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by Dragon_Overlord

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FAQ by Dragon_Overlord

Updated: 07/19/2017
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So, you decided to play through this gem of a game, but can't seem to beat it? Or is there an arena you just can't find? Or do you want to know some tips and tricks to finally beat Frenzied mode? Well, you've come to the right place, as this guide will go through every race and arena in detail to help you win in races and battles. Without further ado, let's begin.



This mode will have you play through all 15 races in succession, with your time from each race carrying over to the next, with some bonus time. There are 3 difficulties:

  • Pipsqueak: This mode is designed for players who just got the game and have very little idea of what they are doing. In each race, all course hazards are turned off, and you get 5 extra seconds for each race. However, you cannot unlock races for Time Trials or arenas for Rodent Rumble in this mode. In addition, all scoring is half of what it normally is.
  • Normal: The standard way to play, this is for players who have a decent idea of what they are doing. All scoring, and times are normal, and course hazards are turned on. This is the easiest mode in which you can unlock races (just by reaching them, you don't have to actually beat them) and arenas (by finding the secret unlock spot). However, note that the first 3 races and arenas (Warm-Up, Beginner, and Intermediate) are unlocked by default.
  • Frenzied: This mode is for experts only. All hazards are on, points are doubled, and you get 5 less seconds on each race. Finishing this mode without the use of time hacks is quite an achievement.

Time Trials

In this mode, you can play any race you have reached in a Tournament on Normal difficulty or higher, and you can get 4 awards for each course: A bronze, silver, and gold medal, along with a very difficult to get Golden Weasel. Getting all 15 Golden Weasels is also quite an achievement.

Mirror Tournament

If you've ever played a Mario Kart game, then you know what this is. All the courses are flipped horizontally, as if you were looking through a mirror. The same 3 difficulties are available as in the normal Tournament, so have fun.

Party Games

This mode has 2 different parts: Party Race and Rodent Rumble. You may use a keyboard, a mouse, or an external controller (such as an PS3 controller) to play. In addition, you can have multiple players set to one control scheme for added chaos, set a player to be controlled by a CPU, or not have a player at all. However, you cannot play Party Race against a bot.

Rodent Rumble

This mode as anywhere from 2-4 players, and pits the players against each other on one of 15 unlockable arenas. Each player on the stage gets a point when another player dies, and the player with the most points wins.

Party Race

This mode is for 2 human players only, and sets them against each other in any of the 15 races, but they are flipped, like in Mirror Tournament. I don't know why, but they are.

With everything covered, let's move on to the races.


This section will go over all 15 races, and features each races Name, Hazards Par time for tournament, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Weasel times, and the arena unlock spot. It also features tips and tricks for each race. But first, let's go over what everything means. Also, please note that all times listed are for Normal difficulty, and may differ on other difficulties.

  • Name: the name of the race, featured as the header for each section.
  • Description: The description of each course featured in tournament mode. Gives you an overview of the course.
  • Hazards: Any course hazards featured on the track. Look out!
  • Race Time: How much time you are given to beat the race in tournament mode. All races after Beginner race will combine this time with your time from the previous race, so make every second count!
  • Par Time: Beating the course with this time or higher gets you a nice 1000 point bonus. Only in Tournament Mode.
  • Medal Times: Finishing the course with one of these times or less will earn you a reward. They don't do anything, but they look cool. Only in Time Trials.
  • Arena Unlocked: This shows and tells you where to find all 12 secret arena unlock spots. They're invisible, so you'll have to take a leap of faith.
  • Guide: This portion will tell you just what to do. Follow this guide and you should be able to beat the tournament on any difficulty.
  • Tips and Tricks: These give you pointers and shortcuts to use within the race.

Warm-up Race

Description: Take your time on the Warm-Up Race! This easy little race gets the hang of various Hamsterball tricks without affecting your time pool. So you can zoom through it, or dawdle...we don't care! Nothing you do on this race will affect your tournament stats!

Hazards: None

Race Time: 65.0 Seconds

Par Time: 52.0 seconds

Bronze Time: 15.0 Seconds

Silver Time: 10.3 Seconds

Gold Time: 7.6 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 6.6 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: N/A

Guide: This is a very straightforward race. Just follow the arrows, and zoom down the ramp. Not much to say here.

Tips and Tricks: As I said, there isn't much to do here. Just try and make your movements as optimized as possible.

Beginner Race:

Description: Now let's try something a little more interesting. The Beginner Race is an easy roll, and if you're feeling fancy, you can try using the bumpers to speed you up a little. Be careful not to fall off the bridges, and watch for the tragic 8-Ball! It wants to bump you off!

Hazards: 8-Ball, Bumpers

Race Time: 55.0 Seconds

Par Time: 30.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 30.3 Seconds

Silver Time: 24.5 Seconds

Gold Time: 17.5 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 15.9 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: N/A

Guide: This race is a little more complex. Go down all the ramps as usual, but be careful on the bridges. Falling off counts as a Broken Ball, and will cause you to lose time as you fall, and then respawn at the closest checkpoint (all checkpoints are invisible and are the same across all modes). When you get across the second bridge, go down the first pipe (the orange box with the white rim) and you'll meet your first 8-Ball. Get used to seeing this guy, as he's the most common hazard. He will try to run into you and knock you off the track, causing you to lose more precious time. Knock him off, however, and you'll get yourself a tidy 2000 point bonus! This applies to all 8-Balls, but don't go out of your way to defeat him, remember that you still have a race to finish!

Tips and Tricks: As the description says, using the bumpers to speed yourself along is a good idea. In addition, pushing the mouse/joystick (if using those controls) further will cause your hamster to move faster, making for better times. When it comes to the 8-Ball, just run past him, dealing with him isn't worth the time.

Intermediate Race

Description: Okay, you're ready for the Intermediate Race. This crazy collection of pipes, ramps, and mousetraps will give you your first real challenge. And we've got another, meaner 8-Ball here just to give you a headache. Your time from Beginner Race has carried over to here, so you'll get some extra seconds. You're gonna need 'em!

Hazards: 8-Ball, Mousetraps, Moving Bridge

Race Time: 50.0 Seconds

Par Time: 45.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 46.7 Seconds

Silver Time: 35.2 Seconds

Gold Time: 26.5 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 23.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: N/A

Guide: Welcome to your first real challenge of a race. Start by taking the path to the right of your starting position, as it's much faster and safer. Then, go down the pipe in the middle of the sinkhole with the two starting paths come together again, then dodge past the flag and go down the next pipe. Roll right past the 8-Ball, or fight him, your choice, into the next pipe. Take the corkscrew down to the next area, then roll down the ramp and past the mousetraps, which will send you flying if you hit them. The final bridge will move up and down, so cross the bridge as soon as it is in position and then roll to the goal.

Tips and Tricks: Instead of rolling down the ramp in the mousetrap section, just fall of the ledge, it's perfectly safe and will not break or dizzy your ball. Try to aim for about 64 seconds left on the clock in a normal tournament mode.

Dizzy Race

Description: Round and round she goes. The Dizzy Race will spin you on your head ans leave your eyes rolling in their sockets. Zooming through this zany zone will require fast reflexes as you encounter platforms that spin, water wheels, and every manner of twisty turns. Not to mention the terrifying Tarbabies...tar on your ball will seriously slow you down!

Hazards: Flip blockers (no official name giver), Tarbabies, Spinning Platform

Race Time: 45.0 Seconds

Par Time: 50.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 58.8 Seconds

Silver Time: 48.0 Seconds

Gold Time: 41.4 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 37.2 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After rolling down the second corkscrew and past the flip blockers, you'll come to a tar pit with a sign that says "Avoid Tar." You should notice some railings just behind this sign, and a gap in the middle. Roll through the middle of that gap to uncover a bridge leading to the unlock spot for Dizzy Arena.

The Arena Unlock Spot for Dizzy Race.

Guide: Start by taking the first corkscrew down to a ramp, then follow the arrows to the first pipe. From there, go down the ramps and past the spinning platform to a slanted, curving bridge with no guardrails. Pull up, towards the spinning platform, while going down the ramp to keep yourself from falling, and then go down the second corkscrew. From there, you'll likely be stopped by a flip blocker, but if you aren't, try to keep your momentum for as long as possible as you go down the ramp to the right and to the tar pit. Take note of the sign and avoid the tar pit itself, as it will suck you in and break your ball, but also the blobs of tar known as Tarbabies, which will slow you down if you touch them. Roll to either ramp, then go around the barriers to the pipe in the middle of the sinkhole. You'll then be spat out in front of a washing wheel, which you must ride down onto a bridge, where you will see an 8-Ball far in the distance. Ignore it, as you cannot reach it, and go down the pipe, then cross the final bridge to victory.

The random 8-Ball in Dizzy Race. Seriously, why is this here?

Tips and Tricks: This course is all about momentum. Use the speed from the ramps and corkscrews to zoom through this race. At the tar pit, it's much faster to use the ramp on the left, and to just roll off the ledge above the pit, then slip around the barrier. Spend as little time in the waterwheel as possible, and keep your speed up. Remember, it's not how much you move the mouse, it's how far you move it, so there's no need to keep moving your mouse in the direction you want to go. Simply push to the edge of your mousepad, then keep it there.

Tower Race

Description: It's not a medieval torture device...it's the Tower Race! Roll your hamster through this crenellated course, and watch out for the dreaded 8-Ball, mashing maces, and the purple thing in the pit. And when the road splits, pick your path wisely; one direction brings you danger and speed, while the safe path won't help you save any time!

Hazards: 8-Ball, Maces, Windmill, Purple Monster

Race time: 40.0 Seconds

Par Time: 55.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 59.0 Seconds

Silver Time: 47.8 Seconds

Gold Time: 40.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 36.5 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: At the split in the path, take the fast path. Once you get past the maces, take the first turn, but don't go past the second. Instead, turn away from the road to reveal a secret bridge. After revealing two squares, turn to the right to reveal one more, then the unlock pad for the Tower Arena.

The Unlock Spot for Tower Arena

Guide: There are two spawn points for this race, but neither one is faster. Head down the ramp, then settle yourself inside the catapult to be launched to the next platform, where an 8-Ball waits for you. Roll past him and drop down the hole to drop the drawbridge, then pick whatever path you choose. The right path is safer but much longer, while the left path is a lot shorter, but has 3 maces and a jump. Nail this jump to get 5000 bonus points! After that, you will come to a windmill blocking the way forwards, like you see in mini golf. Roll past the blades, then along the path. Once you get through the tunnel, go down the ramp, but stay to the side to avoid flinging yourself into the purple monster's maw. Go around the final ramp then roll onto the goal.

Tips and Tricks: When dealing with the maces, roll under the first one, then wait for the other two to swing before running under them. On the final ramp, once you've past the 3rd or 4th flag in the final set of 6, you can jump off the ramp and roll straight to the goal.

Up Race

Description: Up, up and away! And now for something completely different, let's race upwards! Use the vacuums, elevators, and speed cylinders to attain the greatest vertical velocity. But you need to be careful on this race...sheer drops are everywhere. And just to make it interesting, we put a big red tasty button for you somewhere. Push it, and you'll get an extra five seconds added to your time pool!

Hazards: None

Race Time: 35.0 Seconds

Par Time: 55.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 40.8 Seconds

Silver Time: 35.1 Seconds

Gold Time: 32.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 29.7 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After taking the first vacuum tube, roll back over where you started. A platform will appear with the unlock spot for Up Arena.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Up Arena

Guide: Start by going up the first vacuum tube, then rolling up either ramp to the elevator. From there, roll to the right to go up a small ramp, then roll back around to the left to go up the second vacuum tube. From there, use the speed coil to launch yourself up the loop, but be careful not to fall off. Roll over to the next elevator (either one), and then roll over to the second speed coil. This will launch you up to the final platform, where the big red button is. It's very tricky to land on, but will grant you an extra 5 seconds in tournament mode, regardless of difficulty. From there, roll up the ramps and into the goal.

The big red button at the end of Up Race. Press it for a nice 5 second time bonus.

Tips and tricks: It really doesn't matter which ramp you choose at the start, but choose the taller elevator after the first speed coil. If possible, use your momentum from it to speed onto the elevator, or at least get into position. From there, use the second speed coil, and try to land as close to the goal as possible, although it probably won't matter because your ball is VERY likely to break in this section. From there, give it full force up the ramps, then U-turn into the goal, as close to the flag as possible. Note that the button does literally nothing for you in Time Trials mode, so just ignore it.

Neon Race

Description: It's the big blackout! Hamsters might be nocturnal, but this eerie race is gonna be one big challenge, sizzling neon platforms, unseen cliffs, glowtubes and other terrors await you! Fortunately, your hamster gives off some glow of his own...so try no to panic as you roll into the dark!

Hazards: Light Pegs, 8-Ball

Race Time: 35.0 Seconds

Par Time: 60.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 65.8 Seconds

Silver Time: 55.3 Seconds

Gold Time: 46.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 37.7 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After the course goes completely dark, except for the outlines, you'll come to a set of 3 light bridges. Instead of crossing the first one, roll straight out of the dark bridge, in front of the rails, and you will uncover a bridge leading to the unlock spot for the Neon Arena.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Neon Arena

Guide: As you can see, this course is dark. Start by rolling down the two sets of ramps at the start, then go down the first neontube. Continue down the ramps, then into the second neontube. If you're playing the free demo, this is where it ends. Sorry. If your not, then continue on to the first light bridge. It flickers on and off, and I mean literally on and off. If the bridge is not lit up, it isn't there, so time your crossing carefully. From there, go down the ramp and around the corkscrew to the next neontube, then down the ramp once again and past the small neon bumps. Go across the bridge, and then into the tunnel. When you reach the next bridge, the entire course will go dark, and all you will be able to see is the outline of your ball and the outline of the bridge, which will flicker on and off. Once past it, go over 3 more tricky neon bridges, past the 8-Ball, and into the goal. Note that if you somehow manage to get the 8-Ball to the goal, the game will crash. So don't do that.

Tips and tricks: Either ramp is faster at the start for both sets, so choose whichever you like. For the 3rd neon bridge, the one that curves around, it helps to start going back towards the next platform a lot earlier than you would normally think you would, as it is also on a slope.

Expert Race

Description: Okay, you've passed the kiddie races. Now it's time for the Expert Race. Slow and easy does it on this one...except when you're being chased by Bonk the Hammer. Oh, and when you're facing the Frantic Fanstorms. And take it slow and easy except when you're facing the Blade Brothers, and when you're rolling down the giant jump. Ring the bell on the big jump for an extra five seconds!

Hazards: Bonk the Hammer, The Frantic Fanstorms, The Blade Brothers

Race Time: 35.0 Seconds

Par Time: 65.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 61.2 Seconds

Silver Time: 48.0 Seconds

Gold Time: 39.5 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 34.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After evading Bonk, take the path on the right. After going around, you'll come to a series of ramps. There will also be a point where it looks like you can jump to the other path, after going down two of the ramps. Try to make this jump and you'll be blocked by the arena unlock spot. I guess cheaters do prosper, sometimes.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Expert Arena

Guide: This is where the difficulty goes up. A lot. Start by carefully making your way down either set of ramps, then get ready to run. As soon as you hit the flat section, dodge and weave, as the arrow shows, to avoid getting turned into a hamster pancake by Bonk, the big, angry hammer. After that, there's a split in the road, similar to Tower Race. The left path has a lot of fans to blow you off, but is faster than the right path, which is much safer. Either way, once your past that, get ready to run. Choose a side, but don't go down the middle of the next two bridges, as a sawblade will run right through it and cut it in two, causing one half to fall off. The half that falls off it completely random, so be quick, be lucky, or be dead. After that comes the giant jump. Stay in the middle so you don't run into a pillar and die, and try to ring the bell at the end for an extra 5 seconds. From there, carefully go down the final ramp and cross the last bridge to reach the goal.

The bell at the end of the big jump in Expert Race. Ring it for five bonus seconds. You'll need 'em.

Tips and Tricks: Fight the fans! Move towards them while passing them to prevent yourself from being blown away. As in Tower Race, the left path is fast and dangerous, while the right path is safe and long. One the bridges, the sawblades always seem to cut off the side you're on, so run as fast as you can, and don't be caught in the middle. On the jump, ringing the bell does nothing for you in Time Trials, so don't stress it too much. Also, ignore the judges, they do nothing. They mean literally nothing, they're just there for comedic effect.

The judges on Expert Race. Ignore them.

Odd Race

Description: It's called the 'Odd Race' because 'The Gravity-Flipping Course of Madness' doesn't really roll of the tongue. This race is a little...odd...but just follow the white arrows and you'll be fine. And just because the arrows are pointing at the wall doesn't mean you should try to roll up the wall! You're also gonna find the 8-Ball's little brothers here...tiny little 8-Balls pose no threat to a great big rolling hamster, though...

Hazards: Tiny 8-Balls, Golden Balls

Race Time: 35.0 Seconds

Par Time: 60.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 80.7 Seconds

Silver Time: 61.8 Seconds

Gold Time: 48.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 44.6 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After going through the warp pipe, run past (or smash) the tiny 8-Ball and go to the left to find a path that leads to seemingly nothing. At the end of it, roll away from the pipes to find a bridge that leads to the Unlock Spot.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Odd Arena

Guide: From the start, roll down the first ramp, but ignore the second one and instead pass over the small bridges beside it. From there, roll down the ramps, and then past the second white arrow and up the wall. From there, roll up, then to the right, then up some more, then back to the left, then down to the pipe, which will spit you out on top of a ramp. Roll down said ramp and into the tiny 8-Ball, which will grant 500 points when smashed. If you don't smash it, no big deal, but it's pretty easy to do. From there, roll up the wall to the right to get around to the next pipe, which will make you tiny. Roll across the bridge there to a platform that slams down from your weight, and then down another ramp to another tiny 8-Ball. This one is harder to kill, considering that you're also tiny now, so killing with one will grant you the standard 2000 points. From there, roll down the next pipe, then down the curly ramps to 3 unreachable pipes. These pipes spit out golden balls that roll away randomly, so ignore them and roll up and around the arch to the final platform, from which you can roll to the goal.

Tips and Tricks: This is one of the longest courses in Hamsterball. Let's make it shorter. First, when you get to the first on the wall section, a very precise drop can let you drop right down to the end of that section, allowing you to skip it entirely. From there, go to the secret unlock spot, and then roll off in the same direction. You'll fall down onto the ramps at the end of the tiny section, only dizzying your ball, and, if you can keep in control long enough to stay on until your dizzy wears off, you can roll to the finish, without the golden balls even spawning! Note that this shortcut will only work in Tournament mode on Normal or higher, as those are the only times the secret platforms will spawn.

Toob Race

Description: Toobs and Hamsters go together like peanut butter and jelly. So bring on the Toob Race! Roll your hamster through every Toob you see, and watch out for the Pinball Madness! You're also gonna meet some speedy fellas called the Block Dawgs here. They live up to their name, so don't let them block your bath! Oh yeah, and there's a couple tools out to get you on this course, too, but you're much too clever for them.

Hazards: Block Dawgs, Saws, 8-Ball

Race Time: 30.0 Seconds

Par Time: 65.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 60.6 Seconds

Silver Time: 53.5 Seconds

Gold Time: 45.2 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 42.3 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After passing the maze-like section and going through the final Toob (that's how the game spells it, and thus, how I spell it), you'll come to a ramp surrounded by walls. Roll around these walls, and right after you hit the turn going towards the final bridge, roll off just past the corner to find the bridge to the Unlock Spot. And no, you can't jump to the goal from here. Trust me, I tried.

The Secret Unlock Spot in Toob Race

Guide: From the start, go down one of the Toobs, then roll into the one spinning around with the floor. From there, roll around the bridge you come out on (it's random which one) and don't hit the saws; they'll knock you away and dizzy you. From there, maneuver around the Block Dawgs, enemies that move around quickly and will lock in place when you get near, then go down the next Toob. From there, you'll run into some bumpers and an 8-Ball. The 8-Ball usually ends up flinging himself off the cliff with the bumpers, so have a free 2000 points as you go by. From there, go down a Toob to be spat out onto one a two different paths (again, random). The lower path is easier, while the top one might be slightly faster, I really can't tell. From there, follow the ramps down to the final Toob, then go down the final ramp to cross the final bridge to reach the goal.

Tips and Tricks: Not much I can say here, it's mostly just movement optimization. There's aren't any really good time savers or tricks to pull off to save seconds.

Wobbly Race

Description: Creak to the left...creak to the right...and all the hamsters fall down. Whoever built this Wobbly Race was definitely a little tipsy. As you roll through this one, you'll encounter whole huge platforms that tip and sway and pivot from the weight of your little Hamsterball. So you're gonna have to think fast and catch yourself when you start to slide!

Hazards: None

Race Time: 30.0 Seconds

Par Time 70.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 63.8 Seconds

Silver Time: 52.1 Seconds

Gold Time: 44.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 37.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After making past the final tippling platform, don't go onto the goal. Instead, carefully roll around it. The Unlock Spot is on a platform on the other side.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Wobbly Arena. Jerkish.

Guide: This course is one of the most difficult ones out there. Start by quickly rolling across the first platform, which will tip and sway freely under your weight, so don't take too long. The next platform has a series of ramps, so carefully slide down them and move to the next one, which also has some ramps on it. After that, charge across the waving bridge and go down the pipe. When you reach the tipping block, take it easy. The first one tips slowly, but the second one will fling you off the second you touch it, so be careful and fight it just enough to get down to the steep ramp, then move back up the ramp to get to the next platform. Once down that one, go down the pipe to the most difficult section: The Tipping Tower of Wobbly Race. This is a 3-tiered tower that you must descend to get to the final stretch, and it ALL tips. You start from the center of the third floor, then carefully make your way down to the second floor via ramp, where there is a kind rail to stop you. Now comes the tricky part. You must then go down a ramp all the way to the corner, then make it back to the front most corner to get off. There's no guide rails, and the entire tower is tipping towards an abyss. Once off the tower, go across the S-curve platform, that also tips, and then roll into the goal. Good job, only a few more races to go!

Tips and Tricks: When dealing with the tipping platforms, put a tiny amount of force away from where you need to go. The tipping of the platform combined with the incline of the ramp will slowly push you where you need to go. For the tower, take the first ramp at full speed, thanks to the rail there to stop you, then hug the wall going down the ramp and back to the center. The S-curve at the end also has slopes to help keep you on the curve.

Glass Race

Description: From the deranged mind of a mad glassblower with hiccups comes...the Glass Race! It's Pretty, it's shiny, it's decorative...and it's darned slippery! Have a care when you're rolling on the glass, because your Hamster just can't get the traction you normally expect. But all is not lost, because if you can manage to break some glass here, you'll get a nice time bonus!

Hazards: 8-Ball

Race Time: 30.0 Seconds

Par Time: 65.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 65.0 Seconds

Silver Time: 52.1 Seconds

Gold Time: 43.5 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 36.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After going down the second pipe, roll back up the ramp you came from and past the pipe, on a path to the right. Keep rolling and you'll find a bridge that leads to the Unlock Spot for Glass Arena.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Glass Arena

Guide: This map is covered in glass, which makes it a lot harder to obtain, maintain, and control momentum. From the start, roll down the ramps and into the first pipe. From there, you'll be shot out towards some holes. Steer yourself away from the hole, preferably towards the bigger path on the right. From there, carefully roll down the path into the pipe, then hold towards the pipe to control yourself coming out of the pipe and into the next ramp. From there, roll down to the split, then take the right path down and around to the 8-Ball's platform. Do what you want with him, then make your way to one of the drops on the side. Follow the arrow and roll down the ramp as fast as you can to try and break one of the two glass stoppers on the end. If you do smash one, you get an extra TEN seconds! That's double any other time bonus available within a level! Regardless of whether or not you break the glass, roll down from there to a series of narrow platforms. Roll across them carefully to reach the goal.

The breakable glass in Glass Race. Smash it for 10 precious seconds!

Tips and Tricks: Turn and stop A LOT earlier than you normally would on this race, as this glass has almost no traction for you to use. Even at full force, it still takes a couple of seconds to stop and turn around. To smash the glass, you really need to go at top speed, so make sure you line it up well and go as fast as possible, otherwise you'll just dink off of it. On the final section, make small, precise movements to avoid falling off.

Sky Race

Description: Up here in the sky, your biggest problem is being close to the sun...especially when a giant magnifying glass is out to get you! This crazy coaster of a race will challenge you to hold on to the track without much room to maneuver. Meanwhile, you'll have to deal with these pesky pokey pipes, and a strange blue ball that's just a leeeetle bit smarter than those mean old 8-Balls.

Hazards: Mega Magnifying Glass, Pesky Pokey Pipes, Blue-Star Ball

Race Time: 30.0 Seconds

Par Time: 65.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 60.0 Seconds

Silver Time: 53.5 Seconds

Gold Time: 46.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 40.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: While being chased by the magnifying glass, roll off the track after coming around the bend. You should land right on the Unlock Spot.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Sky Arena.

Guide: This course is brutal, but it's the last obstacle between you and Master Race. However, it's quite straightforward. Just follow the path. However, be as fast as possible when being chased, or else your ball will get broken. For dealing with the Pokey Pipes, try to charge through as fast as possible, and hope for good luck, as it is random what patterns of pipes pop up.

Tips and Tricks: You can't skip anything on this track. Any jump that looks possible isn't. Just go fast, but not so fast you fling yourself off. That's bad.

Master Race

Description: Are you ready for the Master's Challenge? Come one, come all, but come only the best to the feared Master Race. You will need all your reflexes and wit to finish this one! Just remember to keep the speed up, up, up! The trials of the past are nothing compared to this...but finish is, and all rodenthood will bow down to you!

Hazards: Oh boy, here we go...Moving bridge, 8-Ball, Flip stoppers, Bonk the Hammer, Pesky Pokey Pipes, Block Dawgs, Tarbabies, Mousetraps. I think that's it.

Race Time: 60.0 Seconds

Par Time: 82.0 Seconds

Bronze Time: 112.4 Seconds

Silver Time: 88.8 Seconds

Gold Time: 73.4 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 65.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After getting past the Block Dawgs and flinging yourself out of the catapult, roll down the steep corkscrew and onto the bridge. The secret is at the end of the bridge. MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. So much so, I could only do it in Time Trials and am unable to show you the actual spot. Sorry.

The bridge you have to land on to get to the Secret Unlock Spot for Master Arena.

Guide: Oh boy. Start by dropping down from starting platform and crossing the bridge, then rolling down the first of many steep ramps. From there, go down the pipe and the next ramp to find the 8-Ball. Just run past him and he'll throw himself off the cliff, easy 2000 points. From there, go through the tunnel and to the flip stoppers, then prepare for the second steep ramp. For this one, hold up until you reach the turn, then follow the turn with your mouse to stay on track. If you make it close enough to the end, you'll be respawned there. From there, go into the pipe, then get shot out of it because It's actually a cannon, then go down the other pipe. From there, roll down some ramps and to a bridge to get a surprise visit from your old pal Bonk. You'll either need to get Bonk to hammer in the two pipes in front of the one you need to go down, or roll around them along the edge of the pipe and go in that way. Either way, once you're down, roll down the ramps and past the Block Dawgs, then enter the catapult. From there, roll down the very small and steep ramp, then try and control yourself as you roll down to the tar pit. Roll into the pipe in the tar pit, then roll down the final ramp, past the mousetraps, and into the goal. Congratulations, you made it through Master Race. Now prepare to die.

Tips and Tricks: For the first steep ramp, just follow it with your mouse. For the second one, hold up towards the top of the ramp, then follow it once it starts turning so that you hopefully don't go flying off. For the third one, follow it VERY closely, otherwise you'll fly off. Other than that, there's not much I can tell you. It's all up to you.

Impossible Race

Description: The Impossible Race. Well, it's not really impossible...but that's something you'll have to experience for yourself. This malevolent mechanical mudge of narrow ledges, grinding gears, moving platforms, and messy architecture is the final challenge. Conquer this race, and many will consider you a hamster...god. Good luck, Rodent Roller.

Race Time: 55.0 Seconds

Par Time: Find out yourself, I'm sure it's something ridiculous.

Bronze Time: 100.4 Seconds

Silver Time: 80.3 Seconds

Gold Time: 60.0 Seconds

Weasel's Time: 44.0 Seconds

Arena Unlocked: After getting through the gear grinder, you'll come across a rotating platform. Roll off this platform at the lower-right corner to find the Unlock Spot.

The Secret Unlock Spot for Impossible Arena

Guide: This race. This. Race. Oh boy. Start by carefully making your way down the narrow ledges, and then across the corkscrew platform then into the pipe. From there, make your way across yet another impossibly narrow platform and through the two gears. From there you will find a rotating platform. Get on it, then get in a pipe, which will take you to the next area. Ride the gear upwards to the next platform, then roll across the twisting bridge, switching sides about halfway through. Then make your way across the very narrow and steep S-curve before crossing the upside down pirate ships and reaching the goal. If you are playing on Frenzied mode without time hacks, then I salute you. You are a Hamsterball God.

Tips and Tricks: Don't die. No seriously, the checkpoint system on this map is really screwed up in some places, so don't die. Other than that, there's not much I can give you.


Congratulations! You've cleared tournament mode and netted yourself a nice 100000 point bonus! You'll also get a bonus if you manage to have less than 20 broken balls throughout your entire playthrough. Either way, post your highscore(If you didn't use Rollbacks or Aborts) and pat yourself on the back. Good work.


Hamsterball's Multiplayer, Rodent Rumble, has 15 unlockable arenas for you to play on. Here is what they all look like, and what all of them have to kill you with.

Warm-Up Arena

Hazards: None

The Warm-Up Arena

This is the most basic arena. Nothing to see here. NEXT!

Beginner Arena

Hazards: Bumpers, 8-Ball

The Beginner Arena

Use the bumpers to your advantage, use the extra speed to knock others off! The 8-Ball will grant points when killed, and does respawn. Same goes for all 8-Balls.

Intermediate Arena

Hazards: Mousetraps

The Intermediate Arena

Knock others into mousetraps, or bait them into them, just don't touch them yourself!

Dizzy Arena

Hazards: Spinning Platform

The Dizzy Arena

Use the momentum from the spinning platform to knock others off

Tower Arena

Hazards: Catapult, Maces

The Tower Arena

Use the hazards on this map to your advantage by knocking or luring others into them! While difficult, you can also shove them out through the gaps in the castle! Don't ask why the background is purple, it's a glitch with the game.

Up Arena

Hazards: Elevator

The Up Arena

Yet another boring arena. Stay in the upper half to survive.

Neon Arena

Hazards: Laser Guards, 8-Ball

The Neon Arena

Don't get caught in the guards when they turn on, otherwise you die.

Expert Arena

Hazards: Fan

The Expert Arena

The fan will pop up randomly and face one of the 4 corners, use it to knock others off!

Odd Arena

Hazards: Gravity flipping

The Odd Arena

Would have been better with Tiny 8-Balls.

Toob Arena

Hazards: PINBALL MADNESS!, Toobs that lead to your doom(s)

The Toob Arena

One of my personal favorites, use the bumpers to knock people into the Toobs, or over the bumpers!

Wobbly Arena

Hazards: The whole stage tips

The Wobbly Arena

Use the balance of the stage to force others off!

Glass Arena

Hazards: 8-Ball, Slippery Shoes (wait, do hamsters even wear shoes?)

The Glass Arena

Bounce off of others to give yourself the momentum needed to knock others out!

Sky Arena

Hazards: Pesky Pokey Pipes

The Sky Arena

Use the Pipes to catch yourself from a fall.

Master Arena

Hazards: Cannons

The Master Arena

Lure someone into a cannon after you to send them to space!

Impossible Arena

Hazards: A couple of gears stacked on top of each other.

The Impossible Arena

This is...quite underwhelming for the final arena. Also, the name is the wrong color on the menu and there's no music. Seems like this was unfinished.


Thank you for reading my guide. I hope it helped you.

Hamsterball © Raptisoft.

All pictures are screenshots I captured myself. All data was pulled directly from the game, thus why I was unable to give a Par Time for Impossible Race. If anyone can tell me that, please do.