Review by nmchunter

Reviewed: 04/02/07

Is C&C 3 Worth the Cash?

Let me start off telling you, this game is most likely the Best RTS ive played in the past 17 Years of my life.


If I was to rate the game-play of C&C 3, it would have to be a solid 8. At first you may think of the game a bit fast, but it grows on to you after the first few days. Ive heard quite a few people say this game is all about rushing, yet if you know how to create multiple defense buildings in quick timing, you could easily counter this problem. You have three factions, GDI, Scrin, and NOD, all of which have their own specialties, and Units. If you believe this game to be like that of any other C&C game, you are sadly mistaken. C&C 3 is much more advanced then its older siblings. Everything is based off of building multiple units, and buildings simultaneously. Creating a large base in minutes, and an even larger army. Quick building is Key to Winning in this game. The only reason I didn't give this game a 10 is the Maps, much of which I disliked. There are many open spaces in which you can be attacked, I wish they had a few maps enclosed, to promote Turtling. I cant wait until they make a Map maker!


Re-playability is a most definite 10/10. Reason said is Skirmish is well planned, as usual. Not to mention C&C 3 is an Online Multi-player game. The feel of fighting others online will make you come back, begging for more. My first online battle gave me the goosebumps, having no idea where my enemy would attack from next. Very exciting.


The graphics of C&C 3 are quite advanced for an RTS game. The explosions were very nice, and the lasers and bullets added to the hostile feeling of the game. Not to mention, the Nuke and Ion Cannon in the game were very, very beautiful. Many cracks in the roads, and the Realism of the sand, and grass made for quite an orchestra of beautiful scenery. For audio, its the usual. Loud explosions, laser sounds, and bullet fire. Most of the sound fits well with their parts in the game. A definite 9/10

Game-play - 8/10 (Not surprised)
Replay Value - 10/10 (Not so much on single player)
Audio/Visual - 9/10 (Great graphics, great sound, and GREAT actors)
Overall Game Value - 9/10 (Absolutely LOVE the game)

In comparison, battles aren't as huge as that of Supreme Commander, yet in my opinion Game-play is much better. I still find it hard to compare Game-play with C&C RA2. In truth, C&C RA2 was very balanced out, faction wise (Besides Yuri).

The Game is Well worth its money, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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