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FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 10/31/07

 _____ _            ____  _                 ____            ____      _       
|_   _| |__   ___  / ___|(_)_ __ ___  ___  |___ \          |  _ \ ___| |_ ___ 
  | | | '_ \ / _ \ \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|   __) |  _____  | |_) / _ \ __/ __|
  | | | | | |  __/  ___) | | | | | | \__ \  / __/  |_____| |  __/  __/ |_\__ \
  |_| |_| |_|\___| |____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/ |_____|         |_|   \___|\__|___/

Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.5
Date Started: 30/4/07

Table of Contents

[1] Introduction, Read It
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History
[2] Creating a Pet for Dummies
    [2.01] The Games Introduction
    [2.02] Adjustment
    [2.03] Creating Dogs
    [2.04] Creating Cats
    [2.05] More on Traits
[3] Unlockables, They're Shiny
    [3.01] The Concept
    [3.02] The Codes
[4] Pets, For Dummies
    [4.01] New Needs
    [4.02] Old Needs
    [4.03] Teaching Commands
    [4.04] Life Cycle
    [4.05] Behaviour
    [4.06] Interacting
    [4.07] Strays
    [4.08] Breeding
[5] Pet Jobs, The Three S's
    [5.01] Security
    [5.02] Service
    [5.03] Showbiz
    [5.04] Job Analysis
[6] Chance Cards, Risk Assessment Time
    [6.01] Security
    [6.02] Service
    [6.03] Showbiz
[7] Other Pets, Neglected
    [7.01] Womrats
    [7.02] Birds
    [7.03] Fish
[8] Services, Not that Type
    [8.01] Adoption
    [8.02] Obedience
[9] Werewolves, Courtesy of Remus John Lupin
    [9.01] Becoming a Werewolf
    [9.02] Life as a Werewolf
[10] Aspirations
    [10.01] Kibble of Life

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright
[1.01] Introduction

Welcome to my 12th FAQ. This is the next in line after Open for Business and
before Seasons. This guide is mainly due to popular demand since I've gotten
emails to write this. Out of retirement I go. I stopped after Open for 
Business due to lack of motivation. After all, I don't get paid for this. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.1 [30/4/07]
After a long time, I've actually started this guide. After a long time eh? 
Not making much progress due to writers block and lack of information. 

Version 0.2 [1/5/07]
Must update. Servo must destroy.

Version 0.3 [2/6/07]
Third update. Get everything in order. 

Version 0.4 [3/10/07]
Chapter 4 has another 7 parts to it. Completed chapters 4, 7 and 8. Framework
is set for chapters 9 and 10 which should be the end of the guide. 

Version 0.5 [31/10/07]
Guide Complete with Chapter 9 and 10 done in a single go. Well, have fun 
reading this wall of words, and enjoy Simming. 

[2.01] The Games Introduction

"Barking, yowling, squeaking, flapping, meowing, growling, howling - there 
are sounds of new life all over the neighbourhood! Your Sims can now make
friends with stray pets that wonder through their yard, buy a pet from the
store, adopt a pet on the phone, or buy some caged animals in the catalog.
You can even create totally unique pets as part of a new family!

Love them, take care of them, breed them, teach them tricks, get them jobs,
or just sit and watch TV together. Move a new pet store and pet park into your
neighbourhood, then take your pets out to show them off around town, or fill
your house with new items to make it a pet's paradise!

Welcome to Pets!"

[2.02] Adjustment

Welcome to pets. You can easily adjust to it and even become pro at it with
the help of my guide. At least I hope so. Before you can have pets, you might
want to create some. You can do this when you visit the neighbourhood screen
and use the create a family option. By using this option, you will load up 
the screen where you can create some pets. Now, you have to click to add a 
new family member, and you will see two new options, the one for a cat and the
one for a dog. Lets toss a coin to see which will be done first. Heads is the
cat, tails it the dog. Tails it is. Dog First. 

[2.03] Creating Dogs

To create a dog, you have to click on the first option, that is to create a 
dog, or rather click on the item that resembles a dog. Either way, it will
work. Lets proceed. Man, this is going to sound like Creating a Sim all the 
way back on the back guide. 

First things first, a name. Give your dog a name. Something you want to call a
dog, from Rover to Jackass. Anyway, you can now pick the gender, Male or 
Female, whatever floats your boat. Anyway, decide the gender and then whether
it will be an adult dog or an elder dog. The difference is evident as with
your Sims. The last part is to choose whether it will be a small dog like
a Jack Russell or a large dog like a German Shepherd. 

NOTE: If you want to have a completely random dog, you can click on the nice
      to randomise.

There are so many different breeds of dogs to choose from. There are the:

* Airedale Terrier
* Akita
* American Foxhound
* Amstaff
* Australian Cattle Dog
* Australian Shepherd
* Black & Tan
* Black Lab
* Border Collie
* Borzoi
* Boxer
* Brittany
* Bullmastiff
* Bull Terroer
* Canaan Dog
* Chessie
* Chocolate Lab
* Chow Chow
* Chow-Lab Mix
* Collie
* Curly Coated Retriever
* Dalmatian
* Doberman Pinscher
* English Foxhound
* German Shepherd
* German Shorthaired
* Giant Schnauzer
* Golden Retriever
* Goldendoodle
* Great Dane
* Greyhound
* Husky
* Irish Wolfhound
* Keeshond
* Kerry Blue Terrier
* Labradinger
* Labradoodle
* Mastiff
* Newfoundland
* Norsk Elk Shepherd
* Pit Bull Terrier
* Pointer
* Poodle
* Redbone Coonhound
* Rottweiler
* Saint Bernard
* Saluki
* Samoyed
* Weimaraner
* Whippet
* Yellow Lab

Or you can create a dog. This will provide you with a dog which is default for
dogs. It has average eyes, ears, everything. It should appear if as a white
dog, glaring at you.

Step 3. There are coats which you can have your dog to have. You can have 
colours such as red, cream and golden, but to have some more bizarre colours,
you have to unlock them, either through playing the game, or by using the 
unique codes I have below. With the coats you can have the default coat, which
is the one above. That can be upgraded if you like with many other coats to
add speckles and spots and such. You can fully customise the coat of your 
dog to perfection. And if that wasn't enough, you can mix it up a bit more by
changing the structure of the coat. It doesn't have to be straight and flat,
it can be curly, woolly and such. This isn't just a simple basic animal. Once 
you finish that, move on to Step 4.

Step 4. You can now choose the fur accessories that you want with the pet.
You can have spots, stripes, whatever you want that you can choose. However,
some may be locked out because you have a different tail size to that the
accessory requires. Then you can choose the coat size of the coat. This will
modify how big the coat it. You have an option or rather, an array of breeds 
to choose from. This will allow you to have a Pitbull Terrier to have a fur
coat of a Chow Chow. The next option will allow you to change the face and
the body of the dog dramatically. The next option below it will change the 
size of the body in comparsion of a wolf.

The next option will allow you to change the body of the dog. This will allow
automatic options from those already above but you can modify your dogs with
the legs, the belly, the paw, the hind and others. The next option is the
face. You can choose from the automatic options above or you can modify the
facial features such as the size of the head, the angle of the beak and such.
The next option is the brows and the eyes. You can choose an automatic one
or you can do your own. You can modify the eyes of your dog and the features
around the eye such as the brows. You can also change the colour of both
eyes or individual ones.

Next is the nose and the snout. You can choose the automatic ones or your
can modify it yourself. Yuo can change the size of the nose, the pointiness
of the snout and everything is lies in between. You can then edit the ears of
the animal. You can change the flappiness of the ears of the dog and such. 
The final part in this long as step is the tail. You can change the thickness
of the tail as well as choosing the shape of it. 

Step 5 is the easiest step, you have to choose the collar of your dog. Pick
and choose the collar till you find the right on and then move to the next and
final step. I keep writing stop for step for some reason.

Step 6 is choosing the zodiac symbol of the pet. This also is dealing with the
behaviour of the pet. I'll have a nice list below. These are the traits of the
pet that you can have. On the left side, you will have the following traits:


Genius pets tend to catch on much faster, which is obvious when training. This
is a good trait for career-minded pets to have and is also ideal for those
interested in a more obedient, reliable animal.


Hyper pets are full of energy and are always more inclined to play. These pets
will always spend much less time loafing around and will take the time to 
interact with everything around them.


Independent pets don't necessarily require (or tolerate) the constant 
attention of a companion. These pets often react indifferently to playful
or affectionate interactions.


Aggressive pets will often growl and hiss first, and ask questions later. 
Always on the defensive, it isn't wise to tamper with "their" things or push
them around.


Pigpen pets shudder at the thought of leaving a good dirt or trash pile alone.
Less than concerned about cleanliness, these pets may cause discomfort for
those with sensitive noses. 

On the Right side, you will have these traits. They are listed in order to be
opposite the one above them. 


Doofus pets are somewhat dimwitted, so training may take a bit longer. Pets
with this trait may not notice things happening around them and they tend to
be a bit slow to react.


Lazy pets can often be found resting happily when and wherever their mood 
strikes them. Sleep is their highest priority, so they may not always be
willing to play.


Friendly pets are always quick to greet with a warm welcome. These 
affectionate pets, often inclined to play with others, really are a Sim's best


Cowardly pets are not interested in fighting or standing their ground. When 
the fur begins to fly, these pets can usually be seen scurrying in the 
opposite direction.


Finicky pets maintain high standards and will rarely be seen with a hair out
of place. Furthermore, don't expect them to tolerate a dirty or cheap bowl. 

The Zodiac Chart

Star Sign       | G - D  | H - L  | I - F  | A - C  | P - F  |
Capricorn       | X      |     X  |   X    |   X    |     X  |
Aquarius        |     X  |   X    |     X  |     X  |   X    |
Pieces          |   X    | X      |   X    |     X  |     X  |
Aries           | X      |   X    |     X  | X      |   X    |
Taurus          |     X  |     X  | X      |   X    |     X  |
Gemini          | X      |   X    | X      | X      | X      |
Cancer          |   X    |   X    | X      |     X  |   X    |
Leo             |   X    |     X  |     X  | X      | X      |
Virgo           | X      |   X    | X      |   X    |     X  |
Libra           |     X  |     X  |     X  |   X    | X      |
Scorpio         | X      | X      | X      | X      |   X    |
Sagittarius     |     X  | X      |   X    |     X  | X      |

There are 5 points you can allocate to each trait. You can have one on each.
It can be one, or the other, or the middle. The X will mark where each star
sign will allocate it.

G - D = Genius - Doofus
H - L = Hyper - Lazy
I - F = Independent - Friendly
A - C = Aggressive - Cowardly
P - F = Pigpen - Finicky

[2.04] Creating Cats

Now, to create a cat, you have to click on the cat, which is next to the 
dog when you want to create a Sim.  

Step 1 is to choose a name for the cat. Anything from Puss in Boots to Kitty.
Have fun naming. Next is to choose a gender for the cat, a male or a female,
we don't care. Finally, you have to choose whether it is an elder or it is an
adult. You can choose that. But you can't choose the size though. 

Step 2 is to choose a breed or a create your own pet. There are many breeds
of cats as well, anything from Persian to Siberian. Persian, reminds me of
Pokemon. Reminds me of a joke, how do you get a Pikachu onto a train? You
Poke Him On. Anyway, these are the breeds of cats your can choose from:

* Abyssian
* Balinese
* Biman
* Bombay
* British Shorthair
* Burmese
* Calico
* Chartreux
* Egyptian Mau
* Exotic Shorthair
* Havana Brown
* Himalayan
* Japanese Bobtail
* Maine Coon
* Manx
* Norwegian Forest
* Ocicat
* Oriential
* Oriential Shorthair
* Persian
* Ragdoll
* Russian Blue
* Scottish Fold
* Shorthair Tabby
* Siamese
* Siberian
* Singapura
* Tonkinese
* Turkish Agora
* Tuxedo Cat

Or you can use the Create A Cat. This will provide you with the basic default
cat that you can modify to your hearts content. The following will basically
be the same as the one for dogs. Just in different words. 

Step 3 is the same as for dogs. There are many coats for you to choose from
except that when you use the unlock codes, the unique fur will be far 
different than those to the dogs. This is nothing new. Anyway, for those who
want a cat and not dogs, you have to choose a colour for the coat of the dog.
This can be done by selecting a colour from the above panel. You can then add
some coats for the cat as well. You can add as many coats as you want so knock
yourself out. 

Step 4 is slightly different. There are only two fur accessories for you to
choose from. That isn't as many as the dogs do. Come to think of it, Maxis 
seems to be more of a dog person than a cat person. Anyway, the next option is
to adjust the entire pet. This includes such aprts as the legs and the belly
of the cat. Nothing different than the dog.

The next option is the face. You can modify the face of the cat in any shape,
way or form as you wish. Just modify by moving the little slider bars at the
bottom of the screen. As always, you can always use the automatic options and
have it do it for you if you can't be bothered or don't worry about the 
appearance of the cat. 

Now you can modify the eyes and the brows of the cat. This will deal with the
size of the eye and how high it is above the face of the cat. This is again, 
nothing new. After that, you can modify the snout and jaw of the cat, this
will deal with the chin of the cat and anything related in that area. The ears
is next where you can change the shape and size of the ear. And finally, the
all important tail. You canot have a cat without a tail.

Step 5 is the same as the dog, you can have a collar, any one from the 
selection of collars. You can use the unique codes to have a unique collar.

Step 6 is the same. You can choose the traits and the zodiac symbol for your
animal. If I forgot to mention, the traits of the animal is what derives your
Zodiac symbol so be careful. If you are too lazy to scroll up, I'll paste the
same thing so you don't miss out. 

On the left side, you will have the following traits:


Genius pets tend to catch on much faster, which is obvious when training. This
is a good trait for career-minded pets to have and is also ideal for those
interested in a more obedient, reliable animal.


Hyper pets are full of energy and are always more inclined to play. These pets
will always spend much less time loafing around and will take the time to 
interact with everything around them.


Independent pets don't necessarily require (or tolerate) the constant 
attention of a companion. These pets often react indifferently to playful
or affectionate interactions.


Aggressive pets will often growl and hiss first, and ask questions later. 
Always on the defensive, it isn't wise to tamper with "their" things or push
them around.


Pigpen pets shudder at the thought of leaving a good dirt or trash pile alone.
Less than concerned about cleanliness, these pets may cause discomfort for
those with sensitive noses. 

On the Right side, you will have these traits. They are listed in order to be
opposite the one above them. 


Doofus pets are somewhat dimwitted, so training may take a bit longer. Pets
with this trait may not notice things happening around them and they tend to
be a bit slow to react.


Lazy pets can often be found resting happily when and wherever their mood 
strikes them. Sleep is their highest priority, so they may not always be
willing to play.


Friendly pets are always quick to greet with a warm welcome. These 
affectionate pets, often inclined to play with others, really are a Sim's best


Cowardly pets are not interested in fighting or standing their ground. When 
the fur begins to fly, these pets can usually be seen scurrying in the 
opposite direction.


Finicky pets maintain high standards and will rarely be seen with a hair out
of place. Furthermore, don't expect them to tolerate a dirty or cheap bowl. 

The Zodiac Chart

Star Sign       | G - D  | H - L  | I - F  | A - C  | P - F  |
Capricorn       | X      |     X  |   X    |   X    |     X  |
Aquarius        |     X  |   X    |     X  |     X  |   X    |
Pieces          |   X    | X      |   X    |     X  |     X  |
Aries           | X      |   X    |     X  | X      |   X    |
Taurus          |     X  |     X  | X      |   X    |     X  |
Gemini          | X      |   X    | X      | X      | X      |
Cancer          |   X    |   X    | X      |     X  |   X    |
Leo             |   X    |     X  |     X  | X      | X      |
Virgo           | X      |   X    | X      |   X    |     X  |
Libra           |     X  |     X  |     X  |   X    | X      |
Scorpio         | X      | X      | X      | X      |   X    |
Sagittarius     |     X  | X      |   X    |     X  | X      |

There are 5 points you can allocate to each trait. You can have one on each.
It can be one, or the other, or the middle. The X will mark where each star
sign will allocate it.

G - D = Genius - Doofus
H - L = Hyper - Lazy
I - F = Independent - Friendly
A - C = Aggressive - Cowardly
P - F = Pigpen - Finicky

[2.05] More on Traits

This is some more about the traits of the animals. It also contains my 
recommendation on what I would use.

Genius and Doofus
The Genius trait is excellent for anyone since it will help with the training
of the animal much quicker. It is better to have a smart person to learn 
something over a person that is not as smart. However, the Doofus appears to
be more quiet and calm than genius pets. My recommendation is that you use the
Genius trait, since it is easier to train pets and make money with it. 

Hyper and Lazy
Hyper pets are very hyper, as the name suggests. They will always what some-
thing or another to do,l and often it involves you, the Sim owner. If you are
alone or live in a pair, you won't have a problem, but if you have enough on
your hands, it might be a problem. Lazy pets are well, lazy. They don't want
to do anything, except lounge around and sleep. They hardly interact forcing
you to interact with them. My recommendation is that you place it in the 
middle, its because they won't annoy you to high heaven, but they stll
interact with you.

Independent and Friendly
Independent pets are for those who don't have too much time in that department
so its really for those who are in a rush but want a pet. They will hardly
interact so if you are busy, they won't interact with you. However, friendly
are too friendly, they will initiate interactions with you, such as hug far
most often. They will easily make friends out of other pets and Sims which
might be handy. However, they will start to annoy you after a while, just like
the Hyper pets are. They will start to annoy after a while. My recommendation
is again, in the middle. This way, they will interact, but not all the time. 

Aggressive and Cowardly
Aggressive pets are very, very aggressive. If you don't give them the 
attention they think they deserve, they will growl at you. The Leader of the 
Pack is a classic example of Aggressive. If you have multiple pets, they will
see that a certain home, food bowl, is theirs. They will not be scared to 
start a fight over it. Cowardly pets are all to happy to avoid getting in the
way of the Aggressive pet and submit. They won't fight unless necessary. My 
recommendation is that it should be in the middle, so if you have more than
one pet, they should get along swimmingly.

Pigpen and Finicky
A pigpen pet will love making messes, such as a dog digging a hole, leaving 
you to fill up. A finicky pet will always be clean, wanting everything to
be clean. You don't want them to be pigpen because they will create messes
and start to stink. However, finicky pets might need everything to be clean.
My recommendation is again, to have the middle. This prevents them from being
a stink and a neat freak. 

[3.01] The Concept

The concept behind the unlockables is to play the game and make your animals
or rather, pets. There are gained by accessing, working and being promoted 
in the pet's careers. More on that later. 

When you move up the ladder of jobs, your pet will be promoted, unlocking 
unique items for your pets. These range from fur coats, collars to even such
things as patterns. There is a requirement on the amount of promotions that 
you need. Once you have a certain amount of promotions with one animal, you 
get to unlock a certain unique object. Note that cat will only unlock the
unique items for cats and dogs will do the same for the dogs. These codes are
universal in both ways. It is universal for your entire game and for anyone
elses game, which is way I have the full list below. Its full, I hope. 

[3.02] The Codes

There are the codes. You just have to input them, into your computer. To do 
this, you have to click on the F5 option, which is the disk on the screen. 
Then, you will have to click on the game options button, which can be seen
as the wheels. This will help you to find it. Then, look for the key. This
key is the unlockables and you will be able to input the codes here. I've
used the codes off Mod The Sims 2 for this information. Funny, originally I
was against mods, now I use them. 



    * Black Dot: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IQ9QHA64
    * Black Smiley: ZZZ11ZZZ9QAAQ91ZB1A
    * Blue Bones: ZZZ11ZZZHZ11Z91ZB1A
    * Blue Camouflage: ZZZ11ZZZHZ1AQ91ZB1A, ZZZ11ZZZHQ11Q91ZB1A
    * Blue Star: ZZZ11ZZQHQ11Q91ZB1A, EEGJ2YRQZQ1IQ9QHA64
    * Green Flower: EEGJ2YRQZZ1RQ9QHA64
    * Navy Hearts: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IQ9QHA64
    * Orange Diagonal: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IZ9QHA64
    * Pink Vertical Stripe: ZZZ11ZZZHZA1Q91ZB1A
    * White Paws: ZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Z91ZB1A
    * White Zebra: ZZZ11ZZZHZ11Q91ZB1A 

*Fur Colours*

    * Blue: EEGJ2YRQQQ1IZ9QHA64
    * Goofy: ZZZ11ZZZHZAAQ91ZB1A
    * Green: EEGJ2YRQZQAIQ9QHA64
    * Light Green: ZZZ11ZZZ9Q1AQ91ZB1A
    * Neon Green: ZZZ11ZZZ9QA1Q91ZB1A
    * Neon Yellow: EEGJ2YRQQQAIZ9QHA64
    * Pink: EEGJ2YRZQZ1RQ9QHA64
    * Purple: EEGJ2YRQQZAIZ9QHA64 

*Fur Patterns*

    * Stars Coat Marking: EEGJ2YRZQZAIZ9QHA64
    * Zebra Stripes: EEGJ2YRZZQAIZ9QHA64 



    * Black Dot: ZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Q91ZB1A
    * Black Smiley: EEGJ2YRQQZ1RQ9QHA64
    * Blue Bones: EEGJ2YRQZZARQ9QHA64
    * Blue Camouflage: ZZZ11ZZZHQ11Q91ZB1A
    * Blue Star: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IZ9QHA64
    * Green Flower: EEGJ2YRZQZAIQ9QHA64, ZZZ11ZZZ9ZA1Q91ZB1A
    * Navy Hearts: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IQ9QHA64
    * Orange Diagonal: EEGJ2YRQQZAIQ9QHA64
    * Pink Vertical Stripes: EEGJ2YRQQQARQ9QHA64
    * White Paws: EEGJ2YRQQQ1RQ9QHA64
    * White Zebra Stripe: EEGJ2YRZZQ1IZ9QHA64 

*Fur Colours*

    * Deep Red: EEGJ2YRQQQAIQ9QHA64
    * Goofy: EEGJ2YRQZQ1IZ9QHA64
    * Green: ZZZ11ZZZ9QA1Z91ZB1A
    * Light Green: EEGJ2YRZZQ1RQ9QHA64
    * Neon Green: ZZZ11ZZZHQA1Q91ZB1A
    * Neon Yellow: EEGJ2YRZZQARQ9QHA64
    * Pink: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IZ9QHA64
    * Purple: EEGJ2YRQQZARQ9QHA64 

*Fur Patterns*

    * Bandit Mask: EEGJ2YRQZZAIZ9QHA64
    * Panda Coat Markings: EEGJ2YRQZQAIZ9QHA64
    * Star Coat Markings: ZZZ11ZZZ9ZAAQ91ZB1A, EEGJ2YRZQZARQ9QHA64

[4.01] New Needs

Instead of the environment bar, the bar has been replaced in Pets with the
Chew and the Scratch bar. These are two new needs that can be solved in 
different ways. The need for the felines is the new "Scratch" bar and the new
need for the canines are the new "Chew" bar.

"Cats love to sharpen their claws and stretch their muscles on your household
items. Teach your cats good manners and buy them a scratching post to help
protect your belongings."

The cats have an itch to scratch. If you do not provide a scratching post, 
which you can obtain from the buy catalog under pet items, they will attack
your furniture without mercy. After a few scratches, they will completely
destroy your furniture. 

"Dogs have an uncontrollable desire to chew on things. This habit can be
moderated somewhat by purchasing chew toys and teaching them to behave."

The dogs love to chew, so why not buy them a bone? If you don't provide them
the fake bone to chew, they will, like the cats do to your furniture, they 
will chew on your little pieces of furniture without mercy. They will destroy
your furniture if you don't tame them. 

Those are the needs of the adult pets. Kittens and puppies will not have the
Scratch/Chew action, the fun and hygiene factor. 

[4.02] Old Needs

The Pets however, do maintain must of the needs of your Sims, except the
way to fulfil them is different. However, with all of these bars, your Sim
can only indirectly influence their needs replenishing, because you cannot
control your pets. Therefore, you can oly do it indirectly since the influence
meter does not work on your pets. As such, it is forced commands on the pet
that you can actually help their needs. In essence, you are a babysitter, have

Hunger is your main priorty. You will need to purchase some food bowls from
the pets section of the buy catalog. You can pick the one you want and then
place it. Fill the bowl with food and call the pet to eat when you need them
to. When you clean the bowl, you immediately remove the remaining food that is
in the bowl. After a while, you will have to clean the bowl as the pet will
refuse to eat anything out of it. 

Comfort is the second need. It is relatively simple to regain. All you need
to do is to wait till they lay on the floor or go back to the pet house. 
However, cats will regain comfort by sitting on their cat condo, so that is
another source for them. 

Bladder is the fastest to examine. Cats will relieve their bladders on the 
litter box, provided you have tought them to do you and you have one 
available. Dogs can do it outside and pee on the footpath or leave some
pee puddles on the ground. You can toilet train your pets and they will pee
in the toilet, which is quite handy and useful none the less.

Energy is relatively simple to replenish. They will regain it fastest while
they are in their pet houses that you can purchase. They can also regain
energy sleeping on the floor, but the house is better. They can also sleep on
the Sim's bed. Any action, like your Sims actions, will reduce the energy

Fun is simple to maintain. Purchase them a few toys and they will easily
entertain themselves. Most social interaction will be fun for them anyway
so it really doesn't matter. Taking your pets for a walk will help you refill
your fun and for dogs, it will also relieve bladders as dogs do their business
on other people's lawns. 

Social is simple because you don't have to activate the actions. Their 
interactions between Sims and other pets will increase their Social bar. For
example, giving your dog a treat or taking your cat for a walk will increase
the social bar. Interaction between pet and pet and pet and Sim will increase

Hygiene is the final bar. Cats are the best as they maintain themselves. They
will clean themselves, through their own devices. Dogs however, need to be 
washed in a bathtub, don't worry, no dog germs or anything like that in the

The last need is the new need, replacing the Environment bar, which has been
explained above. 

[4.03] Teaching Commands

You will need to teach your pets something if you want them to advance in 
the world. Anyway, teaching them commands is sort of like a lecture to a 
children, Talent Badge building or Skill Building. Anyway, you have to teach
your pets something. Click on the pet and select the Teach Command option 
and select the command that you want to teach them.

There are several to choose from, but first, it is best to do this over a 
period of time. Some of them are relatively time consuming for both the
teacher and student and some, like Toilet Training, will be taxing and a far
better option is to do this over a period of time. Genius pets, mentioned 
above, far much better than their Doofus counterparts however and that could
mean a lot. 

Anyway, you can teach your pets to Speak, Stay, Come Here, Shake, Roll Over,
Play Dead, Sit Up and Use Toilet (CATS ONLY). 

Once you have tought them how to do a certain command, you can make them
perform the command at will. However, in reality, the commands aren't really
useful and are only need in Careers. However, if the commands here were needed
for competitions, demonstrated in the GBA version of Pets, it would be more
useful. And interesting for that matter. 

[4.04] Life Cycle

Like your Sims, pets will, sooner or later, die. However, there are several
differences between pets and their Sim counterparts.

First and foremost, the time they age is different to Sims. Where Sims age at
6pm sharp, pets will age at the ripe 11am. Also, the stages in their lives
are much shorter in contrast with their Sim counterparts. Their kitten or
puppy stage is relatively short, lasting only 4 days. It is here that you
can encourage and discourage behaviours except for a few. 

After they age from that, they go directly to their adult age. This period
will last 24 days for small dogs and all cats while large dogs will only
last 21 days. All encourage and discourage interactions is enabled, you are
now able to teach commands, provide your pets with jobs as well as continuing
the family line, to breed. 

After that stage, they will move on to the elder stage. This lasts 5 to 10
days and if they have a job, they face the problem of continuing work or
stop and collect a pension. When they die, the Grim Reaper will turn up and
take them away, leaving an urn or tombstone as a reminder. Note this is the
only way they can die since hunger will only need to the authorities to take
them away. 

Pets do not have celebrations when they move onto another age bracket. They
will automatically move onto the next stage with the exception of sleeping
and work, on which they will age when they next wake up or return from 

[4.05] Behaviour

Over the course of time, pets will do certain things that you will either like
or dislike and try to either encourage or discourage it. You may find that
you don't like them digging holes in your backyard, or stealing your food off
the plate. 

Anyway, you can praise or scold your pet for doing certain things when they
commit the crime or deed. You can discover such an action when there is a 
circular arrow on their portrait on the side of the screen. You can then
rush to the scene and either scold or praise them for their work.

Now, you will see that praising a pet will generally boost the relationship
between master and pet, and scolding will have the opposite effect but this
is not always the case. Anyway, in the pet behaviour screen, under the Pet
Bio, will list the behaviour and the status of the skill. Note that is will
not appear if you have not scolded or praised it for a certain action. If
it is blue, the pet has been encouraged to perform a certain action. On
the other hand, if it appears in red, it has been discouraged to perform 
that certain action and will avoid it. The difference between the original
starting point and the end will be coloured in pink. A small portrait of the
skill as well as a description of the trait will be on display. 

For example, a pet with a full blue bar on respecting furniture will 
actually be destructive and the animal will promptly disrespect all the
furniture. On the other hand, a full red bar will make them respect the
furniture. Pink will mean that they will perform the action of the other
colour, for example, if it was pink with red, they will respect furniture
most of the time but not all as there are still pink parts. 

--==Disrespecting vs Respecting Furniture==--

Well, you better hope your pets respect the furniture or you will be forking
out a fair amount of Simoleons for the repairs. If they disrespect the 
furniture, that basically means they scratch or chew the furniture, depending
on the type of pet. Furniture means anything that is considered even usable,
that includes items such as electronics, which, in reality, would give a n
explosion, if not, a zap. Anyway, it can even eat your homework so your Sims
actually have a legitimate excuse for not doing their homework. 

Available : After using their Scratching or Chewing Toys or breaking Furniture
Disrespect: Chewing and Scratching Furniture
Respect   : Using the Scratching Post and Chew Toy instead of Furniture
            as test objects

--==Hostility vs Playfulness To Others==--

This, in essence, is social skills for pets. This will determine on how they
act with other pets, whether they will growl and snap at the sight of another
pet or act nice and look beyond the first impression. Hostile pets are more
likely to develop negative relationships and break out fights. Playful pets
on the other hand, tend to be nicer and play with other pets instead of
scratching their eyes out. This is relatively obvious, if you want a nice pet,
scold this immediately but of course, there is another side to this. You can
have your dog chase the mailman off your lot. It would make a relatively good
video to have a replay of. Anyway, pick and choose what you want. 

Available   : When they interact in a hostile or playful manner with other
              Sims or Pets
Hostility   : Negative interactions with other Sims and Pets, more likely to
              break out fights and hostile actions
Playfulness : Happier towards others and more likely to interact in a positive
              manner to other Pets and Sims. Also gains a new interaction 
              where the owner can command the pet to play with another Sim,
              and will proceed to do so. 

--==Calm vs Not Calm==--

This one is more mixed than anything else. This will combine with hostility
as a calm pet tends to be more playful while an erratic pet tends to bark
and howl their heads off. However, Calm and Not Calm does have its uses. It
will be less likely to react in a negative manner if it is on the receiveing
end of a negative interaction. Therefore, it will be prudent to have your
pets calm rather than erratic.

Available : After a negative or positive interaction, depending on the 
            severity of the interaction
Calm      : Less likely to react negatively to a hostile interaction
Not Calm  : More likely to be rashional and trade insult for insult

--==Cleanliness vs Filthiness==--

Well, these will start to weed out the naughty and nice activities for cats
and dogs. Dogs will need this more than cats do as their activities are 
generally more dirty. For examply, a filthy dog (not an insult) will start
to dig holes and roll around in your garden, even walk into trash. Cats
are cleaner than dogs are, for instance, they don't dig holes but they can
get into trash. This will have an inverse effect on cats however, it will
determine how often they will clean themselves, so it will be prudent to have
a clean pet as it will save you washing them every five seconds. 

Available   : After a pet performs a dirtying action (roll in trash, dig
              holes or roll in flowerbeds) or when they perform a hygienic
              action, such as a cat preening themselves
Cleanliness : Dogs will not engage in filthy activities such as digging holes
              as much while cats will clean themselves. Dogs will also behave
              themselves while you give them a bath,
Filthiness  : Dogs are more likely to engage themselves in filthy activities
              such as hole digging while cats are less likely to clean 
              themselves. Dogs will be more likely to escape from their owner
              given them a bath.

--==House Trained vs Not House Trained==--

This is basically how they act with their bladders in the home. For example,
a house trained pet will be more likely to use the toilet, the litter box or
pee in the lawn, to save you the trouble of moping up their mess. On the
other hand, those not house trained will do their business wherever they 
like, and most often, that is your house. Although it means you really
don't need to have a litterbox in the house, it does mean a lower environment
score as there are puddles of business all over the place. You can command
them to use a toilet, and if they are house trained, they will use it, except
they don't flush. How irresponsible. 

Available         : After they pee wherever they deem necessary
House Trained     : Pee outside on the grass, growing weeds in the process,
                    using the toilet or litter box and being commanded to go
Not House Trained : These pets generally do their pee wherever they deem fit,
                    be it your lawn or your carpey or your rug. 

--==Eating Sim Food vs Eating Pet Food==--

Well, it all depends if you want your pet to eat the pet food, made from
whatever it is made of, or to each your food. Well, there are no practical
disadvantages out of this, it would be handy for your pet to eat up your
leftovers, but, since the introduction of leftovers in Seasons, it is hardly
prudent to feed to your pet. Pets trained to eat Sim food will do so and will
beg your Sim to feed it some of its food when they are eating. They will only
start this behaviour when they are hungry, there is no pet food and there is
Sim food lying around.

Available       : After a pet eats some food
Eating Sim Food : Begs to eat Sim food, eats unattended Sim food
Eating Pet Food : Eats pet food straight out of their bowl

--==Being On vs Staying Off Sim Furniture==--

This will determine how your pet will seek to recoup its comfort bar, either
from the ground and their pet houses or their master's couch. It really 
doesn't effect the furniture, unlike clawing the wood, and as such, it really
doesn't matter which you choose.

Available   : After a pet has finished regaining some comfort
Being On    : Uses Sim furniture to recoup their comfort bar
Staying Off : Uses the ground and pet furniture to recoup their comfort

--==Being On vs Staying Off Sim Beds==--

This is basically the same as the one above, but instead of seeking to regain
their comfort bars, they will seek to regain their energy bars. This will
determine how they seek out their energy, from their own pet houses or from
their master's bed? There is no right or wrong method to this whoever, like
the one above so it is really your choice which one you want your pet to

Available   : After a pet has finished regaining some energy
Being On    : Uses Sim beds to regain their energy
Staying Off : Uses Pet housing and the ground to regain their energy

[4.06] Interacting

So, what can you do with your pet? Well, there are actually, only a few things
that you can do with your pet over another Sim. Well, I'll make a general
list and what they do.

Praise For ... - Encouraging certain types of behaviour, generally a positive

Scold For      - Discouraging certain types of behaviour, generally a negative

Command        - Force the pet to do a learnt command

Teach Command  - Teach a pet an unknown command or one that is not fully 

Play With
 - Razzle (DOG)  - Annoying the dog with your hands
 - Fetch (DOG)   - Getting Fido to go fetch a stick you have thrown
 - Cat Teaser    - Annoy the cat with a toy mouse
 - Finger Wiggle - Have your cat chase your fingers, will result in a negative
                   interaction if the cat nibbles your fingers
 - Toss in Air   - Toss the cat into the air, not recommanded in real life

Give Love
 - Stroke    - Stroke the pet
 - Treat     - For 1 Simoleon, you treat your pet to a pet treat, relieving
               some hunger as well
 - Rub Belly - Rub the belly of the pet
 - Hug (CAT) - Hug a cat

Try For (Try to convince the pet to breed, more on that later)	

Shoo Pet - Get the pet out of the room

[4.07] Strays

There are stray pets that can wonder around the neighbourhood. They do not
belong to any owner. Strays act like normal NPCs or Townies, they will be
welcome to your house if you greet them. However, they are visitors that 
happen to be pets. You could, adversely, chase them off the lot with a 
whacking stick if that helps.

You can train and praise a stray and if you choose to adopt the stray, it will
hold that training. Anyway, you can build up a relationship with the stray if
you wish and there is a reason to do this. If you build up a high enough
relationship with the stray, you can adopt the stray pet as your own. You
will already know of their appearance, but you will have no idea about their
personality. There is also another problem with stray animals. That is that
you cannot actually call the pets over and invite them for a chat so to
speak. This is a problem in building a relationship since you have no control
over when the pet comes over. 

Anyway, there are stray cats and dogs, in any shape and size. There are
however, two special strays. They cannot be adopted to my knowledge and are
special. They are Stinky Skunk and your local Wolf. 

Stinky Skunk is well, a skunk. If you don't do anything about the skunk, who
looks like a skunk, black and white and small, he will come along and spray
your pets. This is not good as some Sims will develop a fear of it as well
as dropping the hygiene faster than Nukes launching at DEFCON 1. Avoid and
shoo when possible.

The second is your local wolf. It looks like a normal dog but isn't. How? It
has glowing yellow eyes. You can interact as if it was a normal dog but
he can turn you into a werewolf. More on that later. 

[4.08] Breeding

Breeding is different from creating. Well, first things first, pets can only
breed with their same type. That is, small dogs can only breed with small
dogs, large dogs with large dogs, etc, etc. Also, there has to be one male
and one female. Therefore, there are 4 groups to breeding, the cat and dog
difference and the large and small difference.

For even considering breeding, the animal will need to have a good 
relationship with whoever you wish to breed with. Well, this is the same as 
Sim breeding, except it is more influence that does it. Next, you will need
a pet house to breed in. Anyway, when that is done, select one of the pets
and select the try for puppy/kitten with, and then click on the pet you want 
them to breed with. 

They will walk off to the pet house, have a pet WooHoo and if you hear the
lullaby that is played when Sims get pregnant, well, you know that you have
been successful in the attempt.

I'm not sure how long the pregnancy lasts for but when it is all over, you
will have a random number of kittens or puppies, ranging from 1 to 4. You
will have no idea what is really looks like until it is an adult. Also, there
is no pet genetics, it is completely random. Unlike Sim/human DNA, where
we can recreate everything using a Punnet's square, we cannot do the same
thing here as we mere humans have no real solution to pet DNA. So really,
it is the luck of the draw. Good luck and may the force be with you. 

[5.01] Security

Before I start, there are some things you must realise. Cats will earn more
than dogs. Thats the first rule of thumb. The second rule of thumb is that
there are 4 levels in each career path. Now that is out of the way, onto the
Security Career.

*Snooper Deterrent*

"Your pet has entered the Security industry as a Snooper Deterrent. Sleeping
on low-value goods isn't that exciting, but it's a living. To move into a 
Guard position, your pet must be taught to Stay."

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 6pm
Work Hours: 7pm to 2am
Dog's Salary: §113
Cat's Salary: §130
Requirements for Level 2: Stay Command

Job Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Free Days: Monday, Friday

*Guard Pet*

"It's time for your pet to sit tight and be alert while protecting the
merchandise at local businesses. Being taught to Speak is the key to moving 
into a Contraband Sniffer position."

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 4pm
Work Hours: 5pm to 12am
Dog's Salary: §200
Cat's Salary: §230
Promotion for Dogs: §400
Promotion for Cats: §460
Requirements for Level 3: Speak Command

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Free Days: Tuesday, Friday

*Contraband Sniffer*

"Your pet's nose is the terror of smugglers and evil-doers everywhere. But 
this is just a stepping stone. A promotion to the legendary Pet Corps calls 
for the ability to Play Dead."

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 11am
Work Hours: 12pm to 6pm
Dog's Salary: §353
Cat's Salary: §406
Promotion for Dogs: §706
Promotion for Cats: §812
Requirements for Level 4: Play Dead Command

Job Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Free Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

*Pet Corps*

"Reaching the highest echelon in the Security industry is no small feat. As a 
decorated member of the fabled Pet Corps, your pet's days will be filled with
high stakes and dramatic moments worthy of slow motion. 

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 1pm
Dog's Salary: §670
Cat's Salary: §770
Promotion for Dogs: §1340
Promotion for Cats: §1540

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Free Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

[5.02] Service

*Vermin Chaser*

"Your pet has entered the service industry. Chasing vermin isn't exactly
glamorous, but sometimes, it's better to give than receive. For your pet to be
promoted to Therapy Pet, teach it to Shake."

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 5pm
Work Hours: 6pm to 1am
Dog's Salary: §107
Cat's Salary: §123
Requirements for Level 2: Shake Command

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Free Days: Tuesday, Thursday

*Therapy Pet*

"Leave the rat chasing to lesser pets because improving lives is all about 
one-on-one therapy! Your pet must be taught to Come Here to get promoted to
Seeing Eye Pet."

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 3pm
Dog's Salary: §190
Cat's Salary: §218
Promotion for Dogs: §380
Promotion for Cats: §436
Requirements for Level 3: Come Here Command

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Saturday, Sunday

*Seeing Eye Pet*

"After several fantastic therapy sessions, the higher ups want to see your
pet in a seeing eye pet's role. Your pet must be taught to Roll Over if it
wants to be a Rescue Pet."

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 2pm
Dog's Salary: §335
Cat's Salary: §385
Promotion for Dogs: §670
Promotion for Cats: §770
Requirements for Level 4: Roll Over Command

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday
Free Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

*Rescue Pet*

"The top position in Service is teeming with excitement, furfillment and 
financial rewards. A savior to adventurous but unlucky Sims everywhere, 
your pet has earned a place among the heroes of the Emergency Response
Disaster Squad."

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 7pm
Work Hours: 8pm to 1am
Dog's Salary: §636
Cat's Salary: §731
Promotion for Dogs: §1272
Promotion for Cats: §1462

Job Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Free Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

[5.03] Showbiz


"Your pet is an entry-level Extra on the set of the latest "Scrumptious Pets 
Morsels" TV ad. For your pet to be promoted, teach it to speak."

Job Level: 1
Carpool Arrival: 8am
Work Hours: 9am to 4pm
Dog's Salary: §125
Cat's Salary: §144
Requirements for Level 2: Speak Command

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Saturday, Sunday


"No longer limited to noisy scenes filled with other no-name animals, your
pet will now get a chance to truly act! Your pet must be taught to Roll Over
to make it to Stunt Double."

Job Level: 2
Carpool Arrival: 9am
Work Hours: 10am to 4pm
Dog's Salary: §220
Cat's Salary: §253
Promotion for Dogs: §440
Promotion for Cats: §506
Requirements for Level 3: Roll Over Command

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Saturday, Sunday

*Stunt Double*

"Real stars take risks, and what's riskier than jumping out of a burning 
building without a parachute? Your pet must be taught to Play Dead to become
a Star."

Job Level: 3
Carpool Arrival: 7am
Work Hours: 8am to 1pm
Dog's Salary: §388
Cat's Salary: §446
Promotion for Dogs: §776
Promotion for Cats: §892
Requirements for Level 4: Play Dead

Job Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Free Days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday


"Your pet has made it to the big time and reached the highest level in Show
Business. Endless pet treats and parties featuring the finest pet toy are some
of the perks of celebrity status."

Job Level: 4
Carpool Arrival: 11am
Work Hours: 12pm to 4pm
Dog's Salary: §737
Cat's Salary: §847
Promotion for Dogs: §1474
Promotion for Cats: §1694

Job Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Free Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

[5.04] Job Analysis


Snooper Deterrent - §16.14 per hour
                    §565 per week

Guard Pet - §28.57 per hour
            §1000 per week

Contraband Sniffer - §58.83 per hour
                     §1412 per week

Pet Corps - §134 per hour
            §2010 per week

Snooper Deterrent - §18.57 per hour
                    §650 per week

Guard Pet - §32.86 per hour
            §1150 per week

Contraband Sniffer - §67.67 per hour
                     §1624 per week

Pet Corps - §154 per hour
            §2310 per week


Vermin Chaser - §15.29 per hour
                §535 per week

Therapy Pet - §27.14 per hour
              §950 per week

Seeing Eye Pet - §55.83 per hour
                 §1340 per week

Rescue Pet - §127.2 per hour
             §1908 per week

Vermin Chaser - §17.57 per hour
                §615 per week

Therapy Pet - §31.14 per hour
              §1090 per week

Seeing Eye Pet - §64.16 per hour
                 §1540 per week

Rescue Pet - §146.2 per hour
             §2193 per week


Extra - §17.86 per hour
        §625 per week

Understudy - §36.67 per hour
             §1100 per week

Stunt Double - §77.6 per hour
               §1552 per week

Star - §184.25 per hour
       §2211 per week

Extra - §20.57 per hour
        §720 per week

Understudy - §42.16 per hour
             §1265 per week

Stunt Double - §89.2 per hour
               §1784 per week

Star - §211.75 per hour
       §2541 per week

[6.01] Security

*Snooper Deterrent - Cat*

A local real estate company calls ____'s firm - Snooper Stoppers - with a job,
because they need a "potentially frightening" cat to sit outside a fantastic
house that has just been put on the market. With the recent housing shortage,
the company doesn't want crazed shoppers looking at the house before the 
company has time to prepare the house - they want it to sell to the perfect
buyer with minimal effort. ____ is assigned to the case, but deterring 
potential snoopers for only a few hours, a very wealthy looking couple
approaches the house. It seems they love the house and are looking to buy
immediately, but they want to take "just a peek" inside first. Should ____ 
let them have a peek, or is it time to tell them to leave?

"Let them have a Peek"

"Tell them to Leave"
Convinced that the couple is nothing but bad news, ____ dismisses them with a 
snarl and a flick of the tail, without giving it a second thought. Confused
and irritated, the couple leaves, only to quickly return with the realtors at
their side. The couple turns out to be one of the realtors' best buyer 
prospects, and though the company didn't tell ____ about the couple's arrival,
they expect ____ to treat any and all potential buyers with a little common
decency. This badly tarnishes Snooper Stoppers' "nice guy" public image, and
they are left with no choice but to Fire ____. 

*Guard - Cat*

____'s company is contracted to guard the local jewelry store for the day and
____ is put on the case. Shortly after completely a full initial inspection
of the premises, Luna is ordered to guard the most precious jewel in the
store's inventory, the Landgrabb Stone. Earlier that year, an expert on 
jewelry valued the stone at over half a million Simoleons, so naturally, the
store has installed a fully automated defense system as a backup. A few hours
into the watch, ____ notices a group of cat burglars breaking into the pet
store across the street. Should ____ stop the cat burglars across the street,
or stay back to guard the Landgrabb Stone?

"Stop the Burglars"
____ hates to disobey orders, but the property of others is in danger -- evil
must face justice! Besides, there's always the backup security system to 
protect the Landgrabb Stone in ____'s absence. By employing a few "anti-thief
combat moves" learned at the Guard Cat Academy, ____ manages to apprehend all
of the cat burglars and end their crime spree before it can escalate further.
The pet store owner is so grateful she decides to hire ____'s company full
time. With all the extra money, the company can now afford to promote ____
to Contraband Sniffer.

"Guard the Landgrabb Stone"

*Contraband Sniffer - Dog*

____ gets on a train to inspect some seemingly harmless luggage arriving at
the train station. Upon entering the baggage car, ____ picks up a very 
distinct scent: ham, and a large quantity of it! Though delicious, the
Board of Imported Food Approvals and Tourism does not apprive of the ham's
curing process, which involve rare species that unnecessarily drive up prices.
There are two options: ____ can lead his supervisor to the bad immediately,
or he can return later and dispose of the problem by eating it for lunch. 

"Alert the Supervisor"
____ and his supervisor search the compartment and quickly find the hunk of
ham. While they obtain the ham-smuggler's personal information, they hear a 
noise from one of the other cars. Another contraband sniffer has just 
discovered a suspicious bag and a chase has broken out! ____ decides not to
take part in the chase, because the ham smuggler is already caught --  a
grave mistake! The man who fled from the other contraband sniffer is a widely
sought for criminal who manages to escape through the holes in security left
by ____! For failure to prioritize situations correctly, ____ is demoted to
Guard Pet!

"Eat the Ham"
____ knows how to set priorities - smuggling delicious ham shouldn't lead to
an arrest, assuming the ham never enters the city. After the owner of the ham
falls asleep, ____ sneaks it out of the bag and begins to quietly enjoy it in
the corner. Towards the end of the meal, ____ catches the scent of fresh 
flowers. From an old 19th century law, the transport of fresh flowers on 
trains is strictly prohibited. To investigate further, ____ takes the owners
of the flowers aside to inspect their luggage. When the women sweetly explain
that they are on their way to a lily-grower's convention, ____ lets them get
off with a warning. The women are very thankful and give ____ a bouquet of 
their award-winning flowers, which just so happens to be worth §5000!

*Pet Corps - Cat*

____ is enjoying a rather slow day at headquarters when the alarm sounds. 
Throwing her delicious salmon treats aside, ____ rushes for the door to join
the rest of them. Just as ____ turns the final corner, the Chief steps in her
path, puts out his paw, and tells ____ that she will need to sit this one 
out. The Chief wants ____ to stay behind and keep an eye on headquarters. As
____ watches the team pull away from the station in the Rescue Mobilization
Responder Unit, she knows it just can't be that simple. Should ____ disobey
the Chief and follow the team to the site of the emergency, or should she sit
this one out as ordered?

"Go to the Emergency"
Disobeying a direct order, ____ grabs her gear and follows the squad to the
scene of the emergency. Not wanting to show herself until needed, ____ watches
as the squad successfully battles a massive fire back to harmless ash. ____
heads home to beat the Chief back, only to find headquarters in flames! 
Apparently the criminal masterminds used the first fire as a diversion to lure
the Rescue Squad away - the Chief was right all along! Following an offical
hearing, Luna is demoted to Seeing Eye Pet for disobeying orders.

"Sit this one Out"

*Pet Corps - Dog*

During a routine training with the Pet Corps, ____'s handler, Hanz LeSchuff,
suddenly stops and orders the entire squad to freeze. Confused, the squad
complies, but before they detect anything fishy Hanz ties everyone together.
Hanz begins to monologue, at which time he reveals his partnership with the
criminal masterminds of the city and his nefarious plot to corrupt the Pet
Corps from within. ____ manages to get his paws free from the rope without
being seen by the jabbering Hanz, but is unsure how to proceed. What should
____ do?

"Distract Hanz"

"Free the Others"
____ knows he cannot stop Hanz alone, so he patiently waits for the perfect
moment. Just as Hanz turns his back to the bundled squad to dramitically set
his fist at the setting sun, ____ jumps forth from his bindings and begins to
bite and paw at the ropes restraining his squad mates. Hanz turns around with 
a triumphant smile on his face, only to find an entire squad poised for action
and eager to rectify the embarrassment of being captured. Hanz attempts to 
flee, but doesn't get far before being tackled by ____ and the rest of the 
dogs in the squad. For keeping a cool head under duress and saving the day,
____ is given a bonus of §2,500!

[6.02] Service

*Therapy Pet - Cat*

____ is playing with a group of preschoolers when Mr. Wheatley, the teacher, 
takes her aside and asks her for a favor. Mr. Wheatley didn't have a chance
to eat so he'd like to head out to get lunch, but at the same time he knows
he can't leave the children alone. Mr. wheatley asks ____ to either pick up 
some lunch at the deli down the street, or stay to watch the children while
Mr. Wheatley goes himself. What should ____ do?

"Go to the Deli"
____ walks to the deli with a note from Mr. Wheatley pinned to her collar. As
____ drops the money for the sandwich out of her mouth onto the counter, ____
is showered with confetti and balloons and all the employees starts singing.
Apparently, ____ is the deli's ten thousandth customer and wins a large cash
prize! By choosing to pick up lunch, ____ wins a financial reward of §2,500, 
not to mention the gratitude of Mr. Wheatley!

"Stay to Watch the Kids"

*Seeing Eye Pet - Cat*

____ has her paws full leading cranky Mrs. Wapple through the neighborhood.
The nearly blind Mrs. Wapple is constantly yelling at ____ for guiding her too
much - the elder still wants to do some things for herself. Just as the pair
reaches the middle of a crosswalk, a large moving van crosses the street and
a sofa falls off the back. This is just the type of situation Mrs. Wapple is
always yelling about! Should ____ step in as a guide, or should she let Mrs.
Wapple cross without assistance?

"Help Mrs. Wapple"
It isn't an easy decision to make, but ____ ignores Mrs. Wapple's angry
complaints and warns her about the sofa in the middle of the crosswalk. Mrs.
Wapple is quick to scold ____ and the remainder of the day is frustrating and
awkward for the guide. Upon returning to the office, ____ is told by her 
superior that Mrs. Wapple called. Apparently, the seemingly evil elder 
wouldn't let ____'s boss end the phone conservation until he listened to all
of the praise she had for ____. With such a fantastic backing from a client,
____ is promoted to Rescue Pet!

"Leave Mrs. Wapple Alone"
____ realizes that she had been holding Mrs. Wapple's hand a little too much
and decide to let the elder discover the sofa on her own. With her hands help
out, Mrs. Wapple cautiously moves forward, with ____ poised behind her, ready
for anything. ____ exhales a sigh of relief when Mrs. Wapple finds the sofa 
and successfully avoids it. Safely across the street, Mrs. Wapple bends over
and strokes ____ behind the ears and thanks her for backing off. Not only is 
it the first time ____ sees Mrs. Wapple smile, but she pulls a favor with a 
long-term friend and gets ____ promoted to the legendary Rescue Pets!

[6.03] Showbiz

*Extra - Cat*

Kitty Koncoctions is in a bit of a financial bind. Corporate revenues are a 
bit low for the quarter and the company needs to hurry and rush the release
of their new product - Jamma Hamma. New products need new commercials and it's
corporate policy to show cats eating the food on live television to instill
confidence in consumers. Jamma Hamma has not yet been approved by the 
government, so big name celebrities are refusing the role. Kitty Koncoctions
needs an adventurous "Extra-quality" cat actor and ____'s agent has 
secured the spot if she wants it. This could be just the opening ____ has 
been waiting for. Should ____ eat the Jamma Hamma on camera, or is this one
she should turn down?

"Work the Commercial"
____ probably should have left when she first saw Jamma Hamma, because there's
just something that isn't right about green cat food. Nevertheless, the show
must go on - and what a show! After only two bites, ____ runs from the table
and heads to the nearest litter box. Desperate to fix the situation, ____'s
agent bends over and starts eating the food herself. Shocked, the CEO of
Kitty Koncoctions cancels the live feed and fines ____ §250.

"Turn the Job Down"

[7.01] Womrats

The first of the simple pets, the ones that don't require too much in the
ways of attention. A Womrat is really, a guinea pig. Or, if you want, a cross
between a Wombat and a Rat. Anyway, these are relatively simple to take
care of. First, purchase the cage under Miscellaneous and place it. You will
have to stock the cage for a small cost. Anyway, once you have your little
Womrat, you have to feed it twice a day. It really doesn't cost that much, it
will set you back at most §20 a day for feeding. You can watch and play with
your little rat. When you feel bored of it, you can release it. Don't forget
to name it!

[7.02] Birds

The worst noisemakers on earth. These are the more complex of the simple pets.
Why are they simple? Because they do not require a pet slot for it. Anyway,
a Bird Cage, or Aviary, must be purchased first. Anyway, you will have to 
stock the cage with a bird and give it a name, the funkier, the better. 

Anyway, there are more interactions with the birds than any of the other
simple pets. Anyway, you still have to feed the bird, as well as use some 
fresh newspaper for its cage. You can teach it to talk, which will improve 
your Sim's social and fun as well as teaching Charisma. You can also let your
bird out for a fly, which is quite amusing. Luckily, the bird doesn't do any
poo on your Sim's head. 

[7.03] Fish

Well, not much of an addition since it was available before, but there another
tank for it, and technically speaking, it is a pet. Anyway, you need to 
purchase a tank and stock it. It doesn't cost anything to stock it, or to
feed it. You have to clean the tank once in a while as well as feed it. Hope
it doesn't die en route as it is quite easy to forget. 

[8.01] Adoption

Adoption is a new service from the telephone. Similar to Sim adoption, your
Sim can adopt pets that you fell pity upon. You call up the adoption agency
and you can choose from the pets available.

There will be a fee depending on the training of the pet involved, the more
training, the more expensive it will be. There are other methods to adopt
pets, such as purchasing out of stalls, off other owners or adopting a 

[8.02] Obedience

This service off the telephone is really for those who cannot be bother to
teach their pet and commands. That is basically it. They do not teach the
pet any sort of behaviour, contary to what the name suggests. It will only,
and only teach them commands. Pretty pointless as you can do it yourself and
saves you some Simoleons. 

[9.01] Becoming a Werewolf

First of all, to become a werewolf, you will need to find the leader of the
pack. This guy will always be a wolf, or a dog if you really can't tell the
difference. To tell the leader of the pack from a normal dog, you can see the
eyes of the dog. The leader of the pack's eyes will always be a nice glowing
shade of yellow. They are literally glowing eyes, easily allowing you to
tell the difference.

Anyway, you will need to build up a relationship, daily relationship that is
of 60. That means you need to play with the dog, go fetch, feed it treats and
whatever. It shouldn't be too hard to befriend a pet if you try. Anyway, if
you want to have a Werewolf Sim, you will need to do so in one sitting. The
reason being that there is no means to summon a pet, and as such, it might
be possible that you will never see the Leader of the Pack ever again. Hence
the 60 DAILY Relationship instead of Lifetime. 

The Leader of the Pack normally appear during the night time. After you have
built up a solid relationship with the little wolf, you can be bitten by
the wolf, making you into a werewolf. From then, the fun begins. 

[9.02] Life as a Werewolf

Well, once you are a werewolf, there are several differences that you can 
witness immediately and some over time. The longer the effect of lycanthropy,
the stronger the effects will be. It is one that develops over time.

The first trait that you will witness is that they will have a hunch and lope
when they walk from one location to another. You will also notice that they
have a few new commands to play around with.

The first new command is the ability to Summon Wolves. These are the members
of your pack. Also, their transformation will only be at night. From 7pm, 
they will transform from normal Sim self to become a Werewolf, regardless
on whether there is a moon shining or clouds blocking out the moonlight. There
are several passive traits as well. More on that later. The is a self
interaction for the Werewolves as well. They can have a Howl interaction
that will drop the bladder needs of the other Sims around them to drop as well
as waking up any sleeping Sims. Great alarm clock early in the morning. Well,
onto the traits.

The first is that they are less likely to be sprayed by a skunk. It sort of
makes sense not to spray a Sim that can bite your head off obviously. The
second is that their energy bar is maxed out once they are a werewolf. This
makes them ideal for mucking around during the night time. Their hunger need
also drops by half as well. They can also train pets faster than a normal
Sim, given they are an animal themselves half the time. They can also attack
any burglars that attempt to thieve from you, and always wins while you are
at it. 

Unlike other Paranormal creatures, such as Zombies and Ghosts, the Werewolves
can age and have children just like a normal Sim. Over time, their personality
will change, making them more outgoing, active, grouchy, messy and playful. 
This is the only adult method, to my knowledge, to change personality without
the use of mods or hacks. This is also coupled with the fact that they will
gain Body Points automatically when the Werewolf reverts back to normal Sim

If one is tired of being a Werewolf, you can purchase a bottle of 
Lycanthropic-B potion off the pet trainer when you call them over, or, if you
have Nightlife Expansion pack or Deluxe, which includes Nightlife, the
Gypsy Matchmaker. It isn't too much, but you might want to weigh up the
benefits and disadvantages. This is one of the better Paranormal options
available, that you can make your Sim undergo of course. 

[10.01] Kibble of Life

"Perfect for those pets who want their delicious snacking moments to go on
 for ages ... literally! Move quickly to this delectable treat of treats to
 munch the nutrients of prolonged youth as your Pet resists aging."

Cost: 12000 Aspiration Points

Well, pets have their own aspiration rewards now, although you still need the
owner to purchase the aspiration reward using their own aspiration points. It
does not come cheap, but it is rather useful for prolonging your pets 
relatively short life span. It has a 5 use limit. All you need to do is to 
make sure there is food inside the Kibble and call your pet to eat from it,
which basically means eating out of it. Once it does so, one of the uses
will be drained up. 

The Kibble of Life will remove 5 days from the aging meter, restoring, or
rather, giving, 5 more days for the pet to live. You better make sure that
you feed it with your Aspiration Meter on GOLD or above, or otherwise, it
will put on 3 days, I believe, onto your pets life span, giving them three
days less to live. 

[A] Contact Information

Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.

Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.

To contact me, e-mail me at
hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
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Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
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I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
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