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Strap yourself in, pile on the revs and watch for the flag. You're one of motorsport's elite, facing 28 grueling stages in the world's toughest test on wheels - the Network Q RAC Rally!

Rally Championship in THE definitive motorsport simulation of the decade! It's al there, from frighteningly realistic handling of six high-performance cars, to superbly textured 3D panoramic views of nearly 300 miles of roads and tracks.

Driving in rain, snow and fog through both day and night, you must cope with different vehicle behavior on a variety of surfaces. Shave off the seconds with power slides on the bends, and you're top of the high score table. Make a minute error of judgement and you're on the roof with adamaged vehicle to repair!

You select your car from an impressive line-up complete with sound effects recorded from the actual vehicles and hundreds of different options ensure that you need never drive the some race twice!

It's not surprising that Rally Championship is the only product of its kind to be officially endorsed by the RAC Motorsport Division. The only way you'll beat it is to jump in a car and do the real thing!

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