
      card also results in a one match ban 
    - There are no technical loan restrictions. 
    - Transfer Window is open between: 01/07 to 31/08 and 03/01 to 31/01
    - Player Registration exists in Spain. For a player to be eligible to play in 
      the league, he must be registered. You can register a maximum of 25 players 
      between 30/06 and 01/09. There is a second registration period 01/12 to 
      01/02.You can register a maximum of 25 players again during this period, but 
      your total amount of registered players can't exceed 25. A total of 3 non-EU 
      players can be registered for each team - i.e. 3 for the 'A' team, 3 for the 
      'B' team and 3 for the 'C' team.
    - Players who have played more than 5 games for a team in the same division 
      aren't permitted to be transferred during the second transfer window.
    As you know, you can only have 3 non-EU players in your Spanish first team when 
    you register them. But, luckily, there is a way around this. Spanish clubs 'B' 
    and 'C' team players are eligible for the first team, so if you buy a 4th non-
    EU player, and register him with the 'B' or 'C' team, you can then use him in 
    your first team. Nice tip eh?
    Without any more hold up, I bring you onto the teams:
                                       Athletic Bilbao
    League:                         La Liga
    Reputation:                     National
    Stadium + Capacity:             San Mames, 40000 seated
    Media Expectations:             12th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Invest in Players + Rebuild Team/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                     27
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £62m
    Finances:                       £632k
    Transfer Budget:                £7.58m
    Wage Budget:                    £456k
    Current Wage Total:             £409k
    Key Players:                    Gurpegi, Iraola, Orbaiz, Exteberria, Yeste, 
                                    Llorente, Tiko
    Top 3 Earners:                  Yeste (£40.5k), Exteberria (£24k), Orbaiz 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Yeste (£7m), Llorente (£6.5m), Exteberria, 
                                    Orbaiz (both £4.6m)
    Good young/reserve players:     Martinez, Llorente, Garcia, Solabarrieta, 
                                    Gutierrez, Tarantino
    Difficulty (/10):               9
    Now HERE'S a challenge. This is totally unique to all other teams in FM. You 
    should notice why straight away - all players are Spanish. Upon further 
    inspection, they're all from Basque too. It's a rule enforced upon you - you 
    can only sign Basque players. Makes that £7m or so seem pretty worthless eh? 
    You might be wondering how on Earth can you search for Basque players, but 
    there's a very simple trick - when filtering players, ask your assistant to 
    filter out unrealistic targets. This immediately leaves just the Basque 
    players, about 90 or so to choose from. You can sign other nationality staff 
    though, otherwise you wouldn't be able to have the job. 
    Your chairman expects you to invest in new players and rebuild the squad, hence 
    the budget. First of all you need to 'cut' a few players to lower the wage 
    budget as you have a massive team, so you need to increase your finances (as 
    spending all £7.5m now will leave you heavily in debt). The following players 
    are not good enough: Garmednia, Ustariz, Zubiaurre, Iturriaga, Gonzales, 
    Danobeitia, Amorebieta, Urzaiz (too old). Sell most of your reserves too. 
    Sarriegi has some fantastic stats, but you need to train him up. Set his 
    defending, ball control, aerobic and strength to very heavy, and forget the 
    rest. This may improve him enough to be a first-team regular, but if he doesn't 
    make progress sell him too. Seeing as there is limited choice, I'll give you a 
    few recommendations: Goitia, Ansotegi, Ocio, Ezquerro and Mendieta. 
    NEVER sell your top players - they truly are irreplaceable. Many of your squad 
    have specialities too - Yeste is a free kick expert, Iraola great at taking 
    corners and has a thunderous long shot, Llorente a strong forward that's good 
    at heading, Exteberria a good all-round player, Adruiz is a creative, quick 
    dribbler and Orbaiz a composed passer. Gurpegi is one of your better players 
    too, though he is banned until the end of 2007/8 season after testing positive 
    for Nandrolone. It's up to you whether to sell him or not - he's worth waiting 
    two years for, and you can train him heavily seeing as he won't be playing, but 
    you can save £1.4m approx by selling him, and the chances of finding a club 
    willing to buy are remote. Zubiaurre is also banned until the end of 2006, as a 
    result of a messy 15-month legal battle between Athletic and Real Sociedad for 
    his signature, which is too detailed to go into. 
    I'd play a 4-4-2 diamond easily with this club, as they have many AM's, no 
    MC's, and a few DM's to choose from. Martinez is a fantastic youngster too, so 
    train him up for the first couple of years and tutor him, then loan him out. 
    With Athletic you can get Europe, and maybe silverware, but it's imperative 
    that you hold onto key players. The key to success in the future is training up 
    your own youth players - this team requires a ton of manual work, something 
    that a few people may revel in.
                                        Atletico Madrid
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              Vicente Calderon, 54851 seated
    Media Expectations:              9th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                      27
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £147m
    Finances:                        £4.01m
    Transfer Budget:                 £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                     £801k
    Current Wage Total:              £709k
    Key Players:                     Leo Franco, Pablo, Costinha, Rodriguez,  
                                     Petrov, Aguero, Torres
    Top 3 Earners:                   Torres (£69k), Luccin (£55k), Petrov (£48.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Torres (£27m), Aguero (£15.75m), Rodriguez 
    Good young/reserve players:      Aguero, Torres, Gabi, Jurado, Batres, Valera, 
                                     Miguel, Suarez
    Difficulty (/10):                3
    Atletico are a very good team. I cannot begin to understand why they're 
    expected mid-table. Attacking wise they're probably best in the league after 
    Real and Barca, and overall just behind Valencia. Torres, Rodriguez, Petrov, 
    and the wonderkid Ageuro, who turns out to be one of the best in the game, is 
    an impeccable line-up. The DM's, Luccin and Costinha, are great, and your MC's 
    Gabi and Maniche are exceptional too. The squad is adaptable to many situations 
    because of it's high quality in depth - you can play 4-3-3 defensive, 4-3-3 
    attacking, 4-4-2 diamond, a standard 4-4-2 - whatever you want. It's best to 
    try and counter the opposition's tactics with one that will exploit their 
    weaknesses. However, I would always play high tempo football - many of your 
    players are extremely quick, so by playing a quick game you'll open up space 
    for them to run at defenders and latch onto balls. 
    The defence is quality too, and you have a back-up player for nearly every 
    position - it's worth looking in January for any high-quality DC's with 6 
    months left on their contracts for extra back-up, or a first team place. The 
    best line-up in the centre at the moment would be Perea and Pablo (who can 
    progress in strides in the game). The only real place that needs investing is a 
    back-up GK. You only have £2m budget, but this should be adequate enough to buy 
    a good enough standard GK. Leo Franco is only worth £2.9m, but this may be a 
    bad valuation. He's a fantastic goalie, and his adeptness at communicating and 
    commanding his area means teams will find it hard to break through your line of 
    defence. It's pretty obvious that sooner or later, a big club is going to drop 
    a large offer into your office for Torres. At the moment he is the key player 
    in your team, but every player has their price. I'd hold out for around £60m 
    for him, and if you got that you could build a brilliant team. If you bring 
    success and trophies to Madrid though he won't get cold feet to go to these 
    clubs. Plus in Aguero you have a player worthy of replacing him - though it 
    would be better if you had both. 
    Top 4 should be within reach of this club, and within a few seasons you could 
    be challenging for the title. ECC qualification is crucial to bring the team 
    financially to the next level. Oh yeah, before I forget, Miguel starts injured 
    for 6 months. Finally, it's worth investing in the youth facilities to bring 
    through another string of talented youngsters.
    League:                        La Liga                        
    Continental Competition:       European Champions Cup, Club World Championship, 
                                   European Super Cup
    Reputation:                    Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:            Nou Camp, 98000 seated
    Media Expectations:            1st
    Board/Fan Expectations:        Win La Liga (both)
    Squad Size:                    25
    Training Facilities:           Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:              Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:               £525m (Loan Debt £64m)
    Finances:                      £10.06m
    Transfer Budget:               £3.44m
    Wage Budget:                   £1.2m
    Current Wage Total:            £1.04m
    Key Players:                   Ronaldinho, Puyol, Zambrotta, Javi, Messi, Deco, 
                                   Eto'o, Saviola
    Top 3 Earners:                 Ronaldinho (£90k), Eto'o (£72k), Puyol, 
                                   Gudjohnsen, Deco (all £69k) 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:           Ronaldinho (£36m), Eto'o (£34.5m), Messi (£27m)
    Good young/reserve players:    Messi, Iniesta, Dos Santos, Assulin, Bojan/Maxi 
    Difficulty (/10):              1
    Quite simply, this is one of the best two teams in the game. The only dilemma 
    is that the other one is Real Madrid. However, if you use your squad well 
    you'll be unstoppable. It's also the richest in terms of assets. Barcelona 
    isn't like other teams - you may not have to play a 'standard' formation. The 
    players in this team are the elite of the World, and just under a 3rd are 
    attacking midfielders. You can lay them out in whatever way you like - even 
    form new formations. You can experiment with this side as even if you are piss 
    poor with your selection of tactics, the quality of the players will still 
    shine through. Three in defence is perfectly fine, though Barca may not be yet 
    good enough to play without a keeper. 
    I would play highly attacking with this team, as the defence is an all-star 
    cast - Zambrotta, Puyol, Marquez and Thuram are just your first team. You have 
    Olegeur, Edmilson, Van Bronckhorst and Belleti as a reserve back four! Sell 
    Ezquerro, Olmo and Riera for definite. It's worth selling Giuly too - he's old, 
    and you can bring in a player for his position as good as him for a lesser 
    price. Maxi Lopez is a fantastic aerial threat, so bring him out of the 
    reserves after the first season when he returns from his loan. Also, keep an 
    eye on your C team - there are some world-class youngsters in there. Bojan, 
    Assulin and Dos Santos are the main ones, but I may have missed some, so scour 
    the team for any other up and coming stars. Train these up as bets you possibly 
    can - don't loan them out, but have your superstars tutor them, and they'll be 
    the superstars of the future. 
    You're only given a small transfer budget for a team of this size, but that's 
    enough to work wonders - look for Cardenas, as he's one of the best in the 
    game. Millan too would be a good signing, he's a 16 year old, but may not 
    appear in your database. You should perform clean sweep after clean sweep with 
    Barcelona - you're expected to win the league, but possibly also the European 
    Champions Cup, and you have the quality to dominate the game.
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National
    Stadium + Capacity:              Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, 52500 seated
    Media Expectations:              14th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Invest in Players + Rebuild Team/Safe Mid- 
    Squad Size:                      27
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £75m
    Finances:                        £5.65m
    Transfer Budget:                 £4.13m
    Wage Budget:                     £413k
    Current Wage Total:              £383k
    Key Players:                     Doblas, Juanito, Assuncao, Rivera, Sobis, Edu
    Top 3 Earners:                   Edu (£40.5k), Sobis (£32k), Rivera (£20.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Edu (£5.75m), Sobis (£5.5m), Rivera (£4.9m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Israel, Vega, Sobis, Odonkor, Melli/Oscar 
    Difficulty (/10):                7
    Betis are a team going through a transformation, and it appears to not be a 
    good one. They lost their star player, Joaquin, in the summer to Valencia, and 
    the board expects heavy re-investment and the squad to be rebuilt. The space in 
    the wage budget is tiny, so give as many wage cuts as possible to players in 
    the first team and the 'B' team. Terminate the contracts of useless 'B' team 
    players (try to do it by mutual termination though), or sell them. Sell Angel, 
    Benjamin, Capi, Lembo, Nano and a few others, and re-invest in the defence, an 
    AML, a striker (one with high finishing and composure) and a new GK. If you buy 
    the right quality players, you can create a team capable of finding a European 
    spot. Don't expect straight success though - it takes time for an overhauled 
    team to gel. Invest heavily in the youth facilities too. 
    It's not really possible to recommend a formation for this team due to the 
    change it'll go through, but if you're not using two DM's in matches cancel 
    Vogel's loan. Juanito is key in the defence as he is a brilliant leader, and 
    organises it well, so don't upset him. Melli can turn into a top defender too, 
    and it's worth playing him alongside Juanito. His versatility will come in 
    handy if there's an injury crisis too. In your attacking midfield you have some 
    great dribblers too, so whenever you set your tactics, let players like Sobis, 
    Rivera, Edu, Maldonado and Xisco run at the opposition defence often, and have 
    your centre players pushing forwards into the holes they create.
                                           Celta Vigo
    League:                           La Liga
    Continental Competition:          EURO Cup
    Reputation:                       National
    Stadium + Capacity:               Balaidos, 31800 seated
    Media Expectations:               8th
    Board/Fan Expectations:           Safe Mid-Table/Respectable
    Squad Size:                       26
    Training Facilities:              Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                 Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                  £35.5m
    Finances:                         £656k
    Transfer Budget:                  £689k
    Wage Budget:                      £540k
    Current Wage Total:               £456k
    Key Players:                      Oubina, De Ridder, Cannobio, Baiano
    Top 3 Earners:                    Oubina (£36.5k), Baiano (£34k), Garcia 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:              Baiano (£6.75m), Oubina (£5.5m), Cannobio 
    Good young/reserve players:       Roberto, Maric, De Ridder, Lucas/Guerrero
    Difficulty (/10):                 7
    Celta are one of the tougher teams in La Liga. They're on a wafer thin budget 
    for finances, and because of this you can't really afford to invest in players. 
    Yet they are in the EURO Cup, and success in this will reap financial benefits. 
    You can also sell off a few players to raise funds if you wish. If you are to 
    do this, buy some new defenders. There's not much talent in the defence. 
    Placente, Lequi, Contreras and Angel will do an ok job, but you need some 
    higher quality players to make ground in Europe and the league against more 
    prolific teams. Tamas is also a very good defender, but not considerably fast - 
    so use him against teams with slower strikers. Putting him in the team against 
    say, A Madrid, will be suicide. Your GK's are of near the same quality too, but 
    both have different characteristics. Esteban can deal with aerial threats well, 
    so use him for teams that like to use wingers that cross. Pinto is better at 
    rushing out and dealing with one-on-ones, so he's more useful against teams 
    that play a quick tempo and fast strikers. 
    You only have 2 strikers worthy of playing in La Liga, so I'd use a 4-5-1 
    diamond system with two DM's, so you defence has less work to do. Seeing as you 
    have 4 DM's, with Oubina and Garcia being high quality players, this will help 
    you play to your strengths. Sell Guayre, as he is an expendable player. Nene 
    can play as an ARL, but it's best to play him on the left side - this is his 
    natural foot. He is weak with his right foot, so playing him as an AR will make 
    crossing for him awkward. Baiano is a fantastic striker, so keep hold of him - 
    he'll get the majority of your goals. You want to be pumping balls into him as 
    he's got all the key stats to pummel the ball into the net. In the second 
    season, Guerrero returns from loan - bring him into the first team and he'll be 
    like a new signing. There's one player in this team who is worth £1.7m, and how 
    I don't know. Aspas. He is a D/WBR, so he must be alright at defending, yeah? 3 
    for tackling and the same for heading. Dispose of this abomination immediately. 
    It'll be tough to achieve the media's aim of 8th, as this division is full of 
    quality. Instead of aiming for 8th though go for one higher, and a European 
    place. The board only want you to finish around 10th though, so there's not 
    much pressure. 
    League:                         La Liga
    Reputation:                     Continental   
    Stadium + Capacity:             Riazor, 34611 seated
    Media Expectations:             6th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Respectable League Position (both)
    Squad Size:                     28
    Training Facilities:            Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                £46.5m (loan debt £41.5m)
    Finances:                       - £2.5m
    Transfer Budget:                £689k
    Wage Budget:                    £555k
    Current Wage Total:             £510k
    Key Players:                    Andrade, Colochini, Sergio, Valeron, Capdevila, 
    Top 3 Earners:                  Valeron (£39.5k), Andrade (£37.5k), Valeron 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Valeron (£6.25m), Coloccini (£5.5m), Sergio 
    Good young/reserve players:     Adrian, Barragan, Iago, Carril, Xisco/Castro
    Difficulty (/10):               7
    Deportivo are not an easy team in the slightest, so don't be fooled by their 
    relatively strong squad. Regularly in the game they go bankrupt and into 
    receivership/administration. Your job is to cut off the debt while it's quite 
    low, and turn the finances around. First off all don't buy any new players, at 
    all. Secondly, go through the team and offer new wages to everyone, giving cuts 
    all around - don't be afraid to offer big cuts too, as the player isn't going 
    to disappear if they don't accept. Aim to halve each players wages. Thirdly, 
    try and sell Scaloni, Rodri, Taborda and most of your reserves - it doesn't 
    matter if you don't have anyone left there. Fourth and finally, aim for a 
    European spot, maybe ECC if you can, as this will reap financial benefits. If 
    you follow the above points you can turn it around within a year, but if you 
    don't then the second season you'll be in deep trouble, and may lose your key 
    Once the finances are in a better state you should focus on improving the 
    facilities, and with this improving again your layers and finances. If you 
    have a bigger stadium, it's obvious you can pull in more crowds and get more 
    money. So by the third/fourth season, you should be able to get £4-5m budgets 
    or more. When signing players during and after the second season, restrict them 
    to free transfers and loans. You'll reap the rewards in the future. You have 
    two GK's of what appears to be the same quality, but Munua is a little better. 
    He's less eccentric, which is not the best stat to have. If you want to know 
    what it means, then Aouate will be a lot like David James or Barthez. You have 
    a very good defensive line-up - Capdevila, Andrade, Coloccini and Pablo are 
    very solid. You'll need to bring in a new DL in the second season if you can as 
    back-up. Andrade starts off injured for 2 months, but it won't affect you too 
    much - La Liga starts nearly a month later than its EPL counterparts. He'll 
    probably miss 3 games in total. Best to replace him with Lopo for these. 
    I'd play with a 4-4-2 standard formation or a 4-3-3 for the first 5-6 months, 
    and then you get Valeron back. He's one of your best players, and you should 
    use a 4-4-2 diamond when he comes back. When playing a 4-3-3, De Gauzman is 
    vital. He is extremely versatile, and just by switching his position from DM to 
    MC you can then change your mentality. He can fill in at DR too. If you manage 
    to sell enough players, buy an extremely cheap AML in the first year, it's best 
    to buy old for a short-term solution, as Iago is the only one who can play 
    there. If you have to pay over £500k, then don't bother, it's not worth it. 
    You'll have to use Perez from the reserves if Iago gets injured. Arizmendi is 
    more useful as a striker than an AMR, so use him for this, and it softens the 
    blow of selling Taborda. You also have Castro who is excellent and comes back 
    from his loan in the second year, so you don't need any new ST's. 
    Adrian can turn into a player worthy of a first-team slot too if you train him 
    well, and give him a few games experience. Alvarez starts off injured too for 5 
    months, but he is less of a loss than the other two injuries. When you do come 
    into some money after the first 3ish seasons, you'll have to begin 
    restructuring the midfield, as most of them will be getting on in age terms. 
    This is an interesting team for anyone who likes to manage more than just 
    tactics and players, but the growth of a club and its finances as well. 
    League:                         La Liga
    Continental Competition:        EURO Cup 
    Reputation:                     Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:             Lluis Companys, 56000 seated
    Media Expectations:             13th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Invest in Players + Rebuild Squad/Safe Mid-
    Squad Size:                     26
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Excellent Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                £63m (loan debt £28m)
    Finances:                       - £1.46m
    Transfer Budget:                £137k
    Wage Budget:                    £474k
    Current Wage Total:             £408k
    Key Players:                    Kameni, Zabaleta, De La Pena, Tamudo, Rufete, 
    Top 3 Earners:                  Tamudo (£44.5k), Garcia (£40k), De La Pena 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Tamudo (£8.75m), Garcia (£5m), Zabaleta (£4.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:     Soriano, Zabaleta, Kameni, Pedraza
    Difficulty (/10):               8
    Espanyol will be frustrating, as the board is very contradicting. They want you 
    to invest and rebuild, but give you less than a £200k budget. It's your defence 
    that needs the most restructuring. Selling off players is the only way to raise 
    funds. Chica, Sanchez, Moha, Hurtado, Sa and Lacruz should all be sold if 
    possible, and then you need to bring in some very good defenders. Garcia, 
    Jarque, Zabaleta and Torrejon are all good enough to be in the first team. You 
    have too many DM's as well - Ito may be your best one, but the others are all 
    under 25 whilst he is 31, so cash in while you can. Sell Pandiani too, as Coro 
    and Soriano can double up as forwards. This should give you enough funds to buy 
    a better defence. If not, the reserves can be sold off too. With the team at 
    the moment, you should alternate between a 4-3-3 defensive and a 4-4-2 
    diamond/standard. If you buy the right players in defence, you can push for a 
    much better position than 13th. 
    Up front Tamudo and Garcia are two fantastic strikers, it's probably best to 
    use Tamudo in a paartnership with Garcia though - he's extremely creative and a 
    hard worker. Garcia isn't great at heading, so don't use him in a 4-3-3 unless 
    you set him as a target man, with ball to feet. De La Pena is one of your best 
    too, which is why you should use a 4-4-2 in some kind of format so you don't 
    neglect his talents. It's unlikely that whilst you do manage this club, you'll 
    ever need a new keeper. Kameni is someone who can carry on developing and is 
    only 22, he'll cement his place as No 1 for years. If he gets injured, Groka is 
    more than adequate back-up. 
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National
    Stadium + Capacity:              Coliseum Alfonso Perez, 17000 seated
    Media Expectations:              11th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Safe Mid-Table (both)
    Squad Size:                      26
    Training Facilities:             Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £20.5m
    Finances:                        £797k
    Transfer Budget:                 £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                     £337k
    Current Wage Total:              £310k
    Key Players:                     Abbondanzieri, Contra, Celestini, Dorado, 
    Top 3 Earners:                   Paunovic (£26.5k), Guiza (£19.75k), Pachon 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Guiza (£4.3m), Del Moral (£3.8m), Redondo 
    Good young/reserve players:      Albin, Alexis, Alberto, Del Moral, Jaja
    Difficulty (/10):                8
    Getafe are one of the tougher teams to manage. Their aspirations are above 
    their stature and quality, and their facilities are poor for a top flight team 
    to say the least. They need investment in these, and a bigger stadium. Also, 
    there are some areas where new players are needed. A DL, AML, ST and another 
    good GK are required. Abbondanzieri is a keeper who'll keep going and going, so 
    you don't need to replace him even though he is 33, but require a better back-
    up encase he is injured. You also only have two good strikers, so a third on 
    loan wouldn't do any harm. The best formation by far for this team is a 4-3-3, 
    but have the wingers doing less crossing from the byline and more of what they 
    want - set their 'run with ball' to often/always. Albin and Del Moral are two 
    good youngsters who can make an impact in this league, so make sure to keep 
    them. There are only two contracts that expire in 2007, but one of them is 
    Pachon, so renew his. Finally, you may want to hire more scouts to increase 
    your 'World Knowledge', as you only have one at the moment.
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National
    Stadium + Capacity:              Nou Estadi, 10000 capacity
    Future Stadium:                  Nou Estadi del Nastic, 16600 seated (10/11/07)
    Media Expectations:              20th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Fight Against Relegation
    Squad Size:                      27
    Training Facilities:             Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £11.5m
    Finances:                        £1.03m
    Transfer Budget:                 £558k
    Wage Budget:                     £229k
    Current Wage Total:              £183k
    Key Players:                     Manolo, Ruz, Generelo, Juan, Portillo, Campano
    Top 3 Earners:                   Portillo, Campano (both £17.75k), Caceres 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Portillo (£5m), Campano (£3.4m), Juan (£2.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:      None
    Difficulty (/10):                9 
    You'd do well to keep this team in La Liga for more than a year. An average 
    side with few quality players, and a stadium literally smaller than a garden 
    shed, you can't get much more of a challenge in Spain than this. The fact that 
    your new, bigger stadium still only holds 16,000 is insulting. It's fine in 
    goal, with Bizzari and Perez both good GK's, Bizzari the slightly better. Then 
    it's onto the defence. Llera, Manolo and Caceres will provide decent cover for 
    the centre, and Ruz is good for the RB position, but there's no natural leader. 
    Most of these players like Bizzari, so it's bets to play him in goal and having 
    good understanding amongst your defence. 
    Buades, Generelo and Morales are the DM's, you should keep so dispose of the 
    other two. Buades is probably the best nominee for captaincy. Campano is a 
    fantastic crosser, and Juan is good at set-pieces, so these are your two best 
    AM wingers. Irurzun is an average AMC who's past it, so you might want to cash 
    in before his value goes downhill. Gil is better as a forward than an AML, but 
    again age is taking it's toll. He's terrible with technique, and although he 
    has immaculate dribbling and finishing his lack of skill at everything else 
    (apart from technique and passing) makes up for it. He'd be good as a 
    substitute though, and because of his technique he can pull off some 
    spectacular stuff as he has high flair - he might go for the odd overhead kick 
    and try some skill. He's strong on both feet too, which is a plus. 
    Up front, Portillo is going to have to carry your team, so learn how to  
    motivate him fast. It's vital that you keep him happy, because if he starts 
    under performing it may be the end for your survival hopes. He's a determined 
    player, so he should react well to criticism. Makukula isn't a very good 
    striker. He has great physical stats, and is good at heading, but that's about 
    it. His poor off the ball, decisions and team work stats means he will rarely 
    link up well with anyone. 
    It's hard to find a formation to suit this team, maybe a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-3-2 
    would be best. Either way it's going to be a struggle. Sell as much excess 
    players as you can, and bring in a good DC, DL and ST if possible. Try to avoid 
    loans, as you already have 5, and when you lose these players you're going to 
    be in even more trouble next season if you don't have a permanent replacement. 
    It will be a struggle, and if you can turn this into a mid-table side you're 
    gifted at the game.
    League:                           La Liga
    Reputation:                       National
    Stadium + Capacity:               Ciutat de Valencia, 25354 seated 
    Media Expectations:               17th
    Board/Fan Expectations:           Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                       31
    Training Facilities:              Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                 Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                  £19m
    Finances:                         £2.12m
    Transfer Budget:                  £344k
    Wage Budget:                      £384k
    Current Wage Total:               £307k
    Key Players:                      Molina, Dehu, Ze Maria, Tommasi, Robert
    Top 3 Earners:                    Luyindula (£26k), Cesar (£24.5k), Ze Maria 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:              Luyindula (£3.9m), Robert (£3.6m), Dja Ettien 
    Good young/reserve players:       Carmelo, Aaron
    Difficulty (/10):                 7
    Levante have, surprisingly for a team just promoted, a good squad. Now the 
    problem is that most of Levante's best players will soon be hitting Florida in 
    their retirement homes. Whilst the players in their 20's are ok, once the 
    golden oldies are gone you're going to have a struggling team on your hands, 
    one which is worse than Gimnastic. Nothing sums it up more than your 
    goalkeepers. Molina is your best, who is a good all-round keeper with great 
    distribution. Second to him is Cavallero, again a trustworthy GK with 16, 17 
    and 17 in Reflexes, One-on-Ones and Handling respectively, but is not as good 
    at communicating and distributing as your No.1. He also is not as good under 
    pressure. He is 32. Goalkeepers can last much longer than other players, even 
    to their late 30's/early 40's, but you need to start finding replacements for 
    these players, and grooming them up to be good first team regulars. It's not 
    going to be easy as you'll never really have a multi-million budget, so improve 
    your youth facilities and try and find 16/17 year olds (like Stech at West 
    Ham). These players cost less, and it's more down to you to develop them. Also 
    keep an eye on free transfers available in January for any players that you can 
    Dehu is a typical strong centre-back, so it'll be hard for players to simply 
    run past him. If it's an open game though he may be caught short, as although 
    he has good acceleration his pace is below average. Make him stay back at 
    corners. Never partner Dehu with Cesar, as they're both slow players over 
    long distances. People like Torres, Eto'o and Villa will have a field day if 
    you do this. Instead partner either of them with Alexis. His tackling, marking 
    and heading are weaker, but he's fast (16 pace, 16 acceleration), and 
    aggressive, so it might make less brave players back off. He may now and again 
    go in for a rash challenge, but if you have the other DC staying back at all 
    times they'll cover him. Again, the 3 defenders mentioned are your best - Dehu 
    is 33, Cesar is 29 and Alexis 32. Alvaro is also good for rotation. 
    Your wings are covered well by Harte and Ze Maria (32 years old) - they're both 
    not that great at specifically defending, but are good all-rounders, and both 
    expert set-piece takers. Let them play more attacking roles, especially Harte, 
    as he has 17 for crossing and is a real threat from distance with his long 
    shots. Dja Ettien needs to be trained up more. His physical is brilliant, but 
    he lacks any sort of intelligence, with bad anticipation, decisions, creativity 
    and composure. If you can train him up to have good technical defensive stats, 
    he'd be a lot more useful. I'd use him as a sub, bringing him on in the AMR 
    position at the moment - he is aggressive, brave, and physically fantastic, so 
    he'll hassle the opposition in the last minutes. 
    When looking at the midfield and attack, it's again pretty hard to tie the team 
    down to one formation. Use this to your advantage, as with your players you can 
    accommodate for different opposition. Tommasi is exceptional (32 years old) - a 
    driving midfield type player, he's best in DM. You need to bring in an AMR as 
    well - probably the best option is to get one on loan. Riga is a retard at 
    controlling the ball, and Carmelo promising, but inconsistent, and needs 
    developing. The AML side is much better - Robert a veteran winger (32 years 
    old), one of your best players and lethal from long range - give him a lot of 
    creative freedom and set long shots to 'often'. He loves to do it, and will 
    probably get into double figures for you with goals. Courtois is good at 
    running at people, and Kapo just your normal winger. Up front you have too many 
    average players, all with different talents - Nino has some awesome stats but 
    isn't very good at anything else than scoring, so many he is best as a lone 
    striker. He'll get tired quick too. Luyindula is a clever FC, Manchev quick and 
    a good finisher and Reggi an aerial threat. I'd sell Reggi and Meyong. 
    This is a team full of character, but needs youth players NOW. There's not much 
    cover in DR and DL, you need a standout ST and some good AMR's. A standard 4-4-
    2 is best here.
    League:                           La Liga
    Reputation:                       National
    Stadium + Capacity:               Son Moix, 23142 seated
    Media Expectations:               15th
    Board/Fan Expectations:           Stay Clear of Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                       25
    Training Facilities:              Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                 Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                  £30m
    Finances:                         - £2.05m
    Transfer Budget:                  £241k
    Wage Budget:                      £356k
    Current Wage Total:               £311k
    Key Players:                      Prats, Basinas, Arango, Tristan, Maxi Lopez, 
    Top 3 Earners:                    Basinas (£24.5k), Arango, Ibagaza, Pereyra 
                                      (all £17.25k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:              Arango (£7.5m), Tristan (£5m), Ibagaza 
    Good young/reserve players:       Nsue, Carmona, Ramis, Victor, Moya, 
                                      Pisculichi, Jankovic/Peralta, Delibasic
    Difficulty (/10):                 7
    Mallorca, like Deportivo, is another team whose finances need sorting out to 
    secure their long-term future. It's a little harder here. Do the usual wage 
    cuts, and trim off the excess players, such as Jose. This is a smaller squad 
    though than most teams, so you can't make too much money off of that. From the 
    reserves, it's only worth keeping Peralta, Delibasic and Carmona, so sell off 
    the rest. You should raise enough funds to go into the blue. In your under 18's 
    there's a 16 year old with a bright future who's worth keeping tabs on - Nsue. 
    Let Tristan tutor him during the first season. One positive about Mallorca is 
    their young talent coming through - it's not up to Arsenal or Udinese 
    standards, but it's positive nonetheless. 
    Your GK situation is perfect - you have the old, experienced Prats and the 
    upcoming Moya. Both will serve you well. The defence is in good shape too - the 
    majority of your DC's are competent at this level, and Ramis is a promising 
    youngster, who is already the best DC in your squad. Varela is very useful, as 
    he can fill in for a number of positions. It's best to use him as a DR, but if 
    he is needed elsewhere fill in his place with Hector. The obvious tactic to use 
    for this team is a 4-4-2 diamond attacking. You have some brilliant AM's - 
    Arango and Ibagaza would walk straight into most first-teams. Using Ibagaza as 
    a playmaker will work too, as a result of the style of the game in Spain. Up 
    front you have a partnership that should flourish - Maxi Lopez and Tristan. 
    With the right service from your AM's, these can be deadly - so focus your team 
    on attacking. With the rights tactics, and both avoiding injury, you can get a 
    much higher position than the predicted 15th. Aim for a good cup run too to 
    sort out the finance.
    League:                           La Liga
    Continental Competition:          European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                       National
    Stadium + Capacity:               Reyno de Navarra, 19800 seated
    Media Expectations:               7th
    Board/Fan Expectations:           Qualify for Europe
    Squad Size:                       26
    Training Facilities:              Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                 Average Training Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                  £26m
    Finances:                         £644k
    Transfer Budget:                  £2.06m
    Wage Budget:                      £421k
    Current Wage Total:               £365k
    Key Players:                      Cruchaga, Cuellar, Juanfran, Raul Garcia,  
                                      Soldado, Webo, Ricardo
    Top 3 Earners:                    Milosevic (£32.5k), Valdo (£27.5k), Raul 
                                      Garcia (£23k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:              Raul Garcia (£5.5m), Juanfran (£5.25m), Webo 
    Good young/reserve players:       Raul Garcia, Juanfran, Font
    Difficulty (/10):                 7
    Osasuna are a team that came virtually out of nowhere last year to bag the last 
    ECC spot. If you can get past the group stages of this, you'll really feel it 
    financially, and by just being entered into the competition you can attract 
    high-quality players. So don't worry about spending your entire budget if it 
    puts you temporarily into the red, as you should reclaim it. You also have a 
    wonderkid in your side, Raul Garcia. Keep hold of him, he'll become your future 
    talisman and star player (well, he basically is already). He has the quality to 
    become one of the World's best, so make sure you keep a close eye on how he 
    reacts to training. Font and Juanfran make up the triplet of young AM stars in 
    your squad. Like a few Spanish teams, Osasuna have problems with the left side. 
    The LB position is the most in need of strengthening, but a high-quality AML in 
    the second season wouldn't go amiss. 
    Ricardo is a stellar GK, but it's also worth targeting a younger GK to follow 
    in his footsteps - Elia is just average. You have a brilliant line-up in attack 
    - use Soldado as much as you can, as he goes back to Madrid after one year. You 
    can attempt to loan him out again though. Milosevic is a massive aerial threat 
    to any defence, Webo a quick, pacy striker, and Romeo a player who'll play at 
    the same level for most of the match, with his high concentration and 
    anticipation. Plus he's a brilliant finisher and header of the ball to boot. 
    With all this talent up front, you have to play at least two strikers, so a 4-
    4-2 diamond/standard is best, or a 4-1-3-2 with the 3 midfielders across the 
    middle pushing forward. Aim for consecutive Europe campaigns and this team will 
    start going through a very encouraging transformation indeed. 
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National  
    Stadium + Capacity:              El Sardinero, 22124 seated
    Media Expectations:              19th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                      27
    Training Facilities:             Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Adequate Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £24.5m
    Finances:                        £323k
    Transfer Budget:                 £172k              
    Wage Budget:                     £265k
    Current Wage Total:              £282k
    Key Players:                     Alfaro, Scaloni, Colsa, Melo, Munitis, Aganzo, 
    Top 3 Earners:                   Zigic (£30k), Munitis (£26k), Scaloni (£25.5k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Munitis (£6.75m), Zigic (£4.3m), Melo (£3.8m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Melo, Vitolo, Jonathan
    Difficulty (/10):                9
    Racing are a team that will struggle to survive in this league. They lack 
    quality in goal and defence, and you could be on the end of some major 
    beatings. You're skills at motivation will be vital. Time for a quick in-depth 
    look at the defenders. Ruben is physically terrible, Neru only has 10 for 
    tackling, and shockingly for a professional, it seems like Oriol doesn't know 
    how to kick a ball. Mora isn't much better, and to top it off is injured for 8 
    months. Try to rid yourself of all of these. He may be 37, but Alfaro is by far 
    the best DC in your squad. Despite his advancing years, he has retained not 
    only his mental and technical stats, but more importantly his physical stats 
    too. Regragui should partner him, and although he's not necessarily good now 
    Garay can develop into abetter player. 
    Loaning in players is vital then, as you can't afford a good DC. The full back 
    situation is much better, but you need another DL to cover for Fernandez. 
    Pinillos isn't up to scratch. The midfield is adequate, but again thin in 
    areas. You have one AMR who is on loan, so look in January to try to find a 
    permanent replacement for free. Alvarez is the best option to play here, as 
    Balboa leaves a lot to be desired. Momo is poor too, and you already have two
    players who play the exact same positions, so cancel his loan. With the current 
    players you have, a 4-3-3 defensive (though you don't have to actually play 
    defensive) or a 4-4-2 standard is the best way to go about tactics. 
    Your strikers are the best part of your team, so it'll be a case of scoring 
    more thanyou let in. Zigic is, literally, a massive aerial threat. He is taller 
    than Peter Crouch, has 20 for heading, 20 for jumping and is strong too. With 
    the right service he can score many goals for you. If you play a 4-4-2, use him 
    as atarget man to lay off the quick Aganzo. Aim for him with your corners and 
    free-kicks too, as you can become deadly at set-pieces. Free transfers are 
    going to be vital for your team, but that results in people arriving a season 
    too late.
    You need a better defence and a new GK asap, so try to loan in a few. If you 
    don't, you're unlikely to survive the first year. Also cut the wages, as this 
    club is too far over its budget. If this means releasing reserves, that's fine, 
    and make senior players take drops too. With the right transfers though into 
    the second year, you can start to turn this club around into a safe mid-table 
    team. It's a tough challenge though, stay away from here if you're new to the 
                                          Real Madrid
    League:                          La Liga
    Continental Competition:         European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                      Worldwide
    Stadium + Capacity:              Santiago Bernabeu, 75328 seated
    Media Expectations:              2nd
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Win The Title (both)
    Squad Size:                      25
    Training Facilities:             Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £383m
    Finances:                        £12.22m
    Transfer Budget:                 £6.89m
    Wage Budget:                     £1.92m
    Current Wage Total:              £1m
    Key Players:                     Casillas, Cannavaro, Carlos, Ramos, Raul, 
                                     Robinho, Beckham
    Top 3 Earners:                   Beckham, Ronaldo, Raul (all £79k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Robinho (£24m), Raul (£18.25m), Diarra (£18m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Ramos, Robinho, Saldado, Diogo, 
    Difficulty (/10):                2
    Real and Barca are just in a totally different league to the rest of this 
    division. The players here are simply fantastic, but Barca are the better 
    squad. Regardless of this though it would be a disappointment for this team to 
    not win the league. Some positions that need strengthening is AMR - only 
    Beckham is any good on this flank, and younger defenders and a young GK. For 
    the AMR position, I'd recommend Renato Augusto - touted as the new Ronaldinho. 
    He can play on the left and in the centre too. Have both Valero and Mata 
    tutored too to develop them quickly. 
    It's hard to choose a formation and not have any players go to waste. Maybe a 
    4-1-3-2, with the 3 midfielders in AM positions, and your DM and Full-backs 
    pushing up to make sure the attacking players don't get cut off. Also, a 4-4-2 
    diamond or standard 4-4-2 would work. That's the beauty of the team - 
    adaptability. If there's one player who is essential to Madrid, it's Raul. A 
    player who, in the game, is described as a 'born leader', he is a near perfect 
    footballer, and will unlock many defences. Who you put in attack is up to you - 
    Van the Man, Ronaldo (who, surprisingly, has fairly good physical stats - his 
    natural fitness is bad, but because of his low work rate you'll hardly notice 
    this), Robinho, and Reyes, Cassano and Guti can all play there. Robinho is 
    probably the best against lower sides, confusing defenders with his skill, but 
    it may be best to pair the more lethal finishers together against higher 
    profile teams, to make sure you take your chances. 
    There's plenty of creativity in the squad - Raul, Guti, Beckham (who is also a 
    great player in the game) - even your DM Emerson has 17 creativity, and gets 
    forward whenever possible. True Brazilian eh? Whatever line-up, make sure you 
    play attacking, as you'll overwhelm many teams, and try to get Carlos and 
    Cichino running up the flanks as much as you can, as they're two of the finest 
    full-backs in the World. Set-pieces you're also sorted at - take your pick. 
    Beckham has 20 for free kicks and corners, Carlos 18 at free-kicks, and many of 
    them can take corners well. In your reserves it's worth bringing Diogo, Soldado 
    and Woodgate into the first-team whenever you can, and you also get Baptista 
    back for 07/08. You can achieve anything with this team, so set your 
    aspirations high.
                                         Real Sociedad
    League:                         La Liga
    Reputation:                     National 
    Stadium + Capacity:             Anoeta, 32000 seated
    Media Expectations:             16th
    Board/Fan Expectations:         Fight Against Relegation/Stay Clear of 
    Squad Size:                     26
    Training Facilities:            Top Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:               Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                £33.5m (loan debt £13.75m)
    Finances:                       - £2.04m
    Transfer Budget:                £68.96k
    Wage Budget:                    £444k
    Current Wage Total:             £422k
    Key Players:                    Riesgo, Gerardo, Garrido, Aranburu, Uranga, 
                                    Stevanovic, Kovacevic, Prieto
    Top 3 Earners:                  Aranburu (£34k), Kovacevic (£24k), Juanito 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:            Prieto (£5.75m), Aranburu (£5.5m), Kovacevic 
    Good young/reserve players:     Garrido, Stevanovic, Riesgo, Prieto, De Cerio, 
                                    Larrea, Oskitz, Agirretxe, Dominguez/Romero
    Difficulty (/10):               7
    If you can sort out Sociedad's finances, you have a good chance of progressing 
    with this club. They have quite a few talented youngsters, so the 
    infrastructure is already in place to progress. Riesgo is a fantastic GK to 
    have, and is only 22. Goalkeeper's tend to last much longer than their outfield 
    counterparts, so if you keep hold of him you can forget about the GK area. The 
    centre of defence could do with improving, but it's not as bad as Racing's 
    situation. Labaka and Ansotegi are a good partnership, and once Jauregi 
    recovers from his virus he'll provide good cover. You could do with an extra DC 
    though, but only loan one in if you don't have to pay much in terms of wages. 
    Gonzales is just average, and Juanito is poor, so let him find a new club. 
    You have quality full-backs too. Gerardo is a strong player and a hard worker, 
    as well as being adept at defending, and Cifu is physically excellent. Rekarte 
    is good, but because of the other two expendable, so cash in on him before his 
    value drops. Garrido is another significant young talent on the left, and 
    through playing games he'll continue to improve. Rossato can fill in should he 
    pick up an injury, but it's best to use him as an AML - he is skilled at 
    dribbling, crossing and long shots.
    Onto the midfield and there is quite a spread of quality, as you have good 
    DM's, MC's and AM's. This may seem like a negative aspect, as you can't simply 
    put your team into one formation and not neglect one of the more talented 
    players, but it also provides an essential characteristic that teams around you 
    don't have. If one of your 'big' midfield players do suffer an injury, you can 
    either replace them with the same position player, or simply switch your 
    system. It's advisable to do this anyway (rotating your system), as you'll keep 
    opponents guessing as to what line up and formation they'll face. You can adapt 
    to all the4-3-3 mentalities, 4-4-2 standard and diamond, 4-1-3-2 and other 
    formations that may be more obscure. 
    So who are the key midfielders? Aranburu is a determined, hard-working, 
    aggressive midfielder who'll help drive the team forward and grind out results, 
    Rivas a strong-tackling DM, Stevanovic creative and aggressive, Prieto a 
    highly-talented youngster who has great flair and technique, is fast to
    boot too, Uranga who's physically excellent and the creative Novo. Most of 
    these players, as mentioned in some cases, are aggressive and determined. So 
    even if you're 2-0 down they can still pull off a result, and shouldn't be too 
    hard to motivate. Discipline may be a problem though.
    Up front Kovacevic is just the player you'd want. He has all a striker's needed 
    skills, and is lethal with both his feet and head. De Cerio is a promising 
    striker, and you can tutor him too, so have Uranga do this. In your reserves 
    you have a 19 year old who can turn out to be a star - Aggriexte. He's a 
    similar type of player to Kovacevic, so it's logical for him to be tutored by 
    Kova, and when the latter retires you should have a natural replacement. Bring 
    him into the first team too, and give him games in cup matches and against 
    lower opposition. You may as well sell Skoubou - you wouldn't be short of 
    forwards, as Uranga can play up front too. 
    I earlier mentioned about cutting costs, but it isn't that hard with a team 
    like this. Take for instance Juanito. He shouldn't even be in your team he's 
    that much of a disgrace, yet he's your third highest earner. Felicio takes home 
    £10k a week. So it should be quite easy to give these players cuts, and if not 
    just terminate their contracts, or sell them. This combined with normal cuts 
    should save you a good amount of money. If you sell off the excess players in 
    the first team too you can make a few million. Also, in your reserves, you have 
    3 good AMC youngsters, which is a problem. You'll never play with 3 AMC's, and 
    seeing as Stevanovic in the first team is only 21. So you may as well try to 
    sell one of these. I recommend Rodriguez, as he is the one of the oldest and 
    has less potential to become a better player. 
    This team a few years ago came out of nowhere to claim 2nd. You won't repeat 
    that, but this isn't a team that should be lounging around near relegation. If 
    you improve the defence with free transfers for the second year, you can begin 
    to turn this into a team breaking into the top 10, and eventually get them into 
    Europe, though it won't happen instantly. Not for those who get bored quickly 
    of one team.
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National
    Stadium + Capacity:              Nuevo Colombino, 19860 seated
    Media Expectations:              18th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Fight Against Relegation (both)
    Squad Size:                      27
    Training Facilities:             Average Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Adequate Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £12m
    Finances:                        - £255k
    Transfer Budget:                 £223k
    Wage Budget:                     £206k
    Current Wage Total:              £145k
    Key Players:                     Vallejo, Merino, Arzo, Moya, Cazorla, 
                                     Pongolle, Vazquez, Guerrero, Rosu 
    Top 3 Earners:                   Rosu (£22k), Mario (£13.75k), Juanma, Moya 
                                     (Both £13.25k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Uche (£3.6m), Rosu (£2.9m), Cazorla (£2.3m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Cazorla, Uche/Jimenez
    Difficulty (/10):                10
    If you want a challenge, look no further. This is possibly the toughest team in 
    the game. Reason #1 - the squad. You have 1 good GK, Vallejo, and after him the 
    other two will just be collecting the ball out of the net. Then your defence. 
    With the exception Merino and Arzo, it's deplorable. The problem is, with the 
    exception of Poli, everyone else's pace is equal to or below 11. This is a 
    league with players like Torres, Eto'o, Robinho, Saviola and Villa - they'll 
    simply outrun your players. To combat this, you'll have to sit extremely deep, 
    so they can't catch you out. Poli would be good on the left, but he isn't great 
    at the basics of defending - tackling, marking etc. The full-back positions are 
    a worryingly thin area though - worse than Keira Kinghtley. If you have one of 
    them injured, then someone will most likely have to play completely out of 
    The midfield is in a slightly better condition. Viqueira is a worthy DM, and as 
    a result of his talents at attacking you can switch him to AMC too, making him 
    useful for when you need to go attacking in the last 10 or so minutes to gain 
    more points. This means you won't have to bring on a sub to do this. Vazquez is 
    a rounded central midfield player but doesn't excel in any areas, Cazorla one 
    of your best players and is extremely promising - the only highlight of the 
    team, and Aitor is just mediocre. Pongolle may be better as a striker, but in 
    this team he'd serve more use as an AML. Up front you have Rosu and Guerrero 
    who are both left footed, so they might not work together very well. If
    you do play them together, play Guerrero on the left as he is a better 
    finisher. Calle is quick and can score easily, so he's useful too. All the 
    others are verging on/already diabolical. Take Uche. Wow he has great physical 
    stats, but can't do sweet FA with a football. He suits athletics more, and is 
    the worse type of player possible for Spanish football. He may fare better in 
    the Premiership though, so try and sell him to an English club. 
    Reason #2 - the majority of your best players are on loans. The team has no 
    less than 7 loaned players. When these inevitably depart, it's going to be even 
    tougher in a year's time. No matter what success you have. So the second season 
    you'll have to trawl through the big teams reserves, hoping you can get more 
    loans in, as you won't be able to afford to buy players outright. Free 
    transfers will be vital to you, as you need permanent men. Yet many of your 
    targets won't want to come to such a low profile club. Jimenez, in your 
    reserves, is a good player, so he can take Pongolle's place when he leaves. The 
    worse situation by far though is in goals. You have two of them leaving to go 
    back to their clubs, and one who isn't anywhere near good enough to be first-
    team GK. So you really to find a keeper or two for the second season. 
    Reason #3 - the finances. They're on a knife edge, and if you bring in free 
    players with too high wages, you'll start going deep into the red. Even if you 
    avoid relegation, the second season will be even harder, and you'll have to 
    break the cycle of dependency on loans. Only choose this club if you're an 
    expert at the game or fancy a serious challenge - newcomers should stay away. 
    Move on to Sevilla. NOW.
    League:                          La Liga
    Continental Competition:         EURO Cup, European Super Cup
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, 45500 capacity 
                                     (40000 seated)
    Media Expectations:              4th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Respectable/Qualify for Europe
    Squad Size:                      26
    Training Facilities:             Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Excellent Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £102m
    Finances:                        £4.45m
    Transfer Budget:                 £3.79m
    Wage Budget:                     £662k
    Current Wage Total:              £551k
    Key Players:                     Palop, Alves, Adriano, Poulsen, Navas, Fabiano
    Top 3 Earners:                   Poulsen (£35.5k), Renato (£33k), Alves 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Fabiano (£9.25m), Alves (£8.5m), Navas (£8m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Navas, Adriano, Puerta, Lolo, Kepa, Alfaro, 
                                     Vera/Hornos, Antonio, Gallardo, Makukula
    Difficulty (/10):                4
    If you're new to the game, take a look at this team. It's a comfortable place 
    to start. If you feel that you're skilled, it's also a challenge - to start 
    winning the league with them. It's certainly not out of reach. The centre of 
    defence needs some investment. Whilst Lolo, Navarro, Escude and Ocio are all 
    good, you need to buy someone who'll stand out and be a rock in the centre. 
    It's best to go for someone young with great potential, but that doesn't mean 
    they have to be 18/19 - 23 or 24 will do. This will probably take up most of 
    your budget, but don't just purchase someone for the sake of it - bide your 
    time if needs be to bring in the right player. Take a look at Heitinga, 
    Ayathami and Pique. In the second season, look for a relatively young GK who 
    can be a nurtured into becoming a long-term replacement for Palop, as he'll be 
    33 then. Don't drop him though, as he is a brilliant GK. 
    Whilst the centre of your defence may lack star quality, the full-backs you 
    have are simply outstanding. Dani Alves is one of the best in the entire game, 
    and with the right training Adriano can be his equal. Your DR and DL positions 
    are sorted for about a decade before you'll need to consider replacements, plus 
    Hinkel and Lopez make excellent back-up. Alves and Adriano are brilliant at 
    attacking too, so let them have free reign on the wings. The midfield is 
    perfect for just a standard 4-4-2, with some great DM's that would dominate the 
    centre of midfield - Renato, Poulsen, and the creative Marseca, and first class 
    wingers. Jesus Navas will be a major player in your future, but for the time 
    being you need to whip him into better physical shape. I'd play Renato as an MR 
    while you do this. On the left side you have Duda and Puerta who can both 
    deliver brilliant crosses. Jesuli is a player worth selling to increase your 
    budget, as he is pretty redundant here. Up front you have a splendid selection 
    of strikers. They're all pretty balanced, so it's useful for rotating and if 
    one goes off form, but the standout player is Fabiano. Train Kepa and have him 
    tutored by Kanoute. All of them, apart from Sanchez, are worth playing. 
    Big teams will probably try to poach your players, but don't give an inch. Some 
    of them, like Alves, would take millions to replace. In your reserves you may 
    as well sell players like Antonio and Hornos - their value is above their 
    ability, so you can make good money. This club can be developed into a title 
    chasing team with ease, so you should set yourself the target of winning the 
    title within 3 seasons. Silverware is possible in the first year - even in your 
    first game! You open your career with a match against Barcelona, in the 
    European Super Cup. Try to win one of the major cups, and aim for ECC 
    qualification in the first year. Also, invest in your training facilities so 
    your club is more attractive to players, and aid the development of your hot 
    League:                           La Liga
    Continental Competition:          European Champions Cup
    Reputation:                       Continental 
    Stadium + Capacity:               Mestalla, 55000 seated
    Future Stadium:                   Nuevo Mestalla, 75000 capacity (01/07/09)
    Media Expectations:               3rd
    Board/Fan Expectations:           Qualify for Europe/Challenge for the Title
    Squad Size:                       27
    Training Facilities:              Good Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                 Average Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                  £193m (loan debt £34.5m)
    Finances:                         £3.33m
    Transfer Budget:                  £689k
    Wage Budget:                      £551k
    Current Wage Total:               £474k
    Key Players:                      Canizares, Ayala, Albiol, Miguel, Albelda, 
                                      Vicente, Joaquin, Villa
    Top 3 Earners:                    Canizares (£27.5k), Del Horno, Miguel, 
                                      Vicente, Joaquin, Morientes, Albelda, Villa 
                                      (all £24k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:              Villa (£24m), Joaquin (£17m), Vicente 
    Good young/reserve players:       Albiol, Silva, Gavilan, Sisi, Ruz/Fiore, 
                                      Caneira, Estoyanoff
    Difficulty (/10):                 3
    Valencia are a team that's not quite a superpower of Spanish football, but a 
    stage ahead of all the other teams below Real and Barca. They need a couple of 
    well thought out investments to push them to the top level. Players like 
    Canizares and Ayala need to have apprentices coming in that can replace them 
    when they finally decide to call it a day. You need a younger DM and a striker 
    in their mid-20's as well. If you bring in 4 quality players in these 
    positions, it'll help bridge the gap. You can't do this immediately, owing to 
    your limited budget, but come January should you have had some success in 
    Europe you'll have more funds at your disposal. 
    Canizares and Ayala themselves are legends for your team. There's not much I 
    can say about the first, just look at his stats, but Ayala is VITAL to your 
    team. He is sometimes described in the game as being a 'born leader', and the 
    rest of your team look up to him. Don't drop him even if he reaches 36/37. The 
    only dilemma is he is starting to feel homesick. A way to combat this is 
    offering him a new contract as soon as you arrive, and when you do buy players, 
    buy someone Argentinean so he has company. Luckily though, you also have a 
    wonderkid defender in the pipeline - Raul Albiol. For a few years you'll have a 
    partnership of tow of the best DC's in the game, but then Albiol will 
    eventually replace Ayala. Train him well and keep a close eye on how he reacts 
    to his schedule, as At the moment it's worth loaning in a DL for 6 months, as 
    Del Horno is injured. You can play Moretti there, but should he pick up an 
    injury you'll be in trouble, so loan one in. 
    With the midfield it's best to alternate between a standard 4-4-2 and a diamond 
    version. You have an absolutely star studded line up here, with Joaquin and 
    Vicente on the wings, and the choice of Albelda, Barajo, Edu and Tavano in the 
    centre (Tavano strictly playing in midfield in the diamond version). Try and 
    play Gavilan and Silva as well to develop them. You have too many AM's, so you 
    might want to offload Regueiro and one of either Angulo or Lopez, to fund the 
    players recommended earlier that you require. Try to improve Viana's physical 
    stats, but if that doesn't work sell him off too. Up front you have one of the 
    best strikers in the game. Villa is everything you could want from a striker, 
    with his perfect finishing the pick of his stats. Big teams will come in for 
    him, but don't sell him whatever the price, as he is irreplaceable. Silverware 
    will be key to ensuring he doesn't start getting cold feet. There's a good 
    chance that he'll link up well with Morientes too - Fernando is an intelligent 
    player, and will open up gaps for Villa, and score himself. You can play Tavano 
    here too. 
    Before I move off the players, I need to bring your attention to something. 
    Valencia have one of the best wage structures in the World. Nearly all the key 
    players are on £24,000. So, when buying a player, don't give him over £30k - if 
    you do, everyone will want to match him. Keep future players contracts level 
    with the squad's. 
    One element here that you should make a priority is improving the facilities. 
    At the moment they're extremely poor for an ECC club, so need a lot of funding. 
    By 2009, you should have cemented yourself as one of the heavyweights in this 
    division with the right investments in players, improved facilities and a brand 
    new 75000 seated stadium. Whether you can become the dominant team is the real 
    challenge here.
    League:                          La Liga
    Continental Competition:         EURO Vase
    Reputation:                      Continental
    Stadium + Capacity:              El Madrigal, 23000 seated
    Media Expectations:              5th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Respectable (both)
    Squad Size:                      26
    Training Facilities:             Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Average Youth Facilities + Youth Academy
    Estimated Value:                 £40m
    Finances:                        £4.55m
    Transfer Budget:                 £3.44m
    Wage Budget:                     £601k
    Current Wage Total:              £491k
    Key Players:                     Viera, Pena, Arruabarrena, Tacchinardi, 
                                     Riquelme, Nihat, Forlan, Rodriguez, Cani
    Top 3 Earners:                   Nihat (£52k), Riquelme (£34.5k), Rodriguez 
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Riqeulme (£17m), Forlan (£9.25m), Cani (£6.5m)
    Good young/reserve players:      Jonathon, Enrique, Barbosa, Arzo, Xisvo, 
                                     Valencia, Rodriguez
    Difficulty (/10):                5
    Villareal, despite their ECC adventure, under preformed last year, and now 
    you're paying the price of only being entered into the EURO Vase. There's one 
    area that needs focusing on so you can progress to being one of the bigger 
    clubs in the league. As in many cases, no prizes for guessing it's the defence. 
    Whilst it is fairly good, you need a star to lighten it up, so go onto player 
    search, filter out young defenders (17-24) and go for the ones you can afford. 
    It's a big budget for a Spanish team, so you should be able to bring someone 
    in. During the second season you'll receive a major boost here as Rodriguez 
    returns from injury. For veteran FMers you may know him as Gonzalo from 
    previous incarnations. He's an awesome defender, and even more amazing is the 
    fact he is only 22. Imagine what he could be like at 29/30! When he returns 
    from injury in 9 months, ease him back into training for the first couple of 
    weeks, then put him on a tough pre-season program so he's ready for the 07/08 
    Out of your other DC's, Fuentes and Pena are both good, and Alvarez is fine as 
    long as you play him alongside a faster partner. You have 2 fantastic GK's - 
    both are of near enough the same quality, but Viera seems to edge it. Yet the 
    squad likes Barbosa. You may as well rotate them and see who does best - i.e. 
    give them 4 or 5 game stints. Cygan is slow and can't keep his focus, and more 
    importantly bald, and Dani has the attention span of a fish. You don't need 
    either. You don't need to bring any DR's in as it's a position where filled 
    with adequate enough players already. 
    Now onto the midfield, and the undoubted star of the team - Riquelme. He has 
    the best technical stats in the entire game. Plus his mental stats - 
    creativity, composure, concentration, are all so high that he'll pull off moves 
    effortlessly. I don't understand why his strength isn't higher, because if you 
    watch a real-life match he is incredibly hard to barge off the ball. The only 
    weakness he has is his effort, but with his ability he'll rip apart any 
    defence. Nihat is a star too, and has an extremely harsh valuation. He
    can work magic in tight spaces with fairly good first touch and excellent 
    agility, and is an natural finisher. His composure lets him down, so he is 
    likely to miss one-on-ones, but nevertheless he is one of the stronger payers 
    in your team. Best to use him in attack though, as know one will be better than 
    Riquelme in the AMC position. 
    On the wings you should use Jose Mari and Cani as AMR and AML respectively. 
    Another star you have in the making is Jonathon. Have him tutored by Riquelme 
    and train him well, and he'll develop beyond belief. Tacchinardi is a good DM 
    along with Senna. Sell Josico and in the second season try to buy Denilson from 
    Arsenal, when Tacchinardi returns to Juve. A 4-4-2 diamond is the only way to 
    play with this team to get the best out of Riquelme. Set him to being a 
    playmaker, and give him a free role and as much creative freedom as the game 
    allows. Up front Forlan is deadly, don't be put off by him failing at Man Utd. 
    Again though, like Nihat, he suffers from bad composure. You're a little short 
    on strikers, so search in the free market in January and in the summer 
    preceding the second season, and bring in some who has good composure along 
    with finishing, so they can put away all the chances Riquelme creates. 
    This team has some traits of its recent second division spell, in the fact that 
    the facilities, including the size of the stadium, are all substandard for a 
    continental team. Ask the board to improve each one of them. You should aim for 
    fourth/fifth in your first year, and you need to take this team to being title 
    challengers. It's unlikely they'll ever match Barca and Real, but that does not 
    mean you can't have a pop at the title each year.
    League:                          La Liga
    Reputation:                      National
    Stadium + Capacity:              La Romareda, 34700 seated
    Media Expectations:              10th
    Board/Fan Expectations:          Stay Clear of Relegation/Safe Mid-Table
    Squad Size:                      26
    Training Facilities:             Adequate Training Facilities
    Youth Facilities:                Adequate Youth Facilities
    Estimated Value:                 £34m
    Finances:                        £1.3m
    Transfer Budget:                 £344k
    Wage Budget:                     £403k
    Current Wage Total:              £348k
    Key Players:                     Sanchez, G Milito, Ponzio, Zapater, Aimar, D 
    Top 3 Earners:                   G Milito (£28k), D'Alessandro (£27.5k), 
                                     Movilla (£24k)
    Top 3 Most Valuable:             Aimar (£7.5m), Ewerthon (£6.75m), Zapater 
    Good young/reserve players:      Zapater, Lafita, Longas, Herrero/Generelo, 
    Difficulty (/10):                5
    This is a team that you can drag up to Europe, but it'll require some work to 
    progress during the first few seasons. You need to bring in a new GK for the 
    second season, as beyond Sanchez the squad is devoid of quality here. If you 
    can loan in someone this season it'd be extremely helpful. This team have 
    quality in depth in the defence - Milito and Ponzio are stars,, and having 
    Pique on loan for a year is a boost as well. If you play him regularly, he'll 
    be totally different in July to the 19 year old you had in September. Sergio is 
    reliable as back-up as well, but Jimenez is an expendable player. The wings are 
    covered well enough for this year, but Diogo returning to Madrid will be 
    somewhat of a blow. For the second season I'd look for a DC, DR and DL on the 
    free market, or as loans. 
    Next is the midfield, and a 4-4-2 diamond is the way to go. You have a great 
    AMC in Aimar who'll prove useful in frequently threading balls through to your 
    strikers. Zapater should be your first choice DM, though Celades is perfectly 
    fine to play there too, and Movilla can fill in should the situation arise. Now 
    I'm going to recommend something which a few people may disagree with. Sell 
    Ewerthon. He doesn't bring anything special to the team that Lafita can't do, 
    and he has a huge value. See if any clubs are interested in him, and if not by 
    August, put him on the transfer list. Set his value to around £8m so clubs 
    don't try to rip you off. If you succeed in selling him the financial benefits 
    are huge. You have an agreed price with Genoa for Diego Milito of £3.1m, so you 
    could easily afford that, and you can purchase either Diogo or D'Alessandro for 
    a cheap price. If either of them don't appeal to you, with the extra few 
    million you can dip into the transfer market or scrounge around the reserves of 
    big clubs. 
    Up front, Milito, Garcia and Lafita can pose a threat to most opposition, but 
    for the tougher teams you'll have to rely on Aimar to basically spoon feed them 
    chances. Try to claim a spot in Europe and it'll help the team massively. 
                         *More Teams To Be Added At A Later Date*
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                       3. Players                        | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    'The people you want to stay, won't, and the people you want to leave, you 
    can't get rid of.' - Imhansen, speaking the truth about transfers. Of course, 
    player recommendations will be found here for replacements for those who leave, 
    or just to strengthen the squad.
    This section is going to be started in the next update. It is pretty tough to 
    display player information though, so I'd like to know your opinions on the 
    following elements of what'll make up the Players section. I'm thinking of 
    taking this format, so any feedback would be great:
    Player Name
    Preferred Positions (i.e. Natural + Accomplished)
    Starting Club
    Starting Value
    Contract Expiry 
    Strengths (i.e. finishing 18, crossing 19)
    Weaknesses (i.e. passing 7, bravery 4)
    The strengths and weaknesses are there because, even though over time player 
    stats tend to change, the best ones/worst ones normally remain that way. 
    Someone, whose best stat is finishing, will normally always have this as his 
    best stat.
    I'm thinking also of these categories:
    Each will be split up into Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers. 
    If you think you have a better idea for categories, or wish to do feedback on 
    the proposed player format, e-mail me here:
    Englandtowineuro2004 [at] hotmail [dot] com
                                 3.1 Basic Information
    Players have an increased sense of individuality in this version of FM, to go 
    with the depth already in the game regarding their stats. Over time, this 
    section will include stat analysis - what each stat means in terms of playing 
    the game, stat/player relationship - how important the stats are to each 
    position, how to deal with different personalities and what you can already see 
    below, transfer tips for maximising your chance of buying the best player.
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transfer Tips ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
    It's a big world out there, and when you're looking for a certain player there 
    are many opportunities. Here are some tips on how to get the best player at the 
    best value:
    - This is a MAJOR POINT. Put December 31st/January 1st in you diaries, as this 
    is when in the game many players contracts become unprotected, 6 months before 
    expiry. Simply go into Player Search, then filters, then contract status, 
    expiring. Here you can search for all the players you can get on a free, and 
    it's especially useful if you're on a tight transfer budget. It can be handy 
    for the bigger clubs too - now and again a big name can appear on there, I've 
    snatched up Ibrahimovic in the past for nothing. Don't let any players demand 
    too high a wage though - it is likely you can get one similar with better wage 
    - When offering for a player you desperately want, it is possible to get him 
    much cheaper. If the club are specifically looking for a player, it will tell 
    you when you make the offer (i.e. Bayern looking for an ML) at the bottom of 
    the screen in yellow. If you have a player you want to get rid off in this 
    position, try offering him as well, and it may knock some of the price off.
    - Don't go mad spending money on one player. Set a limit - say £8m for a player 
    worth £5m, and don't go above that. You can get someone as good for a better 
    - Look in South America and obscure European Countries. Players values are 
    worth less here, but the players can just be as good, even better, than their 
    expensive counterparts.
    - When offering for a younger player, the percentage of next sale, money after 
    international appearances and league appearances will be highly influential in 
    the offer.
    - When offering for an older player, the first two in the above will become 
    less significant in helping lower the up-front fee in the offer.
    - When buying a player, look at the languages he can speak and his teamwork 
    stat. If he can speak the same language as the nationality of the club, and has 
    high team work (determination may help too), he'll fit into the team quicker. 
    If he doesn't speak the language of the nationality of the club, but many squad 
    players can speak the same language as him, it'll still be helpful.
    - When buying South American players, if they have a second nationality that is 
    an EU one (like Spanish or Italian), they'll be granted a work permit.
    - When selling players, don't always offer them to clubs. This makes you seem 
    desperate, and you'll get ripped off with an undervalue offer. Also, when 
    setting their status to transfer listed, if you set their squad status to 
    indispensable or important you may get better offers. Also, clubs tend to offer 
    a good bit lower than a player's asking price. Set the asking price around 25 
    percent higher than his value to accommodate for this - clubs should still be 
    attracted, and their offers should near enough match his value.
    - Loaning players in can be incredibly useful. Also, if you look through the 
    bigger teams and see which players they're not playing (the nearer to 0 
    appearances the better), they may accept a loan offer for that player.
    - Always check through teams like Chelsea's reserves. They may neglect a good 
    player who'd be useful for your squad. When looking for players, view their 
    contracts and see if they have the status 'not needed by club' or 'backup to 
    squad'. They may not be listed but a club will listen to offers for this 
    - It may seem obvious, but any player who is indispensable to a club is going 
    to cost a lot more than his value, regardless of if it's a small club or big 
    - Regularly check the transfer list. Players can become unhappy and placed on 
    there, and you'll get them at a knocked price the majority of the time. It's 
    always worth offering a lot lower than the asking price, and the club will 
    negotiate with you. It's best to do this when offering for any player, but 
    specially useful for those who are listed.
    - The more the managers dislike you in the game, the more they'll charge you. 
    If they like you, you may get their players for cheaper.
    - If the player has your club in his favoured clubs, or a squad member is one 
    of his favoured personnel, he will be more likely to join.
    - It is harder to sell an injured player, but you can use this to your 
    advantage. See a good player you want who is injured? You may be able to get 
    him at a knock down price.
    - As a lower league team, check the players who's contracts have expired, or 
    who aren't attached. You can find some golden oldies here, whose experience can 
    be vital for your team. As they don't have a club they won't be demanding too 
    high a wage either, and are useful for tutoring talent in your club. 
    Hopefully that will help you when searching for players. If there is anything 
    that isn't here that you've picked up on, tell me about it and I'll stick it in 
    the above list.
                  *More Player Information to Be Added At A Later Date*
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                4. Formations and Tactics                | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Ah, tactics. The heart of the FM Games. Also, as it is at the centre of playing 
    FM, it is also one of the more difficult sections to cover. Hence the majority 
    of contributions in the whole of the FAQ are contained here. This section will 
    start off with a general guide on the many aspects of the tactics system, 
    before moving on to give you some custom made tactics submitted by users. With 
    the latter, any feedback would be extremely helpful, and will also be posted in 
    the FAQ, so I can get a real sense of which tactics work and any which should 
    be removed from the FAQ.
                               4.1 General Guide to Tactics                        
    So you don't have a clue about what to say at half-time, the relations between 
    Mentality and Defensive Line, Opposition Instructions or why Drogba just can't 
    fucking score! Well here is a guide to how near enough each aspect works. 
    Please note this is a section in construction.
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Team-Talks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
                                    *CONTRIBUTED BY ED*
    Your side has just triumphed in the most thrilling Cup Final ever played, and 
    completely outplayed your supposedly superior opponents. When the lads finally 
    get back to the dressing room, you give them a brief message to go and enjoy 
    all the success that comes their way, but team talks are never always this 
    easy, as many managers have found out over the two versions of Football Manager 
    that have included this feature. Arguably an extremely good addition allows, 
    this allows you to interact with your squad more, and show your personality to 
    them, and vice versa at some opportunities.  
    In FM 2007, the pre-match team talks that are an option to give your players is 
    new, and may take some getting used to. Of course, there is always the chance 
    to let your assistant take charge of these pre and post match chats, as well as 
    the half time talks - but where's the fun in that? Of course each club is a 
    different situation and had different elements to psyching up the players. 
    There is no 'one key fits all' way of doing successful team-talks.  So 
    whichever stance you like to take when talking to your players, all can be 
    right in different scenarios. There is no doubt that a good team talk can prove 
    the difference between winning and losing a game, and sometimes you have to be 
    spot on with decisions. 
    To find out how players react to your team-talks, you need to go to the page 
    displaying your squad, then in the bottom left you will see 'assistant advice'. 
    Hover over this and click the second option 'Get Team Talk Feedback'. This will 
    show how each player is reacting, and whether some players react differently to 
    praise or punishment. You can also get an idea of your player's personality by 
    looking at how media comments have an effect on them - some may be made more 
    nervous before a game, some fired up. The morale shown on the team screen is 
    also linked to your team talks. For example, if a player is playing 
    particularly badly, and low on confidence, a bit of encouragement would help 
    him a great deal, rather than the hairdryer treatment. On the other hand, a 
    player with high morale may be playing poorly, therefore meriting a harsh word 
    or two at half time. After one or two friendlies have been played, you might 
    get a rough idea of what your players respond to well, and not so well. If a 
    certain player doesn't respond well to something the team usually does, it is 
    important to address him personally. 
    So what should be accepted as a decent standard of performance? It completely 
    depends on the standard of your side, and the opposition, and also, the level 
    of morale the player has. Generally, a rating of 7 or 8 would be good, with 
    anything higher exceptional. But if you're side is Chelsea, and you're taking 
    on a Conference side in the FA Cup, a rating of 9 or 10 would probably only be 
    acceptable, but maybe a 6 or a 7 would be considered very good if you were the 
    opposite manager. 
                                  Pre-Match team talks 
    This new feature in FM 2007 can determine whether your side flies out of the 
    blocks, or looks lacklustre from the word go. The best one to go with here is 
    'You can win this' - giving a moral boost to your side. Another common 
    selection would be 'For the fans'. This could be used when playing against big 
    rivals of the club, or on a big night, such as a Cup Final or European match. 
    'I expect a win here' - this feature should be used when being particularly 
    harsh with your side. If you are a super-power of world football playing 
    against a lower league side then the above selection may well be right. Also, 
    if in the previous match you had told the players that you expect a similar 
    performance every week then this could be used. One that you should rarely use 
    in competitive games is 'Go out and enjoy yourselves.' This could give off the 
    wrong signal to the players, and when using this players don't play to their 
    There is a limited amount of options in the Pre-match team talks, as a ball 
    hasn't yet been kicked. Therefore, you cannot assess the players performances. 
                           Half time and Full time team talks
    Here, there is a more varied selection of options you can use to get your point 
    across to your players. Depending on your latest score or result, different 
    menus will be available to select from. Here is some advice on different team 
    talk options: 
    This feature of the team talks can be used if you're side is trailing by 2 or 
    more goals at half time, and playing poorly. Give more leniency when playing 
    away from home however, and look at the form and standard of your opposition 
    when considering whether to give someone the hairdryer treatment. Some options 
    that are shown are 'Angry' or 'I expect nothing less than a win here.' However, 
    using this may result in worse morale of the team, and a news article on your 
    anger may well flash up in your e-mail inbox after the match. The 'Angry' 
    option should only be used at full time if both first half and second half 
    performances have been unacceptable. If improvements have been shown, then the 
    next option is probably correct. 
    At half time, the disappointed option will be there if your side is winning, 
    but if you are losing, then 'I expect more from you' may well be the desired 
    option. If you have created many chances in the first half, but have failed to 
    convert any, this could be used as an individual criticism for your more 
    attacking players. If losing by a single goal and not playing well, this is 
    also the correct option. It lets the players know that you're not happy with 
    them, without completely letting rip into them. 
    Probably the safest option to use here, with nothing bad that can come from it 
    at half time. If the score is 0-0, or a low scoring game in which no side has 
    dominated, then some encouragement may be what the players need to find the 
    extra incentive to win the match. Even if you're winning, this option would be 
    good to let the players know that the game is not yet won. Individual 
    encouragement for players with ratings of 5 or 6 could also prove useful. Of 
    course, this option is unavailable at full time, as there is nothing to 
    An option that is relatively redundant, unless a loss or draw has been snatched 
    from the jaws of victory. We all know about the late goals that the computer 
    always tend to score against us, and if this is the case, some sympathy at full 
    time might be a good option. At half time, the closest option to this would be 
    'One goal is all we need for the win you deserve.' This tells the players that 
    they are playing well, but could inspire them to a winning goal. 
    A tricky one, especially at half time. If you tell the players that you are 
    pleased with their performance, it could tell them that they need to do nothing 
    more and sit back in the second half. This is dangerous, so try to restrict 
    this to when your side are at least 2 or 3 goals up, depending on opposition. 
    At full time, some praise would be the right thing to do if the team has won by 
    1 or 2 goals with a good, solid performance. Individual praise could be given 
    if a player has a rating of 8 or 9. 
    This should almost never be used at half time, unless in exceptional 
    circumstances. If your side is 4 or 5 goals ahead and cruising to victory, then 
    this might not do any harm once in a while. At full time, a win by 3 or more 
    goals could warrant special praise, but only if it was capped with a highly 
    impressive performance. 
    Guarding against complacency 
    This is good at half time if your side is 1 goal up and not letting the 
    opposition have a sniff. It shows that you are pleased with the performance, 
    but know that one mistake could throw it all away. It is advisable not to use 
    this at full-time though, as most players will react negatively to this sort of 
    comment from you.
    For team-talks you should now be sorted. By following these points you'll get 
    the best out of your team, otherwise you have the motivational skills of drying 
    (The above Team-talk section was contributed by, and is the work of, Ed. Round 
    of applause for such a good explanation!)
    <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tactical Diagnosis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
                                  *CONTRIBUTED BY ASMODEUS*
    Ever play FM and get that feeling of Déjà vu? Keep letting in last minute goals 
    every match? Your team been watching too much of Lennox Lewis' videos? Well 
    you've come to the correct place. Here is where ailments are examined that many 
    face, and remedies are drawn up to the problems. This will be added to 
    overtime, so there is an encyclopaedia of solutions to the any problems people 
    face in the world of Football Manager. This is the tactical diagnosis clinic. 
    If you have some symptoms showing, please E-mail me at Englandtowineuro2004 
    [at] hotmail [dot] com, and we'll do the best I'll do the best I can to rectify 
    the situation.  
                                       The Common Cold 
    Not necessarily a debilitating illness, the common cold is more frustrating 
    than anything else. It can cause lapses in concentration, messy goalkeeping and 
    leaky defences. If you aren't careful the common cold can be highly contagious, 
    and spread like wildfire across back fours and threes alike. 
    - Defenders making errors: giving the ball away, dwelling on the ball for too 
      long, playing ridiculous back-passes. 
    - Goalkeeper makes calamitous mistakes, dribbling outside the area, giving the 
      ball away. 
    - Your defenders/goalkeeper have too much creative freedom. 
    - Your defence have no readily available passing options. 
    - Your defenders are too hurried in possession. 
    - Your defence is unable to adapt to your passing system. 
    - Your goalkeeper/defenders' mentality is too high. 
    - Decrease creative freedom for defence/goalkeeper to 5 or below ("little"). 
    - Make sure mentalities for your midfield are close to or mirror that of your 
    - Decrease team tempo, or perhaps adopt a less direct passing style. 
    - Increase attacking training for your defenders (to improve their passing), or 
      change their passing style to one less technically demanding 
      (normal/direct/long- 6 or above). 
    - Reduce goalkeeper/defender mentality so they are less inclined to hit forward 
      passes and (for keepers) stray off their line. 
    - If Defenders dally on the ball and give up possession, reduce try through 
      balls on DCs. 
    Your build-up is impeccable, your intentions good, but you simply cannot score. 
    Possibly the most frustrating FM ailment of all; chance after chance spurned 
    with no end product, only to see your rival march in and finish the job with 
    the first opportunity he gets. 
    - Firing blanks: plenty of shots on goal, very few of which are on target. 
    - One-on-ones: you're clean through, the nerves kick in, and you've blown it. 
    - Backlash: some other git marches in and penetrates instantly, with 
      devastating effect. 
    - Some self-analysis required here: find out who's getting the chances, and 
      subsequently spurning them; then consider the following. 
    - Too many long shots: players are hitting over ambitious thirty-yard 
      piledrivers into row z.  
    - Too much creative freedom: can cause the above. 
    - Your players are too hurried and lose their composure in front of goal. 
    - Your players are nervous and will miss one-on-ones. 
    - Your strikers are going through a bad patch, and morale is low. 
    - Your players are being selfish and shooting when the better option would be 
      to pass or square the ball. 
    - Watch match highlights comprehensively to find out the type of chances you're 
      creating (and missing). 
    - Reduce individual long shot instructions to "rarely." 
    - Reduce creative freedom for players spurning chances. 
    - Lower team tempo, particularly if playing a short passing game. 
    - Keep an eye on a player's personality screen, particularly after your pre-
      match media comments. Use individual team talks to relax them, or reassure 
      them you have faith in their ability. 
    - Increase shooting training for the player, and see above for morale. 
    - Lower creative freedom and if they have a passing option available, set 
      "cross ball" to "mixed" or "often."
                                     Thatcher's Elbow 
                                  *CONTRIBUTED BY MILLIE*
    Every game and a half somebody throws an elbow, a forehead or two feet at the 
    oppositions' head or/and abdomen, and gets himself a five match ban and the 
    club picks up a huge fine for ill-discipline. Named after the disease was first 
    discovered in El Bastardo, aka Ben Thatcher. 
    - More than half-a-dozen sending off's in a season for violent conduct. 
    - Every defender seems to bring down the opposition when they're the last 
    - Repeated instances of players getting second yellow cards. 
    - Losses due to a reduced shape and reduced man power. 
    - Your players are too aggressive in a bad way. 
    - Your players are too fired up for the game. 
    - Your players are getting frustrated in a game they feel should be going their 
    - Your defenders are getting caught out of position and forced to make last 
      ditch, unwinnable tackles. 
    - Your team have no discipline. 
    - Your players don't calm down after the first yellow card. 
    - Take a note of why your players are getting sent off. 
    - Violent conduct (throwing some body part at the opponent) should always be 
      fined and never condoned by appealing. 
    - Professional fouls are caused by the defence being out of position. Lower 
      closing down and pull pack the defensive line. 
    - When a player is on a yellow card it is suicide to leave them on 'hard' 
    - Substitute a player who has been given a yellow and is still being given 
      yellow cards (the "it's just a warning" commentary should give you an 
      indicator to bring the sub on) 
    - Keep an eye on players in the "PR" or team-talk before the game where it says 
      "is really fired up". If their aggression is high as well they are most 
      likely to do something stupid. 
    - Drop, sell or fine anyone who persistently gets their name in the book
    - Don't insult Algeria in front of Zidane.
                         Not Performing With The Balls Syndrome
    Whenever the opposition spurns a chance, you can't capitalise. Your passes are 
    always intercepted and you can't hold onto possession. Any balls you play with 
    are ineffective.
    - No matter how hard you try you can not get your passes completed to above 65% 
    - The match engine consistently shows long highlights in which your team starts 
      off with the ball and keeps it for a reasonable time before offloading it to 
      an opposition striker/midfielder who punishes on the break.
    - There is a large gap in the midfield, caused by:
    - The passing may be set to being too short
    - AM'S and forwards don't have enough creative freedom - they get marked out of 
      the game, and can't do killer passes
    - There aren't enough AM's, leaving the strikers isolated
    - Your AM's and ST's have too high an attacking mentality
    - Make the passing game more direct
    - Balance the team's mentalities
    - Increase the amount of AM's in midfield/change formation
    - Give attacking players more creative freedom
                     *More Tactical Help to Be Added at a Later Date*
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                      5. Training                        | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    This section is currently under construction. In the future there will be 
    information on how training works, along with coaching, and some fantastic 
    training schedules contributed by Seasoned Alcoholic.
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                        6. FAQ                           | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Throughout the game there are certain things that pop up that don't really have 
    a category - the solutions for which are in this section. The majority are bugs 
    that people encounter, but there are other aspects too.
                            Why is Rooney Always Suspended?
    This is a well-known bug, with a simple solution. Go into the editor, delete 
    his ban and restart a new game, and he'll be fine. The patch fixes it as well.
               Why do my German and Dutch National teams have fake players?
    This is a common complaint on many forums, and is because the creators SI 
    couldn't obtain the license for the national teams. There is a solution though. 
    You need to go to "c:/program files/sports interactive/football manager 
    2007/data/db/700/lnc". There will be a file called fake.Inc there. Delete it. 
    It's worth deleting all files in this section, as they're all unnecessary. 
    It'll sort out the fake Japanese team too, and in the patch updates the fake 
    German club names.
    For this to have effect though, and the countries to have real player names, 
    you'll HAVE to start a new game.
                          I love Oliver Kahn!! Where is he!!
    He's under the fake alias of Jens Mustermann. To bring him back to his normal 
    state, follow the above procedures and delete fake.Inc.                 
       Someone has 6 months left on their contract, but I can't sign him. Why?
    In previous incarnations of this series, SI had consistently been making a 
    mistake. Whilst under the Bosman ruling, players situated in a different 
    country can be signed 6 months before their contract runs out. However, you can 
    only sign players on the Bosman ruling domestically if there is 1 month left on 
    their contracts.
                            Can you explain Work Permits?
    Work Permits are one annoying thing to get around. They are needed in the UK 
    and Ireland. So how do you get your player a work permit? What does he need to 
    get one? 
    Well, if the player you are looking at has one of these nations as either his 
    main nationality or second nationality (basically the EU + some other nations), 
    you're fine:
    Czech Republic
         Including French Guyana
    If it isn't, you'll need a permit.
    First of all, the player's calibre is taken into account. If he's a very good 
    player, has many international appearance's etc then he'll most likely get the 
    permit first time round. If not you can always appeal the decision, and usually 
    get the decision in your favour.
    If your player was rejected a permit, why did this happen? Well, people are 
    given Work Permits if they are skilled workers. If your target is not much 
    better than British players, there is no reason, in the governments eyes, to go 
    for the foreigner and ignore the English players. Its purpose is to protect the 
    Economy from being saturated with foreigners, and help give the British people 
    jobs, no matter what the industry. I used the UK as the example, but the same 
    would apply to other countries needing a work permit.
    There are ways to get around this though. First of all, you can get a European 
    feeder club. This means that even without a permit, you can still buy the 
    player. By sending him to the European feeder club for a couple of years, he'll 
    eventually gain EU Citizenship = instant permit. It's a lengthy process, and 
    I'd only recommend it for players who are 21 or under. Each country takes a 
    different amount of time for foreigners to gain EU Citizenship there, so here's 
    the list:
    3 years
    4 years
    5 years
    Czech Republic
    French Guyana
    7 years
    10 years
    As well as loaning out, every so often you can try offering your player a new 
    contract. He will be reapplied for a permit, and if you're lucky, he may be 
    granted one.
    When searching for a new player too in South American countries, keep an eye 
    out for his other nationalities. Many Brazilians have Portuguese/Spanish, and 
    some Argentineans have Italian as a second nationality. If you find players 
    like this then it means they will get an instant permit.
    Why have you done the prices in pounds sterling? You do know Britain isn't the
                               centre of the fucking World?
    I guarantee that someone will bring this up. Well, in all the boards I've been 
    on, the majority of users are British, so when choosing a currency for my guide 
    this was the obvious one. Not that I would neglect anyone unfortunate enough 
    not to be born this great country, so here's some help. Open a new browser 
    window so you can alternate between that and this guide. Copy and paste this as 
    a URL:
    Next, go back to the guide, and choose which sum of money you want to change. 
    Take for example Celta Vigo's estimated value, £35.5m. Insert this into the 
    calculator, and multiply it by the number next to the currency that you want:
                           |     Currency      | In-Game Rate |
                           |  American Dollar  |     1.88     |
                           |                   |              |
                           |       Euro        |     1.44     |
    You can't simply use a real-life currency converter as the rates in real-life 
    are different, and will give you inaccurate figures. Values and wages may be a 
    little off, but that's because the rates had to be rounded. For example, the 
    Dollar is about 1.8786394 and so on. If you wish to know any other conversion 
    rates, let me know and I'll include it in the next update.
                         Why do I Pay Double Money on Transfers?
    This has caused trouble for a few people who have downloaded the new patch. 
    This only happens if you use a No-CD crack, basically if you've illegally 
    obtained the game. Find help elsewhere mate, because this FAQ isn't supporting 
    people who cause SI to lose money. 
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                     7. FM Resources                     | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    There are more places than just this that you can visit for Football Manager. 
    Ranging from downloads to forums to the official website, there are many useful 
    resources for it.
                                        7.1 Forums
    From socialising with others to finding help and taking part in challenges, 
    forums are extremely popular. There are an abundant number of these for FM for 
    people to boast their successes and just generally chat with other football and 
    FM Fans. Here are some of the best:
    This is one of the best forums out there. A great community with fantastic 
    users, it's a relaxed, laid-back place for discussing FM and other aspects of 
    life. The ground rules are very lenient, but that doesn't detract from the 
    quality of posting, but more so aids it. All that's asked is to avoid serious 
    racism, use full English whilst posting and to avoid asking silly questions.
    A friendly, large, open community, this is also another good forum to go to. 
    The discussion is of a high standard, and you can get many useful tips there to 
    further your game. It's also good for just social discussion, with 'The Pub' 
    being a massive board.
    An affiliate of SI, this is another location to go. Users here are again 
    helpful and friendly, and it's an active place.
    Again, I haven't really been here much, but it seems an OK place. It's a forum 
    specifically interested in the tactical/training side of the game, so if that's 
    the aspect you love most about FM, it's definitely worth a visit.
    A small community, but this already has some dedicated users, and aims to grow 
    to be one of the bigger forums around. If you want to become a part of a new, 
    growing community, come here.
    The official forums. As you'd expect, it's an extremely strict place, and 
    there's too much mod involvement for my liking, but if you need a solution to a 
    problem you're guaranteed one here. It's also useful in the fact that you can 
    speak to the people behind the game and is the place for reporting bugs. So 
    not the best of social places, but the strict rules ensures that there's a lot 
    to do with FM here. The biggest FM related forums on the net.
    I like this board, but it's easy to get frustrated. Quite a few arguments can 
    break out, but if trivial things don't affect you it's not a bad place to go.
    This is another good board to visit. A high number of users, it includes a huge 
    discussion topic and many challenges. Worth a visit.
                          7.2 The Official Site - www.sigames.com
    This is the site where you get all the news from the developers, Sports 
    Interactive. This includes release dates for future games, patch information 
    and links to download them, and where you can contact the developers. It also 
    has a massive forum mentioned above and is THE place to gain help on any 
                        *More links will be added at a later date*
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                8. Contributor Recognition               | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    I expect to see this section bustling with names, so get contributing!
    For Contributions:
    Asmodeus for the Tactical Diagnosis framework + the first 2 for it
    Millie, Sifrazman, Lameris for some more on the above
    Ed for the teamtalk guide
    For Help:
    Kevin Turner, an SI Member. Cheers for clearing up the '0 years' Work Permit 
    DavidBowie for pointing out a navigation system is possible. Shame it wasn't 
    the real Bowie though.
    r0x0r for pointing out WP's aren't needed for Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
    For Corrections:
    For spotting typos or grammatical errors, a mention to the following: 
    Robertleyland, Son Of Fenix, Imhansen, Ghentee, Arthur Li, Chief
    For pointing out inaccuracies:
    R0x0r, DirtyJoe, Lux, WingZero Mk II
    A massive thank you to everyone who has also given feedback and ideas. 
     _____ _____                                                           ___ ___
    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |         9. E-Mail Policy + Copyright Information        | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Please Read.
                                     E-Mail Policy
    If you wish to E-mail me feel free to do so, but please avoid asking easily 
    answerable questions. In other words, have a flick through the manual and 
    carefully read this FAQ before getting in contact. If you wish for a speedy 
    reply, including Football Manager in the title will help your cause. I'm not 
    very knowledgeable with network games, so I can't help you there I'm afraid - 
    try the forums mentioned earlier. Also I am not part of SI, so I can't 
    technically help you or tell you when the next patch will be out etc. 
    Any feedback on the guide would be great. Did it help you? Is there anything 
    else that can be added? Please let me know, as it'll make a better guide for 
    everyone. If you spot any mistakes too, contact me, and I'll correct it and 
    stick you in the credits
    If you do wish to contact me though, let me stress - via the medium of E-Mail. 
    I've had people trying to add me on MSN - that's for people I personally know. 
    There's nothing that can't be explained over an E-Mail, it allows me more time 
    to prepare an answer, and adding me to MSN doesn't mean you'll have a quicker 
    reply - I always check my E-Mails when I log on. So in short, don't even 
    attempt trying to add me to your contacts list.
    Another thing I'd like to see is contributions. This is an incredibly deep 
    games, and it's easy to miss some aspects. If you're adept at network games, 
    tactics, skins or know some other elements of the game not covered here, any 
    help would be fantastic. If you wish to do a team guide for one of your 
    favourite teams with the template provided, that'd be useful too. Recommending 
    players that you've discovered, or any tricks etc will also be put up in here. 
    Anything contributed will be credited, although it may be altered to fit the 
    guide. This does not strip you of your right to credit.
    If you want my FAQ on your website, don't even think about doing so without my 
    permission. You will be breaking the law if you do, and I have my methods of 
    having them forcefully removed, even if you do not wish to do so.
    I won't be accepting any more requests from FM Forums to host my FAQ. Why? It's 
    because they generally reach a small audience and it helps me maintain the 
    updates better to have my guide on a small quantity of sites. If you are a 
    video game website however, I will consider if you ask for permission to host 
    my FAQ, unless you're on the list below:
    - 911 Codes (http://911codes.com) 
    - 9 Lives (www.9lives.ru/eng 
    - Bean's Play station Dimension (www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm) 
    - Cheat CC (www.CheatCC.com) 
    - Cheat Database (www.cheat-database.com) 
    - Cheat Index (www.cheatindex.com) 
    - Cheat Matrix (www.cheatmatrix.com) 
    - Cheat Search (www.cheatsearch.com) 
    - Cheat Stop (www.panstudio.com/cheatstop) 
    - Console Domain (www.consoledomain.co.uk) 
    - Dreamland (http://kirby.pokep.net) 
    - Game Express (www.gameexpress.com) 
    - Games Domain (www.gamesdomain.com) 
    - Mega Games (www.megagames.com) 
    - SabreTechDesign (www.sabretechdesign.com) 
    - Square Haven (www.square-haven.net) 
    - Ultimate System (www.flatbedexpress.com) 
    - VideoGaming.net
    Why are you possibly on this list? Simple. You have a track record of stealing 
    FAQ's, and my FAQ's won't be associated with sites run by bastards.
    This guide is currently available at:
    The address to contact me by is:
                      Englandtowineuro2004 [at] hotmail [dot] com
                                  Copyright Information
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. 
    The only sites permitted to host this FAQ are www.gamefaqs.com, 
    www.footballmanagerforums.com, www.fmunderground.net and www.neoseeker.com 
    Copyright 2007 Gregory Beckett
    Visit www.Nolo.com for more detail on copyright, and how you'll be royally 
    screwed if you violate it.
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    |   __|     |---------------------------------------------------------|   |_  |
    |   __| | | |                    10. Au Revoir                        | | | | |
    |__|  |_|_|_|---------------------------------------------------------|___| |_|
    Hopefully this guide will have been of some use to you. If not, fuck off for 
    wasting my time. There will be future incarnations so sections will be filled 
    which are thin in content at this moment in time. It's a fantastic game, so 
    don't let yourself be put off if you don't have instant success - once you do 
    get into it, it's hard to fight the addiction.
    Some personal thanks I'd like to make are to SI for making a wonderful game, 
    CjayC + Sailorbacon for keeping GF running, Mike for doing a sterling job at 
    FMF, Sherizan for providing gamers the Underground forums and the man who runs 
    Neoseeker. Sorry dude, can't remember your name! Also I'd like to thank every 
    member of the FSMB board, for encouragement and help in doing this, and all 
    being part of a fantastic site. Finally my real life friends and family need a 
    mention too, but not my A-Level teachers.
    Like my work?
    Go to this link to find more:
    Until another time, 
    Greg Beckett, aka
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                    (_)        /'___)
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