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Reviewed: 05/14/07

Where did the good Kane go?

Ok, so we all remember the original Command and Conquer: Tiberian Wars. It was the first game I had owned in my lifetime, beautiful gameplay, awesome music, great fun. The game had me immersed for over a year. Next came Red Alert, and it was also good, had some new units, especially noting the navy and spies. The rest of the series came and it was looking great, CNC was continuing to amaze me over and over again, until, of course, Electronic Arts Los Angeles(EALA) bought out Westwood Studios. They came out with CNC Renegade first, which had a good campaign, mediocre graphics, and lots of fun, but the multiplayer support was terrible, you couldn't play due to lag on a cable connection. Then came Generals, it was cool with the terrorists and the various teams units, but lost its interest after a certain time span. Now comes CNC3: Tiberium Wars, which graphically looks great (EA Custom to look good), plays decent in terms of computer specs. Now for the review.

Graphics: 9/10
Beautiful graphics, my only issue being system requirements. The tiberium has a nice effect of glowing and sparkling, the buildings/units are well modelled, and the texturing job was beautiful. Definitely an eye teaser.

Sound: 9/10
Again, great job on the vocals, and combat sounds, very authentic (from a databank of these sounds from ea's collection). The music was decent, and fitted the timing, the character voices matched the units well.

Storyline: 6/10
Another good introduction from EA, featuring our favourite character Kane. The same basic universe with the two opposing sides and issues that come across. They left too many blanks though, where the other CNC's would have filled the place. For an end to the franchise, I was disappointed.

Kane seemed to have lost his character, I spent a good weekend installing every CNC game and watching the video's to see why I didn't find him as great in this game, and I found out what was different. In the beginning, Kane was the badass who moved into the scene, he was a secret to society, even the brotherhood, and came at the last possible moment, and shot his right-hand man Seth in the skull. To sit down, give a cocky remark, and continue to brief you. A great introduction. Tiberian Sun, Kane emerged as a being from the dead after a traitor had been discovered, quickly taking control again, and strategically placing his destinations and objectives. Then came CNC3: Tiberium Wars. Kane emerged out of nowhere, showed that he was alive, nobody was surprised. He came out in a leather gimp suit for christs sake, and overly aggressively attacks GDI, without any reference to his old self other than stating his old mantras (peace through power, the technology of peace) like they were nothing, it was just a custom to say, no emotion. Kane went from a brilliant badass, to a moronic, thoughtless ("Lets blindly attack the whitehouse, and not consider more strategic moves.")coward, who wallowed in fear behind his underlings. The GDI Generals and politicians were too cliche, and not enough action. There was no emotion from the actors. Hitting a good spot though, Ajay was my only positively viewed character. He came in, he was badass, and he told you how much he wished he could blow them up himselves. Ajay made the game standable, but the rest of the cast was sub-par.

Gameplay: 7/10
The game had good gameplay, but with limited units and a lack of game balance, it quickly fell short. Multiplayer is too repetitive, resources are in too high demand for their gather rate, and the missions are near impossible to win once you get later into the game(providing you don't go on easy mode). Yeah, I love the feeling of sending 20 mammoths into a base and destroying them, but it's too easy. Hell, my highlight was building Emissary's and Obelisks, expanding my obelisk line to the enemy base to wreck havoc. GDI had too much power, with weak defences. Nod had weak military, but powerful defences. Scrin had useless defences, and mediocre units, but cool superpowers. All of them were relatively lacking where you needed them most. GDI vs Nod: GDI builds mammoth tanks, Nod builds obelisks. GDI attacks, Nod defends. GDI destroys, Nod breaks into enemy base with Shadow Teams. It's a circle, that usually results in GDI winning.

The game is too unbalanced and biased, EA thought that the more American-type army needed all the glory they could get their hands on. Trust EA to only half finish a game too, with pretty graphics, and mediocre gameplay, they could have spent more time balancing instead of marketing, they put so much time into making the game a cashcow than gaining customer loyalty. The game was good for a week, but quickly got boring due to the lack of stability within the factions, and a low amount of care dedicated to gameplay.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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