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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Grawl

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    Secret Files: Tunguska (PC) Guide by Grawl
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    05/20/07 - Version 1.2
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    Table of Contents                                                   [SF.00.00]
    * Table of Contents.................................................[SF.00.00]
    * History & Next Version............................................[SF.01.01]
    * Introduction......................................................[SF.02.01]
    * Walkthrough.......................................................[SF.03.01]
      * Daddy?..........................................................[SF.03.02]
      * A Hangover Without Alcohol......................................[SF.03.03]
      * Room 8..........................................................[SF.03.04]
      * A Lucky Day.....................................................[SF.03.05]
      * Bread with Jam..................................................[SF.03.06]
      * Do Not Feed the Dog.............................................[SF.03.07]
      * Needles and Anesthetic..........................................[SF.03.08]
      * The Sick Man....................................................[SF.03.09]
      * Magnetism.......................................................[SF.03.10]
      * The Political Nurse.............................................[SF.03.11]
      * Dressing a Statue...............................................[SF.03.12]
      * Betrayed .......................................................[SF.03.13]
      * This is Quite Cool..............................................[SF.03.14]
    * FAQ...............................................................[SF.04.01]
    * Conclusion........................................................[SF.05.01]
    History & Next Version                                              [SF.01.01]
    Version 1.0 (10/02/06) - First version, everything is new. (56,5KB)
    Version 1.1 (10/21/06) - Fixed some mistakes. (56,6KB)
    Version 1.2 (05/20/07) - Just added a note in a part where a bug prevented
     the user to continue the game. This is so you don't have to mail me about it
     anymore. (57,0KB)
    Introduction                                                        [SF.02.01]
    Taken from the official manual:
    "Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father
    has disappeared without a trace. As the police seem reluctant to help her,
    Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father's whereabouts. She
    joins efforts with Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who
    impulsively offers to help the attractive young lady. Together, they quickly
    determine that Nina's father was involved with a research expedition to
    Siberia in an attempt to reveal the causes of the mysterious Tunguska
    catastrophe of 1908. In that mysterious event, a mighty explosion triggered
    an inferno that decimated the land of Tunguska. Nina and Max soon realize
    that her father's disappearance is related to the Tunguska event and the
    search for answers leads Nina and Max to the most remote corners of the
    world - Berlin, Moscow, Cuba, China, and the Antarctic. Powerful
    adversaries are also interested in Nina's father's secret. In the end, much
    more is at stake than just the disappearance of an old man.
    Secret Files: Tunguska recreates a mystery and dares you to solve it, in a
    new point-and-click adventure. In July of 1908, the Siberian region of
    Tunguska saw an inferno that turned everything into debris and ashes. The
    entire land was devastated in a matter of seconds; the blast's impact was
    felt thousands of kilometres away from the source. This phenomenon remains
    unexplained to this day. With its unique mysterious setting, spectacular
    graphics, and innovative puzzles, The Secrets Files: Tunguska sets the stage
    for intrigue, drama, and a deep conspiracy to uncover. Nina is torn from her
    day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared
    without a trace. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to
    look for clues relating to her father's whereabouts. She joins efforts with
    Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who impulsively offers to help
    the attractive young lady."
    Walkthrough                                                         [SF.03.01]
    Whenever you see something between quotation marks (" ") it means a new
    diary entry has been added. Whenever you see Japanese characters, it probably
    means you're drunk and need to go to bed. Whenever an item is between brackets
    ([ ]) it's an item you can get, interact with etc. etc. These might not be the
    accurate names, but should be close enough to the real deal.
    With that said, let's start this wonderful adventure!
    Daddy?                                                              [SF.03.02]
    We'll see the father of Nina doing some investigations when suddenly the door
    opens. He follows the person and the last we see of him is a shadow on the 
    wall, where he collapses.
    Nina walks into the office and finds out it's a total chaos.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Berlin, museum: Nina wanted to meet her father in his office. But all she
    finds when she gets there is terrible chaos. What happened here?"
    Walk to the left side of the room and pick up the [Porcelain bowl]. Also pick
    up the [Piece of rock] from the cloth on the right side of the table. It's
    obvious you need to call the police. Grab the [Phone] to call the police.
    Seems like they can't help you out. Poor Nina. On the left side of the room
    you'll find a [Photo].
    "Torn photo
    Berlin, museum: A photo of Nina's father during one of his expeditions. The
    writing on the back of the photo says: "1958: Vladimir Kalenkov an..." There
    was originally another expedition participant in the picture - but who? And
    why was the photo turn up?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    On the right side of the room you'll find a big machine with a [Flask] on 
    it. Grab that and combine it with the [Piece of rock].
    Leave the room and Nina will notice music coming out of the office of some 
    guy named Max (read the [Name Plate] for that). Leave the hall to end up at
    the main area with a big t-rex in plain view. Hug it!
    No, don't. Head to the rear area and look at the [Statue] to find the 
    [Secret door]. Open it to find Eddy. He's talking about Harry Potter stuff
    (guys in black robes) and leaves the scene. He leaves a [Key] behind. Grab
    Walk back to the hall and grab a piece of the [Plant] and combine it with the
    [Porcelain bowl]. Head back into the room of your father again for a second
    and combine the [Porcelain bowl] with the [Radiator vent] to get a bowl of
    Head back into the hall and look at the [Sign] near the door and try to open
    the [Door]. Use the [Key] with the [Cabinet]. Interact with it to turn the 
    music of Max down. Walk to him office and talk with Max.
    He doesn't know what happened, really. Go back to the office of Nina's father
    to find a 'detective' who tells you to get out. Max and Nina will be talking
    outside the museum and Max seems to be flirting. Can't blame the guy.
    Grab the [Yellow glass shards] and then hop on your [Motorcycle] and drive 
    A Hangover Without Alcohol                                          [SF.03.03]
    When you arrive at the apartment of your father you'll be knocked down by an
    unknown person. When you wake up, it's time for... A NEW DIARY ENTRY. Wow.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Berlin, apartment: Nina is attacked as soon as she enters the apartment. The
    apartment has been ransacked. Her concerns about her father appear to be
    justified. But what are the burglars looking for? And did they find it, or 
    will they come back again?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Look at the [Fish Tank] to see a key. Wow. A key. Best thing that happened
    ever since you woke up from the floor. Grab the [Book] and look at it to find
    out it's not really a book. Look at the [Desk] and grab the [Pizza] from the
    plate. Also get the [Salt shaker]. Also grab the [Pencil] and head back to
    the room.
    Move the [Carpet] to find a [Gap]. Grab the [Portable cassette player] and
    look at it to find [Batteries].
    Walk outside for some fresh air. Examine the [Trash bin] to find [Rubber
    gloves] and a [Spoke]. Check the [Bike] to get an [Air Pump]. The [Box] near
    the car contains [Double-sides tape] and [Glue]. Use the [Key ring] on the
    back on your [Motorcycle] to get your [Cell phone] and [Sunglasses].
    Back into the room, use the [Spoke] on the [Gap] to find a [Cassette]. Check
    the [Desk] and use the [Cassette] on the [Cassette tape recorder] and listen
    to the tape. A magical clue that leads to the password of the computer.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Berlin, apartment: One of the cassettes contains a strange message from 
    Vladimir: "The first and last on the car, a fourth on the openings to the 
    entrance of the underworld, and finally, the guardians of my work."
    Leave for the museum and talk with the girl on the bench. She broke her bike
    and camera when she saw strange persons the other day. She was afraid to go
    home and slept there. Let's help her!
    Berlin, museum: Lisa happened to take some photos of suspicious figures who
    were hanging around near the museum. Since Eddy the janitor also stammered 
    something about mysterious characters, this appears to be the first hot lead."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Check the [Bike] to get the [Flat tire]. Head to the apartment again and 
    use the [Bucket] to get a [Handle]. Combine the [Glue] with the [Rubber glove]
    to create a beautiful piece of art. Combine the [Air Pump] with the [Flat
    tire] and then use that on the [Bucket] to find the hole. Finally use the
    [Glove with glue] on the [Tire] to fix it. Head back to the girl and use the
    [Tire] on the [Bike]. 
    Talk with her again to get the [Camera]. All it needs is batteries, so
    combine the [Batteries] with the [Camera]. More stuff to think about.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Berlin, museum: Lisa's photos weren't as meaningful as hoped. Could the black
    robes be an indication of a sect? And what about the strange amulet one of
    them is wearing?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    The girl will give you a [Magnet]. Head back to the apartment and use the
    [Magnet] on the [Fish tank] to get the [Key]. Use this [Key] on the [Book
    casket] to find a [Address book] and [Note]. Read the [Note] and use the
    Active the [Computer]. You'll need to input the code, and it's no secret the
    cassette is the key to it. The code is 2342, but let me explain why too ;)
    The first and last digit on the car of Nina's father are 2 and 3. The gate to
    the sewers (underground) has 16 holes, divided by 4 is 4. There are two
    statues guarding the entrance to the museum. So there you go.
    Read the mail the father of Nina got, then check the [Address book]. She'll
    find the address of Oleg. Go there.
    Grab the [Plastic bag] and then walk to the door. Ring the [Door bell] and
    Oleg will open the door (and close it about as fast).
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Berlin, Oleg's house: Oleg Kambursky does not seem to be a very likeable
    character. Is he hiding something, or is he just chronically unfriendly?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Walk to the back and grab the [Broomstick]. After that peek through the
    [Window] and look at [Oleg]. He's calling but you can't hear what he's
    Back at his door you'll find a cute [Cat]. Use the [Pizza] on the [Feeding
    dish] and attack the [Tape] to your [Mobile phone]. Use this on the [Cat] and
    then use the [Salt] on the [Pizza]. 
    The cat will run into the house. Check through the [Window] how the [Cat] is
    doing. Now return to the streets and use the [Phone booth] to call your own
    It will run into the tree and leave the phone on a lower branch. Good job
    cat. You can be our special spy! Use the [Handle] on the [Plastic bag] and
    then use that with the [Broomstick] (tape will be added too). Use this on the
    [Mobile phone] to get it back, and listen to it.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Bugging operating
    Berlin, Oleg's house: Nina was able to record a telephone conversation of
    Oleg. Just like in the mail that Nina's father wrote to Oleg, the subject of
    the conversation is "Tunguska". Maybe Max will know more about it?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    When you try to head to the museum, Nina will take a nap first.
    Room 8                                                              [SF.03.04]
    Have a chat with Max. After some chit-chat he'll go down to find some 
    articles about the Tunguska accident and leaves you around to do whatever you
    like. Check the [Totem Pole] and use the [Spoke] the [Red glass bead]. Check
    the [Freezer] for an [Acid Bottle] and [Cement bag]. Use the [Cement bag] on
    the [Porcelain bowl] to create [Putty in porcelain bowl]. Use the [Acid
    bottle] on the [Flask] to get [Amethyst]. Use the [Putty in the porcelain
    bowl] on the [Diadem].
    Head to the main room and combine the [Glass shard] with the [Sunglasses] to
    get a [Green shimmer]. Combine this with the [Diadem], together with the 
    [Amethyst] and [Red glass bead]. Hold the [Diadem] in front of the lamp and
    look at the [Escape plan].
    You'll see 'room 8' marked on the plan, but it's being renovated. Move away
    from the plan and Max will compliment you on the light show. Have a chat with
    him about the room and you'll move to his room, since all the stuff from room
    8 is in his room.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    On the morning of June 30, 1908 there were indeterminable phenomena to be
    seen in the sky. A short time later a cataclysmic explosion with a magnitude
    greater than 2000 Hiroshima bombs shook the stillness of the endless stretches
    of the mid-Siberian mountains. An inferno of flames reduces everything to
    rubble and ash; and unimaginable shock wave snapped trees in half like matches
    and threw herders and their reindeer 20 kilometres from the explosion into the
    air. Seismic vibrations races around the world at 500 m/s. That night the sky
    was aglow in Europe.
    Strange discovery
    While drilling, Russian mineralogist Leonid Kulik allegedly discovered a
    substance that was unlike any material known on Earth. Kulik had already made
    the headlines 11 years before. He had claimed to have found a giant unshapely
    object made of an unknown material between unnaturally grown plants near the
    explosion site in the Tunguska region. All attempts to take rock samples
    failed because the material was too hard, and during the next expedition the
    mysterious object has suddenly disappeared."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    So know you know that, it's time to check the room of Max for objects. What
    you need to check is the [Relief disk] and mainly the [Coin]. Grab it. You
    might recognise it. If not, do not fear! I am here!
    Head into the office of Nina's father and place the [Coin] into the blank
    spot. What we need to do now is solve a puzzle. A coin puzzle. Joy! 
    There are four kind of joins (bronze, big, 10, gold - that's what I'll call
    them). It's a bit like sudoko - there can't be a coin of the same kind 
    horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
    From left to right, top to bottom the order should be:
    Bronze, big, 10, gold
    Gold, 10, big, bronze
    Big, bronze, gold, 10
    10, gold, bronze, big
    Nina will find some secret notes on his project back in Russia. Nina will go
    talk to Max and they'll walk out of the office, to be surprised by the
    'detective' (hence the single quotation marks).
    Oleg will come in and knock the 'detective' out. Back at the apartment of the
    father of Nina, Oleg will explain things and tells something about a train.
    Oleg has an airplane and knows a man named Sergej who can arranged things
    You'll fly to Moscow and Sergej will help you and get you a spot on the train.
    When you get there though, the guy who is suppose to help you gets arrested
    and it's up to you to get into the train (on which your father may just be)
    and do the rest.
    A Lucky Day                                                         [SF.03.05]
    So let's start the journey into the train. We got a truckload of new diary
    entries we can finally check now.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Personal documents
    Berlin, museum: A secret compartment contained documents from Nina's father
    Vladimir. According to the documents, he was on a secret expedition in
    Tunguska in 1958. The mysterious discoveries such as supernatural plant
    growth were repressed by higher ups. Vladimir and his colleague Manual Perez
    set off for the region on their own in 1977 with terrible consequences for
    Perez. Nina's father blames himself, stating that research should never be
    more important than a human life. The documents also contain a letter from an
    ominous organization in Ireland, but the pages are blank.
    Between escape and a hunt
    Berlin: Detective Kanski has threatened Nina and Max. Oleg arrived to help
    just in time. He says that he knows Nina's father - from an expedition to the
    Tunguska region in 1958. And he knows even more: Nina's father could be on
    board a train from Moscow to the Tunguska region. Was he really abducted? And
    Failed help
    Moscow, train station: Nina and Oleg have set off for Moscow. Sergej, one of
    Oleg's smarmy contacts, suspects that Nina's father is on the train. His plan
    to bribe a guard in the military train station has failed. Nina is forced to
    depend on herself."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Search the [Garbage] to find a [Nut] and an [Unidentifiable thing]. Check
    the [Bag] for a [Bread Box]. Look at it to get [Bread and butter] and a
    [Rubber band]. Combine the latter with the [Unidentifiable thing] to get a
    [Catapult]. Use the [Nut] on it to create a [Loaded slingshot].
    Grab the [Bricks] and use them on the [Car]. Then use the [Bread and butter]
    on the [Rusty car jack] to get it. Talk with the man and go around the corner
    to talk with the sergeant. He has a newspaper but doesn't want to get it.
    Grab a [Pebble] and then use the [Loaded slingshot] on the [Lamp]. You can
    now get the [Newspaper] by talking with the sergeant.
    The man doesn't have the correct number, but by using the [Pencil] on the
    [Newspaper] you can hand it over to the sewer worker and he'll be gone.
    Grab the [Hose] and the [Barrier] (which will get divided into [Iron Bars]
    and [Barrier tape]. Ask the sergeant how strong he is to get the iron bars
    back, just slightly deformed.
    Head down into the sewers. Grab the [Matches] and then use the [Car jack] on
    the [Door] to open it. Use the [Iron bars] on the [Ascent] to create a
    way up.
    Up in the bathroom look under the left door and talk with the man. He is the
    train driver but dropped his key into the toilet. Go back and connect the
    [Hose] to the [Faucet] and drop this into the [Urinal]. Then turn the [Faucet]
    Leave the room to the left to overhear a conversation. The woman can take a
    break to smoke, but needs to wait just a bit. Go back to the sergeant and ask
    for a cigarette. Go back to the changing room again, light the [Cigarette]
    using the [Matches] and put it on the [Dish]. This will clear the room.
    The left locker can't be opened for now, but the right locker can. Inside
    you'll find [Stocking], a [Radio], an [Envelope] and a [Uniform]. Read 
    what's inside the [Envelope].
    Head back to the sewers, where the door is. Use the [Stocking] on the [Pipe]
    and tighten it using the [Barrier Tape]. Then walk back into the other room of
    the sewers and turn the [Wheel]. Grab the [Stocking] and give it to the
    [Train driver].
    Back into the changing room enter the door and talk with the [Man in black].
    Head outside and talk with the [Soldier]. Go all the way back to the 
    [sergeant] and talk with him. He'll give you the names of the two agents.
    Use the [Radio] on [Nina] and use the code 1548 to get rid of the two men.
    Enter the door where they used to be and check the [Body] to get [Dog tags].
    Check the tags for a code (31545) and use that to open the [Locket]. Inside
    you'll find a [Permit]. Give this to the [Soldier] to get inside the train.
    Bread with Jam                                                      [SF.03.06]
    After being on the train for several hours Nina can sneak around again.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Involuntary trip
    Trans Siberian Railway: There are in fact scientist on board the train, and 
    some of them are not here voluntarily. But just as Nina boards the train it
    starts moving. What should she do? Jump off and perhaps never see her father
    again? Nina has no choice, and her involuntary trip begins. However, she needs
    to be extremely careful, because the train is crawling with soldiers and
    secret agents."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Grab the [Dried fruit], [Orange juice] and [Lamp]. Enter the door on the left
    to enter the kitchen. Grab the [Honey] and pour it inside the [Bowl]. Also
    add the [Dried fruit] and [Orange juice].
    Leave the room and enter the other room to end up at some scientist. Talk with
    the [Assistant] who will tell you the professor is cranky because he doesn't
    have his bread with jam. Get two slices of [White bread] (so click two times
    in order to get them) and return to the kitchen. Use one slice on the [Pot
    with jam] and give them to the [Scientist]. He allows you to look around and
    will tell you something about the list of people on board the train.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Sidorkin's list
    Trans Siberian Railway: Professor Sidorkin has a list of all the scientists
    and research assistants on board the train. Is Nina's father one of them? A
    look at this list would definitely be worth its weight in gold."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Talk with the [Assistant] to get some info on the research they are doing.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Research station in Tunguska
    Trans Siberian Railway: Nina was able to find out several very interesting
    things. A secret research station has apparently been built in the Tunguska
    region. They have discovered that the growth of some plants there is
    completely outside the normal range. The scientists are now trying to
    understand and reproduce this growth. But what does Nina's father have to
    do with it?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Get into the other room to end up in a hall with no other ways to go. Grab the
    [100 watt bulb] though. Fill the [Empty bottle] using the [Faucet] and then
    walk towards the sleeping soldier. Put the [100 watt bulb] where the other 
    lamp used to be and turn on the [Switch]. When you go back the bag will be in
    another position and you can open it to get [Castor oil].
    Mix this [Castor oil] with the [Jam] and combine this with the [Bread]. Give
    this deadly combination to the scientist. He'll be gone for a while. Use the
    [Bottle with water] on the [Power outlet] to get rid of the assistant too.
    Grab the [Glass] on the desk and the [Glass] next to the desk. Open both
    and then combine the [Plants]. Put them back into the [Glass] again and put
    them on the [Small desk]. The experiment he does will work and everyone will
    rush in.
    Sneak into the office of Sidorkin and check his desk. Check the [Documents]
    to find out more about the whole deal.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Attacks by sect members
    Trans Siberian Railway: Sidorkin's office contains documents about "acute
    threats to the Tunguska project." According to the documents, there have
    been several attacks on research facilities in the last few years. Sometimes
    "just" documents were destroyed, but there is also mention of attacks using
    explosives and arson. Numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing men in black
    robes. Could they be the same men that Eddy and Lise saw near the museum in
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Leave the desk and you'll be discovered - and locked away.
    Do not Feed the Dog                                                 [SF.03.07]
    Max will find out more about the documents Nina found, and it'll be in the
    diary of Nina. Makes perfect sense.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Trail to Ireland
    Berlin, museum: Max received information that the blank pages in a letter that
    Nina found in her father's documents were not blank at all. A man named Ken
    Morangie obtained some documents at Nina's father's request. Unfortunately it
    was unclear what kind of documents. But maybe a closer look at this Morangie
    guy might be a good idea, because why is he sending encoded messages to
    Vladimir Kalenkov?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Get the [Leash] from the cage and also grab [Frozen meat]. Put this in the
    [Glass] and use this on the [Cage]. Grab the [Bone] from the dog. On the
    right side of the room you'll find a vacuum cleaner. Grab the [Hose] and
    [Tube] and use the [Bone] on the [Flap] to open it. Check the insides to find
    a [Vacuum cleaner bag]. Combine the [Leash] with the [Tube] to get a [Leash
    with pipe]. Yes, it suddenly changed into a pipe. Magic!
    Use the [Leash with pipe] twice on the [Hatch] and climb up. On top of the
    train walk to the pipes on the right side and check the [Vacuum cleaner bag]
    to get [Animal hair] and a [Speld]. Use the [Animal hair] on the right
    [Pipe] and then connect the [Hose] to both pipes. The professor will open his
    window and walk out. Grab the [Leash with pipe] and use it on the [Pipes] to
    enter the room.
    Turn the three statues you see so they are looking left, just like Lenin on
    the picture is. Grab the [Flower vase] and then check the [Desk]. Use the
    [Speld] on the [Drawer] to get the fourth [Statue]. Use this one and make it
    look left too, to open a secret room.
    Inside you'll find a [Book] on the chair. Grab it and use it in the other
    room, on the [Bookcase]. Check the [Niche] in the secret room to find out
    there's nothing there. Walk to the other room again and grab the head of the
    [Skull] and put it in the [Niche] to find the real secret. 
    You need to crack the safe first. The goal is to turn all lights off. Use the
    hint section of your diary if you can't figure it out. You'll find some
    documents, and then the train will crash.
    Needles and Anesthetic                                              [SF.03.08]
    Max will get a call from Oleg and hears the bad news. They will go to the
    hospital and free Nina. You will play as Max now. But first, some new diary
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "The Kalenkov Report
    Trans Siberian Railway: The list containing the scientists has finally been
    found. Nina's father isn't on the train or in the research station. Still,
    the trip was not futile. The safe contains documents about the "Kalenkov
    Report." Vladimir Kalenkov had analysed a fragment that was presumably of
    extraterrestrial origin that had been found in the Tunguska region. Thanks to
    this report, the scientists apparently learned how to manipulate the behaviour
    of animals using radiation.
    The liberation
    Siberia, hospital: Oleg informed Max about the terrible attack on the train.
    The two immediately headed to Siberia, where Nina is being held captivate in
    a remote military hospital."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Grab the [Bag] from the bench and check the [Shrub]. Combine these and give 
    them to Oleg. Check out the [Ambulance] and call them up to get inside.
    Check the [Lamp] to find out a [Key] is inside. Grab the [Surgery pliers] and
    use them on [Lamp] to get the [Key]. Use the [Key] to open the [Door].
    Check the radio on the table for another diary entry.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Mysterious illness
    Siberia, hospital: A medical report talks about patients with severe mental
    and behavioural problems - apparently this is quite common in this region.
    What could have triggered these psychological anomalies?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Browse through the [File cabinet] to find... nothing at all. Well nothing
    related to Nina, that is.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Trail to Cuba
    Siberia, hospital: Max accidentally stumbles on the patient file of Manuel
    Perez, who apparently returned from an expedition with Vladimir Kalenkov 
    with severe mental and behavioural problems and was treated in this hospital.
    He was transferred to Cuba just a few weeks ago at the request of a Dr.
    Nicole Charlesroi. Why the sudden interest in him again after over 30 years?
    Is there a connection with the almost simultaneous disappearance of Nina's
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Grab the [Handheld fan] and [Bottles] (for [Anesthetic]). Head to the next
    room. Here, grab the [Syringe], [Ammonia gas], [Stethoscope] and [Scalpel].
    Use the [Stethoscope] on the door and enter it. The guard is watching TV.
    Head back outside into the alley and go left here to end up in front of the
    hospital. Use the [Surgery pliers] on the [Satellite dish] to break it. 
    Back into the alley, use the [Stethoscope] on the [Pipe] to find out it leads
    to the room with Nina. Then use the [Ammonia gas] on the pipe and then use the
    [Handheld fan].
    Nina will wake up from her sleep and you can active her and play as her. Grab
    the [Crocheted place mat], the [Bowl] and the [Small stone]. Then use the
    [Crocheted place mat] on the [Shard edge] to get [Thread]. Combine this with
    the [Small stone] to get the [Tied-up stone]. Use this on the [Drain]. You
    can now small objects with Max (and vice versa).
    Active Max and give Nina the [Scalpel]. Back as Nina use the [Scalpel] on 
    the [Mattress] to get [Foam]. Give that to Max. Also use the [Scalpel] on the
    [Chair leg] and give that to Max.
    Back to Max combine the [Syringe] with the [Chair leg] to create a [Blowgun].
    Combine this with the [Anesthetic] to get a deadly combination. Head into the
    guard-room and grab the [Wedge].
    Combine the [Foam] with the [Dish] and check the [Bulletin board] for a
    [Thumbtacks]. Come this with the [Anesthetic] to create a [Poisoned tack].
    And finally, use the [Blowgun] on the [Peephole] to calm the guard down.
    Head back to the pipe to Nina and give the [Chair leg] and [Foam] back to
    Nina. Combine the [Thread] with the [Cheesy foam], combine the [Bowl] with the
    [Chair leg] and combine the [Rat trap] with the [Tied-up foam] to create the
    ultimate rat trap. Use this on the [Trap hole]. 
    Grab the [Rat trap] and give the [Rat] to Max. Move back to the guard-room and
    head up the stairs. Use the [Rat] on the [Guard] and then use the [Poisoned
    tack] on the [Chair]. This will calm this guard down too.
    Search his body for the [Key to cell] and use this on the [Door] to free Nina.
    The Sick Man                                                        [SF.03.09]
    At the airplane Nina wants to visit the camp of her father, but they have no
    time. The alarm sounds and soldiers start to look for Nina. She escapes using
    the car.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Coming to terms with the past
    Tunguska region: The site where the Tunguska explosion occurred almost 100
    years ago must be nearby. This means Nina's father was here as well on his
    expeditions. But where exactly? Maybe the search for clues in the past will
    shed some light on the darkness of the present."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Check the [Truck] and get the [Ketchup] and [First aid kit]. Check this kit to
    find [Vodka]. Enter the tent and talk with the [Man]. He needs your help.
    Grab the [Wooden spoon], [Mug], [Grate], [Tassel] (to get a [Twine]) and 
    Walk outside and grab the [Spade] from the back of the truck. Use the [Spade]
    on the [Crate] and [Tree]. Grab the [Destroyed crate] and the [Bark]. Head to
    the right and grab the [Pointed stone]. Use the [Spade] on the [Gentian] on
    the right. Put the [Grate] over the [Hole]. Sharpen the [Scissors] using the
    [Pointed stone].
    Put the [Bark] near the [Water Cabin] and open the [Plug]. Use the [Scissors]
    on the [Reindeer]. You will get some [Reindeer hair]. Use the [Twine] on the
    [Reindeer hair] to create a [Wisp of hair]. Finally use the [Wooden spoon] on
    the [Wisp of hair] to create a [Brush]. Use the [Cup] on the [Resin] and use
    this on the [Water basin] to fill it with water.
    Put the [Cup] on the [Grate] and pick it up again. Use the [Brush] on the
    [Cup] to get the [Brush with resin]. Head inside and use this on the [Snippets
    of parchment].
    Use the [Destroyed crate] on the [Fireplace] and put the [Grate] on it. Use
    the [Matches] on the [Destroyed crate] to create a fire. Give the [Parchment]
    to [Evenk] (the man) and he'll give you a [Vial]. Put the [Vial] near the
    [Nutcracker] and use the [Gentian] on the cracker. Pick the [Vial] up again
    and add the [Vodka] and [Ketchup]. Go outside and use the [Vial] on the [Water
    basin] and put the [Vial] on the [Grate]. Pick it up again and give it to
    He will tell you how to get to the camp of your father.
    Magnetism                                                           [SF.03.10]
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "The forbidden zone
    Tunguska region: The old Evenk is feeling much better. He talks about his son,
    who headed to the area of the crash site despite his warnings and found a
    strange fragment. Later his son suddenly disappeared. The Evenk talked about
    Nina's father, who also didn't listen to his warnings - and Perez had to pay
    dearly for it. He also warns Nina. But should she turn around now when she is
    so close?
    ---New Journal Entry---
    You arrive at the swamp. Time to find out the truth. A bit. Head inside and
    pick up the [Shard] and [Rag]. Check the fireplace and grab the [Aluminium
    foil]. Head outside and head to the [Path].
    Grab the [Oil lamp] and [Hose]. Head further into the forest and check the
    [Wheel] to find two [Nuts]. Use the [Hose] on the [Tank] and then use the
    [Vodka] on it to fill it with fuel. Head back and use the [Fuel] on the
    [Generator]. Then use both [Nuts] on the [Coil] to magnetise them.
    Use the [Rag] on the [Oil Lamp] and clean the [Windows] of the shack on the
    outside. Head inside and check the fireplace. Use the [Matches] on the
    [Oil Lamp] to create some light. Use the [Rag] on the fireplace to find the
    letters '7.5 - 3 - 10.5 - 6'. Combine the [Aluminium foil] on the [Shard] and
    then check the [Compass].
    The compass has four spots for your [Nuts] - north, east, south west. First
    put two on south and west, and press the [Button]. Then remove them and put
    one on the east side, and press the [Button]. Remove and put two nuts on the
    west side and north side, and press the [Button]. Remove them and finally put
    one on the south side and press the [Button] to open a secret part of the
    room. Inside Nina will find some documents and a film.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Under one's own team
    Tunguska region: Nina's father was unable to come to a definitive conclusion
    about the cause of the Tunguska catastrophe during his expedition in 1958. He
    summarized his analyses of a fragment found in the region in the Kalenkov
    Report, in which he claims the material is not made of any material known on
    Earth, but was processed with tools. However, the Report was repressed by
    higher up. Still, Nina's father continued with his research and headed out in
    1977 on another expedition with Manual Perez to search for more fragments."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Use the [Film] on the [Projector] and then use the [Modified glass shard] on
    the [Projector]. Then watch the movie (without electricity?... okay). Nina
    will hear an explosion after this and check it out, but gets attacked by the
    black-robed people. Soldiers will come in though and chase Nina. At the nick
    of time she escapes with the help of Oleg and Max.
    It's time to go to Cuba and Ireland to check out the leads.
    The Political Nurse                                                 [SF.03.11]
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Tunguska region: The hidden film reel shows Manuel Perez and Vladimir Kalenkov
    on their expedition. But what were those strange lights? And what happened to
    "Weird encounter
    Tunguska region: After a huge explosion in the research station Nina is
    suddenly confronted with strange figures in black robes. They don't say a
    word, but she has the feeling she can hear their voices loud and clear."
    "New goals
    The trail in the Tunguska region ends here. But what about Vladimir Kalenkov's
    former companions? Nina heads off to search for Manuel Perez in Cuba, while
    Max picks up the scent of the Irishman, Ken Morangie."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    During this part of the game you can switch between Nina and Max at any point,
    but there absolutely is no point. Just finish the story of Nina, then the
    story of Max.
    Talk with the [Gate keeper] and then head inside and talk with the [Female
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Strange investment
    Cuba: Why would the billionaire and tough-as-nails business man Massimo
    Gartuso buy an insane asylum in Cuba?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Grab a [Newspaper] from the [Magazine stand] and head into the room on the
    right side. Take the [Glasses] and talk with the man. You can't copy until
    he's done with his house of cards.
    Head outside and head to the court. Talk with the [Worker]. He'll go back to
    work when there comes black smoke out of the chimney. Grab the [Logs] and head
    into the kitchen. Grab the [Soup ladle], [Weights], [Sausage tongs],
    [Meat fork] and [Onions]. Then use (in this order) on the stove the [Logs],
    [Newspaper], [Glasses] and [Sausage tongs]. This will get you [Coal] and the
    chimney will smoke.
    Talk with the [Worker] outside, but he'll say that his break won't start until
    BLACK smoke comes out of the chimney. Talk with the [Gate keeper] and give him
    the [Coal]. Head to the room with the man building a house of cards and use
    the [Weights] on the [Record player] to slow the record down. Talk with the
    [Gate keeper].
    He'll create a [Painting in a bag]. Show it to the [Nurse] and you'll separate
    the [Painting] from the [Bag]. Head into the kitchen and use the [Bag] on the
    [Stove] to cause black fire to come out of the chimney. Head outside and the
    'earthquake' will start, causing the house of the man to collapse.
    Head into this room and grab the [Teddy] and then use the [Paining] on the
    [Copy machine]. Give the [Copies] to the [Nurse]. She will let you go check on
    Manuel Perez.
    Head into the hall and enter the door on the far right (left for Nina). Check
    the [Mattress] to find a document.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Change of leadership
    Cuba: An article in the local paper reports that Nicole Charlesroi has been
    named the new director of the psychiatric hospital "Under the Palm Trees."
    There are rumours that it was at the request of a foreign investor"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Check all the things in the room (blood, camera) and then talk with the 
    [Nurse] again. The man in charge of the cells, says it's all okay. Head to the
    court and watch how Ramone brings out laundry. Use the [Meat fork] on the
    [Painting] and use this combination on the [Door frame]. Next time the door
    opens you can go in. Do so.
    Check the [Painting] and then head to the [Safe]. You need to enter the
    number of legs each person/creature on the painting has. The pirate has one,
    the cat has four, the parrot has two and the spider has eight. The code is
    1428. Grab the [Tape] and use it on the [VCR].
    Ramone will come in, but will help you find Manual Perez, since he committed a
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Human experiments
    Cuba: Apparently experiments on humans were actually performed in the asylum.
    The person mainly responsible for the experiments is apparently the new
    director, Nicole Charlesroi."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Talk with [Perez], but he won't help much. Go back to the court and grab the
    [Painting] again. Get some more [Coal] and give both this and the [Painting]
    to [Perez]. He'll draw a symbol.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Strange symbol
    Cuba: Poor Perez is completely deranged. The only information Nina could get
    out of him is a strange drawing. But what is this symbol supposed to mean?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Dressing a Statue                                                   [SF.03.12]
    Time to play as Max. Grab the [Sign] and [Flag] and head inside the pub.
    Talk with the [Barkeeper] for a friendly conversation. Grab the [Tumbler] from
    the table and head outside. Go down the stairs to find a fisherman.
    Talk with the [Fisherman]. He will trade you his boat for a bottle of whiskey.
    Grab the [Stone] and a [Fish]. Use the [Flag] and [Tumbler] in the [Water].
    Show the [Fish] to the [Barkeeper] for absolutely no help at all. Put the 
    [Fish] on the [Sign] and keep that in the [Fireplace]. Use the [Wet flag] to
    get it out and give it to the [Customer]. He wants lemon with his fish.
    Talk with the [Barkeeper] once more. Then use the [Tumbler with water] on the
    [Chimney] and remove it to get [Salt]. Head outside and use the [Flag] on the
    [Road sign]. Head inside and a truck was crash. Go back outside and check the
    [Crate] for a [Lemon]. Also get the [Flag] back.
    Give the [Lemon] to the [Barkeeper] and he'll leave his post. Use the [Salt]
    on his [Tumbler] and when he's gone, grab the [Key].
    Go to the spot where the fisherman is and use the [Key] on the [Door] to enter
    the cellar. Grab the [Torch] and [Whiskey]. Give the [Whiskey] to the 
    [Fisherman] to finally get the boat. Use it to get to the castle.
    Once there you'll find out Morangie is trapped inside the well. Time to 
    rescue him. Grab the [Sword] and the [Shutter]. Enter the most left door and
    grab the [Wire]. There are three exists here - one leads outside, one leads
    Pinter the torture room and one leads into the bedroom.
    Enter the torture room and grab the [Pliers] and [Iron Chain]. In the bedroom
    check the [Drawers] for a [Gold coin]. Use the [Sword] and [Shutter] on the
    Go back to the court and enter the door in the middle. Go upstairs and grab
    the [Oil lamp] and [Spearheads]. Check the [Books] for some background
    Back at the court enter the room on the right and use your [Torch] on the
    [Burning torch] to get it burning. Combine the [Pliers] with the [Gold coin].
    Use the [Torch] on the [Fireplace] in the torture room and use the [Pliers
    with gold coin] on the [Fireplace]. Then use this on the [Iron maiden] (which
    reminds me of a Monkey Island joke).
    Go back to the mainland again and use the [Tumbler] on the [Water]. Use the
    [Pliers] on the [Tumbler] to get a [Gold ring]. Head inside the cellar and
    use the [Pliers] on the [Board]. Use the [Spearheads] on the [Bench vice] and
    then use the [Board] on them to shorten it. Head to the pub and grab the
    [Rain gutter].
    Head back to the torture room and use the [Rain gutter] on the [Table]. Then
    head to the bedroom and use the [Gold ring] and [Rain gutters] on the 
    Back into the livingroom, use the [Board] on the [Stool] and put the [Stone]
    on top of the [Board]. Go upstairs and pull the [Lever]. Head to the court
    and pick up the [Chimney cover]. Use this on the [Statue] inside the bedroom
    and check the [Curtains]. A secret passage!
    Check the [Niche] here to get a [Key]. Head to the coffin and pore the oil of
    the [Oil lamp] over the coffin. Use the [Torch] to set it on fire and an
    [Opening] will appear. Use the [Key] on this and grab the [Amulet].
    Head back to the bedroom once again and use the [Wire] and [Iron chain] on the
    [Amulet] and use that on the [Statue]. Follow the secret passage again until
    you find a big round door. Open it to rescue the guy we need. He'll tell us
    what we need.
    Max will call Nina to meet each other back in Germany... Nina isn't back in 
    Germany yet when Max arrives, and Max gets a call. He goes to the museum and
    then finds out Kanski is murdered...
    Betrayed                                                            [SF.03.13]
    Oleg suggests to Nina Max only used her and wants to fly to China without 
    Max. Nina agrees.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Research report
    Ireland: Lord Morangie recognized Perez's symbol. Apparently Vladimir stumbled
    on a report about a strange artifact in his search for more fragments from
    Tunguska. A British researcher's report described the same properties that
    Vladimir observed in the fragment from Tunguska. Unfortunately the report did
    not mention where the artifact had been found. Morangie was therefore
    supposed to buy all the records from the researcher's estate - and they found
    a strange symbol there as well."
    Berlin, museum: Max discovers the corpse of detective Kanski. Now is it clear
    to him that Nina's enemies are not afraid of anything - not even murder. It is
    still unclear what role the dubious detective Kanski played."
    "Betrayed and forgotten
    China, Himalayas: Max didn't show up to the rendezvous with Nina. Has he only
    been using her the entire time? Nina has to set off in search of the forgotten
    Dzopa tribe without him."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Check the [Message] in your inventory and mainly check the last page. We'll
    need that later. Grab the [Skull] to get the [Skull] and a [Peg]. Enter the
    passage and use the [Peg] on the [Rock] so the water rises. Grab the [Bag] and
    check it to find a [Bone].
    Back into the other room use the [Bone] on the lowest [Hole] and go back into
    the passage to find a secret room - which you'll enter.
    Check the [Niche] to find a puzzle. Remember the last page of the [Message]?
    |X| | | | | X = Normal stone
    |-|-|-|-|-| R = Red stone
    |X| | | | |
    | |X|R|X| |
    | | |X| | |
    | | |X| | |
    | | |X| | |
    | |X| |X| |
    |X| | | |X|
    Once you got this combination of stones, something will open. Look at this
    and leave the screen again. Oleg will come in and knock you out.
    This is Quite Cool                                                  [SF.03.14]
    The man want to freeze you in, but the water isn't running. They don't have 
    time to fix it now. Lucky you.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "Another betrayal
    Somewhere out in the cold: Nina has actually found one of the legendary
    Dzopa artifacts. But she isn't the only one who has achieved her goal -
    apparently Oleg has also been using her this entire time. As soon as the has
    her hands on the artifact, he knocks her down."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Grab the [Plunger] and [Toilet paper]. Leave the room and check the armoire to
    find a [Tapper], a [Piece of something] and [Silicone]. Bent the [Piece of 
    something] to get a [Bent piece of something] (wow!). Also grab the [Key] and
    [Metal plate]. Put the [Metal plate] under the [Drill] and use the [Paper] on
    the [Metal plate]. Use the [Drill] to start a small fire. Combine the 
    [Bent piece of something] with the [Key] and use it on the [Burning paper].
    Use his on the [Door] to get out.
    Head right and grab the [Fishing rod]. Head back left and use the [Fishing
    rod] TWICE on the [Platform]. The first time you'll get clothes, the second
    time a [Laundry ball].
    Head left to enter up inside the control room.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "In the lion's den
    Somewhere out in the cold: Nicole Charlesroi, Oleg, and Sergej are here!
    However, even more astonishing than this is the strange machine. What are they
    planning to do with it?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Check the [Armoire] for an [Explosive]. Head outside to find out you're on
    Antarctica. Grab the [Bucket] and head right. Use the [Laundry ball] on the
    [Barrel] and check the [Coat] for a [Hip flask].
    Head left twice and grab the [Sign]. Look into the depths to find a body. 
    Head back to the drill inside and use the [Hip flask] on it to unscrew the
    [Cork] from the [Flask]. Head to the room where your journey started and use
    the [Cork] on the [Bathtub]. 
    At the center room drop your [Laundry ball] (that you put inside the barrel
    with oil) on the [Platform]. Head right and use the [Bucket] on the [Salt].
    Head outside and right and use the [Bucket with salt] on the [Hole in ice].
    We will go back later for this.
    Find the cute penguin and use the [Explosive] on the [Hole] (where the sign
    used to be). Walk down and search the [Body] to get an [Amulet], [Lighter]
    and [Diary]. Read the [Diary] for background information.
    Combine the [Fishing rod] with the [Lighter] and go back inside again. Find
    the [Incubator] (in the same room with the drill) and use the [Plumber] and
    [Amulet] on it to get a [Strange egg].
    Find the [Hole in ice] and use the [Fishing rod with bait] on it to get a
    [Fish]. Give the [Fish] to the [Penguin] and switch the [Egg] with the
    [Strange egg].
    Head back inside and stay in the room with the salt. Use the [Egg] on the
    [Machine] to get the water flowing again. Use the [Bathtub] where you began
    to fill the tub. Remove the [Egg] from the [Machine] and return to the room
    with the tub again. You can now stand on the ice and use the [Camera] to get
    a [Tape].
    In the control room you can use the [Tape] on the [VCR].
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "The lion appears
    Somewhere out in the cold: The suspicion is confirmed: Massimo Gartuso, the
    tycoon and billionaire, is actually the man behind the curtain. One thing is
    clear: something really big is going on - but what?"
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Note the code in the entry '2513'. Use this on the [Panel] in the main room
    and enter the new room.
    Check the [Fireworks] get a [Beacon] and [Matches]. Check the [Radar] to find
    out a plane is near. Go back outside, towards the ship. Use the [Beacon] on
    the [Barrel] and then use it on the [Harpoon].
    Max will land and explain some things - I won't spoil it for you (and it saves
    me time). In the end Max will be stuck in the control room and it's up to Nina
    to end things. He will give you your [Mobile phone] back first though.
    ---New Journal Entry---
    "The fog lifts
    Somewhere out in the cold: The surprised keep on coming. Max appears
    completely unexpectedly in the company of several sect members. Furthermore,
    it turns out that the sect kidnapped Nina's father for his own protection -
    so that Massimo couldn't get his hands on him. Massimo wants to use his
    monopolistic mobile network to manipulate peoples' subconscious. All of his
    attempts have failed so far, but he's now about to have the big breakthrough -
    thanks to Nina, who unwittingly delivered the Dzopa artifact to him."
    ---New Journal Entry---
    Head down using the [Elevator]. Use the [Tapper] on the [Valve]. Then use the
    [Sign] to get the [Icicle]. Enter the next room.
    Grab the [Wrench] and [Nut]. Use the [Silicone] on the [Danger Sign] and then
    combine the [Icicle] with the [Chain]. Then use this on the [Pipe]. Head back
    to the previous room and use the [Nut] on the [Valve]. Use the [Sign] on the
    [Wrench] and use that on the [Valve]. Check out the [Radiator].
    Hold the [Mold] in front of the [Camera], followed by the [Lighter]. Oleg will
    show up and take you to the final room.
    Give the [Egg] to Oleg and he'll wander off. Then throw your [Mobile phone]
    into the [Machine]. Finally point the [Camera] to the [Machine] and then
    towards the [Crane] to finish the game.
    Good job on beating this game - not the hardest game ever, but it's a good
    FAQ                                                                 [SF.04.01]
    Q: At the end of the game you get a bunch of items you don't use, why?
    A: Probably to make the game more difficult.
    Conclusion                                                          [SF.05.01]
    I hope you enjoyed my guide, since I put a lot of work in it. If you encounter
    problems, feel free to mail me. Also suggestions, feedback, comment etc. are
    accepted, the mail addy is on top of this file.
    Thanks-list: Pawel Kostrubiec
    And especially you, for reading this.
    For other guides, you can check this link:
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