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Game Script by ladytanaka

Updated: 10/19/2007

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

Game Script

FAQ Created: 10/19/2007
Version: 1.0
Author: Ladytanaka

Table of contents

1: Version History
2: Contact Info
3: Disclaimer and Legal Information
4: Warnings
5: Introduction
6: Character Abbreviations
7: Script Conventions
8: Game script

  Interval 01 - Contamination - Aftermath
  Interval 01 - Contamination - Metastasis

  Interval 02 - Flight - Ambush
  Interval 02 - Flight - Holiday
  Interval 02 - Flight - Desolation

  Interval 03 - Descent - Terminus
  Interval 03 - Descent - Orange Line
  Interval 03 - Descent - The L

  Interval 04 - Malice - Leviathan

  Interval 05 - Malice - Malignancy
  Interval 05 - Malice - Dark Heart

  Interval 05 - Epilogue - Epilogue

9: Replica/ATC radio chatter
10: FAQs
11: Credits

1: Version History

Version 1.0 (OCT-19-2007) - original release

2: Contact Info

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections, email me at

Make sure that you include the subject "FEAR Game Script"!

3: Disclaimer and Legal Information

This game script is for informational purposes only.  This may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance
written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited. 

This game script guide in no way or form has any affiliation with Monolith
Productions, TimeGate Studios, and Sierra Entertainment. 

Please do not ask me about posting this game script on your own site.  The
finished game script will be posted only on GameFAQs. If you see this guide on
any other website, please contact me about it. Thank you.

Copyright 2007 Ladytanaka

4: Warnings

This script contains massive SPOILERS for the entire story of F.E.A.R.
Extraction Point.

The game and script contains scenes of intense violence and strong language. 

5: Introduction

Although this script is mainly focused on the in-game text, I have included
checkpoints, various scene/action descriptions and as many event triggers as
possible to give the reader an idea when the dialogue/text appears throughout
the game.  Hopefully, this will make this game script more informative.

This script's dialogue/text is as close to the actual game as I could manage. 
It comes verbatim from the subtitles, except when the audio clearly contradicts
the subtitles -- in that case, the audio has precedence.

Some events are time-triggered, rather than proximity-triggered, so the
dialogue's location may vary slightly for different players.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine how much of Replicas' and ATC security
guards' dialogue is actually scripted or simply AI-generated chatter.  I'm
using my best judgment here.  An extensive listing of Replica/ATC radio chatter
can be found at the end of the script.

Because so much of the dialogue takes place as phone, radio, or video
transmissions (or recordings), it's generally safe to assume that most
conversations are being overheard by the player and take place in the speaker's
absence (e.g., over the radio, telephone, monitor, etc.), UNLESS otherwise
specifically noted in the script (e.g., special markers, character is
specifically described as being physically 'on the scene', etc.).

6: Character Abbreviations (in approximate order of appearance)

PM - point man (player)
ALMA - Alma
BETTERS - "Rowdy" Betters (F.E.A.R Team Coordinator)
JANKOWSKI - Spen Jankowski (F.E.A.R. Operative)
JIN - Jin Sun-Kwon (F.E.A.R. Medical Specialist)
FETTEL - Paxton Fettel
HOLIDAY - Douglas Holiday (SFOD-D Unit Leader)
SFOD-D OP - D. Passalaqua (SFOD-D operative)
CIVILIAN - miscellaneous civilians
SFOD-D OP - miscellaneous SFOD-D operatives
R - Replica soldiers
VM - voice mail
? - miscellaneous unidentified speakers
MAPES - Norton Mapes
HARLAN - Harlan Wade

7: Script Conventions

"*" indicates that the speaker is present (physically or visually).
"-" indicates mission objectives, game notes, etc.
"=CP=" indicates a game checkpoint
"< >" indicates visual/auditory descriptions of events
"___" indicates unclear/garbled dialogue

"[=UNK=]" indicates static or unknown transmission over the comlink

Since many of the game events are 'unreal' in various ways, I've used certain
terms in my scene descriptions to denote events to describe the various
entities, hallucinations, etc. that occur in the game.

"cutscene" indicates FMV scenes with black bars at top and bottom

"flash" indicates a sudden switch or change in the PM's surroundings 

"vision" indicates non-interactive in-game visual/auditory events experienced
by PM

"mindscape" indicates interactive environments that PM can move around, shoot
in, etc.

"apparition" indicates a fleeting image of a person which appears in the real
world (and which frequently disintegrates in a cloud of black dust)

"crawler" refers to near invisible monsters with glowing eyes

"nightmares" refers to the black spectres floating in mid-air

"Alma" refers to her little girl, red dress form

"naked Alma" refers to her teenage, naked form

8: Game Script

Interval 01 - Contamination - Aftermath

<approaching shock wave from explosion>
Sierra Entertainment Presents

<blurry sight of helicopter descending>
In association with Monolith Productions

JIN*: There he is.

A TimeGate Studios Game

<riding in helicopter with Holiday and Jin>
HOLIDAY*: We still don't know the extent of the damage.
JIN*: We haven't been able to get through to anyone since the explosion.
JIN*: What about Alma?  What happened to her?
<loud bang in helicopter, interior lights go out>
JIN*: What was that sound?
<naked Alma starts to climb into helicopter>
<fade to black>

<panning out from burning helicopter wreckage>
FETTEL: A war is coming.  I've seen it in my dreams.  
<vision of flames, pan over Fettel's sprawled body with naked Alma standing
over him>
FETTEL: Fire sweeping over the earth. Bodies in the streets. Cities turned to
dust. Retaliation.

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

The Origin Facility explosion has devastated the city.  Status of F.E.A.R.
organization and remaining Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D)
units is unknown.

Restore contact with surviving F.E.A.R. and SFOD-D units.

- Remember to use MedKits when your health runs low.

<at crash site, PM wakes up>
HOLIDAY*: Looks like we're all still alive.
<PM looks up to see Jin and Holiday on upper floor>
JIN*: Small favors.  I can't reach anyone on the radio.  Something's blocking
the signal.
JIN*: That's not good.
HOLIDAY*: We're going to have to find another way down.  You're in no condition
to climb through that hole.
<Holiday offers hand, but Jin waves it away and gets carefully to her feet>
JIN*: I'm fine.
HOLIDAY*: Sure you are.  Let's move.
<Jin and Holiday move out of sight>

- Find your way out of the building

- Press USE to open doors or activate objects

- Press (R) to jump

HOLIDAY: The stair's out.  We've got to find another way out of here.

- Break or shoot the loose board to clear a route

- Press USE MEDKIT to restore some of your health.  You can carry up to 10

- Press (Shift) to crouch

<drop through through hole>
- Press FLASHLIGHT to activate your head lamp

<jump out of window onto fire escape>
- Press USE to mount a ladder, use FORWARD to climb and BACKWARD to descend

<on fire escape>
JIN: We made it to the roof.  Man, it's dark.
<descend ladder>
HOLIDAY: Hang on.  I'll drop a flare.  We're going to make our way down the
fire escape.
<red flare drops into alleyway>

<approach arcing electricity in hallway, light starts swinging wildly>
<turn right toward utility room door>
<apparition of Alma behind door glass>
<vision of naked Alma alternating with little Alma, stalking/scuttling toward
ALMA: Kill them.
ALMA: Kill them all.
<world reverts to normal and door to utility room opens>
<turn off power>

<stepping into street, PM sees Jin and Holiday on other side of fence near red
flare, examining a dormant Replica>
HOLIDAY*: He asleep?
JIN*: He's dormant.  When Fettel was killed the Replicas deactivated.
<Holiday shoots Replica>
HOLIDAY*: He's dead, now.
JIN*: I wanted to examine him.
HOLIDAY*: Pre-emptive strike.
HOLIDAY*: Keep your radio on, and we'll hook up down the road.
<Jin and Holiday move out of sight>

- Rendezvous with F.E.A.R. and SFOD-D operatives

<low-flying burning plane roars overhead and crashes>
<ground shakes with the resulting explosion>
HOLIDAY: Oh, I sure as shit hope that wasn't our ride.

<approaching truck on left side in front of church, Jin and Holiday appear on a
upper walkway>
HOLIDAY*: Something's not right.
JIN*: What, apart from the obvious?
HOLIDAY*: For starters, this city is empty.
JIN*: There must have been a radioactive element to the Origin explosion, and
the city was evacuated.
HOLIDAY*: Cities don't empty this quick.

<approaching reflex booster along right side of church's exterior>
JIN: It's Alma.  It's got to be Alma.
HOLIDAY: The ghost kid?
JIN: She's a lot more than that.  We're in a lot of trouble.  Ghosts don't
create temporal and spatial anomalies.
HOLIDAY: Looks like our girl's got a new hobby, then.

- Reflex Boosters permanently improve your reflexes, allowing you to use slow
motion longer

<returning to front of church, PM gets zapped by electricity>

=CP= <approaching front door of church>

<walking into church entrance hall>
<upon touching dark shimmer in church entrance hall>
<cutscene of Fettel standing inside church, surrounded by dormant Replicas>
FETTEL: I know it doesn't make sense.  Not much does anymore.  You killed me; I
didn't like that.
<dormant Replicas reactivate>

<doors open and Fettel disappears, leaving activated Replicas>

<after killing all Replicas>
<stones start getting ripped out of floor and fly upward, disappearing into a
black hole in the air>

<drop down into new hole to end level>

Interval 01 - Contamination - Metastasis

Contact with the outside world is impossible.  Replica forces have been
reactivated by unknown methods.

Jin Sun-Kwon and Douglas Holiday are en route to your position.

Evade Replica forces and rendezvous with Jin Sun-Kwon and Holiday.

- Activate SlowMo to give you the edge in difficult fights

- Evade Replica forces

- Crates with special markings contain supplies.  Destroy the crates to get
access to the supplies

- Health Boosters permanently increase your health by a small amount

- Press MELEE to bash open nearby doors.  Grenades and other explosives can
open doors from a distance

<crawler races in front of PM from right to left>
R: (death scream)
R: What the hell!?
<after killing 3 Replicas, another Replica squad smashes through back wall>

<two crawlers quickly cross PM's path left to right>

=CP= <moving down hallway, following crawlers>

<PM follows crawlers who race downstairs, killing a Replica on the way>
R: Oh shit!
R: What the fuck was that!?
R: Behind the crate!
R: Which way?

=CP= <wine rack room>

<in equipment room with collapsed roof, crawlers run off>

<crawlers run into room at end of hall and door slams shut>

<open door to see distant glow>
<enter room to see vision of crawlers converging on glowing light>
<PM thrown backwards as world returns to normal>

<entering side door that mysterious appears after vision>
HOLIDAY: They got Jin!  Those freaks fucking took her.
HOLIDAY: She saw - I don't know what - in the shadows and went over to

=CP= <hallway after climbing stairs out of cellar>

<Replicas attack>

=CP= <climbing stairs to 2nd floor>

<Replicas attack>

=CP= <go down stairs to ground floor>

<exit sitting room, turn right to see apparition of Fettel standing outside the
window directly in front of PM>

<approaching double doors to chapel>
<open doors to expose chapel>
<entering, world goes slo-mo>
<apparition of Alma standing on pew to PM's left>
ALMA*: Don't let them hurt me.
<apparition of Fettel emerges through left side door at front of chapel>
FETTEL*: Hm.  Here we are, brother.
FETTEL*: I seem to be a little worse for the wear.  And you -- you are -- prey.
FETTEL*: I'll leave the two of you alone.
<double doors at back of chapel burst open, nightmares attack as naked Alma
appears in a sea of flames
<both flames and naked Alma advance as pews are hurled in PM's direction and
nightmares continue to attack>

<when left side door opens, PM exits as flames continue to advance>

<exit building ahead of flames and jump over fence to exit level>

Interval 02 - Flight - Ambush

F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon has been seized by enemy forces.

Holiday is moving toward your position.  Make your way through the nearby
warehouse district and locate him.

Rendezvous with Holiday in the warehouse district and effectuate a plan to
rescue Jin Sun-Kwon.

- Press MELEE to bash open nearby doors.

<moving toward door, PM sees Holiday appear on upper catwalk>
HOLIDAY*: Up here!  Up here!
HOLIDAY*: You've got more of those freaks heading your way.
<Holiday starts firing at unseen enemies>
R: The target is heading your way.
R: Roger that.
HOLIDAY*: Get in the building.  I'll meet you on the other side.

<inside building>
HOLIDAY: Man, you really pissed these guys off.

<inside warehouse office>
VM (female caller): It's me.  I can't make lunch today. <sound of huge
explosion in the background> Oh shit.

=CP= <after dropping into floor tunnel>

<cross warehouse to opposite end>
<stuff goes flying and scaffolding topples>
<flash to mindscape of flames, Fettel stalks towards you as nightmares attack>
FETTEL*: Stay out of my way.
<world reverts to normal>
<backtrack to glimpse little Alma scuttling out from under a rising garage

<going through newly opened garage door>
JIN: Can anyone hear me?
HOLIDAY: Yeah, I can hear you.  It's Holiday.
HOLIDAY: How did you get away?
JIN: I'm not Alice Wade.
HOLIDAY: Find someplace safe.  I'm going to make my way to you.
JIN: The Replicas are everywhere.  They're using the subways.
HOLIDAY: Took you on a little ride, did they?
JIN: You could say that.

=CP= <passing by door blocked by fire and fallen scaffold>

<exiting warehouse, PM sees Holiday standing on upper level>
HOLIDAY*: Alright, we're both still in one piece.
HOLIDAY*: I thought for sure you were dead.
HOLIDAY*: There's still time for that, I guess.
HOLIDAY*: Get in the building. I'll meet you on the other side.
R: We've got him trapped.

<exiting the warehouse yard>
HOLIDAY: I'm going to cut through these buildings.  I'll meet you by the south
warehouse half a klick from here.

=CP= <locker area just past yard>

<in control room for crane, male civilian pops up from behind a barricade of
?: What the hell's happening?  Is it everywhere?
?: Is anyone still out there?  Anyone but them, I mean.
<civilian drops out of sight>

<on catwalk, after jumping over suspended container>
HOLIDAY: I'm getting reports from all over the city.  There's still pockets of
Delta Force out there.
HOLIDAY: We're trying to set up an extraction point at a hospital a couple of
miles from here -- Auburn Memorial
HOLIDAY: These freaks are everywhere though.
JIN: I'm not far from there.
HOLIDAY: Good, you head for the hospital.  We'll meet you there.

<after first container yard fight, PM enters building and approaches stairs>
JIN: Have you seen them?
HOLIDAY: Seen who?
HOLIDAY: The Replicas?
JIN: No, this is something else.
HOLIDAY: What is it, then?
JIN: I'm not sure.  Be careful - both of you.

<enter bloody canteen area, lights flicker and low wailing voices heard in

<after first encounter with deployable turret>
<activate phone with message light>
ALMA: I'm waiting for you.

- Press (7) to select the Deployable Turret.  The Deployable Turret will stick
to solid surfaces and attack nearby enemies.

=CP= <moving past deployable turret stash>

<after killing first wave of Replicas in second container yard fight>
HOLIDAY: Shit.  Looks like you've about 20 of those test tube mother fuckers
heading your way.  If you've got any more tricks up your sleeve, I'd try'em
<after killing second wave of Replicas>
HOLIDAY: Hold on there, buddy.  I'm almost to your position.
<after killing more Replicas, Holiday appear on walkway above blocked exit
HOLIDAY*: I've got you covered from up here.
<after killing all Replicas>
HOLIDAY: We're clear. Rendezvous at the door.

=CP= <approaching blocked exit door>

<Holiday clears blocked door and joins PM for the rest of level> 
HOLIDAY*: Glad to see you're in one piece.
HOLIDAY*: Long story short, the plan is to get Jin and regroup with what's left
of Delta Force at the hospital.
HOLIDAY*: She's having a rough go of it.
HOLIDAY*: I know you guys deal with the spookhouse shit, but something tells me
you've never dealt with anything like this before.

<Fettel appears in end of hallway and Holiday starts shooting at him>
HOLIDAY*: Weren't you supposed to kill him?
FETTEL*: I believe so.
<Fettel disappears>
FETTEL: This is not what she wants.

<next to bloody Alma symbol on wall, door opens by itself>
HOLIDAY*: Uh oh.
HOLIDAY*: You go ahead.  I've got your back.

<PM enters to see several twitching apparitions - one near desk, one on
shelving, one against back wall>
HOLIDAY*: You... you see 'em, too, don't you?
HOLIDAY*: Shit.  No wonder Jin is having trouble.

<PM and Holiday walk toward end to room>
<flash of light, then room mysterious expands and becomes much longer and PM
can clearly see a phone with a lighted message indicator>
HOLIDAY*: Man, this is not right.
<activating phone results in a loud shriek and windows shattering>

<exit warehouse and move down alleyway to exit level>

Interval 02 - Flight - Holiday

Remnants of SFOD-D have set up an extraction point in Auburn Memorial Hospital.
 Make your way with Holiday to the medical center. 

F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon is en route separately.

Proceed with Holiday through the warehouse district toward the subway.  The
subway tracks lead to a terminal near Auburn Memorial Hospital downtown.

- Deployable Turrets will both distract and damage your enemies.

- Proceed through the warehouse district

<PM moves down alleyway, still accompanied by Holiday>
?: <death scream>
<around the corner lies the corpses of two SFOD-D operatives and a Replica
HOLIDAY*: Uh-oh. I've got a bad feeling about this.

=CP= <just before entering first construction area>

<PM and Holiday enter first construction area (divided by a deep open conduit
in the middle)>
HOLIDAY*: Eyes high.  This area is ripe for snipers.
HOLIDAY*: Watch your six!  We've got more soldiers coming in from the

<during fight with Replicas, Holiday says the following things as Replicas die>
HOLIDAY: Dumb motherfucker!  You got a deathwish?
HOLIDAY: Oh yeah, I'm a bad motherfucker.
HOLIDAY: Let's send these bastards back to Fort Useless.
HOLIDAY: Take that you test tube motherfucker.
HOLIDAY: Come on, I don't want to give these SOBs time to regroup.

<when only one Replica remains alive>
HOLIDAY: Only one left!

<when all Replicas are dead>
HOLIDAY: There should be an exit about one klick to our six.
HOLIDAY: This way!
<if PM doesn't follow Holiday closely enough>
HOLIDAY*: Let's go.
<Holiday plants explosive charge on door>
HOLIDAY*: Stand back.

=CP= <after Holiday blows door and PM enters building>

<PM and Holiday enter second construction site>
HOLIDAY*: Hold up.
<stuff goes flying and a loud bang>
HOLIDAY*: You go check that out.  I'll get this gate open.
<if PM follows Holiday to gate>
HOLIDAY*: Get going.

<PM moves off alone>
<ground collapses, separating PM from Holiday>
HOLIDAY*: This just keeps getting better and better.  We'll just meet up on the
other side - again.

<circle around work site>
<fight 3 Replicas and 1 deployable turret>

<while approaching and climbing ladder>
HOLIDAY: I've got boocoo soldiers over here.  I could use a hand.
HOLIDAY: Stop grab assing!  I need some help over here.
HOLIDAY: What a clusterfuck!  Help me out here.

[=UNK=] <while climbing ladder>
<on platform, PM sees apparition of Fettel on the incomplete elevated
structure, watching the firefight for a while until he disappears>

<as Holiday fights below>
HOLIDAY: You're not the only bad motherfucker out here.
HOLIDAY: Want a piece of this?  I didn't think so.

<after killing all Replicas>
HOLIDAY: If you're through with your fancy shooting, I'm going to blow this

HOLIDAY: This way!
<red flare gets tossed over fence>

=CP= <using walkway to backtrack to fence and flare>

<approach flare>
HOLIDAY: (exasperated) Back away from the fence.

<after fence explodes, rejoin Holiday>
HOLIDAY*: We make a pretty good team out here.

<follow Holiday to jammed door>
HOLIDAY*: Hold up.

<after Holiday kicks in door, enter blood splattered room>
HOLIDAY*: Careful.
HOLIDAY*: I've got a bad feeling about this.

<Holiday clears barricade>
HOLIDAY*: What were they trying to keep out?

<PM enters blood splattered room with a bloody Alma symbol on wall, followed by
HOLIDAY*: Whoo.  Some of these people killed each other.
<Holiday examines body>
HOLIDAY*: He did this to himself.
<Holiday pauses in front of jammed door>
HOLIDAY*: I'm not exactly burning with curiosity about what's on the other
side, are you?
<Holiday kicks open door, runs into room>

<while following Holiday, PM see crouching apparition perched high on the
container to PM's left>
HOLIDAY*: Man, this is not right.
<Holiday steps into bloody Alma symbol on the floor>
<lights go out>
HOLIDAY*: Not good.
<lights flash on and off, as more apparitions appear, both hovering in midair
and perched on boxes, surrounding Holiday>
<Holiday starts shooting as a crawler runs up behind him and slashes>
<lights turn on, all apparitions are gone as Holiday gets pulled into the air>
HOLIDAY*: Uh-oh.
<Holiday gets flung around wildly, then dragged toward open doorway to room
full of apparitions>
<Holiday clings to doorway>
HOLIDAY*: Find Jin!
<Holiday disappears into room and door slams shut>
<lights flash off, then on>
<sounds of wet crunching and snapping>
<Holiday gets flung through wall, pulled into the air, his limbs get crushed
and twisted, then his body gets flung around some more before hurtling through
the exit door>
<PM follows to see Holiday's body draped over a window sill>
<when PM approaches window, Holiday's body gets dragged inside, followed by an
explosive spray of blood>
<behind PM, a crawler races out of warehouse and jumps over fence>

<jump over fence to exit level>

Interval 02 - Flight - Desolation

Holiday is dead.

You must continue alone toward the subway system and the medical center that
lines beyond.

F.E.A.R. technical officer Jin Sun-Kwon is en route to Auburn Memorial Hospital
and the extraction point.

Find the nearest subway entrance and take the tracks leading to the city's
medical center.

- The Penetrator are very effective against armored targets.

- Find the subway entrance

<approaching bloody steps of loading dock>
R: Echo Six, we've reached the first marker.
R: Echo Six, Secure the area.  Intruders have been confirmed.

<climbing stairs until reaching locked door>
<bloody footprints appear on floor, leading away from door>
<follow footprints right to apparition of Alma>
ALMA*: Follow me.
<flash to mindscape of walls pulling away into darkness, then PM drops into a
sea of flames, with walls and columns circling overhead as waves of nightmares
<world reverts to normal and previously locked door is now open>

=CP= <going through previously locked door>

<blue tank area, hear ominous thumping background music as 3 assassins attack>
<fight 4th assassin at top of catwalk>

<past rocket launcher, climb stairs>
R: Command, we have contact in sector 3!
R: Reinforcements are en route.

<fight Replicas on catwalks above blue tank area>

=CP= <before yellow-lit catwalk area>

<under catwalk, PM can see a REV6 stomping around>

<after exiting building, REV6 bursts through wall>

<descend subway stairs to exit level>

Interval 03 - Descent - Terminus

You've made your way through the warehouse district and into the city's subway
system.  The subway system connects to the medical district downtown.

Jin Sun-Kwon is ahead, waiting - alone.

Head down through the subway terminal and onto the subway tracks. 
Follow the tracks toward the medical center.

- Grenades and other explosives can temporarily stun enemies, giving you a few
seconds to get the drop on them.

- Head down to the subway tracks

<as PM heads toward stairs, a body falls over with a thud, lights start popping
and going out>

<through "West 14th Station" gate, Replicas escorting pallets of unknown cargo>
R: Get those crates down to transport. We've got a lot more supplies coming in.

<walking down long hallway, lights go out, gates close>
<apparition of naked Alma appears several times, ever moving closer, until she
finally appear right in front of PM>

ANNOUNCER: By the order of the Mayor's office the Metropolitan Rapid Transit
Authority is now closed until further notice.

ANNOUNCER: All residents are hereby ordered to return to their homes and remain
indoors until further notice.

<open side door to see Replica slamming door shut>
R: Heads up!

ANNOUNCER: Save 30 percent off standard commuter rates with an EZ Tag pass. 
Have you bought yours today?

ANNOUNCER: EZ Tags may be purchased at the ticket booth.

ANNOUNCER: The Lost and Found is located near the surface terminal entrance.

<after killing Replicas in area>
R: Intruder is headed your way.
R: Copy that. In position.

=CP= <past rocket launcher, in hallway leading to large open lobby under

<in lobby, during fight with Replica squad>
ANNOUNCER: The Medical Center L, now boarding on the Orange Line.

<after fight with REV6>
R: We've lost contact with Zulu Six.
R: Roger, we'll check it out.
<more Replicas rush in>

<PM reemerges back in main hallway, on other side of closed gate>
<Replica runs across PM's path as "Robertson Av, Marroquin Hts" gate closes
behind him>
R: Sector 4 secure, the target is on his way!

<follow "14th St, Pina Station" signs downstairs, enter "Employees Only" side
<fight Replicas to access floor grating>

ANNOUNCER: Now arriving, the 435 from Auburn Memorial Hospital.

=CP= <after shooting floor grating and dropping into tunnel>

<climb ladder to access security controls>
<on monitor, PM sees Fettel walking past closed "14th St, Pina Station" gate>
<activate controls to open gate on monitor>

<PM reemerges back in main hallway>

<approaching now open gates, a heavy armor and escort crash through wall>
<after fight with heavy armor, climb stairs through "D Forcher Pk Blvd,
Memorial West" gate to see twitching silhouette through closed gate before
light bulb breaks>

ANNOUNCER: Be sure to tune in tonight to WAN 26 as Hank opens the basement and
discovers the lost secret of Dark Harvest.

<go through "14th St, Pina Station" gate and head down stairs>
<entering "Authorized Personnel Only" door, Replicas attack>

=CP= <opening door into turnstile area>

<past turnstiles, heading toward terminal gates on platform>
R: Close the gates.
<terminal gates close ahead of you>

<kill Replica squad>

- Find a way to open the terminal gates

<approach wall grating on right side of terminal>
ALMA: Here.
<climb into vent>

<flash, then the vent system suddenly seems to expand>
<glimpse of Alma scurrying across PM's path>
<touch the black shimmers blocking every path in vents>
<continue scrambling through vents, while avoiding dropping into flames, as PM
gets teleported to different places in vent system>

<flash to vision of Replica squad moving up some stairs>
R: Check the upper floor.
<Replica enters an office, starts waving his hands as a dark shimmer surrounds
him and lights flicker>
<Alma appears and stalks up behind the Replica>
R: What the fuck is that?
<Replica explodes in a welter of blood>

=CP= <after exiting vent and finding bloody skeletons everywhere>

<in side room near left side doorway out of control room, approach body armor
in back of room, then try to exit>
<apparition of naked Alma appears in middle of room>

<activate switch to open terminal gates, then exit via right side doorway out
of control room>
<enter door with bloody Alma symbol>
<fight crawlers in bloody area until last crawler knocks over shelves, opening

<enter long narrow arched ceiling hallway>
<naked Alma appears at far end>

<after climbing stairs back up to newly opened terminal gates, enter train,
then jump off onto tracks to exit level>

Interval 03 - Descent - Orange Line

The Replicas are using the city subway to transport equipment and supplies.  To
what end, you do not know.

Follow the subway tracks to the exit near Auburn Memorial Hospital.

Secondary objective is to collect information on Replica activities in the
subway system.

- Try not to let enemy soldiers flank your position.

- Follow the subway tracks

<jumping down unto tracks>
R: Orange Line.  Repeat. Orange Line.  Cut him off.
<Alma appears and walks down tracks toward Replicas>
R: What the hell!?
R: (death scream)
R: (death scream)
R: Get out of here!
<all Replicas die in a spray of blood>
ALMA: You're safe now.

<crossing platform, jump down onto tracks>
<if PM tries to walk along tracks, a train hurtles by, forcing PM to jump down
toward door>

- Shoot the padlock to unlock the door

<open brown door>
<Alma stands in upper level room, then walks left>
R: Movement!

<after using ladder to reach catwalk above tracks and destroying 2 enemy
deployable turrets on other side, open grey door>
<vision of searing whiteness and Jin looking around warily>
JIN: He's here! Fettel!
<vision of Fettel stalking up behind oblivious Jin>
JIN: Stay away from me!
<vision of Jin looking around warily as Fettel watches her a few steps away>
FETTEL: I'm not going to do anything to you, Ms. Kwon.
FETTEL: But, I can't speak for my mother.
<Fettel disappears>
<vision of Jin standing on bloody shadow-like smear as bloody Jankowski
approaches her>
JIN: Jankowski?
FETTEL: I've tasted the good lieutenant's visions, and they were most
JIN: Spen... your eyes.
<vision of Jin hastily backing away from the bloody Jankowski shambling toward
<world reverts to normal as lights swing wildly in corridor>
<flash of close-up of bloody Jankowski's face>

R: Target sighted!

<hallway shakes>

=CP= <turning right in hallway>

<approach locked double doors to see SFOD-D operatives in hectic firefight on
other side>
SFOD-D Op: Get back!
R: Target sighted!
SFOD-D Op: Let's get out of here!
SFOD-D Op: And go where!?  They're all over the place!
<SFOD-D operatives shot by two minigunners>

<enter side door>
R: This is Echo Six, we've reached the first marker.
R: Roger, Echo Six. Secure the area.  Intruders have been confirmed.

<fight several squads of Replicas>

=CP= <drop through floor grating>

<wade through water to ladder>
<while climbing ladder, naked Alma makes grab for PM>
<PM re-climbs ladder and sees nothing but bloodstains in vent>
SFOD-D Op: (death scream)
SFOD-D Op: (death scream)
<at top of ladder, find dead bodies of SFOD-D operatives, followed by fight
with minigunner>

=CP= <after passing through area where PM first saw minigunners>

<open blue double doors>
R: Clear that out of here.
R: On it.
<dead SFOD-D operative falls from overhead catwalk>
R: Where do you think he is?
R: Who?
R: Him.
R: Echo Zero reported him near Generator Room One.
R: They check in yet?
R: Negative.

<enter hallway with white arches and a painting at the end>
<enter side door and go downstairs>
<door at bottom suddenly opens to show apparition of bloody Jankowski rising to
its feet>
<door closes>
<reopen door to see wildly swinging lights and suddenly moving chair>
<go through side door>
<flash to mindscape of wildly swinging lights and nightmare ambush>

<emerge from vent, cross catwalk over tracks>
<drop through floor grating to end level>

Interval 03 - Descent - The L

SITUATION: The Replicas have pursued you underground, cutting you off at every
turn in an attempt to trap you.  Jin Sun-Kwon has not made contact in several

Replica forces are moving large quantities of supplies to an unknown
destination.  Exact content of the shipments remains unknown.

Exit the subway system and proceed toward the medical center.

- The Repeating Cannon and other heavy weapons cause you to move more slowly.

- Exit the subway system

<descend two long ladders into sewers>
<PM hears unearthly scream upon reaching bottom>

=CP= <stepping into round sewer tunnel>

JIN: I made it. I'm at the hospital.

JIN: Oh god.  They're dead.  They're all dead.

<rats scuttle toward you>

<head into dead end, turn around to see Alma scurrying to the left down another

<stepping out of round sewer tunnels>
JIN: They know you're coming.  Be careful.

JIN: They're hunting you.

<turn water valve>
<climb ladders in circular chamber and enter upper tunnel>

=CP= <in upper tunnels>

<emerge from tunnel into big pillar room>
<after killing Replicas, turn off gas and climb stairs>

R: Echo 9, report.
R: They're gone.  He got them.

<kill Replicas on catwalk>

=CP= <drop through open floor grating>

<exiting vent onto floor of darkened chamber> 
<vision of crawler scuttling toward PM>

<climb stairs to uppermost level of darkened chamber>
<vision of hordes of crawlers scuttling around on ceiling>

<fight Replicas>

R: The commander wants those charges primed and ready.
R: Get those charges planted!
R: The target is on his way.

=CP= <heading down subway tunnel after killing lone Replica planting charges>

R: Baker Three reporting charges are in place.
R: Roger Baker Three. Detonate the charges.
R: Copy that. Detonating charges.

<fight large squad of Replicas on platform>

<approach locked and darkened newsstand>
MAPES*: It's locked dumbass.
<light inside newsstand turn on and Norton Mapes appears>
MAPES*: Oh, uh, hi. I, uh, didn't know it was you.  Listen, you owe me.  You
wouldn't have gotten out of Origin without me.  You know that, right?
MAPES*: You wait right there, I'll come around and open the door.  But you
gotta promise me you'll take me with you.
<Mapes leave newsstand>
MAPES*: You using the Grenade Launcher? No wait, I want the Plasma Rifle.
<Mapes opens side door, wearing bloodstained shirt>
MAPES*: How about the Minigun? No?
<lights flicker and ground shakes>
MAPES*: Oooo. Goodbye - 
<Mapes bolts back into newsstand and locks the door>

=CP= <after Mapes runs off>

<kill 4 Replicas, then minigunner and escort smash through wall>

=CP= <climbing stairs after first minigunner fight>

<kill Replicas, then run up ramp to exit level>

Interval 04 - Malice - Leviathan

Replica forces have detonated large quantities of explosives in the subway
system in order to prevent your escape.

The resulting explosion has blown you onto a nearby parking garage.

Find your way out of this parking garage and to the adjacent medical center.

Exit the parking garage and head toward the medical center.

- Stay alert for enemy radio chatter.  You can sometimes hear your enemies
before you see them.

<PM wakes up on parking garage roof>
JIN: There are Replicas everywhere.
JIN: They've taken the city.

<approaching exit to parking garage roof>
JIN: I don't know where to go.

<G4 level>
R: Get to cover! We've got an intruder headed this way.
R: Get down!  He's coming!
R: Don't let him through!

<G3 level>
R: Bring in the powered armor!
<REV8 crushes Replicas as it charges toward PM>
R: (death scream)
<fight 1st REV8>

<G2 level>
SFOD-D Op: What IS that!?
SFOD-D Op: Get back!!!
<ground rocks as one REV8 blows up>
<fight remaining 2nd REV8>

=CP= <after destroying 2nd REV8>

<G1 level>
<enter glass doors to "9th Avenue Station">

<approaching turnstiles on concourse>
<vision of Fettel surrounded by Replica troops in front of turnstiles>
FETTEL: You still don't know, do you?  What you are.  Why you're here.
<vision of labcoated Harlan Wade looking down at PM>
HW: You will be a god among men.
<world reverts to normal>
<door on left side of concourse opens and a brilliant white light flashes
intermittently from inside>

<after entering now open door, enter "Authorized Personnel Only" locker room>
FETTEL: Why run?  You cannot escape something you've been part of since before
you were born.

<exiting locker room, moving down long hallway toward wooden doors>
JIN: You're not coming, are you?  I'm going to die here, alone.
JIN: I don't want to die with them.

=CP= <approaching wooden doors>

- Take the skybridge to Auburn Memorial Hospital

<activate phone>
VM (female caller): John, what's happening?  I can't reach anybody.

R: Stay alert.

=CP= <after entering and clearing ground floor of atrium>

<climb up scaffolding to 2nd floor>
<jump over to open gate and kill Replicas in construction area>
<in corridor (blue carpet), look through glass doors to PM's right>
<apparition of Alma stands behind glass doors>
ALMA: Hurry.

<kill Replicas in security office and open gate>

<exit back onto 2nd floor balcony and kill Replica squad on opposite side>

<jump back over to now open gate and kill heavy armor squad in second
construction area>

=CP= <climbing stairs to 3rd floor>

<3rd floor (diamond lattice carpet), moving through twisting office corridor>
<PM quickly runs around corner to see apparition of bloody Jankowski>

<in side office, activate phone>
VM (male caller): Jenny, it's John.  Stay where you are.  I'm coming to you.

<exit back onto 3rd floor balcony and kill Replica squad on opposite side>

<jump to other side of 3rd floor, enter glass double doors (square box pattern
<flash and world goes slo-mo>
FETTEL: Soon, you will have a choice to make.  You are near the time when you
will have to stop running.
<move down right path, apparition of twitching figure near open elevator doors
to PM's right, inside the elevator is a white shimmer which teleports PM back
to entrance>
<move down left path, apparition of twitching figure behind glass partition>
<Jin runs across your path, nightmares attack, with one nightmare going after
<at reception desk, going left leads to another twitching apparition and a
white shimmer which teleports PM back to entrance>
<at reception desk, going right (following Jin) leads to a white shimmer which
makes the world revert to normal and teleports PM into an office>
<screams and crunching sounds>
<run up stairs to 4th floor following blood trail and violent noises>
<bloody scene of dead Jin surrounded briefly by three twitching apparitions,
while fallen camera on floor flashes repeatedly>

<approach door at end of hallway>
R: Cover the door.

<step out onto 4th floor balcony and kill Replica squad on opposite side>

<jump to other side to 4th floor and enter cubicle area (yellow diamond
<kill Replicas>

<in cubicle, activate phone>
VM (male caller): Hi, sweetheart.  Just checking in.  The explosion's all over
the news, and I wanted to make sure you're ok.

<open 4th floor glass doors and run across skybridge as helicopter fires at
<enter glass doors to exit level>

Interval 05 - Malice - Malignancy

SITUATION: You've reached Auburn Memorial Hospital, alone. Jin Sun-Kwon is
dead.  No contact has been made with SFOD-D for quite some time.  Status of the
extraction point is unknown.

Investigate the hospital with caution and locate the life flight elevator that
has access to the hospital roof.

Locate the life flight elevator and take it to the extraction point on the
hospital roof.

- Locate the life flight elevator

<passing vending machines>

<approaching "Exam Room 1", the door opens by itself and something invisible
scrambles into ceiling>

<past 2nd set of vending machines into waiting area>
<electrical sparks near far door of waiting area>

<in reception area>
R: Teams report.
R: Red Team - Target has not been sighted.
R: Blue Team - No sign of him.
R: Orange, here.  Nothing.

<kill 3 Replicas in lower lobby>


<enter "Pharmacy">
R: Squad, spread out!

<clear Replicas from area, enter security office>
<activate gate control>
<quickly backtrack to see naked Alma walking away from PM through a doorway>

<past newly opened gate, see SFOD-D operative slump dead to the floor behind a

<dust falls from ceiling near "Surgery" sign>

<jump to side platform in elevator shaft>
<vision of crawlers moving downward on shaft walls>

=CP= <exit elevator shaft into Maternity Ward>

<baby crying>
<moving around corner, hall lights go out, while inside the maternity ward room
a bloody nurse figure holds what looks like a baby>
<lights goes off inside ward>
<bloody nurse apparition smacks into window, then disintegrates>
<lights go on again>

<electrical sparks>
<PM moves around corner to see bloody bodies and skeletons as Replica assassin
scurries away and jumps into ceiling>

<ceiling tiles keep falling>

<look through double doors to see doors with bloody Alma symbol>
<crawler appears and charges doors, buckling and jamming them shut>

<enter room to right, shoot small air vent high on wall to expose Easter Egg of
Mapes dancing in front of picture of Poncho Villa>
MAPES: Hellooo?
MAPES: Hellooo?

<open door to Janitorial, SFOD-D body pulled into ceiling in a shower of blood
and flesh, followed by wet crunching noises and a snarl>

<enter through bloody symbol-marked door into Waiting Room awash in blood>
<in front of PM, a twitching apparition briefly stands next to the copy
<beyond locked doors to PM's left, PM sees figure of naked Alma entering
elevator which then closes>
<to PM's right, a twitching apparition stands under "Waiting Room" sign>
<entering further into room, crawlers attack>

=CP= <on opposite side of glass from the bloody Waiting Room area>

<exit into hallway, look through glass doors to PM's right>
<partially open door slowly closes>

<turn right into elevator lobby to see elevator doors closing and a jammed gate
trying to close in a spray of blue dye/paint>

<approach wood double doors in short hallway containing a wheelchair>
<flash, then PM is flung back as hallway mysteriously expands to become much
longer and now cluttered with beds>
<re-approach wooden doors, which are locked>
<turn around to see mindscape of decrepit hallway with closed doors>
<approach old-style door, light start swinging wildly>
<twitching apparition appears in front of doors>
<world reverts to normal>

<enter lobby with bloody fountain>
<lights go out, fight 4 assassins in total>
<exit upper level doors>
<fight assassin dropping from ceiling>

=CP= <entering "Surgery" doors>

<past 2nd "Surgery" sign, past two heaped SFOD-D bodies>
<fight 2 crawlers to surgery rooms>

<fight Heavy minigunner>

<open security door>
<on monitor, watch 3 Replicas charging through now open doors>
<backtrack, fighting Replica squad on the way>

=CP= <going through now open sliding doors>

<enter waiting room to fight 2 heavy and 1 minigunner>

<past health booster, go down stairs, find dying Replica>
<PM moves around corner to see two Replicas fighting with a mob of crawlers>
R: Retreat!
R: What the hell!?
R: Somebody help me!
<after Replicas die, crawlers attack PM>

<activate security to unlock door to elevator>
<on wall monitor, PM sees naked Alma walking into elevator, but looking out the
window, PM sees nothing in the empty elevator>

<activate elevator>
<lights flicker and elevator shakes violent, then everything goes dark to end

Interval 05 - Malice - Dark Heart

The hospital has been ransacked.  SFOD-D bodies lie everywhere.  Unknown forces
are interfering with the operation of the life flight elevator.

Restore elevator functionality and make your way to the roof.

<lights come back on in elevator>

- Restore life flight elevator functionality

<bloody lobby area>
<table lamp goes flying>

<enter wire mesh door in left hallway off lobby (relative to elevator)>
<circle around toward small door>
<apparition of naked Alma appears in blood puddle in front of door>

<in security office, climb crates to access vent>

<in vent>
<through grating, PM looks down to see Alma walking down bloody hallway,
leaving bloody footprints before vanishing>

=CP= <drop out of vent into hallway>

<approach door to the right to see Alma's bloody footprints on other side>
<approaching door at far left end, doors burst open and crawlers attack>

<past 1st mortuary area, enter locker room>
<hovering apparition in shower stall next to white double doors>

<enter 2nd mortuary area>
<turn corner to see open refrigerator door>
<vision of drawer sliding out and naked Alma sitting up>
<flash to mindscape of flames and nightmares attacking>
<fall through 8 more levels of fire>
<fall through deep vertical shaft into pool of blood>
<swim downward and land in decrepit, old-fashioned room>
<approach open doorway and fight nightmares>

=CP= <exit starting point room>

<go down stairs>
ALMA: I'm waiting for you.

<open door to examination room to see apparition standing in the far corner>
<nightmares attack>

<turn left into corridor with stairs>
<nightmares attack>
<climb stairs into hallway lined with doors with viewing windows>
<1st door on left side - twitching figure of Aldus Bishop(?) clutches his head>
<at end of hallway, a slumped figure walks from right doorway to left doorway>
<2nd door on left side -  slumped figure of Bill Moody(?) slamming his head
against bloodstained wall, then remains leaning against wall>
<1st door to right side - twitching figure of labcoated Chuck Habegger(?)>
<2nd door on right side - bloodstained of Alice Wade(?) sitting on metal bed
frame, holding herself and rocking>
<3rd door on left side - slumped figure of Harlan Wade(?) sitting on floor
against back wall, nurse apparition suddenly appears and slams shut viewing
<3rd door on right side - room with dark shimmer - upon entering the shimmer,
the door slams shut and walls start close in as naked Alma watches from
outside, just as it looks as PM will be crushed, flash to normal cell with open

<4th door on left side - bloody room>
<around corner, nightmares attack>
<door to "Ward C" closes as PM approaches, blocking out light>

<head through open "Ward E" doors>
<flash, then images of naked Alma and Alma alternate at far end of hallway as
walls suddenly draw back into darkness>
<in far distance, Alma(left) and naked Alma(right) converge on white glow from
opposite directions>
<explosion of brilliant white light>
<world reverts to normal>

<PM is back in mortuary area, but without any bloodstains>
BETTERS: He's alive!  I just picked up his signal.  
BETTERS: If you can hear me, get to high ground.  A chopper is standing by.

=CP= <backtracking through mortuary>

- Return to the life flight elevator.

<exit through now open doors to lobby area>

<return to security office where PM climbed crates to reach vent>
<enter vent and smash fan to access Easter Egg>
<enter weird room with a robot figure, a jiggling Mapes, and upbeat Jpop music>

<return to elevator>
<activate elevator to end level>

Interval 06 - Epilogue

SITUATION: The life flight elevator is operational once again.  SFOD-D
coordinator has made contact and directed you to the extraction point on the
hospital roof.

No other surviving F.E.A.R. or SFOD-D operatives have been found.  Proceed with
extreme caution.

Head to the extraction point on the roof and escape.

<stepping out of elevator>
BETTERS: Stay sharp.
BETTERS: Keep you eyes open for that Black Hawk.

<outside on rooftop>
<Fettel standing on upper helipad area>
FETTEL*: You should know better by now.
<Fettel walks away as Replicas rush in>

<after clearing first group of Replicas>
<chopper approaches overhead>
BETTERS: You should have a visual on the evac chopper.
<second wave of Replicas burst through doors near helipad>

<after clearing second group of Replicas, a minigunner and escort appear on
stairs leading to helipad>

<after killing minigunner and escort>
SFOD-D Op (D. Passalaqua): Den Mother, this is Little Bird.  We're on the

<climbing steps and approaching doors>
SFOD-D Op (D. Passalaqua): Hurry up so we can get the hell out of here.
<walk through doors>

<approaching doors and helicopter beyond>
SFOD-D Op (D. Passalaqua): Holy fucking shit!
<explosion sends PM flying backward and knocks him unconscious>

<PM regains consciousness, eyesight hazy as blood drips to floor, then slowly
looks up to see Fettel standing in blown open doorway>
FETTEL: They tried to bury their sins, but instead planted the seeds of their
<fade to black, then PM staggers toward now empty doorway, but Fettel is gone>
<fade to black, then PM continues to stagger forward toward doorway>
FETTEL: But, she would not be forgotten. WE will make them remember.
<PM staggers outside amid helicopter wreckage>
FETTEL: They will die.  <sinister laugh>  All of them.

<PM turns to look to his right and stares out over a cityscape of burning
buildings and smoke-filled skies>

<fade to black, as credits start to roll against backdrop of burning cityscape>
FETTEL: A war is coming. I've seen it in my dreams. Fires sweeping over the
earth. Bodies in the streets. Cities turned to dust. Retaliation.


9: Replica / ATC radio chatter

Many radio chatter phrases can be prefixed with different pronouns, depending
on the exact phrase and/or situation -- ("I" or "We"), ("I'll" or "We'll"),
("I'm" or "We're"), ("I've" or "We've").

For example: "Got a man down!" can also be "I've got a man down!" or "We've got
a man down!"
For example: "Moving in!" can also be "I'm moving in!" or "We're moving in!"

Many command chatter phrases can be prefixed by ("Team" or "Squad"). 
For example: "Check it out!" can also be "Team, check it out!" or "Squad, check
it out!"

ATC security forces use many of the same radio chatter phrases as the Replica
forces, but there appears to be a few specific ATC-specific phrases.

Replica / ATC radio chatter
Anyone see him?
Break him out!
Can you see him?
Can't hit him.
Can't see him.
Can't stop him.
Check it.
Check it out!
Check in.
Close in.
Copy that.
Cover fire!
Covering fire!
Cover me!
Did I get him?
Die, motherfucker!
Down here!
Draw him in.
Everybody take cover.
Fan out.
Fire in the hole!
Flank him.
Flush him out!
Get down!
Get out of here!
Get to cover!
Go go go!
Got a man down!
Got a sniper!
Got a visual.
Got contact.
Got three men down!
Got two men down!
Grenade out!
He wiped out the whole squad.
He took out the heavy!
He took out the heavy armor.
He's over there.
He's too fast!
He's trying to flank.
Head to cover! 
Hold up.
Hustle it up.
I'm okay.
It was over there.
Keep your mouth shut.
Look out (grenade)!
Lost a man!
Lost him.
Man down!
Move up.
Moving in.
Need backup... NOW!
Need backup!
Need help!
Need reinforcements.
No fucking way!
No response.
Not getting a response.
Nothing to report.
Oh shit!
On me!
Our heavy armor is down!
Over there!
Quiet down.
Search this area.
Shut the fuck up.
Spread out.
Stay out of sight.
Suppressive fire!
Take cover.
Take him down!
Take him out!
Taking fire!
Target sighted!
Target spotted!
That's an affirmative.
There he is!
Threat sighted!
This way.
Wait for my signal.
Watch out (grenade)!
What's your status?
Where did that come from?
Where is he?
Where should I go?
Which way?
Yes sir.
You're exposed!

ATC-specific radio chatter

Are you okay?
Get down
Get us some backup
Go see what it was
He's here.
He's over here.
Let's get him.
Stay on your toes.
This way
You still there?

10: FAQs

nothing yet

11: Credits

Monolith Productions and TimeGate Studios for developing this game.

Sierra Entertainment for publishing this game.

GAMEFAQS for hosting this FAQ.


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