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Reviewed: 11/13/07

Although deemed as the worst expansion pack by me, there are some good qualities about it.

The Sims 2 is perhaps one of the most recognized computer games on the PC. It has released many expansion packs since its debut in 2004. If you have played every one of the expansion packs, one of them just stands out from the rest. That is The Sims 2 Pets. No. I don’t mean it is the only expansion pack that has pets. I mean it is the most boring game out of the bunch of expansion packs. Let me elaborate further.

Firstly, I’ll mention about the good points. Pets are the main focus in this game and they did well in this field. You can either simply choose the type of cats/dogs or create a custom pet. While I appreciate that Maxis gave us liberty to let our imaginations come alive, the time consumed learning the functions of CAP is almost equivalent to building a mansion or a hacienda. But, it is comprehensible. I was in a state of predicament when in CAS during my first time playing The Sims 2. I would have much appreciated if they included a tutorial on this.

Another good point is the objects and furniture. There are two types of furniture introduced in this game. Atomic and Pets. For pets, it is obvious that this collection of items is for the Sims’ furry friends. It has pretty neat stuff and they appeal me too. Such as the giant pet house, which is the most luxurious and costly out of all the pet beds. Your pets can even woohoo in there together while feeling a sense of comfort from the texture of the pet bed. The atomic-themed furniture were awesome and they raise the worthy of this game. Moreover, I guess this is the first expansion pack to have a clock. The kids’ stuff looks very sensible and just right for me. As in, it isn’t as nonsensical as Family Fun Stuff, where the kid thinks he can breathe fire out from his mouth when he’s TOO stupid to realize that he vomits after forcing his lungs.

Lastly on the good points, the new musics are very groovy. The Country songs are very relaxing to hear and I liked the fact that they included Pussicat Dolls- Don’t cha, only reedited to Sims’ language, which sounded rather odd.

Moving on, now we go on to the bad points. Firstly, there is absolutely no trace or tinge of Sims clothes. At least include a T-shirt with a Pets logo or a wicked pet on it. I mean come on, surely you can tell that you have been ripped off? S$42.90 for a themed set of furniture and pets that you can’t even control? Nay way! It should have been about S$25.00. Awfully, the largest mistake they made in this expansion pack. If they had included a bit more things, the game would have been more worthy of the price.

Second bad point. You can’t even control the pets! What? I have people come telling me, “Hey! You are very dominating. You control Sims, which are humans. And now you want to control cats, dogs?” You know what? I don’t give a damn about it. This is a game. There is supposed to be no limits to it. Of course, unless you are talking about mature content. Then, it is a different case. Anyway, Maxis should have allowed control of pets while giving them free will. Sometimes, the pets got too used to its old bed and pet dish that when I get them new ones, that are of better quality than the past ones, that they ignore them and don’t eat and sleep on the floor. After that, the social worker comes up to me and says that I haven’t been “taking care” of my pet properly, when that female dog or tabby sacrifices her hunger so that I’ll pity him and get back his old home and pet dish. What an idiot that pet is! To conclude, having pets can be cumbersome if you don’t know the right moves to make.

Aside from the good and the bad points about this game, it is time to introduce the supernatural creature for this pack. It is the werewolf. Surreptitious, vicious and carnivorous, this wolf can be an advantage too. It trains pets 25% faster than normal human Sims. Well, that’s all I can think of. But wait. Just how do you get the creature? It’s rather perplexing. Firstly, you need to build a home surrounded by a forest of bushes and trees. Make weeds grow. Then, wait randomly for a dog with glowing yellowish eyes to appear at your lot. Befriend it, pet and razzle it until eventually it decides to nibble you. You will then turn into a hairy creature known as the Lycantrophy or werewolf. On the other hand, to cure this, you will need to purchase a bottle of Lycantrophy-C potion from the matchmaker. Use it on your affected Sim and he will be cured! And yes, I almost forgot. Your werewolf Sim can savage another Sim to make him become a werewolf himself. Plus, your werewolf Sim will gain hunger! (it sounds sick.)

After all that explanation and elaboration, I, in conclusion, say that this game is somewhat worthless, (except for the werewolf.) and it is the same repeated Sims 1 Unleashed gameplay with the addition of new things. Unless you are an animal-lover, do not, by all means, grab a copy of this game. You might want to buy later expansion packs such as Seasons or Bon Voyage. Or, another alternative is to rent the game to get a taste of it.

Thanks for reading my review.

Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Sounds: 7/10
Total: 19/30
Mean score: 6.3/10
Final score: 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: The Sims 2: Pets (US, 10/17/06)

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