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Reviewed: 06/22/07

Kane is back?

Truth be told I've never played a Command and Conquer before save for a few minutes with Red Alert 2 or Tiberian Sun or whatever it was called. But with me losing interest in WoW and Starcraft 2 looming on the horizon I needed to feed my RTS appetite. Looking at options it was between Supreme Commander and CnC3. Seeing as my machine can't play SupCom I went with CnC. What I found was a game with a challenging and engrossing campaign with a somewhat lackluster storyline and seemingly unbalanced multiplayer.

Gameplay: 21/25

I've spent of my time playing this game on the campaign so I'll go over that mostly. The campaign is very well put together and fun to play. You can play as either NOD or GDI with each faction having about 15-16 missions respectively (in addition to unlocking the Scrin campaign for another 4 missions). Altogether rounding the campaign out to around 34-35 missions which is very respectable.

The missions are very fun and challenging, although most of the maps and objectives end up being the same: capture this, destroy that, etc. Nevertheless, it is still fun to tear into an alien base and rip it a new one with your superweapon. You also have a bunch of optional objectives in every mission that will make the mission more challenging to complete (or it might even help you). The best part about the campaign is the FMV cutscenes in between each of the missions. These are great to help immerse you into the story and the actors do a good job of playing the story.

Speaking of the story, I was disappointed by the plot as a whole. There were not too many turning points or surprises and this made most of the mission objectives pretty straight forward and bland. Both the NOD and GDI campaigns are run in parallel, so if you play one side then you can see the story from the other side. It might've been nicer if they progressed off each other for story.

One thing to watch out for as you play the campaign is to always choose "Continue Campaign" because if you do not and you didn't save previously then it will revert you to the beginning and overwrite your save file. This happened to me at least 3 times while I was trying the NOD campaign.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics of the game look very good, especially on high. All the models in the game are done very well, with every unique building in the campaign having a unique model. When you zoom in completely it can look a little blocky but that is a minor qualm. Unit animations are also very well done, with all infantry dropping their guns on death and fanatics making a "suicide-bomberish" motion. The FMVs are wonderfully done and just add so much to the game. I experienced massive de-sync between the video and audio on all the FMVs but it might just be my machine.

Sound: 9/10

The ambient music is somewhat lacking, but it's an RTS, you're not going to be paying attention so it's not that big of a deal. Unit voices are very well done and all the acting done in the FMVs is stellar (especially my boy, Josh Holloway). Unit death and sound effects are all great.

Value: 5/5

After beating the campaign you can go back and beat all the missions on hard and you can even go to complete your intelligence log (for you perfectionists). Beyond that is the online multiplayer. I haven't played it too much but from what I've seen it is somewhat unbalanced at this point (that's what patches are for). By the time you read this the game could have changed substantially. Like any RTS, I recommend playing the campaign and seeing if you like the game as a whole before getting to competitive online. One thing that killed it for me was the identicalness of NOD and GDI. I've been spoiled on Starcraft to have completely different races. But I suppose having the factions identical could help with balance.


Gameplay: 21/25
- Fun, challenging and immersive campaign. Somewhat predictable though.
Graphics: 10/10 - Very good looking game, nice FMVs.
Sound: 9/10 - Nice unit sounds and sound effects.
Value: 5/5 - Nice replay whether you decide to go online or not.

Overall: 45/50 = 90% = A
Bottom Line:
Very nice enthralling campaign. A nice single player experience all around.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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